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Accelerated Vesting Stock-based Awards Accessories
Accounts Credits Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Payable Accrued Liabilities Accrued Compensation Expenses Other Current Liabilities
Acknowledgment Authority Each Employer Acknowledges Right Amend Modify Acquisition Dva Renal Healthcare Inc
Acquisition Dva Renal Healthcare Was Significantly Larger Other Acquisition Gambro Healthcare
Acquisition Gambro Healthcare Inc Acquisition Obligation
Acquisition Obligations Acquisitions
Actual Participation Additional Deferred Stock Units Lead Independent Director Primary
Additional Deferred Stock Units-lead Independent Director Primary Committee Additional Options Lead Independent Director Primary Committee Chairs
Additional Options-lead Independent Director Primary Committee Chairs Audit Additional Retainer Lead Independent Director Primary Committee Chairs
Additional Retainer-lead Independent Director Primary Committee Chairs Audit Additional Rights
Address Adjustments Stock Split
Administration Agents
Agreement Rights Obligations Parties Hereunder Shall Governed Construed Alliance Product Supply Agreement
Alliance Product Supply Agreement Gambro Renal Products Inc Amended Restated Asset Purchase Agreement
Amendment Amendment Employment Agreement
Amendment Kent Thiry Employment Agreement Amendment Modification Termination
Amendment Modification Termination Acknowledgment Authority Spinoff Amendment Restatement Davita Inc Executive Incentive Plan
Amendment Termination Amendments
Amgen Inc Agrees Bound Certain Provisions Amendment Restatement Amortizable Intangibles
Ancillary Services Ancillary Services Provide Strategic Initiatives Invest Generate Losses
Ancillary Services Provide Strategic Initiatives Invest Ultimately Unsuccessful Ancillary Services Strategic Initiatives
Annual Equity Grant Annual Meeting Stockholders
Annual Report Pursuant Annual Retainer
Annual Retainers Appendix Discount Pricing Schedule Terms
Appendix List Dialysis Center Affiliates Appendix List Gambro Affiliates
Appointment Chief Financial Officer Approval Amended Director Compensation Philosophy Plan
Approval Amended Restated 2002 Equity Compensation Plan Approval Amendment Amended Restated Certificate Incorporation Increase Number
Approval Amendment Form Non-qualified Stock Option Agreement Restricted Approval Amendment Forms Non-qualified Stock Option Agreement Form
Approval Form Stock Appreciation Rights Agreement Assignment Interest Award Not Assigned Alienated Whether Voluntarily
Assignments Assume Substantially Gambro Healthcares Liabilities Including Contingent Greater
Assumed Substantially Dva Renal Healthcares Liabilities Including Contingent Assumed Substantially Gambro Healthcares Liabilities Including Contingent Greater
Audit Committee Audit Committee Fees
Audit Committee Report Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Authorized Capital Stock
Average Rates Commercial Payors Pay Decline Continue Increase Average Rates Commercial Payors Pay Decline Significantly Material
Average Rates Commercial Payors Pay Decline Then Revenues Average Rates Private Payors Pay Decline Then Revenues
Awards Background Statement
Basis Presentation Before Federal Trade
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefit Payment Dates
Benefits Unfunded Blue Cross Shield Louisiana
Board Directors Board Directors Share Ownership Policy
Board Meetings Business Labor Intensive Adversely Affected Unable Maintain Satisfactory
Businesses Acquire Liabilities Not Aware Suffer Severe Consequences Businesses Acquire Unknown Liabilities Suffer Severe Consequences Substantially
Calculation Leverage Ratio California Employment Complaint
Capital Markets Capital Structure Changes Other
Carbon Adsorption Filtration Cash Compensation
Cash Equivalents Ceo Compensation
Certain Additional Payments Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certification
Change Control Bonus Program Changes Clinical Practices Payment Rates Rules Epo Other
Changes Clinical Practices Payment Rates Rules Regulations Impacting Changes Clinical Practices Reimbursement Rates Rules Epo Other
Changes Epo Pricing Marketing Alternatives Materially Reduce Earnings Changes Epo Pricing Marketing Alternatives Materially Reduce Revenues
Changes State Medicaid Other Non-medicare Government Programs Payment Changes State Medicaid Programs Payment Rates Reduce Revenues
Changes State Medicaid Programs Reimbursement Rates Reduce Revenues Changes Structure Payment Rates Medicare Ersd Program Substantially
Changes Structure Payment Rates Medicare Esrd Program Including Changes Structure Payment Rates Medicare Esrd Program Substantially
Changes Structure Reimbursement Rates Medicare Esrd Program Substantially Charles Berg Joins Davita Board Directors
Charles Mcallister Charter Documents Delaware Law
Check Claims Review Results
Clinical Performance Committee Closing Conditions
Cms Proposed Rule Reduce Medicare Esrd Reimbursement Code Ethics Conduct
Combined Condensed Balance Sheet Combined Condensed Statements Income
Combined Condensed Statements Investment Parent Combined Statement Investment Parent
Commercial Nongovernment Payors Commercial Revenues
Commitments Contingencies Committee Meetings Chair Members
Committees Common Stock
Communications Board Directors Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Directors Compensation Named Executive Officers 2006
Compensation Named Executive Officers 2007 Compensation Non-employee Directors
Compensation Objectives Competition
Completed Participants Compliance Committee
Compliance Questions Concentration Credit Risks
Concentrations Condensed Combined Interim Financial Statements
Condensed Consolidating Financial Statements Conditions Precedent
Conditions Receive Payments Confidential Treatment
Confidentiality Consent Independent Accountants
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Balance Sheet
Consolidated Financial Information Consolidated Net Operating Revenues
Consolidated Operating Income Consolidated Statements Income
Consummation Gambro Healthcare Acquisition Related Financing Subject Number Consummation Gambro Healthcare Acquisition Subject Number Conditions Not
Contingencies Contributions
Contributions Vesting Controls Procedures
Corporate Compliance Program Corporate Integrity Agreement
Corporate Level Charges Corporate Purpose
County Critical Accounting Estimates Judgments
Current Economic Conditions Including Possibility Severe Recession United Current Economic Conditions Including Recession United States Worldwide
Current Economic Conditions Including Recession Well Further Disruptions Current Shortage Skilled Clinical Personnel Continues Experience Disruptions
Current Shortage Skilled Clinical Personnel Continues Experience Higher Dated 2006
Davita 1st 2006 Results Davita 1st 2007 Results
Davita 1st 2008 Results Davita 1st 2009 Results
Davita 2nd 2006 Results Davita 2nd 2007 Results
Davita 2nd 2008 Results Davita 2nd 2009 Results
Davita 3rd 2006 Results Davita 3rd 2007 Results
Davita 3rd 2008 Results Davita 3rd 2009 Results
Davita 4th 2005 Results Davita 4th 2006 Results
Davita 4th 2007 Results Davita 4th 2008 Results
Davita Announces Capital Markets Davita Announces Cfo Departure
Davita Announces Chief Financial Officer Davita Announces Chief Operating Officer Transition
Davita Announces Completion Government Investigation Davita Announces Divestiture Facilities Connection Gambro Acquisition
Davita Announces Offering 400 Senior Notes Due 2013 Davita Announces Senior Management Transition
Davita Announces Signing Definitive Agreement Renalamerica Davita Close Gambro Healthcare Acquisition
Davita Close Gambro Healthcare Acquisition Early Davita Closes Gambro Healthcare Acquisition
Davita Completes Offering 400 Senior Notes Davita Completes Refinancing Senior Secured Credit Facilities
Davita Decides Not Pursue Amendment Senior Secured Credit Davita Inc
Davita Inc 2002 Equity Compensation Plan Davita Inc Announces Cooperation Government Inquiry
Davita Inc Receives Request Federal Trade Regarding Gambro Davita Inc Reports 1st 2005 Results
Davita Inc Reports 2nd 2005 Results Davita Inc Reports 3rd 2005 Results
Davita Inc Reports 4th 2004 Results Davita Seeks Amendment Senior Secured Credit Facilities
Davita Sends Notice Termination Supply Agreement Davita Study New Fda Eythropoiesis-stimulating Agents Label
Debt Expense Debt Expense Refinancing Charges
Decision Order Deferral Account
Deferrals Definitions
Definitions Stock-based Award Agreements Delays State Medicare Medicaid Certification Dialysis Centers Adversely
Deleted Deleted Measurement Period Rebate Table
Deleted Measurement Periods Deleted Measurement Rebate Table
Deleted Portions Subject Request Confidential Treatment Been Redacted Deleted Rebate
Deleted Rebate Schedule Deleted Schedule
Delivery Proxy Statement Annual Report Department Justice Eastern District New York Subpoena
Department Justice Investigation Settlement Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Executive Officers Election Appointment Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Description Equity Compensation Plan Description Espp
Developments 2008 Dialysis Industry
Dialysis Options Dialysis Related Lab Services
Dialysis Revenue Dialysis Services
Director Compensation Philosophy Plan Director Independence
Directors Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Disposition Divested Centers
Divestitures Documents Incorporated Reference
Dollars Dollars Except Per Share Data
Due Parent Due Third-party Payors
Dva Renal Healthcare Acquisition Dva Renal Healthcare Not Comply Corporate Integrity Agreement
E-mail Effective 2008 106 Adoption Agreement Hereby Amended Read
Effective 2009 103 Base Plan Hereby Amended Read Effective 2009 139 Base Plan Hereby Amended Read
Effective 2009 Base Plan Hereby Amended Read Entirety Effective 2009 Last Sentence 134 Base Plan Hereby
Effective 2009 Plan Hereby Amended Addition Following Paragraph Effective 2009 Plan Hereby Amended Addition Following Sentence
Effective 2009 Plan Hereby Amended Read Entirety Follows Effective 2009 Sentence Plan Hereby Amended Read Follows
Ehalf Ambro Ealthcare Eightened Rrangement Eview
Election Directors Election Pursuant Paragraph Effective Only Before Beginning Calendar
Electronic Availability Proxy Materials 2008 Annual Meeting Electronic Availability Proxy Materials 2009 Annual Meeting
Electronic Delivery Future Proxy Materials Eligibility
Eligibility Participation Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employer Contributions
Employment Agreement Christopher Riopelle Employment Agreement Dennis Kogod
Employment Agreements Ensure Gambro Receives Appropriate Discount Important Amgen Gambros
Entry Employment Agreement Chief Financial Officer Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Epartment Ealth Uman Ervices Equity Compensation Plan Information
Esrd Laboratory Services Esrd Patient Base
Establishment Executive Incentive Plan Goals 2005 Performance Establishment Purpose Duration
Establishment Purpose Effective Date Estimated Fair Value Stock-based Compensation Awards
Estimates Events Causing Full Vesting Awards
Events Causing Immediate Issuance Shares Award Events Default
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exchange Rate Sensitivity
Execution Award Agreement Considered Null Void Discretion Signed Execution Award Agreement Order Effective Sign Copy Return
Executive Compensation Exercise Grants
Exerciseability Exhibits
Exhibits Schedules Existing Obligations
Expense Reimbursement Per Diem Compensation Experience Higher Normal Turnover Rate Gambro Healthcare Employees
Fail Adhere Complex Government Regulations Apply Business Suffer Failure Successfully Complete Integration Dva Renal Healthcares Billing
Fair Value Estimates Fair Values Financial Instruments
False Claims Act Federal Anti-kickback Statute
Federal Income Tax Consequences Federal Income Tax Consequences Equity Compensation Plan
Federal Trade Completes Review Financial Operating Highlights Include
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Florida Laboratory Following Summary Business Offices Laboratories
Form Timing Payout Deferral Accounts Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Fraud Abuse Federal Law Fraud Abuse State Law
Free Cash Flow Free Cash Flow Excluding Income Tax Payment Divested
Free Cash Flow Excluding Medicare Lab Recoveries Related Free Cash Flow Excluding Tax Benefit Stock Option
Future Declines Lack Further Increases Medicare Payment Rates Future Declines Lack Further Increases Medicare Reimbursement Rates
Gambro Healthcare Gambro Healthcare Acquisition
Gambro Healthcare Acquisition Significantly Larger Other Date Face Gambro Healthcare Voluntary Deferral Plan
Gambro Warranty United States America General
General Information Goodwill
Goodwill Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Intangibles
Governing Law Plan Agreements Hereunder Shall Construed Accordance Grant Option
Grant Sar Grantor Trust
Guarantee Guarantors
Hardship Withdrawal Harrison
Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act 1996 History Equity Compensation Plan
History Espp Hospital Inpatient Dialysis Services
Impairment Goodwill Long-lived Assets Impairment Long-lived Assets
Implementation Executive Compensation Programs Income Continuing Operations Excluding Medicare Lab Recoveries Related
Income Continuing Operations Net Excluding Valuation Gain Product Income Taxes
Increases Interest Rates Increase Expense Adversely Affect Profitability Incumbency Certificate
Indemnification Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Index Index Exhibits
Information Concerning Executive Officers Information Concerning Members Board Directors
Information Concerning Members Board Directors Standing Reelection Information Included Report
Information Regarding Board Directors Committees Initial Designated Executive Officers
Inquiries Federal Government Insurance
Integration Dva Renal Healthcare Realization Cost Savings Require Integration Dva Renal Healthcares Clinical Billing Collection Systems
Integration Gambro Healthcare Realization Cost Savings Require Make Intensive Care Equipment Accessories
Intensive Care Prismaflex Equipment Disposable Products Interest Rate Sensitivity
Interest Rate Swap Agreements Interest Rate Swaps
Interoffice Memorandum Interpretation Option
Interpretation Sar Inventories
Investigation Related Subpoena Received 2004 Attorneys Office Eastern Investigation Related Subpoena Received 2005 Attorneys Office Eastern
Investment Contributions Investment Parent
Investments Investments Third-party Businesses
Investments Third-party Dialysis Businesses James Hilger
Javier Rodriguez Joint Ventures Found Violate Law Suffer Severe Consequences
Joseph Mello Kent Thiry
Laboratory Regulatory Revenue Recognition Issues Laims Eview
Lead Independent Director Committee Chair Fees Leases
Legal Proceedings Legends Certificates
Level Current Future Debt Adverse Impact Business Licensure Certification
Liquidity Capital Resources Long-term Debt Due Parent
Long-term Incentive Compensation Lose Services Significant Number Dva Renal Healthcares Medical
Lose Services Significant Number Gambro Healthcares Medical Directors Management Fee Income
Management Share Ownership Policy Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operation
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Medicaid
Medicaid Reimbursements Medicaid Revenue
Medicare Medicare Reimbursements
Medicare Revenue Meeting Fees
Meetings Meetings Non-management Directors
Method Exercising Midcap 400 Index Peer Group
Midcap 400 Index Peer Groups Minority Interest
Minority Interests Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Matters Modification Grants
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Narrative Summary Compensation Table Grants Plan-based Awards
Ndependent Eview Rganization Net Income Excluding Gains Insurance Settlements Sale Investment
Net Income Excluding Gains Insurance Settlements Valuation Gain Net Income Excluding Medicare Lab Recoveries Refinancing Charges
Net Income Excluding Medicare Lab Recoveries Related Prior Net Income Excluding Valuation Gain Alliance Product Supply
Net Operating Revenues Net Operating Revenues Accounts Receivable
Net Revenue New Accounting Standard
New Accounting Standards New Directors
New Senior Secured Credit Facilities Nominating Governance Committee
Non-competition Non-solicitation Non-disclosure Non-management Director Compensation Philosophy
Non-solicitation Non-solicitation Rules
Noncontrolling Interests Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Not Able Continue Make Acquisitions Reasonable Terms Face Not Able Continue Make Acquisitions Reasonable Terms Maintain
Not Applicable Notary Public
Notes Combined Condensed Financial Statements Notes Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheet
Notes Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Income Statement Notes Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Statement Income
Notes Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Statement Operations Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders 2009
Notices Nstructions Rrangements Eview
Number Patients Higher Paying Commercial Insurance Declines Then Number Patients Higher-paying Commercial Insurance Declines Then Revenues
Nxstage Agreement Objectives Executive Compensation Programs
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Aggregate Contractual Obligations Officers
Offices Operating Cash Flow Excluding Income Tax Payment Divested
Operating Cash Flow Excluding Medicare Lab Recoveries Related Operating Cash Flow Excluding Tax Benefit Stock Option
Operating Cash Flow Net Income Distributions Noncontrolling Interests Operating Expenses
Operating Expenses Charges Operating Income
Operating Income Excluding Medicare Lab Recoveries Depreciation Amortization Operating Income Excluding Medicare Lab Recoveries Related Prior
Operating Income Excluding Pre-tax Gains Insurance Settlements Valuation Operating Income Excluding Pre-tax Valuation Gain Product Supply
Operating Leases Operating Loss
Operating Margin Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Grants Last Optional Feature Components Installed After Machine Been Placed
Options Organization
Other Other Acquisitions
Other Ancillary Services Strategic Initiatives Other Commitments
Other Compensation Reimbursement Expenses Other Current Assets
Other Equity Transactions Other Events
Other Fees Other Income
Other Income Net Other Information
Other Liabilities Other Matters
Other Provisions Other Receivables
Other Regulations Other Stockholder
Other-ancillary Services Strategic Initiatives Outlook
Outpatient Dialysis Services Overpayment Refund
Overview Pamela Arway Joins Davita Board Directors
Part Participant Contributions
Participants Account Participation
Participation Contributions Parties Executed Amendment Restatement Agreement Dates Set Forth
Patient Product Data Patient Transportation Qui Tam Litigation
Paul Diaz Joins Davita Board Directors Pay Cap
Payees Legal Disability Payment Benefits
Payment Executive Incentive Plan Awards 2004 Performance Pending Federal Review Related Subpoena Received 2002 Attorneys
Pension Benefits Philosophy
Physician Relationships Plan
Plan Administration Plan History
Planned Upgrades Billing Collections Systems Complications Associated Integration Please Initial Correction Name Ssn Address Shown Page
Post-retirement Deferred Compensation Arrangement Plan Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Pre-approval Policies Procedures Preamble
Previously Reported Investigation Primary Terms
Principal Accounting Fees Services Prismaflo Blood Fluid Warmer Warranty
Prismatherm Blood Warmer Warranty Pro Forma 2005 Results Sfas 123
Pro Forma 2006 Comparison Sfas 123 Apb Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Pro Forma Current Comparison Fas 123 Apb Pro Forma Date Comparison Fas 123 Apb
Pro Forma Financial Information Pro Forma Information
Product Supply Agreement Properties
Property Equipment Property Plant Equipment
Provision Doubtful Accounts Provision Income Taxes
Provisions Charter Documents Compensation Programs Delaware Law Deter Proxy Solicitation Costs
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Davita Inc Public Policy Committee
Purchase Price Purchase Rights
Purchase Sale Products Purchaser
Purpose Effective Date Pursuant Regulation
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly Quality Care
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Reaffirms 2006 Guidance
Reason Proposing Espp Amendment Reason Proposing Plan Amendment
Rebates Recent Developments
Recent Transactions Reconciliations Operating Income Guidance Cash Flow Previous Reported
Regarding Compensation Regulation Disclosure
Reimbursement Epo Other Pharmaceuticals Related Party Transactions
Report Independent Auditors Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Representations Warranties Buyer Require Significant Amount Cash Service Indebtedness Ability Generate
Requirements Law Contributions Resulting Deferred Amounts Plan Shall Restricted Performance Share Plans
Restrictions Transfer Gain Shares Restrictions Transfer Shares
Results Operations Financial Condition Retainer
Revenue Epo Other Pharmaceuticals Revolving Line Credit
Revolving Lines Credit Richard Vaughan Joins Davita Board Directors
Right Benefits Right Shares Not Rights Dividends Voting Respect Subject
Rights Stockholder Risk Factors
Risks Uncertainties Include Those Relating Roger Valine Joins Davita Board Directors
Routine Acquisitions Salary Bonus Proportion Total Compensation
Salary Cash Bonus Proportion Total Compensation Sale Gambro Healthcare Inc Davita
Sample Example Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule Schedule Ii-valuation Qualifying Accounts
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Litigation
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Segundo 90245
Segundo California 90245 Selected Quarterly Financial Data
Self Insurance Senior Notes 850 Subordinated Due
Senior Notes Due 2013 Senior Secured Credit Facility
Senior Subordinated Notes Services Provide
Settlement Sar Severability Event Provision Plan Shall Held Illegal Invalid
Severance Arrangements Severance General Release Agreement Lori Pelliccioni
Severance Payments Benefits Shareholder Rights Plan
Signatures Significant Estimating Risks Associated Amount Dialysis Revenue Recognize
Significant New Accounting Standard 2005 Significant New Accounting Standards
Significant Number Physicians Cease Referring Patients Dialysis Centers Sources Revenue-concentrations Risks
Spousal Waiver Stark
Stark Law Statement Agreement
Steering Committee Stock
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Price Performance
Stock Repurchases Stock-based Compensation
Stock-based Compensation Expense Proceeds Stock-based Compensation Other Equity Matters
Stock-based Compensation Plans Stockholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting
Subject Liability Claims Damages Other Expenses Not Covered Subject Number Inquiries Federal Government Result Substantial Penalties
Submission Matters Vote Securities Holders Summary Assets Segment Follows
Summary Description Plan Summary Recent Transactions
Supplemental Cash Flow Information Supplemental Indenture
Supplemental Indentures Supplier
Tat Ystems Eview Tax Fees
Tax Withholding Taxes
Teammates Technical Training Classes
Telephone Number 310 536-2400 Term Loan
Term Loans Term Option
Term Sar Term Termination
Termination Grants Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Thomas Usilton Timing Payment
Transactions Transactions Related Parties
Transfers Non-qib Accredited Investors Treatment Options Esrd
Trust Understand Release Includes Known Unknown Claims Teammates Age
United States United States Attorney Inquiries
United States Attorneys Inquiries Unless Contrary Direction Indicated Proxy Voted Nominees Listed
Upgrades Billing Collections Systems Complications Associated Integration Material Upgrades Billing Collections Systems Complications Associated Other Improvements
Usc 1350 Vesting
Vesting Occurrence Certain Events Vesting Transition Contribution Participants Deferral Account Hypothetical Earnings
Voluntary Deferral Plan Votes Required Proposals
Voting Information Waiver Release Agreement
Warranties Representations Covenants Warranty United States America
Water Systems Wbrittainpreodcom
Willard Brittain Joins Davita Board Directors Withdrawn Products
Withholding Withholding Income Taxes Employer Trustee Shall Right Deduct
Withholdings Wro Mounting
Year-end Option Values 
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