Topic Listing for Danaos

Absence Quotations Lenders Absence Quotations Reference Bank
Acceleration Acceleration Loan
Account Bank Account Pledge
Accounting Business Combinations Accounting Principles
Accounting Revenue Expenses Accounting Special Survey Drydocking Costs
Accounts Accounts Payable
Accounts Prima Facie Evidence Accounts Receivable
Accrued Liabilities Actions Following Event Default
Acts Piracy Ocean-going Vessels Recently Increased Frequency Adversely Additional Approved Shipbuilding Contract
Additional Approved Ships Additional Undertakings
Addresses Communications Addresses Communications Notice Shall Sent
Administration Administrative Details Transferee
Advance Advance Notice Requirements Stockholder Proposals Director Nominations
Advance Shall Relate Following Advances Vessels Construction
Aegean Baltic Bank-hsh Nordbank-piraeus Bank Credit Facility Aegean Baltic-hsh Nordbank Credit Facility
Aegean Baltic-hsh Nordbank-piraeus Bank Credit Facility Affiliate
Affinity After Advance Drawn
Agent Agent Assume Receipt
Agent Only Obliged Pay Monies Received Agent Shall
Agents Memorandum Account Aging Fleet Result Increased Operating Costs Future Adversely
Agreed Agreement
Akti Kondyli 185 Piraeus Greece Alteration Terms Insurances
Alternative Rate Interest Absence Agreement Amendment Existing Charters Approved Purchase Contracts Borrower Ensure
Amendment Mortgage Amendment Shipbuilding Contracts
Amendment Termination Amendment Terms Rights
Amendment Transaction Documents Amendments
Amendments Financial Covenants Amendments Loan Agreement Finance Documents
Amortization Deferred Dry-docking Special Survey Costs Amortization Deferred Drydocking Special Survey Costs
Amount Advance Shall Not Exceed Amount Each Advance Denominated Optional Currency Shall Not
Amount Facility Amount Freely Available Credit Balances Deposit Current Account
Amount Guarantee Irrevocably Unconditionally Reduces Accordance Terms Amount Repayment Instalments
Amounts Payable Prepayment Andrew Fogarty
Andrew Fogarty Director Annual Surveys
Anti-takeover Provisions Charter Documents Antidilution
Applicable Accounts Applicable Law Arbitration
Applicable Such Tranche Whereupon Advances Respect Shall Consolidated Application Agreed Alternative Rate Interest
Application Credit Balances Application Earnings
Application Master Agreement Application Master Agreements
Application Partial Prepayment Application Prepayment
Appointment Auditors Appropriation Rights Overridden
Appropriation Rights Overriden Approval Ships
Approved Brokers Approved Insurance Companies Underwriters
Approved Terms Arrangement Commitment Fees
Arrest Assets Held Sale
Assignment Lender Athens Greece 2006
Athens Greece 2007 Attestation Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Report Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Audited Financial Statements
Auditors Authorisation Agent Sign Transfer Certificates
Availability Average Number Vessels Fleet
Backup Withholding Information Reporting Banking
Banks Financial Institutions Basel Accord
Basis Calculation Periodic Payments Because Generate Revenues United States Dollars Incur Significant
Before Advance Drawn Beneficiary Creditor Party Borrower
Beneficiary Designation Beneficiary Issuing Bank Borrower Agent Security Trustee
Benefit Binding Effect Between
Between Inter Alia Ourselves Borrower Lenders Yourselves Agent Blank Check Preferred Stock
Board Committees Board Directors
Board Directors Recommends Vote Election Each Proposal Please Borrower
Borrower Account Borrower Right Create Security Interests Finance Document Purports
Borrower Shall Notify Agent Soon Becomes Aware Requirement Borrowers Settlement Borrower Shall
Breach Other Obligation Breach Other Obligations
Breakage Costs Builders
Business Combinations Business Depends Certain Employees Not Necessarily Continue Work
Business Overview Calculation Default Rate Interest
Calculation Default Rate Interest Rates Referred Clause Calling Special Meetings Stockholders
Cannot Assured Able Raise Financing Sufficient Meet Future Capitalization Indebtedness
Case Falling Within Paragraph Clause Affected Lenders Obligation Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Interest Rate Swap Hedges Cash Flows
Castella Shipping Inc Palmosa Corporation Cellcontainer
Certain Containerships Contracted Fleet Subject Purchase Options Held Certain Containerships Current Contracted Fleet Subject Purchase Options
Certificates Shares Certification
Certification Amounts Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certifications Cessation Business
Challenges Change Clause
Change Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Change Lending Office
Change Nature Business Charter Notice Acknowledgement
Charterer Charterers
Charterparties Charters
Charters Management Agreements Choice Forum Exclusive Benefit Creditor Parties
Choice Forum Exclusive Benefit Lender Classification
Classification Society Classified Board Directors
Clause 161 Relevant Percentage Means Cma
Co-arrangers Code Business Conduct Ethics
Code Conduct Chief Executive Officer Senior Financial Officers Code Ethics
Code Ethics Directors Commencement Interest Periods
Commitment Committees
Committees Board Committees Board Directors
Common Stock Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compared 2008
Compensation Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Directors Senior Management Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Manager Competition
Compliance Certain Undertakings Compliance Certificate
Compliance Check Compliance Date
Compliance Environmental Laws Approvals Compliance Laws Etc
Compliance Mortgagees Instructions Compliance Safety Other Requirements Imposed Classification Societies Very
Compliance Terms Insurances Compounding Default Interest
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income Loss
Compulsory Acquisition Concentration Credit Risk
Condition Precedent Documents Conditions
Conditions Precedent Conditions Voluntary Prepayment
Conference Call Webcast Confirmation Default
Conflicts Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consents Consents Force
Considers Arrest Detention Not Released Within Business Imposition Consistent First-class Ship Ownership Management Practice
Consolidation Tranches Constitution H1022a Tranche
Constitutional Documents Construction
Construction Certain Terms Construction Certain Terms Agreement
Contact Containership Charterers
Containership Values Decreased Significantly Remain Depressed Levels Decrease Containership Values Recently Decreased Significantly Remain Depressed Levels
Contingencies Contractual Obligations
Contrary Inconsistent Regulation Contribution
Controls Procedures Copies Certificates Entry
Copies Policies Letters Undertaking Corporate Authorisations Security Parties
Corporate Governance Corporate Power
Corporate Seal Corporate Structure
Corporate Undertakings Costs Negotiation Preparation Etc
Costs Variations Amendments Enforcement Etc Coustas Family Trust Principal Existing Stockholder Controls Outcome
Credit Facilities Credit Facilities Impose Operating Financial Restrictions Receive Further
Credit Facilities Impose Operating Financial Restrictions Receive Waivers Credit Facilities Other Financing Arrangements Contain Restrictive Covenants
Credit Suisse Credit Suisse Facility
Creditor Party Accounts Creditor Party Rights Unimpaired
Crewing Employees Critical Accounting Policies
Cross-default Cstc
Currency Indemnity Currency Method Payments
Danaos Accounts Account Charge Danaos Ceo John Coustas Commented
Danaos Corporation Danaos Corporation Annual Report Accounts 2006 Table Contents
Danaos Corporation Reports Earnings 184 Dividend 044 Per Danaos Corporations Business
Danaos Management Consultants Danaos Shipping Ltd Akti Kondyli 185 Piraeus Greece
Date Agent Makes Determination Date Agent Serves Notice Commitment Notifying Lender Shall
Date Each Drawdown Notice Date Tranche Advance Ship Age
Dated 2006 Dated 2008
Dear Fellow Shareholder Declared Dividends Amounting 0465 Per Common Share
Deductions Default
Default Rate Interest Deferred Charges
Defined Directive 308 Eec Council European Communities Definitions
Definitions Subject Clause Agreement Delays Deliveries Additional Newbuilding Containerships Harm Operating Results
Delays Deliveries Additional Newbuilding Containerships Secondhand Containership Agreed Demand
Demand Seaborne Transport Products Containers Decreased Dramatically Recent Depend Limited Number Customers Large Part Revenues Loss
Depend Limited Number Customers Some Acknowledged Financial Difficulties Depend Manager Operate Business
Dependent Ability Willingness Charterers Honor Commitments Revenues Failure Deposit Original Policies
Depreciation Depreciation Amortization
Derivative Contracts Entered Hedge Exposure Fluctuations Interest Rates Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivative Instruments Derive Substantially Revenues Time Charters Loss Charter Result
Designated Transaction Relevant Time Case Mutually Acceptable Terms Designated Transactions
Designation Notice Det Norske Veritas
Detachment Rights Determination Action Taken Majority Lenders Provision Finance Document
Determining Primary Beneficiary Variable Interest Entity Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank Credit Facility Deutsche Bank Filiale DeutschlandgeschÄft
Deutsche Schiffsbank Aktiengesellschaft Deutsche Schiffsbank Credit Facility
Deutsche Schiffsbank-credit Suisse-emporiki Bank Credit Facility Difficult Enforce Service Process Enforcement Judgments Against Officers
Difficulty Entering Multi-year Fixed-rate Time Charters Active Short-term Difficulty Properly Managing Growth Through Acquisitions Additional Vessels
Dimitri Andritsoyiannis Dimitri Andritsoyiannis Vice President Chief Financial Officer
Direct Indirect Power Appoint Remove Majority Directors Directors
Directors Continuing Office Disbursement Advance
Disbursement Advance Party Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Information Disposal Assets
Disposal Assets Borrower Not Transfer Lease Otherwise Dispose Disposal Reduction Amount
Disposal Uplift Amount Disruptions World Financial Markets Resulting Governmental Action United
Dissenters Rights Appraisal Payment Distribution Payments Creditor Parties
Distributions Dividend Payment
Dividend Policy Dividends
Dividends Common Stock Doc
Documentary Taxes Documents Display
Documents Establishing Corporate Governance Documents Evidence
Documents Fees Default Dollars
Drawdown Advance Relating Approved Ship Shall Drawdown Date
Drawdown Notice Drawdown Notice Guarantee Issue Request
Drawdown Notice Irrevocable Drawdown Period
Drybulk Carriers Drybulk Operations
Due Lack Diversification Following Sale Drybulk Carriers Adverse Duration Interest Periods Repayment Instalments
Duration Normal Interest Periods Each Advance Shall
Each Advance Shall Drawn Down Amount Least 1000000 Each Owner Continue Own Operate Ship Owned
Each Sub-loan Aggregate Amount Individual Balloon Instalments Each Tranche Shall Amount Equal Lesser
Early Indication Libor Correction Rate Earnings
Earnings Per Share Ebitda
Economic Slowdown Asia Pacific Region Material Adverse Effect Effect Notice Prepayment
Effect Transfer Certificate Effective Date Notices
Effective Date Transfer Certificate Election Removal Directors
Eligible Liabilities Employees
Employment Agreement Dimitri Andritsoyiannis Employment Agreement Evangelos Chatzis
Employment Agreement Iraklis Prokopakis Employment Agreement John Coustas
Employment Having Unexpired Term Least Class Charterer Acceptable Emporiki Bank Credit Facility
Emporiki Bank Greece Emporiki Bank Greece Credit Facility
Enactment Proposed Legislation Affect Whether Dividends Paid Constitute Encumbrance
Enforcing Such Order Judgment English Language
English Law Environment
Environmental Approval Environmental Claim
Environmental Claims Environmental Indemnity
Environmental Laws Environmental Other Regulations
Environmental Regulation-cercla Environmental Regulation-international Maritime Organization Imo
Environmental Regulation-other Initiatives Environmental Regulation-the Clean Air Act
Environmental Regulation-the Clean Water Act Environmental Regulation-the Oil Pollution Act 1990 Opa
Equal Proportion Obligations Respect Part Commitment Equity Compensation Plan
Estimates Event Default Potential Shall Occurred Continuing
Event Default Shall Occurred Whereupon Provisions Clause 171 Evidence Payment Taxes
Exceptional Exchange Controls Other Limitations Affecting Stockholders
Exchange Rights Excluded Ship
Exclusion Agent Liability Exclusion Creditor Party Liability
Exclusion Lender Liability Exclusion Other Implied Variations
Exclusion Tax Overall Net Income Exclusive English Jurisdiction
Execute Finance Documents Borrower Party Execution Page
Execution Registration Documents Executive Officers
Exemption Operating Income United States Federal Taxation Exercised Often Appears Expedient
Existing Lender Existing Rights Unaffected
Expenses Solicitation Explanatory
Exposed Fluctuations Value British Pound Put Options Respect Expresscarrier
Extension Indemnities Environmental Indemnity Factors Affecting Results Operations
Fair Value Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Interest Rate Swap Hedges Fasb Accounting Standards Codification
Fee Tariffs Fees
Fees Expenses Fees Rules
Final Repayment Date Finance Document Proves Been Becomes Invalid Unenforceable Such
Finance Document Shall Agent Security Trustee Case Amount Finance Parties
Financial Financial Covenants
Financial Covenants Borrower Shall Ensure Times Financial Information
Financial Instruments Financial Performance
Financial Statements Financing Costs
Flag State Flip-in Event
Flip-over Event Following Receipt Written Request Security Trustee
Foreign Currency Exchange Risk Foreign Currency Forward Contracts Cash Flow Hedges
Foreign Currency Forward Contracts-cash Flow Hedges Foreign Currency Translation
Form 20-f Form Compliance Certificate
Form Drawdown Notice Form Financial Statements
Form Notification Change Lending Office Account Payments Fortis Bank Credit Facility
Fortis Bank-lloyds Tsb-national Bank Greece Credit Facility Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Information Forward-looking Statement
Forward-looking Statements Frequency Valuations
Funding Growth Further Protections Creditor Parties
Further Protections Lender Future Sales Common Stock Cause Market Price Decline
Gaap Gain Loss Derivatives
Gain Loss Sale Vessels Gain Sale Vessels
General General Administrative Expenses
General Conditions Precedent General Interpretation
Governing Law Government Entity
Governments Requisition Vessels Period War Emergency Resulting Loss Grossing-up Taxes
Growth Growth Depends Ability Expand Relationships Existing Charterers Obtain
Guarantee Guarantee Payments Borrower
Guarantees Hanjin
Hanjin Shipping Held Monday 2007
Highlights Highlights Half 2007
Highly Competitive International Container Shipping Industry Following Reinvestment Highly Competitive International Container Shipping Industry Not Able
History Development Holding
Holding Depend Ability Subsidiaries Distribute Funds Order Satisfy Hsh Nordbank Credit Facility
Hsh Nordbank Credit Facility Aegean Baltic Bank Acting Hsh Nordbank Guarantee Facility Aegean Baltic Bank Acting
Hull Machinery Loss Hire War Risks Insurance Hull S457
Hull S458 Hull S459
Hull S460 Hyundai
Illegality Illegible Notices
Impairment Long-lived Assets Important
Include Comments Box Reverse Side Card Increased Costs
Increased Inspection Procedures Tighter Import Export Controls New Incumbency Certificate
Incurred Case Each Owner Normal Course Business Operating Indebtedness
Indemnification Indemnities Regarding Borrowing Repayment Loan
Indemnity Agent Security Trustee Independence Directors
Independent Auditors Index
Index Financial Statements Information
Information Provided Accurate Initial
Initial Charterparty Insolvency Proceedings
Inspection Insurance
Insurance Certain Other Obligations Insurance Insufficient Cover Losses Occur Property Result Operations
Insurance Opinion Insurance Proceeds
Insurances Interest Expense Income
Interest Expense Income Other Finance Costs Interest Expense Income Other Finance Costs Net
Interest Expense Income Other Finance Expenses Net Interest Payment Date
Interest Period Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Swap Interest Rate Swaps
Interests Lenders Swap Bank Several Interests Lenders Swap Banks Several
Interim Disclosure Fair Value Financial Instruments Intermediate Surveys
Interpretation Invalidity
Investigating Event Reasonably Believes Default Investor Relations
Investor Relations Financial Media Nicolas Bornozis Iraklis Prokopakis
Iraklis Prokopakis Director Senior Vice President Treasurer Chief Iraklis Prokopakis Director Vice President Treasurer Chief Operating
Ism Code Ism Code Isps Compliance
Isps Code Issuing Bank Agent Behalf Received Written Confirmation Beneficiary
Jiangnan John Coustas
John Coustas Chairman President Chief Executive Officer Kdb
Kexim Credit Facility Kexim-fortis Credit Facility
Know Customer Know Customer Requirements
Lead Arranger Lease Arrangements
Leasing Arrangements Leasing Arrangements-cscl Europe Cscl America Maersk Derby Nedlloyd
Leasing Arrangements-cscl Europe Msc Baltic Cscl America Bunga Least Before Expiry Obligatory Insurance Effected
Legal Councel Legal Opinions
Legal Proceedings Legal Validity Effective Security Interests
Lender Accounts Lender Re-organisation Waiver Transfer Certificate
Lender Rights Unaffected Lenders
Lenders Commitments Lenders Make Available Contributions
Lenders Make Available Contributions Issuing Bank Guarantee Lenders Participations Advances
Lenders Undertakings Indemnify Each Lender Severally Agrees Shall Letter Letters Undertaking Form Required Security Trustee Including
Letter Letters Undertaking Such Form Required Security Trustee Letter Senior Vice President Coo
Letter Shareholders Letter Vice President Cfo
Liberian Tax Considerations Libor
Libor Correction Rate Liquidity Capital Resources
Listing Litigation
Loan Loan Agreement
Loan Agreement Dated 2005 Between Ourselves Borrower Yourselves Loan Relating Seattle Vancouver Colombo Singapore
Location Accounts London Banking
Long Term Debt Loss Derivatives
Loss Gain Fair Value Derivatives Maersk Derby
Maintenance Encumbrances Maintenance Obligatory Insurances
Maintenance Ownership Owners Maintenance Register Lenders
Maintenance Security Interests Maintenance Security Interests Borrower
Maintenance Share Payment Account Maintenance Status
Major Casualty Major Stockholders
Majority Lenders Management Affiliations
Management Agreement Management Agreements
Management Fleet Management Services
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Manager
Manager Privately Held Little Publicly Available Information Managers Termination Rights
Managers Undertaking Mandatory Cost
Mandatory Costs Mandatory Prepayment
Margin Margin Means Effect 2009 225 Per Cent Annum
Maritime Claimants Arrest Vessels Interrupt Cash Flows Market Disruption
Market Disruption Following Provisions Clause Apply Market Price Common Stock Fluctuated Widely Fluctuate Future
Market Value Market Value Adjusted Total Assets
Marshall Islands Corporation Not Well Developed Body Corporate Marshall Islands Tax Considerations
Master Agreement Material Adverse Change
Material Subsidiary Meaning
Meaning Additional Security Meaning Notice
Meaning Proceedings Meaning Subsidiary
Measuring Liabilities Fair Value Megacarrier
Memorandum Articles Association Method Distribution Share Payments
Miklos Konkoly Thege Miklós Konkoly Thege
Miklós Konkoly-thege Minimum Liquidity
Minimum Liquidity Amount Miscellaneous Indemnities
Miscellaneous Provisions Misrepresentation
Mission Statement Modification
Modification Insurance Requirements Money Laundering
Mortgaged Ship Sold Becomes Total Loss Mortgage Discharged Mortgagees Interest Additional Perils Insurances
Mortgagees Interest Additional Perils Insurances Pollution Mortgagees Interest Insurance Additional Perils Pollution
Mortgages Multiple Notices Action Without Notice
Myles Itkin Myles Itkin Director
Name Purpose Name Security Trustee Loss Payee Such Directions Payment
Negative Undertakings Negotiation Alternative Rate Interest
Negotiation Beneficiaries Borrower Net Cash Provided Financing Activities
Net Cash Provided Operating Activities Net Cash Provided Used Financing Activities
Net Cash Used Investing Activities Net Cash Used Provided Investing Activities
Net Interest New Credit Facility
New Credit Suisse Facility New Deutsche Bank Credit Facility
New Fortis Bank Credit Facility Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Nominees Election Non-alienability Non-transferability
Non-availability Matching Deposits Interest Period Selected Non-competition
Non-payment Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements
Normal Order Application Normal Rate Interest
Not Been Compliance Financial Covenants Contained Certain Credit Not Compliance Certain Financial Covenants Credit Facilities Including
Not Subject Exclusions Qualifications Security Trustee Given Prior Notice 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholders Held Friday
Notice 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholders Held Wednesday Notice Mortgage
Notice Prepayment Notice Variation Order Application
Notices Notification
Notification Borrower Claim Increased Costs Notification Certain Events
Notification Creditor Parties Security Notification Default
Notification Effect Illegality Notification Illegality
Notification Interest Periods Default Rates Notification Interest Periods Rates Normal
Notification Lenders Receipt Drawdown Notice Notification Litigation
Notification Market Disruption Notified Event Become Effective Borrower Shall Prepay Notifying
Notify Security Trustee Immediately Writing Classification Society Notifying Lenders Commitment Shall Terminate
Notwithstanding Other Provisions Agreement Pre-delivery Advances Allocated Additional Number 001-33060
Obligation Lenders Quote Obligation Reference Bank Quote
Obligations Other Lenders Case Swap Bank Issuing Being Obligations Several
Occurrence Default Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offer Listing Officers
Offices Old Loan
Operating Financial Review Prospects Operating Older Vessels Result Increased Costs Reduced Fleet
Operating Revenue Operating Revenue Geographic Location
Operating Revenues Operational Performance
Operator Original Accounts
Other Comprehensive Income Loss Other Current Assets
Other Current Long-term Liabilities Other Current Non-current Liabilities
Other Events Other Expense Net
Other Fees Other Finance Costs Net
Other Income Expense Other Income Expense Net
Other Income Expenses Other Income Expenses Net
Other Liabilities Other Liabilities Obligations Incurred
Other Matter Capable Being Insured Against Mortgagees Interest Other Matter Relevant Provision Approved Purchase Contract Existing
Other Non- Current Assets Other Non-current Assets
Other Operating Expenses Outlook 2008
Over Time Containership Values Fluctuate Substantially Lower Attempting Over-supply Containership Capacity Lead Reductions Charter Hire Rates
Over-supply Containership Capacity Prolong Further Depress Current Low Overview
Owner Owner Earnings Accounts
Ownership Part
Partial Prepayment Shall 1000000 Higher Integral Multiple Participation
Parties Bound Certain Actions Majority Lenders Party Encumbrances
Party Rights Party Security Interests
Pay Agent Account Issuing Bank Demand Amount Equal Pay Tax Us-source Income Reduce Earnings
Payment Accrued Default Interest Payment Accrued Interest
Payment Default Interest Overdue Amounts Payment Dividend
Payment Earnings Payment Increased Costs
Payment Non-business Payment Normal Interest
Payment Premiums Payment Valuation Expenses
Pension Retirement Benefit Obligations-crew Period Applicable Thereto Total Commitments Shall Date Permanently
Period London Interbank Market 1100 Time Quotation Date Permits Authorizations
Permitted Deductions Agent Permitted Encumbrances
Permitted Liens Pfic Status Material Federal Tax Consequences
Piraeus Please Sign Date Mail Proxy Card Envelope Provided
Pollutant Post-advance
Potential Environmental Claims Pre-advance Disposal Reduction Date
Pre-approval Policies Procedures Pre-disposal Security Value Ratio
Prepaid Expenses Inventories Prepared Accordance Applicable Laws Usgaap Consistently Applied
Prepayment Loan Whole Part Prepayment Termination Commitment
Prepayment Termination Commitments Prevention Release Arrest
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Executive Offices Principal Place Business
Principles Consolidation Proceedings Individual Lender Swap Bank
Process Agent Process Agent Appointments
Profitability Growth Depends Ability Expand Relationships Existing Charterers Properties
Proposal One-election Directors Protection Indemnity Insurance
Protection Indemnity Risks Provide Form Credit Financial Assistance
Provided Provision Additional Security Cover Prepayment
Provision Additional Security Cover Prepayment Loan Provision Copies Communications
Provision Copies Translation Documents Provision Financial Statements
Provision Financial Statements Borrower Send Agent Provision Further Information
Provision Information Provisions Clause 161 Shall Become Applicable Available Application
Provisions Employment Arrangements Chief Executive Officer Restricting His Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Purchase Further Tonnage Purchase Options
Purchase Vessels Purpose
Purpose Advances Purpose Loan
Qualifying Swap Qualifying Swaps Period
Quotation Date Ratio
Rcf Swaps Cash Deposit Account Rcf Swaps Cash Deposit Account Pledge
Re-allocation Pre-delivery Advances Rebates Etc
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Developments
Recent News Redemption Rights
Reduction Repayment Reference Banks
Refund Agent Monies Not Received Refund Guarantees
Refund Guarantors Registration
Registration Fee Registry
Regulations Regarding Exemption Liberian Taxation Non-resident Corporations Issued Related Party Loans
Related Party Transactions Release Additional Security
Relevant Financial Case 6-month Period Reference Audited Applicable Relevant Jurisdiction
Relevant Period Relevant Person
Relevant Persons Relevant Ship
Reliance Action Agent Reliance Action Agent However Borrower Each Security Party
Reliance Register Lenders Removal Parts
Renewal Obligatory Insurances Repair Classification
Repairs Maintenance Repayment
Repayment Additional Approved Ship Tranches Repayment Date Consolidation Tranches
Repayment Dates Replacement Charter
Replacement Conditions Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16
Reporting Structure Representations Warranties
Request Advance Requests Lenders Agreement
Requirement Additional Documents Requirements Being Public Strain Resources Distract Management
Requisition Compensation Research Development Patents Licenses
Restricted Cash Restrictions Chartering Appointment Managers Etc
Results Operations Revenue Geographic Location
Revenue Recognition Review Insurance Requirements
Review Repayment Additional Approved Tranches Right Refusal Relation Refinancing Pre-delivery Advances
Right Remedy Conferred Finance Document General Law Rights Assignee
Rights Cumulative Non-exclusive Risk Factors
Risks Inherent Business Risks Inherent Operation Ocean-going Vessels Affect Business Reputation
Risks Relating Common Stock Robert Mundell
Robert Mundell Director Royal Bank Scotland Credit Facility
S4005 Sale
Sale Exchange Other Disposition Common Stock Sale Manager
Sale Vessels Schedule
Schedule Condition Precedent Documents Schedule Designation Notice
Schedule Drawdown Notice Schedule Form Compliance Certificate
Schedule Mandatory Cost Formula Seasonal Maritime Corporation
Seasonal Maritime Corporation Credit Facilities Seasonality
Sec Security
Security Cover Requirement Security Deed
Security Documents Security Interest Over Ship Other Matter Capable Being
Security Party Security Period
Security Requirement Security Shortfall
Security Trustee Segment Reporting
Seizure Service Notice Clause 242 254
Service Outside Business Set Forth
Settlement Claims Severability Provisions
Share Capital Share Capital Ownership
Share Ownership Share Payment Elections
Shareholder Creditor Notices Shareholders Authorisations Owners
Shareholders Board Directors Danaos Corporation Sharing Earnings
Ship Ship Management
Ships Name Registration Signatures
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Changes
Smc Sofia
Special Survey Drydocking Costs Stand-alone Isda Agreement
States Event Default Potential Occurred Status
Stock Based Compensation Stockholder Communications Directors
Stockholder Nominations Stockholder Return Performance Presentation
Stockholder Rights Plan Stockholders
Stockholders Derivative Actions Stockholders Equity
Sub-participation Subrogation Assignment Subject Clause 325 Absolute Discharge Release Borrower Signed
Subject Regulation Liability Environmental Laws Require Significant Expenditures Subordination Rights Borrower
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiary Substantial Debt Levels Limit Flexibility Obtain Additional Financing
Substitution Certificate Such Business After Local Time
Sums Deemed Due Lender Sums Payable Clause 221
Supplemental Letter Surveys
Suspension Drawdown Swap Bank
Swap Banks Swaps Undertakings
Swedish Club Table Contents
Tariff Base Tax Fees
Tax Lease Structure Tax Risks
Taxation Operating Income General Taxation United States Holders Making Mark-to-market Election
Taxation United States Holders Making Timely Qef Election Taxation United States Holders Not Making Timely Qef
Taxes Taxes Paid
Term Termination Rights Termination Commitment
Termination Commitments Termination Rights
Terms Obligatory Insurances Terrorist Attacks International Hostilities Affect Results Operations Financial
Teucarrier Thereafter
They Advise Security Trustee Immediately Material Change Terms Timely Expansion Fleet
Title Negative Pledge Pari Passu Ranking Title Negative Pledge Pari Passu Ranking Borrower
Total Commitments Total Liabilities
Total Loss Total Shareholders Equity
Trading New York Stock Exchange Tranche Additional Advances
Tranche Balloon Shall Reduce Amount Equal Such Excess Transaction Documents
Transactions Transactions Master Agreement
Transfer Agent Transfer Borrower
Transfer Certificate Delivery Notification Transfer Lender
Transfer Rights Obligations Finance Document Transfer Without Certificate
Transferee Lender Becomes Contribution Commitment Amount Specified Transfer Transferor Transferee Accept Exclusive Responsibility Ensuring Certificate Transaction
Treated Passive Foreign Investment Certain Adverse Federal Income Trend Information
Trust Agency Agreement Unable Draw Down Full Amount Credit Facilities Difficulty
Unable Draw Down Full Amount Credit Facilities Market Unfunded Status Plan
United States Federal Income Taxation Holders United States Federal Income Taxation Non-united Holders
United States Securities Exchange Reports United States Taxation Gain Sale Vessels
Unlawfulness Unpaid Sum Such Period Rate Per Cent Above
Unrest Valid Notices
Validity Completeness Shipbuilding Contracts Valuation Additional Security
Valuation Fleet Subject Long-term Charter Valuation Fleet Vessel Not Subject Long-term Charter
Valuation Ship Not Subject Long-term Charter Valuation Ship Subject Long-term Charter
Valuation Ships Valuations Binding
Value Additional Security Variation Order Application
Variations Waivers Etc Lender Variations Waivers Etc Majority Lenders
Variations Waivers Etc Requiring Agreement Lenders Vessel Lives
Vessel Lives Estimated Scrap Values Vessel Management Fee Usd 290 Per Bareboat Charter
Vessel Operating Expenses Vessel Security Regulations
Vessels Cost Vessels Depreciation
Visit Website Visit Website Wwwdanaoscom
Voluntary Prepayment Voting
Voting Proxy Revocation Voting Securities
Voyage Expenses Waiver Conditions Precedent
Waiver Period Weak Economic Conditions Throughout World Particularly Asia Pacific
Whenever Time Prior Commencement Interest Period Whereas
Withholding Taxes Without Prejudice Other Provisions Clause
Witness Whereof Undersigned Executed Addendum Date Above Written Yang Ming
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