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Abaqus Registered Trademark Inc United States Other Countries Abaqus Software Adopted Major Automotive Oem Crash Simulation
Academic Relationships Academic Relationships Established Number Research Centers Universities Schools
Account Coverage Account Transition
Action Divestiture Actions
Add Following Attachment Xxvi Delmia Products Blue New Added Performance New Analysis Features Usability Improvements Extend
Additional Business Highlights Additional Resolutions Shareholders Meetings
Admission Shareholders Meetings Proxies Adopted Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Advertising Costs Aerospace
Affiliate Agenda
Agreement Critical Automakers Objective Cut Costs Continue Deliver Agricultural Equipment Leader Reinforces Commitment Plm Drive Product
Allocable Portion Escrow Amount Allocable Portion Merger Consideration
Allocable Portion Supplemental Indemnity Amount Allocation Distribution Profits
Allocation Statement Allowance Doubtful Accounts Loans Receivable
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Loans Receivables Amendment
Amendment 150 Amended Restated License Agreement Marketing Programming Amendment 154 Amended Restated License Agreement Marketing Programming
Amendment 155 Amended Restated License Agreement Marketing Programming Amendment 156 Amended Restated License Agreement Marketing Programming
Amendment 157 Amended Restated License Agreement Marketing Programming Amendment 158 Amended Restated License Agreement Marketing Programming
Amortization Acquired Intangibles Amounts Recognized Statement Financial Position
André Kudelski Announces Simulia Unified Scientific Simulation Platform
Annual Financial Statements Annual High Low Prices Shares Eurolist Adss Nasdaq
Annual High Low Prices Shares Euronext Paris Adss Applicable Indemnifying Persons
Arnoud Meyer Articles Merger
Assumptions Attendance Voting Shareholders Meetings
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audited Financial Statements
Authorized Remote User Automation
Automation Solutions Automotive
Autorité Des Marchés Financiers Avoir
Basis Presentation Consolidation Believe Some Key Benefits Catia Solutions
Believe Some Key Benefits Catia Solutions Include Believe Some Key Benefits Delmia Solutions
Believe Some Key Benefits Enovia Software Solutions Believe Some Key Benefits Simulia Solutions
Believe Some Key Benefits Simulia Technology Solutions Believe Some Key Benefits Solidworks Software Solutions
Bernard Charlès Bernard Charlès Dassault Systèmes President Chief Executive Officer
Bernard Dufau Board Directors
Board Directors Internal Regulation Board Directors Shareholders Dassault Systèmes
Boeing 787 Dreamliner Boeing Deploys Dassault Systèmes Update Digital Tools 787
Boeing Simulates Manufactures 787 Dreamliner Industry-first Event Plm Bonus Plan
Borrowings Brands
Bruno Latchague Business
Business Grows Increasingly Exposed Risk Claims Lawsuits Against Business Investment Spending
Business Outlook By-laws
By-laws 2007 Bénéfices Sociaux
C14 Delmia Products Caa Partners Contribute 360 Plm Applications
Caa Partnership Program Delivers Success Car Audio Manufacturer Reduces Man-hours New Design Main
Cash Equivalents Short-term Investments Cash Flow Other Financial Highlights
Cash Flows Catia
Catia Delmia Enovia Simulia Solidworks 3dvia Registered Trademarks Catia Delmia Enovia Simulia Solidworks Registered Trademarks Dassault
Catia Products Caxa Plm Products Developed China Help Manufacturers Move
Certification Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted
Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted Cfius
Chahid-nouraï Chairman Organization Board Directors
Changed Read Follows Changes Noted Italics Changes Principal Shareholders Over Past
Changes Share Capital Channel
Charles Edelstenne Charlotte 2007
Christian Decaix Claas Expand Global Leadership Position Plm Solutions Ibm
Claims Products Third-party Components Embedded Infringe Proprietary Rights Client-side Software
Closing Closing Date
Code Code Ethics
Collaborative Enterprise Sourcing Ces Business Process Accelerators Bpas Collaborative Innovation
Collaborative Innovation Concept Through Manufacturing Committees Board Directors
Communications Compensation Nomination Committee
Competition Competitive Price Pressure Longer Sales Cycle Negatively Impact
Compliance Program Components Net Periodic Costs
Comprehensive Income Computer Software Costs Research Development
Concentration Credit Risk Concord Mass 2007
Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets Gaap Conference Call Information
Confidentiality Agreement Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Financial Statements Consulting Service Partners
Consumer Goods Electrical Electronics Contacts
Contingencies Continuing Employees
Contract Controls Procedures
Corporate Form Corporate Information
Correction Pid Trigram Cost Revenue Expenses
Cost Revenue Software Services Critical Accounting Policies
Currency Fluctuations Significantly Affect Results Operations Currency Fluctuations Significantly Affect Results Operations Since Generate
Customer Partners Customers Industrial Sectors
Customers Reap Benefit Customized Solutions Without Costs D-based Sourcing Solutions Collaborative Plm
Dassault Systemes Dassault Systemes Non Gaap Consolidated Statement Income
Dassault Systemes Owner Dassault Systemes Schedules 2005 Conference Call Webcast
Dassault Systemes Schedules 2006 Conference Call Webcast Dassault Systemes Schedules Full 2004 Conference Call Webcast
Dassault SystÈmes Bags Major Larsen Toubro Contract Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006
Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 Back Contents Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 F-13
Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 F-15 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 F-17
Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 F-19 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 F-21
Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 F-23 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 F-27
Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 F-29 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 F-31
Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 F-33 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 F-5
Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents
Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 F-11 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 F-15
Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 F-17 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 F-21
Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 F-23 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 F-25
Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 F-27 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 F-31
Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 F-33 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 F-35
Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 F-39 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 F-9
Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systèmes Acquire Matrixone
Dassault Systèmes Acquires Center Development Next- Generation 3d-based Dassault Systèmes Announces Availability Next Generation Plm Sourcing
Dassault Systèmes Announces Simulia Solutions Simulation Lifecycle Management Dassault Systèmes Completes Acquisition Abaqus Inc Introduces Simulia
Dassault Systèmes Delivers Strong Revenue Earnings 2006 Dassault Systèmes Ibm Announce Version Release Product Lifecycle
Dassault Systèmes Ibm Announce Version Release Product Lifecyle Dassault Systèmes Icem Ltd Establish Caa Gold Software
Dassault Systèmes Latest Plm Solution Manufacturing Empowers Collaboration Dassault Systèmes Launches Catia Plm Express
Dassault Systèmes Notes Consolidated Financial Statements 2007 2006 Dassault Systèmes Presents Catia Systems
Dassault Systèmes Press Contacts Dassault Systèmes Reports Record Revenue Earnings 2005 Growth
Date Liquidation Decrease Prices Longer Sales Cycle Changes Competitive Environment
Decreases Share Capital Deductible Amount
Defaults Dividend Arrearages Delinquencies Defining Future Manufacturing
Definitions Deliberations Board
Delmia Delmia Automation
Delmia Automation Partners Delmia Automation V5r15 Gives Control Engineers Collaborative Virtual
Delmia Plm Delmia Products
Delmia V5r16 Highlights Derivative Instruments
Description Business Design-centric Mainstream
Determination Conditions Payment Deferred Compensation Charlès Determination Date
Digital Manufacturing Production 8211 Dinformation
Directeur Général Director Biographies
Directors Fees Disclosure Schedule
Dispute Notice Disputes
Dissolution Liquidation Distribution Dividends
Dividend Policy Dividends
Dividends Paid 2005 Documents Display
Drives Product Innovation Achieves Parts Reduction Development Time Duration
Dvia Dvia Portfolio Date Includes
Dynasim Earnings Per Share
Editors Effective Time
Election Electronics Inc
Electronics Standardizes Dassault Systemes Plm Solution Drive Global Emerging Business Initiatives
Emerging Initiatives Enclosures
End Date End-to-end Open Plm Solutions Embedded Systems
Enovia Enovia Matrixone Delmia Joint Coverage Model
Enovia Matrixone Schema Enovia Plm Soa Applications
Enovia Plm Soa Middleware Enovia Product Portfolio
Enovia Products Enovia Standardizing Virtual Product Development Processes
Environmental Laws Eps Operating Income Margin
Erisa Errors Defects Products Cause Incur Additional Costs Lose
Escrow Account Escrow Agent
Escrow Amount Estate Gift Tax
Estimated Closing Balance Sheet Estimated Working Capital
Estimated Working Capital Adjustment Estimates
Euronext Paris Exchange Rate Information
Exchange Rates Executive Officer Biographies
Executive Officers Executive Overview 2006
Executive Overview 2007 Executive Stock Grants
Exon-florio Expect Quarterly Operating Results Continue Fluctuate Cause Stock
Expenses Explanatory
Extended Enterprise Partnerships Extract Minutes
Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting F-10 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 Back Contents
F-10 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents F-12 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 Back Contents
F-12 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents F-14 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents
F-16 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 Back Contents F-16 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents
F-18 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents F-20 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 Back Contents
F-20 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents F-22 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 Back Contents
F-22 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents F-24 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents
F-26 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 Back Contents F-26 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents
F-28 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 Back Contents F-30 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 Back Contents
F-30 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents F-32 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 Back Contents
F-32 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents F-36 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2006 Back Contents
F-38 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents F-4 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents
F-6 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents F-8 Dassault SystÈmes Form 20-f 2007 Back Contents
Fabrication Assembly Fail Adequately Protect Intellectual Property Competitive Market Position
Fair Value Fair Values
Federal Income Tax Financial Contractual Relations Between Directors Executive Officers
Financial Highlights Financial Instruments
Financial Results Financial Revenue Other Net
Financial Statements Financial Statements Other Communications Shareholders
Ford Designates Catia Global Design Engineering Standard New Ford Fusion Virtual Build Development Time Shortened
Foreign Currency Adjustments Foreign Currency Exchange Risk
Foreign Currency Risk Form 6-k
Form Holding Shares Form Holding Transfer Shares
Form Shares Forms
Forward-looking Information Fostering Innovation Helping Accelerate Decision-making Opening Collaboration Extended
Four-year Technical Collaboration Signals Major Technology Shift Automotive French Estate Gift Taxes
French Plans Other French Taxation
French Wealth Tax Full 2007 Financial Highlights
Full Financial Results Full Highlights
Further Future Manufacturing Display Virtual Rollout Milestone
Gcs Scandinavia Aktiebolag General
General Administrative Expenses Global Collaborative Environment 787 Plm Catia Enovia Delmia
Goldstein Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governance
Government Grants Governmental Authorities
Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault Owns Approximately 433 Outstanding Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault Owns Approximately 4445 Outstanding
Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault Principal Shareholder Approximately Outstanding Growth Dassault Systèmes Creates Organizational Stresses Adversely Affect
Growth Strategy Hardware Technology Partners
Hazardous Substance Heart Vision Belief Power Enormous Potential Pervasive Applicability
Highlights Holders Adss Face Disadvantages Compared Shares Attempting Exercise
Holders Adss Subject Additional Risks Related Holdings Rather However
Http Www3dscom Corporate Investors Ibm
Ibm Dassault Systemes Expand Plm Express Portfolio Help Ibm Dassault Systèmes Expand Strategic Partnership Sell Additional
Ibm Dassault Systèmes Integrate Xml Technologies Lotus Solutions Ibm Domino Lotus Notes Workplace Trademarks International Business
Ibm Plm Business Partners Channel Ibm Press Contact
Ibm Relationship Icem
Icem Ltd Develop Industry-leading Automotive Class-a Solutions Dassault Icem Press Contact
Icem Seemage Acquisitions Important Additional Information Filed Sec
Impôt Sur Les Opérations Bourse Incentive Payments
Incentive Plan Incentive Unit Holdback Amount
Income Tax Expense Income Taxes
Increase Capital Increases Share Capital
Indebtedness Indemnification
Independent Auditors Indicate Check Financial Statement Registrant Elected Follow
Indicate Number Outstanding Shares Each Issuers Classes Capital Indivisibility Shares
Industrial Production Information Constant Currencies
Information Plans Accumulated Benefit Obligation Excess Plan Assets Information Press Only
Informational Purposes Only Comparison 2004 Financial Statements French Infotech
Initial Calculation Initial Closing Balance Sheet
Installation Enables Mailroom Equipment Logistics Provider Improve Management Integration Enhance Collaboration Connecting People
Intellectual Property Interest Rate Risk
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Investments
Irs Joel Lemke
John Mceleney Key Business Strengths
Key Facilities Subject Risks Damage Temporary Unavailability Knowledge
Large Customers Largest Independent Structures Supplier Streamline Product Development Processes
Laurent Dassault Ldquods Had Satisfactory Despite Currency Headwinds Strong Software
Ldquolooking 2008 See Continuation Favorable Demand Dynamics Software Leading Aircraft Manufacturing Signs Contract A320-a330-a340 A380 Commercial
Leading Global Automotive Manufacturer Reinforces Commitment Plm Drive Leading Installations Specialist Chose Catia Give Competitive Advantage
Legal Proceedings Legal Requirements
Legrand Drives Innovation Multi-site International Projects Dassault Systèmes Leverages Smarteam Enterprise Facilities Management Design Collaboration
Liability Directors General Management License Consolidation
Licensed Intellectual Property Licenses
Lien Lifelike Experience
Long Term Incentive Plans Ltip Lowell Mass 2007-
Loïk Segalen Mainstream
Mainstream Consolidated Revenue 2005 Mainstream Consolidated Revenue 2006
Mainstream Design Mainstream Solutions
Mainstream Solutions Productive Easy-to-use Mechanical Design Mainstream Technology
Major Shareholders Manufacturer Standard Conveyors Uses Catia Smarteam Significantly Cut
Market Structure Brands Marketing Distribution Agreement Ibm
Marketing Sales Marketing Sales Expenses
Marketing Sales Mainstream Solutions Marketing Sales Plm Solutions
Material Adverse Effect Material Modifications Rights Security Holders Proceeds
Matrixone Abaqus Acquisitions Matrixone Acquisition Expansion Enovia Brand
Matrixone Expands Product Lifecycle Management Include Collaborative Business Merger
Merger Consideration Method Payment Additional Compensation
Microsoft Minimis
Minutes Monthly High Low Prices Shares Eurolist Adss Nasdaq
Monthly High Low Prices Shares Euronext Paris Adss Monthly License Charge
Most Recent Balance Sheet Mumbai India 2007
Muriel Pénicaud Name
Nature Shareholders Meetings Net Income
Net Income Diluted Per Share New Agreement Further Strengthens Ibm-dassault Systèmes Strategic Partnership
New Product Brand Shall Mean Delmia Enovia Matrix New Product Releases Major Development Announcements 2006
New Software License Maintenance Product Development Revenue New Version Empowers Innovation Networks
New Version Extends Proven Power Platform Open Collaboration Nine-month 2006 Financial Summary
Nine-month 2007 Financial Highlights Nine-month 2007 Financial Summary
Non-gaap Financial Information Nonlinear Structural Analysis
Not Anticipate Develop Take Advantage New Technological Opportunities Not Maintain Improve Technological Strength Products Demand Them
Notes Notes Consolidated Financial Statements 2006 2005 2004
Notes Editors Notice Meeting Procedure Shareholder Meetings
Notice Parent Claim Notice Shareholders Meetings
Number 0-28578 Number Outstanding Shares Each Issuer8217s Classes Capital Common
Objectives Obligations Funded Status
Open Architecture Collaborative Online Plm Services Openness Software Solutions
Operating Expenses Operating Income
Operating Income Margin Operating Income Margin Eps
Operating Income Margin Eps Financial Position Options Subscribe Dassault Systèmes Shares
Options Subscribe Solidworks Shares Ordinary Shareholders Meeting
Other Corporate Announcements Overall Economic Environment
Overview Ownership Shares Adss Non-french Residents
Paragraph Paragraphs Changed Read Follows Changes Noted Parent
Parent Claim Parent Indemnified Parties
Paris 2007 Paris France 2007
Paris France 2007- Paris France 2008
Paris France 8211 2008 Paris France Providence Usa 2007
Part Participant Deferral Liability
Participant Release Parties Components
Partnership Developed Produce Next-generation 3d-based Sourcing Solutions Collaborative Party Claim
Party Interest Passive Foreign Investment Status
Paul Brown Paying Shares
Payment Dividends Payment Instructions
Pcbs Pension Benefits
Per Share Merger Consideration Permits
Person Personnel Costs
Phantom Stock Holdback Amount Phantom Stock Payment Amount
Phantom Stock Payments Phantom Stock Plans
Philippe Forestier Plan
Plan Assets Plan Dépargne Dentreprise
Plans Plans Reduce Time Market Development Costs Less Using
Platform Plc Royalty Following Products Previously Added Agreement Changed
Plm Plm Direct Sales Channel
Plm Express Simplified Even Affordable Plm Indirect Sales Channels
Plm Industry Solutions Plm Leaders Launch Solutions Electronics Consumer Packaged Goods
Plm Releases 2005 Plm Solution Enables Companies Industry Achieve Extraordinary Benefits
Plm Solutions Plm Solutions Ibm Dassault Systèmes Heart Chinese Brazilian
Plus Power Process Petroleum
Power Process Petroleum Shipbuilding Powers Board Directors Committees
Pre-closing Income Tax Returns Preemptive Rights Unavailable Holders Adss
Preemptive Subscription Rights Present Signed Attendance Register
Price Adss Dollar Value Dividends Affected Fluctuations Euro Princeton Catia Engineering Architecture Studies
Principal Companies Brands Principal Elements Revenue Expenses
Principal Investments Principal Office
Principal Simulia Products Include Procedure Shareholders Meeting Officers Minutes
Process-centric Plm Process-centric Technologies Facilitate Rapid Deployment Further Strengthen Plm
Product Design Excellence Companies Sizes Product Development Partners
Product Lifecycle Management Express Portfolio Includes Product Lifecycle Management Express Styled Plastic Packaging Small
Product Lifecycle Management Plm Consolidated Revenue 2005 Product Lifecycle Management Plm Consolidated Revenue 2006
Product Marketing Product Portfolio
Products Business Development Sales Adversely Affected Experience Difficulties Promissory
Property Equipment Proprietary Products
Provided Provided Further
Provided However Providence 2008-
Proxies Votes Mail Président
Purchase Own Shares Purchase Price Allocation Business Combinations
Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers Purpose
Purposes Quai Marcel Dassault 310 92156 Suresnes Cedex France
Quarterly High Low Prices Shares Eurolist Adss Nasdaq Quarterly High Low Prices Shares Euronext Paris Adss
Quorum Vote Rand Subsidiaries Europe North America
Realistic Simulation 8211 Recent Business News Highlights
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Reclassifications
Recurring Licenses Revenue Red Royalty Changes
Redmond Wash Paris Oct 2007- Reduces Engineering Change Cycle Time Smarteam
Reduction Amortization Registered Share Capital Registered Share Capital
Regulated Agreements Regulatory Environments Operate Become Increasingly Complex Including Respect
Reinforces Commitment Ibm Dassault Systèmes Plm Solutions New Related Party
Related Party Transactions Related-party Transactions
Relation Ibm Release New Windows Vista Versions Full Portfolio Target
Relevant Economic Business Trends Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Required Consents Requirements Holdings Exceeding Certain Percentages
Research Development Research Development Expenses
Research Development Facilities Subject Risks Damage Temporary Unavailability Result Strategy Partnering Other Companies Product Development Marketing
Retained Earnings Revenue
Revenue Earnings Depend Corporate Spending Information Technology Infrastructure Revenue Operating Income Segment
Revenue Recognition Review Agreements Between Ceo
Revolutionary New Collaborative Intelligence Solution Rhode Island Law
Rights Obligations Attached Shares Risks Related Business
Royalties Régime Complémentaire
Sales Channels Sales Marketing
Scientific Committee Seat Licensing Pricing
Securities Securities Act
Securities Registered Pursuant Act See Below Reconciliation Non-gaap Information Corresponding Gaap
Seemage Seemage Press Contact
Segment Information Seller Expenses
Service Réglement Différé Services Other
Services Other Revenue Settlement Accountants
Settlement Notice Shanghai Automotive Corporation Drives Dassault Systèmes Plm Solutions
Shanghai Automotive Ltd Shanghai China 2007-
Share Capital Share Ownership
Share-based Payment Shareholder Right Disclosure
Shareholders Equity Less Half Registered Capital Shareholders Meetings Voting Rights
Shares Directors Shipbuilding Yards Operators Passenger Cruise Ships
Shipping Handling Short-term Investments
Signature Signatures
Simulations Prove Out Work Area Accessibility Clearances Simulia
Simulia Create Next-generation Solutions Realistic Simulation Simulia Ecosystem Unites Caa Abaqus Alliance Programs
Simulia Multiphysics Platform Simulia Press Contact
Simulia Press Contacts Since Multinational Operations Subject Certain Risks Inherent International
Smarteam Smarteam Products
Soa Société Anonyme
Sociétés Anonymes Software
Software Revenue Solidworks
Solidworks Buy-back Plan Some Key Benefits Hope Bring Market 3dvia Brand
Special Meetings Statuts
Stock Grants Stock Option Plans
Stock-based Compensation Strategy Technology Customers Partnerships
Strategy Technology Partnerships Subject Risks Inherent International Operations
Subject Shareholders Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Subsidiary Information
Subsidiary Securities Summary
Summary 2007 Financial Highlights Summary Financial Highlights
Supplemental Disclosures Regarding Non Gaap Financial Information Excluding Supplemental Indemnity Amount
Supplemental Non-gaap Financial Information Suresnes France
Suresnes France 2008 Suresnes France 2008 8211
Suresnes France 2008- Surviving Corporation
Table Summary Differences Between Financial Statements Established Gaap Tax
Tax Indemnified Party Tax Indemnifying Party
Tax Proceedings Tax Purchase Price
Tax Returns Taxation Capital Gains
Taxation Dividends Taxation Investors
Taxation Sale Disposal Shares Taxes
Technical Support Technology Research Development
Technology-related Stock Prices Generally Been Volatile Volatility Depress Thibault Tersant
Through 2004 Through 2005
Through 2006 Tomalleyusibmcom
Total Revenue Total Revenue Geographic Region
Trading Own Shares Transactions Shares Directors Executive Officers
Transfer Shares Transfer Taxes
Trends Quarterly Results Unable Hire Retain Key Personnel Executives Business Activities
Unable Hire Retain Key Personnel Executives Experience Difficulties United States Information Reporting Backup Withholding
United States Securities Exchange Universal Lightweight Format Enables Democratization
Unresolved Staff Comments User Interface
User Named V5r16 Release
Version Release V5r15 Open Collaboration Proven Platform Version Release V5r16 Empowering Innovation Networks
Version Technology Virtools
Virtools4 New Office Players Democratize Experience Virtual Design
Virtual Earth Washington 20549
Wealth Tax Webcast Conference Call Information
Wls Products Working Capital
Workstation Catia Version Prpq Products Yantai China Paris France Ndash 2007
Yantai Raffles Goes Digital Shipyard Unveils Worldrsquos Largest Yantai Raffles Shipyard Limited
Yantai Raffles Shipyard Press Contact Zuken Provide New Plm Solutions High-value-added Products
Étienne Droit 
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