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52m 35m Ability Net Operating Loss Carryforwards Offset Future Taxable
Ability Realize Fully Anticipated Benefits Merger Northwest Depend Ability Realize Fully Anticipated Benefits Pending Merger Northwest
Accelerated Lapse Restrictions Accelerated Vesting Forfeiture Termination Employment
Acceptance Award Accounting Adjustments
Accounting Firm Acknowledgement
Acknowledgements Act
Additional Amendment Supplemental Agreements Additional Information
Adjusted Performance Award Administration Executive Compensation Program
Admission Ticket Admissions
Advance Advertising Costs
Affiliate Agent
Aggregate Equipment Principal Payments Aggregated Option Exercises Last Fy-end Values
Agreement Aircraft Financing
Aircraft Order Commitments Airline Industry Highly Competitive Cannot Successfully Compete Marketplace
Airline Industry Subject Extensive Government Regulation New Regulations Airline Operations
Airline Peer Group Airport Access
Alpa Matters Amendment
Amendments Waivers American Express
Annual Base Salary8221 Annual Retainer Meeting Fees Transportation Privileges
Annual Stock Option Grant Annual Vesting Opportunities 2007 2008
Antitrust Immunity Appeal Procedures Denied Claims
Appeal Time Deadlines Strictly Enforced Appendix
Applicable Margin Applied Special Termination Advance
Arbitration Asset Charges
Asset Impairment Charge Assets Acquired Liabilities Assumed Northwest
Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Nonrecurring Basis Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis
Assets Measured Fair Value Nonrecurring Basis Assets Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis Using Significant
Associate Atlanta
Atlanta New York Attending Meeting
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Financial Experts Audit Committee Report
Authority Committee Average Annual Pre-tax Income Margin
Award Agreement Awards
Awards Last B-1 United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District New
B-3 United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District New B-4 United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District New
Background Background Combined Financial Results Predecessor Successor
Bank Credit Facility Bank Trust National Association
Bankruptcy Claims Resolution Base Rate
Base Salary Basic Life Insurance
Basis Presentation Bastian
Beneficial Owners Voting Stock Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficially Owned Benefit Increases Executives
Benefit Payments Board Directors Committees
Board Directors Recommends Vote Following Nominees Boston Airport Terminal Project
Business Business Initiatives
Calendar 2007 Calendar 2008
Cap Amount Capacity Purchase Agreements
Capital Leases Career Transition Services
Cargo Cargo Revenue
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Hedges
Cash Flows Financing Activities Cash Flows Investing Activities
Cash Flows Operating Activities Cause
Certain Credit Facilities Include Financial Other Covenants Impose Certain Information Nominees
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certain Terms
Certificate Incorporation Bylaws Certificate Incorporation Bylaws Majority Voting Directors
Certificates Change Control
Change Control Agreements Change Employment Status
Change Exercisability Exercise Period Termination Employment Changes Executive Compensation Program
Changes Internal Control Chapter Proceedings
Charitable Contribution Program Chief Executive Officer
Cincinnati Airport Concourse Closing Cincinnati Airport Settlement
Citizen Civil Reserve Air Fleet Program
Code Collective Bargaining
Comair Flight 5191 Combined
Combined Financial Results Predecessor Successor Combined Quarterly Financial Results Predecessor Successor
Combined Sources Uses Cash Comments
Commissions Committee
Communications Directors Compensation Anderson
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Deductibility Policy
Compensation Grinstein Compensation Khoury Macenczak
Compensation Whitehurst Competition
Comprehensive Loss Comprehensive Loss Income
Condition Precedent Conditions Precedent
Confidential Proprietary Information Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consequences Breach Consolidated Financial Statements
Contact Contingencies Related Termination Contract Carrier Agreements
Contract Carrier Agreements Contractual Obligations
Cooperation Corporate Governance Committee
Corporate Governance Documents Corporate Governance Overview
Corporation Cost Solicitation
Covenants Covered Claims
Covered Taxes Credit Card Processing Agreements
Credit Card Processors Ability Take Significant Holdbacks Certain Credit Risk
Creditors Committee Critical Accounting Estimates
Crj-900 Financing Cumulative Revenue Growth
Current Common Stock Reserves Current Schedule
Customer Date 2009
Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2005 Daugusta Antitrust Litigation
Death Disability Declaration Trust
Default Deferred Gains Sale Leaseback Transactions
Defined Benefit Pension Benefits Defined Contribution Pension Plans
Definite-lived Intangible Assets Definition Ebitdar
Definitions Delaware General Corporation Law
Delta Delta Air Lines Inc
Delta Air Lines Inc 2007 Performance Compensation Plan Delta Air Lines Inc Merger Award Program
Delta Air Lines Inc Selected Balance Sheet Data Delta Air Lines Inc Statistical Summary
Delta Connection Carriers Delta Connection Goals
Delta Connection Program Delta Exit Financing
Delta Family-care Disability Survivorship Plan Delta Family-care Savings Plan
Delta Family-care Savings Plan Litigation Delta Management Team
Delta Shuttle Deltas Materials
Deltas Planned Uses Previously Authorized Common Stock Demand Capacity
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements Derivative Financial Instruments
Description Airframe Engines Description Certain Benefits Members Board Directors Executive Officers
Description Equipment Notes Description Proposed Amendment
Determinations Director Compensation
Director Independence Director Independence Standards
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Registrant Directors Nominees Director Executive Officers
Disability Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Statement Dispute Resolution
Distribution Date Distribution Statements Certificateholders
Dividends Documents
Documents Incorporated Reference Domestic Alliances
Downgrade Event Dual Certificate Operations Strong Experienced Leaders Key Functions
Durable Financial Foundation Solid Liquidity Duties Loan Trustee
Duties Subordination Agent Agreements Trustees Etc Ecommendation
Eetc Effective Date
Effective Instructions Regarding Shares Held Pilot Plan Account Election Directors
Eligibility Eligibility Criteria
Elimination Retiree Healthcare Subsidy Emergence Award Agreement
Employee Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Commitment Employee Matters
Employee Non-solicitation Agreement Employee Strikes Other Labor-related Disruptions Adversely Affect Operations
Employees Collective Bargaining Agreements Endnotes
Entire Agreement Entity
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Matters
Equipment Notes Amortization Equity
Equity Committee Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Equity-based Compensation Equity Securities
Equity-based Compensation Erisa
Esop Preferred Stock Esop Preferred Stock Dividends Redemptions
Estimates Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Examples Excise Tax
Excluded Taxes Excluding Special
Execution Version Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Philosophy Objectives Executive Life Insurance
Executive Officers Executive Physicals
Exercise Period Exercise Remedies
Exhibits Exit Facility
Exit Financing Exit Financing Credit Facility Includes Financial Other Covenants
Expanded Codeshare Code Flights End Announced Summer 2009 Expanded Scale Scope Airline Unlocking Value Network Combining
Expenses Experience Losses Senior Management Personnel Other Key Employees
Expiration Date Expiration Date Was Extended 2012 Accordance
Explanation Special Extent Incorporation Reference Materials Included Accompanying Proxy Statement
Faa Dedicated Joint Transition Team Leader Principals Each Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Hedges Fair Value Measurements
Fares Rates Fees Independent Auditors 2004 2003
Fees Independent Auditors 2008 2007 Filing Claim
Fin Finance Committee
Financial Condition Liquidity Financial Planning Services
Financial Statements Exhibits Five-percent Stockholder
Fleet Changes Flight Benefits
Foreign Currency Exchange Risk Foret
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Certificate Form Indenture Supplement
Form Trustees Certificate Authentication Former Delta Executives
Forum Selection Forward-looking Information
Forward-looking Statements Fractions
Frequent Flyer Program Frequent Flyer Programs
Fresh Start Adjustments Fresh Start Consolidated Balance Sheet
Fuel Fuel Hedging Program
Fuel Inventory Supply Agreement Fuel Prices Other Costs
Further Future Maturities
Gaap Gecc Agreements
Gender Identity Policies General Description
General Indemnifications General Information
General Waiver Release Geographic Information
German Treaty Global Economic Recession Resulted Weaker Demand Air Travel
Global Financial Crisis Impact Business Condition Ways Currently Glossary Defined Terms
Good Reason Goodwill
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governing Law
Grant Date Gross-up Certain Taxes
Gross-up Payment Gross-up Payments
Ground Facilities Guidance
Hearing Hedge Margin
Held 2005 Held 2009
Hereby Historical Industry Operating Revenue Change
Hoc Holders
Home Security Services However
Http Wwwdeltacom Delta Investor Relations Annual Report Proxy Identification Selection Nominees Director
Immediate Liquidity Contract Enhancements Leverage Existing Partnership Impact Merger-vesting Equity Awards
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting Income Loss Before Taxes
Income Tax Benefit Income Tax Benefit Provision
Income Tax Provision Benefit Income Taxes
Increasingly Dependent Technology Operations Fails Unable Continue Invest Incremental Profit Opportunity Full Ramp-up
Indefinite-lived Intangible Assets Indemnification
Indemnitee Indenture Trustee
Independence Audit Corporate Governance Personnel Compensation Committee Members Independent Auditors
Index Individual Award Agreements
Individual Performance Industry
Information Shares Held Delta Family-care Savings Plan Information Summary Compensation Table Related Matters
Initio Injunctive Relief Aid Arbitration Forum Selection
Installment Installment Date
Insurance Costs Increased Substantially Result Terrorist Attacks Further Integrate Northwest Continue Profitable Int8217l Expansion London Product
Integration Delta Nwa Workforces Present Significant Challenges Including Intercreditor Agreement
Interest Expense Interest Period
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Swaps
Interim Trading Order Internal Revenue Code
International Alliances International Mix Region
International Widebody Capacity Matched Seasonal Demand Larger Aircraft Internet Availability Proxy Materials
Interruptions Disruptions Service Hub Airports Material Adverse Impact Introduction
Inventories Investment
Investments Debt Equity Securities Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
Landing Fees Other Rents Decreased Primarily Due Charge Lapse Restrictions Forfeiture Termination Employment
Lapse Restrictions--passage Time Largest City 26b Annual Revenue 1020 Flts Service
Largest Loyalty Program Incremental Revenue Opportunities Best Programs Later Payment
Latin Caribbean Heathroww Europe Lease Obligations
Legal Contingencies Lending Office
Liabilities Subject Compromise Libor Rate
Limitation Brokers Authority Vote Shares Liquidity Agreement
Liquidity Event Default Liquidity Financial Transactions
Liquidity Indemnitee Liquidity Provider
List Permitted Countries Loan Trustee
Loans Long-lived Assets
Long-term Incentive Program Loss Per Share
Lpm Ltip
Ltip Agreement Mainline Casm
Maintenance Costs Management Incentive Plan
Management Order Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managing Current Economic Cycle Unlocking Merger Benefits Capitalizing Manufacturers Credits
Map Market Information
Market Risks Associated Financial Instruments Matching Grants Education Program
Maximum Available Commitment Maximum Commitment
Maximum Vesting Medical Dental Life Insurance Benefits
Merger Merger Northwest Airlines Corporation
Merger Related Matters Merger Synergies
Military Leave Absence Mip
Mip Target Amount Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Moving Quickly Integrate Delta Northwest
Moving Quickly Integrate Northwest Mro
N174dz N175dz
N176dz N177dz
N371da N3749d
N3750d N3751b
N3752 N3753
N3754a N3755d
N3756 N3757d
N3758y N825mh
N826mh N827mh
N834mh N835mh
N836mh N837mh
N838mh N839mh
N840mh N841mh
N842mh N843mh
N844mh N860da
N861da N862da
N863da N864da
N865da N866da
Name Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Net Decrease Cash Equivalents Net Income Loss
Net Loss Net Loss Income
Network Operations New Accounting Standards
New York Newly Traded Covered Claims
Nol Non-competition Agreement
Non-qualified Non-pilot Retirement Plans Non-qualified Stock Option
Nonqualified Stock Options Northwest
Northwest Merger Northwest Operations Result Merger 2008 Includes Northwests Period
Not Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notice Annual Meeting Notice Borrowing
Notice Completed Sell Down Notice Consent
Notice Intent Purchase Acquire Otherwise Obtain Tax Ownership Notice Intent Sell Exchange Otherwise Dispose Tax Ownership
Notice Special Termination Provided Liquidity Agreement Obligations Make Notice Termination Provided Liquidity Agreement Obligations Make Advances
Obligation Post Collateral Connection Fuel Hedge Contracts Substantial Offering Memorandum
On-time Reliability Baggage Operating Expense
Operating Income Loss Margin Operating Income Margin
Operating Leases Operating Loss Income
Operating Loss Income Margin Operating Revenue
Opportunities Option
Option Exercises Stock Vested Table Option Installment
Option Sar Grants Last Order
Order Establishing Notification Procedures Approving Restrictions Certain Transfers Other
Other Aircraft Financing Arrangements Other Changes Employment Status
Other Compensation Other Contingencies
Other Expense Income Other Information
Other Matters Other Net Revenue
Other Plans Outlook
Overview 2008 Results Overview Combined 2007 Results
Ownership Change Limit Ability Utilize Net Operating Losses Ownership Interest Percentage
Page Part
Part Other Information Participant
Participatio Participation Agreement Reg
Participation Restriction Pass Through Trust Agreement
Pass Through Trust Supplements Passenger Revenue
Payment Cobra Premiums Payment Retiree Medical Premiums
Payments Certain Security Fees Payout Criteria
Pbgc Peer Group
Pension Benefits Table Pension Curtailment Charge
Pension Plan Assets Pension Plan Table
Pension Postretirement Curtailment Pension Postretirement Curtailment Charge
Pension Settlement Pension Settlements
Performance Award Performance Measures8212threshold Target Maximum Payout Levels
Performance Period Performance Plan
Performing Deficiency Permitted Transferee
Person Personnel Compensation Committee
Philosophy Executive Compensation Program Pilot Defined Contribution Plan
Plan Plan Administration
Plan Administrator Planned Sale Aircraft
Post-termination Compensation Change Control Potentially Substantial New Equityholder
Pre-approval Audit Non-audit Services Pre-delivery Deposits Financing
Pre-existing Agreements Between Northwest Board Members Pre-tax Income
Pre-tax Income8221 Preliminary Percentage
Presentation Other Business Meeting Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Components Executive Compensation Prior Plan
Pro Rata Mip Payment Pro Rata Option Portion
Pro Rata Portion Proactively Addressing Economic Weakness
Procedures Objection Sell Down Notice Proceeding
Professional Fees Profit Sharing Payout
Profit Sharing Program Program Approach Identifying Operational Processes Procedures Aligned
Progress Prohibited Distributions
Prohibited Transfer Proponents Proposal
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Ratification Appointment Independent Auditors
Proposal Stockholder Cumulative Voting Election Directors Proposals
Proposed Covered Claim Transaction Notice Proposed Transaction
Protected Amount Protected Period
Provided Provided However
Publication Notice Purchase Agreement
Purported Acquiror Purposes Effects Proposed Amendment
Qualified Non-qualified Pilot Retirement Plans Quorum Annual Meeting
Railway Labor Act Reasons Stated Below Board Directors Recommends Vote Against
Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Reclassifications
Recommendations Board Directors Reference Banks
Regional Airports Improvement Corporation Raic Regional Carriers
Registrant8217s Web Site Address Wwwdeltacom Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 404 715-2600
Registrants Web Site Address Wwwdeltacom Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Change Regulatory Legislative Proposals
Regulatory Matters Related Party Request
Released Party Reorganization Net
Report Executive Compensation Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reporting Substantial Claimholder Status Representations Warranties Covenants Bank
Required Amount Resale Proceeds
Resolution Outstanding Claims Restricted Cash
Restricted Cash Equivalents Restricted Stock
Restrictions Restructuring
Restructuring Asset Writedowns Pension Settlements Related Net Restructuring Merger-related
Restructuring Other Reserves Results Operations Financial Condition
Retirement Retirement Date
Retirement Death Disability Retirement Plans Other Agreements
Return Property Revenue Delta Techops Cagr Mro Industry377m 312m
Revenue Recognition Review
Revocation Period Revoking Proxy
Revoking Proxy Voting Instructions Revolving Credit Facility
Richard Anderson Risk Factors Relating Airline Industry
Risk Factors Relating Delta Risk Losses Adverse Publicity Stemming Accident Involving Aircraft
Risk Management Financial Instruments Route Authority
Safe Harbor Cap Sale Asa
Schedule 14a Schedule Purchase Agreement Trust Supplements
Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Securities Exchange Act 1934
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder See Reverse Side Meeting Information Instructions Vote
Self-insurance Risk Sell Down
Sell Down Notice Senior Executive Retirement Policy
Severance Benefits Severance Event
Severance Pay Severance Period
Severance Plan Share-based Compensation Expense
Shared Reward Program Shared Rewards Program
Shareowner Communications Directors Shareowner Proposal Regarding Deltas Executive Compensation Structure
Shareowner Proposal Regarding Director Election Threshold Shareowner Proposals
Shareowners Entitled Vote Short-term Investments
Signature Signature Page
Signature Pages Follow Signatures
Significant Liquidity Events Simplifares
Sources Uses Cash Special Termination Advance
Special Termination Notice Sps8221
Statements Station Integration
Statistical Summary Steenland
Step Stock
Stock Option Stock Performance Graph
Stock-based Compensation Stockholders Entitled Vote
Strategic Objectives Build Financially Viable Airline Achieve Consistent Strategic Objectives Build World8217s Leading Global Alliance Terms
Strong Financial Foundation Strong Foundation
Submission Shareowner Proposals Submission Stockholder Proposals
Subordination Agent Subsequent Redeterminations
Substantial Claimholder Notice Substantial Equityholder Notice
Substantial Indebtedness Limit Financial Operating Activities Adversely Affect Successor Additional Trustees
Successor Subordination Agent Summary Award
Surplus Pilots Grounded Aircraft Synergy Phase-in
System Prasm Industry Table Contents
Target Target Mip Award
Target Vesting Tax Accounting Impact Policy
Tax Benefit Technology 175 Employees 150 Product 100 Facilities
Telephone 404 715-2600 Termination Date
Termination Employment Termination Notice
Terrorist Attacks International Hostilities Adversely Affect Business Financial Thank Submitting Voting Instructions
Thank Voting Threshold Vesting
Timing Award Payments Timing Payment
Tolling Total Members Post-merger
Total Operating Revenue Total Payments
Trade Secret Trade Secrets
Traffic Capacity Load Factor Yield Unit Revenue Transfer
Transfer Costs Transfer Restrictions Stock Issued Connection Plan Reorganization Limit
Transferee Transformation Plan
Transpacific Intra-asia Daily Seat Mix 5446 Summer Travel Privileges
Treatment Emergence Awards Treatment Payments Benefit Plans Programs
Trust Supplement 2007-1a Trust Supplement 2007-1b
Trust Supplement 2007-1c Trustee
United States United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District New York
Unpaid Advance Unprecedented Fall Fuel
Userra Vacation
Validity Severability Vesting Interpolation
Vesting Opportunity 2009 Payment Vested Shares Visa Mastercard Processing Agreement
Voluntary Resignation Votes Necessary Act Proposals
Voting Shares Common Stock Registered Name Held Plans Voting Shares Held Street Name
Voting Shares Registered Name Voting Stock
War-risk Insurance Contingency Webcast
Weighting Performance Measures Well Positioned Weather Global Economic Crisis Volatile Fuel
Whole Board Without Cause Good Reason
Witness Whereof Workforce Reduction
Workforce Reduction Programs Workforce Reductions
Wwwdeltacom Delta Investor Relations Corporate Governance Indexjsp 
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