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Acceptance Testing Access Mova Facilities Depomed Representatives
Access Restriction Accounting Convertible Securities Beneficial Conversion Features Contingently Adjustable
Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets Accounting Income Taxes
Accounting Stock Issued Employees Accounting Stock-based
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounting Treatment
Accounts Receivable Accrued Liabilities
Acknowledgement Regarding Investors Purchase Shares Acknowledgment Expressly Acknowledges Entered Agreement Assumed Obligations Imposed
Actions Pending Activbiotics Inc
Acuform Drug Delivery Technology Acuform Patent License Meaning Set Forth 101
Acuform Technology Addition Administrator Permit Payment Following Methods
Additional Conditions Precedent Term Loan Additional Development
Additional Factors Affect Future Results Additional Information
Additional Remedies Adjustment Number
Adjustments Changes Capitalization Merger Change Control Adjustments Cost Materials
Administration Administrator
Administrator Also Permit Other Form Method Payment Option Administrator Means Board Committee Officer Employee Delegates Authority
Administrator Shall Determine Acceptable Form Method Payment Exercising Adopt Amend Revoke Rules Regulations Plan Including Relating
Advances Payments Non-funding Lenders Information Actions Concert Adverse Drug Experience Report Means Oral Written Electronic
Adverse Drug Experience Reports Adverse Events Reporting Product Information Requests
Adverse Reaction Reports Advertising Costs
Advertising Marketing Educational Expenses Within After Receipt Detailed Affiliate
Agents Reliance Etc Agreed Accepted
Agreement Agreement Change Control Shall Mean Event Determined Board
Agreement Landlord Bailee Agreement Meaning Set Forth Preamble
Agreement Shall Also Survive Only Extent Required Full Also Entitled Complete Benefits Package Including Healthcare Insurance
Amended Restated License Agreement Amended Restated License Agreement Extended Release Metformin Formulations
Amended Restated Promotion Agreement Amendment
Amendment Agreement Hereby Amended Read Entirety Follows Amendment Director Stock Option Agreements
Amendment Exclusive License Marketing Agreement Amendment Management Continuity Agreement
Amendment Modified Amended Only Mutual Written Consent Parties Amendment Stock Purchase Agreement
Amendment Supply Agreement Amendment Termination
Amendment Termination 2004 Plan Amendment Termination Plan
Amendment Termination Plan Outstanding Awards Amendments
Amendments Other Agreements Annual Grant
Annual Meeting Shareholders Annual Plan Meaning Set Forth
Api Credit Value Maximum Applicable Law
Applicable Law Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws Application Issue 98-5 Certain Convertible Instruments
Application Proceeds Appointment Agent
Appointment Carl Pelzel President Chief Executive Officer Director Appointment Craig Smith Chairman
Appointment Tammy Cameron Interim Principal Accounting Financial Officer Approval Process Outside United States Uncertain Limit Ability
Arbitration Arbitration Proceedings Including Making Award Take Place San
Assignability Assignability Options
Assignment Assignment Violation 163 Shall Void Effect
Audit Audit Committee
Audit Fees Audit-related Fees
Audits Authorization Agreement Pre-arranged Payment Plan
Authorize Person Sign Award Agreement Other Document Related Automatic Option Grants Non-employee Directors
Avi Biopharma Inc Award
Award Shares Means Covered Outstanding Purchased Awardee
Background Banking Information
Base Salary Basis Presentation
Become Aware Such Failure Date Notice Shall Been Become Subject Product Liability Litigation Not Adequate Insurance
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiaries
Binding Effect Biovail
Biovail Depomed Apotex Canadian Generic Glumetza Litigation Biovail Laboratories Incorporated
Biovail Laboratories International Biovail Laboratories International Srl
Biovail License Agreement Bls
Bls Facilities Employees Bls Means Biovail Laboratories International Srl
Board Board Committees
Board Directors Recommends Vote Amendment 2004 Equity Incentive Board Directors Recommends Vote Each Nominated
Board Independence Board Meetings Committees
Board Nominees Annual Meeting Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc
Bona Fide Borrower
Breeze Bret Berner Phd
Broker Dealer Broker Depomed Not Employed Finder Agent Respect Agreement
Broker King Not Employed Finder Respect Agreement Transactions Broker Watson Not Employed Finder Respect Agreement Transactions
Business Competition Patents Proprietary Rights Manufacturing Marketing Sales Business Interruptions Limit Ability Operate
Cancellation Awards Capital Adjustment
Captions Carl Pelzel
Case Board Determine Whether Transaction Event Treated Change Cash
Cash Bonus Cash Equivalents Marketable Securities
Cash Flows Financing Activities Cash Flows Investing Activities
Cash Flows Operating Activities Cash Retainers
Cashless Exercise Procedure Ceo Compensation
Certain Fees Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certain Restrictions
Certain Transactions Events Certification Pursuant Rule 13a-14 Securities Exchange Act 1934
Certification Pursuant Rule 15d-14 Securities Exchange Act 1934 Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Cessation Date Change Accounting Principle
Change Control Change Control Termination Employment
Change Designation Employees Class Eligible Participation Plan Change Name Location Executive Office Business
Changes Capital Structure Changes Capitalization
Changes Control Changes Internal Controls
Changes Mandated Governmental Authority Chapter Inventory Pricing
Chief Executive Officers Compensation Choose Acquire New Complementary Businesses Products Technologies Instead
Choose Acquire New Complementary Businesses Products Technologies Unable Clinical Program
Clinical Regulatory Affairs Development Clinical Trials Not Demonstrate Dm-5689 Menopausal Hot Flashes
Clinical Trials Not Demonstrate Gabapentin Menopausal Hot Flashes Co-chairs Meaning Set Forth
Co-promotion Agreement Code Business Conduct Corporate Governance
Code Ethics Code Means Internal Revenue 1986
Collaboration Agreement Collaboration Agreements
Collaboration License Arrangements Collaboration Licensing Arrangements
Collaborative Arrangements Contracts Collaborative Arrangements Give Rise Disputes Including Over Commercial
Collaborative Arrangements Give Rise Disputes Over Commercial Terms Collaborative Relationships
Collaborative Revenue Collateral
Combination Products Commercial Contracts
Commercial Manufacturing Commercial Volumes
Commercially Reasonable Efforts Ensure Number Sales Representatives Comprising Commitments Contingencies
Committee Common Stock
Common Stock Purchase Agreement Communications Directors
Communications Regulatory Authorities Comparison Cumulative Total Return
Compensation Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Elements Compensation Policies Affecting Executive Officers
Compensation Stock Options Change Control Competition
Competitive Market Benchmarking Compliance
Compliance Audits Compliance Law
Compliance Laws Components Compensation Program
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income Loss
Comprehensive Loss Concentration Risk
Concentration Risk Related Manufacturing Sources Supply Conclusion Regarding Effectiveness Disclosure Controls Procedures
Condition Satisfied Grant Date Such Award Future Conditions Precedent Obligation
Conditions Precedent Obligation Investor Conditions Precedent Term Loan
Conditions Precedent Term Loans Conference Call
Confidential Information Indicated Been Omitted Filing Filed Separately Confidentiality
Confidentiality Agreement Means Certain Dated 2006 Between Confidentiality Publicity
Confirmation Conflicts
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consideration
Consolidated Subsidiary Consolidated Subsidiary Expense
Consolidation Merger Etc Consolidation Variable Interest Entities
Construed Accordance Laws State California Applied Contracts Between Consultant
Consulting Agreement Contact Board Directors
Continuing Effect Agreement Contractual Obligations
Controls Procedures Conversion
Convertible Convertible Promissory
Convertible Repurchase Agreement Cooperation
Corporate Governance Corporate Information
Corporation Correction Debt Documents
Cost Sales Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Costs Expenses Counterpart Agreement Duly Executed Each Loan Party
Counterparts Counterparts Agreement Executed Each Shall Constitute Original
Counterparts Amendment Signed Considered Same Instrument Covenants
Covenants Parties Covidien
Covidien Ltd Craig Smith
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Facility Contains Operating Covenants Restrict Business Financing
Criteria Nomination Board Directors Critical Accounting Policies
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Current Treatments Target Market
Customer Targets Daniel Dye
Date David Zenoff Dba
Death Disability Deductibility Executive Compensation
Default Rate Deferred Revenue
Deferred Stock-based Compensation Definitions
Definitions Purposes Agreement Definitions Purposes Agreement Following Terms Meanings
Definitions Rules Interpretation Definitions Used Agreement Following Terms Shall Meanings Set
Delivery Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Depend Clinical Investigators Sites Enroll Patients Trials Other
Depend Esprit Pharma Successful Commercialization Proquin United States Depend Heavily King Pharmaceuticals Successful Commercialization Glumetza United
Depend Heavily Marketing Partners Successful Commercialization Lead Products Depend Heavily Santarus Inc Successful Commercialization Glumetza United
Depend Heavily Successful Development Commercialization Lead Product Candidates Depend Marketing Partners Successful Commercialization Glumetza Canada Korea
Depend Marketing Partners Successful Commercialization Products Licensed Outside Depend Parties Manufacture Products Adversely Affect Ability Deliver
Depend Parties Manufacturing Products Failure Result Lost Revenue Depend Parties Single Source Suppliers Manufacture Glumetza Proquin
Depend Parties Single Source Suppliers Manufacture Proquin Glumetza Depend Parties Single Source Suppliers Manufacture Proquin Unable
Depend Santarus Successful Commercialization Glumetza United States Depend Solvay Pharmaceuticals Certain Aspects Development Commercialization Dm-1796
Depend Watson Pharmaceuticals Successful Commercialization Proquin United States Depomed
Depomed Been Duly Authorized Necessary Corporate Proceedings Agreement Depomed Development Activities
Depomed Inc Depomed Inc Consolidated Financial Statements
Depomed Inc Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter 001-13111 Depomed Ivax
Depomed King Shall Following Rights Respect Performance Pdes Depomed Meaning Set Forth Preamble Agreement
Depomed Net Sales Means Particular Period Such Depomed Practical Request Such Agency Communicate Esprit Instead
Depomed Prepared Delivered Input Watson Commercial Stocking Plan Depomed Purchase King Copies Training Materials Developed Related
Depomed Represents Warrants Owns Right Title Interest Licensed Depomed Sales
Depomed Sales Force Means Field Representatives Employed Depomed Terminates Agreement Pursuant Watson Shall Not Entitled
Depomed Trademarks Depomed Trademarks Territory Solely Connection Kings Performance Post-termination
Depomeds Commencement Providing Details Such Professionals Based Prescriber Depomeds Rights Bls Failure Supply
Depomeds Warranty Deposit Accounts Securities
Designation Par Value Amount Detailing Effort Depomed Physician List
Details Such Professional Period Automatically Added King Physician Determination Value
Determine Methods Payment Used Satisfy Withholding Tax Obligations Development Commercialization Product Canada Agreed Parties Set Forth
Development Drug Candidates Inherently Uncertain Cannot Certain Product Deviations
Diabetes Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Difficult Develop Successful Product Not Able Raise Additional Difficult Develop Successful Product Not Continue Products Financial
Difficult Develop Successful Product Not Financial Position Liquidity Difficult Develop Successful Product Not Unable Raise Additional
Director Compensation Director Means Member Board
Director Nominations Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Disbursements Discharge Obligations
Disclosure Inventions Disclosures Segments Enterprise Related Information
Discrepant Test Results Dismissal Releases
Dispositions Disputes
Dissolution Distribution Date
Distributor Sales Divestiture
Divestiture Means Transaction Event Board Specifies 105 Dividends
Dividends Distributions Divisionals Re-examinations Extensions Reissues Such Patent Application
Dm-1796 Formerly Known Gabapentin Postherpetic Neuralgia Dm-1796 Postherpetic Neuralgia
Dm-1992 Parkinsons Disease Dm-3458 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Dm-5689 Formerly Known Gabapentin Menopausal Hot Flashes Documents Financial Statements
Documents Incorporated Reference Domain Names
Domestic Relations Order Drug Delivery Industry
Drug Delivery Technologies Due Organization Authorization
Each Party Entitled Maintain Copy Confidential Information Other Each Party Hereby Represents Warrants Other Follows
Early Stage Development Expecting Operating Losses Future Effect
Effect Calculation Earnings Per Share Redemption Induced Conversion Effect Termination
Effective Date Effective Date Amendment Shall 2007
Effective Date Subject Adjustment Accordance 812 Efficacy
Efficient Gastrointestinal Drug Absorption Elan Corporation Plc
Elan International Services Ltd Elan Promissory
Electronic Communications Eligibility
Employee Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employees Employees Customarily Employed Less Calendar
Enforceability Engaged Litigation Respect Some Intellectual Property Outcome Adverse
Enhanced Safety Efficacy Through Controlled Delivery Entire Agreement
Entire Agreement Amendment Entire Agreement Amendments Waivers
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Compliance
Equitable Other Injunctive Relief Equitable Relief
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Incentive Plan
Equity Line Credit Erisa
Escrow Stock Certificates Esprit Means Pharma Inc Delaware Corporation
Esprit Pharma Esprit Pharma Inc
Esprit Pharma License Agreement Esprit Promotional Materials Meaning Set Forth
Esprit Shall Make Following License Fee Payments Depomed Estimates
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Evaluation Period Meaning Set Forth 132
Event Development Occurs Had Material Adverse Effect Events Default
Events Within Fifteen Business Thereof Notify Other Party Exceptions
Exchange Act Means Securities 1934 Exchange Right
Exclusive Component Purchasing Summary Exclusive License Agreement
Exclusive License Marketing Agreement Executive
Executive Compensation Executive Consulting Retirement Arrangements
Exercise Awards Exercise Option Form Consideration
Exercise Price Exhibits
Existing Resources Not Sufficient Fund Operations Until Such Expansion Types Drugs Capable Oral Delivery
Expecting Operating Losses Future Expense Reimbursement
Expiration Date Exportation
Exportation 500mg Product Facilities Menlo Park California
Fail Enhance Marketing Sales Distribution Capabilities Enter Arrangements Fair Market Value Purchase Date
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fda Means United States Food Drug Administration
Federal Income Tax Consequences Espp Federal Income Tax Consequences Options Stock Awards 2004
Federal Income Tax Consequences Options Stock Awards Plan Fees Expenses
Field Means Urology Gyn Subject Provisions Sections Field Territory Excluding Detailing Costs Including Without Limitation
Filing Prosecution Patent Applications Bls Filing Prosecution Patent Applications Depomed
Financial Condition Financial Highlights
Financial Statement Schedules Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Financial Tables Follow- Financing Activities
Financing Statements Firm
Fixed Request Terms Optional Amount Flip-in Right
Flip-over Right Following Hereby Added Agreement
Following Provisions Shall Apply Respect Renewal Term Failures Force Majeure
Force Majeure Event Forecasts
Foreign Currency Fluctuations Foreign Currency Risk
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Bailee Consent Form Indemnification Agreement
Form Lock-up Agreement Form Method Payment
Form Payment Stock Awards Forms
Formulation Formulation Meaning Set Forth
Forward-looking Information Forward-looking Statements
Fractional Shares Full Disclosure
Fundamental Transaction Fundamental Transaction Means Event Described 103
Fundamental Transactions Furosemide
Further Assurances Gaap Meaning Set Forth
Gabapentin Gabapentin Menopausal Hot Flashes
Gabapentin Neuropathic Pain Gain Bristol-myers Legal Settlement
Gain Extinguishment Debt Gain Litigation Settlement
Gain Settlement Teva Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc Gain Termination Esprit Pharma Agreement
Gain Termination King Promotion Agreement Gastric Delivery Local Therapy Absorption
Gastric Retention System Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Program
Gecc Affiliates General
General Administrative Expense General Electric Capital Corporation
General Indemnity General Provisions
Generic Drug Act Meaning Set Forth Generic Drug Act Pursuant
Gerald Proehl Gerd
Gerd Treatments Target Market Global Economic Downturn Adversely Affect Business
Glumetza Glumetza Collaboration Commercialization Licensing Arrangements
Glumetza Collaboration Licensing Arrangements Glumetza General
Glumetza Metformin Good Standing
Governing Law Governing Law Dispute Resolution
Government Regulation Grant
Grant Date Grant Security Interest
Grant Security Interest Proceeds Intellectual Property Grants Obligations
Grants Plan-based Awards Greater Patient Caregiver Convenience
Held 2009 Hereby Amended Restated Read Entirety Follows
Highlights Highlights 2006
Highlights 2007 Hot Flashes
Householding Annual Disclosure Documents Http Wwwdepomedinccom
Impairment Long-lived Assets Implemented Certain Anti-takeover Provisions
Implied Warranties Improved Reputation Generated Watson Depomed Trademarks Shall Inure
Inc Incentive Stock Option
Incentive Stock Option Granted Date Plan Was Approved Incentive Stock Option Only Modified Board Committee
Incentive Stock Options Included Soon Practible
Income Taxes Inconsistency
Incorporated Increased Costs Associated Corporate Governance Compliance Significantly Impact
Indebtedness Indemnification
Indemnification Agreements Indemnification Bls
Indemnification Depomed Indemnification Limits Liability
Indemnification Mova Indemnification Parties
Indemnification Procedures Indemnification University Licensee Agrees Defend Indemnify Hold Harmless
Indemnity Independent Contractor
Independent Contractors Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Index Index Exhibits
Infringement Infringement Party Patents
Initial Marketing Budget Initial Public Offering
Initialed Insert Employee Chief Executive Officer Operating Not
Insurance Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Matters Intellectual Property Matters Product Documentation
Interest Expense Income Interest Income Expense
Interest Income Other Expense Interest Other Income
Interest Other Income Expense Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Sensitivity Interest Repayment
Internal Control Integrated Framework International
Interpret Plan Award Agreement Document Related Inventions
Inventories Investing Activities
Investments Invoicing
Issuance Award Shares Issuer Purchases Securities
Ivax Ivax Litigation
Jcc Disputes Jeff Miller
John Fara Consulting Arrangement John Fara Phd
John Hamilton John Hamilton Retirement Arrangements
John Shell John Shell Phd
Joint Commercialization Committee Joint Steering Committee
Jsc Disputes Jsc Shall Reasonable Efforts Approve Each Annual Plan
Julian Stern Julian Stern Participated Compensation Committee Meetings Actions Described
Jurisdiction Superior Court California County Santa Clara Parties Keeping Records Books Account Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Key Assumptions King Manufacturing Notice Meaning Set Forth
King Pharmaceuticals King Pharmaceuticals Inc
King Promotion Agreement King Trademarks
Knowledge Paid Depomed Amounts Due Payable Pursuant Promotion Late Fees
Launch Forecast Launch Overview
Launch Period Means Beginning Effective Date Ending Launch Plan Annual Promotion Expenses
Lease Agreements Lease Extension Agreement
Leases Legal Matters
Legal Opinion Loan Parties Counsel Form Substance Satisfactory Legal Proceedings
Lender Credit Decision Lender Fees
Lender Remedies Liability
License License Agreement
License Grant License Revenue
Licensed Patent Covering Gabapentin Treat Hot Flashes Associated Licensed Product Adherence Applicable Laws Compliance Then Current
Licensee Deemed Breach Agreement Licensee Result Sub-licensing Rights Licensor Patent Entering Co-development
Licensees Unable Obtain Acceptable Prices Adequate Reimbursement Products Licensor Patent Rights
Licensor Provided Licensee True Complete Copies Material Correspondence Liens
Life Sciences Life Sciences Ltd
Limitation Limitation Deduction Certain Compensation
Limitation Liability Limitation Promotion
Limited In-house Sales Marketing Resources Require Order Successfully Limited Internal Sales Marketing Resources Require Order Successfully
Limited Transferability Options Liquidation Dissolution Winding
Liquidity Capital Resources Litigation
Loan Security Agreement Logo
Long-lived Assets Long-term Debt
Lose Key Personnel Unable Attract Retain Management Operating Losses Transport
Madaus Madaus Srl
Madaus Srl Rottapharm Maintenance Records
Management Continuity Agreement Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manufactured Reasonable Due Care Conformity Current Generally Accepted Manufacturing
Manufacturing 500mg Product Manufacturing Agreements
Manufacturing Marketing Sales Manufacturing Matters Inability Supply
Manufacturing Supply Sales Pricing Manufacturing Supply Sales Pricing 1000mg Formulation
Manufacturing Transfer Agreement Manufacturing Transfer Agreement Controlled Release Metformin Formulations Usa
Market Information Market Overview
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Shareholder Matters Issuer Market Standoff
Marketed Products Marketing Committee
Marketing Partners Unable Obtain Acceptable Prices Adequate Reimbursement Marketing Sales
Material Adverse Effect Material Agreements
Matthew Gosling Maximum Lawful Rate
Maximum Number Stock Awards Meaning Other-than-temporary Impairment Application Certain Investments
Menlo Park Calif 2005 Menlo Park Calif 2006
Menlo Park Calif 2007 Menlo Park Calif 2008
Menlo Park Calif 2009 Menlo Park Calif Nov 2007
Menlo Park Calif Oct 2008 Menopausal Hot Flashes Failed Meet Primary Endpoints Status
Menopausal Hot Flashes Not Demonstrate Safety Efficacy Clinical Merck Inc
Merger Change Control Mergers Acquisitions
Minimum Royalty Payments Minimum Sales Force Level Meaning Set Forth
Miscellaneous Modification Circumstances Either Party Liable Other Inability Perform
Modifications Monitoring Reviewing Compliance Annual Plan Launch
Movas Warranty Multi-country Manufacturing Services
Mutual Representations Warranties Negotiation Period Meaning Set Forth 132
Net Income Loss Per Common Share Net Loss Per Common Share
New Plan Benefits New River
New River Pharmaceuticals Inc Nominating Committee
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Nominees Board Directors Annual Meeting
Non-competition Non-discretionary Grants Outside Directors
Non-employee Director Non-employee Director Cash Compensation Policy
Non-employee Director Compensation Policy Non-public Information
Nonassignability Stock Awards Nonexclusivity Plan
Nonstatutory Option Means Other Incentive Stock Nonstatutory Stock Option Agreement
Nontransferability Nontransferability Awards
Not Able Compete Successfully Pharmaceutical Product Drug Delivery Not Achieve Projected Development Commercialization Goals Timeframes Announce
Not Achieve Projected Development Goals Timeframes Announce Expect Not Applicable
Notes Condensed Financial Statements Notice
Notice Agent Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders 2006
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2007 Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2008
Notice Election Exercise Conversion Right Notice Given Agreement Shall Writing Transmitted Registered Mail
Notice Request Disbursement Notices
Notwithstanding Provision Herein Contrary Notwithstanding Provisions Depomed Shall Maintain Responsibility Creation Development
Now Therefore Number 000-23267
Number 001-13111 Objectively Determinable Performance Condition
Obligations Depomed Obligations Termination
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offering
Officer Only Written Instrument Signed Delivered Parties Clear Intent
Operating Activities Operating Results Fluctuate Affect Stock Price
Operation Business Opinion Counsel Certificate
Option Exercises Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Granted Percent Shareholder Shall Never Less 110 Option Means Right Purchase Shares Granted Plan
Option Price Option Term Each Shall Measured Grant Date
Options Organization
Organization Basis Presentation Other Agreements Financings
Other Benefits Other Changes
Other Collaborative Partner Other Employment
Other Events Other Information
Other Matters Other Neither Party Hold Itself Out Such Financial
Other Party Notwithstanding Foregoing Indemnified Participate Therein Through Other Recent Developments
Other Recent Highlights Other Research Development Activities
Other Research Development Collaborative Programs Other Termination
Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end Overview
Ownership Intellectual Property Rights Oxford Finance Corporation
Packaging Batch Release Services Parkinsons Treatments Target Market
Participants Benefit Representing Shares Purchased Exercise His Her Participants Eligible Receive Awards
Parties Representations Promises Agreements Warranties Covenants Undertakings Other Party Agreement
Party Beneficiaries Nothing Expressed Implied Agreement Intended Shall Patent Disputes
Patent License Patent Litigation Settlement
Patent Rights Canadian Patents Applications Patent Rights Foreign Patents Applications
Patented Medicines Notice Compliance Regulations Patents Proprietary Rights
Patheon Patheon Inc
Payment Cap Such Aggregate Payments Sections Shall Not Payment Fees Expenses
Payment Obligations Payment Terms
Payments Payments Covenants
Payroll Pdma Means Prescription Drug Marketing Act Amended
Per Annum Perform Aggregate Least Details Professionals Watson Physician List
Performance Period Beginning Promotion Commencement Date Ending 2007 Watson
Permitted Modifications Forecasts Pertaining Thereto Sold Licensee Affiliates Sublicensees Territory Appropriate
Peter Staple Pharmaceutical Marketing Subject Substantial Regulation United States
Pharmanova Inc Pharmanova License Arrangement
Phase Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Study Phase Postherpetic Neuralgia Study
Placement Agency Agreement Plan Annual Promotion Expenses
Plan Meaning Set Forth Planning Forecast
Please Complete Date Sign Proxy Return Promptly Enclosed Point Sale
Policy Audit Committee Pre-approval Permissible Non-audit Services Independent Positioning
Post Transition Period Expense Reconciliation Postherpetic Neuralgia
Potential Oral Delivery Peptides Proteins Antisense Molecules Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Power Attorney Power Corporate Authority Own Properties Conduct Business Currently
Preamble Preferred Stock
Preliminary Injunctions Prepayments
Price Adjustments Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principle Action Regarding Licensed Patents Product Other Products Principles Consolidation
Prior Payment Prior Phase Trial Dm-1796 Failed Meet Primary Efficacy
Prior Phase Trial Gabapentin Failed Meet Primary Efficacy Private Placements
Pro Forma Information Fas 123 Periods Prior 2006 Procedure
Proceeds Process Identifying Evaluating Nominees
Product Background Product Candidates Early Stages Development Not Successful Achieve
Product Development Initiatives Product Development Target Dates
Product Liability Product Means Once-daily Oral Tablet Formulation Containing
Product Pipeline Product Promoted Commercialized Period Annual Plan Relates Shall
Product Promotion Product Recall
Product Royalties Product Sales
Product Substitution Production Fees
Professional Means Physician Other Health Care Practitioner Promise Pay
Promotion Agreement Promotion Depomed
Promotion Fees Promotional Materials Educational
Promotional Materials Meaning Set Forth Properties
Property Equipment Proposal 1-election Directors
Proposal 2-approval Amendment 2004 Equity Incentive Plan Proposal 3-approval Amendment 2004 Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Proposal 4-ratification Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Proposal Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Proposing New Packaging Design Product Subject Depomeds Approval Proprietary Reformulation Generic Products
Proquin Proquin Ciprofloxacin
Proquin Collaboration Licensing Arrangements Protection Intellectual Property
Protocols Methods Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Shareholders
Public Offering Public Statements
Public Utility Holding Act Investment Status Publicity
Purchase Purchase Orders
Purchase Price Purchase Price Means Payable Stock Award Shares Not
Purchase Sale Convertible Closing Purchaser Seller Agree Follows Purchasers Option
Purpose Plan Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Qualification Quality Control
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Dividend Payment Date
Quarterly Operating Results Fluctuate Affect Stock Price Quarterly Review
Quorum Required Votes Abstentions Broker Non-votes Ranking
Rational Drug Combinations Reacquired Shares
Recall Coordination Recall Records
Recalls Receipt
Receive Future Payments Biovail Related Glumetza Only Approved Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Highlights Recent Phase Trial Gabapentin Failed Meet Primary Efficacy
Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Recently Issued Accounting Standards
Recitals Reclassification
Reclassifications Reconciliation
Reconciliation Report Meaning Set Forth Record Date
Record Date Shares Outstanding Records
Records Audits Records Retained Samples
Redemption Price Reduction Force
Reduction Royalties Refund Replacement
Regarding Forward-looking Statement Registered Direct Equity Offering
Registered Direct Public Offering Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Affairs Medical Inquiry Regulatory Filings
Regulatory Matters Recalls Regulatory Responsibility
Related Party Transactions Relationship Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remedies Event Default
Report Audit Committee Report Audit Committee Board Directors
Report Compensation Committee Board Directors Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reported Positive Statistically Significant Efficacy Data Phase Trial Reporting Accounting Changes Interim Financial Statements
Reporting Comprehensive Income Reporting Dispositions
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Bls
Representations Warranties Depomed Representations Warranties Depomed Hereby Represents Warrants Watson Date
Representations Warranties Investor Representations Warranties Loan Parties
Representations Warranties Purchaser Represents Warrants Seller Representations Warranties Seller Represents Warrants Purchaser
Representations Warranties Watson Hereby Represents Warrants Depomed Date Repurchase Rights
Required Applicable Legal Requirements Recipient Party Shall Cooperate Required Consents
Research Development Expense Research Development Expense Accruals
Research Development Expenses Reservation Rights
Reservation Shares Reserved Rights
Resolved Resolved Further
Responsible Distribution Glumetza Limited Experience Pharmaceutical Products Responsible Distribution Glumetza Proquin Limited Experience Pharmaceutical Products
Restated Promotion Agreement Restatement Financial Information
Restricted Payments Results Operation Financial Condition
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Retirement John Fara Phd Retirement John Hamilton
Return Destruction Rejected Shipments Return Payments
Revenue Revenue Recognition
Revenues Reverse Vesting
Review Competitive Market Reviewing Sales Incentive Compensation Watson Force Related Product
Revocability Proxies Right Certificates
Right Negotiation Certain Combination Products Exclusivity Right Repurchase
Right Terminate Agreement 120 Prior Written Notice Other Rights
Rights Agent Rights Agreement
Rights Cumulative Rights Reference
Rottapharm Madaus Gmbh Rottapharm Madaus Srl
Royalties Royalties 1000mg Product
Royalties 500mg Product Royalties Certain Products
Royalty Payment Cap Shall Mean Hundred United States Royalty Reports Payments
Safe Harbor Statement Private Securities Litigation Reform Act Safety
Safety Stock Meaning Defined Sales Pricing
Same Audit Rights Sublicense Grants Hereunder Order Verify Sample Price
Samples Samples Meaning Set Forth
Samples Supplied Depomed Watson Shall Used Solely Performing Santarus Inc
Santarus Trademarks Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule Schedule 14a
Schedule Per Detail Amount Schedules
Sections Following Hereby Added Agreement Securities Act
Securities Compliancenasd Filing Securities Purchase Agreement Funding
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Shareholder See
See Accompanying Notes Segment Information
Sell Shares Common Stock Equity Line Credit Arrangement Selling General Administrative Expense
Selling Restrictions Serada Menopausal Hot Flashes
Series Liquidation Preference Series Preferred Stock
Series Preferred Stock Deemed Dividends Series Preferred Stock Dividends
Serious Adverse Drug Experience Report Means Involves Setoff Sharing Payments
Settle Compromise Consent Entry Judgment Action Proceeding Related Settlement License Agreement
Settlement Teva Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc Severability
Severance Agreements Shall Construed Accordance Governed Laws State New York
Share Share Means Common Stock Other Securities Substituted
Share-based Payment Shareholder Approval
Shareholder Proposals Shareholder Proposals Nominees
Shareholder Rights Plan Shareholders
Shareholders Equity Shareholders Proposals Nominees
Shareholders Sharing Same Address Shares Subject Plan Term
Shipment Mova Shall Deliver Product Fca Facilities Incoterms Shipping Handling Costs
Shipping Terms Signature Page Follows
Signatures Significant Developments 2006
Significant Developments 2007 Significant Developments 2008
Significant Developments 2009 Solvay
Solvay License Agreement Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc
Solvency Source
Special Arrangements Regarding Award Shares Special Collateral Covenants
Specific Enforcement Consent Jurisdiction Waiver Jury Trial Specifications
Specified Exercise Award Shall Automatically Terminate Stability Testing
Staffing Training Statement Cash Flows
Steven Burrill Stipulated Dismissal Claims Counterclaims
Stock Award Stock Awards
Stock Based Compensation Stock Options
Stock Options Equity Awards Stock Plans
Stock Price Performance Graph Stock-based Compensation
Stock-based Compensation Expense Study Design
Subject Lock-up Agreements Sublicense Agreement
Sublicense Licensed Patent Subject Approval University Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsequent Year-end Highlights Subsidiaries
Substitute Award Substitute Award Means Option Stock Granted Accordance Terms
Substitute Option Substitute Option Means Granted Substitution Conversion Another Entity
Substitute Options Substitute Stock Award
Successful Product Liability Claim Against Materially Harm Business Successor Agent
Successors Assigns Such Other Functions Mutually Agreed Parties Time
Such Revision Within After Invalidity Unenforceability Established Matter Summary Compensation Table
Supernus Supernus Pharmaceuticals Inc
Supplemental Nda Supply Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
Supply Agreement Supply Distribution
Supply Forecast Supply Materials Commercial Manufacturing
Supply Price 500mg Product Supply Prices Valid Claim
Survival Survival Provisions Sections Shall Survive Expiration Termination Agreement
Survival Representations Warranties Contained Herein Shall Survive Closing Tail Gross Margin Percentage Means Following
Target Market Tax Accounting Considerations
Tax Fees Tax Withholding Alternatives
Taxes Taxes Pension
Technical Information Copyrights Patents Consultant Shall Without Royalty Technology License
Technology Transfer Technology Transfer Bls
Term Term Loans
Term Option Term Plan
Term Termination Term Termination Mutual Consent
Terminated Promotion Arrangement King Pharmaceuticals Related Glumetza United Termination
Termination Assignment Agreement Termination Cause
Termination Due Market Conditions Early Depomed Termination Due Market Conditions Time
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Proquin Agreements
Termination Security Interest Terms Certain Letter Agreement Dated 2005 Between Depomed
Terms Conditions Options Thadd Vargas
Time Disclosure Publicly Known Time Exercise
Title Title Assets
Title Each Class Tooling
Trademark License Trademarks
Trademarks Labeling Transactions Affiliates
Transfer Technical Information Transitional Commercial Obligations
Unable Compete Successfully Pharmaceutical Product Drug Delivery System Unable Obtain Acceptable Prices Adequate Reimbursement Products Third-party
Unable Obtain Maintain Regulatory Approval Limited Ability Commercialize Unable Protect Intellectual Property Liable Infringing Others
Unable Satisfy Regulatory Requirements Relating Internal Controls Stock Unable Timely Satisfy New Regulatory Requirements Relating Internal
Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection Unfunded Plan
United States Bankruptcy Code Shall Mean Usc University Consent Approval
Update Disclosure Schedule Validity Legality Enforceability Enforceable Portion Such Provision Remaining
Variance Quantities Delivered Volume Forecasts
Volume Reduction Vote Important
Voting Rights Voting Solicitation
Waiver Waiver Jury Trial
Waivers Warrant Option Exercises
Watson Meaning Set Forth Preamble Agreement Watson Pharma Inc
Watson Pharmaceuticals Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc
Watson Promotion Agreement Watson Promotion Reports Prescriber Data
Watson Sales Force Staffing Training Compensation Watson Shall Right Participate Such Investigations Request Provide
Watson Trademarks Watson Trademarks Means Set Forth Schedule
Whereas Withdrawal Regulatory Approval
Withholding Tax Reporting Within Following End Each Agreement Term Depomed Shall
Witness Whereof Witness Whereof Parties Caused Agreement Executed Duplicate Above
Witnesseth Work Plan
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