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Abs Accelerated Network Expansion Triple Play Iptv
Access Access Network
Access Services Access World Wide Web
Accompanying Notes Integral Part Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Accounting Accordance Ifrs
Accounting Audit Financial Statements Accounting Business Combinations
Accounting Policies Accounting Pronouncements Issued Not Yet Adopted
Accounting Recovery Long-lived Assets Accounting Share-based Payments
Accounting Software Other Development Costs Accounting Standard
Accounting Valuation Recovery Goodwill Intangible Assets Indefinite Lives Accruals Other Differences
Accruals Pensions Similar Obligations Accruals Personnel Restructuring
Accrued Liabilities Acquisition Gedas Completed
Acquisition Licenses Acquisition Mobile Communications Networks California Nevada Completed
Acquisition Orange Nederland Acquisition Suncom Wireless Completed
Acquisition Telekom Montenegro Acquisition Telering
Acquisition Telering Approved Acquisitions Divestitures
Action Eutelsat Filed Paris Commercial Court Action Vivendi Filed District Court Seattle
Activities Activities Germany
Added Momentum Additional Paid-in Capital
Additional Percent Ote Acquired Additional Services
Additions Assets Address
Address Principal Executive Offices Address Registrants Principal Executive Offices
Adjusted Ebitda Adjusted Ebitda Margin Year-on-year Despite Revenue Decline
Adjustments Valuation Fixed Assets Administrative Costs
Adsales B2b Business After Income Taxes
Age Management Project Tackles Demographic Challenges Group Age Structure Labor Population
Agenda 2004 Was Important Step Aggregate Risk Position
Aggregated Key Financial Figures Associates Accounted Using Equity Agreement Acquisition Suncom Wireless
Agreements Not Leases Substance Aim Human Resources Initiative Was Safeguard Employment Whilst
Aim Long-term Operational Success Aimed Securing Sustained Profitable Growth Value Enhancement
Aktiengesetz All-ip
Allegations Against Deutsche Telekom René Obermann Announces Full Allocation Frequencies
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Alphyra Group Outsources Data Centers Terminal Operations T-systems
Also Very Good Progress Reducing Debt 2004 Altersteilzeit
Always Informed Always Together
Amendment Articles Incorporation Line Draft Bill Law Corporate Amendment Details Accordance 125 Sentence Aktg Sent Out
Amendment Postpersonalrechtsgesetz Amortization Goodwill Certain Intangible Assets
Amount Breakdown Capital Stock Analog Access
Annex Annexes
Anniversary Shares Granted Employees Announcements
Announcements Information Annual Financial Statement Ordinary Shareholders Meeting
Annual Financial Statements Ordinary Shareholders Meeting Annual Improvement Process Project
Annual Improvement Project Appointment Successor Paying Agent
Appointment Successor Trustee Security Registrar Appraisal Rights Proceedings
Appropriate Purchase Price Arbitration Proceedings Against Deutsche Telekom Post
Arcor Area
Areas Arpu
Arpu Average Revenue Per User Arrangements Deutsche Post
Arrangements Deutsche Postbank Arrangements Event Termination Position Board Management
Arrangements Event Termination Position Management Board Arrangements Kfw
Articles Incorporation Asp Application Service Providing
Assessment Overall Risk Opportunity Situation Asset Retirement Obligation
Asset Retirement Obligations Asset-backed Securitizations
Assets Assets Split Off
Assets Subject Equity Price Risk Associated Companies
Associates Joint Ventures Assumptions Determining Net Periodic Pension Cost
Assumptions Determining Net Periodic Pension Cost Ending Dec Assumptions Measurement Benefit Obligations
Assumptions Measurement Benefit Obligations Dec Assumptions Measurement Defined Benefit Obligations Dec
Atm Bitstream Audio Video Transmissions
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Fees Audit-related Fees
Auditors Fees Services Auditors Report
Aufsichtsrat Austria
Authorization Authorization Change Wording Articles Incorporation
Authorized Capital Authors
Available Sale Available-for-sale Financial Assets
Average Number Employees Average Revenue Per User Geographic Area
Avoiding Conflicts Interest Awards Deutsche Telekoms Customer Service
Bandwidth Banks Belonged Consortium Underwrote Most Recent Issue Securities
Basic Earnings Per Share Basis Preparation
Beautiful View Bernhard Walter
Bilateral Lines Credit Replace Syndicated Loan Billing Collection
Bitstream Bitstream Access Draft Regulatory Order
Blank Page Blog
Board Management Board Management Compensation 2006 Financial
Board Management Compensation 2007 Financial Board Management Compensation System Review
Board Management Proposes Dividend Eur 072 Board Management Shareholders Deutsche Telekom
Board Management Supervisory Propose Dividend Eur 062 2004 Bonds Debentures
Bonds Issued 2008 Bonus Shares
Borrowing Costs Bosch Relies T-systems Asia
Brand Congstar Launched Breakdown Bonds Debentures
Breakdown Net Revenue Regions Breakdown Plan Assets
Breakdown Revenue Regions British Pound Interest Rate Swaps
Broadband Broadband Access
Broadband Access-bitstream Broadband Access-dsl Resale
Broadband Business Expanded Further Attractive Rates Content Broadband Business Further Expanded
Broadband Campaign Helps Expand Customer Base Broadband Fixed Network
Broadband Fixed Network Cash Capex Broadband Fixed Network Components Total Revenues
Broadband Fixed Network Developments Broadband Fixed Network Ebit
Broadband Fixed Network Ebitda Adjusted Broadband Fixed Network Glance
Broadband Fixed Network Intersegment Revenues Broadband Fixed Network Net Revenue
Broadband Fixed Network Net Revenues Broadband Fixed Network Operating Expenses
Broadband Fixed Network Personnel Broadband Fixed Network Profit Operations
Broadband Fixed Network Strategic Business Area Achieved Strong Broadband Fixed Network T-com
Broadband Fixed Network T-online Broadband Fixed Network Total Revenue
Broadband Fixed Network Total Revenue Domestic Broadband Fixed Network Total Revenue International
Broadband Fixed Network Total Revenues Broadband Fixed Network Total Revenues Geographic Area
Broadband Fixed-network Market Broadband Lines Drive Forward Growth Online Market
Broadband Products Bundesgerichtshof
Bundesnetzagentur Bundestag
Bundle By-call Isdn Business Combinations
Business Customer Business Customer Market
Business Customer Strategic Area Business Customers
Business Customers Cash Capex Business Customers Development
Business Customers Ebit Adjusted Business Customers Ebitda Adjusted
Business Customers Glance Business Customers Lays Focus Growth
Business Customers Net Revenue Business Customers Offer Potential Growth
Business Customers Operating Segment Successes Abroad New Pioneering Business Customers Personnel
Business Customers Profit Operations Business Customers Selected Kpis
Business Customers Strategic Area Increased Level New Orders Business Customers Strategic Area Increases Level New Orders
Business Customers Strong Positioning Highly Competitive Markets Business Customers T-systems Net Revenue
Business Customers Total Revenue Business Development Consistently Driven Forward
Business Development Group Business Management
Business Market Business Medium-sized Customers
Business Model Business Process Outsourcing
Business Services C-109 Kpn Onafhankelijke Post Telecommunicatie Autoriteit
Cable Satellite Transmission Infrastructure Cable Transmission Infrastructure
Calculation Net Debt Shareholders Equity Call Center
Call Records Investigations Call-by-call
Call-by-call Selection Telephone Calling Services
Capital Consolidation Capital Expenditures
Capital Expenditures Investments Capital Markets
Capital Markets Environment Capital Reserves
Capital Resources Capital Stock
Capitalization Amortization Mobile Communication Licenses Carrier Selection
Carriers Carrier Carry Trade
Cash Capex Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Hedges Cash Flow Hedges Currency Risks
Cash Flow Hedges Gbp Cash Flow Hedges Usd
Cash Flow Hedges-currency Risks Cash Flow Hedges-gbp
Cash Flow Hedges-interest Rate Risks Cash Flow Hedges-usd
Cautionary Regarding Historical Financial Information Prepared Accordance International Cautionary Regarding Non-gaap Financial Measures
Celcom Pays Usd Deutsche Telekom Central Eastern Europe
Central Eastern Europe-t-com Central Eastern European Telecommunications Regulation
Certification Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Certiorari
Cfo Eick Resign Board Management Deutsche Telekom Effect Chairman Board Management
Chairman Deputy Chairmanship Shareholders Meeting
Change Accounting Policies Change Control
Change Corridor Method Recognition Actuarial Gains Losses They Change Effective Date
Changed Market Prospects Changes Composition Board Management
Changes Composition Group Changes Composition Supervisory Board Shareholders Representatives
Changes Consolidated Group Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Market Risk Exposure 2006 Compared 2005 Changes Market Risk Exposure 2007 Compared 2006
Changes Professional Qualifications Check Out Ir-website Wwwtelekomde Investor-relations
Churn Cif
Civil Servant Retirement Arrangements Civil Servants
Civil Service Health Insurance Fund Civil-servant Retirement Arrangements
Claims Damages Due Alleged Price Squeeze Class Action Suits
Class Stock Clear Course Success Efficiency National International Arenas
Clear Innovation Strategy Clearly Positioned Strong Ict Service Provider
Closer Interaction Between Various Areas Group Improve Service Closing Balance Sheet
Co-location Room Code Conduct
Code Ethics Collateral
Collective Agreement Deutsche Telekom Collective Bargaining Telekom Service Concluded
Coming Commencement Business
Comments Broadband Fixed Network Table Comments Mobile Communications Table
Commissioning Deutsche Bundespost Federal Posts Telecommunications Agency Commitment Junior-staff Training
Communications Companies
Companies Working Very Hard Ways Keep Workers Constantly Compensation Board Management
Compensation Board Management Supervisory Compensation Mid-term-incentive Plans 128
Competition Competition Law
Competition-t-com Competition-t-online
Competitiveness Through Business Process Management Components Total Revenues
Composition Board Management Composition Liquid Assets
Composition Rules Procedure Composition Supervisory Board
Composition Tenure Office Retirement Compound Financial Instruments
Comprehensive Data Privacy Initiative Optimizing Security Comprehensive Income
Computation Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Ifrs Computerbild Test Winner Customer Service
Computing Desktop Services Computing Services
Computing Services Solutions Computing Services Solutions Css
Conditional Capital Conflicts Interest
Connect Readers Vote Deutsche Telekom Place Times Conquer Home
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms Consequences Corporate Management
Consequences Corporate Management Control Consequences Management
Consequences Split Off Civil Servants Temporary Leave Civil-servant Consequences Split Off Employees Representatives
Consideration Consistent Development Promising Broadband Business
Consistent Expansion Broadband Infrastructure Consistent Modernization Mobile Network
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Group
Consolidated Results Operations Consolidated Shareholders Equity
Consolidated Statement Recognized Income Expense Consolidation Intercompany Debt
Consolidation Methods Consolidation Principles
Construction Contracts Consumer Class Actions
Consumer Protection Consumers
Contacts Contacts Financial Calendar
Content Contents
Contingencies Contingencies Contingent Liabilities Assets
Contingencies Other Financial Obligations Contingencies Other Financial Obligations Amended
Contingent Capital Contingent Liabilities
Continuation Staff Restructuring Continuously Engage Large-scale Programs Reshape Infrastructure Adapt Changing
Continuously Involved Disputes Litigation Regulators Competitors Other Parties Continuously Involved Disputes Litigation Regulators Competitors Private Parties
Contractual Cash Obligations Contractual Obligations Other Commitments
Contractual Obligations Other Commitments Amended Contribution Strategic Business Areas Net Revenue After Elimination
Contribution Well-trained Teachers Course Still Vital 2015 Coaches Control Agreement Dfmg Holding Gmbh
Controls Procedures Convergence
Conversion Ifrs Deutsche Telekom Cooperation
Cooperation Between Supervisory Board Management Cooperation Intel
Cooperation Microsoft Development Iptv Cooperation Yahoo
Coordination Administrative Responsibilities Federal Agency Cornerstone Excellence Program Group-wide Cultural Change
Corporate Culture Corporate Customers Benefiting Partnerships
Corporate Governance Corporate Tax Reform Significant Reduction Effective Burden German
Cost Accruals Cost Sales
Cost Sales Amended Cost-based Approach
Cost-based Approach Retail Products Cost-based Approach Wholesale Products
Costs Cpga Ccpu
Credit Ratings Credit Risk
Credit Risks Critical Accounting Estimates
Croatia Cross-currency Interest Rate Swaps
Culture Change Human Resources Development Culture Change Levels Hierarchy
Cumulative Translation Differences Currencies Exchange Rates
Currency Interest Rate Risks Currency Risks
Currency Translation Current Income Taxes Consolidated Balance Sheet
Current Income Taxes Consolidated Statement Current Taxes
Customer Activation Fees Customer Centricity
Customer Development Selected Kpis Customer Protection
Customer Protection Ordinance Customer Relationship Management T-home Crm-t Put Operation
Customer Segmentation Customers
Customers Reports Results Czech Republic
Daimlerchrysler Extends Framework Agreement Through 2008 Damage Claim Eutelsat
Damage Information Proceedings Relating Voluntary Public Offer T-online Damage Proceedings Relating Voluntary Public Offer T-online Shares
Damages Lost Profits Price Squeeze Data Communications
Data Retention Data Theft Dating Back 2006 Continues Concern Deutsche
Date Employment Transfer Dawn New Era
Dear Shareholders Debt
Declaration Conformity Declaration Conformity German Corporate Governance Code Accordance 161
Defense Fixed-network Core Business Deferral Gains Divestitures
Deferred Income Deferred Revenue
Deferred Revenues Deferred Taxes
Deferred Taxes Consolidated Balance Sheet Deferred Taxes Consolidated Income Statement
Defined Benefit Plans Defined Contribution Plans
Defined Terms Defined Terms Contact Information
Definitions Demonstrating Power Innovators
Dependence Intellectual Property Dependence Material Contracts
Dependence Patents Licenses Customers Industrial Commercial Financial Contracts Dependence Patents Licenses Industrial Commercial Financial Contracts
Dependent Report Depreciation Amortization
Depreciation Amortization Impairment Losses Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivative Instruments Subject Foreign Exchange Risk 2003 Euro Derivatives
Derivatives Related Foreign Exchange Differences Description Business Relationship Federal Republic Germany
Description Effects Desktop Delivery Operations
Desktop Services Desktop Services Solutions
Despite Fierce Competition Fixed-line Communication Market Broadband Fixed Details Accordance 124 Sentence Aktg
Details Accordance 125 Sentence Aktg Details Accordance 125 Sentence German Stock Corporation Act
Details Agenda Accordance 124 Sentence Aktg Detecon
Determination Impairments Property Plant Equipment Intangible Assets Determination Recoverable Amount Cash-generating Unit
Deustche Telekom Group Headquarters Deutsche Bank Trust Americas
Deutsche Post Logistics Deutsche Post World Net
Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom 2005 Financial
Deutsche Telekom Achieves Top Sustainability Ratings Internationally Deutsche Telekom Acquires Orange Netherlands
Deutsche Telekom Adjusted Guidance 2007 Accordance Tough Competitive Deutsche Telekom Ags Rating Upgraded
Deutsche Telekom Ags Real Estate Portfolio Deutsche Telekom Anticipates Tough Collective Bargaining Talks
Deutsche Telekom Closed Sale T-online Spain France Télécom Deutsche Telekom Combined Management Report Group 2004 Financial
Deutsche Telekom Commits Climate Protection Deutsche Telekom Concludes Agreement Télédiffusion France Sale T-systems
Deutsche Telekom Confirms Financial Targets 2007 Deutsche Telekom Confirms Financial Targets 2008 Following Good
Deutsche Telekom Creates New Board Department Reinforce Data Deutsche Telekom Employment Alliance Agreed
Deutsche Telekom Enters Conditional Purchase Agreement Percent Stake Deutsche Telekom Enters Purchase Agreement Percent Stake Greek
Deutsche Telekom Enters Without Conceding Wrongdoing Settlement Stipulation Deutsche Telekom Faces Challenges
Deutsche Telekom Faces Major Staff Restructuring Measures Deutsche Telekom Finalizes Sale Mediabroadcast
Deutsche Telekom Generates Ebitda Eur Half 2005 Deutsche Telekom Glance
Deutsche Telekom Group Employees Deutsche Telekom Group Glance
Deutsche Telekom Group Management Report Deutsche Telekom Immobilien Und Service Gmbh
Deutsche Telekom Increases Revenue 2006 Deutsche Telekom Increases Revenue Net Income 2005
Deutsche Telekom Initiates Paradigm Shift Deutsche Telekom International Finance
Deutsche Telekom Investor Relations Calendar 2005 2006 Deutsche Telekom Invests Basis Future Growth Group
Deutsche Telekom Issued New 3-billion-euro Bond Deutsche Telekom Issues Eur Bond
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories Deutsche Telekom Laboratories Course
Deutsche Telekom Launches Fussballde Mobile Portal Deutsche Telekom Launches New Brand
Deutsche Telekom Makes Offer Orange Deutsche Telekom Medien Gmbh
Deutsche Telekom Mtip Deutsche Telekom Presents Comprehensive Package Measures Data Privacy
Deutsche Telekom Prevails Arbitration Proceedings Against Celcom Deutsche Telekom Products Win Over Connect Readers
Deutsche Telekom Pushes Ahead Profitable Growth Deutsche Telekom Reports Good 2008
Deutsche Telekom Reshuffles Management Closer Interaction Between Various Deutsche Telekom Resolves Share Buyback Cancellation
Deutsche Telekom Shareholders Deutsche Telekom Signs Contract Sale T-online Spain
Deutsche Telekom Stabilizes Business Germany Grows Mobile Communications Deutsche Telekom Stays Track Posting Good Results 2008
Deutsche Telekom Stock Option Plans Deutsche Telekom Substantially Exceeds Targets Ebitda Eur 193
Deutsche Telekom Supervisory Board Appoints Reinhard Clemens Management Deutsche Telekom T-online Agree Exchange Ratio
Deutsche Telekom T-online International Conclude Merger Agreement Deutsche Telekom T-online Merger
Deutsche Telekom Takes Over Aareal Banks Shares Immobilienscout24 Deutsche Telekom Talks Unions Service
Deutsche Telekom Worldwide Deutsche Telekoms Business Stabilizes Within Germany Grows Internationally
Deutsche Telekoms Strategic Realignment Developing Ict Key Account Business Further Partner
Development Development Business
Development Business 2004 Development Business 2005
Development Business Customers Strategic Area Remains Stable Despite Development Business Model
Development Debt Shown Below Development Deferred Taxes
Development Expenditures Development International Indexes
Development International Indices Development Operations
Development Plan Assets Fair Value Development Projected Benefit Obligation
Development Revenue Profit Development T-share
Developments Group Developments Telecommunications Sector Resulted Future Result Substantial Write-downs
Developments Telecommunications Sector Resulted Future Result Substantial Writedowns Differences Arising Retained Interests
Differences Fixed Assets Differences Valuations Goodwill Other Assets
Digital Assistants Digital Identifier
Diluted Earnings Per Share Dilution Gains
Directions Instructions Directives Recommendations
Disclaimer Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosures Capital Management Disclosures Concerning Available-for-sale Financial Assets
Disclosures Concerning Non-exchange-traded Equity Instruments Recognized Acquisition Cost Discontinuation Dsl Resale Procedure Prohibition Netrental
Disposal Intelsat Helps Reduce Debt Disposal T-online France Sas
Dividend Dividend Eur 072 Per Share Approved 2006
Dividend Outlook Deutsche Telekom Intends Increase Eur 072 Dividend Per Share
Dividend Policy Dividends Other Distributions
Divisions Documents Display
Dollar Forwards Dollar Interest Rate Swaps
Domestic Consumer Market Domestic Services
Downs Syndrome Downstream
Downstream Download Dr-ing Wolfgang Reitzle
Drawn Far-reaching Transformation Program Deutsche Telekom Driving Forward Groups Strategy Profitable Growth
Drugs Companies Therefore Increasingly Moved Away Blockbuster Focus Dsl Digital Subscriber Line
Dsl Full-package Marketing Dsl Net Rental
Dsl Resale Post Rates Regulation Federal Network Agency Dualphone Solution
Dualphone Solution T-one Dutch Mobile Communications Market 2006
Duties Mutual Cooperation Duty Mutual Cooperation Data Protection
E-government Portals T-systems E-health Activity Internet Usage
E-mail E-mail Counter-motionsbonntelekomde
E-mail Gegenantraegebonntelekomde Earnings Loss Per Share Accordance Gaap
Earnings Per Share Earnings Per Share Accordance Gaap
Earnings Power Broadband Fixed Network Sustained Despite Heavy Eastern Europe
Eastern European Companies Post Success Terms Growth Customer Eastern European Revenues
Ebit Ebit Adjusted
Ebitda Ebitda Adjusted
Ebitda Adjusted Special Factors Ebitda Group
Ebitda Margin Ebitda Margin Adjusted
Ebitda Margin Widened New Orders Economic Downturn Substantial Slowdown Growth Deterioration Consumer Spending
Economic Environment Economy Industry
Edge Enhanced Data Rates Gsm Evolution Edge Mobile Standard Available Throughout Germany
Education Knowledge Effect Investments Other Companies
Effect Regulatory Decisions Effectiveness
Effects Consolidated Balance Sheet Effects Consolidated Statement Income
Effects Dilution Gains Effects Full Consolidation Debis Net Tax
Efficiency Efficiency Deutsche Telekom Fleet
Efficiency Gains Improve Ebitda Efficiency Program
Egovernment Ehealth
Election State Secretary Volker Halsch Member Supervisory Board Election Supervisory Board Member
Election Wolfgang Reitzle Member Supervisory Board Embedded Derivatives
Emissions Employee Benefits
Employee Housing Employee Relations
Employees Employees Representatives
Encouraging Development Ebit While Revenues Almost Unchanged End Auction United States
Energy Efficiency Campaign Launched Enhancing Quality Strengthening Customer Focus
Entering Triple-play Era Enterprise Services
Equity Equity Investments
Equity Method Investments Ernst Young
Especially Chronic Geriatric Diseases Information Communication Technologies Ict Euro
Europe European Union
Events After Balance Sheet Date Every Shareholder Request Sent Copy Documents Also Available
Evolution Mobile Communications Excellence
Excellence Program Excellence Program Defines Concrete Measures Coming
Exchange Controls Exchange Rate Interest Risks Had Continue Adverse Effect
Exchange Rates Exchange-rate Interest-rate Rating Risks Had Continue Adverse Effect
Exchange-rate Interest-rate Risks Had Continue Adverse Effect Revenue Excluding Goodwill
Exclusive Distribution Deal Signed Marketing Iphone Execution
Execution Date Executive Bodies
Exemptions Listing Standards Audit Committees Exercise Call Option Shares Comdirect
Exhibits Expanded Range Mobile Data Services Offered Europe
Expanding Network-centric Ict Services Expansion Mobile Data Services
Expansion Network New York Expansion Video Demand
Expansion Wireless Communications Core Business Expected Pension Payments
Explanation Exemptions Applied Ifrs Explanation Transition Ifrs
Explanation Transition International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs Explanatory
Explanatory Notes Reconciliation Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Explanatory Notes Reconciliation Shareholders Equity Profit After Income
Export Sales Fact Sheet Acquisition Orange Netherlands Pro Forma T-mobile
Failure Achieve Planned Reduction Restructuring Personnel Negatively Affect Failure Reach Goals Set Forth Recently Established Call
Failures Achieve Planned Reduction Restructuring Personnel Negatively Affect Failures Planned Reduction Restructuring Staff Levels Negatively Affect
Fair Value Fair Value Hedges
Fair Value Measurement Fair Values Time Privatization Revaluation Deemed Cost
Family Life Also Different 2015 Family Social Life
Faster T-dsl Lines Federal Cartel Office Examines Mobile Communications Rates
Federal Court Justice Dismisses Appeals Release Proceedings Against Federal Network Agency Reduces One-time Charges Subscriber Line
Federal Network Agency Reviewing Call Time 240 Rate Federal Network Agency Ruling Bitstream Access Charges
Federal Posts Telecommunications Agency Federal Republic Affiliated Entities Customers
Federal Republic Germany Federal Republic Germany Majority Shareholdings
Federal Republic Guarantees Federal Republic Regulator
Fierce Competition Fifa World Cup 2006
Final Provisions Finance
Finance Committee Finance Costs
Finance Leases Financial
Financial Assets Financial Assets Fair Value Through Profit Loss
Financial Assets Held Trading Financial Calendar
Financial Expense Income Net Financial Figures Presented Following Steps
Financial Figures Reveal Encouraging Development Financial Income Expense Net
Financial Instrument Financial Instruments
Financial Liabilities Financial Liabilities Fair Value Through Profit Loss
Financial Management Financial Security
Financial Stability Financing Rating
Firm Headquarters Financial Fixed Assets
Fixed Network Access Formerly Narrowband Fixed Network Business Central Eastern Europe
Fixed Remuneration Variable Incentive-based Fringe Benefits Fixed-fixed Interconnection
Fixed-line Network Fixed-line Network Voice Telephony Local Access
Fixed-line Services Fixed-mobile Interconnection
Fixed-network Licenses Issued Competitors Croatia Flash-ofdm Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex
Flat Rate Mobile E-mails Successful Myfaves Community Service Focus Fix Grow Standing Domestic Competition Strengthened
Focus Fix Grow Way Becoming Market Leader Connected Focus Growth Motto T-systems
Focus Value-add Levels T-systems Customers Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Exchange Rate Risk Foreign-currency Risk
Form 20-f Form 20-f 40-f
Form 40-f Former Members Board Management
Former Members Management Board Former Siemens Divisional Ceo Manage T-systems
Forward Interest Rate Swaps Forward-looking Statements
Fragile Economic Recovery Expected Germany Franz Treml
Free Cash Flow Free Cash Flow Group
Freemove Alliance Broadens Offering French Anti-trust Authorities Approve Sale T-online France Neuf
Friedrich-ebert-allee 140 Friedrich-ebert-allee 140 53113 Bonn Germany
Friedrich-ebert-allee 140 53113 Bonn Germany Address Principal Executive Friedrichshafen Named Telekom City Future
Fuel Cell F-cell Vehicles Testing Fuel Growth
Full Consolidation Ptc Fund
Further Improvement Public Wlan Offer Further Increase Efficiency
Further Information Further Sites Vivento Customer Services Gmbh Sold
Further Training Telekom Future
Future Sales Shares Federal Republic Kfw Bankengruppe Adversely Future Sales Shares Federal Republic Kfw Kreditanstalt Für
Future Sales Shares Federal Republic Kfw-bankengruppe Formerly Kreditanstalt Gaap Reconciling Adjustments Shareholders Equity
Gaap Reconciling Adjustments Statement Operations Gamesload Launched Gaming Market
Gegenantraegebonntelekomde General
General Administrative Costs General Administrative Expenses
General Administrative Expenses Amended General Authorization Licensing Requirements
General Committee General Information
General Licensing Requirements General Network Access
General Obligations General Overview
General Statement Business Development Group Geographical Distribution Free Float
German Inheritance Gift Tax German National Soccer League Deutsche Telekom Continue Cooperation
German Prospectus Liability Suits German Requirements Disclose Shareholdings
German Taxation German Taxation Bonus Shares
German Telecommunications Regulation German Telecommunications Regulator Lowers Price Subscriber Line 975
German Withholding Tax Dividends Germany
Germany Increasingly Becoming Nation Old People Contribution Gesetz Zur Reorganisation Der Bundesanstalt Für Post Und
Gesi Working Group Develops New International Standards Gives Approval Without Conditions Deutsche Telekoms Investment Greek
Gives Unconditional Approval Deutsche Telekoms Investment Greek Telecommunications Global Branding Alliances
Global Branding Integration Alliances Global Computing Factory
Global Economic Development Global Economy Grows Dynamically 2004
Global Network Factory Global Network Factory-services
Global Networks Global Upturn Lose Some Momentum 2005
Glossary Bandwidth Glossary Disclaimer
Gmbh Go-ahead Acquisition Telering T-mobile Austria
Goal Goal Excellent Service Provider
Goods Services Purchased Goodwill
Goodwill Asset Differences Goodwill Impairment
Goodwill Impairments Goodwill Mobile Communications Licenses
Goodwill Other Purchase Price Allocation Differences Government Catalonia Renews Large-scale Contract
Greater Brand Awareness Grid Computing
Gross Debt Gross Margin
Gross Net Debt Gross Net Debt Group
Groundbreaking Solutions Bringing Significant Benefits Individuals Physically Mentally Group
Group Drive Forward Strategy Profitable Growth Group Headquarters
Group Headquarters Shared Services Group Headquarters Shared Services Ebit
Group Headquarters Shared Services Ebitda Adjusted Group Headquarters Shared Services Glance
Group Headquarters Shared Services Loss Operations Group Headquarters Shared Services Personnel
Group Headquarters Shared Services Total Revenue Group Management
Group Members Broadband Track Group Organization
Group Strategy Group Strategy Management
Group Supplier Management Group-wide Initiatives
Group-wide Strategic Measures Group-wide Tool Make Ideas Management Even Effective
Groups Growth Driver Remained Mobile Communications Strategic Business Groups Key Growth Driver Remained Mobile Communications Strategic
Groups Profitable Growth Continues Groups Vision Values
Grow Abroad Mobile Communications Growing Abroad Mobile Communications
Growing Interest Special Corporate Offering Growth Continues 2004 Significantly Improved Operating Results
Growth Ict Solutions Growth Path Continues 2004 Profitability Significantly
Growth Program Growth Programs
Growth Programs Separate Business Areas Form Backbone Excellence Growth Programs Separate Business Areas Supported General Initiatives
Growth Programs Strategic Business Areas Growth Sector Broadband Fixed Network
Growth Sector Business Customers Growth Sector Mobile Communications
Growth Value Enhancement Investing Future Viability Growth While Efficiency Gains Push Profit Margin
Gsm Global System Mobile Communications Gsm Network California Nevada
Gsm- Global System Mobile Communications Guarantee
Guarantees Commitments Guarantees Commitments Amended
Guarantees Commitments Other Financial Obligations Hamid Akhavan
Hans Reich Hans Reichs Term Office Ends Effect End Shareholders
Hansenet Launches Abuse Proceedings Hauptversammlung
Hdtv High Definition Television Health Environment
Health Wellbeing Hedge Accounting
Hedges Net Investment Hedges Net Investment Foreign Operation
Hedging Interest Rate Foreign Exchange Risk Hedging Interest Rate Risk
Hedging Risk Changes Overall Fair Value Available-for-sale Equity Heinz Klinkhammer
Heinz Klinkhammer Board Member Responsible Human Resources Heinz Klinkhammer Resigns Board Management
Held Maturity Helped Debt Reduction
Hereinafter Referred Deutsche Telekom High Speed Internet Access Paving Way Future Broadband
High-quality Access Products Easy High-speed Fibre-optic Network
Historical Background Holding Gmbh
Hologram Home Theater T-online Vision
Honors T-mobile Usas Network Quality Hosting
Hosting Services Hotspot
Hotspot Network Expanded Hotspots
Hsdpa Hsdpa High Speed Downlink Packet Access
Hsdpa High-speed Umts Hsdpa Hsupa High Speed Downlink Uplink Packet Access
Hsdpa Hsupa High-speed Downlink Uplink Packet Access Hsdpa Launched
Hsdpa Marketing Launched United Kingdom Hsdpa Sales Data Cards Started
Hsdpa Sales Kick-off Data Cards Http Wwwagm-telekomcom
Http Wwwagm-telekomde Http Wwwtelekomcom
Http Wwwtelekomcom Countermotions Http Wwwtelekomde
Http Wwwtelekomde Hv-live Http Wwwtelekomde Investor-relations
Hubertus Von Grünberg Human Recources
Hungary Ias Borrowing Costs
Ias Consolidated Separate Financial Statements Ias Financial Instruments Recognition Measurement
Ias Presentation Financial Statements Ias Presentation Financial Statements Revised
Ice High-speed Trains Ict
Ict Infrastructure Critical Success Factor Ideas Management Supports Corporate Culture
Ifric Agreements Construction Real Estate Ifric Customer Loyalty Programmes
Ifric Distribution Non-cash Assets Owners Ifric Hedges Net Investment Foreign Operation
Ifrs 8220financial Instruments Disclosures8221 Ifrs First-time Adoption International Financial Reporting Standards
Ifrs Share-based Payment 8211 Vesting Conditions Cancellations Impacts Mtips Ltips
Impairment Impairment Intangible Assets Property Plant Equipment
Impairment Losses Financial Assets Impairment Tests
Implementation Strategic Goals Focus Fix Grow Imposition Refund German Withholding Tax Taxation Dividends United
Impressive Testimony T-systems Expertise Improve Competitiveness
Improved Efficiency Improvements Broadband Market Penetration Through Alternative Access Technologies
Improving Competitiveness Improving Customer Care Germany Telekom Service
Incar Solutions Incentive-based Compensation Stock Option Plans
Income Applicable Minority Shareholders Income Before Taxes
Income Loss Before Taxes Income Losses Applicable Minority Shareholders
Income Statement Disclosures Income Statement Disclosures Amended
Income Tax Income Tax Amended
Income Tax Expense Income Tax Expense Amended
Income Taxes Income Taxes Consolidated Statement
Index Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Individuals Not Only Converse They Talk Better Industry Leaders Announce Open Platform Mobile Devices
Industry Market Competition Industry-specific Marketing Helped T-systems Remain Competitive
Industry-specific Marketing Helps T-systems Make Competition Information Geographic Area
Information Relating Supervisory Board Management Members Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Information Technology Services Consulting Information Through Agenda
Infrastructure Development Infrastructure Management
Infringement Proceeding Against Germany Infringement Proceedings Against Germany
Inherent Security Inheritance Gift Tax
Initial Application Standards Interpretations Amendments Financial Initial Valuation
Initiative Innovation
Innovation Drive Infrastructure Products Services Presented Ifa Innovation Partnerships
Innovation Strategy Innovation Strategy Focused Areas
Innovations Innovative Projects Increased Employment
Intangible Assets Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill
Integrated Communication Intellectual Property
Intelligent Access Intensive Transfer Results Strategic Business Areas
Inter-segment Revenues Interactive Digital Television
Interconnection Interconnection Price Regulation
Interconnection Services Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Risks Interest Rate Swaps
Interest Step-up Provisions Credit Ratings Interest Step-up Step-down Provisions
Interest Step-up Step-down Provisions Amended Internal External Agreements Lift Employment Rate
Internally Developed Software International Activities
International Business Continues Growth Course International Business Growth Course Encouraging Developments T-mobile
International Carrier Sales Solutions International Consumer Market
International Expansion Strategy International Finacial Reporting Standards Ifrs
International Financial Reporting Standards International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs
International Gmbh International Operations
International Revenue International Services
Internationalen Funkausstellung Internationally
Internet Internet Access
Internet Access High-speed Ice Trains Test Phase Success Internet Intranet
Internet Platforms Internet Protocol
Internet Services Internet Subscribers Per 100 Inhabitants
Intersegment Revenue Intersegment Revenues
Introduction Introduction Apple Iphone Germany Netherlands Austria
Introduction Apple Iphone Germany Netherlands Austria Resounding Success Introduction Innovative New Products
Introduction New Data Communication Rates Germany Intuitive Usability
Inventories Inventories Materials Supplies
Investigation Bonn Public Prosecutor Investigations
Investigations Related Legal Proceedings Investment Marketable Securities
Investment Non-current Securities Investment Property
Investment Risks Investment Strategy
Investments Investments Equity Investees
Investor Relations Investor Relations Bonn Office
Investor Relations New York Office Invitation Shareholders Meeting
Involvement Toll Collect Consortium Germany Entails Range Risks Ip-based Services
Ip-bsa Ip-bitstream Access Ip-bsa Stand Alone
Iptv Internet Protocol Television Iptv Launch Outside Germany
Isdn Access Isdn Integrated Services Digital Network
Isdn-integrated Services Digital Network Isp Internet Service Provider
Issuance Euro Bond Issued Capital
Jahre Telekom Jet Aviation Realizes Further Expansion Plans T-systems
Jet Aviation Relies T-systems Continuing Expansion Plans Joint General Audit Committee
Joint Ventures Associates Josef Brauner
Josef Falbisoner Judicial Release Proceedings Planned Merger T-online Deutsche Telekom
Jur Hans-jürgen Schinzler Kai-uwe Ricke
Kai-uwe Ricke Chairman Board Management Deutsche Telekom Kai-uwe Ricke Resigns His Function Deutsche Telekoms Ceo
Karl-gerhard Eick Karl-gerhard Eick Board Member Responsible Finance Deputy Chairman
Key Pillar T-coms Deutsche Telekom Groups Broadband Strategy Kfw
Klaus Schlede Klaus Zumwinkel
Konrad Reiss Konrad Reiss Board Member Responsible T-systems
Kreditanstalt Für Wiederaufbau Landgericht Hamburg
Landgericht Köln Landgericht München
Last Mile Launch Focus Growth Program Profitable
Launch Innovative T-one Product Launch New 3x3 Complete Packages
Launch New Online Marketplace Launch T-dsl 16000
Launched Lawsuits Filed Some T-online Shareholders Further Delay Planned
Lawsuits Relating Resolutions Passed 2006 Ordinary Meeting Shareholders Learning Fun Children Smart Interactive Systems Put Information
Lease Liabilities Leased Assets
Leased Lines Leases
Leasing Legal
Legal Framework Legal Framework Market Analyses
Legal Proceedings Legal Proceedings Updates
Legal Situation Legal Structure Deutsche Telekom Group
Legislative Developments Liabilities
Liabilities Arising Abs Transactions Liabilities Banks
Liabilities Shareholders Equity Liability Prior Actions
Liberalization Licensing Frequency Allocation
Licensing Notification Requirements Allocation Frequencies Lines Credit
Linking Appointment Board Management Member Service Agreement Severance Liquid Assets
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Risk Litigation
Litigation Claims Assessments Litigation Potential Claims Damage
Litigation Risks Living Tomorrow
Load Family Videoload Now Open Internet Users Loans Supervisory Board Management Members
Local Loop Local Loop Access
Location Based Services Long-term Incentive Plan 2004 2005
Long-term Incentive Plan 2004 2005 2006 Long-term Incentive Plan 2004 2005 2006 2007
Long-term Incentive Plan 2005 2006 2007 Long-term Loans
Long-term Market Success Long-term Rating
Long-term Rating Deutsche Telekom Long-term Service Contracts
Loss Loss Before Taxes
Loss Carryforwards Shown Following Table Loss Carryforwards Temporary Differences Deferred Taxes Recorded Amount
Loss Financial Activities Loss Operations
Loss Operations Ebit Lothar Holzwarth
Lothar Pauly Board Member Responsible Business Customers Lothar Pauly Leaves Deutsche Telekom Ags Board Management
Ltip 2004 Lufthansa Deutsche Telekom Agree Future Worldwide Cooperation
Macedonia Macedonia Montenegro
Magyar Telekom Magyar Telekom Changes Brand Structure Introduces T-home
Magyar Telekom Formerly MatÁv Magyar Telekom Formerly MatÁv 2002 Stock Option Plan
Magyar Telekom MatÁv Magyar Telekom MatÁv Mtip
Magyar Telekom MatÁv Stock Option Plan Magyar Telekom Mtip
Magyar Telekom Rolls Out Next-generation Access Network Connect Magyar Telekom Stock Option Plan
Major Network Contract Signed Siemens Major Shareholders
Making Tomorrow Happen Management Board
Management Board Changes Management Board Compensation
Management Board Shareholders Deutsche Telekom Management Board Total Compensation 128
Management Board Total Compensation 2006 Management Overview
Management Supervision Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Mandatory Convertible Bond Manfred Balz
Manfred Overhaus Mangement Board
Marked Improvement Result Market
Market Analysis Market Environment
Market Expectations Marketable Securities
Marketing Marketing Costs
Marketing Product Management Marketing Sales
Material Effects Transition German Gaap Ifrs Material Effects Transition German Gaap Ifrs Amended
Material Modifications Rights Security Holders Proceeds Matters Approved 2007 Shareholders Meeting
MatÁv MatÁv Now Magyar Telekom
MatÁv Rebranded Magyar Telekom Matáv
Maximum Incentive Amounts Only Reached 2004 Plan Targets Maximum Incentive Amounts Only Reached 2005 Plan Targets
Mbh Measurement Investment
Measurement Investments Companies Not Fully Consolidated Accounted Financial Measurement Uncertainties
Measuring Sustainability Performance Using Indicators Media Broadcast
Media Regulation Media Technology 2006 Fifa World Cup
Mediation Committee Medium-term Issue
Medium-term Notes Issued Deutsche Telekom International Finance Meetings Supervisory Board
Member Supervisory Boards Following Subsidiaries Associates Joint Ventures Members Board Management Employees Deutsche Telekom Supervisory Following
Members Management Board Deutsche Telekom Merger
Merger Approved Merger T-online Deutsche Telekom
Merger T-online International Deutsche Telekom Merger T-online International Deutsche Telekom Approved
Merger T-online International Deutsche Telekom Progresses Mergers Spin-offs Successfully Supported
Michael Löffler Michael Sommer
Mid- Long-term Incentives Mid-term Incentive Plan
Mid-term Incentive Plan 2004 2005 Mid-term Incentive Plan 2004 2005 2006
Mid-term Incentive Plan 2004 2005 2006 2007 Mid-term Incentive Plan 2005 2006 2007
Mid-term Incentive Plan Description Mid-term Incentive Plan Long-term
Mid-term Incentive Plan Mtip Mid-term Incentive Plan Mtip Long-term Ltip
Mid-term Long-term Incentive Plans Midnight Friday 2008
Midnight Thursday 2007 Midnight Thursday 2008 Latest
Midnight Wednesday 2006 Milestone Reports 2008 Results
Milestones Greater Quality Service Minority Interest
Minority Interests Miscellaneous
Mobile Broadband Opens New Dimensions Data Transmission Mobile Communication Licenses
Mobile Communications Mobile Communications Business Expanded
Mobile Communications Continues Drive Growth Mobile Communications Developments
Mobile Communications Ebit Mobile Communications Ebitda
Mobile Communications Europe Mobile Communications Europe Cash Capex
Mobile Communications Europe Personnel Mobile Communications Europe Profit Operations
Mobile Communications Europe Total Revenue Mobile Communications Europe Usa
Mobile Communications Glance Mobile Communications Licenses
Mobile Communications Market Mobile Communications Market Remains Growth Driver
Mobile Communications Percentage Fixed-term Contract Customers Europe Mobile Communications Personnel
Mobile Communications Remain Groups Growth Area Mobile Communications Remain Growth Engine
Mobile Communications Remains Growth Driver Mobile Communications Remains Key Growth Driver
Mobile Communications Save Growth Efficiency Program Keeps Course Mobile Communications Total Revenue
Mobile Communications Usa Mobile Communications Usa Cash Capex
Mobile Communications Usa Development Operations Mobile Communications Usa Personnel
Mobile Communications Usa Profit Operations Mobile Communications Usa Total Revenue
Mobile Internet Opportunity Growth Mobile Network Infrastructure
Mobile Rate Plans Mobile Services
Mobile Termination Rates Mobilize Internet Web Trend
Mobilizing Internet New Customer-friendly Rate Plans Laptops Mobilizing Internet Web Trend
Model Modest Economic Recovery Germany
Monika Brandl Montenegro
Moodys Upgrade Move People Continuously Touch Partners Family Friends Through
Mpls Multiprotocol Label Switching Mtip 2004
Mts Mts Shares Sold Full
Multimedia Multimedia Services
Multiple-element Arrangements Multiple-element Contracts
Musicload Softwareload Become International Broader Range Musicload Successfully Positioned
Mvno Mobile Virtual Network Operator Naked Dsl
Name Telephone E-mail Facsimile Number Address Contact Person Narrowband Access
Natural Persons Necessary Indispensable Staff Restructuring Measures
Net Cash Operating Activities Net Cash Provided Operating Activities
Net Cash Used Financing Activities Net Cash Used Investing Activities
Net Debt Net Debt Ifrs
Net Debt Reduced Eur 352 Net Income
Net Investment Hedge Net Investment Hedges
Net Periodic Pension Cost Net Profit
Net Profit Amended Net Revenue
Net Revenue Continues Grow Net Revenue Division
Net Revenue Generated Outside Germany Net Revenue Geographic Region
Net Revenues Net Revenues Customers Outside Deutsche Telekom Group
Net Revenues Profit Net Worth Financial Position Further Improved
Net Worth Financial Position Group Netherlands
Network Access Network Access Products
Network Communication Services Network Communications
Network Infrastructure Network Production Technical Competencies Bundled
Network Services New Accounting Principles
New Accounting Principles 2005 New Bandwidth Mbit
New Billing Collection Unit New Broadband Offers
New Calling Plan Launched 2005 New Charges Ull Provisioning Line Sharing
New Companies Real Estate Business New Data Rates
New Employment Projects Successfully Set New Gaap Accounting Pronouncements
New Gaap Standards Adopted 2004 New Gaap Standards Adopted 2005
New Gaap Standards Adopted 2006 New Location Concept Call Centers
New Member Deutsche Telekom Board Management Presents Findings New Regulatory Framework
New Services New T-dsl Rates
New Telecommunications Act Comes Force New Telecommunications Act Passed Macedonia
New Trainees Recruited New Way Look Life
Newly Defined T-home Business Area Next Hsdpa Phase Kicked Off Germany
Ngn Next Generation Network Ninth Mobile Subsidiary Rebranded
Non-cash Investing Financing Activities Affiliates Non-cash Investing Financing Activities Related Parties
Non-current Assets Disposal Groups Held Sale Non-current Assets Held Sale
Nonscheduled Write-downs Intangible Assets Property Plant Equipment Notes Agenda
Notes Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Notes Consolidated Statement Cash Flows
Notes Through Agenda Now Paving Way Long-term Positive Development
Number 1-14540 Number Electronic Catalogs Doubled T-online
Number Employees Average Number Employees Balance Sheet Date
Number Fixed-network Lines Mobile Customers Number Fixed-network Mobile Customers Balance Sheet Date
Number Intellectual Property Rights Owned Deutsche Telekom Object
Object Deutsche Telekom Offering
Offerings Offerings Business Customers Optimized
Office Pocket Office Pocket Road Business Customers
Oibda Net Income Old Mutual Group T-systems Sign Comprehensive Outsourcing Agreement
One-time Charges Local Loop Line Sharing Leased Lines Ongoing Staff Restructuring Secure Future
Online Formerly Orange Beedband Online Services
Online Total Revenue Operating Expenses
Operating Financial Review Prospects Operating Leases
Operating Results Operation Process Support Solutions
Operational Excellence Operations
Operations European Union Operations Germany
Operations Germany-t-online Opportunities
Orange Broadband Orange Mobile
Orange Nederland Breedband Orange Nederland Breedband Amsterdam Netherlands Online
Orders Despite Difficult Market Environment Ordinary Shareholders Meeting
Ordinary Shares Par Value 4361119250 2006 Ordinary Shares Par Value 4361297603 2007
Organization Register Organization Supervisory Boards Activities
Organizational Realignment Groups Innovation Activities Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure Business Activities Organizational Structure Realigned Strategic Business Areas
Ote Other
Other Accruals Other Assets
Other Comprehensive Income Other Contingent Obligations
Other Corporate Governance Practices Required Sarbanes-oxley Act Other Derivatives
Other Differences Other Disclosures
Other Domestic Services Other Employees
Other Fees Other Fields Business Activity
Other Financial Assets Other Financial Income Expense
Other Financial Obligations Other Fixed-line Network Revenues
Other Fixed-line Network Services Other German Taxes
Other Highlights Other Ifrs Adjustments
Other Ifrs Differences Other Information
Other International Matters Other Investments
Other Investments Matáv Other Liabilities
Other Operating Expenses Other Operating Income
Other Operating Income Expenses Other Price Risks
Other Proceedings Other Provisions
Other Services Other Taxes
Other Transactions Others
Outcome Deutsche Telekom Negotiations Training Outcome Quality Campaign Customer Promises Published Recently
Outdoor Dslam Outlook
Outlook 2005 Outlook 2006
Outlook 2006 2007 Outlook Consistent Further Development Service Culture
Outlook Focus Consumer Broadband Market Outlook Growth Program Being Systematically Driven Forward
Outlook Market Leadership Through Sustained Growth Outside Germany
Outside Representation Outsourcing T-punkt Outlets Enhances Market Responsiveness
Outstanding Reception Over Unique Users T-online Portal
Overall Economic Situation Industry Overview
Overview Key Indicators Outlook Page Impressions
Pal -phase Alternating Line Parallel Other Academic Institutions Focus Needs Individuals Low
Participation Shareholders Meeting Partnership Key Success
Partnership T-systems Pasm Optimizes Energy Procurement
Passing Resolutions Patent Applications Intellectual Property Rights
Patent Infringement Claim Cfi Licensing Llc Patent Infringement Claim Cif Licensing Llc
Pay Increase Civil Servants Payg Pay
Pension Pension Accounting
Pension Contributions Civil Servants Pension Cost
Pension Costs Pension Entitlement
Pension Obligations Pension Obligations Benefits Non-civil Servants
Pension Obligations Other Employee Benefits Pension Plan
Pensions Pensions Similar Obligations
Performance Service Culture Performance T-share European Incumbents Jan -sept 2005
Personnel Personnel Cost Ratio Group
Personnel Costs Personnel Costs Average Number Employees
Personnel Development Improved Service Focus Personnel Developments 2006 2008
Planned Merger T-online Planned Montenegro Acquisition
Planned Sale Stake T-online France Sas Plans Issued Powertel
Plans Issued T-mobile Usa Pledge Secrecy
Poland Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa
Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa Ptc Position Online Marketer Expanded Further
Positive Development Mobile Data Communications Post
Post-contractual Prohibition Competition Postal Civil Service Health Insurance Fund
Postbeamtenkrankenkasse Potential Acquisition Austrian Mobile Operator Telering
Power Air Solutions Optimized Purchasing Preamble
Preemptive Rights Preliminary Remarks
Prepaid Prepaid Competition
Prepaid Expenses Deferred Charges Prepay
Preselection Preselection Telephone
Presentation Approved Annual Financial Statements Consolidated Supervisory Board Price Regulation
Price Regulation Interconnection Price-cap Approach
Pricewaterhousecoopers Pricewaterhousecoopers Aktiengesellschaft
Pricing Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Activities Principal Markets
Principal Markets-t-com Principal Markets-t-online
Principal Subsidiaries Principal Subsidiaries Associated Companies
Principles Risk Management Prior Approval Tariffs
Prior Merger Prior Merger Deutsche Telekom
Pro Forma Disclosures Pro Forma Information
Pro Forma Information-unaudited Proceedings Relating Merger T-online International
Processes Supported Purchasing Systems Product Range
Products Services Products Services Innovations
Prof Dieter Stolte Prof Dr-ing Wolfgang Reitzle
Profit After Income Taxes Profit Before Income Taxes
Profit Before Income Taxes Amended Profit Loss
Profit Loss Attributable Minority Interests Profit Loss Before Income Taxes
Profit Loss Before Income Taxes Amended Profit Loss Financial Activities
Profit Loss Operations Profit Operations
Profit Operations Amended Profit Operations Ebit
Profitable Growth Clearly Reflected Financial Figures Profitable Growth Divisions T-com
Program Completed Ahead Schedule Projected Benefit Obligation
Prokura Prokurist
Property Plant Equipment Property Plant Equipment Intangible Assets
Proposal Appropriation Net Income Deutsche Telekom Proposal Appropriation Net Income Loss Deutsche Telekom
Proposed Dividend Proposes Price Regulation International Mobile Roaming
Prospectus Liability Conciliation Proceedings Protection Creditors Internal Settlement
Provisions Provisions Applicable Providers Significant Market Power
Provisions Employee Expenses Provisions Staff-related Measures
Provisions Voluntary Redundancy Severance Payments Connection Early Retirement Pstn Public Switched Telephone Network
Ptc Ptc Deutsche Telekoms Legal Position Unchanged
Ptc Proceedings Ptc Shares Elektrim
Ptc Vivendi Publishing Services
Purchase Business Combinations Purchase Commitments Similar Obligations
Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers Purchasing
Qpsx Patents Quality Heightened Service Focus
Quality Reports 2008 Results Radio Frequency Emissions
Rapid Growth Broadband Customer Base Rating
Rating Changes Re-invent
Re-invent Pillar Deutsche Telekom Groups Excellence Program Reached Financial Targets 2005
Read Following Discussion Conjunction Annual Consolidated Financial Statements Real Estate
Real Estate Sale Leaseback Real Time Enterprise Services
Real World Transparent Today Realize Neither Expected Level Demand Products Services Nor
Rebranding Suncom Receivables
Receivables Other Assets Recent Developments
Recently Issued Gaap Accounting Standards Recently Issued Iasb Pronouncements
Recently Issued Not Yet Implemented Gaap Accounting Standards Recitals
Reclassifications Reconciliation
Reconciliation Consolidated Shareholders Equity Reconciliation Effective Tax Rate
Reconciliation Gaap Reconciliation Groups Free Cash Flow
Reconciliation Ifrs Gaap Additional Information Reconciliation Net Income Loss German Gaap
Reconciliation New Structures Reconciliation Non-gaap Financial Measures Gaap
Reconciliation Pro Forma Figures Reconciliation Profit After Income Taxes
Reconciliation Profit Operations Reconciliation Segment Assets Liabilities
Reconciliation Shareholders Equity German Gaap Reconciliation Shareholders Equity Ifrs Gaap
Reconciling Differences Between Ifrs Gaap Record Dates
Recorded Adjustment Approximately Eur Capitalize Software Development Recoverability
Recoverable Amount Cash-generating Unit Recovery Financial Assets
Reduction Interconnection Charges Reduction Weekly Working Secures Jobs
Refund Procedures Holders Regarding Exclusion Subscription Rights Fractional Amounts Pursuant Authorization
Regulation Regulation Directives Recommendations
Regulation Fixed-line Business Regulation Germany
Regulation Mobile Business Regulation Telecommunications Act
Regulatory Authority Lowers Price Subscriber Line 975 Percent Regulatory Environment Enable Equal Opportunities Future Viability
Regulatory Framework Regulatory Influence Deutsche Telekoms Business
Regulatory Matters Regulatory Order Bitstream Access
Regulatory Regime Regulatory Situation
Regulatory Supervision Reimbursement Damages Subscriber Data Costs
Reimbursement Proceedings Against Federal Republic Kfw Reimbursements
Reinforcement Telecommunications Core Business Reinhard Clemens
Related Individuals Related Party Disclosures
Relationship Federal Republic Relax Calling Plan Continues Make Inroads
Release Proceedings Relating T-online Merger Remote Factory
Remuneration Rental Leasing Obligations
René Obermann René Obermann Board Member Responsible Mobile Communications
René Obermann Board Member Responsible T-mobile Report Deemed Submitted Not Filed Pursuant Rules Regulations
Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Report Form 6-k Incorporated Reference Registration Statement F-3
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms Repurchase Shares
Resale Research Development
Research Development Expenditure Research Development Expenditure Investment
Research Development Expenditures Reservation Right Rescind Agreement
Resignation Appointment Paying Agent Resignation Paying Agent
Resignation Trustee Security Registrar Resolution Appointment Independent Auditor Group 2005 Financial
Resolution Appointment Independent Auditor Group 2006 Financial Resolution Appropriation Net Income
Resolution Approval Actions Members Board Management 2005 Financial Resolution Approval Actions Members Supervisory Board 2005 Financial
Resolution Approval Split Off Share Transfer Agreement T-systems Resolution Authorizing Corporation Purchase Own Shares Including Exclusion
Resolution Authorizing Purchase Own Shares Including Exclusion Subscription Resolution Creation Authorized Capital 2006 Cash Non-cash Contributions
Resolution Regarding Approval Board Managements Actions 2004 Financial Resolution Regarding Approval Conclude Profit Loss Transfer Agreement
Resolution Regarding Approval Supervisory Boards Actions 2004 Financial Response Cebit Presence Very Satisfactory
Responsibility Regularly Documented Responsibility Statement
Rest Europe Rest Europe-t-online
Restoration Obligations Restrained Positive Development Business Customer Market
Restructured Funding Pbeakk Positive Effect Earnings Restructuring Purchasing
Result Dispositions Certain Non-core Businesses Germany Increased Risk Results Related Companies Accounted Equity Method
Retail Markets Retail Regulation
Retained Earnings Retained Earnings Including Carryforwards
Retroactive Review Tariffs Revaluation Deemed Cost
Revenue Revenue Other Business Areas Units
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Customer Activation Fees
Revenue Recognition Deutsche Telekoms Operating Segments Shown Follows Revenue Recognition Long-term Service Contracts
Revenue Recognition Multiple-element Arrangements Revenue Recognition Service Contracts
Revenue Thanks New Business Vivento Revenues
Review Annual Financial Statements Parent Consolidated 2005 Revised Business Model
Rfid Right Participate Voting
Rights Liquidation Risk Factors
Risk Identification Analysis Risk Management
Risk Management Policies Risk Management System
Risk Opportunity Management Risk Opportunity Management System
Risk Situation Risks
Risks Opportunities Roaming
Roaming Coverage Roll Out Network-centric Ict
Roll-out Network-centric Ict Services Rolling Out Network-centric Ict
Royal Dutch Shell T-systems Sign Major Five-year Contract Royal Sunalliance Signs Outsourcing Deal T-systems
Rules Procedure Russia
Safe Successful Future Safeguarding Competitiveness
Sale Deteimmobilien Strabag Sale Mediabroadcast Completed
Sale Shares Sireo Subject Federal Cartel Office Approval Sale T-online France
Sale T-online Spain Sales Channels
Sales Marketing Business Customers Sales Service Management
Sales Services Sales Shares Federal Republic Kfw
Sales Shares Federal Republic Kfw Bankengruppe Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Satzung Save Growth
Save Growth Targets Exceeded 2005 Scout24 Group
Sdh Network Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Seamless Mobile Communications
Seasonality Sec Applicable Law Place Performance Jurisdiction
Sec Expiry Rights Sec Limitations Liability
Sec Miscellaneous Sec Obligation Secrecy
Sec Optional Performance Sec Payment
Sec Performance Targets Sec Subject Matter Duration Plan
Sec Voluntary Award Securities Corporate Law-related Proceedings
Securities-oriented Incentive Systems Segment Reporting
Segments Geographic Area Selected Data T-mobile Usa
Selected Explanatory Notes Selected Financial Data
Selected Kpis Selected Notes Consolidated Balance Sheet
Selected Notes Consolidated Balance Sheet Cash Equivalents Selected Notes Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
Selected Notes Consolidated Income Statement Cost Sales Selling Costs
Selling Expenses Selling Expenses Amended
Sensitivity Analysis Sentence Aktg
Service Service Offerings Portfolio
Service Platforms Services
Setting Course Setting Pace Excellence
Settlement Celcom Malaysia Berhad Seven-year Euro Bond Issued Deutsche Telekom International Finance
Seven-year Eurobond Severance Arrangements
Severance Package T-systems Share Buy-backs Following Merger T-online
Share Buy-backs Following T-online Merger Share Buyback
Share Profit Associates Joint Ventures Accounted Using Equity Share Profit Loss Associates Joint Ventures Accounted Using
Share-based Payment Share-based Payments
Shareholder Lawsuit Delay Merger T-online International Deutsche Telekom Shareholder Structure
Shareholders Eligible Participate Meeting Exercise Right Vote Articles Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Equity Overview Shareholders Equity-overview
Shareholders Meeting Shareholders Representatives
Shares Satellite Operator Ses Global Sold Sheer Physical Proximity Need Not Absolute Prerequisite Family
Shortcomings Supply Procurement Process Negatively Affect Product Portfolio Signature
Signatures Significant Changes
Significant Differences Corporate Governance Practices Significant Events After Balance Sheet Date 2007
Significant Events After Balance Sheet Date 2008 Significant Financing Events
Significant Investing Events Significant Market Power Designations
Sim Card Subscriber Identification Module Single-entity Financial Statements Deutsche Telekom
Slovak Republic Slovak Telecom
Slovak Telekom Slovak Telekom Sells Tbds Subsidiary
Slovakia Sms Mms
Social Standards Software
Southeastern United States Puerto Rico Virgin Islands Sparkassen Financial Group Extends Large-scale Contract T-systems
Sparkassen Informatik Finanzit New Voice Data Network T-systems Special Factors
Special Factors 2003 Special Factors 2004
Special Factors 2005 Special Factors 2006
Special Factors 2007 Special Factors Affecting Ebitda
Special Factors Affecting Ebitda Group Divisions 2004 Financial Special Factors Half 2005
Special Factors Half 2006 Special Factors Half 2007
Special Factors Not Affecting Ebitda Special Factors Outside Group Ebitda Affect Depreciation Amortization
Special Requirements Applicable Providers Significant Market Power Special Rights Benefits
Special Tax Rules Holders Spectrum Capacity Become Limiting Factor T-mobile Usas Growth
Spin-off Spin-off Agreement
Spin-off Assets Liabilities Split Off
Split Off Date Split Off Date Closing Balance Sheet Accounting
Split Off Share Transfer Agreement Stabilization Business Germany Measures Taking Effect
Staff Committee Staff Restructuring Continues
Staff Restructuring Deutsche Telekom Staff Restructuring Deutsche Telekom Gets Underway
Staff Restructuring Germany Staff Restructuring Program
Staff Restructuring Reduction Program Continues Stakeholder
Stand Out Competition Delivering Superior Performance Stand Responsibility
Standards Interpretations Amendments Issued Not Yet Adopted Start Auction United States
Starting After Dec Starting Point Strategic Realignment
Statement Business Development 2005 Statement Compliance
Statement Recognized Income Expense Statements 2004 Financial
Statements Valuations Basis Discounted Earnings Methodology Idw New Step-up Provisions
Stock Option Plan Stock Option Plan 2000
Stock Option Plan 2001 Stock Option Plans
Stock Option Plans Sops Stock Options
Stock Options Deutsche Telekom Stock Options Powertel
Stock Options T-mobile Usa Stock Options Warrants Powertel
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Compensation Plans
Straightforward Management Strategic Business Areas
Strategic Cooperation Videoload Gamesload Strategic Focus Growth Program Bears Fruit
Strategic Measures Business Areas Strategic Partnership Between Nokia Siemens Networks Deutsche Telekom
Strategic Partnership Microsoft Strategic Realignment
Strategic Realignment Allows Continue Tackling Challenges New Era Strategic Realignment Deutsche Telekoms Business Customer Segment
Strategy Strategy Develop Markets Future Eye Customer
Streamlining Real Estate Portfolio Gathers Momentum Strong Corporate Culture
Strong Customer Numbers Oibda Strong Growth Dsl Rate Customers
Strong Growth Promising Broadband Market Strong Positioning Highly Competitive Markets
Strongest Growth Dsl Retail Structure 2000 Global Bonds
Structure 2001 Eurobond Structure 2001 Eurobonds
Structure 2002 Global Bond Structure 2002 Global Bonds
Structure 2003 Usd Bond Structure 2003 Usd Bonds
Structure Mandatory Convertible Bonds Subscriber Information
Subscriber Lines Decision Federal Network Agency Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries Deutsche Telekom Group Central Eastern Europe
Substantial Improvement Results Substantial Increase Profitability Thanks Strict Cost Management
Success Difficult Environment Successful Continuation Brand Strategy Electronic-scout24
Successful Future Successful Group Divisional Innovation
Successful Issue Dollars Euros Successful Launch New Obu Software Truck Toll System
Successful Medium-term Issuances Eur 175 Successful Medium-term Issue
Successful Offering Croatia Successful Participation Auction
Successful Positioning Dsl Full-service Provider Successful Roll-out Innovations Strategic Business Areas
Suit Filed Vivendi Universal United States Summary Certain Balance Sheet Captions
Summary Differences Between German Gaap Summary Significant Accounting Principles
Summary Significant Cash Flows Suncom Wireless Holding Inc Transaction Closed
Suncom Wireless Holdings Inc Supervisory Board
Supervisory Board Activities 2004 Financial Supervisory Board Activities 2005 Financial
Supervisory Board Appoints Manfred Balz Head Deutsche Telekoms Supervisory Board Deutsche Telekom Appoints René Obermann New
Supervisory Boards Report 2006 Shareholders Meeting Supervisory Management Board Members
Supplemental Information Toll Collect Suppliers
Sustainability Environmental Protection Sustained Improvement Customer Service Boosts Retention
System System Failures Due Natural Man-made Disruptions Result Reduced
Systematic Acquisition Major Projects Stepped Systems Integration
T-com T-com Capital Expenditures
T-com Components Total Revenues T-com Cost Sales
T-com Depreciation Amortization T-com Developed Key Growth Potential T-dsl
T-com Develops Key Growth Potential T-dsl T-com Ebitda Adjusted
T-com Fixed-line Networks T-com Fixed-line Telephony Networks
T-com General Administrative Expenses T-com House
T-com Innovation Drive Infrastructure Products Services Presented Ifa T-com Introduces Higher Bandwidths
T-com Launches T-home T-com Net Revenue
T-com Other Operating Expenses T-com Personnel Costs
T-com Selling Expenses T-com Strong Dsl Growth
T-com Total Operating Expenses T-com Total Revenue
T-com Upgrades Europes Biggest Next-generation Networks New Generation T-coms
T-coms Growth Initiative Called Re-define T-coms Triple-play Service Offers Germanys Most Comprehensive Hdtv
T-coms Triple-play Service Offers Germanys Most Comprehensive High T-dsl Access
T-dsl Portfolio Refocused Customer Needs T-dsl Success Story
T-home Brand Launched T-home Honored Best Internet Provider
T-hrvatski Telekom T-isdn Access
T-lan T-mobile
T-mobile Agrees Acquire Suncom Wireless Page T-mobile Announces Substantial Price Reductions International Roaming Rates
T-mobile Austria T-mobile Austria Strengthens Position Number Acquisition Telering
T-mobile Brings Fifa World Cup Mobile Phones T-mobile Called Program Save Growth
T-mobile Croatia T-mobile Cuts Roaming Prices
T-mobile Cuts Roaming Prices Time Start Summer Holiday T-mobile Czech Republic
T-mobile Deutschland T-mobile Deutschland Consistently Continues Rate Campaign
T-mobile Deutschland Offers Flat Rate T-mobile Deutschland Signs Collective Wage Agreement
T-mobile Exclusively Launches Google Android Cell Phone T-mobile Favors Integrated Networks
T-mobile Hungary T-mobile International
T-mobile Introduces Flash-ofdm Network Technology Slovakia T-mobile Mobile Communications
T-mobile Mtip T-mobile Netherlands
T-mobile Once Again Rated Best Mobile Communications Network T-mobile Rebranding Slovakia
T-mobile Slovensko T-mobile Usa
T-mobile Usa 12920 38th Street Bellevue Washington 98006 T-mobile Usa Begins Commercial Network Roll-out
T-mobile Usa Crosses Customer T-mobile Usa Further Expands Commercial Network Availability
T-mobile Usa Honored Again Customer Care T-mobile Usa Honored Once Again Power
T-mobile Usa Honored Top Customer Satisfaction T-mobile Usa Inc
T-mobile Usa Launches Hotspothome T-mobile Usa Launches Usd 10-home Phone Service
T-mobile Usa Ltip T-mobile Usa Mtip
T-mobile Usa Offers Customers Internet Telephony Services T-mobile Usa Ranks Highest Wireless Retail Customer Satisfaction
T-mobile Usa Receives Highest Honors Excellent Customer Care T-mobile Usa Remains Leader Customer Service
T-mobile Usa Reports 2006 Results T-mobile Usa Reports 2008 Results
T-mobile Usa Reports Full 2007 Results T-mobile Usa Reports Strong 2006 Results
T-mobile Usa Reports Strong Results T-mobile Usa Stock Option Plans
T-mobile Usa Takes Leading Position Customer Service Ranking T-mobile Usa Unveils Worlds Mobile Phone Based New
T-mobile Usa Voicestream Powertel Stock Option Plan T-mobile Usas Gsm Gprs 1900 Voice Data Network
T-mobile Usas Strategy Confirmed Customer Service Satisfaction T-mobilehome Calling Home Attractive Fixed-network Rates
T-mobiles T-mobiles History
T-mobiles Myfaves Community Service Launched Germany T-mobiles Structure Simplified
T-net Access T-netpro
T-one Launched 2006 T-online
T-online Acquires Spanish Network Operator T-online Acquires Spanish Network Operator Albura
T-online Again Increases Customer Numbers T-online Again Increases Subscriber Numbers
T-online Cooperation Intel T-online Cost Sales
T-online Ebitda Adjusted T-online Expands Fast-growing French Market
T-online Growth Course Strongly Competitive Environment T-online International
T-online International Mtip T-online International Prior Merger
T-online International Prior Merger Deutsche Telekom T-online International Prior Merger Mtip
T-online International Prior Merger Stock Option Plans T-online International Stock Option Plans
T-online Internet Access T-online Merger
T-online Operating Expenses T-online Selling Expenses
T-online Sells Interest Comdirect T-online Total Revenues
T-onlines T-punkt Vertriebsgesellschaft Earns TÜv Awards
T-punkt Vertriebsgesellschaft Mbh Signs Collective Wage Agreement T-service Safeguard Jobs
T-share T-share Above-average Increase Share Price
T-share Performance T-share Setbacks Difficult Trading
T-systems T-systems Awarded Contract Pilot Launch Electronic Health Card
T-systems Build Operate High-performance Data Network Airbus Asia T-systems Cognizant Join Forces Growth
T-systems Connects Allianz Subsidiaries Eastern Europe T-systems Creates Electronic Procurement Platform Audi
T-systems Deliver Operate Desktop Systems Airbus Spain T-systems Enterprise Services
T-systems Enterprise Services Expansion Key Account Business T-systems Establishes Industrial Tyrolit Worldwide
T-systems Establishes World-wide Network Industrial Tyrolit T-systems Help Bring Digital Television Mecklenburg-western Pomerania
T-systems Increases Purchasing Systems T-systems Information Communication Technology
T-systems Installs Dealer Management System Major Bmw Dealers T-systems Media Broadcast
T-systems Mediabroadcast T-systems Operates Nationwide Communications Network Dak
T-systems Runs Core Systems Schufa T-systems Sets New System Madrid City Tax Authorities
T-systems Signs Collective Wage Agreement T-systems Solution Combines Fixed-network Mobile Communications Single Number
T-systems Strengthened Position Internationally T-systems Supports Multimedia Experience Guggenheim Collection Bonn
T-systems Take Over Business Operations Alldata Systems T-systems Wins Contract Public Authorities Phone Number 115
T-systems Wins Major Contract British Energy Group Centrica T-systems Zdf Sign Agreement Digital Terrestrial Television
Tangible Innovations Broadband Applications T-com House Tariffs
Tasks Assigned Supervisory Board Tax Fees
Tax Other Accruals Taxation
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Germany
Taxes Consolidated Income Statement Tdd Modulation Time Division Duplexing
Techn Dieter Hundt Telecommunication Services
Telecommunications Telecommunications Act
Telecommunications Agency Telecommunications Infrastructure
Telecommunications Market Telecommunications Market Continues Grow
Telecommunications Operations Telecomunicaciones
Telekom Telekom 2010
Telekom 2010 Implementation Programs Launched Telekom Not Yet Finalized Legally Binding
Telekom Progressing Telekom Service
Telekommunikationsdienste Gmbh Telephony
Tenure Office Retirement Terminal Equipment
Thomas Cook Outsources Telephone Infrastructure Ireland T-systems Thomas Holtrop
Thomas Mirow Through 2004
Thursday 2007 1000 Thursday 2008
Timeframe Initial Results Timeshift
Timotheus Höttges Title Class
Tivo Toll Collect
Toll Collect Looks Back 100 Successful Top Shape Profitable Growth
Total Central Eastern Europe Revenues Total Domestic Revenues
Total Financial Liabilities Total Independence
Total International Revenues Total Revenue
Total Revenue Fell Slightly Year-on-year Total Revenues
Total Revenues Domestic Total Revenues Geographic Area
Total Revenues International Trade Other Current Receivables
Trade Other Payables Trade Other Receivables
Trade Payables Other Non-derivative Financial Liabilities Trading Markets
Trading New York Stock Exchange Traditional Forms Entertainment Like Going Movies Theatre Not
Trainee Ratio Remains High Trainees Start Career Deutsche Telekom
Training Development Secures Future Training Gmbh
Transfer Assets Gmbh Transfer Provisions
Transition International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs Translation Courtesy Purposes Only German Original Shall Prevail
Transmission Network Treasury Shares
Treatment New Markets Triple Play
Trust Capital Deutsche Telekom Foundation Increased Tui Arena Expo Plaza 30539 Hannover Tuesday 2005
Type Restructuring Activity Ull Abuse Proceedings Dismissed
Umts Universal Mobile Telecommunications System Uncertain Income Tax Positions
Und Modernisierung Des Anfechtungsrechts Und Telekommunikation
Unexpected Difficulties Related Integration Suncom Wireless Holdings Orange Uniform Group-wide Employee Survey Carried Out
United Kingdom United States
United States Securities Exchange United States T-mobile Usa
Universal Services Unrealized Gains Marketable Securities
Upgrade Dsl Line Home Entertainment Channel Upstream
Upstream Upload Ursula Steinke
Usa T-mobile Used Investing Activities
Useful Life Value-added Services
Vat Repayment Umts Licenses Vdsl Very High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line
Venue Convocation Very Successful Introduction Compelling Smartphones
Video Demand Video-on-demand
Vienna Arbitration Court Strengthens Deutsche Telekoms Position Regard Vision
Vivento Business Lines Post Positive Results Vivento Consistently Adds Jobs
Vivento Contributes Improved Ebitda Vivento Employment Rate Remains Constantly High Level
Vivento Establishes New Business Lines Vivento Reports Major Successes Job Placements
Vivento Technical Services Vodafone Czech Republic
Voice Over Voip Voice Over Internet Protocol
Volker Halsch Vontobel Offer Banks Securities Transaction Services Based T-systems
Voting Rights Shareholders Meetings Vpn Virtual Private Network
W-lan Wireless Local Area Network Walter Raizner
Walter Raizner Board Member Responsible Broadband Fixed Network Walter Raizner Board Member Responsible T-com
Walter Raizner Leaves Deutsche Telekom Board Management Waltraud Litzenberger
Webnwalk Launch Mobile Internet Service United Kingdom Czech Webnwalk T-mobile Launches Mobile Internet Germany Austria
Wednesday 2005 Starting 1000 Well Positioned Market
Wendelin Wiedeking Western Europe
Western European Revenues While Receiving Improved Individualized Healthcare Declining Costs
Wholesale Wholesale Markets
Wholesale Services Wilhelm Wegner
Wimax Pilot Launched 2005 Wimax Worldwide Interoperability Microwave Access
Wlan Key Component Broadband Strategy Wlan Wireless Local Area Network
Wohnungsfuersorge Wolfgang Schmitt
Work Business Work Process Finished Goods
Worked Hard Paid Off Workforce Restructuring Deutsche Telekom Include Civil Servants
Workforce Restructuring Deutsche Telekom Includes Civil Servants Workforce Restructuring Include Civil Servants
World Gets Steadily Complex Industry Increasingly Values Subjects Worlds Largest Mpls Networks Rolled Out
Write-down Trade Names Wta Gsm License
Wta Umts License Wwwt-mobilecom
Wwwtelekomde Investor-relations Wünsch Dir Was
Wünsch Dir Was Calling Plan Increase Customer Acceptance Yacom Stock Option Plan
Yellow Pages Trademark Proceeding Yes
Öffentliche Rechtsauskunfts- Und Antragsstelle Der Freien Hansestadt Hamburg 
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