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Abide Certain Restrictions Preserve Tax Treatment Distribution Common Ability Operate Business Effectively Suffer Not Quickly Cost
Able Ontents Ward Ertificate Accounting Asset Securitization Transactions
Accounting Change Accounting Tax Information
Accounting Treatment Off-balance Sheet Securitizations Acquisition
Acquisitions Pursue Disrupt Business Harm Financial Condition Activities United Kingdom
Additional Information Address Beneficiary Ies
Advertising Brand Management Agent Service Legal Process
Agreed Form Documents Agreement 2008 Between
Agreement Acquire Savings Deposit Accounts Agreement General Release Claims
Allocated Tax Charge Allowance Loan Losses
Amended Restated 2007 Omnibus Incentive Plan Amended Restated 2007 Plan Highlights
Amendment American Recovery Reinvestment Tax Act 2009
Annex Annual Retainers
Anti-money Laundering Antitrust Litigation Settlement
Appointment Committee Members Approval Discover Financial Services Change-in-control Severance Policy
Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis 2007
Assistance Questions Audit Committee Report
Audits Contest Australia Registered Trade Marks
Available Available Credit Facilities
Available Information Award Modification
Bank Regulation Banking Subsidiaries
Bankruptcy Legislation Barclays
Barclays Bank Barclays Bank Exiting Card Business
Base Salary Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benelux Registered Trade Marks Blackout Period
Board Attendance Annual Shareholder Meeting Board Meetings Committees
Brand Advertising Management Business Depends Ability Manage Credit Risks Failing Successfully
Business Financial Condition Results Operations Adversely Affected Increasing Business Financial Condition Results Operations Adversely Affected New
Business Materially Adversely Affected Unable Recruit Retain Motivate Buyer Warranties
Capital Capital Markets Activity
Card Cardmember Assistance
Cardmember Rewards Cost Cardmember Website
Cash Bonus Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Certain Historical Financial Results Business Segment Morgan Stanley Certain Representations Covenants
Certain Transactions Certification
Change Control Change Control Severance Policy
Changes Accounting Treatment Securitization Transactions Materially Adversely Affect Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Laws Regulations Application Thereof Adversely Affect Business Changes Level Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Recurring
Changes Level Interest Rates Materially Adversely Affect Earnings Changes Regulations Application Thereof Adversely Affect Business Financial
Check Appropriate Box Below Form 8-k Filing Intended China Registered Trade Marks
Code Ethics Common Stock Market Prices Dividends
Communication Cooperation Communications Directors
Community Registered Trade Marks Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Program Compensation Program Objectives
Compensation Structure Competition
Competitive Market Executive Talent Compliance Laws Regulation
Components Total Compensation Condensed Statements Financial Condition
Conference Call Webcast Information Confirmation Guidance Managed Net Charge-off Rate
Connection Spin-off Morgan Stanley Incurred Additional Indebtedness Restrict Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consents Local Law Contacts
Contractual Obligations Contingent Liabilities Commitments Controlled Group
Controls Procedures Conversion Morgan Stanley Equity Awards
Copies Plan Award Certificate Stock Units Supplement Thereto Copy
Cost Funding Increased After Separation Morgan Stanley Liquidity Costs Expenses
Counts Votes Covenants
Credit Card Accountability Responsibility Disclosure Act 2009 Significantly Credit Card Legislation Regulation
Credit Card Regulation Credit Cards
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Estimates
Critical Accounting Policies Cross Reference Sheet
Current Proposed Regulation Addressing Consumer Privacy Data Security Customer Acquisition
Customer Management Customer Service
Czech Republic Registered Trade Marks Dated 2009
Deal Lead Global Acceptance Discover Network Cards Death Disability
Decision Making Process Decisions Role Chief Executive Officer Operating Compensation
Declines Value Income Earned Retained Interests Securitization Transactions Deferral Elections
Defined Terms Definitions
Delinquencies Delinquencies Non-performing Loans
Deposit Products Deposits
Derivative Contracts Description Business
Designation Beneficiary Did Receive Materials
Diners Club International Director Compensation
Director Independence Director Qualifications
Discount Interchange Revenue Discover
Discover Bank Subordinated Offering Discover Card Terms Conditions
Discover Equity Compensation Plans Discover Financial Services
Discover Financial Services 401 Plan Discover Financial Services Announces Public Offering Common Stock
Discover Financial Services Filed Registration Statement Including Prospectus Discover Financial Services Recommends Rejection Mini-tender Offer Trc
Discover Morgan Stanley Distribution Related Agreements
Distribution Related Equity Adjustments Dividend Equivalent Payments
Dividends Documents Incorporated Reference
Dollars Dont Vote Broker
Downgrade Credit Ratings Securities Materially Adversely Affect Business Earnings Per Share
Earnings Summary Economic Downturns Financial Market Events Other Conditions Beyond
Effective Date Term Plan Effects Spin-off
Election Director Election Directors
Electronic Funds Networks Eligibility
Employee Benefit Plans Employee Compensation Benefits
Employee Compensation Plans Employee Matters Agreement
Employee Matters Agreements Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employees Encourage Take Advantage Internet Telephone Voting Available
Enforcement Rights Entered Credit Facility Restrict Operations
Entire Agreement Amendments Waivers Entitlements
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Grant Non-employee Director
Equity Grants Non-employee Directors Estimated Tax Payments
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Agreement
Executive Officers Executive Officers Registrant
Executive Severance Change Control Policy Executive Stock Ownership Guidelines
Executive Summary Exhibits
Expect Continue Incur Significant Expenses Litigation Pursuing Against Face Competition Other Credit Card Issuers Not Able
Face Competition Other Operators Payment Networks Not Able Fair Market Value
Fdia Fdic Assessments
Federal Family Education Loan Program Federal Income Taxes
Federal Reserve Board Proposed Amendments Federal Reserve Boards Amendments Certain Rules Significantly Impact
Federal Reserve Boards Proposed Amendments Regulations Adopted Material Fee Products
Financial Regulatory Reform Financial Services Payment Industries Rapidly Evolving Unsuccessful Introducing
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Other Exhibits
Floating Rate Senior Due 2010 Fold Detach Here
Following Proxy Materials Available Review Online Form Notice Exercise
Form Opinion Form Waiver
Form Warrant Purchase Common Stock Formation Basis Presentation
Formation Discover Card Execution Trust Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward-looking Statements Founders Grants
Fraud Prevention Fraudulent Activity Associated Cards Increases Brands Suffer Reputational
Fraudulent Activity Associated Cards Networks Increases Brands Suffer Future Guidance Financial Accounting Standards Board Impact Treatment
Gaap Managed Data Reconciliation Gaap Managed Data Reconciliations
Gaap Managed Reconciliations General
Goodwill Goodwill Intangible Impairment Loss
Goodwill Other Nonamortizable Intangible Assets Governing Law
Grant Converted Restricted Stock Units Grant Converted Stock Options
Grants Plan-based Awards Table Guarantees
Headings Held 2008
Held 2009 Highlights
Http Wwwdiscoverfinancialcom Proxy Impact Recently Enacted Legislation Government Programs Stabilize Financial
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Stockholder Meeting Inability Accept Maintain Deposits Obtain Other Sources Funding
Inability Accept Obtain Brokered Deposits Future Materially Adversely Income Tax Expense
Income Taxes Increased Usage Consumers Credit Sources Such Home Equity
Incur Considerable Expenses Competing Other Credit Card Issuers Indemnities
Index Index Consolidated Combined Financial Statements
Individual Neo Bonus Determinations Indonesia Registered Trade Marks
Information Concerning Nominees Election Directors Information Processing Communications
Initial Annual Awards Restricted Stock Units Installment Loans
Insurance Credit Fee Products Intellectual Property
Interest Income Recognition International Card
International Card Business Internet Telephone Vote Authorizes Named Proxies Shares Same
Introduction Introduction Overview
Introductory Investment Banking Services Agreement
Investment Discover Investment Portfolio Adversely Affected Market Fluctuations Negatively Impact
Investor Contacts Issuance Stock
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Japan Registered Trade Marks
Key Developments Impacting Reported Results Key Highlights
Key Technology Platforms Such Transaction Authorization Settlement Systems Lead Director
Legal Proceedings Legislation Addressing Credit Card Practices
Legislation Regulation Enacted Requiring Hold Higher Levels Capital Legislative Regulatory Developments
Lesliesuttondiscovercom Liquidity Capital Resources
Listing Registration Legal Compliance Litigation Regulatory Actions Subject Significant Fines Penalties Requirements
Loan Fee Income Loan Quality
Long-term Borrowings Long-term Equity Compensation
Loss Investment Securities Loss Investments
Management Recommends Vote Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Marketing Marketing Business Development
Maturities Sensitivities Loan Receivables Changes Interest Rates Media
Media Contacts Meeting Location
Merchant Defaults Adversely Affect Business Financial Condition Cash Merchant Fees
Merchant Relationships Miscellaneous
Morgan Stanley Discover Mortgage Loan Underwriting Processing
Much Proxy Solicitation Cost Multi-year Equity Grants
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Net Charge-offs
Net Interest Income Net Revaluation Retained Interests Components Summarized Table Below
Networks Merchant Operations New Cardmembers
New Director New Directors
Nomination Directors Non-competition Agreement
Non-employee Director Meetings Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table
Nontransferability Not Successful Managing Liquidity Investments Adversely Affect Business
Notes Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Combined Financial Statements Notices
Now Access Discover Financial Services Account Online Number 001-33378
Obligations Associated Being Public Require Significant Resources Management Occurrence Events Result Early Amortization Existing Securitization Transactions
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Officer
Omnibus Incentive Plan Ongoing Leasehold Arrangements
Operating Model Operations Currently Not Profitable Assurance They Become
Option Elect Repayment Option Exercises Stock Vested Table
Option Exercises Vesting Stock Table Ending 2007 Other Business
Other Business Transacted Meeting Proxy Voted Other Credit Card Legislation
Other Credit Card Student Loan Legislation Other Events
Other Expense Other Income
Other Matters Other Related Party Transactions
Other Transactions Ounders Rant
Outlook Outlook Executive Compensation
Overall Business Segment Performance Overall Segment Performance
Overview Blackout Period Notice Own Shares Discover Financial Services 401 Plan Vote
Own Shares Morgan Stanley 401 Plan Vote Recorded Own Shares Through Broker Vote Recorded
Ownership Possession Part
Part Calculation Adjustment Part Interpretation
Part Other Information Part Preparation
Parties Acknowledge Signing Below They Read Understand Above Parties Read Understand Foregoing Knowingly Voluntarily Intend Bound
Pay Performance Payments
Pending Sale Credit Card Business Subject Variety Conditions Pension Benefits Table
Plan Administrator Plan Amendments Termination
Plan Operation Policies
Policy Agreement Applies Vps Above Policy Regarding Pre-approval Independent Auditor Services
Policy Regarding Pre-approval Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Portfolio Management
Power Attorney Premises Equipment
Presentation Materials Pricing Analytics
Pro Forma Earnings Per Share Pro Forma Impact Statements Financial Accounting Standards 166
Processing Services Product Development
Product Development Management Professional Fees
Proposal Approve Discover Financial Services Amended Restated 2007 Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Ratification Appointment Deloitte Touche Llp Proposal Ratify Appointment Deloitte Touche Llp Independent Registered
Provision Loan Losses Proxy Statement
Prudent Actions Policy Fiduciaries Pulse Network
Purchase Closing Purpose
Qualifying Special Purpose Entities Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Period 2007 Quarterly Results
Questions Rate Senior
Ratification Appointment Independent Auditor Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Receive Information Policy Benefits Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Initiatives Related Eesa Recitals
Registered Trade Marks Registrant8217s Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 224-405-0900 Registration Statement Form S-3
Regulation Disclosure Regulatory Matters
Related Party Transactions Morgan Stanley Reliminary Verall Rinciples
Rely Part Unsecured Secured Debt Funding Inability Access Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Repayment Indebtedness Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Request Paper Copy Proxy Materials Reference Digit Control Resignation Directors
Result Separation Morgan Stanley Experience Increased Costs Resulting Retirement Benefits
Return Filing Revoke Proxy Change Vote
Rewards Cashback Bonus Right Reserved
Rights Employee Retirement Income Security Act Erisa Rights Stockholder
Risk Factors Risks Related Current Environment Recent Developments
Riverwoods Sept 2009 Role Chief Executive Officer Operating Compensation Decisions
Role Compensation Committee Role Compensation Consultants
Role Nominating Governance Committee Sale International Card Segment 2008 Charge
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Satisfaction Obligations
Schedule Securities Law Compliance Matters
Security Systems Those Merchants Merchant Acquirers Other Parties Senior Due 2017
Senior Due 2019 Separation Distribution Agreement
Settlement Procedures Certain Other Payments Severability
Share Consideration Share Repurchase Program
Shareholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting Shareholder Recommendations Director Candidates
Shareholders Meeting Shares Stock Subject Plan
Short-term Borrowings Signature
Signature Page Registration Rights Agreement Signatures
Signing Warranties Only Singapore Registered Trade Marks
Slovak Republic Registered Trade Marks South Korea Registered Trade Marks
Special Regarding Forward-looking Statements State Local Income Taxes
Stock Ownership Guidelines Stock Performance Graph
Stock Repurchase Program Stock Subject Plan
Stock Units Generally Subject Regulation Number Different Regulatory Agencies Broad Discretion
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Success Acquisition Diners Club Depends Ability Maintain Full
Success Dependent Part Executive Officers Other Key Personnel Summary 2008 Pay Decisions
Summary Pay Decisions Summary Schedules
Table Contents Taiwan Registered Trade Marks
Tax Other Withholding Obligations Tax Sharing Agreements
Technology Term Asset-backed Securities Loan Facility
Term Sheet Relates Only Securities Described Below Supplements Termination Compensatory Employment Arrangement
Termination Service Cancellation Awards Thailand Registered Trade Marks
Third-party Issuing Business Third-party Payments
Third-party Payments Business Time Sale Information
Trading Restrictions Transaction Processing Revenue
Transaction Volume Concentrated Among Large Merchants Reduction Number Transactions Morgan Stanley Connection Spin-off
Transition Services Agreement Transitional Trade License Agreement
Treasury Capital Purchase Program Treasury Office Foreign Assets Control
Treasury Rules Governing Compensation Troubled Asset Relief Program Unable Complete Certain Actions Adjust Credit Enhancement Structure
Unable Grow Earnings Increase Maintain Number Small Mid-size Unable Grow Earnings Increase Number Small Mid-size Merchants
Unable Grow Earnings Not Attract New Cardmembers Unfavorable Unable Increase Sustain Discover Card Usage Impair Growth
Unable Maintain Relationships Network Licensees Issue Diners Club Unable Maintain Relationships Network Participants Issue Diners Club
Unable Securitize Receivables Acceptable Rates Materially Adversely Affect Unable Securitize Receivables Material Adverse Effect Liquidity Cost
Unfunded Plan Unsuccessful Protecting Intellectual Property Including Brands
Usage Consumers Credit Sources Such Home Equity Loans Valuation Certificated Retained Interests Dcent
Variable Year-end Bonus Vesting Schedule Conversion
Visa Mastercard Impose Additional Restrictions Issuing Banks Merchants Vote
Vote Confidential Vote Important
Vote Matter Votes Required Approve Proposal
Waiver Ward Ertificate Estricted Tock Nits
Ward Ertificate Restricted Tock Nits Warrant Purchase Common Stock
What Effect Not Voting What Mean Receive Set Materials
What Proposals Being Asked Vote Withholding Taxes
Write Down After Tax Year-end Bonus Determinations
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