Topic Listing for ENI S.p.A.

Abbreviations Abuse Alcohol Drugs
Accounting Buy Sell Contracts Accounting Estimates
Accounting Records Accounting Suspended Well Costs Gaap
Acquisition Italgas Spa Acquisition Mineral Rights
Activities Iran Lead Sanctions Relevant Legislation Addendum
Additional Duties Managers Adjustment Consolidated Financial Statements Gaap
Adjustment Gain Sale 9054 Interest Snam Rete Gas Adjustment Tangible Intangible Assets
Admissible Positions Other Companies Admission Shareholders Meeting Subject Delivery Also Registered Shares
Adoption Ifrs Advantages Proposed Favour Board Members Merging Merged
Africa Agency Moodys Upgrades Enis Long Term Rating
Agenda Agip Karachaganak
Agreement Between Eni Gazprom Agreement Between Eni Gazprom Gazexport
Agreement Gazprom South Stream Project Allocation Net Income
Amounts Per Share Ads Analysis Line Profit Loss Account
Annex Antitrust
Antitrust Competition Law Antitrust Proceedings Actions Authority Electricity Gas Other Regulatory
Antitrust Rules Applicability Code Parties
Application Weighted-average Cost Method Instead Lifo Appointment
Appointment Chairman Board Directors Appointment Chairman Board Statutory Auditors
Appointment Directors Appointment Requirements Other Duties
Appointment Statutory Auditors Appropriate Conduct
Approval 2006-2008 Stock Option Plan Authorization Board Dispose Approval Distrigas Takeover Bid Prospectus Belgian Banking Finance
Approval Eni Stock-option Plan 2006-2008 Authorisation Board Directors Approve Financial Statements Eni Spa 2005 Show Net
Approved Merger Eni Portugal Investment Enifin Aromatics Intermediates
Asset Retirement Obligation Asset Retirement Obligations
Assets Concession Arrangements Assets Investments Geographic Area Origin
Assignation Merging Shares Date Accrue Dividend Audit Committee
Auditors Auditors Report Documents Required 2433-bis Civil Code Distribution
Auditors Report Limited Review Consolidated Interim Financial Statements Auditors Report Limited Review Interim Financial Reporting Period
Authorisation Board Directors Make Available Own Shares 2005 Authorisation Purchase Eni Shares Withdrawal Part Not Yet
Average Sale Prices Production Costs Per Unit Background
Basic Petrochemicals Basis Presentation
Beneficiary Board Chairmans Proposal Appoints Secretary Need Not Belong
Board Committees Board Directors Competencies Delegate Powers Composition
Board Establish Committees Shall Advisory Consulting Tasks Specific Board Self Evaluation
Board Statutory Auditors Board Statutory Auditors Audit Committee
Board Statutory Auditors Financial Expert Bod Approved 2005 Stock Grant Option Plans Appointed
Bonds Issued 2005 Guaranteed Eni Spa Bonds Issued 2006 Guaranteed Eni Spa
Bonds Maturing 18-month Period Starting 2005 Bonds Maturing 18-month Period Starting 2006
Bonds Maturing 18-months Period 2008 Bonds Maturing 18-months Period Starting 2008
Bonds Maturing 18-months Period Starting 2009 Business Acquisitions
Business Areas Business Combinations
Business Conduct Buy-back Programme 2006 Purchased 763 Enis Share Capital
By-laws Amended Cancellation Dación Oil Field Contract Part Venezuelan State
Capital Expenditure Capital Expenditure Investing Activities
Capital Expenditure Segment Capital Expenditures
Capital Expenditures Segment Capital Gains Tax
Capitalized Interest Expense Cash Allocation
Cash Equivalent Cash Equivalents
Cash Generated Operating Income Before Changes Working Capital Cash Generated Operating Profit Before Changes Working Capital
Caspian Area Cautionary Statement
Ceo Eni Vittorio Mincato Illustrates 2005-2008 Strategic Plan Certain Defined Terms
Certain Significant Estimates Certification
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Certification Rendered Enis Chief Financial Officer His Quality
Chairman Board His Absence Oldest Member Attendance Chairs Chairman Meeting Assisted Secretary Need Not Shareholder Designated
Chairman Members Board Remunerated Amount Established Ordinary Shareholders Change Enis 2007 Financial Calendar
Changes Accounting Principles Changes Consolidation Scope
Changes Crude Oil Natural Gas Prices Adversely Affect Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Introduced Indexation Mechanism Raw Material Component Supplies Changes Net Borrowings
Changes Working Capital Related Operations Charges Related Asset Retirement Obligations
Charges Related Asset Retirement Obligations Sfas 143 Civil Administrative Proceedings
Code Applies Code Business Conduct Ethics
Code Ethics Code Ethics Scope Application Reference Structures
Code Practice Code Review
Comments Board Directors Existence Withdrawal Right Dissenting Shareholders Commitments Contingencies
Commodity Price Risk Management Commodity Risk
Compensation Committee Compensation Directors Statutory Auditors General Managers
Compensation Key Management Personnel Competencies
Competition Comprehensive Income
Concentrations Certain Significant Estimates Condensed Balance Sheet
Confidentiality Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Financial Statements Dividend Consolidation Policy
Contact Contact Information
Contacts Contacts Press Office Tel 0252031875 065982398 Shareholder Freephone
Contingencies Continuing Listing Standards Provided Italian Exchange Regulation Issuers
Contractual Obligations Contractual Value Code
Controls Procedures Conversion Table
Copies Minutes Bona Fide They Signed Chairman Person Corporate Other Activities
Costs Related Site Restoration Abandonment Countries Activity
Country Risk Court Inquiries
Credit Risk Criminal Proceedings
Criteria Followed Allocation Shares Issued Eni Order Give Criteria Used Determine Exchange Ratio Mention Appraisals Current
Critical Accounting Estimates Cross-holdings Rules
Cumulative Translation Adjustment Reserve Current Assets
Current Financial Liabilities Current Non-current Finance Debt
Current Tax Assets Cyclicality Petrochemical Industry
Date Asset Liabilities Transferred Charged Financial Statements Beneficiary Date Enipower Operations Charged Also Tax Purposes Eni
Date Operations Companies Merged Charged Also Tax Purposes Date Operations Merged Charged Financial Statements Merging
Deals Concern Activities Hydrocarbon Exploration Russia Commercialization Oil Decision 137 2002 Authority Electricity Natural Gas Network
Decision 188 2004 Authority Electricity Gas Decisions Authority Electricity Gas Matter Natural Tariffs Diminish
Decree President Council Ministers 2002 Deferred Bonus
Deferred Monetary Bonus Deferred Tax Assets
Deferred Tax Assets Liabilities Demand Natural Gas Italy
Demerged Demerging Italgas
Depreciation Amortization Impairments Depreciation Amortization Writedowns
Depreciation Depletion Amortization Impairments Depreciation Fixed Assets
Derivatives Description Assets Liabilities Assigned Beneficiary
Description Assets Transferred Enipower Eni Description Demerger Reasons Operating Objectives Companies Involved Related
Description Destination Issue Description Main Changes
Description Merger Reasons Managerial Objectives Companies Involved Related Description Rights Shares Assigned Shareholders Demerged
Determination Directors Term Determination Number Board Directors Members
Determination Reference Prices Non Eligible Customers 2002 Determination Remuneration Chairman Board Directors
Determination Remuneration Chairman Board Statutory Auditors Effective Development
Development Plans Power Generation Development Projects
Development Projects Bear Significant Operational Risks Adversely Affect Different Criteria Capitalization Financial Charges
Different Recognition Deferred Tax Different Recognition Deferred Tax Assets
Different Recognition Reserve Contingencies Different Useful Lives Gas Pipelines Compression Stations Distribution
Directive 2003 Directive 2004
Directors Directors Independence Duties
Directors Independence Honorability Obligations Directors Independence Integrity Requirements
Disclaimer Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Legal Proceedings Discussion Certain Business Trends Expected 2006 Beyond
Disposals Disposition Enis Own Shares Implement Stock Option Plan
Distribuidora Gas Cuyana Distributable Reserves
Distribution Distribution Activity
Distribution Marketing Distribution Sale Natural Gas Residential Commercial Customers
Dividend Dividend Payment Starting 2005 Paid Every
Dividends Dividends Interest Taxes Extraordinary Expense
Dividends Paid Changes Minority Interests Reserves Dividends Received Taxes Paid Interest
Divisional Performance Documents Display
Due Regulated Access Natural Gas Transport Infrastructure Italy Duties Employees
Duties Eni Duties Responsibilities
E-mail Investorrelationseniit Eni Spa Piazza Vanoni 20097 San E-mailbox Segreteriasocietariaazionistieniit Investor Relations
Earnings Per Share Effect Capitalization Costs Asset Retirement Obligations
Effects Demerger Pacts Among Shareholders Beneficiary Demerged Mentioned Effects Investments Accounted Equity Method
Effects Investments Accounted Using Equity Method Electricity Generation
Electricity Sales Emission Trading
Employee Benefits Employee Post-employment Benefits
Employees Employees Post Retirement Benefits
Employees Post-retirement Benefits End Each Business Board Directors Sees Preparation Financial
Engineering Engineering Construction
Eni 2006 Financial Statements Sustainability Report Eni Acquires Operated Assets Maurel Prom Congo Total
Eni Adopts New Voluntary Code Conduct Listed Companies Eni Agreement Completed Burren Energy
Eni Agreement Sonatrach Expansion Algeria-italy Gas Pipeline Becomes Eni Agrees Acquire Dominion Assets Gulf Mexico Total
Eni Announces 583 Acquisition Yukos Assets Major Step Eni Announces Adr Ratio Change
Eni Announces Appeal Ruling Pieve Vergonte Site Syndial Eni Announces New Gas Power Price Offer
Eni Announces Results Unconditional Mandatory Takeover Bid Distrigas Eni Annual Shareholders Meeting Convened
Eni Appointment Manager Responsible Preparation Accounts Eni Becomes Primary Gas Operator Belgium Signed Agreement
Eni Been Experiencing Significant Pressure Natural Gas Margins Eni Believes Oversupply Natural Gas Likely Occur Long-term
Eni Board Directors Eni Board Directors Approves Retail Bond Issue
Eni Board Directors Delegates Powers Appoints Paolo Scaroni Eni Bod Examines Kazakhstan Developments
Eni Bond Offering Eni Calendar Events 2006
Eni Clarification Bond Offer Eni Communicates Regarding Hypothesis Payment Interim Dividends
Eni Completes Acquisition Calgary Petroleums Ltd Eni Completes Acquisition Maurel Proms Assets Congo
Eni Completes Acquisition Suezs Majority Shareholding Distrigas Eni Completes Euro Sale Italgas Stogit
Eni Completes Sale Stake Gazprom Neft Eni Convenes Annual Shareholders Meeting
Eni Convenes Board Directors Eni Corporate Bond Euro Bonds Italian Retail Investors
Eni DaciÓn Eni Donates Euro 200 Governmental Solidarity Fund Promoted
Eni Enel Announce Around Acquisition Yukos Assets Eni Enel Complete Sale Gazprom Severenergia
Eni Enhances Presence Congo Eni Enters Exclusivity Agreement Suez Acquisition Distrigas
Eni Fails Grow Natural Gas Sales Europe Planned Eni Financial Calendar 2007
Eni Financial Statements 2004 Consolidated Report Directors Course Eni Financial Statements 2005 Consolidated Report Directors Course
Eni Further Step Towards Development South Stream Gas Eni Gazprom Sign Agreement South Stream Project
Eni Gazprom Sign New Agreement Eni Gazprom Sign Strategic Agreement
Eni Giant Gas Discovery Offshore Venezuela Eni Growth Prospects Italy Limited Regulation
Eni Incur Material Operating Costs Liabilities Relation Compliance Eni Incur Material Operating Expenses Expenditures Relation Compliance
Eni Initiates Arbitration Proceedings Defend Interests Venezuela Eni Kpo Kazrosgaz Sign Gas Sale Agreement
Eni Makes New Significant Gas Discovery Offshore Sicily Eni Noc Establish Foundations Future Joint Oil Gas
Eni Noc Sign New Petroleum Contracts Epsa Establish Eni Not Studying Offer Maurel Prom
Eni Notified Acquisition Majority Stake Distrigas Belgian Banking Eni Offers Suez Diversified Portfolio Consideration Assets Part
Eni Preliminary Agreement Acquire Lng Regasification Capacity Cameron Eni Presentation Effects Adoption International Financial Reporting Standards
Eni Press Office Eni Press Room
Eni Press Room Tel 0252031875 065982398 Freephone Number Eni Publigas Sign Shareholders Agreement Relation Distrigas
Eni Reaches Agreement Suez Sale Asset Portfolio Eni Reaches Settlement Agreement Venezuela Dación Field
Eni Reaches Through Gas Power Belgium 9886 Total Eni Report 2007 Certification Rendered Enis Chief Financial
Eni Report 2007 Employees Eni Republic Congo Launch New Integrated Model Cooperation
Eni Sells 100 Stogit Italgas Snam Rete Gas Eni Shall Adopt New Accounting Standards 2005 Affect
Eni Shareholders Meeting Approved 2004 Financial Statements Resolved Eni Shareholders Meeting Approves 2007 Financial Statements
Eni Shareholders Meeting Approves 2008 Financial Statements Eni Signed Today Agreement Suez Acquisition Distrigas Following
Eni Signs Agreement Sempra Acquire Share New Louisiana Eni Signs Contracts Sale Gas Russia Becomes European
Eni Signs Nigeria Lng Agreement Purchase Cubic Meters Eni Signs Strategic Agreements Bolivarian Republic Venezuelas Orinoco
Eni Snamprogetti Wins Contract Worth 143 Dollars United Eni Società Per Azioni Roma Piazzale Enrico Mattei
Eni Spa Eni Spa Audit Accounting Adjustments Consequent Application Gaap
Eni Spa Audit Internal Control System Regarding Consolidated Eni Spa Audit Regularity Accounting Procedures
Eni Spa Consolidated Financial Statements Audit Eni Spa Financial Statements Audit
Eni Spa Limited Review Half-year Report Eni Spa Resulting Transformation Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi Public
Eni Spa Shareholders Meetings Disciplined Spas Meeting Regulation Eni Standards Neither Enis Non-executive Directors Nor Independent
Eni Strategic Agreement Management Galp Reached Eni Strengthens Presence Area Becomes Major Operators Gom
Eni Successfully Closes Retail Bond Offering Period Demand Eni Successfully Launched Fixed Rate Bond
Enipower Spa Enis Board Directors
Enis Growth Prospects Italy Limited Regulation Enis Natural Gas Margin Italy Decrease Permanently Compared
Enis Results Operations 2007 Enis Results Operations 2008
Enis Results Operations 2009 Enis Results Operations Affected Changes European Refining Margins
Enis Results Operations Affected Changes International Oil Prices Enis Results Operations Affected Changes Petrochemical Margins
Enis Results Operations Financial Condition Exposed Risks Deriving Environment
Environmental Expenditures Environmental Health Safety Regulation
Environmental Liabilities Environmental Regulation
Environmental Regulations Ernst Young Kft
Estimates Effects Demerger Relevant Shareholdings Control Beneficiary Demerged Etermination Irectors Term
Etermination Number Oard Irectors Members Ethics Transparency Fairness Professionalism
European Gas European Markets
European Union Evaluation Criteria
Event Whatever Reason Share Belongs Person Rights Relating Event Wound Shareholders Meeting Decide Manner Liquidation Appoint
Exchange Controls Exchange Rate Differences
Exchange Rate Risk Exchange Rates
Executive Summary Exemptions Listing Standards Audit Committees
Expansion Strategy Natural Gas Activities Expected Exist Until 2100 Duration Extended Times Resolution
Explanatory Exploration
Exploration Production Exploration Production Activities
Exploration Production Significant Systematic Growth Exploratory Drilling Efforts Not Successful
External Auditors External Relations
Extraordinary Extraordinary Income Expense
Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting Favorable Impact Higher Oil Prices Enis Results Operations
Finance Debt Finance Income Expense
Financial Fixed Assets Financial Highlights
Financial Income Expense Financial Income Expense Exchange Differences Net
Financial Statements Financial Terms
Financing Transactions Fixed Assets
Forecast Significant Reduction Costs Develop Operate Oil Gas Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Exchange Risk Management Foreign Exchange Risks
Foreword Form 6-k
Free Number 800940924 Switchboard 39-0659821 Free Number Shareholders 800940924 Switchboard 39-0659821
Full Functioning
Further Information Contact Future Capital Expenditures
Galp Gas Metering
Gas Power Gas Power Further International Expansion Also Through Integrated
General General Principles
General Principles Sustainability Corporate Responsibility Gnl Italia Spa
Goodwill Grants
Group Result Group Results
Guarantees Half 2007
Half 2008 Handling Information
Harassment Workplace Heads Eni Gazprom Strike New Deals Oil Gas
Health Safety Environment Health Safety Environment Public Protection
Hedging History Development
Hse Activity Hse Activity 2008
Human Resources Hungarian Statutory Financial Statements
Hydrocarbon Exploration Production Hydrocarbon Production Boepd
Hydrocarbon Production Future Targets Ias Employee Benefits
Ias Financial Instruments Recognition Measurement Iberian Peninsula
Ifric Determining Whether Arrangement Contains Lease Ifric Rights Interests Arising Decommissioning Restoration Environmental Funds
Ifrs Financial Instruments Disclosures Ias Presentation Statements Impairment Assets
Implementation Kyoto Protocol Inability Replace Oil Natural Gas Reserves Adversely Impact
Inability Replacing Oil Natural Gas Reserves Adversely Impact Income Expense Investments
Income Expenses Investments Income Investments
Income Tax Income Tax Expense
Income Tax Receivables Income Taxes
Income Taxes Accordance Gaap Incorporation Act Articles Association Eni Memorandum Enipower Indications
Increasing Competition Wholesale Segment Natural Gas Power Independent Directors
Information Bonds Issued Eni Companies Information Foreseeable Closing Current Financial
Information Given Pursuant 2501- Ter Civil Code Information Given Pursuant 2506-bis Civil Code
Infrastructure Infrastructures
Inheritance Gift Tax Inquiries Antitrust Authority
Inquiries Italian European Antitrust Authorities Inquiry Authority Electricity Gas Behaviors Operators Selling Natural
Inquiry Authority Electricity Gas Import Purchase Prices Inquiry European
Inquiry Quality Distribution Services Insurance
Intangible Assets Inter-company Transactions
Intercompany Transactions Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Risk Management Interest Rates
Interests Companies Included Scope Consolidation Interim Consolidated Financial Report 2009
Interim Dividend Interim Dividend 2007
Interim Dividend 2008 Internal Control Committee
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Controls
Internal Dealing International Oil Committee
International Transport Activities Internet Page Wwweniit Telephone 39-0659821 Toll-free Number 800940924
Inventories Inventories Compulsory Stock
Investing Activities Investment Plan Efficiency Program
Investments Investor Relations
Investor Relations Information Processing Investor Relations Team
Issue Bonds Including Convertibles Warrant Compliance Law Part Italian Government Parliament Regulatory Authorities Italy Europe Take
Italian Government Parliament Regulatory Authorities Take Further Steps Italian Natural Gas Market
Italian Statutory Consolidated Financial Statements Italian Statutory Financial Statements
Italian Taxation Italian Transport Activity
Italian Transport Network Italy
Italy Russia Turkey Sign Joint Agreement Samsun-ceyhan Oil Joint Official Inquiry Authority Electricity Gas Antitrust
Key Consolidated Financial Data Key Developments
Law 239 2004 Restructuring Energy Sector Italy Law Decree 239 2003
Law Decree 239 2003 Budget Laws 2006 2007 Legal Proceedings
Legal Reserve Legislative Decree 164 2000
Leverage Net Borrowings Liabilities Redundancies
Liberalization Italian Natural Gas Market Lifting Development Costs Increasing Reduce Profit Per Boe
Lifting Development Costs Trending Reduce Profit Per Boe Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Risk Llocation Net Income
Lng Lng Business
Logistics Long-term Debt
Long-term Incentive Schemes Lpg
Lubricants Main Targets
Major Shareholders Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Management Expectations Operations Management Risks
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Expectations Operations
Mandatory Offer Eni Holding Plc Hindustan Oil Exploration Market Risk
Marketable Securities Marketing
Markets Meetings Non Executive Directors
Memorandum Articles Association Mergers Optimise Structure Enis Equity Holdings Simplify Financial
Merging Incorporation Act Indications Amendments Articles Association Approved Mid Downstream Gas
Mineral Right Portfolio Exploration Activity Ministry Economy Finance Retain His Shareholding Share Capital
Minority Interest Minority Protection Provisions
Minutes Extraordinary Meetings Drawn Notary Public Table Contents Minutes Ordinary Meetings Signed Chairman Secretary 165 Extraordinary
Mission Monetary Revaluation Assets
Named Angelo Caridi New Chief Operating Officer Refining Natural Gas Market Europe Directive 2003
Natural Gas Market Italy Natural Gas Prices
Nature Operations Net Borrowings
Net Cash Generated Operating Profit Before Changes Working Net Deferred Tax Liabilities
Net Finance Expense Net Financial Expense
Net Financial Income Net Income Investments
Net Sales Operations New Capacity Cubic Metres Entire Disposal Operators
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Non Profit Initiatives
Non-current Assets North Africa
North Sea Not Publication Distribution Directly Indirectly United States Canada
Notice Bondholders Meeting Notice Pursuant Consob Regulation 11971 1999
Notice Shareholders Meeting Notional Amounts Credit Exposures Derivatives
Obligation Know Code Report Possible Violation Thereof Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offshore Construction Offshore Drilling
Oil Gas Activities Oil Gas Activity Subject Increasingly High Levels Income
Oil Natural Gas Reserves Oil Products Sales Italy Outside
Oilfield Services Construction Oilfield Services Construction Engineering
Olefins Omission
Ompensation Representative Ourt Ccounts Financial Controller Onshore Construction
Onshore Drilling Operating Expenses
Operation Risks Operational Highlights
Operational Highlights Trading Environment Ordinary Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting Resolutions
Ordinary Shareholders Meeting Ordinary Shareholders Meetings Called Least Once Approve Financial
Organizational Structure Other Activities
Other Assets Other Businesses
Other Changes 2004 Result Ifrs Other Commitments
Other Commitments Risks Not Included Balance Sheet Other Current Liabilities
Other Developments Other Developments Gas Usa Marginal Oil Assets Divestment
Other Effects Different Recognition Deferred Tax Assets Other Financial Assets
Other Financial Assets Held Trading Available Sale Other Financial Assets Trading Available Sale
Other Income Expense Investments Other Income Revenues
Other Information Other Initiatives
Other Judicial Arbitration Proceedings Other Non-current Assets
Other Non-current Liabilities Other Non-current Receivables
Other Performance Indicators Other Points
Other Portfolio Developments Other Reserves
Other Risks Commitments Outlook
Overview Oxygenates
Page Italian Text Prevails Over English Table Contents Paolo Scaroni Alexei Miller Meeting
Particular Advantages Proposed Favour Board Members Demerging Beneficiary Parties Plans Construction Lng Terminals Implemented Announced Eni
Payment 2006 Final Dividend Payment 2008 Final Dividend
Payroll Related Costs Personnel Policies
Pfic Rules Planned Actions Sales Target
Polimeri Europa Spa Polimeri Europa Spa Syndial
Political Considerations Polyethylene
Portfolio Developments Positions Transactions Deriving Atypical Unusual Operations
Power Generation Ppointment Hairman Oard Irectors
Ppointment Irectors Ppointment Tatutory Uditors
Pre-approval Policies Procedures Internal Control Committee Pre-development Costs
Preliminary Investigation Management Operation Panigaglia Lng Regasification Terminal Preliminary Results Eni Spa 2004
Presentation Eni Objectives Activities Results Points View Presentation Financial Other Information
Press Office 0252031875 065982398 Free Number Shareholders 800940924 Press Office 0252031875 065982398 Free Number Shareholders Inside
Press Office 0252031875 065982398 Switchboard 0659821 Press Office 390252031875 39065982398 Shareholder Freephone 800940924 Switchboard
Press Office Phone 0252031875 065982398 Switchboard 0659821 Press Office Phone 0252031875 065982398 Switchboard 39-0659821
Press Office Phone 52031875 5982398 Switchboard 0659821 Press Office Tel 0252031875 065982398 Freephone 800940924 Switchboard
Press Office Tel 0252031875 065982398 Shareholder Freephone 800940924 Press Office Tel 390252031875 39065982398 Freephone Shareholders Italy
Press Release Press Release Dated 2007
Press Release Enis Report Preliminary Results Full 2006 Press Release Full Results 2007 Also Available Eni
Pricewaterhousecoopers Spa Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Targets Principles Consolidation
Production Production Liquids Region
Production Oil Natural Gas Region Production Sharing Agreements Buy-back Contracts
Profit Loss Account Profit Loss Account 2005
Project Demerger Enipower Spa Subsequent Transfer Part Assets Property Plant Equipment
Proved Developed Oil Reserves Proved Reserves Hydrocarbons
Provisions Contingencies Purchase Eni Shares
Purchase Siciliana Gas Purchases Services Other
Qualitative Quantitative Disclosures Market Risk Raffineria Gela Spa
Rdinary Art Reasons Demerger
Reasons Merger Receivables Financial Assets Held Maturity
Recent Accounting Principles Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Developments Recent Tax Development
Reclassification Inventory Recognition Deferred Tax Assets Revaluation Law 342 2000
Recognition Deferred Tax Assets Stogits Inventories Recognition Revenues Costs
Reconciliation Net Profit Shareholders Equity Parent Eni Spa Reconciliations Between Net Income Shareholders Equity Determined Italian
Reference Implementation Control Functions Guarantors Reference Structures Supervision
Refining Refining Marketing
Refining Marketing Petroleum Products Regasification Lng
Register Persons Having Access Privileged Information Regulation
Regulation Exploration Production Activities Regulation Italian Hydrocarbons Industry
Related Party Transactions Relations Customers
Relations Media Relations Political Organizations Trade Unions
Relations Public Institutions Relations Suppliers
Renewal Corporate Bodies Reorganization Regulated Business Italian Gas Sector
Report 2007 Approved Wednesday Report Been Translated English Language Solely Convenience International
Report Been Translated Original Was Issued Accordance Italian Report Demerger Enipower Spa Subsequent Transfer Part Assets
Report Independent Auditors Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Issue Bond Denominated Eni Spa Euro Medium Report Merger Agipfuel Spa Eni
Report Merger Napoletana Gas Clienti Spa Eni Report Merger Siciliana Gas Clienti Spa Eni
Reporting Requirements Restrictions Acquisitions Shares Research Development
Research Development Costs Research Innovation Intellectual Property Protection
Reserve Employee Termination Indemnities Other Benefits Reserve Treasury Shares
Reserves Resolutions Taken Majority Votes Board Members Having Voting
Rest World Restructuring Costs
Results Results 2006
Results Division Results Portfolio Developments
Retail Marketing Retail Sales Italy
Retail Sales Outside Italy Retail Sales Rest Europe
Retirement Revaluation Assets
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Engineering Construction Segment
Revenue Recognition Oilfield Services Construction Engineering Segment Revenues
Revenues Costs Review Announcement 2009 Financial Results
Review Announcement Financial Results 2008 Review Delivery Financial Results Schedule Enis Board Directors
Right Vote Also Exercised Mail According Laws Regulations Risk Management
Risks Acquisitions Risks Associated Exploration Production Oil Natural Gas
Risks Deriving Changes Oil Prices Natural Gas Refined Risks Deriving Enis Exposure Weather Conditions
Risks Deriving Enis Exposure Weather Conditions Seasonality Factors Risks Related Changes Price Oil Natural Gas Refined
Royalties Hydrocarbons Laws Require Payment Hydrocarbon Production Equal Russia
Sale Enis Interest Albacom Sale Exchange Shares
Sale Stakes Consolidated Subsidiaries Sale Water Business
Sales Government Bonds Sales Operations Geographic Area Destination
San Donato Milanese Milan 2006 Eni Ceo Paolo Seasonality
Segment Information Settled Legal Proceedings
Settled Proceedings Share Capital
Share Ownership Shareholders Agreements
Shareholders Equity Shareholders Meeting Called
Shareholders Meeting Resolve Increase Capital Issuing Shares Including Shareholders Meetings
Shares Not Split Each Share Entitled Vote Fact Short-term Debt
Signatures Significant Business Portfolio Developments
Significant Changes Significant Differences Corporate Governance Practices Per 303a11 New
Significant Non Recurring Events Operations Significant Transactions
Slovenian Statutory Financial Statements Smoking
Snam Rete Gas Snam Rete Gas Spa
Snamprogetti Spa South Stream Project
Special Powers Italian State Special Powers State
Statements Cash Flows Status Kashagan Project
Statutory Auditors Stoccaggi Gas Italia Spa
Stock Compensation Stock Grant
Stock Grants Stock Issuance Costs
Storage Storage Natural Gas
Strategy Strong Competition Worldwide Within Oil Industry Other Industries
Styrene Elastomers Submission Kazakh Authorities Update Development Plan Kashagan Field
Subscription Directors Officers Liability Insurance Favour Eni Spa Subscription Rights
Subsequent Events Substantial Portion Oil Gas Reserves Supplies Located Politically
Summarised Consolidated Profit Loss Account Summarized Balance Sheet
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Summary Significant Differences Between Ifrs Gaap
Summary Significant Differences Between Italian Accounting Principles Gaap Summary Significant Differences Between Italian Gaap
Supply Trading Switch Board Number 39-0659821
Switchboard 0659821 Switchboard 39-0659821
Syndial Spa Syndial Spa Former Enichem
Syndial Spa Former Enichem Serfactoring System Internal Control
Table Contents Tasks
Tax Consequences Merger Companies Involved Tax Loss Carryforwards
Tax Proceedings Taxation
Taxes Taxes Payable
Technological Cooperation Development Tel 0252051651 Fax 0252031929
Tel 390252031287 390659822398 Tem
Toscana Energia Spa Toscana Project
Total Revenues Trade Other Payables
Trade Other Receivables Trading Environment
Trading Environment Indicators Transaction Director Interest Related Parties Transactions
Transactions Did Not Produce Cash Flows Transactions Related Parties
Transfer Tax Transition Ifrs
Transparency Accounting Internal Controls Transport
Treasury Shares Treasury Stock Buy-back Programme
Treatment Particular Categories Shareholders Holders Securities Different Shares Tskj Consortium Investigations Sec Other Authorities
Tskj Consortium Sec Investigations Type Denomination Registered Office Companies Involved Demerger
Type Denomination Registered Office Companies Involved Merger Ufficiostampaeniit Segreteriasocietariaazionistieniit Investorrelationseniit
Ufficiostampaeniit Segreteriasocietariaazionistieniit Investorrelationseniit Website Wwweniit Uncertainties Estimates Oil Natural Gas Reserves
Underlifting United States
United States Taxation Update Discussions Between Eni Publigaz
Upstream Valuation Assets Subsequent Revaluation
Weather Italy Seasonality Web Site Wwweniit
Website Wwweniit West Africa
Western Libyan Gas Integrated Project Started-up Wholesale
Wholesale Marketing Other Sales Withdrawal Right Occurs Indication Persons Allowed Terms Conditions
Working Capital Write-off Difference Between Nominal Present Value Deferred Taxation
Xtraordinary Art 
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