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Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accrued Expenses
Additional Research Program Imaging Extremely High Priority Epix Adjustment Number Option Shares
Adjustment Provisions Adjustments Measurement Dates Arising Evidence Retrospective Selection Grant
Administration Administration Eligibility
Aggregated Option Exercises Last Year-end Values Agreement
Alan Carpenter Phd Vice President Legal Government Affairs Aligncenter Facetimes New Roman Size2agreement
Aligncenter Facetimes New Roman Size2compensation Related Obligations Aligncenter Facetimes New Roman Size2discharge Release Covenant
Aligncenter Facetimes New Roman Size2equity Component Aligncenter Facetimes New Roman Size2intellectual Property Agreement
Aligncenter Facetimes New Roman Size2notice Aligncenter Facetimes New Roman Size2payments Accounting
Aligncenter Facetimes New Roman Size2recitals Aligncenter Facetimes New Roman Size2term Termination
Amendment Termination Amgen
Andrew Uprichard Facp Frcp President Chief Operating Officer Annual Bonus
Annual Meeting Stockholders Epix Pharmaceuticals Inc Special Predix Anticipate Future Losses Never Become Profitable
Application Silico Therapeutic Product Discovery Technology Approach Limited Approach Cardiovascular Mri
Approval 2006 Employee Stock Purchase Plan Approval 2008 Stock Option Incentive Plan
Attending Annual Meeting Audit Committee
Available Information Background
Background Imaging Blood Clots Base Salary
Basis Presentation Bayer Schering
Bayer Schering Pharma Germany Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beyond Cardiovascular Disease Board Directors
Board Directors Evaluation Program Board Directors Recommend Vote Proposals
Bracco Business
Business Strategy Cambridge 2005
Cambridge 2006 Cambridge Mass 2005
Cambridge Mass-july 2005- Cardiovascular Disease
Cash Equivalents Cash Incentive Bonuses
Cash ~125 End 2005 Cautionary Information Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Certain Anti-takeover Clauses Charter By-law Provisions Delaware Law Certain Anti-takeover Clauses Charter By-laws Delaware Law Make
Certain Factors Affect Future Results Operations Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certification 302 Certification Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Subsections 1350
Changes Internal Controls Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Circumstances Requiring Adjustment Measurement Dates Occurred Entirely Before Clinical Product Candidates
Clinical Trials Not Yield Results Enable Obtain Regulatory Clinical Trials Product Candidates Prolonged Delayed Unable Commercialize
Co-development Sales Marketing Code Ethics
Combined Option Information Committees Board Directors Meetings
Common Share Ownership Requirements Common Stock
Common Stock Par Value Per Share Compare 5-year Cumulative Total Return Among Epix Medical
Comparison 5-year Cumulative Total Return Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Directors
Compensation Objectives Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Process Compensation Related Obligations
Competition Competitors Develop Products Less Expensive Safer Effective Diminish
Competitors Greater Financial Resources Superior Products Product Candidates Compliance Internal Revenue Code 162
Comprehensive Income Loss Comprehensive Loss
Computed Tomography Concentrations Credit Risk
Conclusion Conference Call
Confidentiality Consent Dtc Participant
Controls Procedures Convertible Debt
Convertible Notes Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Countries They Plan Sell Epix Pharmaceutical Products Inability Covidien
Covidien Formerly Tyco International Covidien Formerly Tyco International Ltd
Covidien Ltd Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Applied Restatement Epixs Consolidated Currently Depend Strategic Collaborators Support Product Development Regulatory
Currently Focusing Imaging Development Efforts Primarily Vasovist Limited Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics Incorporated
Daiichi Deal Hazardous Materials Comply Environmental Laws Regulations Expensive
Defined Contribution Plan Definitions
Delaware Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depend Exclusively Licensed Technology Massachusetts General Hospital Lose Depend Exclusively Licensed Technology Ramot Tel Aviv University
Depend Key Personnel Loss Hurt Ability Compete Depend Patents Other Proprietary Rights They Fail Protect
Depend Strategic Collaborators Support Product Development Regulatory Approval Diagnosing Cardiovascular Disease
Did Send Proxy Statement Director Qualifications
Director Stock Option Plan Directors Executive Officers
Directors Officers Registrant Discharge Release Covenant
Documents Incorporated Reference Duration Amendment Termination
Effective Date 2008 Plan Election Directors
Eligibility Employee Stock Compensation
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employment Agreements Employment Agreements Severance Benefits
Encounter Difficulties Enrolling Subjects Clinical Trials Product Candidates Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Ep-2104r Ep-2104r Development Program
Epix Epix Announces European Approval Vasovist
Epix Pharmaceuticals Epix Pharmaceuticals Inc
Epix Pharmaceuticals Inc 161 Street Cambridge Massachusetts 02142 Epix Pharmaceuticals Inc Maguire Road Lexington Massachusetts 02421
Epix Reports 2005 Results Epix Reports Year-end 2005 Results
Epix Safe Harbor Statement Equity Award Grant Policy
Equity Awards Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Compensation Plan Information 2007 Equity Component
Equity Edge Entry Date Equity Grant Policy
Equity Incentive Compensation Equity Incentive Plan
Equity Plan Information Equity-based Long-term Incentive Compensation
Estimates Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exclusion Further Areas Field
Execution Copy Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Actions Executive Officers
Executive Sessions Independent Directors Exhibits
Exhibits Restructuring Support Agreement Expenses Solicitation
Explanatory Extensive Government Regulation Delay Prevent Marketing Ms-325 Other
Extensive Government Regulation Delay Prevent Marketing Vasovist Other Facetimes New Roman Size2 Stylefont-weight Bold Font-size 10ptarticle
Fail Get Adequate Levels Reimbursement Party Payors Product Fail Get Adequate Levels Reimbursement Third-party Payors Product
Failure Comply Foreign Regulatory Requirements Governing Human Clinical Fair Value Financial Instruments
Federal Income Tax Consequences Relating Director Plan Option Federal Income Tax Considerations
Federal Income Tax Information Fees Billed Ernst Young Llp
Field Financial Impact Stock Option Review
Financial Statements Exhibits Focus Fdas New Standards Allow Comparability Data Across
Focusing Therapeutic Product Discovery Development Efforts G-protein Coupled Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form 8-k
Form Option Agreements Future Sales Common Stock Existing Stockholders Former Security
Gadolinium-based Imaging Agents Such Vasovist Cause Adverse Side Gadolinium-based Imaging Agents Such Vasovist Ep-2104r Cause Adverse
General General Administrative Expense
General Administrative Expenses General Provisions Applicable Awards
Glaxosmithkline Going Concern Uncertainty Managements Plans
Goodwill Governing Law
Government Regulation Grant Options Option Terms
Grants Plan-based Awards Gregg Mayer Vice President Corporate Relations
Gregory Phelps Director Growth Conference
Harbor Held 2007
Held 2008 Held 2009
Householding Annual Disclosure Documents Householding Proxy Materials
Image Acquisition 3-d Visualization Immediate Release
In-process Research Development Charge Income Taxes
Incorporation Reference Indemnity
Independence Members Board Directors Independent Auditors Expressed Substantial Doubt Ability Continue Going
Index Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Informal Sec Investigation Integrated Cardiac Exam
Integrated Specialty Pharmaceuticals Least Marketed Product Robust Pipeline Integrating Organization Predix Divert Managements Attention Away Operations
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Agreement
Intellectual Property Risks Interest Expense
Interest Income Expense Interest Other Income
Intravascular Ultrasound Late Sec Filings Nasdaq Delisting Proceedings
Lead Indication-mra Non-coronary Vascular Disease Leases
Legal Proceedings Leuchtenberger Director
License Fee Revenue Limitation Deductions
Limitation Rights Limited Manufacturing Capability Intend Outsource Ms-325 Parties Not
Limited Manufacturing Capability Intend Rely Outsourced Produce Ms-325 Liquidity Capital Resources
Loan Agreement Strategic Partner Loan Payable Strategic Partner
Long-lived Assets Loss Per Share
Lower-field Angiography Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Managements Report Internal Controls
Manufacturing Market Not Accept Technology Product Candidates Generate Sufficient
Market Not Accept Technology Products Generate Sufficient Revenues Marketable Securities
Marketing Sales Distribution Massachusetts General Hospital
Meet Confer Regarding Issues Disputes Pertaining Agreement Michael Astrue
Michael Webb Chief Executive Officer Director Milestone Achieved Merger Agreement
Miscellaneous Mri
Mri Equipment Manufacturers Mri Manufacturers Not Able Enhance Hardware Software Sufficiently
Mri Signal Generation Ms-325
Ms-325-enhanced Angiography Narrative Director Compensation Table
Nature Business Need Initiate Lawsuits Protect Enforce Patents Other Intellectual
Need Raise Additional Capital Next Continue Current Operations Need Raise Additional Funds Necessary Fund Operations Not
Never Generated Positive Cash Flow Fail Generate Revenue Never Generated Revenues Commercial Sales Products Ms-325 Not
Never Had Commercially Available Product United States Succeed Never Had Commercially Available Therapeutic Product United States
New Plan Benefits News Release
Nominating Governance Committee Nominees
Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Non-statutory Stock Options
Not Able Keep Rapid Technological Change Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Not Able Monetize Commercial Rights Vasovist Material Adverse
Not Applicable Notice
Notice 2005 Annual Meeting Stockholders Notices
Number 0-21863 Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008 Option Grants Last
Other Adjustments Other Assets
Other Business Other Cardiovascular Applications
Other Commitments Other Compensation
Other Dating Errors Other Events
Other Provisions Agreement Shall Remain Full Force Effect Other Rights Measures Rely Protect Intellectual Property Not
Overview Parachute Payments
Part Part Ii-other Information
Participation Plan Parties Intend Enter Redrafted New Collaborative Research Agreement
Patents Proprietary Rights Payment Purchase Price Payroll Deductions
Payments Accounting Performance Graph
Permitted Transfer Form Peter Wirth Esq Director
Peyton Marshall Phd Senior Vice President Chief Financial Please Votes Example
Policies Governing Director Nominations Policy Governing Director Attendance Annual Meetings Stockholders
Policy Governing Security Holder Communications Board Directors Political Military Instability Other Factors Adversely Affect Operations
Potential Additional Applications Power Attorney
Predixs License Agreement Amgen Inc Prince
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principles Consolidation
Prior Stock Option Practices Result Significant Liability Procedures Recommendation Director Nominees
Procedures Recommendation Director Nominees Stockholders Process Identifying Evaluating Director Nominees
Product Candidates Remain Subject Ongoing Regulatory Requirements Even Product Candidates Require Significant Biological Testing Pre-clinical Manufacturing
Product Candidates Require Significant Biological Testing Preclinical Manufacturing Product Development Revenue
Product Liability Claims Increase Costs Adversely Affect Results Property Equipment
Provision Income Taxes Proxy 2005 Annual Meeting Stockholders Solicited Behalf Board
Prx-00023 Depression Prx-03140 Alzheimers Disease
Prx-07034 Cognitive Impairment Associated Schizophrenia Prx-07034 Cognitive Impairment Associated Schizophrenia Alzheimers Disease
Prx-07034 Obesity Alzheimers Disease Cognitive Impairment Associated Schizophrenia Prx-08066 Pulmonary Hypertension
Purchase Stock Purpose
Purpose Effect Increase Amount Authorized Common Stock Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Impact Stock Option Restatement
Ramot Ratification Selection Independent Registered Public Accountants
Re-priced Stock Options Re-pricing Stock Options
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recitals
Reclassifications Reimbursement
Release Claims Rely Parties Conduct Clinical Trials Those Third-parties Not
Rely Third-parties Conduct Clinical Trials Those Not Perform Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remediation Past Material Weaknesses Internal Control Over Financial Report Audit Committee
Report Compensation Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reporting Accounting Changes Interim Financial Statements Research Development
Research Development Efforts Not Result Product Candidates Appropriate Research Development Expense
Research Development Expenses Restricted Stock
Restructuring Costs Restructuring Expense
Restructuring Support Agreement Results Operations Financial Condition
Retention Bonus Plan Revenue
Revenue Recognition Revenues
Revoke Proxy Risk Factors
Risks Related Intellectual Property Risks Related Securities
Risks Uncertainties Include Such Additional Factors Described Recently Royalty Expense
Royalty Expenses Royalty Revenue
Schedule Schedule 14a
Schering Schering Expects Launch 2006
Schering Germany Screening Coronary Artery Disease
Screening Vascular Disease Searchable Text Graphics Shown Above
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
See Segment Information
Severance Arrangements Severance Incentive Agreement
Share-based Payments Amendment Fasb Statement 123 Shares Subject Plan
Sheila Dewitt Phd Vice President Business Development Strategic Signatures
Significantly Increased Leverage Result Issuance Convertible Senior Notes Significantly Increased Leverage Result Sale 300 Convertible Senior
Significantly Increased Leverage Result Sale Convertible Senior Notes Since Actions Filed Various Plaintiffs Motions Consolidate Related
Stanley Crooke Phd Director Started Process 2005 Focusing
Statement Cash Flows Stock Available Awards
Stock Option Awards Stock Option Grant Practices Restatement
Stock Option Grants Approval Process Prior Merger Predix Stock Options
Stock Price Volatile Possible Lose Part Investment Stock Price Volatile Subject Securities Class Action Litigation
Stock Subject Espp Stock-based Awards
Stockholder Communications Board Stockholder Meetings
Stockholder Proposals Stockholders Equity
Strategic Alliances Collaborations Stylefont-weight Bold Font-size 10pt Facetimes New Roman Size2confidentiality
Stylefont-weight Bold Font-size 10pt Facetimes New Roman Size2indemnity Stylefont-weight Bold Font-size 10pt Facetimes New Roman Size2transferability
Stylefont-weight Bold Font-size 10pt Facetimes New Roman Size2warranties Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsections 1350 Chapter Title United States Code Subsequent Event
Substantial Portion Future Revenues Dependent Agreements Glaxosmithkline Amgen Substantial Portion Future Revenues Dependent Agreements Glaxosmithkline Cfft
Success Depend Partly Ability Operate Without Infringing Intellectual Summary
Summary 2008 Plan Summary Compensation
Summary Compensation Table Summary Director Compensation
Summary Executive Compensation Summary Material Features Plan
Supplement Dated 2006 Joint Proxy Statement Prospectus Table Contents
Targeting Tax Aspects Code
Tax Deductibility Compensation Technology Agreements
Technology Platform Term Termination
Termination Terms Options
Therapeutic Drug Discovery Technology Approach Therapeutic Product Candidates Currently Unformulated
Therapeutics Thomas Mcmurry Phd Vice President Research
Tomorrows Reduction Workforce Tone Was Cordial Guidance Obtained Some Not Critical
Total Legal Costs Related Lawsuits Ending 2005 Approximately Transferability
Translation Foreign Currencies Tyco
Unable Attract Retain Key Management Other Personnel Hurt Unable Obtain Required Regulatory Approval Therapeutic Product Candidates
Unsuccessful Appeal Process Vasovist Fda Never Obtain Approval Vasovist
Vote Vote Important Please Return Proxy Promptly
Vote Person Vote Proxy
Voting Voting Confidential
Warranties What Constitutes Quorum Meeting
What Costs Soliciting Proxies What Vote Required Approve Each Proposal
Wwwepixpharmacom X-ray Angiography
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