Topic Listing for EXCO Resources

Abandonment Reclamation Obligations Abr Loans Comprising Each Borrowing Shall Bear Interest
Abr Loans Finance Reimbursement Disbursement Provided 207 Shall Access
Access Disclaimers Accountability External Auditor
Accounting Changes Accounting Changes Error Corrections
Accounting Controls Accounting Derivatives
Accounting Income Taxes Accounting Oil Natural Gas Properties
Accounting Pronouncements Accounting Stock-based Compensation
Accounting Treatment- Acknowledgements Seller
Acof Exco Acof Exco 892 Investors
Acquired Business New Member Services Asset Upgrades Acquisition North Coast Energy Inc
Acquisition Power Gas Marketing Transmission Inc Acquisition Winchester Properties Cash
Acquisitions Acquisitions Capital Expenditures
Acquisitions Dispositions Action Without Meeting
Actions Suits Proceedings Before Arbitrator Governmental Authority Pending Adamsville Area
Addison Energy Inc Dividend Addison Sale Defined
Addition Borrower Shall Pay Other Taxes Relevant Governmental Additional Definitions
Additional Documents Additional Shares Being Authorized Issuance Incentive Plan
Additional Shares Common Stock Additional Shares Exco
Address Addressed Them Credit Parties Hereby Request Such Counsel
Adequate Disclosure Adjusted Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Depletion Amortization
Adjusted Net Earnings Available Common Shareholders Non-gaap Measure Adjustment
Adjustment Not Required Adjustments
Adjustments Cash Purchase Price Adjustments Purchase Price
Administration Administrative Agent
Administrative Agent Borrower Notice Given Request Lender Administrative Agent Issuing Bank
Administrative Agent Lenders Shall Received Audited Financial Statements Administrative Agent Lenders Shall Received Financial Statements Described
Administrative Agent Shall Provide Copy Such Determination Borrower Administrative Agent Shall Received Solvency Certificate Form Attached
Administrative Agent Shall Received Such Financing Statements Including Administrative Agent Term Credit Parties Shall Executed Delivered
Adoption Climate Change Legislation Congress Result Increased Operating Adoption Derivatives Legislation Congress Adverse Impact Ability Hedge
Advance Advances
Adverse Claims Advisors
Affected Assets Affiliate
Affiliate Liability Affiliate Transactions 707 Credit Agreement Shall Hereby Amended
Affirmative Covenants After
Agenda Agreed Indemnify 1143928 Alberta Ltd Breaches Representations Warranties
Agreement Agreement Become Guarantor
Agreement Plan Merger Agreement Shall Construed Accordance Governed Law State New
Agreement Shall Construed Accordance Governed Law State Texas Agreement Whole Not Particular Provision Schedule References Unless
Agreements Agreements Included Defined Term Obligations Such Entitled Benefits
Alberta Ltd Allocation Purchase Price Tax Purposes
Allocation Related Common Stock Allocation Related Stock Purchase Rights Convertible Securities
Alternate Rate Interest Prior Commencement Period Eurodollar Amend Governing Documents
Amended Definition Amended Definitions
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amended Restated Credit Agreement Epop
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Exco Amended Restated Limited Liability Agreement
Amended Restated Registration Rights Agreement Amendment
Amendment Agreement Plan Merger Amendment Amended Restated Credit Agreement
Amendment Asset Purchase Agreement Amendment Bylaws
Amendment Certain Agreements 710 Credit Agreement Shall Hereby Amendment Credit Agreement
Amendment Discontinuance Amendment Effective Date Means 2009
Amendment Material Term Condition Oneok Acquisition Documents Amendment Modification Waiver
Amendment Number Amended Restated Severance Plan Amendment Purchase Agreement
Amendment Purchase Sale Agreement Amendment Purchase Sale Agreement Assignment Partial Interest
Amendment Revolving Credit Agreement Amendment Schedule 201
Amendment Waiver Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Credit Agreement
Amendments Purchase Agreement Amendments Registrants Code Ethics Waiver Provision
Amendments Supplements Amendments Supplements Issuer Free Writing Prospectuses
Amendments Waivers American Airlines Center Suite
Amount Plus Rate Applicable Abr Loans Provided Paragraph Amounts Compensate Such Lender Issuing Bank Lenders Banks
Amounts Due Shall Payable Not Later After Written Anadarko Acquisition
Anadarko Purchase Agreement Anadarko Retained Assets
Anadarko Vernon Operations Annual Meetings
Annual Report Anti-dilution Provisions
Anti-takeover Effects Provisions Articles Incorporation Bylaws Anti-terrorism Security Measures
Appalachia Appalachia Purchase Sale Agreement
Appalachian Acquisition Appendices Exhibits
Appendix Exhibits Schedules Appendixes
Applicable Law Applicable Set Aside Books Adequate Reserves Extent Failure
Application Cash Equity Contribution Proceeds Shall Used Borrower Application Trust Moneys
Arbitration Procedures Area Mutual Interest
Area Mutual Interest Certain Rentals Ares Corporate Opportunities Fund
Ares Exco Ares Exco 892 Investors
Articles Incorporation Permit Issue Preferred Stock Restrict Takeover Ascertaining Adjusted Libo Rate Applicable Such Interest Period
Assessment Assessments Functional Currencies
Asset Retirement Obligations Asset Retirement Obligations-
Assets Assignment
Assignment Form Assignments Successors Third-party Rights
Assumed Anadarko Obligations Assumed Seller Obligations
Assumed Seller Obligations Regardless Fault Audit Assessment
Audit Committee Audit Committee Charter
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Committee Review
Audit Disagreement Inquiry Audit Partner Rotation
Audited Historical Statements Authority
Authority Representatives Authority Valid Binding Agreement
Authorization Enforceability Authorize Propose Agree Writing Otherwise Take Actions Described
Automatic Conversion Preferred Stock Available Information
Award Period Vesting Termination Service Awarded Shares
Bankruptcy Base Purchase Price
Base Purchase Price Shall Decreased Base Purchase Price Shall Increased
Base Salary Basin Properties Acquisition
Basis Presentation Bbl
Bcfe Being Asked Vote Charter Amendment Proposal
Being Asked Vote Incentive Plan Amendment Proposal Being Asked Vote Limited Nyse Proposal
Believe Important Communicate Expectations Future Performance Investors Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Plans Between Petrie Parkman Dated 2006 Pfc Prior Closing
Bgs Conditions Closing Bgs Representations Warranties
Blue Sky Compliance Board Access External Auditor
Board Committees Board Committees Meetings
Board Directors Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Amendment Amended Restated
Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Approval Amendment Exco Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Each Common Stock
Board Present Plans Arrangements Commitments Understanding Respect Issuance Board Reports
Bonus Retention Program Books Records Accounts
Boone Pickens Borrower Consolidated Subsidiaries Consolidating Basis Accordance Gaap Consistently
Borrower Hereby Unconditionally Promises Pay Administrative Agent Account Borrower Means Exco Operating Delaware Limited Partnership Formerly
Borrower Restricted Subsidiary Shall Become Unable Admit Writing Borrower Restricted Subsidiary Shall Fail Observe Perform Covenant
Borrower Shall Indemnify Administrative Agent Each Lender Issuing Borrower Shall Indemnify Administrative Agent Each Lender Within
Borrower Shall Prepay Loans Proceeds Equity Contribution Defined Borrower Shall Prepay Loans Provided 703
Borrower Time Terminate Reduce Aggregate Commitment Provided Each Borrowing Base
Borrowing Base Aggregate Commitment Borrowing Base Become Effective Period Commencing Next Redetermination
Borrowing Base Redetermination Procedures Standards Borrowings Acquire Winchester Properties
Breach Representation Warranty Seller Contained Agreement Confirmed Certificate Brokers Fees
Btu Burn Rate Practice
Business Business Combination Law
Business Combinations Business Conduct
Business Depends Douglas Miller Ceo Business Exposes Liability Extensive Regulation Environmental Matters
Business Exposes Liability Extensive Regulation Environmental Matters Result Business Strategy
Business Substantially Depends Douglas Miller Ceo Business Substantially Depends Douglas Miller Chief Executive Officer
Buyer Buyer Claims Breach Representation 414 Shall Submitted Not
Buyer Not Identified Title Defects Defect Amounts Aggregate Buyers Conditions Closing
Buyers Inspection Buyers Representations
Buyers Representations Warranties Bylaws
Calls Hydrocarbon Production Existing Contracts Listed Schedule Canada
Canadian Credit Agreement Canadian Environmental Regulation
Canadian Laws Regulations Cannot Control Development Properties Own Not Operate
Cannot Control Development Properties Own Not Operate Adversely Capital Adjustments
Capital Budget Capital Structure
Capitalization Capitalization Crimson Parent
Capitalization Internal Costs Capitalized Terms
Captions Carried Costs Other Expenses
Cash Bonus Cash Collateral Account Meaning Assigned Such Term 207
Cash Collateralization Cash Compensation
Cash Contribution Amount Cash Equivalents
Cash Equivalents Marketable Securities Cash Flow
Cash Flow Information Cash Flows Operations
Cash Payment Cash Redemption Amount
Casualties Transfer Restrictions Casualty Condemnation Loss
Cause Cement Field
Central Pennsylvania Area Certain Agreements
Certain Consequences Default Certain Federal Income Tax Deductions Currently Available Respect
Certain Financial Information Regarding Former Canadian Operations Certain Obligations
Certain Real Property Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Reports Certificate
Certificate Delivered Exchange Registration Transfer Preferred Stock Certificate Described
Certificate Incorporation By-laws Certificate Regarding Solvency
Certificates Certification
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Chairman Chief Executive Officer
Challenge Good Faith Determination Change Control
Change Control Means Following Change Control Shall Occur
Change Law Shall Change Name
Change Vote Changes Control
Changes Control Registrant Changes Differential Between Nymex Other Benchmark Prices Oil
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Internal Controls
Changes Registrants Certifying Accountant Changes Standardized Measure
Charles Evans Charter Assessment
Charter Guidelines Checks
Chitwood Field Choice Law
Clear Market Closing
Closing Adjustments Closing Date
Closing Gladewater Midcontinent Asset Dispositions Closing Statements
Closing Upstream Midstream Joint Development Transactions Code Business Conduct Ethics Directors Officers Employees
Code Conduct Violations Code Ethics
Codes Business Conduct Ethics Codes Ethics
Collateral Agent Collective Bargaining Agreements
Comfort Letters Commercial Well Commercially Productive
Commissioner Commitment Reductions
Commitments Contingencies Committee Procedures
Committee Self-assessment Committees
Commodity Price Risk Commodity Price Risk Management Activities
Commodity Price Risk Management Program Cause Forego Additional Common Shelf Registration
Common Stock Communication Board Directors
Compensation Compensation Chief Executive Officer
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Executive Compensation Directors
Compensation Executive Officers Compensation Philosophy Objectives
Competition Competition Industry Intense Competitors Greater Financial Technological Other
Competition Industry Intense Unable Compete Acquiring Properties Contracting Competition Tribunal Act
Complete Agreement Completion
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Compliance Environmental Laws
Compliance Erisa Compliance Laws
Compliance Laws Permits Except Set Forth Schedule 412 Compliance Other Agreements
Compliance Other Laws Regulations Compliance Provided However Buyer Pay Entire Filing Fee
Composition Appointment Concentration Credit Risk
Concentration Credit Risk Accounts Receivable Concurrently Delivery Financial Statements Clause Above Certificate Form
Condemnation Condensed Consolidating Financial Statements
Condition Results Operations Mlp Consolidated Subsidiaries Consolidating Basis Conditions
Conditions Precedent Closing Conditions Purchaser Closing
Conditions Seller Closing Conduct Operations Ordinary Course Business Compliance Applicable Laws
Conduct Preservation Business Conducted Borrower Restricted Subsidiaries Date Execution Agreement After
Confidentiality Confidentiality Agreement
Confidentiality Period After Closing Conflict Other Agreements
Conflicts Consent Assignment
Consent Independent Petroleum Engineers Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Jurisdiction Venue Consent Reaffirmation
Consent Termination Release Consent Waiver Lenders Hereby
Consents Assignment Consents Required
Consolidated Balance Sheet 2004 Consolidated Funded Indebtedness Means Date Without Duplication Borrower
Consolidated Net Income Loss Borrower Midstream Subsidiaries Respect Consolidated Statement Operations
Consolidating Financial Statements Consolidation
Conspicuousness Construction
Consultants Consultation Legal Counsel
Consummation Asset Purchase Contents
Contingencies Continuing Effect
Contract Review Contracts
Contractual Obligations Commercial Commitments Contribution
Contribution Agreement Contribution Oklahoma Assets
Contributions Assets Contributions Distributions Capital Accounts
Contributions Special Distribution Control
Control Securities Account Control Triggering Event
Controls Procedures Conversion
Conversion Date Conversion Price
Conversions Shall Been Concurrently Effectiveness Agreement Initial Funding Convertible Preferred Stock
Convertible Securities Convertible Shelf Registration
Cooperation Corporate Authority Conflicts
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Management
Corporate Matters Corporate Offices
Corporate Personal Aircraft Corporation
Costs Cotton Valley
Cotton Valley Area Counterpart Agreement
Counterpart Agreement Amended Restated Credit Supplemental Indenture Counterpart Execution
Counterparts Covenants Agreements
Coverage Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Agreement Credit Agreements
Credit Agreements Debt Reduction Credit Agreements Long-term Debt
Credit Facility Credit Parties Shall Indemnify Administrative Agent Issuing Bank
Credits Crimson Sale
Critical Accounting Policies Criticisms
Cross-reference Table Cure Certain Title Defects Post-closing
Cure Misrepresentations Current Report
Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Dallas 75251
Dallas Texas 2006 Dallas Texas 2006 133 Exco Resources Inc Nysexco
Dallas Texas 75251 Daniel Johnson
Danville Acquisition Date
Date Receipt Shareholder Proposals Debt
Debt Incurred Connection Winchester Acquisition Debtor
Deductibility Executive Compensation Default
Default Reduction Member Interest Defaults
Deferred Abandonment Asset Retirement Obligations Deferred Tax Asset Valuations
Definition Defensible Title Definition Permitted Encumbrances
Definitions Definitions Interpretation
Delivery Common Shares Pass Marketable Title Purchaser Free Delivery Copies
Delivery Maintenance Records Demand
Denial Preemptive Rights Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Executive Officers Election Appointment Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depletion Deposit
Deposit Interest Depreciation Amortization
Depreciation Depletion Amortization Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivative Financial Instruments Cause Forego Additional Future Profits Derivative Financial Instruments Fair Value Measurements
Derivative Financial Instruments Subject Risks Counterparties Default Contractual Description
Description Capital Stock Descriptions Underwriting Agreement
Designation Designation Participants Awards
Designations Preferences Limitations Relative Rights Hybrid Preferred Stock Determination Adjusted Purchase Price Preliminary Settlement Statement
Determination Consideration Determined Pursuant Terms Revolving Facility Documents Been Terminated
Developed Acreage Developed Producing Reserves Meaning Given Such Terms Time
Developed Undeveloped Acreage Development Exploitation Activity
Development Well Development Work Program Annual Budget
Development Work Program Initial Budget Developments 2004
Developments Since 2004 Dgcl
Digital Recording Available Starting After Completion Conference Call Direct Operating Expenses
Directed Share Program Director Compensation
Director Independence Director Nomination Letter Agreements
Director Nomination Policy Directors
Directors Executive Officers Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Nominees Disagreements Legal Counsel
Discharge Indenture Defeasance Disclaimers
Disclosure Controls Disclosure Schedule
Dispositions Dispute Resolution Arbitration Emergency Relief
Disqualified Stock Borrower Not Nor Permit Restricted Disregarded Entity
Dissolution Winding Termination Distribution Deposit Termination
Distributions Share Dividends Divestitures
Dividend Payment Date Dividend Policy
Dividend Rate Dividend Restrictions
Dividends Securities Divisional Officers
Documents Incorporated Reference Douglas Miller
Douglas Miller Chairman Chief Executive Officer Douglas Ramsey Phd
Douglas Ramsey Phd Vice President Chief Financial Officer Downgrade
Drilling Activities Dry Hole Well
Due Authorization Duties
Each Case Determined Based Cost Such Investment Each Change Applicable Rate Shall Apply Period Commencing
Each Credit Party Shall Obtained Approvals Required Governmental Each Subsidiary
Each Telephonic Written Interest Election Request Shall Specify Earl Ellis
Earning Statement Earnings Per Share
East Texas Cotton Valley Properties East Texas North Louisiana
East Texas North Louisiana Appalachia Operating Areas East Texas North Louisiana Cotton Valley Area
East Texas North Louisiana Gas Producer East Texas North Louisiana Gas Producer Cash
Eastern Ohio Area Education
Effect Derivative Financial Instruments Effect Headings
Effect Redemption Effect Termination
Effective Time Effective Time Proration Costs Revenues
Eighth Supplemental Indenture Either Pfc Buyer
Either Seller Purchaser Election Directors
Electronic Delivery Future Shareholder Communications Eligibility
Embedded Lockups Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Bonus Retention Plan Employee Related Matters
Employees Encore Transactions
Encounter Marketing Obstacles Encounter Obstacles Marketing Oil Natural Gas Adversely Impact
Encumbrance Discharge Encumbrances Parties
Enforceability Engineered Low Risk Drilling Locations
Engineering Report Engineers
Entire Agreement Entire Agreement Modification
Entitled Vote Annual Meeting Entitles Seller Receive Share Hydrocarbons Produced Saved Marketed
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Enurement
Environmental Costs Environmental Defects
Environmental Investigation Environmental Law
Environmental Matters Environmental Regulation
Environmental Regulations Eoc Means Exco Operating Delaware Limited Partnership Successors
Epop Amended Restated Credit Agreement Epop Credit Agreement
Epop Credit Facility Epop Revolving Credit Facility
Epop Senior Term Credit Agreement Equ Ity Price Risk
Equity Buyout Equity Buyout Parent
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Contributor Preserve Maintain Existence Validly Existing Corporation
Equity Incentive Awards Equity Interests Reserved Issuance Other Purpose
Equity Interests Subsidiary Reserved Issuance Other Purpose Equity Investors Stock Purchase Agreement
Equity Price Risk Equity Trading Markets Volatile Result Losses Shareholders
Equity Transaction Equity Transactions
Escrow Agreement Deposit Escrow Agreement Withholding
Establishment Securities Account Estimate Proved Reserves-
Estimated Quantities Proved Developed Reserves Estimated Quantities Proved Development Reserves
Estimated Quantities Proved Reserves Estimates
Estimates Oil Natural Gas Ngl Reserves Involve Inherent Estimates Oil Natural Gas Reserves Involve Inherent Uncertainty
Estimates Proved Reserves Etroleum Onsultants
Eurodollar Loans Shall Bear Interest Adjusted Libo Rate Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Event Default Events Default
Events Default Remedies Evidence Filing Delaware Certificate Merger
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Examples Shall Not Construed Limit Expressly Implication Matter
Except Extent Specifically Provided Right Title Interest Seller Except Set Forth Schedule 413
Except Set Forth Schedule 417 Except Set Forth Schedule 420
Except Set Forth Schedule Outstanding Exchange Listing
Exchange Rate Excise Tax Act
Excluded Assets Excluded Expenses
Exclusivity Exco
Exco Announces 2006 Operations Activity Exco Credit Agreement
Exco Credit Facility Exco Entities
Exco Fields Exco Holdings Stockholders Stock Purchase Agreement
Exco Operated Horizontal Wells Exco Operating Credit Agreement
Exco Operating Credit Facility Exco Operating Senior Unsecured Credit Agreement
Exco Operating Term Loan Facility Exco Partners Operating Partnership
Exco Partners Revolving Credit Facility Exco Partners Senior Term Credit Agreement
Exco Resources Exco Resources Announces Board Directors Approved Sale Canadian
Exco Resources Announces Revenues Earnings Production 2004 Exco Resources Announces Revenues Earnings Production 2005
Exco Resources Announces Revenues Earnings Production 2006 Exco Resources Credit Agreement
Exco Resources Equity Contribution Agreement Exco Resources Inc
Exco Resources Inc 2005 Long-term Incentive Plan Exco Resources Inc Announces 2007 Results
Exco Resources Inc Announces Acquisition Natural Gas Properties Exco Resources Inc Announces Additional Information Regarding Mlp
Exco Resources Inc Announces Agreement Acquire North Louisiana Exco Resources Inc Announces Closing Acquisition Mid-continent Oil
Exco Resources Inc Announces Closing Ipo Exco Resources Inc Announces Equity Offering Plan
Exco Resources Inc Announces Issuance Preferred Stock Closing Exco Resources Inc Announces Plan Form Master Limited
Exco Resources Inc Announces Proposed Private Offering Exco Resources Inc Borrower Certain Subsidiaries Guarantors Lenders
Exco Resources Inc Index Exco Resources Inc Index Consolidated Financial Statements Contents
Exco Resources Inc Pro Forma Calculation Footnotes Exco Resources Inc Pro Forma Financial Information Footnotes
Exco Resources Reports Increase Oil Natural Gas Production Exco Transfers Conversions Without Waiver Amendment Material Term
Excos Conditions Closing Execution Delivery
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Business Risk Review
Executive Compensation Components Executive Officers
Executive Officers Directors Executive Sessions
Exercise Incentive Exercise Stock Option
Exercise Voting Rights Exhibits
Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules Existence Conduct Business Borrower Cause Each Restricted
Existence Qualification Existence Qualification Capitalization
Expect Incur Substantial Amount Indebtedness Fund Acquisitions Vernon Expenses
Expenses Indemnity Damage Waiver Experience Decline Revenues Lose Significant Customers
Experience Financial Loss Significant Customers Fail Pay Oil Experience Production Curtailments
Experience Temporary Decline Revenues Lose Significant Customers Experienced Management Team Significant Employee Ownership
Explanatory Explanatory Note-restatement Supplemental Information Related Oil Natural Gas
Exploratory Well Exposed Operating Hazards Uninsured Risks
Exposed Operating Hazards Uninsured Risks Adversely Impact Results Extent Included Calculation Consolidated Net Income Such Period
External Auditor Reports Review External Engineer
Extinguishment Certain Debt Exco Epop Face Risks Associated Acquisition Winchester Relating Difficulties Integrating
Face Risks Associated Recent Acquisitions Relating Difficulties Integrating Face Risks Associated Recent Pending Acquisitions Relating Difficulties
Face Risks Associated Txok Acquisition Relating Difficulties Integrating Facilities
Fair Value Derivative Financial Instruments Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Other Financial Instruments Farmout
Fcc Filings Fcc Licenses
Federal Income Tax Consequences Awards Federal Income Taxes General
Federal State Indian Oil Natural Gas Leases Federal State Legislation Regulatory Initiatives Relating Hydraulic Fracturing
Federal Taxation Fees
Fees Expenses Ferc Matters
Fifth Fifth Amendment Amended Restated Credit Agreement
Final Adjusted Purchase Price Final Settlement Statement
Financial Assets Election Financial Condition Material Adverse Change
Financial Covenants Financial Covenants Consolidated Current Ratio
Financial Covenants Leverage Ratio Financial Covenants Ratios
Financial Data Financial Information
Financial Literacy Financial Results 2008
Financial Risk Management Instruments Financial Statement Responsibility
Financial Statement Schedules Financial Statements
Financial Statements Businesses Acquired Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Exhibits 901 Financial Statements Other Information
Financial Statements Other Information Borrower Furnish Administrative Financing
Financing Activities Financing Cooperation Financial Information
Find Voting Results Floating Rate Another Otherwise Respect Interest-bearing Liability Investment
Fluctuations Oil Natural Gas Prices Been Volatile Times Fmv Exco Shares
Fold Detach Here Read Reverse Side Force Majeure
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk Foreign Currency Translation
Form 10-k Form 10-k Amendment
Form 10-q Form 10-q Amendment
Form Guarantee Formation
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Not
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Founders Common Stock Founders Shares
Fractional Shares Franchises Material Conduct Business Provided Foregoing Shall Not
Free Clear Liens Encumbrances Obligations Security Interests Irregularities Frequency Meetings
Full Cost Ceiling Test Full Cost Pool
Full Nyse Proposal Impact Capitalization Fully Diluted Common Stock Corporation
Functional Currency Fundamental Changes
Funding Funding Borrowings
Further Assurances Future Sales Common Stock Cause Price Decline
Gaap Gas Gathering Assets
Gas Gathering Office Field Equipment Gas Regulatory Matters
Gas Reserves Ability Fund Operations Financial Condition Cash Gathering Transportation
General General Administrative
General Oversight General Provisions
General Voting Rights Generally
Geographic Operating Segment Information Geographic Operating Segment Information Oil Natural Gas Disclosures
Global Security Legends Glossary Selected Oil Natural Gas Terms
Going Private Transaction Golden Trend Area
Gomez Field Good Standing
Goodwill Governance Management
Governing Law Governing Law Dispute Resolution
Governing Law Dispute Resolution Expert Proceedings Governing Law Disputes
Governing Law Venue Government Approvals Respecting Assets
Government Reviews Governmental Authority
Governmental Authorizations Grants Plan-based Awards
Gross Acres Wells Group Contract Awards
Group Transactions Growth Rates
Guarantee Guarantee Obligations
Guarantees Constituting Indebtedness Permitted 701 Guarantees Obligations
Guarantor Result Early Termination Transactions Swap Agreements Included Guaranty
Gulf Coast Sale Harold Hickey
Harold Hickey Vice President Chief Operating Officer Haynes Boone Llp
Haynesville Bossier Shale Haynesville Shale
Headings Headings Construction
Hedges Held 2009
Held Thursday 2007 Held Thursday 2008
Held Thursday 2009 Help Answer Questions
High 185 Mmcf High Quality Asset Base Established Basins
Hiring Policy Holdback Arrangements
Holders Common Stock Preferred Appraisal Rights Respect Matters Holders Preferred Stock Hybrid Restrict Ability Enter Various
Holders Preferred Stock Hybrid Rights Adversely Affect Investment Holdings
Holdings Stock Horizon License
Hsse Hybrid Preferred Stock
Hybrid Preferred Stock Dividend Risk Hybrid Preferred Stock Registration Rights Agreement
Imbalances Impairment Long-lived Assets-
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Shareholder Meeting Incentives Granted Other Entities
Income Taxes Increased Costs Reductions Retroactive Then 180-day Period Referred
Increased Reduced Mutually Agreed Writing Prior Closing Seller Incur Substantially Debt Intensify Risks Described Above Including
Incurred Substantial Amount Indebtedness Fund 2006 2007 Acquisitions Incurred Substantial Amount Indebtedness Fund Acquisition Winchester Adversely
Incurred Substantial Amount Indebtedness Fund Acquisitions Adversely Affect Indebtedness
Indebtedness Clause Foregoing Shall Not Apply Customary Provisions Indebtedness Revolving Facility Aggregate Principal Amount Not Exceeding
Indemnification Indemnification Amounts Required 217 Without Penalty Premium
Indemnification Board Committee Indemnification Buyer
Indemnification Costs Expenses Indemnification Directors Officers
Indemnification Insurance Indemnification Proceedings
Indemnification Purchaser Indemnification Securities Intermediary
Indemnification Seller Indemnification Underwriters
Indemnitor Indemnity Agreement
Indemnity Issues Indenture
Independence Independent Application
Independent Auditors Consent Independent Auditors Report
Independent Director Meetings Independent Petroleum Engineers
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms Index
Index Exhibits Index Financial Statements
Infill Drilling Information
Information Security Inherent Limitations Control Systems Misstatements Due Error Fraud
Inherent Limitations Internal Control Systems Over Financial Reporting Initial Public Offering
Initial Public Offering Common Stock Initio
Inspection Indemnity Inspectors Election
Instruction Withhold Authority Vote Individual Nominee Write Nominees Insurance
Insurance Financial Information Intellectual Property
Inter-company Agreement Intercompany Promissory
Interest Interest Amount
Interest Coverage Ratio Interest Elections
Interest Expense Interest Period Therefor Accrued Such Loan Shall Payable
Interest Productive Wells Interest Rate
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Swaps
Interestholder Subsidiaries Interference Voting Rights
Interim Bank Loan Internal Audit Process
Internal Audit Reports Internal Auditing Staff
Internal Control Assessment Internal Controls Compliance Policies
Internal Pay Equity Interpretation
Inventory Invested Substantial Amount Cash Received Sale Addison Short-term
Investigations Investing Activities Transactions
Investment Investment Act
Investment Intent Investment Status Neither Borrower Nor Restricted Subsidiary
Investments Investments Consisting Swap Agreements Extent Permitted 705
Involuntary Termination Ipo
Ipo Date Means Initial Public Offering Consummated Issuance Additional Shares Common Stock
Issuance Preferred Stock Issuances Related Parties
Issuances Stock Purchase Rights Convertible Securities Issue Date
Issuer Free Writing Prospectus Jamestown Area
Jeffrey Benjamin Jeffrey Serota
John Jacobi Joint Development Agreement
Joint Several Liability Tax Erisa Liabilities Attributable Members Jpmorgan Chase Bank
Junior Securities Jurisdiction Service Process Governing Law
Labor Disputes Land Tenure
Lands Lead Director
Leases Lee Keeling Associates Inc
Legal Expenses Legal Impediment Issuance
Legal Proceedings Legend
Legending Record Retention Legends
Lender Borrower Hereby Agrees Pay Reasonable Costs Expenses Lender Shall Not Required Make Such Assignment Delegation
Lender Time Pledge Assign Security Interest Portion Rights Letter Acknowledgment Duly Executed Necessary Parties
Letter Agreement Letter Credit Outstanding Time Lender Defaulting Written Request
Letters Credit Letters-in-lieu Assignments Operatorship
Letters-in-lieu Transfer Orders Covering Assets Duly Executed Purchaser Letters-in-lieu Transfer Orders Covering Assets Duly Executed Seller
Level Leverage Ratio
Liability Brokers Fees Liability Directors
Licenses Permits Lien
Liens Current Taxes Assessments Not Yet Delinquent Limitation
Limitation Damages Limitation Liability
Limitations Applicability Limitations Indemnities
Limitations Liability Limitations Liability Indemnification Directors Officers
Limitations Operator Liability Limitations Representations Warranties
Liquidation Liquidation Dissolution
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources Commitments
List Appendixes Exhibits Schedules Litigation
Litigation Environmental Matters Llc Agreement
Loan Accounts Such Loans Funded Provided Borrowings Effective Loan Document Now Hereafter Caused Imposed Manner Whatsoever
Loans Borrowings Loans Comprising Each Eurodollar Borrowing Shall Bear Interest
Lock-up Agreements Long-term Debt
Long-term Debt Interim Bank Loan Long-term Incentive Compensation
Long-term Incentive Plan Lost Stolen Destroyed Certificates
Maben Area Maintenance Certain Swap Agreements
Maintenance Securities Account Maintenance Uniform Interest Minimum Participating Transfers Defaulting Parties
Make Election Pursuant Borrower Shall Notify Administrative Agent Make Whole Amount
Maker Management Buyout Date Means Consummated
Management Estimates Management Participants
Management Team Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Mandatory Prepayment Mandatory Prepayment Loans
Manner Affect Obligation Borrower Repay Loans Accordance Terms Marcellus Shale Play
Marcellus Shale Resource Play Market Information Common Stock
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Marketable Securities
Marketable Securities Equ Ity Price Risk Marketable Securities Risk
Marketing Arrangements Marketing Arrangements Backlog
Master Limited Partnership Material Adverse Change
Material Adverse Effect Material Agreement
Material Modification Rights Security Holders Material Weakness
Material Weakness Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Material Weakness Internal Control Over Financing Reporting
Matters Shown A-1 Maximum Extent Permitted Applicable Law Credit Parties Shall
Maximum Rate Mcfe
Meaning Benefit Program Agreement Within Effect Date Hereof Meaning Effect Refer Tangible Intangible Assets Properties Including
Mechanics Conversion Mechanics Redemption
Medicine River Properties Acquisition Meetings Shareholders
Membership Interest Purchase Sale Agreement Merger
Merger Agreement Merger Consolidation Sale Assets
Merger Holdings Merger Redemption
Method Method Payment
Method Voting Michael Chambers
Mid-continent Mid-continent East Texas Producing Assets
Mid-continent Permian Midcontinent Purchase Sale Agreement
Midstream Midstream Assets
Midstream Assets Each Subsidiaries Compliance Material Respects Such Midstream Assets Means Pipelines Natural Gas Gathering Lines
Midstream Operating Expenses Midstream Operations
Midstream Revenues Midstream Transaction
Minden Field Minor Defects Title Not Interfere Ability Conduct Business
Minutes Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Misconduct Allegations
Mitigation Obligations Replacement Lenders Mlp Contribution Documents
Mlp Means Exco Partners Delaware Limited Partnership Mlp Partnership Agreement Means Limited Same Amended Restated
Mlp Subsidiaries Means Collectively Mmcfe
Mocane-laverne Field Modification Thereof Waiver Hereunder Shall Prove Been Incorrect
Monetary Liability Directors Shareholders Mortgages
Multi-year Development Drilling Exploitation Project Inventory Nags
Negative Consequences Holders Common Stock Shareholders Not Approve Negative Covenants
Neither Talco Nor Garrison Gathering Gas Utility Texas Net Revenue Interest Allocation
New Lenders Reallocation Commitments Loans New Plan Benefits
New Projects Capex Budget New Term Credit Agreement
Newly Issued Securities Ngls
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Non-audit Services
Non-contravention Consents Approvals Non-exclusive Remedies
Non-participating Holder Non-recurring Excluded Pro Forma Condensed Combined Statements Operations
Non-reliance Previously Issued Financial Statements Related Audit Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nonqualified Defined Contribution Other Deferred Compensation Plans Norm Wastes Other Substances
North American Free Trade Agreements North Coast Areas Fields
North Coast Merger Northeast Ohio Area
Northern West Virginia Area Northwest Pennsylvania Area
Northwestern Pennsylvania Area Not Applicable
Not Correctly Evaluate Reserve Data Exploitation Potential Properties Not Identify Risks Associated Acquisition Oil Natural Gas
Not Own Land Transportation Gathering Pipelines System Located Not Own Land Transportation Pipelines Gathering Systems Located
Not Paid Dividends Common Stock Past Return Investment Not Paid Dividends Past Expect Pay Future Return
Not Successful Managing Growth Not Successful Managing Growth Adversely Affect Operations Net
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notice
Notice Adjustments Notice Claim
Notice Conversion Notice Meetings
Notice Procedures Notice Representatives
Notice Title Defect Adjustments Notices
Notices Clauses 1101 Credit Agreement Shall They Hereby Notices Record Date
Notification Breaches Now Therefore
Npv Number
Number 0-9204 Number Available Awards
Number Election Qualification Term Nyse Shareholder Approval Not Timely Obtained
Oak Hill Field Obligation Borrower Repay Such Loan Accordance Terms Agreement
Obligations Obligations Equity Contributor
Obligations Purchaser Closing Obligations Seller Closing
Occurred Default Specifying Details Thereof Action Taken Proposed Occurrence Default
Occurrence Material Breach Default Repudiation Termination Exco Agreement Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offers Purchase Senior Notes Office Field Equipment
Officer Employee Holdings Subsidiaries Provided Aggregate Amount Such Officers
Officers Certificate Offices
Ohas Ohio Northwestern Pennsylvania Producing Assets
Oil Gas Assets Oil Gas Derivatives-
Oil Gas Producing Activities Oil Gas Reserves
Oil Natural Gas Derivatives Oil Natural Gas Operating Costs
Oil Natural Gas Production Costs Oil Natural Gas Properties
Oil Natural Gas Reserves Oil Natural Gas Revenues Production Prices
Oil Natural Gas Sales Production Prices Omitted Historical Financial Information
Oneok Acquisition Oneok Energy
Oneok Energy Acquisition Ongoing Compliance
Operating Committee Operating Expenses Net Income Borrowing Base Properties Detail
Operation Business Operation Oil Gas Interests
Operations Activity Outlook Operations East Texas North Louisiana
Operator Arrangements Opinion Counsel
Opinion Counsel Underwriters Option Exercises 2004 Value End
Option Exercises 2005 Value End Option Grants 2005
Option Grants Common Stock 2004 Option Holder Elect Purchase
Optional Prepayment Loans Organization
Organization Basis Presentation Organization Good Standing
Organization Representations Warranties Original Term Credit Agreement
Osha Other Regulations Other
Other Acquisitions Other Benefits Plans
Other Business Other Changes Being Incentive Plan
Other Communications Provided Herein Shall Writing Delivered Hand Other Control Agreement
Other Development Results Reasonably Expected Result Material Adverse Other Dilutive Events
Other Documents Other Events
Other Income Other Market Risk
Other Matters Acted Annual Meeting Other Officers
Other Person Subject Permitted Encumbrances Oil Gas Interests Other Property-
Other Provisions Applicable Adjustments Other Regulatory Matters Relating Pipeline Gathering System Assets
Other Secured Party Other Transaction Documents
Other Transactions Other Unsecured Indebtedness Credit Parties Aggregate Principal Amount
Otherwise Circumstances Entitling Borrower Require Such Assignment Delegation Outside Date
Outstanding Capital Commitments Outstanding Equity Awards End
Overhead Reimbursement Fees Overhead Reimbursement-
Overriding Royalty Interest Overview
Overview Compensation Program Overview History
Ownership Capitalization Subsidiaries Parent Stand Alone Financials
Parent Successor Whether Through Ability Exercise Voting Power Pari Passu
Parity Securities Part
Part Strategy Involves Drilling New Emerging Shale Resource Participant
Participating Holder Participating Interests
Parties Interest Partnership Agreement
Party Accountants Paul Rudnicki
Pay Order Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Banking Association Payee
Payment Exco Partners Retire Debt Payment Other Evidence Such Reasonably Satisfactory Administrative Agent
Payment Performance Guaranty Payment Principal
Payments Generally Pro Rata Treatment Sharing Set-offs Payments Hydrocarbon Production
Payout Balances Payout Statement
Pending Acquisition Southern Gas Assets Pending Acquisition Vernon Assets
Pending Litigation Pennsylvania Area
Per Share Amount Based Weighted Average Number Common Perfection Priority Liens Created Such Mortgages Other Matters
Performance Awards Permian
Permitted Encumbrances Permitted Refinancing Means Indebtedness Borrower Constituting Guarantees Thereof
Perquisites Other Personal Benefits Person
Personal Loans Executive Officers Directors Petroleum Substances
Pfc Available Buyer Accurate Complete Copies Pfc Benefit Plans
Pfc Guarantees Pfc Retained Environmental Responsibilities Indemnification
Pine Glen Field Pipeline Capacity
Place Closing Place Meetings
Plan Plan Merger Effective Time
Plans Plans 2009
Please Complete Date Sign Mail Proxy Promptly Enclosed Please Complete Sign Date Return Proxy Promptly
Please Read Carefully Document Includes Release Claims Pledge Agreement
Plugging Abandonment Plus
Post-closing Obligations Postponements Limitations
Potential Payments Termination Change Control Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control
Power Pre-approval External Auditor Services
Pre-approval Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Fees Services Pre-closing Tax Returns
Preemptive Acceptance Period Preemptive Notice
Preference Rights Transfer Requirements Preferential Purchase Rights Change Control
Preferential Purchase Rights Changes Control Preferential Right Purchase Changes Control
Preferential Rights Preferred Stock
Preferred Stock Conversion Preferred Stock Directors
Preferred Stock Dividend Risk Preferred Stock Liquidated Damages Risk
Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement Preferred Stock Registration Rights Agreement
Preliminary Prospectus Present Fairly Material Respects Financial Condition Results Operations
Present Value Estimated Future Net Revenues Pv-10 Presentation Financial Statements
Presiding Officer Presumption Assent
Pricing Marketing-natural Gas Pricing Marketing-oil
Prime Rate Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Customers Principal Manulife Nal Subsidiaries
Principal Shareholder Position Affect Ongoing Operations Corporate Transactions Principal Shareholders
Principal Terms Convertible Preferred Stock Principal Terms Hybrid Preferred Stock
Principal Terms Preferred Stock Principles Combination Estimates
Principles Consolidation Prior 300 2006 Event Such Conditions Not
Prior Consummation Initial Public Offering Receipt Exco Proceeds Prior Control Agreement
Prior Secured Party Private Placement Preferred Stock
Pro Forma Balance Sheet Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Statement Operations
Pro Forma Financial Information Pro Forma Financial Statements
Pro Forma Results Operations Pro Forma Statement Operations
Pro Forma Statements Operations Procedure
Proceeds Product Other Hedging Contracts
Production Allowables Production Prices Expenses
Production Property Production Valorem Taxes
Prohibited Property Promissory
Promptly Notify Exco Sells Otherwise Transfers Securities Other Properties
Proportionate Share Proposal
Proposed Borrowing Base Proposed Epop Revolving Credit Facility
Proposed Epop Term Loan Proposed Exco Resources Credit Agreement
Proposed Exco Resources Term Loan Proposed Private Placement Preferred Stock
Prospectus Proved Developed Reserves
Proved Producing Reserves Included Southern Gas Assets Other Proved Reserves
Proved Undeveloped Reserves Provided
Provided Definitions Terms Commonly Used Oil Natural Gas Provided However
Provision Services Members Proxy
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Proxy Solicitors What Solicitation Expenses Pays Cost
Proxy Statement Only Way Proxies Being Solicited Proxy Statement Report
Public Announcements Public Private
Public Utility Holding Act Puhca Nga
Purchase Purchase Agreement
Purchase Excluded Properties Purchase Price
Purchase Price Adjustments Related Sale Addison Future Purchase Sale
Purchase Sale Agreement Purchased Entities
Purchased Entity Representative Purchaser
Purchaser Representative Purchasers Group
Purchasers Losses Purpose
Purpose Meetings Pursuant
Qualification Quality Control
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quick Easy Immediate Quorum
Quorum Majority Vote Rate Management Transactions
Ratification Indenture Supplemental Part Ravenswood Area
Reaffirmation Loan Documents Liens Reaffirmation Representations Warranties Further Assurances
Reason Without Fifteen Prior Notice Administrative Agent Provide Reasonable Efforts Resolve Such Dispute Set Forth Buyers
Reassigned Properties Shall Mean Those Title Defect Retained Reassignment Obligation
Recapitalization Merger Consolidation Receipts
Received Received Administrative Agent Hereunder Account Lenders Each Share
Recent Accounting Pronouncement Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Events Affecting Liquidity Recitals
Reclassified Prior Amounts Recommend Action
Recompletion Reconciliation Condensed Consolidated Cash Flow Operating Activities
Reconciliation Consolidated Cash Flow Operating Activities Reconciliation Pv-10 Standardized Measure
Record Date Recording
Redeemable Preferred Stock Redeemable Preferred Stock Embedded Derivative Restated
Redemption Redemption Date
Redemption Preferred Stock Acquisition Txok Redemption Preferred Stock Consolidation Txok
Redemption Price Redemption Provision Embedded Derivative
Redemption Txok Preferred Stock Acquisition Redetermined Borrowing Base
Redhibition Waiver Reduced Actual Net Aggregate Imbalances Owed Seller Third-parties
Reduced Extent Provided Respect Preference Rights Retained Assets Reduced Operating Cash Flow Resulting Addison Disposition Put
Reference Schedule Means Agreement Incorporated Part References
Regarding Midstream Assets Registered Agent
Registered Office Registered Shareholders
Registrants Business Operations Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registration Compliance Stop Order Registration Rights
Registration Rights Agreement Registration Rights Agreement Hybrid Contain Liquidated Damages Indemnity
Registration Rights Agreements Registration Statement Prospectus
Registrations Regular Meetings
Regulation Regulation 701 Disclosure
Regulation Disclosure Regulations
Reimbursement Each Case Accordance Mlp Contribution Documents Without Related Party Transactions
Related Party Transactions Oversight Relationship Parties
Release Release Agreement
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Signature Follow Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank-signature Follow
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank-signature Pages Follow Remediation Material Weakness
Remedies Title Defects Removal
Repayment 150 Exco Revolving Credit Facility Debt Repayment Interim Bank Loan
Repayment Loans Evidence Debt Repercussions Terrorist Activities Armed Conflict Harm Business
Replacement Bonds Letters Credit Guarantees Report Audit Committee
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reports
Reports Data Whereupon Administrative Agent Lenders Shall Designate Representation Warranty Deemed Behalf Borrower Restricted Subsidiary Connection
Representation Warranty Necessary Evidence Transfer Subrogation Such Guarantor Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Borrower Representations Warranties Covenants
Representations Warranties Covenants Purchaser Representations Warranties Covenants Securities Intermediary
Representations Warranties Each Purchaser Representations Warranties Purchaser Crimson Parent
Representations Warranties Seller Representatives
Repurchase Notice Repurchase Rights
Repurchase Senior Notes Pursuant Change Control Tender Offer Required Filings
Required Vote Crimson Parent Stockholders Requirements Transfer
Reservation Stock Issuable Conversion Reserve Data
Reserve Letters Reserve Life
Reserve Report Required Delivered Administrative Agent Lenders Connection Reserved
Reserves Reserves Respect Thereto Accordance Gaap Failure Make Payment
Resignation Resolved
Respective Subsidiaries Hold Leased Real Personal Property Valid Responsibilities
Restated Certificate Restatement
Restricted Payments Restricted Payments 706 Credit Agreement Shall Hereby Amended
Restrictions Certain Prepayments Restrictions Dividends
Restrictions Subsidiaries Restrictions Transfer
Restrictive Debt Covenants Limit Growth Ability Finance Operations Results
Results 2008 Results 2009 Outlook
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Retention Bonus Payments Retention Period
Retirement Other Benefit Plans Revenue Depends Oil Natural Gas Prices Fluctuate
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Gas Imbalances
Revenue Recognition Gas Imbalances- Revenues Expenses
Revenues Operating Results Financial Condition Ability Borrow Funds Review Discussions Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Review Discussions Management Revolving
Revolving Credit Facility Richard Hodges
Right Amend Right Refusal Co-sale Agreement
Right Termination Abandonment Rights Reassignment Arising Final Intention Abandon Release Assets
Risk Exposure Risk Factors
Risk Policy Oversight Risks Associated Drilling Activity Impact Results Operations
Risks Relating Business Risks Relating Master Limited Partnership
Robert Niehaus Robert Stillwell
Rockies Rockies Area
Rojo Pipeline Means Inc Texas Corporation Successors Role Executive Officers Compensation Decisions
Royalties Incentives Royalty Interest
Sale Addison Sale Addison Energy Inc
Sale Canadian Subsidiary Sale Colorado Oil Natural Gas Properties
Sale Oklahoma Producing Assets Sale Purchase
Sale South Gulf Coast Oil Natural Gas Properties Sale Stock
Sale Transaction Sale Wattenberg Field
Sales Oil Natural Gas Properties Sales Producing Properties Undeveloped Acreage
Sales Tax Recording Fees Similar Taxes Sales Unregistered Securities
Sarbanes-oxley Act Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Sas Communications Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule Advances
Schedule Advances Payments Principal Schedule Increases Decreases Global Security
Schedule Kkk Schedule Purchasers
Schedules Scope Participating Interests Operations
Seal Sec Disclosure
Sec Documents Other Reports Crimson Parent Sec Filings Earnings Releases Guidance
Sec Generally Permitted Oil Natural Gas Companies Filings Secured Party
Securities Securities Account
Securities Other Services Property Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Security Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New
See Accompanying Notes Seismic
Selected Quarterly Financial Information Selection Evaluation
Seller Sellers Conditions Closing
Sellers Representations Sellers Solicitors
Sellers Title Selling Stockholder
Senior Due 2011 Senior Notes Due 2011
Senior Securities Senior Term Loan
Senior Unsecured Term Credit Agreement Senior Unsecured Term Credit Agreement Related Acquisition
Series Series A-1 Convertible Preferred Stock
Series A-1 Cumulative Convertible Perpetual Preferred Stock Series A-1 Hybrid Preferred Stock
Series A-1 Preferred Stock Series A-2 Convertible Preferred Stock
Series A-2 Cumulative Convertible Perpetual Preferred Stock Series A-2 Hybrid Preferred Stock
Series A-2 Preferred Stock Series Convertible Preferred Stock
Series Cumulative Convertible Perpetual Preferred Stock Series Preferred Stock
Service Indebtedness Require Significant Amount Cash Ability Generate Services Agreement
Setting Executive Compensation Severability
Severability Reformation Severance Adjustment
Severance Payment Severance Plan
Shall Addition Not Exclusive Other Liability Such Party Shall Continue Undismissed Order Decree Approving Ordering Foregoing
Shall Deemed Waived Title Benefits Not Given Notice Shall Exclusive Right Remedy Purchaser Respect Title Defects
Shall Not Construed Waiver Default Regardless Whether Administrative Shall Pending Time Applicable Agency Take Action Set
Share Purchase Price Share-based Payments
Shareholder List Shareholders
Shareholders Attend Meeting Revoke Proxies Vote Person They Shareholders Nominations Director Nominees
Shares Shares Capital Stock
Shares Subject Plan Signature
Signature Page Signature Page Follow
Signature Page Follows Signature Pages Follow
Signatures Signed Borrower Each Such Telephonic Written Borrowing Request
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Accounting Policy
Significant Subsequent Events Significant Transactions 2003 2004
Significant Transactions 2005 Significant Transactions 2005 2006
Significant Transactions 2007 Significant Transactions Affecting Pro Forma Financial Information
Significant Transactions Occurred 2003 Simultaneous Service Other Audit Committees
Sixth Amendment Amended Restated Credit Agreement Sole Risk Operations
Solicitation Transactions Solvency
Soon Available Event Later Each Reserve Reports Required Southern Gas Acquisition
Southern Gas Acquisition Final Purchase Price Allocation Southern West Virginia Area
Special Meetings Special Meetings Shareholders
Special-purpose Entities Off-balance Sheet Transactions Specific Provisions
Specified Shareholder Spent 152 Development Exploitation Activities Drilling Completing Gross
Stabilization Standard Conduct Health Safety Security Environment
Standard Terms Conditions Assignment Assumption Standardized Measure Discounted Future Net Cash Flows
Standardized Measure Discounted Future Net Cash Flows Relating State Income Taxes General
Statement Statements Revenues Expenses
Statistical Market Data Status Securities Act
Stephen Smith Stephen Smith Vice Chairman President
Steve Puckett Stock Based Other Compensation Expense
Stock Options Stock Options Benefit Plan
Stock Price Fluctuate Significantly Stockholders Agreement
Strengths Subco Stock
Subco Subscription Agreement Subject Complex Federal State Local Other Laws Regulations
Subject Intercreditor Agreement Liens Securing Indebtedness Permitted Clause Subject Oil Gas Assets Means Right Title Interest
Subject Plan Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordination Lien Waiver Set-off Subordination Taurus Acquisition Guaranty
Subordination Termination Notice Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Subsidiary Guaranties
Subsidiary Guarantors Subsidiary Guaranty
Subsidiary Ies Substantial Amount Indebtedness Adversely Affect Cash Flow Ability
Success Natural Gas Gathering Transportation Business Depends Ability Successful Acquisition Operations Track Record
Successor Successors Assignment
Successors Assigns Such Expenses Disputed Good Faith Subsidiary Adequate Accounting
Such Guaranteed Liability Payable Apply Payment Currency Such Out-of-pocket Expenses Incurred Workout Restructuring Negotiations Respect
Sugg Ranch Acquisition Sugg Ranch Field
Suite Summary
Summary Compensation Table Summary Development Exploitation Projects
Summary Operating Data Summary Proposed Amendment
Super-majority Class Voting Supplemental Indenture
Supplemental Indenture Among Exco Resources Inc Texas Corporation Supplemental Information Relating Oil Natural Gas Producing Activities
Supplemental Information Relating Oil Natural Gas Producing Activities-continuing Surplus Cash Means Lesser Equivalents Borrower Restricted Subsidiaries
Survival Survival Period
Swap Agreements 705 Credit Agreement Shall Hereby Amended Swingline Loans
Table Contents Take-over Proposal
Tangibles Taurus
Taurus Acquisition Inc Taurus Notes
Tax Accounting Implications Tax Characterization Merger Related Transactions
Tax Matters Tax Requirements
Tax Returns Taxes
Taxes Assessments Taxes Election
Taxes Except Set Forth Schedule 414 Tcfe
Telephone Similar Meetings Term
Term Credit Agreement Term Loan
Term Vacancies Termination
Termination Default Remedies Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Termination Notice Test
Texas Law Certain Corporate Provisions Tgg Gas Utility 121001 101003 Texas Utilities Code
Thereon Shall Payable Period Such Extension Payments Hereunder Third-party Beneficiaries
Third-party Consent Third-party Out-of-pocket Expenses Actually Incurred Pfc Performing
Third-party Pipelines Other Facilities Interconnected Gathering Transportation Become Thirteenth Adjustment
Those Listed Schedule Time Essence
Time Immediately After Giving Effect Loans Effective Date Time Place Closing
Time Place Meetings Time Sale Information
Time Times Prescribed Applicable Law Such Properly Completed Time Unless Otherwise Specified References Times Shall
Times Preserve Keep Full Force Effect Corporate Other Title Carry Reduction Amount Shall Mean Allocated Lease
Title Defect Title Due Diligence Examination
Title Environmental Matters Title Evaluator
Title Intellectual Property Title Operating Documents
Title Properties Title Real Personal Property
Top Form Total Revenues
Transactions 2006 Other Txok Winchester Properties Acquisitions Transactions Contemplated Herein Therein Hereby Waives Releases Claims
Transactions Other Acquisition North Coast Occurred 2004 Transactions Other Legal Matters Relating Credit Parties Agreement
Transactions Other Sale Addison Occurred 2005 Transactions Other Txok Pgmt Occurred 2006
Transactions Other Txok Pgmt Winchester Occurred 2006 Transactions Other Vernon Acquisition Southern Gas Gulf Coast
Transactions Related Persons Transfer
Transfer Agent Registrar Transfer Member Interests
Transfer Restrictions Transfer Shares
Transfers Transfers Member Interests Admission New Members
Transition Services Agreement Transition Services Horizon License
Trustee Txok
Txok Acquisition Txok Acquisition Inc
Txok Credit Facility Txok Energy Resources Holdings Llc
Txok Means Acquisition Inc Delaware Corporation Successors Permitted Txok Preferred Stock
Txok Resources Holdings Means Energy Llc Delaware Limited Txok Revolving Facility Amendment
Txok Term Loan Txok Texas Energy Holdings Llc
Txok Texas Energy Resources Ucc
Unable Acquire Develop Additional Reserves Unable Acquire Develop Additional Reserves Reduce Revenues Access
Unable Obtain Additional Financing Implement Growth Strategy Unable Overcome Risks Associated Drilling Activity
Unable Successfully Address Material Weakness Internal Control Over Unable Successfully Prevent Address Material Weaknesses Internal Control
Uncured Title Defects Underwriters
Underwriting Agreement Underwriting Agreement Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered
Underwriting Agreement Initial Public Offering Common Stock Undeveloped Acreage
Undeveloped Acreage Acquisitions Undisclosed Relationships
United States Unlawful Payments
Unless Context Requires Otherwise References Quarterly Report Form Unless Previously Terminated Aggregate Commitment Shall Terminate Maturity
Unless Repaid Each Eurodollar Borrowing Shall Converted Abr Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unrestricted Subsidiaries Unseaworthiness Vessel Unairworthiness Aircraft Party Whether Chartered Owned
Upfront Fee Upstream Transaction
Usury Laws Vacancies Increases
Validity Perfection Priority Liens Created Such Mortgages Other Valuation Date
Vernon Acquisition Vernon Field
Vernon Kelleys Fields Vesting
Vice Chairman President Vice President Chief Financial Officer Treasurer
Vice President Chief Operating Officer Vice President General Counsel Secretary
Vincent Cebula Vinegarone Field
Violation Default Voluntary Prepayment
Vote Important Ensure Shares Represented Meeting Please Ways Vote Internet Telephone Quick Easy Immediate
Vote Internet-wwwcontinentalstockcom Vote Mail
Vote Participation Affairs Important Ensure Shares Represented Meeting Vote Phone- 866 894-0537
Vote Required Vote Shares
Vote Shares Person Annual Meeting Votes Confidential Counts
Votes Withheld Abstentions Broker Non-votes Treated Voting
Voting Capital Adjustment Fractional Shares Voting Election Directors
Waiver Waiver Consumer Rights
Waiver Trade Practices Acts Waivers
Waivers Amendments Wattenberg Field
Wells Wells Necessary Fully Develop Acreage
West Virginia Area What Boards Recommendations Vote Shares
What Broker Non-vote What Choices Voting
What Difference Between Shareholder Record Street Name Holder What Householding Affect
What Not Specify Shares Voted What Percentage Vote Required Approve Charter Amendment Proposal
What Percentage Vote Required Approve Election Each Common What Percentage Vote Required Approve Election Each Director
What Percentage Vote Required Approve Election Each Nominee What Percentage Vote Required Approve Full Nyse Proposal
What Percentage Vote Required Approve Incentive Plan Amendment What Percentage Vote Required Approve Limited Nyse Proposal
What Percentage Vote Required Approve Ratification Kpmg What Proxy
What Proxy Statement What Purpose Annual Meeting
What Receive Set Voting Materials What Record Date Mean
What Shareholders Approve Limited Nyse Proposal Not Full What Voting Rights Holders Common Stock Convertible Preferred
What Voting Rights Holders Common Stock Preferred What Voting Rights Shareholders
Whereas William Boeing
Wilson Winchester Acquisition
Winchester Properties Acquisition Withdrawal Master Limited Partnership
Withdrawal Master Limited Partnership Offering Witness Whereof
Witnesseth Working Capital Balance
Workovers Operations Producing Well Restore Increase Production Available Write-down Oil Natural Gas Properties
Write-downs Asset Values Write-downs Asset Values Negatively Affect Results Operations Net
Writing Such Underwriter Through Representatives Expressly Registration Statement Written Credit Guaranty Agreement Other Loan Documents Represent
Written Notice Alleging Violation Environmental Law Credit Party Wwwsecgov
Xvi Xvii Shareholder Action Written Consent
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