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Account Collateral Accounting Income Taxes
Accounting Pension Other Postretirement Benefit Plans Accounting Principles
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Fin Accounts Payable Other Current Liabilities
Accounts Receivable Securitization Program Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Income Acquired Rights
Acquisitions Actions Underway Address Global Economic Realities
Addendum Additional Actions Underway Address Global Recession
Adjustment Awards Administration
Administrative Guide 200 Grant Non-qualified Stock Options 2005 Administrative Guide Page
Advance Traditional Restructuring Plan Adversely Impacted
Advertising Age
Agent Agent Appointed Attorney Fact
Agent Perform Agents Duties
Agfa Gevaert Corp Aggregate Limits
Aggregate Stock Awards Outstanding End Aggregate Stock Options Outstanding End
Aggregated Option Sar Exercises Last Year-end Values Agreements
Air Travel Algotec Systems Ltd
Alignment Shareholders Interests All-in-one Inkjet Printers
Allocating Actual Award Pool Individual Participants Other Covered Allocating Award Pool Covered Employees
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Already Implemented Director Election Policy
Amendment Amendment Credit Agreement
Amendment Executive Compensation Excellence Leadership Plan Amendments
Amendments Plan Arrangement Amendments Waivers Additional Grantors Etc
Ample Liquidity Provides Significant Flexibility Annex
Annex Schedule Leased Transferred Subsidiary Real Property Annual Limit
Annual Meeting Shareholders Annual Payments
Annual Performance Evaluations Annual Review
Annual Stock Option Award Annual Variable Pay Excel Plan
Annual Variable Pay Plan Antonio Perez
Appendix Director Independence Standards Appendix Director Qualification Standards
Appendix Director Selection Process Appendix Directors Code Conduct
Appendix Eastman Kodak 2005 Omnibus Long-term Compensation Plan Applicable Law
Applied Science Fiction Approval Amendment Restated Certificate Incorporation Regarding Certain Dispositions
Approval Amendment Restated Certificate Incorporation Regarding Election Directors Argentina
Arrangement Arrangement Agreement
Asset Retirement Obligations Assigned Agreements
Assumption Agreement Atlanta Airport
Attachment Audio Webcast Annual Meeting Available Internet
Audit Committee Financial Qualifications Audit Committee Financial Qualifications Memberships
Audit Committee Meetings 2004 Audit Committee Meetings 2006
Audit Committee Meetings 2007 Audit Committee Meetings 2008
Audit Services Audit-related Services
Available Information Available Shares
Award Award Limits
Award Notice Antonio Perez 2005 Page Award Notice Page
Awards Covered Employees Background
Balance Sheet Considerations Base Salaries
Base Salary Base Salary Wage Grade
Basis Consolidation Basis Presentation
Basis Presentation Restatement Basis Pro Forma Presentation
Because Sell Products Services Worldwide Subject Changes Currency Beneficial Owner
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficial Security Ownership Common Stock
Benefits Bernard Masson
Binding Effect Board Action Plan
Board Annual Goals Board Business Plan
Board Cash Retainer Board Composition
Board Conduct Board Declassification
Board Directors Eastman Kodak Recommends Vote Against Board Directors Position
Board Directors Recommends Vote Board Directors Recommends Vote Against
Board Directors Recommends Vote Election Board Directors Recommends Vote Election Director Nominees
Board Directors Recommends Vote Nominees Director Ratification Audit Board Goals
Board Independence Board Leadership
Board Mandatory Retirement Age Board Meetings
Board Training Bonus Payments 2006 Performance
Bonuses Awarded 2006 Performance Borrower
Brand Operating Results Harmed Breach
Bridging Change Burrell Companies
Business Conduct Guide Directors Code Business Disruptions Seriously Harm Future Revenue Financial Condition
Businesses Being Transformed Canadian Security Agreement
Cannot Adequately Protect Intellectual Property Business Harmed Cannot Assure Kkr Private Placement Close
Cannot Attract Retain Motivate Key Employees Business Harmed Cannot Continue License Enforce Intellectual Property Rights Business
Cannot Effectively Anticipate Technology Trends Develop Market New Cannot Effectively Anticipate Technology Trends Develop New Products
Cannot Effectively Anticipate Trends Respond Changing Customer Preferences Cannot Effectively Manage Transitions Products Services Adversely Affect
Cannot Manage Product Services Transition Continue Develop Deploy Cannot Protect Reputation Due Product Quality Liability Issues
Capital Allocation Value Creation Capital Stock
Carl Gustin Cash Balance Component
Cash Balance Feature Cash Bonus
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Activity
Cash Generators Cash Retention Benefit
Cautionary Statement Pursuant Safe Harbor Provisions Private Securities Ceo Compensation
Ceo Evaluation Process Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certification Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Chair Retainers Change Accounting Methodology
Change Control Change Control Ownership
Change Estimate Change Reporting Structure
Change-in-control Arrangements Changes Estimates Recorded 2003 Restated
Changes Estimates Recorded 2005 Changes Estimates Recorded 2006
Changes Estimates Recorded 2007 Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Charitable Award Program Charitable Relationship
Charles Brown Chief Accounting Officer Controller
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Chief Human Resources Officer
China China Lucky Film Ltd
Chinon Industries Inc Collateral
Colombia Columbus Airport
Commercial Imaging Commercial Imaging Segment
Commercial Relationship Commitment
Committee Composition Committee Decision-making Practice
Committee Discretion Committee Discussion Analysis
Committee Matters Committee Membership
Committee Responsibilities Committee Review Ceo Compensation
Committees Board Communications Board
Companies Consolidated Compared 2006
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Elements Percentage Target Total Direct
Compensation Paid Senior Executives Appropriate Competitive Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Philosophy Program Compensation Plan
Compensation Programs Competition Fair Dealing
Competitive Compensation Analysis Competitive Pressures Face Harm Revenue Gross Margins Market
Compliance Laws Compliance Laws Policies
Components Executive Compensation Program Composition
Composition Board Committees Comprehensive Income
Comprehensive Income Loss Comprehensive Loss
Comprehensive Loss Income Computation Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges
Concentration Credit Risk Condensed Balance Sheet
Condensed Statement Operations Condition Receipt Awards
Condition Receipt Performance Award Conditions Arrangement
Conduct Conduct Business Pending Arrangement
Conference Call Conference Call Information
Confidential Information Confidentiality
Confidentiality Notices References Conflicting Legal Obligations
Conflicts Interest Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consents Consideration Director Candidates
Consideration Director Nominees Consolidated
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Inancial Statements Financial Statement Schedule
Consumer Digital Imaging Group Consumer Digital Imaging Group Cdg
Consumer Digital Imaging Group Cdg Segment Consumer Digital Imaging Group Segment 8220cdg8221
Consumer Digital Imaging Group Segment Cdg Consumer Film Capture
Consumer Inkjet Systems Continuing Intercompany Agreements
Continuing Security Interest Assignments Credit Agreement Continuous Employment Until Payment
Contrary Executive Compensation Principles Controls Procedures
Cooperation Copyrights
Core Investments Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Officer Stock Option Program Corporate Opportunities
Corporate Responsibility Governance Committee Meetings 2004 Corporate Responsibility Governance Committee Meetings 2006
Corporate Responsibility Governance Committee Meetings 2007 Corporate Responsibility Governance Committee Meetings 2008
Cost Method Costs Expenses
Covered Employees Credit Agreement
Credit Quality Creo Inc
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Currency
Currency Effects Currency References
Current Process Elects Highly Qualified Candidates Current Program
Current Segment Reporting Structure Daniel Carp
Daniel Meek Date Action
Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2005 Dear Shareholder
Death Disability Retirement Termination Approved Reason Before Vesting Debt Shelf Registration Convertible Securities
Deferral Awards Deferral Stock Awards
Deferred Compensation Deferred Compensation Plan
Definitions Delays Plans Continue Improve Accounts Receivable Collections Adversely
Delays Plans Improve Manufacturing Productivity Control Cost Operations Delays Plans Reduce Cost Structure Through Execution Restructuring
Delegation Deliver Graphic Communication Group Synergies
Delivery Control Security Collateral Depend Party Suppliers Therefore Revenue Gross Margins Suffer
Deposit Account Control Agreement8221 Derivative Financial Instruments
Determination Awards Determination Corporate Award Pool
Determination Corporate Award Pool 2008 Determining Actual Award Pool
Determining Annual Target Allocations Long-term Equity Incentive Compensation Determining Annual Target Allocations Long-term Variable Equity Incentive
Determining Award Pool Determining Executive Total Direct Compensation
Devices Diane Wilfong
Digital Capture Devices Digital Film Imaging Systems
Digital Film Imaging Systems Dfis Segment Digital Portfolio
Digital Printing Solutions Digital Strategic Product Groups Revenues
Digital Traditional Strategic Product Groups Revenues Directions
Director Access Management Independent Advisors Director Compensation
Director Compensation Principles Director Compensation Program
Director Independence Director Independence Standards
Director Orientation Education Director Ownership Requirements
Director Qualification Standards Director Search
Director Selection Process Director Selection Qualification Standards
Director Share Ownership Requirements Directors
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Disclosure Practices Diversity
Diversity Advisory Panels Recommendations Diversity Initiatives
Divestiture Unrelated Party Dividend Equivalent
Dividend Equivalents Dividend Information
Dividends Finances Document Imaging
Document Imaging Digital Printing Solutions Downgraded Rating Agencies Result Issuance Senior Secured Notes
Drive Sga Model Due Nature Products Sell Worldwide Distribution Subject Changes
Earnings Continuing Operations Earnings Continuing Operations Before Interest Other Charges Net
Earnings Continuing Operations Before Interest Other Income Charges Earnings Loss Continuing Operations Before Interest Other Charges
Earnings Loss Continuing Operations Before Interest Other Income Earnings Per Share
Eastman Kodak Eastman Kodak Consolidated Statement Operations
Eastman Kodak Consolidated Statement Retained Earnings Eastman Kodak Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Eastman Kodak Executive Employees Agreement Eastman Kodak Form 10-k 2006
Eastman Kodak Index Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules Eastman Kodak Subsidiary Companies Index Exhibits
Eastman Kodak Subsidiary Companies Index Exhibits Contd Eastman Kodak Subsidiary Companies Index Exhibits Financial Statement
Economic Trends Major Markets Adversely Affect Financial Performance Economic Trends Major Markets Adversely Affect Net Sales
Economic Uncertainty Developing Markets Adversely Affect Revenue Earnings Economic Uncertainty Developing Markets Affect Adversely Revenue Earnings
Effective Utilization Board Meeting Time Election Defer Awards
Election Directors Elements Total Direct Compensation
Eligibility Eligibility Participation
Eligible Employees Embassy Suites Hotel Walnut Creek 1345 Treat Boulevard
Employees Agreement Employment
Employment Contracts Arrangements Employment Date
Employment Preconditions Employment Retention Arrangements
Encad Inc Encouraging Reporting Illegal Unethical Behavior
Enforcement Enterprise Solutions
Entertainment Imaging Environmental
Environmental Commitments Environmental Expenditures
Environmental Protection Equipment
Equipment Inventory Equity Award Policy
Equity Grant Timing Practices Equity Method
Equity Relationship Estimates
Evaluation Ceo Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Excel
Excel Award Earned 2007 Excel Awards
Excel Bonus Excel Corporate Funding Pool Percentage Matrix
Excel Plan Excel Target Opportunity
Exchange Certificates Cash Exclusivity Severance Allowance
Execution Counterparts Executive Committee Meeting 2004
Executive Committee Meeting 2006 Executive Committee Meeting 2007
Executive Committee Meetings 2008 Executive Committee Other Committees
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Development Committee
Executive Compensation Development Committee Meetings 2004 Executive Compensation Development Committee Meetings 2006
Executive Compensation Development Committee Meetings 2007 Executive Compensation Development Committee Meetings 2008
Executive Compensation Excellence Leadership Executive Compensation Excellence Leadership Cash Bonus
Executive Compensation Philosophy Executive Deferred Compensation Plan
Executive Employees Agreement Executive Officers Registrant
Executive Performance Share Program Executive Protection Plan
Executive Sessions Exhibits
Exhibits Reports Form 8-k Experience
Explanatory Factors Considered Committee Determine Level Mix Total Direct
Factors Considered Committee Determine Levels Total Direct Compensation Fail Comply Covenants Contained Secured Credit Agreement Including
Fail Comply Covenants Contained Senior Credit Facility Indenture Fail Execute Capital Spending Plan Adversely Impact Cash
Fail Manage Distribution Products Services Properly Revenue Gross Fasb Interpretation
Fasb Statement 141r Fasb Statement 151
Fasb Statement 155 Fasb Statement 157
Fasb Statement 158 Fasb Statement 159
Fasb Statement 160 Federal Tax Treatment
Film Capture Film Photofinishing Entertainment Group Fpeg
Film Photofinishing Entertainment Group Segment 8220fpeg8221 Film Photofinishing Entertainment Group Segment Fpeg
Film Photofinishing Systems Group Film Photofinishing Systems Group Fpg
Film Photofinishing Systems Group Fpg Segment Film Photofinishing Systems Group Segment Fpg
Film Products Group Film Products Group Fpg Segment
Film Products Group Segment Fpg Finance Committee Meetings 2004
Finance Committee Meetings 2006 Finance Committee Meetings 2007
Finance Committee Meetings 2008 Financial Discussion Document
Financial Efficiency Financial Information Geographic Area
Financial Instruments Financial Outlook
Financial Results Financial Statements Exhibits
Financing Activities Foreign Currency
Foreign Jurisdictions Foreign Revenues
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form 10-q Conference Call Information Form Awards
Form Payment Form Payment Awards
Form Payment Beneficiary Former Executive Daniel Meek
Former Executive James Langley Frank Sklarsky
Freeway North Freeway South
Further Assurances Future Lawsuits
Future New Kodak Future Pension Other Postretirement Plan Costs Required Level
Future Results Harmed Economic Political Regulatory Other Risks Gary Van Graafeiland
General Goals
Goodwill Governance Committee Composition
Governance Committee Evaluation Governance Committee Responsibilities
Governance Initiatives Governance Practices
Governance Practices Described Below Some Significant Been Adopted Grant Dates Hoc New Hire Equity Awards
Grantors Grantors Remain Liable
Grants Non-us Employees Graphic Communications
Graphic Communications Group Graphic Communications Group Gcg Segment
Graphic Communications Group Segment 8220gcg8221 Graphic Communications Group Segment Gcg
Greece Gross Profit
Growth Model Growth Outpace Market
Guarantee Tax Consequences Guarantees
Hardship Headings
Health Health Group
Health Group Segment Health Group Segment Khg
Health Imaging Health Segment
Highway Northbound Highway Westbound
Hinders Ability Attract Retain Leadership Hinders Compensation Committees Duties
Householding Disclosure Documents Hpa
I-185 South Imaging Sensors
Immediate Family Member Impairment Long-lived Assets
Implement Go-to-market Strategies Across Consumer Digital Imaging Group Implementation New Legislation Regulations Changes Existing Laws Increase
Important Eastman Kodak Annual Meeting Information Vote Counts Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Shareholders Meeting
Improves Gaap Results Continuing Operations Ends Cash Re-affirms Inability Complete Divestitures Other Portfolio Actions Adversely Impact
Inability Develop Implement E-commerce Strategies Align Industry Standards Inability Effectively Complete Integrate Manage Acquisitions Divestitures Other
Inability Effectively Manage Acquisitions Adversely Impact Revenues Earnings Inability Effectively Manage Acquisitions Divestitures Other Portfolio Actions
Inability Manage Acquisitions Divestitures Other Portfolio Actions Adversely Income Tax Benefit Provision
Income Tax Provision Income Tax Provision Benefit
Income Taxes Indebtedness Relationship
Indemnifications Indemnified Party
Indemnity Expenses Independence
India Individual Bonus Plan
Individual Equity Awards Individual Grants
Individual Non-equity Incentive Bonus Plans Initial Hire Grants Hoc Awards
Initial Pledged Debt Initial Pledged Equity
Injunctive Relief Insurance
Integrity Intellectual Property Collateral
Intellectual Property Security Agreement Intentionally Omitted
Inter Alia Intercompany Agreements
Interest Expense Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Internal Controls Surrounding Accounting Income Taxes Internal Controls Surrounding Accounting Pension Other Postretirement Benefit
Interpretation Not Affected Headings Etc Introduction
Inventories Inventories Net
Inventory Investing Activities
Investments Equity Method Investments Equity Securities
Investorvotecomputersharecom James Langley
Joyce Haag Judgment
Karen Smith-pilkington Kevin Hobert
Kkr Private Placement Subject Number Risks Including Interests Knowledge
Knowledge Directors Financially Literate Sound Understanding Business Strategy Kodak
Kodak Amends Credit Agreement Maintains Financial Flexibility Kodak China Limited
Kodak Earns Sales 3220 Digital Revenue Grows Kodak Enter 2010 Stronger Competitive Position
Kodak Forco Term Sheet Kodak India Limited
Kodak Letterhead Kodak Operating Model Reporting Structure
Kodak Poised Accelerate Profitable Growth Kodak Polychrome Graphics
Kodak Reports 2nd-quarter 2009 Results Reflecting Global Economic Kodak Reports 3rd-quarter 2009 Results Operational Improvements Drive
Kodak Wuxi China Limited Kodaks Digital Business Built Grow
Kodaks Traditional Business Sustainable Model Kpg Term Sheet
Krip Laser-pacific Media Corporation
Last Work Leadership Stock
Leadership Stock 2006 2007 Performance Cycle Awards Leadership Stock 2007 Performance Cycle Awards
Leadership Stock 2008 Performance Cycle Awards Leadership Stock Awards
Leadership Stock Program Leadership Stock Program Results
Legal Proceedings Letter-of-credit Rights
Life Insurance Limitation
Limitation Income Tax Deduction Limits Compensation Committees Flexibility
Lines Credit Liquidity Capital Resources
Long-term Equity Incentive Compensation Long-term Incentive Gap Closure
Long-term Incentive Plan Awards Last Long-term Incentive Retention Plan
Long-term Incentives Long-term Variable Equity Incentive Compensation
Look Forward Seeing Annual Meeting Like Take Opportunity Loss Continuing Operations
Loss Continuing Operations Before Income Taxes Loss Continuing Operations Before Interest Other Income Charges
Loss Cumulative Effect Accounting Change Net Income Taxes Loss Earnings Continuing Operations
Loss Earnings Continuing Operations Before Interest Other Income Losses Continuing Operations Before Interest Other Income Charges
Lost Certificates Maintaining Account Collateral
Majority Voting Majority Voting Directors
Majority Voting Policy Management Evaluation Succession
Management Variable Compensation Plan Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manner Electing Deferral Manner Payment
Market Competitiveness Market Price Data
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Market Value Transfer
Marketable Securities Noncurrent Investments Marketing Competition
Mary Jane Hellyar Maturity
Maximum Award Payable Covered Employees Maximum Award Pool
Meeting Attendance Meetings
Methodology Converting Dollar-denominated Annual Long-term Incentive Target Opportunity Mexico
Michael Benard Michael Morley Chief Administrative Officer Executive Vice President
Minimum Performance Goal8221 Miscellaneous
Mix Long-term Equity Incentive Compensation Mix Long-term Variable Equity Incentive Compensation
Modifications Awards National Semiconductor Corporation
Negative Discretion Net Earnings
Net Earnings Loss Net Loss
Net Loss Earnings Net Sales Operations Outside
New Accounting Pronouncements New Kodak Operating Model Change Reporting Structure
New Kodak Operating Model Reporting Structure New Operating Model Change Reporting Structure
New Participants New Plan Benefits
Nexpress-related Entities Non-qualified Stock Options
Non-qualified Supplemental Retirement Plans Kurip Kerip Nonqualified Stock Options
North Vancouver Driving Southbound Not Effectively Execute Digital Transformation Adversely Affect Operations
Not Effectively Execute Growth Initiatives Financial Performance Adversely Not Effectively Implement New Digitally Oriented Growth Strategy
Not Successful Transitioning Certain Financial Processes Administrative Functions Not Timely Implement Planned Inventory Reductions Adversely Affect
Not Timely Implement Planned Working Capital Improvements Adversely Notice 2006 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice 2007 Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice 2009 Annual Meeting Proxy Statement Notice 2009 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice Award Non-qualified Stock Options Granted Effective Pursuant Notice Award Restricted Stock Granted Antonio Perez Effective
Notice Award Restricted Stock Granted Effective Pursuant 2005 Notice Transferees
Number Number 1-87
Oakland International Airport Obligor8221
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Officer
Officers Omnibus Long-term Compensation Plan
Ongoing Efforts Improve Supply Chain Efficiency Not Achieved Online Imaging Services
Operating Activities Operations
Operations Products Subject Environmental Regulations Failure Comply Such Option Awards
Option Exercises Stock Vested Table Option Grants
Orex Computed Radiography Ltd Organized Laws
Other Other Adjustments
Other Awards Other Benefit Plans
Other Benefits Other Charges Net
Other Commitments Contingencies Other Events
Other Income Charges Net Other Information
Other Key Actions Other Key Actions 2006 Some Taken Governance Committee
Other Key Actions 2007 Other Key Actions Last
Other Long-term Assets Other Long-term Liabilities
Other Operating Expenses Income Net Other Operating Income Expenses Net
Other Permissible Non-audit Services Other Stock-based Awards
Other Terms Outlook
Outlook Investor Meeting Outsourced Significant Portion Overall Worldwide Manufacturing Back-office Operations
Outsourced Significant Portion Overall Worldwide Manufacturing Logistics Back Outsourced Significant Portion Overall Worldwide Manufacturing Operations Face
Oversight Role Overview
Ownership Stake Page
Parking Parking Free Available Behind Columbus Marriott
Part Part Form 10-k
Patents Patrick Sheller
Pay Performance Payment
Payment Accounts Payment After Death
Payment Awards Payout 2008 Executive Performance-based Compensation
Peer Companies Pension Benefits
Pension Benefits 2007 Pension Other Postretirement Benefits
Pension Postretirement Benefits Pensions Other Postretirement Benefits
Perezs 2006 Equity Awards Perezs 2006 Excel Award
Perezs Base Salary Perezs Benefits Perquisites
Perezs Severance Benefits Associated Change-in-control Perezs Stock Ownership Requirements
Performance Awards Performance Bonus
Performance Criteria Performance Cycle
Performance Formula Performance Goal
Performance Goals Achieved Performance Goals Not Achieved
Performance Graph Shareholder Return Performance Metrics
Performance Stock Program Period Review Other Considerations
Permissible Transferees Permissible Transferors
Perquisites Personal Confidential
Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance Philip Faraci
Phogenix Restructuring Program Plan
Plan Administration Plan Awards
Plan Limit Planned Improvements Supply Chain Efficiency Delayed Adversely Affect
Pledged Debt Pledged Deposit Accounts
Pledged Equity Policy Qualifying Compensation
Policy Recoupment Bonuses Policy Recoupment Bonuses Event Certain Financial Restatements
Policy Recoupment Executive Bonuses Event Certain Restatements Position
Position Date Post-closing Changes Collections Assigned Agreements Receivables
Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control Ppsa
Pre-2004 Restructuring Programs Pre-2004 Restructuring Programs Activity
Pre-approval Budgeted Amounts Preliminary Statements
Preparation Review Spreadsheets Include New Changed Formulas Prepress Solutions
President Presiding Director
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principal Auditor Fees Services
Principal Changes 2005 Omnibus Plan 2000 Priorities Financial Model
Pro Forma Earnings Per Share Pro-forma Financial Information
Procedure Accounting Award Deferrals Procedure Determining Awards
Procedures Product Quality Issues Expenses Increase Liquidity Decrease Reputation
Promotion Grant Properties
Properties Assets Rights Employees Used Business Property Plant Equipment Net
Proposal Proposal Ambiguous Unworkable
Proposal Premature Protection Proper Assets
Provide Financing Financial Guarantees Customers Some Significant Amounts Provide Without Charge Request Printed Copy 2008 Annual
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Purpose
Purpose Term Plan Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Ratification Audit Committees Selection Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Independent Accountants Ratification Audit Committees Selection Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Independent Registered
Raw Materials Reasons
Receivables Receivables Net
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Economic Trends Continue Adversely Affect Financial Performance
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Reconciliation Non-gaap Measures
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 585 724-4000 Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 585-724-4000
Regular Annual Grant Dates Regular Meetings
Regular Severance Payments Table Relative Leadership Assessment
Release Release Exclusions
Release Termination Relocation
Relocation Benefits Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Signature Follows
Remaining Terms Agreement Remediation Efforts Internal Controls Surrounding Accounting Income Taxes
Remediation Plans Material Weaknesses Internal Control Over Financial Remedies
Reorganization Report Audit Committee
Report Executive Compensation Development Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reportable Segments Representations Warranties Parent Acquisition Sub
Reputation Required Recognize Additional Impairments Value Goodwill Increase Expenses
Research Development Research Development Costs
Resolution Consideration Special Meeting Securityholders Creo Inc Resolved
Responsibilities Restatement Previously Issued Financial Statements
Restatement Previously Issued Interim Financial Statements Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Award Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock Retention Grant Restructure Health Group
Restructuring Costs Other Restructuring Costs Rationalization Other
Restructuring Program Results Operations Suffer Not Effectively Manage Inventory Incur
Retail Printing Retail Systems Solutions
Retention Alignment Shareholders Interests Retention Stock Ownership
Retirement Benefits Retirement Plan
Retirement Plan Krip Retirement Plan Program
Retirement Plan Table Retirement Plans
Return Kodak Property Revenue
Revenue Earnings Expenses Suffer Cannot Continue Enforce Licensing Revenue Earnings Expenses Suffer Cannot Continue Implement Intellectual
Revenue Earnings Expenses Suffer Cannot Continue License Enforce Revenue Earnings Expenses Suffer Parties Assert Violate Intellectual
Revenue Earnings Suffer Cannot Continue Implement Intellectual Property Revenue Recognition
Review Review Approval Ratification Transactions Related Persons
Review Director Compensation Richard Brown
Rights Dissent Risk Factors
Robert Berman Robert Brust
Rochester New York 14650 Role Committee
Role Compensation Consultant Role Compensation Consultants
Role Responsibilities Board Rules Construction
Salary Bonus Deferral Program Sale Newco Buyer
Sale Newcos Buyer Sale Transferred Assets
Sale Transferred Assets Exchange Pesos Sale Transferred Assets Exchange Rupees
Sale Transferred Assets Newco Sale Transferred Assets Newcos
Sales Typically Concentrated Last Therefore Lower Expected Demand San Francisco International Airport
Schedule 310 Employee Benefits Schedule 314 Intellectual Property
Schedule 318 Title Property Schedule 320
Schedule 514 Contractual Arrangements Schedule Assigned Leases
Schedule Excluded Assets Schedule Excluded Liabilities
Schedule Intracompany Arrangements Remain Effect After Closing Schedule Owned Real Property
Schedule Purchase Sale Assets Schedule Taxes
Scitex Digital Printing Renamed Versamark Seasonality Business
Secured Agreements Secured Credit Facilities
Secured Obligations Secured Parties
Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 10-q Security Agreement
Security Agreement Supplement Security Collateral
Security Obligations Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Segment Information Segment Reporting
Selling General Administrative Expenses Selling General Administrative Expenses Decrease Sga Gcg Was
Set-off Severance
Severance Arrangements Severance Benefits
Severance Benefits Based Termination Due Death Table Severance Benefits Based Termination Due Disability Table
Severance Benefits Based Termination Good Reason Table Severance Benefits Based Termination Perez Good Reason Table
Sga Reductions Share Ownership Program
Shareholder Proposal Shareholders Equity
Shares Subject Plan Shipping Handling Costs
Short-term Borrowings Short-term Variable Pay
Short-term Variable Pay Plan Signature
Signatures Signing Bonus Cash
Signing Bonus Cash Payment Signing Bonus Restricted Stock Award
Signing Bonus Stock Option Award Signing Bonus-cash Award
Signing Bonus-restricted Stock Award Signing Bonus-stock Option Award
Skills Solid Balance Sheet Strong Cash Position Provide Financial
Sources Liquidity South Korea
Special Meetings Special Pension-related Termination Benefits
Special Resolution Consideration Meeting Securityholders Creo Inc Special Terms
Sta State Street Rochester New York 14650 Address Principal
Statement Account Statement Principles
Statutes Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Dividends Stock Option Program
Stock Options Stock Options Sars Outstanding Shareholder- Non-shareholder-approved Plans
Stock Options Sars Outstanding Shareholder-and Non-shareholder-approved Plans Stock-based Compensation
Strategic Role Board Subagent
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Event Pending Sale Health Group
Subsequent Events Subsequent Transfers
Subsidiary Summary
Summary Introduction Summary James Langley Leaving Arrangement
Summary Operating Data Summary Operating Data Eastman Kodak
Summary Plan Supplemental Cash Flow Information
Supplemental Individual Retirement Arrangements Supporting Statement
Surveys Survivor Benefits
System Integration Issues Adversely Affect Revenue Earnings System Integration Issues Adversely Affect Revenues Earnings
Table Contents Tally Sheets
Tandem Sars Target Allocation
Target Allocation Range Target Award
Target Award Range Target Business Model
Tax Certificate Tax Refund
Tax Services Tax Settlements Including Interest
Tax Withholding Tax-qualified Retirement Plan Krip
Temporary Housing Temporary Housing Commuting Expenses
Term Sheet Distribution Agreement Between Kodak Parties Sun Term Sheet Plate Technology License Agreement Between Kodak
Termination Amendment Termination Amendment Plan
Termination Amendment Waiver Termination Cause
Termination Death Termination Disability
Termination Perez Without Good Reason Termination Without Cause Perez Good Reason
Terms Amendment Continuing Intercompany Agreements Terms Conditions Transferred Option
Thailand Time
Time Election Timing Award Payments
Timing Payment Total Direct Compensation
Trade Secrets Trademarks
Traditional Business Offers Sustainable Source Cash Traditional Defined Benefit Component
Traditional Strategic Product Group Revenues Traditional Strategic Product Groups Revenues
Transfer Agent Transfers Other Liens Additional Shares
Travel Accident Insurance Travel Expenses
True-up True-down Types Awards
Ucc Unable Provide Competitive Financing Arrangements Customers Extend Credit
Unfunded Supplemental Retirement Plan Kurip Unresolved Staff Comments
Unsuccessful Strategic Investment Decisions Financial Performance Adversely Affected Updated 2008 Outlook
Vacation Valuation
Valuation Allowance Valuation Allowance Outside
Valuation Long-lived Assets Including Goodwill Purchased Intangible Vancouver International Airport
Vote Required Voting Rights Dividends Etc
Wage Dividend Plan Waivers Code Business Conduct Ethics
Warranty Costs Warranty Obligations
Waterfront Station Skytrain Bus Seabus Westcoast Express Webcast Todays Meeting
William Lloyd Withholding
Withholding Rights Worldwide Revenues
Www Kodakcom Governance Wwwenvisionreportscom
Wwwkodak Com Governance Wwwkodakcom Corp Investorcenter Investorscenterhomeshtml
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Wwwkodakcom Governance 
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