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Acceleration Accountholder
Accountholders Accounting Certain Investments Debt Equity Securities
Accounting Disclosure Guidance Foreign Earnings Repatriation Provision Within Accounting Disclosure Requirements Related Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement
Accounting Income Taxes Accounting Leases
Accounting Terms Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Interpretation Fasb Statements 109
Acquisitions Actual Award Payments
Additional Dealers Additional Information Transaction
Addressee Notices Adjournments
Adjusted 2005 Earnings Per Share Guidance Reflect Sfas Adjusted 2005 Eps Guidance
Administration Administrator Shall Mean Person Authorized Perform Administrative Duties
Adoption Form Restricted Stock Award Agreement Adoption Ratification Confirmation
Affiliate Agency Agreement
Agent Euro-agent Agents
Agreement Notes Shall Governed Construed Accordance English Law Agreements
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Alternative Appointment
Amended Restated Effective 1994 Amended Restated Effective 2005
Amendment Amendment Ecolab Inc 2001 Non-employee Director Stock Option
Amendment Ecolab Inc Management Performance Incentive Plan Amended Amendment Ecolab Mirror Savings Plan Amended Restated Effective
Amendment Instrument Benefit Freeze Ecolab Mirror Pension Plan Amendment Instrument Benefit Freeze Ecolab Supplemental Executive Retirement
Amendment Management Performance Incentive Plan Amendment Termination
Amendments American Jobs Creation Act 2004
American Jobs Creation Act 2004 Ajca American Jobs Creation Act Ajca
Amount Form Timing Serp Pre-retirement Benefits Amounts Been Restated Adoption Sfas 123 Share-based Payment
Analogous Events Analysis
Annual Meeting Annual Payments
Application Critical Accounting Policies Application Fasb Statement 109 Accounting Income Taxes Tax
Application Supplemental Indenture Appointment Calculation Agent
Appropriate Forum Appropriate Information Access
Approvals Arrangers Expenses
Assessing Boards Performance Assignment
Attendance Information Review Audit Committee Report
Authority Authority Responsibilities
Authorization Etc Authorized Signatures-sign Here-this Completed Instructions Executed
Automatic Termination Suspension Deferral Election Awards Such Incentive Award Assignable Transferable Subjected Lien
Baker Elected Chairman Board Barbara Beck Joins Ecolab Board
Base Salary Basis Agreements Issue Uncommitted Facility
Beleidsregels 2005 Kernbegrippen Markttoetreding Handhaving Wtk 1992 Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Service Benefit Terms Conditions
Benefits Benefits Available Generally Employees
Binding Effect Etc Board Committees
Board Directors Board Directors Recommendation
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal Board Directors Recommends Vote Nominees Listed Proposal
Board Interaction Corporate Constituencies Board Leadership
Board Meetings Board Structure
Bonuses Books Records
Broker Non-votes Business
Business Combinations Business Depends Ability Comply Governmental Regulations
Business Depends Ability Comply Governmental Regulations Adversely Affected Business Dispositions
Business Outlook Calculation Agent
Calculations Determinations Cash Equivalents
Cash Flows Ceo Comment
Ceo Evaluation Certain Beneficial Owners
Certain Restrictions Certifications
Change Control Change Control Payment Date Extent Lawful
Change Principal Occupation Changes Agent
Changes Corporate Structure Charter Recommendation
Claim Proof Clauses Schedules
Clearing System Commitments Contingencies
Committed Advances Letters Credit Committee Meetings
Common Depositary Communications Directors
Compared 2002 Compared 2003
Compared 2004 Compared 2005
Compared 2006 Compensation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Consultants
Compensation Directors Compensation Process
Competition Competitive Market
Compliance Compliance Certificates
Compliance Erisa Etc Compliance Law
Compliance Laws Other Instruments Etc Composition Qualifications
Comprehensive Income Conditions
Conditions Appointment Conditions Precedent Each Issue
Conditions Precedent Issue Conflicts Interest
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidation
Consolidation Customer Vendors Affect Results Consolidation Customers Vendors Affect Results
Consolidation Merger Etc Construction Etc
Contribution Control
Convertibility Corporate
Corporate Existence Etc Corporate Governance Materials Code Conduct
Counterparts Coupon Notes
Covenants Credit Risk
Critical Accounting Estimates Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Current Directors Biller Grundhofer Rorsted Re-elected Current Report
Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Customers Classes Products
Customers Classes Service Date
Dealer Dealer Agreement
Dealers Expenses Dear Fellow Stockholder
Death Beneficiary Death Disability
Debits Distributions Account Pursuant Deed Covenant
Default Defaulted
Deferred Accounts Definitions
Definitive Delaware
Delivery Instructions Delivery Published Information
Demand Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depend Key Personnel Lead Business Deposit-taking
Derivative Instruments Hedging Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Derivatives Designated Cash Flow Hedges Description Ecolab Inc Management Incentive Plan
Designated Executive Executives Death Beneficiary Shall His Surviving Designation Amount
Designation Amount Notes Details Bank Through Relevant Issuer Make Payment Due
Determination Determination Date
Direct Rights Directions Ecolab Annual Meeting
Director Attendance Director Liability Protection
Director Orientation Continuing Education Director Stock Ownership Guidelines
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Corporate Governance Discharge Cause
Discharge Not Cause Resignation Due Constructive Disclosure
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Documents
Disclosure Managements Discussion Analysis Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Amendment Fasb Statement
Discretionary Adjustments Discretionary Voting
Dispute Disputes
Dividends Dividends Distributions
Dollar Dollar Equivalent
Duration Amendment Termination Duties
Duty Loyalty Confidentiality Earnings Outlook Issued
Ecolab Ecolab Agrees Purchase 300 Shares Henkel
Ecolab Announces Agreement 128300 Notes Ecolab Announces Domestic Reinvestment Plan Adopts Option Expensing
Ecolab Announces Restructuring Confirms Earnings Outlook Ecolab Clarifies 2005 Eps Gain 12-15 Growth Projection
Ecolab Closes Purchase Microtek Ecolab Director Nominees Elected Independent Auditors Re-appointed Management
Ecolab Director Nominees Elected Independent Auditors Re-appointed Stockholder Ecolab Directors Re-elected Independent Auditors Reappointed
Ecolab Executive Long-term Disability Plan Ecolab Holding Gmbh
Ecolab Inc Ecolab Inc 2005 Stock Incentive Plan
Ecolab Inc 370 Wabasha Street North Saint Paul Ecolab Inc Annual Meeting Stockholders 2008
Ecolab Inc Reconciliation Gaap Non-gaap Diluted Earnings Per Ecolab Increases Share Repurchase Authorization
Ecolab Raises Dividend Percent Ecolab Reports Double-digit Eps Increase 030
Ecolab Reports Eps Increase 027 Ecolab Reports Eps Increase 041
Ecolab Reports Eps Increase 055 Ecolab Reports Eps Increase Record 046
Ecolab Savings Plan Esop Ecolab Takes Major Step Expand Healthcare Business Acquire
Ecotemp Effect Amendment Termination
Effect Duration Direction Pursuant Effective Date
Effective Date Duration Plan Effectiveness
Electronic Access Future Documents Now Available Electronic Shareholder Communications
Eligibility Eligibility Service
Employers Accounting Postretirement Benefits Other Pensions Fsp 106-2 Employers Disclosures Pensions Other Post Retirement Benefits
Employers Disclosures Postretirement Benefit Plan Assets English Courts
Enter Multi-year Contracts Customers Impact Results Entry
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Matters
Environmental Regulatory Considerations Equity Compensation Plan Information
Establishment 2005 Bonus Criteria Establishment 2006 Bonus Criteria
Establishment 2007 Non-equity Incentive Plan Compensation Criteria Establishment 2008 Non-equity Incentive Plan Compensation Criteria
Establishment Policy Establishment Trust Fund
Estimates Euribor
Euribor Interest Determination Date Euro
European Executive Benefits Perquisites Events Default Following Shall Occur Continuing
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exchanges Nonmonetary Assets
Execution Copy Execution Version
Executive Benefits Executive Benefits Perquisites
Executive Compensation Benefits Summary Executive Death Benefits
Executive Death Benefits Plan Executive Disability Benefits
Executive Sessions Non-management Directors Executive Summary
Executives Accounts Each Employer Shall Establish Maintain Books Exemption Regulation
Existing Indebtedness Expectations
Expects Double-digit Eps Growth 2005 2006 Expenses
Expenses Stamp Duties Amendments Each Issuers Guarantor Extraordinary Events Significantly Impact Business
Failure Agreed Issuance Fair Value Measurements
Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Including Amendment Filing Prospectuses
Finance Committee Financial Business Information
Financial Instruments Financial Performance
Financial Position Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Material Liabilities
Financial Times Following Disclosures Otherwise Filed Form 8-k Heading 101
Food Beverage Foreign Assets Control Regulations Etc
Foreign Currency Forward Contracts Foreign Currency Translation
Forfeiture Provision Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Definitive Issuer Accepts Proceeds Issue United Kingdom
Form Multicurrency Definitive Interest Bearing Discounted Index-linked Non-sterling Form Multicurrency Global Interest Bearing Discounted Index-linked
Forward-looking Statements Risk Factors Fractional Shares
Fsma Full
Full Cycle Solutions Functional Currencies
Funding Instructions Future Stockholder Proposals Director Nomination Process
Gain Discounted Operation Gcs Service
General General Free Writing Prospectuses Included Disclosure Package
General Provisions Global
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governing Law
Governmental Authorizations Etc Grease Exxpress
Gross Margin Growth Depends Ability Successfully Compete Respect Value Product
Guarantee Guaranteed
Guaranty Guaranty Unconditional Obligations Hereunder Shall Absolute Without
Hans Van Bylen Appointed Ecolab Board Ulrich Lehner Headings
Healthcare Henkel Directors Resign Ecolab Board
High Denomination Notes Highlights
Home Office Payment Householding Information
Illegality Immediate Release
Incentive Payments Income Taxes
Incorporated Laws State Delaware Incorporated Limited Liability Laws Germany
Incorporation Capacity Increase Maximum Amount
Increased Costs Reduced Return Indemnification
Indemnity Independence
Independence Determinations Independence Standards
Index Index Linked
Indulgence Information Memorandum
Information Relating Purchasers Institutional
Instruction Issue Paying Agent Insurance
Inter Alia Interest
Interest Income Taxes Interest Period
Interest Rate Swap Agreements Internal Control Integrated Framework
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Control-integrated Framework
International International Segment
Introduction Introductory
Inventory Costs Amendment Arb Inventory Valuations
Investment Investment Accounts
Isda Definitions Issuance Currencies
Issue Paying Agent Issuer
Issuer Guarantor Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
Issuers Guarantor Hereby Appoint Citibank Specified Office London Issues
James Howard Retires Ecolab Board Japan
Jurisdiction Jurisdiction Process Waiver Jury Trial
Kasper Rorsted Appointed Ecolab Board Directors Jochen Krautter Kay
Know Men Presents Laundercare
Legislation Letter Credit Collateral Account
Liability Liability Payment
Libor Libor Interest Determination Date
Licenses Permits Etc Liens
Limitations Other Directorships Line Business
Liquidation Dissolution Winding Listening Webcast Requires Internet Access Windows Media Player
Litigation Observance Statutes Orders Logo
London Banking London Time Business Prior Proposed Issue Date Case
Long-lived Assets Long-lived Intangible Assets
Long-term Incentive Awards Loss
Maintenance Properties Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Responsibility Financial Statements Manufacturing Distribution
Market Information Market Risk
Marketguard Marketguard Laundercare
Matching Contributions Respect Salary Deferrals Matching Gifts
Material Adverse Change Litigation Material Definitive Agreement
Maturity Maximum Amount
Maximum Amount Not Exceeded Meaning Other-than-temporary Impairment Application Certain Investments
Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement Modernization Act 2003 Meeting Attendance Non-directors
Meetings Stockholders Members Board Directors Recommend Vote Against Proposal Believes
Membership Organization Merger Consolidation Etc
Michael Mccormick Minimum Denomination
Mirror Pre-retirement Pension Benefit Mirror Savings Benefit
Miscellaneous Modification
Most Favored Lender Multicurrency Credit Agreement
Multiple Originals Nature Business
Neither Nor Restricted Subsidiary Transfer Operating Property Shares Net Income Earnings Per Share
Net Investment Hedge Net Investment Hedges
Net Sales Netherlands
New Accounting Pronouncements Non Exclusivity
Non-employee Director Compensation Non-grandfathered Serp Benefit Shall Mean Not Grandfathered
Non-statutory Stock Option Agreement Non-voting
Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements-an Amendment Accounting Research Not Applicable
Not Apply Extent Deemed Necessary Comply Requirements 409a Not Responsible Recitals Issuance Notes
Notes Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Held Etc Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007
Notice Inaccuracy Notices
Notification Now Therefore
Number Employees Objective
Obligation Employers Obligations
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Officers
Officers Certificate Offices
Operating Highlights Operating Income
Operating Performance Operating Segment Performance
Opinions Counsel Optional Redemption
Organization Ownership Shares Subsidiaries Organization Power Authority
Original Agreement Other Authority Deposits Such Currency Issued Offered Sale
Other Calculation Agent Other Case 1000 London Time Business Prior Proposed
Other Case 400 London Time Business Prior Proposed Other Definitions
Other Events Other Information Included General Disclosure Package
Other Notes Other Remedies
Other Rights Benefits Not Affected Outlook
Outside Advisers Outside Advisers Access Management
Outside Advisors Outside Advisors Access Management
Overview Overview 2004
Overview 2005 Overview 2006
Overview 2007 Overview 2008
Ownership Interest Pari Passu
Part Participation
Party Rights Patents Trademarks
Paul Minn 2005 Ecolab Inc Announced William Jews Paul Minnesota 55102
Payment Payment Awards
Payment Benefits Payment Business
Payment Executive Death Benefits Payment Executive Disability Benefits
Payment Purchase Price Relevant Dealer Shall Subscribe Such Payment Special Counsel Fees
Payment Taxes Payment Withholding Taxes
Payments Payments Computations
Payments Due Non-business Payout Approval
Per Share Amounts Not Necessarily Sum Due Changes Performance Default
Performance Goals Performance Measures
Performance Review Perquisites
Person Pest Elimination
Place Payment Plan Amendment Modification Termination
Plan Shall Mean Calendar Plan Shall Mean Ecolab Supplemental Executive Retirement
Please Refer Accompanying Materials Voting Instructions Please Refer Reverse Side Telephone Internet Voting Instructions
Plus Pmp
Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control Preface
Prepayments Presiding Director
Pricing Term Sheet Principal Amount
Principles Consolidation Prior Periods Been Restated Adoption Sfas 123 Share-based
Private Offering Private Placement Number
Pro-forma Redemption Interest Calculation Index Linked Pro-forma Redemption Interest Calculation Index Linked Global
Procedures Proceedings
Proceedings Documents Proceeds Margin Regulations
Process Agent Professional Products
Programme Programme Summary
Property Plant Equipment Proposal Ratify Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Protection Provided
Provided However Proxy Solicitation Costs
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Ecolab Inc Annual Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Stockholders 2007
Purchase Investment Purchase Notes
Purchase Permitted Applicable Law Etc Purchase Sale Common Stock
Purpose Plan Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Qualified Production Activities Provided American Jobs Creation Act Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quorum Rate Interest
Ratings Downgrade Raw Materials
Reacquired Shares Recitals
Reclassification Record Sales Fixed Management Rates Unfavorable Currency Impact
Redemption Reduction Commitments Increased Additional Banks
Registered Public Accounting Firm Registration Notes
Regulation Regulation Restrictions
Regulatory Considerations Related Party
Related Party Transactions Related Person Transactions
Relevant Index Linked Notes Relevant Jurisdiction
Remaining Rentals Leases
Replacement Notes Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reported Eps 033 Pro Forma 045 Excluding Discrete Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Borrowing Subsidiaries Each Subsidiary Shall Representations Warranties Represents Warrants Banks Issuing Agent
Representations Warranties Selling Stockholders Requirements
Rescission Research Development
Research Expenditures Responsibilities
Restated Certificate Incorporation Restated Financials Posted Ecolabs Web Site
Restated Prior Periods Earnings Per Share Adoption Sfas Restricted Stock
Restrictions Sale Leaseback Transactions Restructuring One-time Actions
Result Jews Decision Retire Board Determined Size Decreased Results Adversely Affected Fluctuations Cost Raw Materials
Results Impacted General Worldwide Economic Factors Revenue Performance
Revenue Recognition Revoking Proxy
Rights Bearer Take Proceedings Outside England Rights Dealers Take Proceedings Outside England
Rights Parties Rule 158
Rules Sale Other Notes
Sales Sales Performance
Sales Record Sales Service
Savings Plan Esop Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule Appointment New Dealer
Schedule Payments Interest Schuman Retire Ecolab Board
Scott Ohara Appointed Ecolabs Board Seasonality
Sec Securities Act
Segment Performance Segment Review
Selection Directors Selling General Administrative Expenses
Selling Restrictions Series Senior Due 2013
Series Senior Due 2016 Serp Pre-retirement Benefits
Service Limitations Directors Severability
Severance Payments Severe Public Health Outbreaks Adversely Impact Business
Sfas 123 Information Published On-line Shall Mean Ecolab Inc Delaware Corporation Successor
Share-based Compensation Share-based Payment
Share-based Payments Shareholders Directors Ecolab Inc
Shareholders Equity Shares Transfer
Short-term Investments Signature
Sincerely Sinking Fund
Size Solicitation Holders Notes
Source Funds Special Charges
Special Gains Charges Specified Office
Specify Governmental Other Consents Required Issuers Guarantor Stamp Duties
Status Status Arranger
Status Certain Statutes Stealth
Sterling Definitive Notes Stock
Stock Option Plan Stock Options
Stockholder Agreement Stockholder Proposal
Stockholders Ecolab Inc Subrogation
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Indebtedness Succession Planning Management Development
Successors Successors Assigns
Summary Survival
Switzerland Take Action
Target Award Opportunities Target Business
Tax Matters Tax Restrictions
Taxation Taxes
Telephone Internet Voting Instructions Telephone Internet Voting Instructions Vote Available
Telex Termination
Terms Denominations Form Security Terrorism Sanctions Regulations
Textile Care Time Payment
Title Property Leases Toegelaten Instelling
Transaction Expenses Transactions Affiliates
Transfer Exchange Notes Transition Agreement
Travel Insurance Trust Indenture Act Controls
Unfunded Unsecured Obligation United Kingdom
United States Cleaning Sanitizing Segment United States Other Services Segment
Unresolved Comments Staff Securities Exchange Unresolved Staff Comments
Unsuccessful Executing Business Investments Adversely Affected Unsuccessful Integrating Acquisitions Business Adversely Affected
Valuation Allowances Accrued Liabilities Vehicle Care
Vesting Victoria Reich Appointed Ecolabs Board
Visitation Voluntary Conversion Continuation Advances
Voluntary Resignation Vote Important Please Submit Proxy Today
Vote Internet Vote Internet Telephone Available
Vote Proxy Vote Tabulation
Vote Telephone Vote Telephone Internet Please Not Mail Back Proxy
Voting Plan Participants Waivers Election Remedies Expenses Etc
Water Care Services Wet Inzake Spaarbewijzen
Whereas Winding
Witness Witness Whereof
Working Capital Wwwecolabcom
Wwwecolabcom Investor Wwwmicrosoftcom Windows Windowsmedia Playersasp
Yen £5000001000000
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