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Access Border Control Registration Systems Accompanying Notes Integral Part Consolidated Financial Statements
Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Net Taxes
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Net Taxes Acquisitions Divestitures 2006
Acquisitions Divestitures 2007 Acquisitions Divestitures 2008
Acquisitions Subject Governmental Approvals Additional Conditional Consideration
Additional Non-transferable Rights Granted Koor Additional Term External Director
Additions Marked Underline Text Deletions Strikethrough Address Principal Corporate Offices
Adi Dar Appointed General Manager Elbit Systems Electro-optics Administration
Advance Payment Guarantees Advanced Flight Display System
Advanced Power Amplifiers Advanced Technology Center Haifa 31053 Israel
Adversely Affected Unable Retain Key Employees Advocates Certificate
Ael Aerial Reconnaissance Systems
Aeroastro Aerostructure Parts
Aerostructure Products Agreements Related Tadiran Communications Acquisition
Agreements Relating Elop Merger Airborne C4i Systems
Airborne C4isr Aircraft Electro-optic Systems
Aircraft Head-up Displays Airport City
Airport Security Systems Al-x Brazi
Also Focuses Upgrading Existing Military Platforms Developing New Also Hereby Clarified Did Not Receive Letter Indemnification
Amended Koor-fel Transaction Amended Tadiran Acquisition
Amendment Articles Association Amendments Articles Association
Annual General Meeting Shareholders Held 2009 Anti-money Laundering System
Anti-money Laundering Systems Ndash Anticipated Transactions
Antitrust Laws Apache Mission Computer
Appendix 106 Appendix 122
Application Ordinary Shares Bonus Other Share Distributions Appointment Directors
Appointment Termination Directors Approval Certain Transactions
Approval Compensation Paid Approval Framework Resolution Purchase
Approval Israeli Defense Acquisitions Approval Other Defense Acquisitions
Approval Procedures Approval Ratification Grant
Approval Transactions Arbitration Proceeding Between Elop Rafael
Arh Asset Allocation Category
Atk Atk Elbit Systems Conduct Successful Flight Test Gatr
Attachments Attorneys Certification
Attributable Auction Rate Securities
Audit Committee Audit Committee Board Approval
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Regulations
Avionics Commercial Helicopters Avionics Systems Include Cockpit Management Mission Computers Weapon
Avraham Asheri Awrenet Communication System
Background Backlog
Backlog Orders Backlog Orders Record 42bn Revenues Reached 468m Year-over-year
Balance Shares Kinetics Bank Covenants
Bank Guarantees Barak
Battle Management Systems Battlefield Management Systems Ndash
Belgian Armored Infantry Vehicle Program Beneficial Ownership Securities Certain Owners Management
Benefit Plans Benefit Plans Obligations Terminational Indemnity
Best Innovative Product Award 2007 Between
Bezhalel Machlis Bnei Barak
Board Directors Board Directors Recommends Vote Approval Resolution
Board Members Board Practices
Boeing Led Team Including Elbit Systems Subsidiary Kollsman Border Coastal Surveillance Systems
Bradley A-3 Program Brodnet Communication System
Building Purchased Elbit Ltd Business Combinations Purchase Price Allocation
Business Depends Proprietary Technology Infringed Business Description
Business Overview Buy-back
C-130 Digital Map C4i Government Information Systems
C4i Systems Cabin Pressurization Control System
Cabin Pressurization Control Systems Cancellation Export Authorizations Elisra Project
Capital Gains Shareholder Cash Flow
Cashless Options Cautionary Statement Respect Forward-looking Statements
Certain Beneficial Owners Management Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Changes Dollar Nis Exchange Rate Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Chief Scientist Ocs Investment Center Funding Chip
Civil Aviation Regulations Civil Avionics Systems
Claim Minority Shareholders Imagesat International Cnes
Cockpit Mapping Systems Code Ethics
Collective Bargaining Agreements Colombia Al-x
Color Flat Panel Displays Ndash Combat Artillery Fire Control C4i Systems
Commander Panoramic Sights Commercial Aviation Systems
Commercial Aviation Systems Aero Structures Commercial Avionics Instrumentation Products
Commercial Helicopter Avionics Commercial Huds
Commitments Contingent Liabilities Committee Approval Employment Related Terms Officers Other President
Communications Systems Companyrsquos Backlog Orders
Companyrsquos Share Earnings Affiliated Entities Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compasstrade Payloads
Compensation Committee Compensation Directors Officers
Compensation Receivables Respect Fire Damage Net Competition
Condensed Interim Consolidated Financial Statements Conditions Israel
Conditions Israel Affect Operations Conditions Precedent
Conditions Precedent Performance Stage Transaction Conference Call
Conference Call Scheduled 2008 9am Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Net Earnings Consolidated Net Earnings 2007
Consolidated Net Income Consolidated Net Income 2008
Consolidated Revenues Consolidated Revenues 2008
Contacts Contents
Contract Amount Programs Described Below Provided Only Considered Contract Follows Recently Signed Valued Supply Unmanned Turrets
Contract Valued Approximately Contracts Terminated Convenience Customer Default
Contracts Valued Approximately Contractual Obligations
Controlling Shares Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd Transaction Conversely Previously Reported Results Negatively Impacted Court Ruling
Corporate Governance Nominating Committee Corporate Governance Practices Not Differ Significant Way Those
Cost Revenues Gross Profit Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Cied
Court Rulings Against Subsidiary Elbit Systems Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Current Business Operations Customer Satisfaction Quality Assurance
Customers Advances Amounts Excess Costs Incurred Contracts Progress Customers Advances Excess Costs Incurred Contracts Progress
Cyclone Dalia Gonen
Dash Data Links
Data Links Video Dissemination Systems David Block Temin
David Federmann Debtholders Imagesat International
Defined Contribution Plan Dekolink
Department Defense Depend Governmental Approval Exports
Depend International Operations Dial-in Numbers 1-888-407-2553 Number 0-800-917-9141 Israel 03-918-0609 International
Dial-in Numbers 800 994 4498 Number 032 3367 Difficult Enforce Non-israeli Judgment Against Officers Directors
Digital Army Ldquosystem Systemsrdquo Digital Infantry Soldier
Digital Map Systems Mass Memory Devices Digital Maps Displays Eurocopter
Digital Soldier Systems Diluted Earnings Per Share
Director Independence Criteria Nominating Committee Directors
Directors Executive Officers Directors Fees
Directors Officers Liability Insurance Disclosure Controls Procedures
Discussion Not Intended Construed Legal Professional Tax Advice Display Systems
Dividend Distributions Documents Display
Dominatortrade Dov Ninveh
Due Diligence Acquisitions Not Adequately Cover Risks Eastern Time 600 Pacific 200 400 Israel
Eastern Time 600am Pacific 200pm London 400pm Eastern Time 730am Pacific 330pm London 530pm
Effect Net Income Earnings Per Share Effect Shareholders Equity
Efw Elbit Systeme
Elbit Systems Elbit Systems Acquire Assets Bvr 1998 Ltd
Elbit Systems Acquires Through Tender Offer Balance Tadiran Elbit Systems America
Elbit Systems America Llc Elbit Systems America Subsidiary Recruits Goff Government Relations
Elbit Systems Announces Inclusion New Nasdaq Global Select Elbit Systems Announces Results Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Elbit Systems Announces Results Extraordinary General Meeting Shareholders Elbit Systems Announces Selection Certification Americarsquos Products Major
Elbit Systems Awarded Contract Asian Country Provide Tactical Elbit Systems Awarded Contract Supply Civil Avionics
Elbit Systems Awarded Contract Supply Coastal Surveillance System Elbit Systems Awarded Contract Valued Approximately Supply Intelligence
Elbit Systems Awarded Contract Valued Us25 Supply Uavs Elbit Systems Awarded Contracts Supply Elops Lightweight Thermal
Elbit Systems Awarded Contracts Supply Thermal Imaging Elbit Systems Awarded Contracts Valued 163 Integrated Land
Elbit Systems Awarded Israeli Ministry Defense Contract Valued Elbit Systems Awarded Lockheed Martin Contract Supply Electronic
Elbit Systems Awarded Several Contracts Supply Thermal Imaging Elbit Systems Border Control Management System Bcms Inaugurated
Elbit Systems Bulgarian Ministry Defense Process Cancellation Helicopter Elbit Systems Bulgarian Ministry Defense Reach Agreement Cancellation
Elbit Systems Completes Acquisition Assets Bvr 1998 Ltd Elbit Systems Completes Acquisition Mikal Ltd
Elbit Systems Completes Acquisition Shiron Satellite Communications Elbit Systems Completes Purchase Minority Interest Azimuth
Elbit Systems Electro-optics Elop Ltd Elbit Systems Equip Australia Additional Skylark Uavs
Elbit Systems Group Awarded Prestigious Israel Defense Prizes Elbit Systems Invest Mikal Ltd Option Acquire Remaining
Elbit Systems Issues Tender Offer Balance Tadiran Communications Elbit Systems Joint Venture Rockwell Collins Vsi Awarded
Elbit Systems Korea Ltd Wholly-owned Korean Subsidiary Based Elbit Systems Ltd
Elbit Systems Ltd Subsidiaries Elbit Systems Modifies Tender Offer Balance Tadiran Communications
Elbit Systems Obtains Regulatory Approvals Tender Offer Balance Elbit Systems Offer Technion Researchers Advanced Laboratory Research
Elbit Systems Opens Nasdaq Trading Elbit Systems Perform Airborne Upgrade Projects Europe Valued
Elbit Systems Provide Operation Maintenance Services New Israeli Elbit Systems Ranked Ldquobest Government Contractor Ethics Program
Elbit Systems Receives Finalization Fmf Approval Approximately 300 Elbit Systems Reports 2007 Results
Elbit Systems Reports Impact Acquisition Tadiran Communications Shares Elbit Systems Schedules 2008 Results Release
Elbit Systems Selected Boeing Navyrsquos Virtual Mission Training Elbit Systems Selected Provide Avionic Colombia Super Tucano
Elbit Systems Share Iais Elbit Systems Signs Agreement Purchase Minority Interest Azimuth
Elbit Systems Signs Contract Valued 128448 Approximately Supply Elbit Systems Signs Share Purchase Agreement Regarding Offer
Elbit Systems Skylark -ii Uav Wins Frost Sullivan Elbit Systems Stock Option Plans
Elbit Systems Subsidiary America Purchases Innovative Concepts Inc Elbit Systems Subsidiary Cyclone Awarded Contract Boeing Structural
Elbit Systems Subsidiary Elisra Group Awarded Contract Valued Elbit Systems Subsidiary Elisra Group Initiates Re-organization Plan
Elbit Systems Subsidiary Elop Awarded Contract Supply Electronic Elbit Systems Subsidiary Elop Provide Naval Aerial Payloads
Elbit Systems Subsidiary Elop Supply Portable Lightweight Designator Elbit Systems Subsidiary General Dynamics Form Joint Venture
Elbit Systems Subsidiary Kollsman Awarded 265 Contract Laser Elbit Systems Subsidiary Kollsman Awarded Follow-on Orders Laser
Elbit Systems Subsidiary Ortek Ltd Homeland Defense Wins Elbit Systems Subsidiary Purchases Bar-kal Engineering Ltd
Elbit Systems Subsidiary Receives 127 Contract Supply Advanced Elbit Systems Subsidiarytalla-tech Receives Orders Rugged Computers Marine
Elbit Systems Supplies Iaf F-16i Simulator System Israeli Elbit Systems Supply Finnish Army Communication Euro17
Elbit Systems Supply Royal Netherlands Army Rnla Advanced Elbit Systems Supply Skylark Uav Frances Special Forces
Elbit Systems Supply Uav European Country Valued Elbit Systems Unveils New Logo
Elbit Systemsrsquo Hermes 900 Uav Elbit Systemsrsquo Stock Option Plans
Elbit Systemsrsquo Subsidiary Cyclone Supply Boeing F-15 Components Elbit Systemsrsquo Subsidiary Cyclone Supply Spirit Aerosystems Commercial
Elbit Systemsrsquo Subsidiary Elisra Reaches Settlement Agreement Phoenix Election Directors
Election Mrs Yael Efron Serve Three-year Term Election Nathan Sharony
Electric Gun Turret Drive Systems Electro-optic Countermeasures Systems
Electro-optic Products Helicopters Electro-optic Systems
Electro-optical Countermeasures Systems Electro-optics
Electronic Counter Measures Ecm Electronic Fences
Elisra Elisra Acquisition
Elisra Group Elisra Plant Fire Insurance Claim
Elop Elop Ndash Rafael Arbitration
Elsec Embraer
Employee Stock Option Plan Employees
Employment Contracts Enforcement Judgments
Engineering Manufacturing Enhanced Tactical Computers Etc
Enhanced Vision System Evs Enhanced Vision Systems Evs
Enhances New Re-branding Process Undertook 2007 Designed Strengthen Environmental Compliance
Environmental Control Hydraulic Systems Equity Net Earnings Affiliated Companies Partnership
Etc Ethics
Ethisphere Institute Ethisphere Magazine
European Subsidiary Evs
Exchange Controls Other Limitations Affecting Security Holders Exchange Rate Risk
Excluding Above-mentioned One-time Effects Excluding One-time Effects
Excluding One-time Process Write-offs Net Profit Increased 194 Exemption Insurance Indemnification Companies Law
Exemption Insurance Indemnification Directors Officers Exercise Options
Exercise Price Expenses
Expiration Options Explanatory
Export Sales External Director
External Directors External Independent Directors
Extraordinary General Meeting Shareholders Held 2008 F-18 Displays
F-5 Brazil Face Acquisition Integration Risks
Face Currency Exchange Risks Face Fluctuations Revenues Profit Margins
Face Labor Relations Disputes Not Able Amend Collective Face Risks Changes Costs Fixed-price Contracts
Facilities Israel Facilities Other Countries
Facilities Owned Leased Facilities United States
Fair Value Measurements Fairness Opinion
Fast Characterization Tool Facttrade Federal Drug Administration Regulations
Federmann Group Increases Holdings Elbit Systems Ferranti
Ferranti Technologies Fighter Aircraft Structural Components Fuel Tanks
Finance Expense Net Finance Expenses Net
Financial Expense Net Financial Expenses
Financial Expenses Net Financial Resources
Financial Risks Relating Projects Financial Tables Follow
Financing Expenses Net Financing Terms
Fire Control Systems Flight Training Services
Flir Systems Fmf
Following Questions Answers Summarize Major Issues Discussed Annual Following Questions Answers Summarize Major Issues Discussed Extraordinary
Following Questions Answers Summarize Major Issues Discussed Shareholders Foreign Currency Derivatives Hedging
Foreign Currency Expenses Derivatives Hedging Foreign Military Funding Fmf
Form 20-f Form 6-k
Form Indemnification Letter Fort Worth Texas
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Fully Developed Elbit Systems New Electrically Remote Controlled Functional Currency
Furthers Expansion Commercial Aviation Market Gallon Fuel Tanks Installed F-18s
Gavis General
General Administration Expenses General Administrative Expenses
General Administrative Ldquogardquo Expenses General Aviation Vision System Gavis
General Aviation Vision System Gavistrade General Cont
General Provisions Israeli Law Related Articles Association General Risks Related Business Market
Gera Strommer Gideon Sheffer
Giza-singer-even Ltd Goodwill
Government Contracting Regulations Government Funding Development
Governmental Customersrsquo Rights Data Governmental Information Technology
Governmental Information Technology Gathering Systems Governmental Policies
Governmental Regulation Greenwich Mean Time 400 Israel
Gross Profit Gross Profit 2007
Gross Profit 2008 Ground Control Stations
Ground Electronic Countermeasures Gecm Systems Guy Brill
Haifa Israel 2007 Ndash Elbit Systems Ltd Nasdaq Haifa Israel 2008 Ndash Elbit Systems Ltd Ldquocompanyrdquo
Haifa Israel 2009 Ndash Elbit Systems Ltd Ldquocompanyrdquo Haifa Israel 2009 Ndash Elbit Systems Ltd Nasdaq
Haifa Israel 2009ndash Elbit Systems Ltd Nasdaq Eslt Haifa Vicinity
Haim Kellerman Haim Rousso
Halbit Joint Venture Head-up Displays
Headquarters Force Maneuvering Management Systems Held 2005
Held 2007 Held 2008
Held 2009 Helmet Mounted Systems
Help Answer Questions Hermes 1500
Hermes 180 Hermes 450
Hermes 900 History
Holon Homeland Security Systems
Http Wwwelbitsystemscom Hyperspectral Systems
Iaf Mission Management System Iai Elta
Iar Idf Bms
Ihadss Ilan Pacholder
Imagesat Imagesat International
Immediate Release Immediate Report
Imod Integrated Program Impairment Goodwill Long-lived Assets
Impairment Goodwill Other Long-lived Assets Impairment Long-lived Assets Goodwill
Incentive Stock Options Income Tax Non-residents Israel
Income Tax Ordinance 147 Amendment Reduces Corporate 2006 Income Taxes
Incorporation Reference Indemnification
Indemnification Exemption Directors Officers Indemnification Letter
Index Indicate Check Registrant Submitting Form 6-k Paper Permitted
Indicate Check Whether Registrant Files Annual Reports Cover Individual Israeli Residents
Industry Encouragement Industry Experienced Significant Consolidation
Inflation Devaluation Inflationary Adjustments
Information Regarding External Directors Information Technology Systems
Infrared Detectors Initial Order Valued Expected Shortly
Insurance Indemnification Articles Association Insurance Indemnity Exemption
Integrated Land Systems Upgrade Programs Integrated Radio Communication System Ircs
Integrative Component-based Exploitation Ice System Intellectual Property
Intelligence Systems Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Risk Management Interested Party Transaction
Internal Auditor Audit Committee International Dial-in Number 972-3-918-0650
International Dial-in Number 972-3-918-0688 International Disclosure Standards
International Disclosures Standards Inventories Net Advances
Inventories Net Customer Advances Investment Center Promotes Israeli Export Products Increased Industrialization
Investment Law Investment Marketable Securities-tadiran
Investments Auction Rate Securities Similar Financial Instruments Fluctuate Israel Border Security Systems
Israel Digital Army Program Israel Enhanced Export Control Regulations
Israel Time Israeli Companies Law Revised Articles Association
Israeli Export Regulations Israeli Government Programs Tax Benefits Terminated Reduced Future
Israeli Labor Laws Israeli Law Regulates Acquisition Controlling Interest Defense Industries
Israeli Subsidiaries Israeli Tax Consequences
Israeli Tax United States Shareholders Israelrsquos Economy Become Unstable
Itzhak Dvir Iup
Jacob Gadot Jdam
Jhmcs Joseph Ackerman
Joseph Ackerman Acquisition Line Strategy Provide Better Support Joseph Gaspar
Jsf Jude Medical
Jude Purchase Outstanding Shares Mediguide Including Elbits Holdings Karmiel Vicinity
Kinetics Kinetics Ltd
Kiryat Shmona Northern Israel Vicinity Kollsman
Kollsman Ndash Iss Kollsmanrsquos Enhanced Vision System Evs
Koor Industries Ltd Korean Helicopter Upgrades
Korean Military Elbit Systems Tactical Uav Ndash Skylark Land C4i Battlefield Management Systems
Land Vehicle Programs Systems Land Vehicle Systems
Laser Range-finders Designators Laser Warning Systems
Laser-based Systems Develop Supply Range Laser Designators Range-finders Ldquobuy Americanrdquo Laws
Lease Commitments Legal Proceedings
Level Customer Purchases Contracts Reduced Due Changes Governmental Liability Elisras Employees
Licensing Life Support Systems
Liquidity Capital Resources Live Training System Allows Trainee Acquire Experience Skills
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Supply New Generation F-16 Huds Logistic Support Services
Long Short-range Observation Systems Long-range Night Surveillance Systems
Long-term Arrangements Commitments Long-term Bank Deposits Trade Receivables
Long-term Deposits Securities Long-term Loans
Lydian Main Activities
Maintenance Repairs Major Activities
Major Customers Managementrsquos Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Manner Exercise
Manufacturing Mapcore
Marco Rosenthal Market Environment
Market Risk Sensitive Investments Market Risks Variable Interest Rates
Marketing Sales Marketing Selling Expenses
Mass Storage Devices Material Commitments Capital Expenditures
Material Contracts Matters Reported
Maxesstrade Military Wireless Lan Ndash Mediguide
Member Ernst Young Global Merkava
Merrimack New Hampshire Michael Federmann
Microwave Microelectronic Products Microwave Microelectronic Solutions
Military Aircraft Helicopter Programs Systems Military Aircraft Helicopter Systems
Military Communications Systems Military Communications Systems Products
Minority Interest Gains Subsidiaries Mission Planning Debriefing Systems
Mobile Net Communication System Mobile Surveillance Vehicles
Moshe Arad Multi-channel Radio Mcr Systems
Multi-spectral Self-protection Suites Airborne Platforms Multiple Launch Rocket System Mlrs High Mobility Artillery
National Insurance Institute Nature Airborne Systems Upgrades
Nature C4i Government Information Systems Nature Homeland Security Systems
Nature Land Vehicle Systems Nature Option Awards
Naval Combat Management Systems Cms Naval Systems
Ndash Ndash Commitments Contingent Liabilities
Ndash Fair Value Measurements Ndash Fire Damage Claim
Net Earnings Diluted Per Share Ldquoepsrdquo Net Earnings Eps
Net Earnings Per Share Eps Net Earnings Per Share Ldquoepsrdquo
Net Financial Expenses Net Financial Income
Net Income Attributable Net Income Attributable Companyrsquos Ordinary Shareholders
Net Income Attributable Non-controlling Interests Net Profit Doubled 722 Eps Increased 172 Operating
Net Profit Increased 287 Yoy 187 Eps 045 Net Research Development Ldquordrdquo Expenses
Netanya Netherlands Battle Management Systems
Netz New Accounting Standards
New Interim Ceo Elbit Systems America New Ranking Government Contractorsrsquo Ethical Policies Released
Night Vision Systems Nirit Navigation System
Nis Dollar Exchange Rates Nominating Committee
Non-qualified Defined Contribution Plan Non-qualified Regular Options
Not Able Consolidate Financial Results Some Subsidiaries Not Applicable
Notice Annual General Meeting Shareholders Notice Extraordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Notice Shareholders Annual General Meeting Now Therefore Warranted Provided Agreed Between Parties Follows
Number Directors Number Employees
Nvcd Nvg Hud
Observation Target Acquisition Light Weight Low Power Consumption Off Balance Sheet Other Long-term Arrangements Commitments
Off-balance Sheet Other Long-term Arrangements Commitments Off-balance Sheet Transactions
Office Holders Officers Employees Obligated Perform Military Reserve Duty Israel
Oh-58d Displays Ohb
Operate Competitive Industry Operating Cash Flow
Operating Income Opgal
Opher Lizard Order Valued Approximately
Ordinary Shareholders Ordinary Shares
Ordinary Shares Nominal Value New Israeli Shekels Per Organizational Structure Principal Subsidiaries
Original Koor-fel Transaction Original Tadiran Acquisition
Other Commercial Activities Other Export Regulations
Other Facilities Other Income Expenses Net
Other Income Net Other Legal Proceedings
Other Part Other Payables Accrued Expenses
Other Receivables Prepaid Expenses Other Thermal Imaging Products
Other-than-temporary Decline Value Investments Investee Other-than-temporary Decline Value Investments Investee Companies
Others Others Several Other Small Subsidiaries Investee Companies Israel
Overview Pampa
Part Patents Trademarks Trade Secrets
Payloads Payments Due Period
Pcmcia Ndash Pensions Other Post-retirement Benefits
Percentages Performance Guarantees
Perimeter Security Personal Interest Extraordinary Transactions
Petach Tikva Phase Contract Valued
Pilot Helmet Mounted Systems Plan Summary
Pldr Please Sign Date Return Promptly Enclosed Envelope Vote
Political Military Economic Risks Political Relations Limit Ability Sell Buy Internationally
Portuguese Army Program Position Statements
Post Merger Plan Potential Value Project Estimated 100
Power Communication System President Ceo Elbit Systems Joseph Ackerman
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Activities
Principal Applicable Terms Fel Koor Shareholders Agreement Principal Market Environment
Principal Operating Subsidiaries Elbit Systems Ltd Process Followed Audit Committee Board
Program Potential Value Project Valued Include Instruction Maintenance Services
Property Plant Equipment Property Plant Equipment Net
Proportional Consolidation Method Proposed Amendment Articles
Proposed Amendments Articles Association Provision Taxes
Proxy Statement Ptic Research Development Ltd
Purchase Commitments Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purchasing Purchasing Raw Materials
Purpose Questions Answers Annual General Meeting
Quorum Voting Requirements Raanan Horowitz
Raanan Horowitz Appointed President Ceo Elbit Systems America Ran Galli
Ran Hellerstein Re-appointment
Received Initial Delivery Orders Valued Recent Acquisitions
Recent Acquisitions Divestitures Recent Events
Recent Investment Facilities Reconciliation Israeli Gaap
Reduction Israeli Government Spending Changes Priorities Defense Products Regarding Claims Relating Imagesat International
Rehovot Nes Ziona Related Parties Transactions Balances
Related Party Transactions Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registrated Public Accounting Firm Representations
Research Development Research Development Costs Net
Research Development Expenses Net Research Development Ldquordrdquo
Resolution Results
Results Demonstrate Low-cost Rapid Development Affordable Precision Revenue Recognition
Revenues Revenues Depend Obtaining Follow-on Business
Rights Obligations Elisras Shareholders Agreement Rights Shares Significant Changes Shareholders Controlling
Rina Baum Risks Related Israeli Operations
Romanian Helicopter Upgrade Programs Romanian Vehicle Program
Sandel Sarbanes-oxley Act
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Sbinet
Scd Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts
Scope Uas Activities Sderot
Search Rescue Solutions Search Rescue Systems
Seasonality Securities Exchange Washington 20549
See-through-armor System Sta Selected Ministry Defense Idf Battalion Level Mini Uav
Selection Capital Gains Track Service Warranty
Settlement Reached Between Subsidiary Elbit Systems Iss Severance Pay
Share Earnings Affiliated Entities Share Listings Trading Prices
Share Ownership Share Price Volatile Decline
Share Purchase Consideration Share Transfer Deed
Shareholders Agreement Shareholders Annual General Meeting
Shareholders Board Directors Elbit Systems Ltd Shareholders Elisra Electronic Systems Limited
Shares Held Street Name Broker Bank Other Representative Shares Represented Proxy Voted Manner Directed Instructions Contrary
Shipboard Decoy Countermeasure Launching Systems Short-term Bank Credit Loans
Sigint Systems Signature
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Accounting Policies Cont Significant Changes
Silver Arrow Simulator Training Systems
Skylark Skylark Ndash
Slovenia Armored Vehicle Program Social Responsibility
Sometimes Participate Risk-sharing Contracts Sometimes Risks Relating Financing Programs
Space Cameras Space Systems
Spectrum Control Management Ssa
Stabilized Electro-optical Payloads Starling
Stock Option Plan Stock-based Compensation Expense
Subject Buy-back Obligations Subject Increasingly Restrictive Publicly Traded Regulatory Environment
Submarine Surface Systems Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Other Countries Substitute Directors
Successful Flight Test Gatr Sufa
Suites Ndash Summary Major Provisions Elisra Deed Full English Translation
Surveillance Towers Surveillance Vehicles
Systems T-38
Table Contents Tactical Battle Trainers
Tactical Computers Communication Terminals Tactical Data Communication Systems
Tactical Internet Geographic Dissemination Real-time System Tactical Mini-uavs
Tactical Radio Systems Tadcomm
Tadiran Electronic System Ltd Tadiran Spectralink Ltd
Talla-com Industries Talladega Alabama
Tallahassee Florida Tauvex
Tax Accounting Tax Benefit Respect Options Exercised
Tax Consequences Taxes Income
Technology Spin-offs Other Commercial Activities Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Israel Ndash 2008 Tel-aviv
Telefunken Racoms Telescopes
Termination Employment Terms Conditions Options
Thermal Imaging Electro-optic Systems Threat Detection Systems
Time Some Helicopters Also Equipped Line Sight Systems Timing
Torc2h Total Value Contracts Amount
Trade Agreements Trade Receivables Net
Trading Symbols Address Trainers Simulators
Training Center Also Serve Civil Aircraft Pilots Training Simulators
Training Systems Simulators Transactions Affiliated Companies
Transactions Officers Directors Transportation Security Safety Systems Provide Solutions Railroad Authorities
Trends Turkish M-60 Modernization Program
Turkish S-70 Blackhawk Types Financing
Tzofit Beechcraft U-tacs
U-tacs Awarded 110 Order Thales Provide Istar Capability Uas Subsidiaries
Uas Uav Systems Uav Systems
Uel Uav Engines Ltd Uhf Satcom Power Amplifiers
Undertakings Until Transactions Completion Date Undetected Problems Products Impair Financial Results Give Rise
United Technologyrsquos Flight Department Unmanned Ground Vehicles Ugvs
Unmanned Surface Vehicles Unmanned Turrets Overhead Remote Controlled Weapon Stations Orcws
Useful Life Long-lived Assets Useful Lives Long-lived Assets
Usmc Crew Systems Usmc Lav
Usmc Rugged Computers V-22 Digital Map Display Systems
Valuation Securities Various Commercial Activities
Various Tax Tracks Verdict Against Subsidiary Elbit Systems
Viper Strike Vision-based Cockpit
Voting Proxy Vsi
Walk-away Provisions Warner Robins Georgia
Was Implemented Executive Order 2008 Finsa Acquisitions What Change Vote
What Need Now Wichita Kansas
Withholding Taxes Witness Whereof Parties Duly Executed Amendment
Witness Whereof Parties Duly Executed Deed Witness Whereof Parties Executed Agreement
Yaacov Lifshitz External Director Year-ended 2007
Yigal Nersquoeman Yoram Shmuely
Zeev Gofer 
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