Topic Listing for ENEL AMERICAS S.A.

Able Content Able Ontents
Above Transaction Been Recorded Stipulated Technical Bulleting Chilean Access Call Online Replay
Access Call Online Replay Http Wwwenersiscom Investor Relations Acciones Accionistas Con Derecho
Account Inspectors Report Accounting Certain Hybrid Financial Instruments
Accounting Changes Error Corrections Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets
Accrued Expenses Accrued Vacation Expense
Accumulated Deficit Development Stage Achoeira
Achoeira Operating Income Achoeira Ourada
Acquisition Shares Acuerdo CesiÓn Derechos
Acuerdo Monto Del Dividendo Add Value Shareholders
Additional Information Table Administración Federal Ingresos Públicos Afip Dirección General Impositiva
Adopting International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs Enersis Group Adoption International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs
Aes Gener Alfonso Arias
Alfredo Ergas Alfredo Ergas Segal Chief Financial Officer
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Amortization Bond Discount Deferred Debt Issuance Costs
Amortization Negative Goodwill Amortization Positive Goodwill
Ampla Ampla Energía Servicos
Ampla Financial Debt Maturity Party 752 Oelce Ampla Through Endesa Brasil
Analysis Exchange Risk Interest Rate Annual Tariff Resetting
Antonio Zorrilla Apex Depreciation Table
Apex Epreciation Application Constant Chilean Pesos
Approval Financial Statements Argentina
Argentina Manuel Belgrano José San Martín Power Plant Argentine Authorities Implemented Number Monetary Currency-exchange Control Measures
Argentine Electricity Sector Shortfalls Impact Interconnection Business Between Argentine Gas Crisis
Argentine Natural Gas Crisis Increased Vulnerability Electricity Generation Argentine Natural Gas Crisis Increased Vulnerability Electricity Sector
Arket Erception Arket Information Equity Market
Arket Information Quity Arket Ummary
Artially Consolidated Income Statement Artially Consolidated Income Statement Parent 2008 Earnings Report
Artially Onsolidated Ncome Tatement Ash Flow Received Foreign Subsidiaries Enersis Chilectra Endesa
Ash Low Eceived Rom Oreign Ubsidiaries Nersis Hilectra Asset Retirement Obligations
Assets Chilean Gaap Assets Ifrs
Atios Attestation Report
Audiencia Nacional Audit Committee Comité Auditoría
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Axes Ayments Dditions Ixed Ssets Epreciation
Back Contents Backup Withholding Other Reporting Requirements
Balance Sheet Reclassifications Balances Transactions Related Companies
Banco Central Chile Basin Authority Ley Nacional 23896
Believe Considerable Expertise Managing Utilities Including Benefits Retired Personnel
Betania Betania Financial Debt Maturity Party 374 Istribution
Board Directors Board Practices
Bolsa Comercio Madrid Latibex Bolsa Comercio Santiago Bcs
Bolsa Valores Latinoamericanos Madrid Bonds
Bonds Chilectra Book Value Economic Assets
Brazil Brazilian Energy Sector Reform Adverse Effect Business Operations
Brazilian Social Low-income Program Bt-5
Business Dependent Chilean Economy Revenues Sensitive Performance Business Strategy
Business Structure Business Subsidiaries Description
Cachoeira Calculation Economic Interest
Cam Capex Depreciation
Capital Investment Program Capitalization
Capitalized General Administrative Expenses Capitalized Interest Exchange Differences
Caracter Del Dividendo Carey Cía
Cash Flow Received Foreign Subsidiaries Enersis Chilectra Endesa Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras
Centrais Elétricas Cachoeira Dourada Centrais Elétricas Cachoeira Dourada Cdsa
Central Bank Argentina Lifted Reinstate Restrictions Transfer Funds Central Bank Argentina Recently Lifted Reinstate Restrictions Transfer
Central Costanera Central Geradora Termelétrica Fortaleza Cgtf
Central Hidroeléctrica Betania Centro Despacho Económico Carga
Cerj Certain Powers Board Directors
Certain Provisions Regarding Shareholder Rights Certain South American Economies Been Characterized Frequent Occasionally
Certification Cgtf Central Geradora Termoelectrica Fortaleza
Change Accounting Principles Change Control
Changes Accounting Principles Changes Electricity Law
Changes Electricity Law Potential Fines Compensations Regulatory Payments Changes Internal Control
Chile Chile Bocamina Plant Expansion Unit
Chile Canela Wind Farm Project Chile Hidroaysén
Chile Lng Receiving Terminal Quintero Bay Gnlq Chile Los Cóndores
Chile Neltume Choshuenco Chile Ojos Agua
Chile Piruquina Mini-hydro Chile Quintero Quillota Pipeline
Chile San Isidro Power Plant Expansion Project Chile Tal-tal Gas Turbine Conversion Diesel
Chilean Bond Classification Chilean Electricity Law
Chilean Gaap Chilean Gaap Technical Bulletin
Chilean Operations Chilean Regulatory Authorities Impose Fines Subsidiaries Due Operational
Chilean Tax Considerations Chilectra
Chilectra Bonds Chilectra Income Statement
ChocÓn Chocón
Cien Cien Companhia Interconexão Energética
Climate Change Code Ethics
Codensa Codensa Esp
Codensa Issued Bonds 2004 Coelce
Coelce Through Endesa Brasil Cogeneration Regulation
Colbún Colombia
Colombia Quimbo Hydroelectric Project Colombias Electricity Power Industry Past Been Affected Adversely
Comisión Chilena Del Cobre Comisión Clasificadora Riesgo
Comisión Nacional Del Mercado Valores Cnmv Comisión Nacional Energía
Comisión Regulación Energía Gas Comité Asesor Para Planeamiento Transmisión
Comité Directores Comité Energía Sociedad Nacional Minería Petróleo
Comité Operación Económica Del Sistema Comitê Monitoramento Setor Elétrico
Committees Other Advisory Bodies Commodities Risks
Commodity Price Risk Companhia Electricidade Rio Janeiro
Companhia Electricidade Río Janeiro Companhia Elétrica Estado Goiás
Companhia Energetica Ceara Companhia Energética Ceará
Companhia Hidroelétrica São Francisco Companhia Interconexao Energetica
Comparative Financial Statements Compañía Administradora Del Mercado Mayorista Eléctrico
Compañía Americana Multiservicios Cam Compañía Americana Multiservicios Ltda
Compañía Chilena Electricidad Ltda Compañía Chilena Metropolitana Distribución Eléctrica
Compañía Eléctrica Tarapacá Compañía Eléctrica Tarapacá Celta
Compañía General Electricidad Compañía Interconexion Energética
Compañía Interconexión Energética Cien Compañía Nacional Fuerza Eléctrica
Compañía Transmisión Del Mercosur Compañía Transmisión Del Mercosur Ctm
Compañía Transporte Energía Eléctrica Alta Tensión Compendium International Bond Issuance
Compendium International Bond Issuances Compensation
Compensatory Payments Distribution Companies Compensatory Payments Generation Companies
Competition Compliance Nyse Listing Standards Corporate Governance
Concessions Conference Call Invitation
Conomic Inancial Ummary Consejo Ministros
Consolidated Balance Sheet Consolidated Balance Sheet Analys
Consolidated Balance Sheet Analysis Consolidated Cash Flow Analysis
Consolidated Income Statement Consolidated Income Statement Analysis Figures Source Fecu Net
Consolidated Income Statement Endesa Chile Construction New Facilities Adversely Affected Factors Associated Projects
Construction New Facilities Affected Adversely Factors Associated Commonly Construction New Facilities Affected Adversely Factors Associated Projects
Cont Table Contact Information
Contact Information Further Please Continuing Operations Represents Accreted Interest Expense Depreciation Costs
Contract Level Rule Contractual Constraints
Contribution Research Development Controlling Shareholders Conflicts Interest Relating Business
Controls Procedures Convenience Translation Dollars
Conversion Effect Converting Balances Foreign Currencies
Converting Financial Statements Foreign Companies Corp Banca Viña Santa Rita Forestal Neltume Carranco
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Objective Purpose Cost Sales Administrative Selling Expenses
Cost Share Issue Cost Shares Issued
Costanera Covered
Creation Endesa Brasil Credit Risk
Credit Risks Critical Accounting Policies
Currently Involved Various Litigation Proceedings Result Unfavorable Decisions Cámara Comercialização Energia Elétrica
Daily Average Transactions Volume Adr Local Shares Dcv Registros
Dditional Nformation Debt Issuance Costs
Debt Market Deferred Income
Deferred Income Taxes Defined Benefit Pension Plan Assets Allocations 2007 2008
Degel Delays Yearly Tariff-review Process Adversely Affect Profitability
Delnor Delnor Nder Hilean Gaap
Deloitte Refers Touche Tohmatsu Swiss Verein Member Firms Deloitte Refers Touche Tohmatsu Swiss Verein Network Member
Deloitte Srl Depend Part Payments Subsidiaries Affiliates Meet Payment Obligations
Depositarys Notice Shareholders Meetings Enersis Depreciation
Depreciation Property Plant Equipment Depósito Central Valores
Deregulation Deregulation Privatization
Derivative Instruments Derivatives
Derivatives Hedging Operations Description Business
Description Property Description Securities Other Equity
Description Share Capital Desur
Desur Nder Hilean Gaap Determining Amortization Period Leasehold Improvements Purchased After Lease
Differences Measurement Methods Dirección General Asuntos Ambientales
Dirección Provincial Rentas Buenos Aires Province Directors Committee
Directors Committee Comité Directores Disclaimer
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Regarding Interest Capitalization
Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments Discussed Paragraph Adopted Sfas 143 Effective 2003 Following
Dispatch Pricing Distribution
Distribution Argentina Edesur Distribution Brazil Ampla Coelce
Distribution Business Operating Costs Distribution Business Operating Revenues
Distribution Business Revenues Operations Distribution Chile Chilectra
Distribution Colombia Codensa Distribution Network Medium Low Voltage Lines
Distribution Non Operating Revenues Distribution Operating Revenues
Distribution Peru Edelnor Distribution Pricing
Distribution Tariff Final Customers Distribution Tariff-setting Process
Distribution Tolls Distrilima
Divergence Firm Capacity Resolution Dividend Limits Other Legal Restrictions
Dividend Policy Dividend Policy 2006
Dividends Dividends Liquidation Rights
Dividends Paid Dividends Payment Procedure
Documents Display Domestic Bonds
Domestic Risk Rating Classification Domingo Valdés
Dólar Acuerdo Ebt Arket
Ebt Aturity Hird Arties Housand Ebt Aturity Hird Arties Illion
Ebt Maturity Parties Table Economic Conditions
Edegel Edegel Essalud
Edegel Saa Edelnor
Edelnor Financial Debt Maturity Party 186 Edelnor Financial Debt Maturity Party 239
Edelnor Saa Edesur
Edesur Financial Debt Maturity Party 141million Effect Chilean Withholding Taxes
Effects Minority Interest Gaap Adjustments Electrical Rate Service
Electricidad Caracas Electricity Distribution
Electricity Distribution Business Segment Electricity Exports Imports
Electricity Generation Electricity Generation Argentina Gwh
Electricity Generation Per Subsidiary Peru Gwh Electricity Generation Transmission
Electricity Industry Regulatory Framework Electricity Rationing Chile
Electricity Regulatory Changes Emergency Measures Electricity Sales
Electricity Shortfalls Argentina Adversely Affect Transmission Trading Business Electricity Transmission
Electrobrás Electrogas
Elesur Eletrobrás
Elimination Capitalized Interest Brazil Eléctricas Reunidas Zaragoza
Embedded Derivative Contracts Emergency Measures
Emgesa Emgesa Esp
Emgesa Financial Debt Maturity Party 307 Empresa Distribución Eléctrica Lima Norte Saa
Empresa Distribuidora Sur Empresa Eléctrica Pangue
Empresa Eléctrica Pehuenche Empresa Generación Termoeléctrica Ventanilla
Empresa Pesquisa Energética Endesa
Endesa Argentina Endesa Brasil
Endesa Cachoeira Endesa Chile
Endesa Chile Exercising Right Offer Purchase Cms Selling Endesa Chile Parent
Endesa Chiles Total Operating Income Operations Chile Endesa Costanera
Endesa Fortaleza Endesa Internacional
Endesa Parent Endesa-chile Parent Financial Debt Maturity Party 2463 Istribution
Endesa-chiles Operations Argentina Endesa-chiles Operations Brazil
Endesa-chiles Operations Colombia Endesa-chiles Operations Peru
Eneral Information Eneral Nformation
Eneration Eneration Degel
Eneration Ndesa Ostanera Eneration Ransmission Usiness
Eneration Ransmission Usinesses Eneration Usiness
Energia Elétrica Energy Bids
Energy Generation Per Subsidiary Colombia Gwh Energy Losses Brazil Affect Financial Results Adversely
Enersis Enersis Announces Consent Solicitation Outstanding Yankee Notes
Enersis Announces Consolidated Results 2006 Enersis Announces Consolidated Results 2007 Ighlights Eriod Figures
Enersis Announces Consolidated Results 2009 Enersis Announces Consolidated Results Half 2005
Enersis Announces Expiration Consent Solicitation Receipt Requisite Consents Enersis Chilean Corporation Sociedad Anónima Abierta Securities Register
Enersis Generation Business Cgtf Enersis Series B1-b2
Enersis Simplified Corporate Structure 2004 Enersis Subsidiaries Consolidated Balance Sheets
Enersis Subsidiaries Consolidated Statements Cash Flows Enersis Subsidiaries Consolidated Statements Operations
Enersis Yankee Bonds Engineering Services Real Estate
Enigesa Ente Nacional Regulador Electricidad
Environmental Issues Environmental Regulation
Environmental Regulations Countries Operate Increase Costs Operations Equity
Equity Hedge Equity Market
Ernesto Silva Eru Eneration
Escuela Técnica Superior Ingenieros Escuela Técnica Superior Ingenieros Agrónomos Madrid
Essential Fact Essential Fact Statement
Essential Fact Statement Dated 2005 Essential Fact Statement Dated Jul 2005
Essential Fact Statement Dated Jun 2005 Estatuto Del Directivo
Estatutos Estatutos Del Directivo
Estimation Fair Value Certain Energy Contracts Gaap Esults
Etania Eugenio Tironi
Evolution Key Financial Ratios Exchange Controls
Exchange Non-financial Assets Acquisition Minority Interest Exchange Rate Risks
Exchanges Non-monetary Assets Expenses
Extraordinary Actions Government Authorities Extraordinary Meeting
Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting Extraordinary Tariff Revision
F-163 F-50
Failure Cost Fair Value Long-term Debt Assumed
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Option
Favelas Fecsa
Fernando Isac Figures 2008 Been Reconciled Ifrs Comparable Purposes Highlights
Financial Assets Financial Debt Maturity Parties
Financial Derivative Contracts Financial Derivatives
Financial Information Financial Result
Financial Statements Financing
Fines Fines Applicable Agents Electricity Industry
Fines Compensations Fintec
Fitch Bbb Stable Fitch Bbb- Positive
Fitch Raises Local Debt Rating Enersis Aa- Fixed Assets
Foninvemem Force Majeure
Foreign Currency Controls Foreign Exchange Controls
Foreign Exchange Currency Risks Foreign Exchange Decreased 21168 Primarily Due Profit Liquidation
Foreign Exchange Differences Foreign Exchange Effect Increased 1064 Due Dollar Mismatch
Foreign Exchange Effect Increased 1185 Due Dollar Mismatch Foreign Exchange Effect Increased 12436 Due Dollar Mismatch
Foreign Exchange Effect Increased 4458 Due Dollar Mismatch Foreign Exchange Effect Increased Ch11700 Due Dollar Mismatch
Foreign Exchange Increased 1592 Ch2061 Due Dollar Mismatch Foreign Exchange Risks Adversely Affect Results Dollar Value
Foreign Exchange Risks Affect Dollar Amount Dividends Payable Foreign Exchange Risks Affect Results Operations Financial Condition
Foreign Investment Contract Chapter Xxvi Foreign Investments Contracts Chapter Xxvi
Form 20-f Form 906 Certification
Formation Electronic Contract System Affect Business Colombia Formulario N°1 Reparto Dividendos
Fortaleza Fortaleza Cgtf
Forward-looking Statements Francisco Herrera
Francisco Silva Fundación Huinay
Further Information Please Contact Further Information Please Contact Enersis
Future Governmental Initiatives Affect Operations Adversely Future Regulatory Reforms Adversely Affect Business
Future Tariff Reductions Adversely Affect Business Gasatacama Generación Limitada
Gener General
General Characteristics General Information
General Regulation Applicable Non-chilean Operating Companies Generandes Peru
Generandes Perú Generation
Generation Argentina Generation Brazil
Generation Business Operating Costs Generation Business Operating Revenues
Generation Business Revenues Operations Generation Chile
Generation Colombia Generation Distribution Strategies
Generation Peru Generation Projects Completed 2008
Ger Gen 039 2005 Ger Gen 085 2005
Gergen 112 2005 Goodwill
Goodwill Negative Governmental Regulations Impose Additional Operating Costs Reduce Profits
Group Reorganization Groups Activities Affected Hydrological Conditions
Groups Activities Subject Broad Environmental Regulations Enersis Complied Groups Activities Subject Broad Environmental Regulations Eventual Modifications
Groups Activities Subject Broad Range Governmental Standards Modification Groups Activities Subject Broad Set Governmental Norms Changes
Groups Activities Subject Comprehensive Environmental Regulations Consequently Modification Groups Commercial Policies Been Planned Eventual Impacts Arising
Hernán Somerville Hidroeléctrica Betania
Hidroinvest Highlights
Hile Hilectra
History HocÓn
HocÓn Operating Income Holding Depend Payments Subsidiaries Related Companies Meet Payment
Hydrologic Conditions Generation Business Hydrological Conditions
Hydrological Conditions Rationing Decree Iabilities Hareholders Quity Nder Hilean Gaap Housand
Iabilities Hareholders Quity Nder Hilean Gaap Illion Identificacion Sociedad Del Movimiento
Ien Ifrs
Ighlights Ighlights Eriod Conomic Inancial Ummary
Ignacio Antoñanzas Ignacio Antoñanzas Alvear Chief Executive Officer
Ignacio Antoñanzas Chief Executive Officer Ignacio Antoñanzas Chief Executive Officer Signatures
Ignacio Antoñanzas General Manager Impact Value Assets High Levels Devaluation Countries Operate
Impairment Assets Impairment Goodwill
Impairment Long-lived Assets Implified Rganizational Tructure
Improve Profitability Imv
Inancial Esult Inancials
Incentive Programs Incentives Development Alternative Sources Energy
Income Investments Related Companies Income Statement
Income Tax Deferred Taxes Incorporation Companies
Increased Inflation Chile Affect Results Operations Adversely Independence Functions Audit Committee
Independent Power Producers Self-producers Index
Index Audited Consolidated Financial Statements Index Exhibits
Index-linked Assets Liabilities Indice Precios Consumidor
Industry Charges Industry Structure
Information Reporting Backup Withholding Inmobiliaria Manso Velasco Imv
Inmobiliaria Manso Velasco Ltda Inspection Control
Installed Capacity Per Subsidiary Chile Installed Capacity Subsidiary Chile
Installed Generation Capacity Brazil Instituto Nacional Estadísticas
Intangibles Intangibles Other Goodwill
Intercompany Contracts Approval Interconexión Eléctrica Esp
Interest Expense Net Income Interest Rate Risk
International Bids Supplying Regulated Customers International Bonds Yankee
International Risk Rating Classification Introduction
Introduction International Financial Reporting Standards Inventories
Investluz Investment Financing Policy 2006
Investments Investments Afps
Investments Argentina Investments Chile
Investments Colombia Investments Other Companies
Investments Peru Investments Related Companies
Involuntary Employee Termination Benefits Involved Litigation Proceedings
Ipso Facto Isclaimer
Isk Ating Lassification Isk Ating Lassification Nformation
Isk Rating Classification Isk Rating Classification Orporate Risk
Issuance Issue
Istribution Istribution Desur
Istribution Usiness Jointly-controlled Companies
José Luis Domínguez José Luis Palomo
Juan Eduardo Errázuriz Juan Ignacio Mata
Kpmg Auditores Consultores Ltda Lawsuits Against Brought Outside Chile Complaints Based Foreign
Leased Assets Leases
Legal Proceedings Level Quoted Prices Active Markets Identical Assets Liabilities
Level Unobservable Inputs Supported Little Market Activity Significant Ley 142
Ley 143 Ley 19300
Ley Mercado Valores 18045 Ley Nacional 24051
Ley Número 142 Ley Número 143
Ley Orgánica Del Banco Central Chile Ley Sociedades Anónimas 18046
Liabilities Shareholders Equity Chilean Gaap Table Liquidity Ratio
Liquidity Risk Liquidity Risks
Litigation Contingencies Litigation Other Legal Action
Litigation Other Legal Actions Local Risk Rating Classification
Long-term Accounts Receivable Long-term Debt
Luz Bogotá Macarena Lama
Madrid Stock Exchange Latibex Madrid Stock Exchange Latibex Spain
Magallanes Main Accounting Principles Ifrs
Maintain Solid Financial Position Major Encumbrances
Major Shareholders Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Mario Valcarce Mario Valcarce Chief Executive Officer
Mario Valcarce Durán Chief Executive Officer Mario Valcarce General Manager
Market Perception Marketable Securities
Markets María Luz Muñoz Investor Relations Assistant Mlmreenersiscl 353
Material Contracts Material Income Tax Considerations
Material Information Meaning Other-than-temporary Impairment Application Certain Investments
Measuring Risk Medical Benefits
Mercado Cambiario Formal Mercado Cambiario Informal
Mercurio Mgesa
Minimum Dividend Ministerio Energía Minas
Minority Interest Moodys Ba1 Positive
Moodys Ba1 Review Possible Upgrade Moodys Baa3 Stable
Moodys Upgraded Enersis Main Generation Subsidiary Endesa Chile Mpla
Mpla Nder Hilean Gaap Mpla Operating Income
Nalysis Exchange Risk Interest Rate Nalysis Nterest Ate Xchange Isks
Nalysis Xchange Isk Nterest Ate Natural Gas
Natural Gas Market Ncome
Ncome Tatement Nder Chilean Gaap Table
Nder Hilean Gaap Nder Hilean Gaap Housand
Nder Hilean Gaap Illion Nder Ifrs
Ndesa Brasil Table Ndesa Ortaleza Cgtf
Ndesa Ostanera Ndesa Rasil
Ndesa Razil Negative Goodwill
Net Income Net Investment Hedges
Net Lnvestment Hedges Net Other Non-operating Income Expenses
New Compendium New Shares Issuances Not Rights Granted Former Chapter
New York Stock Exchange Nyse Non Operating Income
Non-electricity Subsidiaries Operating Costs Non-electricity Subsidiaries Operating Revenues
Non-operating Income Expense Norgener
Norma Carácter General Not Timely Return Voting Instructions Depositary Deposited Securities
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Due 2014
Number 001-12440 Number Shares
Observaciones Odensa
Odensa Nder Hilean Gaap Oelce
Oelce Nder Hilean Gaap Oelce Operating Income
Officers 2004 Olombia Eneration
Olombia Generation Omestic Risk Rating Classification
Onference Call Invitation Onference Nvitation
Onsolidated Alance Heet Nalysis Onsolidated Ash Low Nalysis
Onsolidated Balance Sheet Ssets Nder Hilean Gaap Illion Onsolidated Cash Flow Analysis
Onsolidated Cash Flow Analysis Period Generated Negative Net Onsolidated Cash Flow Analysis Period Generated Net Outflow
Onsolidated Cash Flow Nder Chilean Gaap Table Onsolidated Income Statement Analysis Source Fecu Ncome
Onsolidated Ncome Tatement Nalysis Source Fecu Operador Nacional Sistema Elétrico
Operador Nacional Sistema Elétricos Operating Activities
Operating Costs Distribution Business Operating Costs Generation Business
Operating Costs Non-electrical Subsidiaries Operating Costs Non-electricity Subsidiaries
Operating Costs Transmission Business Operating Income
Operating Results Subsidiaries Operating Revenues Distribution Business
Operating Revenues Generation Business Operating Revenues Transmission Business
Operations Argentina Operations Brazil
Operations Chile Operations Colombia
Operations Peru Ordinary Meeting
Ordinary Shareholders Meeting Ordinary Tariff Revision
Organismo Supervisor Inversión Energía Organizational Start-up Costs
Orsep Ortaleza
Ortaleza Cgtf Ostanera
Ostanera Operating Income Other
Other Businesses Other Chilean Taxes
Other Recent Regulatory Changes Other Restrictions
Other Risks Other Securities
Others Outstanding Credit Facilities Change Control Provisions Result Some
Overview Ownership 2005
Pablo Yrarrázaval Pago Del Dividendo Dinero Sea Optativo Acciones
Paid Capital Paid Total Amount Sum Thch1169 While Endesa Inversiones
Pangue Pangues
Pari Passu Partially Consolidated Income Statement Parent 2008 Earnings Report
Participate Please Dial 617 213 4853 888 680 Participate Please Dial 617 213-4845 888 679-8018 Toll
Participate Please Dial 617 213-4850 888 679-8038 Toll Participate Please Dial 617 213-4864 888 713-4211 Toll
Passive Foreign Investment Rules Patricio Claro
Patronal Eléctrica Europea Pedro Larrea
Pehuenche Pension Post-retirement Benefits
Pension Post-retirement Benefits Liabilities Perating Ncome
Peru Peru Santa Rosa Thermal Plant Expansion Project
Perú Petroken
Phone Replay Available Between 2008 Dialing 617 801-6888 Physical Sales Per Customer Segment Colombia Gwh
Physical Sales Per Subsidiary Argentina Gwh Pis-cofin
Please Informed Depositary Articles Law 18046 Governs Conflicts Pontificia Universidad Católica Chile
Potential Conflicts Interest Affiliates Adversely Affect Business Potential Conflicts Interest Affiliates Affect Business Adversely
Power Attorney Power Installations Financed Parties
Power Interconnection Sub-stations Transformers Pre-emptive Rights Increases Share Capital
Preemptive Rights Increases Share Capital Preliminary Estimate Accounting Impact Ifrs Adoption Reconciliation Equity
Previsión Social Price-level Restatement
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Shareholders
Principal Subsidiaries Related Companies Pro Rata
Profitable Business Program Regulatory Losses Brazil
Programa Adecuación Manejo Ambiental Projects Construction
Projects Development Property Plant Equipment
Property Plants Equipment Provide Best Service Quality Latin-america
Purchase Resale Agreements Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Persons
Questions Way Voting Instructions Delivered Depositary Please Contact Quity Arket
Quity Market New York Stock Exchange Nyse Rafael Español
Rafael Miranda Ramiro Alfonsín
Raw Materials Razil Ndesa Rasil
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Accounting Pronouncements See 37-2r
Recent Changes Tax Law Recent Developments
Reclassifications Recognition Investments Reduction Non-technical Losses
Reconciliation Non-gaap Measures Chilean Gaap Reconciliation Non-gaap Measures Chilean Gaap 2004 2005
Recurso Reposición Ref Essential Fact
Ref Essential Fact 06102005 Ref Essential Fact New Distribution Rates
Ref Information Extraordinary Ordinary Shareholders Meetings Ref Material Information
Reg Reporting Essential Events Regarding Functional Currency
Register Registrations Transfers
Reglamento Del Ministerio Secretaria General Presidencia Reglamento Protección Ambiental Las Actividades Eléctricas
Regulated Assets Deferred Costs Regulation Hydroelectric Operations
Regulation Promotion Energy Infrastructure Projects Regulatory Asset Deferred Costs
Regulatory Authorities Impose Fines Subsidiaries Regulatory Developments
Related Party Transactions Relative Illiquidity Volatility Chilean Securities Markets Adversely Affect
Relative Illiquidity Volatility Chilean Securities Markets Affect Price Reorganization Subsidiaries
Reparto Del Dividendo Optativo Acciones Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm English Translation Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Irm
Reporting Requirements Regarding Acquisition Sale Shares Repurchase Cono Sur Bonds See 11k
Repurchase Yankee Bonds Research Development Costs
Reserva Global Reversão Reserved
Resolution Restrictions
Result Above Consolidated Net Income Declined Ch3345 2006 Revenue Recognition
Revenue Recognition Edesur Revenues Non-electrical Subsidiaries
Revenues Non-electricity Subsidiaries Revenues Operations
Reversal Revaluation Property Plant Equipment Reverse Repurchase Agreements
Right Dissenting Shareholders Tender Shares Risk Factors Related Argentina
Risk Measurement Risk Rating Classification
Risk Rating Classification Information Risks Related Distribution Argentina
Royalties Safe Harbor
Sale Infraestructura 2000 Sale Other Disposition
Sale Other Disposition Shares Adss Sale Río Maipo
Sales Distribution Companies Certain Regulated Customers Sales Generation Companies
Sales Other Generation Companies Sales Unregulated Customers
San Antonio 195 San Isidro
Santiago Stock Exchange Bcs Scadi
Schedule Secondary Transmission Tariff Setting Process
Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 20-f Securities Reporting Obligation Pursuant Act
Segment Disclosures Selling Administrative Expenses
Sepi Servicio Público Electricidad
Servicios Eléctricos Del Gran Buenos Aires Settlement Spot Price
Severance Indemnities Share Capital
Share Ownership Shareholders Meetings Voting Rights
Short Law Short-term Accruals
Signatures Simplified Organizational Structure
Since Business Depends Heavily Hydrological Conditions Drought Hurt Since Generation Business Depends Heavily Hydrological Conditions Drought
Sistema Electrico Interconectado Nacional Sistema Eléctrico Interconectado Nacional
Sistema Interconectado Del Norte Grande Sistema Interconectado Nacional
Sobrecosto Transitorio Despacho Source Central Bank
Source Chilean Central Bank South American Economic Fluctuations Likely Affect Results Operations
Special Obligations Ssets Chilean Gaap Table
Ssets Nder Hilean Gaap Housand Ssets Nder Hilean Gaap Illion
Ssets Nder Ifrs Standard Poors Bbb Stable
Standard Poors Bbb- Positive Statement Operations Reclassifications
Statements Cash Flows Stock Price Variation Local Index
Structure Electricity Sector Structure New Electricity Sector
Sub-transmission Sub-transmission Tolls
Subdirector Económico Financiero Subject Financial Covenants Existing Indebtedness
Subject Refinancing Risk Subject Refinancing Risk Financial Debt Covenants Affect Liquidity
Subscribed Paid Capital Follows Subsidiaries
Subsidiaries Endesa Chile Subsidiaries Subject Other Significant Regulatory Fines
Subsidiaries Subject Refinancing Risk Subsidiary Information
Suffer Losses Result Differences Between Node Price Marginal Suffer Losses Result Satisfying Non-contracted Demand Regulated Customers
Summary Superintendencia Servicios Públicos Domiciliarios
Superintendencia Valores Seguros Supplementary Pension Benefits
Synapsis Table
Table 101 Table 111
Table 121 Table 441
Table Contents Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations
Talleres Moyopampa Sunat Tam
Tarifa Bt-5 Tariff Revision
Tax Loss Carryforwards Taxation Cash Dividends Property Distributions
Taxation Distributions Taxation Rights Ads
Taxation Sale Exchange Adss Taxation Sale Exchange Shares Adss
Taxation Sale Exchange Shares Adss Acquired After 2001 Taxation Sale Exchange Shares Adss Acquired Before 2001
Taxation Shares Acquired After 2001 Taxation Shares Acquired Before 2001
Taxation Shares Adss Taxes
Technical Bulletin Technical Bulletin 64-conversion Effect
Technical Bulletin 64-equity Hedge Technical Terms
Telepregón Termoandes
Termoeléctrica José San Martín Ther
Ther Isks Time Deposits
Time Deposits Marketable Securities Tironi Asociados
Total Electricity Sales Per System Chile Gwh Total Liabilities Decreased 446337 Due
Total Liabilities Shareholders Equity Increased Ch821960 Due Total Operating Income Operations Argentina
Total Operating Income Operations Brazil Total Operating Income Operations Colombia
Total Operating Income Operations Peru Total Shareholders 9364
Total Shareholders 9771 Totalfina
Trading Transaction Achieved Better Financial Flexibility Liquidity Prepared New
Transbank Transformers Distribution
Transitioning Ifrs Translation Financial Statements Investments Outside Chile
Translation Report Originally Issued Spanish Translation Report Originally Issued Spanish-see
Transmission Transmission Business Operating Costs
Transmission Business Operating Expenses Transmission Business Operating Revenues
Transmission Distribution Transmission Tariff
Transportadora Del Energía Mercosur Transportadora Energía
Trend Information Tudor
Ummary Ummary Eneration Usiness
Ummary Istribution Usiness Unidad Planeación Minera Energética
Unidad Planeación Minero-energética Unidad Renegociación Análisis Contratos Servicios Públicos
Unidades Tributarias Anuales United States Tax Considerations
Universalization Program Brazil Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
Universidad Católica Valparaíso Universidad Chile
Universidad Complutense Madrid Universidad Navarra
Universidad Zaragoza Unless Context Indicates Otherwise Indicated Interest Principal Subsidiaries
Utility Business Vad Tariff
Vad Tariff Setting Process Value Added Distribution
Values Subsidiaries Long-term Energy Supply Contracts Subject Fluctuations Ventanilla
Volution Inancial Atios Volution Key Financial Ratios Table
Voting Instructions Signed Completed Received Indicated Address Prior Water Rights
Wnership Ompany Une 2005 Worldwide Financial Crisis Significant Adverse Effect Access Bank
Yankee Bond Consent Yankee Bonds
Yankee Bonds Price Evolution 
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