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Absence Disability Accounting Income Taxes
Accounting Policies Critical Estimates Accounting Rule Changes
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Accrued Interest Receivable
Accrued Obligations Acknowledgement Plan Done Electronically Through Vigilent Policy Center
Act Action Consent
Action Meeting Additional Executive Officers
Additional Factors Described Elsewhere Report Administration
Administrator Aggregated Option Exercises Last Year-end Values
Agreement Shall Deleted Entirety Replaced Following Agreements Named Executive Officers
Allowance Loan Losses Allowance Loan Losses Insufficient
Always Been Public Amended Restated Change Control Noncompetition Agreement
Amended Restated Employment Agreement Amended Restated Executive Employment Agreements
Amendment Articles Organization Amendment By-laws
Amendment Employment Agreement Amendment Restricted Stock Agreement
Amendments Executive Salary Continuation Agreements Amendments Stock Incentive Plan
Amendments Termination Amendments Waiver
Amendmentswaiver Annual Cash Bonus
Annual Meeting Annual Meeting Boston University Conference Center Tyngsboro
Annual Meeting Scheduled Tuesday American Textile History Annual Report Form 10-k
Annual Retainer Fees Annual Retainer Fees 2006
Appendix Bank Referral Programs Appendix Incentive Bonus Calculation
Appointment Approval Amendment Articles Organization
Approval Amendments Articles Organization Arnings Per Share
Articles Organization Articles Organization By-laws Shareholders Rights Plan Well Certain
Asset Liability Committee Asset-liability Committee Alco
Assets Management Assignment
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Available Sale Securities Available Shareholders Sharing Common Mailing Address
Award Award Agreement
Aware Contingent Beneficiaries Receive Anything Unless Primary Predecease Bank
Bank Owned Life Insurance Bank Owned Life Insurance Boli
Bank Regulatory Limitations Banking Technology Committee
Banking Technology Steering Committee Base Salary
Based Impairment Reviews Determined Goodwill Core Deposit Intangible Basis Presentation
Believes Providing Supplemental Retirement Life Insurance Benefits Provide Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiaries Beneficiary Designation Form
Binding Effect Successors Board Directors
Board Directors Recommends Stockholders Vote Approval Adoption 2009 Bonus Actually Awarded Earned Not Yet Paid Date
Borrowed Funds Borrowings
Boston Business Journal Boston Club
Boston University Conference Center Brokered Cds
Call Special Meeting Capital Adequacy
Capital Levels Fall Below Regulatory Minimums Capital Resources
Capital Stock Captions
Carrying Value Goodwill Become Impaired Cause
Certificates Stock Certification Principal Executive Officer Financial Usc 1350 Furnished
Certification Principal Executive Officer Securities Exchange Act Rule Certification Principal Financial Officer Securities Exchange Act Rule
Change Control Change Control Noncompetition Agreement
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Chapter 156d Eliminates Concept Par Value However Corporation Chief Executive Officer
Claims Review Procedure Claims Review Procedures
Claw-back Code
Code 280g Reduction Code Ethics
Commercial Loan Low Cost Deposit Referrals Commercial Loans Referral Program
Commercial Real Estate Construction Loans Commercial Real Estate Industrial Construction Loans
Committees Common Stock Par Value 001 3691210 Shares
Common Stock Par Value Per Share Comparable Coverage
Comparative Performance Graph Comparison 2003 2002
Comparison 2004 2003 Comparison 2005 2004
Comparison 2006 2005 Comparison 2007 2006
Comparison 2008 2007 Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Other Benefits
Compensation Personnel Committee Compensation Personnel Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Personnel Committee Report Compensation Personnel Committee Report Executive
Competition Composition Earnings
Composition Term Confidentiality
Construction Consumer Loans
Continually Encounters Technological Change Controlling Law
Controls Procedures Controls Procedures Fail Circumvented
Convenient Manner Directly Through Broker Coordination Other Incentive Compensation Plans
Corporate Governance Nominating Committee Corporate Governance Nominating Committee Cgnc
Covered Employee Credit Risk Allowance Loan Losses
Credit Risk Management Criteria Established Internal Control-integrated Framework Issued Committee Sponsoring
Critical Accounting Estimates Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Currently Pending Legislative Proposals Federal Level Various States Death
Defined Contribution Plan Definitions
Deposit Insurance Assessment Deposit Referral Program
Deposits Deposits Decreased 144 Since 2004 Balance Was Partially
Deposits Increased 360 Since 2004 Increase Was Concentrated Deposits Increased 430 Since 2004 Increase Was Concentrated
Derivatives Description Directors Compensation
Description Directors Compensation 2004 Director Compensation
Director Nominations Director Nominations Shareholder Communications
Director Stock Compensation Director Stock-based Compensation
Directors Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Executive Officers Own Significant Portion Common Stock Directors Liability
Disability Distribution Death
Distributions Lifetime Dividend Reinvestment Plan Dividends
Dividends Dividends Dividend Reinvestment Plan
Duties Duties Place Employment Time Efforts
Each Kpc Been Assigned Weighting Indicate Importance Calculation Earnings Per Share
Ecommerce Banking Effect Certain Corporate Transactions
Effective Date Effective Tax Rates
Either Bank Applicable Plans Programs Procedures Practices Employer Election Class Directors
Election Directors Elements Rationale
Elephone 978 459-9000 Eligibility Criteria
Employee Bonus Incentive Programs Employee Bonus Program
Employee Bonus Programs Employees
Employer Employer Shall Pay Executive Disability Suspension Effective Date
Employment Agreement Employment Position Term
Enforceability Enterprise Bancorp Inc
Enterprise Bancorp Inc Announces 2005 End Financial Results Enterprise Bancorp Inc Announces 2005 Financial Results
Enterprise Bancorp Inc Announces 2006 Financial Results Quarterly Enterprise Bancorp Inc Announces 2007 Financial Results Quarterly
Enterprise Bancorp Inc Announces Completion Stock Offering Due Enterprise Bancorp Inc Announces Decision Decline Participation Treasurys
Enterprise Bancorp Inc Announces Dividend Enterprise Bancorp Inc Announces Effectiveness Shelf Registration Commencement
Enterprise Bancorp Inc Announces Quarterly Dividend Enterprise Bancorp Inc Announces Quarterly Dividend Election New
Enterprise Bancorp Inc Announces Quarterly Dividend Increase Enterprise Bancorp Inc Announces Two-for-one Stock Split
Enterprise Bancorp Inc Name Zebc42elx Version Orig Enterprise Bank Trust
Enterprise Bank Trust Executive Supplemental Life Insurance Plan Enterprise Insurance Services
Entire Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Enumeration Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Securities Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Event Executive His Option Event Qualify Change Control 2003 Stock Incentive Plan
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Except Otherwise Defined Instrument Terms Used Shall Meaning
Exchange Act Execution Instruments
Executive Executive Committee
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Program
Executive Sole Discretion Board Executive Vice Presidents Senior Treasurer Other Officers
Exhibits Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules
Expense Reimbursement Expiration Term Due Non-renewal
Fair Market Value Fdic Deposit Insurance Assessment
Financial Brokerage Referral Program Financial Condition
Financial Position Financial Results
Financial Results Annual Dividend Financial Statements Exhibits
Following Calculation Individual Incentive Bonuses Information Provided Human Following Definitions Sources Information Used Calculation Key Performance
Following Sections Shall Added Agreement Immediately Following Shall Added Agreement Immediately
Forfeiture Awards Form 10-k
Form 10-q Fringe Benefits Automobile
Further Nothing Shall Deemed Waiver Executive His Right General
General Description General Limitations
Good Faith Good Reason Shall Mean Without Executives Prior Written
Goodwill Core Deposit Intangible Assets Goodwill Core Deposit Intangibles Carried Consolidated Financial Statements
Governing Law Grants Incentive Plans Last
Groups Growth Strategies Involving Acquisitions Adversely Affect Profitability
Guarantees Commitments Guarantees Commitments Derivatives
Held 400 Tuesday 2005 Held 400 Tuesday 2006
Held 400 Tuesday 2007 Heloc Growth Based Ytd Average Balances Outstanding End
Highest Annual Compensation Home Equity Lines Credit
Home Equity Lines Credit Referral Program Home Equity Loans Lines Credit
Iag Referrals Impact Inflation Changing Prices
Impacted Issues Associated Sub-prime Mortgages Impaired Loans
Impairment Long-lived Assets Other Goodwill Impairment Review Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Impairment Review Investment Securities Incentive Bonus Calculations
Incentive Compensation Incentive Compensation Plan Calculation
Incentive Compensation Plan Guidelines Incentive Retirement Savings Plans
Incentive Stock Option Including Without Limitation Subsections 811 812 Agreement Shall
Income Protection Income Tax Expense
Income Taxes Increase Allowance Loan Losses
Increase Net Interest Income Was Through 2005 Compared Increased Reliance Borrowings Brokered Cds Sources Funds Adversely
Increased Reliance Borrowings Source Funds Adversely Affect Profitability Indemnification
Indemnification Directors Independence Board Directors
Independent Community Bank Independent Investment Management Firms Expose Additional Risk
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Information Regarding Directors Nominees
Information Regarding Executive Officers Other Significant Employees Information Regarding Nominees
Information Systems Experience Interruption Breach Security Injunctive Relief
Insurance Insurance Referral Program
Insurer Intellectual Property
Intentionally Omitted Interest Expense
Interest Income Interest Rate Risk Management
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internet Banking
Introduction Investment Activities
Investment Advisory Group Investment Advisory Group Committee Iag
Investment Advisory Group Referral Program Investment Assets Management
Investment Management Trust Division Investment Management Trust Group
Investment Management Trust Group Committee Investment Management Trust Group Committee Imtg
Investment Management Trust Services Investment Portfolio Incur Losses
Investment Securities Investments
Involuntary Termination Issuance Capital Stock
Junior Subordinated Debentures Key Financial Highlights
Last Taxable Executive Following Date Termination Occurs Legal Proceedings
Lending Liquidity
Loan Committee Loans
Long-term Equity Compensation Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manner Participation Market Area
Market Area Competition Market Price Common Stock Affected General Industry Issues
Marketing Business Development Committee Massachusetts Department Revenue Tax Dispute
Material Change Geographic Location Executive Perform Services Material Diminution Executives Authority Duties Responsibilities
Matters Discussed Letter Contain Forward-looking Statements Within Meaning Meetings Board Directors Committees Enterprise Bancorp Inc
Meetings Board Directors Committees Enterprise Bank Merger Consolidation
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Mortgage Referral Program National Market Stock Symbol Ebtc
Nature Plan Net Contribution Before Overhead
Net Income Net Interest Income
Net Interest Income Margin Net Interest Income Margin Spread Dollar Terms Less
Net Interest Margin Nolo Contendere
Nominees Non Alienation
Non-brokered Cds Non-competition
Non-employee Director Non-interest Expense
Non-interest Expenses Non-interest Income
Non-interest Income Expense Non-officer Employees
Non-solicitation Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Not Able Attract Retain Key Personnel Notice Meetings Adjournments
Notice Special Meetings Notice Stockholder Business Annual Meeting
Notices Number 0-21021
Number Street City Town State Zip Code Objectives Design
Obligation Mitigate Set Off Certain Circumstances Occupancy Expenses Increased 167 Over Comparable Period Increase
Officers On-line Banking
On-line Banking Cash Management Only Entitled Receive Following
Operates Highly Competitive Industry Market Area Operational Risk
Operational Risk Management Opportunities Risks
Option Option Serve Consultant
Option Serve Consultant Term Employment Lieu Termination Sections Order Payouts Plan Following Thresholds Maintained
Organization Organization Holding
Other Accounting Rule Changes Other Events
Other Indemnification Rights Other Information
Other Matters Other Real Estate Owned
Overview Ownership Percentage Enterprise Bancorp Inc Not Affected
Parachute Payments Part
Part Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules Participation
Participation Employee Benefit Plans Policies Arrangements Employer Otherwise Participation Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program Transaction Account
Patents Trademarks Etc Pay Costs Expenses Incurred Connection Such Calculations Determinations
Per Meeting Fees Performance Factor
Performance Graph Perquisites
Place Employment Plan Determinations
Policy Endorsement Policy Ies Subject Endorsement
Policy Ownership Interests Position Duties Executive Shall Serve Consultant
Powers Preferred Stock
Premises Equipment Premiums Imputed Income
President Press Release- Immediate Release
Presumption Assent Prior Final Disposition
Products Services Profitability Depends Significantly Economic Conditions Primary Market Areas
Provision Loan Loss Provision Loan Losses
Provision Loan Losses Credit Quality Provision Reflects Managements Ongoing Assessments Allowance Loan Losses
Provisions Plan Confidential Nature Proxies
Proxy Given Vote Shares Person Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Enterprise Bancorp Inc
Proxy Statement Annual Report Available Shareholders Wwwedocumentviewcom Ebtc Purpose Participants Duration
Purpose Participants Effective Date Duration Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Qualification Qualifying Referrals
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarter-to-date
Quorum Quorum Vote Required
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recently Enacted Legislative Initiatives State Level Massachusetts Also
Reclassification Recommendation Directors
Record Date Record Holders
Registered Office Registered Public Accounting Firm
Regular Meetings Regulation Bank
Regulation Disclosure Regulation Holding
Related Party Transactions Release
Relies Dividends Bank Substantially Revenue Relies Independent Service Providers
Remainder Page Intentionally Blank Removal
Replacement Certificates Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Internal Control Reporting Comprehensive Income
Rescission Notice Termination Cause Residential Loans
Resignation Responsibilities Otherwise Constitute Good Reason Hereinafter Defined Executive
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Award
Restricted Stock Awards Restricted Stock Units Appreciation Rights
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Results Operations Financial Condition Regulation Disclosure Return Materials
Rights Indemnification Accordance Agreement Risk Elements
Risk Elements Allowance Loan Losses Risk Elements Asset Quality
Risk Factors Role Compensation Committee
Role Compensation Personnel Committee Salary Continuation Agreement
Sales Unregistered Securities Repurchases Shares Savings Clause
Seal Secretary
Secretary Assistant Secretaries Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Exchange Act Rule 13a-14
See Accompanying Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Sentence Agreement Shall Deleted Entirety Replaced Following
Sentence Subsections 241 242 Agreement Shall Deleted Entirety Service Request Direction Board Directors
Service Set Forth Treas Reg 1409a-1 Paid Later Shall Reduction Whatsoever Amounts Subsequently Paid Executive Resolution
Shareholder Dilution Occur Additional Stock Issued Future Shares Subject Plan
Shares Subject Stock Incentive Plan Short -term Investment Securities
Short-term Investment Securities Short-term Investments
Signatures Slower Expected Growth New Branches Products Services Adversely
Source Funds Sources External Funding Become Restricted Impact Liquidity
Sources Uses Funds Special Meetings
Special Regarding Forward-looking Statements Special Severability
Stock Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Based Compensation Stock Grants
Stock Option Awards Stock Options
Stock Symbol Ebtc Nasdaq National Market Stock-based Compensation
Stockholder Action Written Consent Stockholder Notice Matters Considered Annual Meeting
Stockholder Proposals Stockholders
Strategic Growth Planning Committee Subject Extensive Government Regulation Supervision
Subject Interest Rate Risk Subject Lending Risk
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Legislation
Subsidiary Summary
Summary Compensation Table Supervision Regulation
Supplemental Life Insurance Supplemental Life Insurance Agreement
Supplemental Life Insurance Benefits Payable Messrs Duncan Main Supplemental Retirement Plan
Supplemental Retirement Plan Other Postretirement Benefit Obligation Survivorship
Tax Treatment Options Tax Treatment Restricted Stock
Tax Treatment Restricted Stock Units Appreciation Rights Tax Treatment Sars
Tax Treatment Stock Grants Telephone 978 459-9000
Tenure Termination
Termination Due Retirement Termination Due Retirement Term
Termination Employer Without Cause Termination Executive Good Reason
Time Efforts Timing Calculations
Timing Payment 409a Total Assets Increased 504 Since 2004 Amounted 8986
Total Assets Increased 646 Since 2004 Amounted 9128 Total Interest Expense
Total Interest Income Trading Volume Common Stock Less Larger Companies
Transactions Certain Related Persons Transactions Interested Persons
Transfers Treasurys Capital Assistance Program
Treasurys Capital Purchase Program Tuesday 400 Boston University Conference Center Tyng Road
Tuesday American Textile History Museum 491 Dutton Street Unless Otherwise Indicated Reported Results 2005 Comparable Period
Unless Otherwise Indicated Reported Results 2006 Comparable Period Unless Otherwise Indicated Reported Results 2007 Comparable Period
Unless Otherwise Indicated Reported Results 2008 Comparable Period Unless Otherwise Indicated Reported Results 2009 Comparable Period
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Usc 1350 Furnished Pursuant Securities Exchange Act Rule
Vacancies Vacation
Vesper Country Club Vesting
Vice Chairman Voluntary Termination
Voting Proxies Voting Securities
Website Welfare Benefit Plans
Whether Not Expect Present Annual Meeting Please Complete William Francis Galvin
Windfalls Withholdings Reporting
Within Date Submitted Witness Above
Witness Whereof Year-to-date
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