Topic Listing for Environmental Power

A-business Organization A-going Concern
Abandonment Certificate Access Books Records
Accountant Accountant Fees Services
Accounting Income Taxes Accounts Payable Accrued Expenses 3569000 2008 Compared 2517000
Acquisition Construction Act
Act Bankruptcy Acts Bondholders Evidence Ownership
Addendum Drawing Agreement Addendum Drawing Agreement Relating Texas Tax-exempt Bond Financing
Additional Agreements Parties Additional Bonds
Additional Information Regarding Proposal Additional Information Regarding Solicitation Proxies
Additional Secured Obligations Additional Terms Warrants
Administration Administration Expenses
Admission Liability Adoption 2005 Equity Incentive Plan
Adoption 2006 Director Option Plan Adoption 2006 Equity Incentive Plan
Affiliate Aggregated Option Exercises Year-end Value Table
Agreement Agreements
Agreements Collateral Trustee Agreements Regarding Bond Documents
Agreements Regarding Certified Emission Reduction Credits Amended Restated Lessee Working Capital
Amendment Amendment Disbursement Agreement
Amendment Employment Agreement Kamlesh Tejwani Amendment Letter Agreement Donald Livingston
Amendment Letter Agreement Joseph Cresci Amendment Supplement Indenture Supplemental Trust Connection Xergi Cooperation
Amendment Supplement Waiver Amendment Termination
Amendment Termination Adjustments Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Supplemental Indenture
Amendments Supplements Animal Food Industry Waste Disposal
Animal Waste Disposal Annex
Announce Signing Latest Multi-digester Gas Production Facility Texas Annual Incentive Management Plan
Annual Meeting Annual Results Provides Business Update
Annual Shareholder Meeting Annual Transition Reports Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Appendices Application Bond Proceeds
Application Proceeds Appointment Michael Thomas Senior Vice President Chief Financial
Arbitrage Arclight Loan
Asset Retirement Obligations Assignment
Assignment Form Assignment Termination Release Agreement
Attached Initial Bonds Only Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Authenticating Agent Authority Act Defaults Remedies
Authorized Denominations Authorized Issuer Representative
Authorized Representative Available Information
Award Awards
Awards Long-term Incentive Plan B-business Organization
B-going Concern B-significant Accounting Policies
B-the Background
Base Salaries Named Executive Officers Basic Operating Expenses
Basis Presentation Because Cash Flow Receive Buzzard Currently Dedicated Repayment
Because Market Renewable Energy Unproven Possible Expend Large Because Market Renewable Energy Waste Management Unproven Possible
Because Not Filed Patents Protect Microgys Intellectual Property Beneficial Ownership Directors Officers Stockholders
Beneficial Ownership Limitation Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficial Ownership Series Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock Board Committees
Board Determination Independence Board Directors Meetings Attendance
Board Directors Recommends Vote Election Each Director Nominees Board Recommendation
Bond Counsel Bond Fund
Bond Offering Private Placement Securities Bond Owner
Bond Proceeds Bond Register
Bonds Bonus Unit Award Donald Livingston
Budgeted Cost Business
Business Commentary Business Development
Business Development Agreement Business Development Agreement Bda Cargill
Business Development Agreement Cargill Business Update
Buyout South-tex Interest Huckabay Ridge Facility Buzzard
Buzzard Power Corporation Buzzard Violates Performance Guarantees Granted Penelec Required Provide
Buzzards Current Power Generation Revenue Derived Only Customer Buzzards Power Producing Activities Subject Costly Regulations Tariffs
C-acquisition C-other Current Assets
C-property Plant Equipment C-stock Options Stock-based Compensation
Calculation Aggregate Market Value Non-affiliate Shares California Permitting Financing
California Projects Update California Texas Bonds
Cannot Assure Irs Court Agree Characterization Notes Indebtedness Capacity Update
Capital Stock Capitalized Interest Account
Cargill Business Development Agreement Cargill Warrants
Cash Distributions Resulting Scrubgrass Operations Been Dedicated Repayment Cash Flow Outlook
Cash Flow Outlook 2009 Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Cautionary Statement Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Certain Balance Sheet Certain Factors Affect Future Results
Certain Projections Provided Operator Scrubgrass Facility Indicate Shortfall Certain Transactions
Certificate Authentication Certifications
Chairman Secretary Change Accounting Principle
Changes Base Salaries Changes Base Salaries Bonuses
Choice Law Closing
Cobank Code
Code Ethics Codification Accounting Standards
Cogeneration Systems Inc Danish Biogas Technology Collateral Account Debt Service Cash Accounts
Collateral Security Collateral Sharing
Collateral Trust Agreement Collateral Trustee
Commodity Price Risk Communicating Independent Directors
Comparative Compensation Review Process Benchmarking Comparative Stock Performance Graph
Compared 2002 Compared 2003
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compared 2008
Comparison 2004 2003 Comparison 2005 2004
Comparison 2006 2005 Comparison 2007 2006
Comparison 2008 2007 Compensation Ceo
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Directors
Compensation Discussion Analysis Competition
Complete Agreement Counterparts Facsimile Signatures Compliance
Compliance Code Composition Effluents Anaerobic Digester Facilities Not Certain Expose
Composition Effluents Facilities Not Certain Expose Liability Concerning Project
Condensed Balance Sheet Conditions Precedent
Consent Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consideration Consolidated Financial Statements
Construction Consultant Construction Fund
Consultants Consulting Agreement
Consulting Agreements Joseph Cresci Donald Livingston Consulting Letter Agreement Joseph Cresci
Contact Continuing Operations
Contracts Contractual Obligations
Controls Procedures Conversion
Conversion Notes Holders Cease Certain Rights Cooperation Agreement
Cooperation Agreement Danish Biogas Technology Xergi Corporate
Corporate Information Costs
Costs Associated Relocation Activities Costs Issuance
Costs Issuance Fund Counsel
Covenants Agreements Covenants Buzzard
Covenants Issuer Covenants Regarding Rebate
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Critical Accounting Policies
Current Directors Standing Reelection Terms Expire 2006 Annual Current Directors Standing Reelection Terms Expire 2008 Annual
Current Directors Standing Reelection Terms Expire 2009 Annual Current Directors Standing Reelection Terms Expire 2010 Annual
Current Facilities Development Current Operations
Current Power Generation Revenue Derived Only Customer Loss Current Status Messrs Cresci Livingston Retirement Arrangements
Currently Rely Scrubgrass Plant Almost Operating Revenues Cash Customers
Customers Suppliers D-goodwill Intangible Assets
D-net Income Loss Per Common Share D-net Loss Per Common Share
D-other Current Assets D-property Plant Equipment
Dairyland Power Cooperative Debt
Debt Service Reserve Fund Debt Service Reserve Requirement
Default Default Obligations Loan Agreement Arclight Lose Ownership Subsidiary
Defaults Remedies Defeasance
Defined Benefit Pension Plan Definitions
Demand By-products Demising Clause
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Deposits Description Awards
Development Stage Project Identified- Permitting Construction Commissioning Operational Director Candidates
Director Compensation Director Independence
Director Nominees Directors
Directors Executive Officers Directors Named Executive Officers
Disclaimer Indemnification Limitation Damages Disclosure
Discussion Specific Compensation Arrangements 2008 Discussion Specific Compensation Arrangements Entered 2006
Discussion Specific Compensation Arrangements Entered Effect 2007 Dividend Policy
Dividends Documents Incorporated Reference
Dtc Letter Representations Dtc Participant
E-goodwill Intangible Assets E-net Income Loss Per Common Share
E-other Assets E-property Plant Equipment
E-stock-based Compensation Earnings Per Common Share
Effective Date Plan Effectiveness Certificate Designations
Electricity Electronic Notice
Elements Executive Compensation Eligibility
Eligibility Receive Awards Emand Urchase Greement
Employee Nda Agreement Non-competition Employees
Employment Employment Agreement Richard Kessel
Employment Agreement Transition Kamlesh Tejwani Employment Contracts Termination Change-in-control Arrangements
Employment Offer Letter Dennis Haines Employment Offer Letter John Oneill
Employment Offer Letter Michael Thomas Employment Retirement Agreements
Employment Severance Arrangements Employment Termination Change-in-control Arrangements
Employment Transition Retirement Consulting Severance Agreements Energy Regulation
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Power Announces 2008 Results Provides Business Update
Environmental Power Completes Exit Interest Scrubgrass Generating Facility Environmental Power Corporation
Environmental Power Corporation Microgy Financial Services Subsidiary Execute Environmental Power Corporation Prices Offering Common Stock
Environmental Power Corporation Reports 2004 Financial Results Environmental Power Corporation Reports 2005 Financial Results
Environmental Power Corporation Reports 2005 Results Environmental Power Corporation Reports 2006 Financial Results
Environmental Power Corporation Subsidiaries Environmental Power Corporation Subsidiary Microgy Inc Announces Management
Environmental Regulation Environmental Regulations
Epc Reinforces Focus Renewable Natural Gas Carbon Market Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Incentive Plan Equity Interest Option Agreement
Equity Interest Purchase Option Established Trading Market Notes
Estimated Amortization Expense Financing Costs Estimated Amortization Expense Licensed Technology Rights
Estimated Future Minimum Payments Due Non-cancelable Obligations Fuel Estimated Scale Economies Project Economics
Event Default Event Determination Taxability
Events Default Remedies Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exact Name Specified Charter Exchange Act 1934
Executed Holder Order Exercise Warrant Executive Compensation Generally
Executive Officers Executive Officers Non-employee Directors
Executive Officers Registrant Exhibits
Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules Exhibits Index
Expect Microgy Derive Substantial Revenues Sales Carbon Sequestration Expect Revenues Sales Greenhouse Gas Offset Credits Other
Expect Revenues Sales Greenhouse Gas Sequestration Credits Other Experienced Losses Date Anticipate Continue Experience Least 2008
Experienced Losses Date Anticipate Continue Experience Through Least Explanatory
Exposure Renewable Energy Pricing Commodity Price Risk Extraordinary Mandatory Redemption
Extraordinary Optional Redemption Extraordinary Services Expenses
Extreme Weather Events Material Adverse Effect Operation Facilities F-accounts Payable Accrued Expenses
F-deferred Financing Costs F-goodwill Intangible Assets
F-other Assets F-stock-based Compensation
Facilities Subject Numerous Governmental Regulations Facility
Facility Business Development Efforts Facility Completion Certificate
Facility Operating Agreement Facility Operating Agreements
Facility Project Site Family Relationships
Favorable Opinion Feasibility Study
Federal Income Tax Consequences Federal Power Act
Files Registration Statement Equity Offering Finance Committee
Financial Results Financial Statement Schedules
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financing Financing Activities
Fitch Following Bracketed Paragraphs Deleted Bond Not Book Entry
Following Disclosure Pursuant 502 Form 8-k Following Risks Actually Occur Business Financial Condition Results
Footnotes Forbearance Agreement Lease
Forbearance Litigation Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Assignment
Form Bond Form Global Certificate
Form Irrevocable Notice Conversion Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Future Minimum Scrubgrass Lease Payments G-accounts Payable Accrued Expenses
G-goodwill Intangible Assets G-long Term Debt
G-notes Receivable G-notes Receivable Including Current Directors Former Officer Director
G-secured Promissory Notes Payable Other Borrowings Gaap
Gas General
General Corporation Law State Delaware General Provisions
General Release Going Concern
Goodwill Intangible Assets Governmental Obligations
Grand Island Project Construction Granted 2006 Equity Incentive Plan
Granted Restated 2001 Stock Incentive Plan Grants Options 2005 Plan
Grants Options 2006 Director Plan Grants Plan-based Awards
Grants Stock Appreciation Rights Greater Stockholders
Greenhouse Gas Offset Opportunities Guarantee
H-income Taxes H-long Term Debt
H-notes Receivable Hazardous Substances
Held 2006 Held 2007
Held 2008 Held 2009
Holders Consider Federal Income Tax Consequences Owning Converting Holders Pay Taxes Respect Distributions Common Stock Not
Holders Right Tender Notes Repurchase Following Change Control Householding Annual Meeting Materials
Huckabay Ridge Huckabay Ridge Commercial Operations
Huckabay Ridge Operations Huckabay Ridge Status
Hull Represents Warrants Been Advised Hereby I-asset Retirement Obligations
I-income Taxes I-notes Receivable
I-working Capital Loan Identification Audit Committee Financial Expert
Identification Other Executive Officers Identified Facilities Development
Immediate Release Impairment Assets
Impairment Goodwill 2008 Recorded Entire Balance Expense 4913000 Incentive Stock Options
Income Tax Withholding Indemnification
Indemnification Agreement Indemnification Agreement Richard Kessel
Indemnification Contribution Indemnities
Indenture Independent Auditors Fees
Independent Contractors Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Index Information Relating Equity Awards Holdings
Intangible Assets Interest Payment Date
Interest Payment Dates Introduction
Investing Activities Investment Moneys Construction Fund Maintenance Reserve
Issuance Long-term Debt Issuance Preferred Stock Adversely Affect Price Common
Issuance Preferred Stock Adversely Affect Price Common Cause Issuance Preferred Stock Adversely Affect Value Common Make
Issuance Preferred Stock Warrants Placement Agent Issue Date
Issuer Ite Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Itnesseth J-commitments
J-income Taxes J-preferred Stock Shareholders Equity
J-recent Accounting Pronouncements J-secured Promissory Notes Payable Other Borrowings
J-shareholders Equity Jabrashkinricochetprcom
Jbs Swift Grand Island Project Joint Powers Agreement
Joseph Gallo Farms K-asset Retirement Obligations
K-commitments K-disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments
K-fair Value Financial Instruments K-other Income
K-preferred Stock Shareholders Equity K-recent Accounting Pronouncements
Key Assumptions Per Digester Base Unit Knowing Voluntary Release
Ktejwanienvironmentalpowercom L-asset Retirement Obligations
L-recent Accounting Pronouncements L-related Party Transactions
L-stock-based Compensation Lack Developed Trading Market Make Difficult Sell Common
Lack Developed Trading Market Make Difficult Sell Shares Large Increase Interest Rates Adversely Affect Buzzards Epc
Large Increase Interest Rates Adversely Affect Operating Results Large Number Tasks Need Accomplished Development Power Projects
Large Number Tasks Need Accomplished Development Projects Based Lease Agreement
Lease Agreement Default Lease Expense
Lease Expense Recognition Lease Project Rental Provisions
Lease Termination Transaction Lessee Working Capital Loan Agreement
Liability Investments License Agreement Danish Biogas Technology
Limited Offering Memorandum Liquidated Damages Buy-in
Liquidation Preference Liquidity Capital Resources
List Exhibits Loan
Loan Agreement Loan Amendment
Loan Payment Logo Environmental Power Corporation
Long-term Incentive Plan M-disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments
M-fair Value Financial Instruments M-impairment Assets
M-subsequent Events Macartney Represents Warrants Been Advised Hereby
Maintenance Reserve Fund Majority Holders
Management Conference Call Management Directors Continue Exercise Significant Control Over Affairs
Management Directors Well Holders Series Preferred Stock Able Management Services Agreement
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting 2008
Mandatory Redemption Market Anaerobic Digester Technology Crowded Share Not Sufficient
Market Conditions Market Price Common Stock Been Continue Volatile
Market Price Common Stock Been Likely Continue Volatile Market Price Common Stock Volatile
Market Price Dividends Environmental Powers Common Stock Related Market Update
Marketplace Microgys Anaerobic Digester Technology Complex Still Developing Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Material Subsidiaries Mechanically Complete
Meetings Stockholders Method Accounting Contracts
Method Accounting Revenues Mhallenvironmentalpowercom
Microgy Microgy Cannot Predict Facility Completed What Microgys Costs
Microgy Cogeneration Systems Inc Microgy Expected Derive Significant Portion Revenues Sale Gas
Microgy Expected Derive Significant Portion Revenues Sale Renewable Microgy Experienced Losses Date Anticipate Continue Experience 2005
Microgy Experienced Losses Date Anticipate Continue Experience 2006 Microgy Experienced Losses Date Anticipate Continue Experience Least
Microgy Faces Competition Renewable Energy Market Well Resources Microgy Faces Competition Resources Necessary Operate Projects
Microgy Focuses Significant Portion Development Efforts Projects Devoted Microgy Grand Island Llc
Microgy Grand Island Llc Project Series 2008 Microgy Inc
Microgy Market Opportunity Microgy Overview
Microgy Small Entrance Large Companies Alternative Fuels Renewable Microgy Unable Obtain Sufficient Manure Substrate Facilities Acceptable
Microgy Unable Obtain Sufficient Manure Substrate Projects Such Microgy Very Little Operating History Evaluate Business Products
Microgys Facilities Become Subject Regulations Taxes Based Carbon Microgys Facilities Likely Subject Numerous Governmental Regulations
Microgys Products Microgys Products Services
Microgys Projects Likely Subject Numerous Governmental Regulations Microgys Relationship Licensor Technology Was Terminated Reason Such
Microgys Strategy Microgys Technology
Miscellaneous Mission Dairy
Moodys Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Bonds
N-disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments N-income Taxes
N-recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncements N-related Party Transactions
N-subsequent Event Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Nasdaq Nasdaq Stock Market
Negative Covenants Net Income Loss Per Common Share
New Director Nominees Standing Election Terms Expire 2006 New Nominees Standing Election Terms Expire 2008 Annual
New Plan Benefits New Project Construction Commodity Prices
New Rng Offtake Arrangement Support Texas Projects Update Nine-month Period 2005 Compared 2004
Nominating Committee Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Non-cancelable Operating Leases Non-compliance Letter Relating Minimum Bid Price Rule Requirement
Non-disparagement Clause Non-employee Director Compensation
Non-employee Directors Non-incentive Stock Option Agreement
Non-statutory Stock Option Agreements Richard Kessel Nonstatutory Stock Options
Not Applicable Not Control Management Scrubgrass Facility Primary Revenue-generating Asset
Not Control Management Scrubgrass Plant Primary Revenue-generating Asset Not Intend Pay Cash Dividends Common Stock
Not Intend Pay Cash Dividends Common Stock Foreseeable Notes Project Cycle 2005 Business Development Table
Notes Receivable Notes Redeemed Converted Repurchased Not Receive Return Investment
Notice 2005 Annual Meeting Stockholders Held Notice Redemption
Notice Stock Option Exercise Notices
Now Therefore Now Therefore Consideration Premises Agreements Provisions Covenants Herein
Numerous Outstanding Options Warrants Adversely Affect Price Common O-net Income Loss Per Common Share
O-related Party Transactions O-subsequent Events
Objectives Philosophy Executive Compensation Program Officers
Omnibus Agreement Regarding Termination Lease Operating Activities
Operating Results Difficult Predict Advance Fluctuate Significantly Result Operations
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Grants
Option Grants Last Option Sar Exercises Stock Vested
Optional Redemption Options Purchase Project
Ordinary Services Expenses Other Agreements
Other Corporate Policies Relating Executive Compensation Other Development Projects
Other Equity Transactions Other Events
Other Matters Other Papers
Other Segments Outlook
Outstanding Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end
Overview P-recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncements
Part Part Other Information
Partial Invalidity Parties Interest
Paying Agent Payment United States
Payments Epc Hereunder Shall Immediately Available Funds Contingent Payments Hull
Payments Macartney Amendment Options Outplacement Payments Termination Change Control
Payments Withdrawals Maintenance Reserve Fund Pension Benefits
Person Placement Securities
Pledge Agreement Pledged Interest Facilities Texas California Security Loans Relating
Pledged Interest Facilities Texas Security Loan Relating Microgy Pledged Interest Facilities Texas Security Loan Relating Tax-exempt
Policies Procedures Regarding Review Approval Ratification Related Person Poor Fuel Other Materials Quality Expose Environmental Liability
Poor Quality Fuel Other Materials Expose Environmental Liability Portsmouth New Hampshire 03801
Possible Possible Expend Large Sums Money Bring Microgys Offerings
Possible Expend Large Sums Money Individual Projects Bring Power Producing Activities Subject Costly Regulations Tariffs
Pre-approval Policy Procedures Preemptive Rights
Preferred Stock Preferred Stock Shareholders Equity
President Chief Executive Officer Principal Office Trustee
Principal Officer Paying Agent Principal Operating Business Microgy Very Little History Evaluate
Procedures Effect Release Collateral Producers Carbon Dioxide Microgys Facilities Become Subject Regulations
Producers Carbon Dioxide Microgys Projects Become Subject Regulations Production Facility Texas
Products Services Involve Long Sales Cycles Result High Products Services Subject Numerous Governmental Regulations
Project Project Completion Certificate
Project Costs Project Development
Project Development Agreement Project Development Agreements
Project Equity Ownership Model Project Identified- Permitting Construction Commissioning Operational
Project Status Projects Development
Projects Involve Long Development Cycles Result High Costs Property Plant Equipment Expenditures Approximately 322000 Financing Activities
Property Plant Equipment Expenditures Approximately 375000 Financing Activities Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Four-ratification Selection Independent Auditors Proposal One-election Directors
Proposal Ratification Selection Independent Auditors Proposal Three-amendment 2006 Equity Incentive Plan Increase Shares
Proposal Three-approval 2006 Equity Incentive Plan Proposal Two-approval 2006 Director Option Plan
Proposal Two-approval Amendment Restated Certificate Incorporation Increase Number Provides Business Update Announces Annual Meeting
Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Public Offering
Public Utility Holding Act Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act
Purchase Accounting Valuation Purpose
Pursuant 151 Qualified Institutional Buyer
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Results Operations
R-subsequent Event Equity Offering Rating Service
Rebate Fund Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Sales Unregistered Securities Recently Issued Accounting Standards
Recitals Reclassification
Record Date Redemption Bonds
Redemption Cancellation Bonds Redemption Change Dividend Rate Certain Triggering Events
Refunding Redemption Bonds Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 603 431-1780
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 914 631-1435 Registration Rights
Regular Record Date Regulation Disclosure
Relationship Licensor Technology Terminated Reason Such Ceased Doing Relationship Licensor Technology Was Terminated Reason Such Ceased
Release Agreement Randall Hull Release Collateral
Release Known Unknown Claims Release Severance Agreement
Relevant Material Terms Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remainder Page Was Intentionally Left Blank Remediation Previously Reported Material Weaknesses
Remittance Address Renewable Energy
Rent Payments Other Amounts Payable Repayments Notes Receivable Officers Board Members- 2004 Received
Report Audit Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Management Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Attestation Representations
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Buzzard
Representations Warranties Guarantor Representations Warranties Scrubgrass
Repricing Options Require Actively Seeking Significant Additional Financing Result Issuing
Reserved 604 Approval Issuance Bonds Respectfully Submitted Compensation Committee
Responsible Officer Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Agreement Restricted Stock Awards
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Results Strategic Planning Process Retirement Arrangements Joseph Cresci
Retirement Arrangements Joseph Cresci Donald Livingston Retirement Plan
Return Property Future Employment Revenue Recognition
Revenues Review
Revocation Proxy Rio Leche Cnossen Projects Construction
Risk Factors Risks Relating Business Experienced Losses Date Anticipate Continue
Risks Relating Capital Stock Rkesselenvironmentalpowercom
Rust Ndenture Sale Carbon Credits
Sale Carbon Credits Wisconsin Facilities Sale Lease-back Accounting
Sale Substantial Number Shares Cause Market Price Common Sale Wisconsin Greenhouse Gas Offset Credits
Schedule Schedule Ii-valuation Qualifying Accounts
Schedules Scoular
Scrubgrass Plant Scrubgrass Plants Long-term Power Purchase Agreement Subject Change
Seasoned Energy Executive Begin Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Depository Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Selection Bonds Redemption
Separation Agreement John Oneill Series
Series 2008a Bonds Severance Agreement John Oneill
Shareholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting Stockholders Shares Available Awards
Shares Held Street Name Account Bank Broker Other Shares Registered Directly Name Vote
Short-term Investments Signature Page
Signatures Signatures Following Pages
Six-month Period 2005 Compared 2004 Six-month Period 2006 Compared
Small Entrance Large Companies Alternative Fuels Renewable Energy Sole Operating Business Microgy Limited History Evaluate Products
Solicitation Proxies South-tex Co-investor Operational Partner Huckabay Ridge Facility
South-tex Treaters South-tex Treaters Inc
Special Covenants Special Record Date
State Regulation Status California Bond Repayment
Status Other Development Projects Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Based Compensation Expense Stock Market Trading
Stock Option Grants Stock Performance Graph
Stock Split Stock Split Restatement
Stock-based Compensation Expense Stockholder Proposals
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subscription Agreements
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries Incurred Future Incur Substantial Indebtedness Issue Equity
Subsidiary Subsidiary Announces Internal Business Metrics
Subsidiary Epc Corporation Defaults Obligations Loan Agreement Arclight Subsidiary Guarantees
Subsidiary Guarantors Substrate Costs
Substrate Supply Cooperation Agreement Successors
Summary Summary 2005 Plan Features
Summary 2006 Director Option Plan Summary 2006 Plan Features
Summary Actual Payments Retirement Termination Employment Summary Compensation
Summary Non-employee Director Compensation Summary Options Warrants
Summary Potential Payments Termination Change Control Summary Target Project Economics
Sunnyside Project Supplemental Indenture
Supplemental Trust Indenture Supplements Indenture
Suppliers Support Agreement
Swift Table Contents
Target Revenue Profit Models Tarrytown New York 10591
Tax Agreement Tax Consequences Environmental Power
Tax Sharing Agreement Ten-year Option Repricings
Term Plan Term Tax Regulatory Agreement
Term Termination Termination
Termination Construction Completion Certificate Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Termination Restated 2002 Director Option Plan Terms
Terms Bond Financing Terms Conditions
Texas Permitting Construction Thermal Energy
Three-month Period 2005 Compared 2004 Three-month Period 2006 Compared 2005
Title Class Transaction Details
Transfer Bonds Transition Agreement
Transition Agreement Kamlesh Tejwani Trust Indenture
Trustee Unable Obtain Needed Financing Microgys Anaerobic Digester Projects
Unable Obtain Needed Financing Microgys Facilities Value Microgy Unable Obtain Needed Financing Microgys Projects Value Microgy
Unable Obtain Sufficient Manure Other Waste Resources Substrate Unable Obtain Sufficient Waste Resources Microgy Renewable Energy
Unassigned Rights Underwriter
Underwriting Agreement Notes Indenture United States
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Unscheduled Draw Debt Service Reserve Fund Nebraska Bonds
Unscheduled Draws Debt Service Reserve Funds California Texas Violate Performance Guarantees Granted Penelec Required Provide Them
Voluntary Conversion Anti-dilution Adjustments Forced Vote Required Amendment Restated Certificate Incorporation
Voting Voting Changing Vote
Voting Securities Votes Required Waiver Amendment
Waiver Rights 1542 California Civil Code Warranties
Warrants Wells Fargo Bank National Association
Witnesseth Xergi New Cooperation Agreement
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