Topic Listing for EVOTEC AG ADS

Acquisition Renovis Acquisition Renovis Inc
Acquisition Zebrafish Screening Operations Summit Corporation Acquisitions
Activities Involve Biological Genetically Modified Hazardous Materials Liable Additional Financings Significantly Dilute Existing Shareholders Ownership Percentage
Additional Information Relevant Corporate Governance Address Principal Executive Offices
Adoption Resolutions General Meeting Advanced Preclinical Pipeline Renovis
Advisers Affiliate
Affiliates Subcontracting After Commercial Sale
Agency Agreement
Agreement Evotec Ltd Agreement Term
Alliance Director Amendment
Amendment Articles Association Amendment Corporate Charter Bylaws
Amendment Version Articles Association Amendments
Amortization Intangible Assets Annual General Meeting
Antagonist Program Appendices
Appendix Appendix 2-development Plan
Appointment Not Obligation Breach Appraisal Rights
Arbitration Asset Purchase Agreement
Assets Assignment
Audit Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Auditing Authority
Available-for-sale Financial Assets Basic Share Data
Basis Determining Fair Values Basis Determining Fair Values Financial Instruments
Begin Trading Today Best Possible Support Transparency Annual General Meetings
Biotech Environment Germany Impacted Product Failures Board Organization
Board Practices Boehringer Ingelheim
Breakdown Revenue Continuing Operations Geography Each Last Breakdown Revenue Continuing Operations Geography Segments Each Last
Business Business Description Basis Presentation
Buyback Right Payments Calendar
Cannot Raise Additional Capital Acceptable Terms Unable Complete Capital Management
Cash Equivalents Cash Equivalents Investments
Cash Investments Including Auction Rate Securities 2008 Amounted Cash Investments Post-merger Provide Adequate Funding Through 2010
Certification 302 Chairman Deputy
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Chemical Development Business Divesture Transaction Value 128
Claims Claims Evotec Infringes Partys Intellectual Property Give Rise
Claims Infringe Partys Intellectual Property Give Rise Burdensome Claims Procedures
Classified Passive Foreign Investment Result Adverse Federal Income Clinical Candidate
Clinical Candidate Identified Planned Phase 2008 Clinical Candidates
Clinical Candidates Strong Late-stage Preclinical Pipeline Clinical Trials Past Future Fail Demonstrate Safety Efficacy
Closing Closing Date
Co-owners Intellectual Property Rights Licensors Face Difficulties Protecting Code Ethics
Collaboration Period Combination Product
Commencement Term Commercial Considerations
Commercial Payments Commercial Sale
Commercialization Commercially Reasonable Efforts
Committees Supervisory Board Common Interest Disclosures
Compelling Clinical Data Demonstrating Superior Efficacy Compelling Product Advantages
Compensation Management Board 2007 Compensation Supervisory Board 2007
Competition Competition Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Industries Intense Fail Compete Effectively
Competitive Market Strategic Partnerships Collaborations Completion
Compliance German Corporate Governance Code Compliance Law
Composition Composition Tenure
Compound Compounds
Concentration Credit Risk Concept Graphic Design Kms Team Munich
Condition Precedent Conditions Parties Obligations
Conduct Business Other Conduct General Meeting Transmission
Conference Call Confidential Information
Confidentiality Conflict
Conflict-of-interest Transactions Consequences Termination
Consolidated Financial Statements Content
Continuing Business Continuing Operations
Contract Research Organizations Independent Clinical Investigators Evotec Strategic Contract Research Organizations Independent Clinical Investigators Strategic Partners
Contractual Obligations Control
Controls Procedures Cooperation
Corey Goodman Oakland Usa Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Evotecs Website Cost Revenue
Counterparts Cover
Credit Risks Critical Accounting Policies
Cure Huntingtons Disease Initiative Chdi Currency Conversion
Currency Fluctuations Expose Evotec Increased Costs Revenue Decreases Currency Fluctuations Expose Increased Costs Revenue Decreases
Currency Risks Data Reporting Option Exercise Period
Database Decisions
Declaration Compliance Decline Value Euro Reduce Investment Adss
Decline Value Euro Reduce Investment Evotecs Adss Deduction Credit Foreign Taxes Withheld
Defense Defense Settlement Party Claims
Deferred Tax Assets Definitions
Depend Efforts Strategic Collaborative Partners Particularly Boehringer Ingelheim Depend Efforts Strategic Partners Licensors Licensees Develop Commercialize
Depend Intellectual Property Licensed Parties Including Roche Termination Derivative Financial Instruments
Description Business Development Commercialisation Product Roche
Development Event Payments Development Evotec
Development Obligations Development Plan
Development Responsibilities Differentiated Preclinical Discovery Portfolio
Difficult Bring Action Enforce Judgment Obtained United States Diligence
Directors Dealings 2007 Directors Dealings Regularly Reported
Directors Holdings 2007 Directors Officers Insurance
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Know-how Information
Disclosure Requirements Discovery Alliances
Discussions Parties Disposition Adss
Disputes Distributions
Diverse Performance International Stock Markets Dividend Policy
Dividends Other Distributions Documents Display
Domicile Downturn Sentiment Small Biotech Stocks
Drug Discovery Development Subject High Degree Failure Duration Audit Rights
Duration Business Duty Inform
Early-stage Biopharmaceutical Without Commercial Products Assurance Successfully Develop Effect Expiration Termination
Elect Further Expand Research Clinical Development Sales Marketing Emea
Emerging Pharmaceutical Employees
Entire Agreement Estimates
Europe Even Evotecs Product Candidates Approved Commercialized Competitive Products
Even Product Candidates Approved Commercialized Competitive Products Impede Event Payments
Evidence Effect Brain Humans Evotec
Evotec Acquires Zebrafish Screening Operations Summit Corporation Evotec Aktiengesellschaft
Evotec Cannot Raise Additional Capital Acceptable Terms Unable Evotec Classified Passive Foreign Investment Result Adverse Federal
Evotec Co-owners Intellectual Property Rights Licensors Face Difficulties Evotec Depends Efforts Strategic Collaborative Partners Particularly Boehringer
Evotec Depends Efforts Strategic Partners Licensors Licensees Develop Evotec Depends Intellectual Property Licensed Parties Including Roche
Evotec Development Option Reports Evotec Early-stage Biopharmaceutical Without Commercial Products Assurance Successfully
Evotec Elect Further Expand Research Clinical Development Sales Evotec Experience Selling Marketing Distributing Products Internal Capability
Evotec Faces Potential Product Liability Exposure Far Excess Evotec Historically Incurred Significant Losses Might Not Achieve
Evotec Know-how Evotec Ltd
Evotec Neurosciences Gmbh Evotec Not Able Conduct Contract Others Animal Testing
Evotec Patent Rights Evotec Present Intention Pay Dividends Ordinary Shares Foreseeable
Evotec Reports Strong 2008 Improves Full-year Guidance Evotec Stock
Evotec Stock 2007 Evotec Strategic Partners Licensees Fail Obtain European Regulatory
Evotec Strategic Partners Licensees Fail Obtain Regulatory Approvals Evotec Strategic Partners Licensees Not Able Manufacture Product
Evotec Subject Damages Resulting Claims Employees Wrongfully Used Evotec Subject Significant Environmental Health Safety Regulation Compliance
Evotec Target Compound Exclusivity Evotec Technologies Divesture Transaction Value 128
Evotec Unable Retain Recruit Qualified Scientists Key Executives Evotecs Activities Involve Biological Genetically Modified Hazardous Materials
Evotecs Liquidity Position Mainly Determined Investment Research Development Evotecs Partners Licensees Contract Manufacturers Products Fail Devote
Evotecs Product Pipeline Evotecs Publications English German
Evotecs Rights Information Evotecs Stock Dragged Down Along Sector
Evotecs Strategy Evt 101
Evt 101 Potential Alzheimers Disease Pain Evt 103 Development
Evt 201 Evt 201 Ready Partner
Evt 201 Unique Profile Evt 302
Exceptions Exchange Information Technology
Exchange Rate Information Exchange Rates
Exchange Research Only Licenses Exemptions
Expanded Partnership Pfizer Planned Phase 2008 Expenses
Expenses Fees Experience Selling Marketing Distributing Products Internal Capability
Expert Explanatory
Face Potential Product Liability Exposure Far Excess Insurance Facilities
Failure Enroll Patients Clinical Trials Cause Delays Developing Failure Roche Comply Covenants Sections 161 162 163
Fda Field
Filing Final Payment
Final Report Finance Income Expense
Finance Lease Obligations Financial Calendar
Financial Information Financial Institutions Report Evotec
Financial Instruments Financial Strength
Financial Targets First- Best-in-class Opportunity
Flemming ├śrnskov Zurich Switzerland Focus Collaborations Business High Value-added Research
Following Summary Informational Purposes Only Not Intended Tax Footprint
Force Majeure Foreign Currency Exchange Gain Loss Net
Foreign Currency Exchange Loss Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk
Foreign Regulation Form 20-f
Form Invoice Formation Expenditure
Forward-looking Statements Fragment-based Drug Discovery Medicinal Chemistry Agreement
Fragment-based Drug Discovery Platform Evolution Leads Significant New Fte Expense Milestone Royalty Other Payment Debit Reference
Full Disclosure Further Indemnification
Further Information Further Information Please Contact
Further Payments Gaining Pipeline Momentum
General Provisions Concerning Patent Rights German Corporate Governance Code
German Statute Employees Inventions Global Economic Conditions Adversely Affect Business Results Operations
Glossary Goodwill
Governing Law Governing Law Venue
Government Acts Government Approvals
Government Regulation Governmental Party Payors Impose Sales Pharmaceutical Pricing Restrictions
Grant Rights Guarantees Evotec
Hatch-waxman Headcount Analysis Area Qualification 2008
Headings High Level Compliance Also Codes Suggestions
High Value-added Results-based Collaborations Plus Substantial Contracts Preferred Historically Incurred Significant Losses Might Not Achieve Maintain
History Development History Losses
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc Hoffmann-la Roche Ltd
Ideal Sleep Drug Today Impairment Assets Goodwill
Impairment Goodwill Intangible Assets Impairment Goodwill Tangible Assets
Impairment Long-lived Assets Goodwill Implied Licenses
Important Information Listing Nasdaq Global Market Imprint
Income Taxes Incorporation Evotec
Ind Indemnification
Indemnification Evotec Indemnification Novartis
Indemnification Officers Directors Indemnification Respect Employees Evotec
Indemnification Roche Independence
Independent Contractor Index
Information Exchange Jsc Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Infringement Inhibitor Compound Binds Enzyme Receptor Decreases Blocks Activity
Initial Indications Initial Outline Research Plan Program
Initiation Innovative Preclinical Pipeline
Innovative Preclinical Pipeline Acquired Part Renovis Merger Fills Insert Exact Legal Name Correct Novartis Affiliate
Insolvency Event Insurance
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill Integration Renovis Evotec Group Difficult Expensive Achieve Result
Integration Renovis Evotec Group Not Result Benefits Currently Interest Rate Risks
Interest Rates Intermune
Internal Order Adoption Resolutions Internet Webcast General Meeting
Invention Inventions
Inventories Inventors
Investor Relations Activities Support Evotecs Strategy John Walker Atherton Usa
Joint Know-how Joint Patent Rights
Joint Steering Committee Key Figures Consolidated Interim Balance Sheets
Key Highlights Evotec Now Include Clinical Programs Advanced Know-how
Know-how Intellectual Property Rights Late Payment
Legal Proceedings Legal Requirement
Library Synthesis Business Joint Venture Rsil Holding License
License Agreement License Agreement Effective 2005
Licensee Limitation Directors Liability
Liquidation Rights Liquidity
Liquidity Risks List
List Evotec Patents List Novartis Patents
List Significant Subsidiaries Associated Companies Evotec Listing Information
Litigation Loans Directors Officers
Loans Receivables Long-term Investments
Long-term Loans Loss Equity Investments
Major Shareholders Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Management Board Members Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manufacture Supply Market Potential
Market Risks Marketing Channels
Material Adverse Change Material Federal Income Tax Consequences Relating Ownership Disposition
Material Transfer Agreement Meetings
Members Membership Following Committees
Method Payment Milestone Payments
Minutes Mission Discover Develop Drugs Address Central Nervous System
Motions Election Proposals Shareholders Multiple Partners Generating Collaborative Revenues
Mutual Representations Warranties Nasdaq Liquidity
Nda Net Interest Income Expense
Net Loss Net Loss Per Share
Net Sales New Evotec Shares Issued Acquisition Neuro3d Renovis
News Release Nmda Program
Non-derivative Financial Instruments Non-exclusive Licenses
Non-us Holders Adss Non-use Non-disclosure
Not Able Conduct Contract Others Animal Testing Future Not Able Exercise Right Vote Ordinary Shares Underlying
Not Able Participate Rights Offerings Experience Dilution Holdings Not Achieve Anticipated Benefits Acquisition Renovis Inc 2008
Not Receive Distributions Evotec Ordinary Shares Represented Adss Not Receive Distributions Ordinary Shares Represented Adss Value
Notice Notices
Novartis Buyback Right Novartis International Pharmaceutical Ltd
Novartis Materials Object
Obligations Evotec Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Off-balance Sheet Transactions Official Language
Ongoing Studies Ono Pharmaceutical
Onsent Ndependent Egistered Ublic Ccounting Irm Operating Lease Obligations
Operating Loss Option Exercise Period
Option Right Organizational Structure
Other Commitments Contingencies Other Current Financial Assets
Other Current Liabilities Other Income Financial Assets
Other Information Other Intangible Assets Goodwill
Other Non-current Financial Assets Other Price Risks
Other Representation Warranty Other Research Development Activities
Out-licensing Opportunities Increasingly Attractive Terms Over-or Underpayment
Overview Ownership Adss General
Ownership Inventions Ownership Shares Options Board Members
P2x Antagonist Program P2x3 P2x2 Antagonist Program
P2x7 Antagonist Program Part
Participation General Meeting Partners Licensees Contract Manufacturers Products Fail Devote Sufficient
Partnerships Party
Passive Foreign Investment Considerations Patent Rights
Patent Term Extensions Patents
Patents Trade Secrets Licenses Payment
Payment Term Payments Development Plan
Payments Roche Pension Plan
Pension Similar Obligations Performance Evotec Stock Compared Peers Industry Groupings
Permitted Disclosure Pharmacoviligance
Phase Data 2008 2009 Phase Start 2008
Phase Study Physiology Science Living Organisms Parts Pipeline Drug Candidates
Place Summoning Right Participation Point Contact
Present Intention Pay Dividends Ordinary Shares Foreseeable Future Press Releases
Price Ordinary Shares Evotec Fluctuated Significantly Frankfurt Stock Price Ordinary Shares Fluctuated Significantly Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Primary Data Access Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Market Competes Principles Consolidation
Prior Commercial Sale Procedure
Product Product Pipeline
Progress Clinic Project Intellectual Property
Property Plant Equipment Prosecution Patent Rights Claiming Evotec Inventions Roche Joint
Provisions Proxies
Public Announcements Publications
Publicity Publication Purchase Price
Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Rapid Technological Change Make Evotecs Products Collaborative Projects Rapid Technological Change Make Products Collaborative Projects Obsolete
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Pronouncements
Refusal Delay Regulatory
Regulatory Approval Regulatory Authority
Regulatory Filings Related Party Transactions
Remuneration Remuneration Committee
Remuneration Management Board Remuneration Supervisory Board
Rendering Accounts Appropriation Profits Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Management Board General Meeting Regarding Agenda Accordance Reporting
Reporting Adverse Events Representation
Representation General Management Representations Undertakings Evotec
Representations Warranties Evotec Representations Warranties Novartis
Research Collaborations Generating Consistent Revenue Stream Research Development
Research Development Expenses Research Program
Research Program Payments Responsibilities Jsc
Responsibility Restrictions Technology
Restructuring Results Operations
Results Phase Proof-of-concept Study Evt 302 Revenue
Revenue Continuing Operations Revenue Recognition
Right Audit Rights Information Inspection
Rights Retention Set-off Risk Factors
Robust Preclinical Pipeline Roche
Roche Base Patent Rights Roche Collaboration Agreement
Roche Group Roche Know-how
Roche Patent Rights Roche Representations Warranties
Roches Rights Option Period Royalties
Royalty Payments Royalty Term
Safe Harbor Safety Data
Sale Purchase Sales Based Events
Sales Reports Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts
Scientific Advisory Board Scope Guarantees
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Segment Information
Selected Balance Sheet Data Selected Cash Flow Information
Selected Financial Data Selected Statement Operations Data
Selling General Administrative Expenses Senior Management
Severability Severable
Share Capital Shares Share Certificates
Share Ownership Share Repurchases
Share Repurchases Evotec Shareholder Action Written Consent
Shareholder Suits Shareholders
Shareholders Meeting Shareholders Proposals
Sharing Draft Reports Signature Page Follows
Signatures Significant Proportion Shareholders Consequence Renovis Acquisition
Signing Date Signing Fee
Smoking Addiction Large Consumer-driven Market Special Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Stock Compensation Stock Option Programs Place Based Binding Resolutions Several
Stock Repurchases Stock-based Compensation
Stockholders Equity Strategic Partners Licensees Fail Obtain European Regulatory Approval
Strategic Partners Licensees Fail Obtain Regulatory Approvals Other Strategic Partners Licensees Not Able Manufacture Product Candidates
Strategic Transformation Strategy
Strong Cash Position Fuel Pipeline Progression Subject Damages Resulting Claims Employees Wrongfully Used Disclosed
Subject Limitations Transfer Evotec Adss Subject Significant Environmental Health Safety Regulations Compliance Expensive
Sublicense Sublicensee
Submissions Shareholders Subscription Rights
Subsection 1350 Chapter Title United States Code Subsequent Events
Successful 2007 Discovery Biology Driven High-throughput Screening Suggested Advantages
Summary Report Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Summit Plc Superior Safety Profile
Supervisory Board Supervisory Board Committees
Supervisory Board Committees Set Accordance Code Supervisory Board Members
Supervisory Board Report Supervisory Management Board
Supply Compound Product Survival
Table Contents Takeover Statutes
Taxes Term
Termination Termination Bankruptcy
Termination Cause Termination Novartis
Terms Payment Timing Payments
Total Number Shares Voting Rights Trade Accounts Receivables
Trade Secrets Confidentiality Assignment Agreements Trademarks Labeling
Transaction Transaction Risk
Transfer Regulatory Documents Translation Foreign Operations Currency Denominated Transactions
Translation Risk Trd
Trd Study Trd Study Evt 103 Development
Trend Information Two-tier Board
Unable Retain Recruit Qualified Scientists Key Executives Employees Undertaking
Unenforceable Provisions Severability Unique Approach Partial Positive Allosteric Modulator Ppam Gaba
United States Valid Claim
Voting Rights Vr1 Antagonist Program
Waiver Within Commercial Sale
Witnesseth Year-end Financial Report
Zebrafish Screening Technology 
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