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A-2 A-3
A-4 A-5
A-6 Accordingly Refrain Making Trades Exelon Common Stock Blackout
Accounting Contingencies Exelon Generation Comed Peco Accounting Derivative Instruments Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Accounting Effects Regulation Exelon Comed Peco Accounting Offsetting Amounts Related Certain Contracts Exelon Generation
Accounting Standards Codification Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Exelon Generation Comed Peco Accounts Receivable Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Acknowledgements Acquisition Costs Exelon
Acquisition Southeast Chicago Energy Project Llc Scep Exelon Acquisition Subject Various Regulatory Approvals Obtaining Such Delay
Acquisition Trigger Certain Provisions Contained Nrgs Employee Benefit Additional Events Default
Additional Information Concerning Stockholder Nominees Additional Representations
Address Notices Communications Counterparty Purposes Addresses Notices Purpose Agreement Address Communications Mli
Adjusted Non-gaap Operating Earnings Admission Ticket
Adoption Sfas 157 Agreement
Agreement Allows Energy Efficiency Low-income Programs Well Funds Agreement Energysolutions Subject Federal Approval
Agreement Related Sale Accounts Receivable Air
Air Exelon Generation Allocation Exelon Subsidiaries
Allowance Uncollectible Accounts Exelon Generation Comed Peco Alteration Amendment Repeal By-laws
Amended Restated Effective 2009 Amended Restated Employment Agreement
Amended Restated Employment Agreement John Rowe Amended Through 1995
Amendment Amendment Bylaws Exelon Corporation
Amendment Peco Credit Agreement Amergen Contingency Payment
Amount 2007 Compensation Was Determined Amount 2008 Compensation Was Determined
Annual Incentives Appendix
Applicable Law Application Sufficiency
Asset Impairment Exelon Generation Asset Impairments Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Asset Retirement Obligations Aro Exelon Generation Comed Peco Asset Retirement Obligations Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Attend Annual Meeting Audit Committee
Avoid Duplicate Mailings Background
Background Proposed Transaction Balance Sheets
Bas Presentation Exelon Generation Comed Peco Base Salary
Base Salary Was Determined Basis Presentation
Basis Presentation Exelon Generation Comed Peco Begins Eight-year Expansion Equal New Nuclear Station
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Betsy Atkins
Beyond Filing Continue Develop Programs Help Customers Manage Board Committee Charters
Board Committee Director Evaluation Board Directors
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal Following Reasons Boards Function Structure
Bond Sale Bruce Demars
Business Combinations Business Other Discussed Proxy Statement Considered Acted Annual
Capital Expenditures Capital Structure
Capitalized Interest Afudc Exelon Generation Comed Peco Capitalized Interest Allowance Funds Used Construction Exelon Generation
Capitalized Software Costs Exelon Generation Comed Peco Carrying Amounts Fair Values Long-term Debt
Cash Equivalents Exelon Generation Comed Peco Cash Flows Financing Activities
Cash Flows Investing Activities Cash Flows Operating Activities
Cash-flow Hedges Certain Additional Payments
Certificate Pursuant 1350 Chapter Title United States Code Certificate Service
Certificates Stock Transfer Etc Certification Pursuant Rule 13a-14 15d-14
Certification Pursuant Rule 13a-14 15d-14 Securities Exchange Act Change Control Severance Benefits
Changes Taxation Well Inherent Difficulty Quantifying Potential Tax Cites Additional Upside Value Identified Since Initial Offer
City Chicago Settlement Class Directors Elected Term
Clean Water Act Clean Water Act Exelon Generation
Clear Strategic Rationale Merger Code Ethics
Coleman Peterson Collateral Contingent-related Features Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Collateral Generation Comed Peco Comed
Comed Announces Comprehensive Plan Drive Cost Efficiencies Effectiveness Comed Average Total Residential Rates
Comed Electric Distribution Rate Case Comed Electric Transmission Rate Case
Comed Electric Transmission Rate Cases Comed Long-term Incentive Program
Comed Mid-sized Customer Group Declared Competitive Comed Modernizing System Century
Comed Peco Comed Peco Likely Subject Higher Transmission Operating Costs
Comed Rates Page Comed Requests Rate Increase Continue Modernizing Expanding System
Comed Required Provide Significant Amounts Collateral Agreements Counterparties Comeds Pecos Businesses Capital Intensive Costs Projects Significant
Comeds Pecos Operating Costs Customers Regulators Opinions Comed Comeds Pecos Respective Ability Deliver Electricity Operating Costs
Commercial Construction Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Commitments Contingencies Exelon Generation Comed Peco Committee Membership Key
Committees Board Directors Commodity Price Risk Exelon Generation Comed
Commodity Price Risk Exelon Generation Comed Peco Common Stock Exelon Comed Peco
Commonwealth Edison Commonwealth Edison Subsidiary Companies
Commonwealth Edison Subsidiary Companies Consolidated Statement Changes Shareholders Commonwealth Edison Subsidiary Listing
Communication Board Directors Compared 2005
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Compared 2007 2006 Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Non-employee Directors
Compensatory Arrangements Certain Officers Competitive Markets
Competitive Transition Charges Exelon Comed Peco Completing Regulatory Approval Process
Conclusion Conference 17092348
Conference Call Conference Requested 17092348
Confidential Information Confidential Separation Agreement
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Not Required Sufficiency Lta
Consolidated Balance Sheets Consolidated Statement Changes Equity
Consolidated Statement Changes Members Equity Consolidated Statement Changes Shareholders Equity
Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income Loss
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Construction Budget
Construction Commitments Contents
Continuing Class Directors Terms Expiring 2009 Continuing Class Directors Terms Expiring 2010
Contractual Obligations Off-balance Sheet Contractual Obligations Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Contributions Controls Procedures
Corporate Governance Committee Corporate Governance Management
Cost Savings Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Costs Environmental Remediation Cotter Corporation
Cotter Corporation Exelon Generation Count Certify Votes
Counterparts Credit Agreements
Credit Issues Credit Matters
Credit Ratings 2007 Credit Ratings 2009
Credit Risk Associated Derivative Instruments Exelon Generation Credit Risk Associated Derivative Instruments Exelon Generation Comed
Credit Support Document Credit Support Provider
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Current Report
Customer Choice Customers End
Customers Prepare End Rate Caps Date Report Earliest Event Reported
Deferred Compensation Deferred Compensation Programs
Deferred Energy Costs Exelon Comed Peco Deferred Stock Unit Compensation Payout
Defined Benefit Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Exelon Generation Delivery Volume
Demand Reduction Programs Departure Directors Certain Officers Appointment Compensatory Arrangements
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Depreciable Lives Property Plant Equipment Exelon Generation Comed
Depreciation Amortization Depreciation Amortization Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Depreciation Amortization Expense Derivative Financial Instruments Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Derivative Instrument Hedging Activity Disclosures Description Board Committees
Description Business Exelon Generation Comed Peco Description Tax Remain Subject Examination Major Jurisdiction
Director Education Director Independence
Director Nomination Process Directors
Directors Director Nomination Process Audit Committee Directors Officers Stock Ownership Requirements
Disposition Enterprises Entities Exelon Distribution Pricing
Distribution Rate Case Docket 36555
Documents Incorporated Reference Doe Facility Decommissioning Costs Represent Pecos Share Recoverable
Dominion Resources Buy Out Exelons Contract Don Thompson
Donald Defosset Due Dependence Most Significant Customers Comed Peco Generation
Due Pecos Dependence Generation Fulfill 100 Electric Energy Earnings Outlook
Earnings Per Share Earnings Per Share Exelon
Easing Transition Market-based Rates Eco Energy
Effect Higher Purchased Gas Cost Charges Customers Decrease Effective Income Tax Rate
Effects Weather Related Impact Electricity Gas Usage Decrease Eitf 07-5
Election Director Electric Sales Affiliates
Elements Compensation Emergency Bylaws
Emission Allowances Exelon Generation Employees
Energy Commitments Energy Customer Choice
Energy Delivery Oversight Committee Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Demand Response Programs Energy-related Derivatives Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Costs
Environmental Legislation Environmental Liabilities
Environmental Matters Equity Price Risk Exelon Generation
Estimated Future Benefit Payments Estimated Value Benefits Received Involuntary Separation Not Related
Estimated Value Benefits Received Retirement Estimated Value Benefits Received Termination Due Death Disability
Estimates Exelon Generation Comed Peco Even Exchange Offer Completed Full Integration Nrgs Operations
Exchange Act 1934 Exchange Offer Extended 2009 Given Focus Nrg Board
Exchange Traded Transactions Executive Officers
Executive Overview Executive Stock Ownership Trading Requirements
Executive Was Given Least Forty-five Consider Terms Waiver Exel Corporation Subsidiary Companies
Exelon Exelon Builds Early Momentum Extending Exchange Offer Through
Exelon Comed Exelon Corporate Long-term Debt Outstanding 2008
Exelon Corporation Exelon Corporation Financial Operating Highlights
Exelon Corporation Long-term Debt Outstanding 2006 Exelon Corporation Offers Acquire Nrg Energy Inc Transaction
Exelon Corporation Subsidiary Companies Exelon Corporation Subsidiary Companies Generation Llc Commonwealth Edison
Exelon Credit Facilities Exelon Generation
Exelon Generation Annual Electric Supply Sales Statistics Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Exelon Generation Generating Resources Exelon Generation Incur Material Costs Compliance Federal State
Exelon Generation Llc Exelon Generation Llc 625 Senior Notes Due 2039
Exelon Generation Llc Subsidiary Companies Exelon Generation Llc Subsidiary Listing
Exelon Generation Ownership Equity Exelon Generation Peco
Exelon Generation Statistics Exelon Generation Total Electric Generating Supply
Exelon Increases Offer Acquire Nrg Energy 124 Percent Exelon Launch Exchange Offer Nrg Energy Inc
Exelon Launches Exchange Offer Nrg Energy Inc Exelon Nominate Independent Directors Nrg Board
Exelon Not Successfully Complete Proposed Acquisition Nrg Exelon Only Conducted Review Nrgs Publicly Available Information
Exelon Operating Companies Credit Facilities Short-term Borrowings 2008 Exelon Peco
Exelon Performance Share Unit Awards Exelon Receives Ferc Approval Proposed Nrg Acquisition
Exelon Seek Early Site Permit Texas Location Exelon Subsidiaries Guaranteed Performance Parties Result Substantial Costs
Exelon Successful Proposed Acquisition Nrg Not Able Realize Exelon Terminates Offer Acquire Nrg
Exelons Comeds Goodwill Become Impaired Result Write-offs Amounts Exelons Compensation Program Enable Compete Retain Outstanding Executive
Exelons Generation Energy Delivery Businesses Highly Regulated Fundamental Exelons Holding Structure Limit Ability Pay Dividends
Exelons Letter Nrg Exelons Process Nominating Directors
Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules Expects Achieve 350 Savings
Expense Reimbursement Expenses Interest Dispute Resolution
Explanatory Failure Attract Retain Appropriately Qualified Workforce Negatively Impact
Fair Value Financial Instruments Disclosures Fair Value Measurements
Federal Energy Regulatory Ferc Federal Policy Favors Neutrality Respect Tender Offers
Federal Power Act Federal State Regulation
Fees Earned Paid Cash Filing Format
Fin Financial Information
Financial Performance Load Requirements Adversely Affected Generation Unable Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Swap Agreement Comed Financing Not Obstacle
Find Information Following Press Release Was Issued Exelon Corporation 2009
Foreign Currency Translation Exelon Generation Comed Form 10-k
Form 10-q Forward Looking Statement
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Fossil Hydroelectric Facilities Franchise Taxes
Fsp Eitf 99-20-1 Fsp Fas 107-1 Apb 28-1
Fsp Fas 115-2 124-2 Fsp Fas 132
Fsp Fas 140-4 Fin Fsp Fas 142-3
Fsp Fas 157-2 157-4 Fsp Fas 157-3
Fsp Fin 39-1 Fsp Sfas 132
Fuel Fuel Expense Decrease Reflected Lower Realized Natural Gas
Fuel Expense Increase Reflected Higher Market Gas Prices Fuel Expense Related Off-system Gas Sales Includes Cost
Fuel Natural Gas Purchase Obligations Fuel Purchase Obligations
Full Operating Results Fund Transfer Restrictions
Gaap Consolidated Statements Operations Gas
Gas Distribution Rate Increase Gas Sales Statistics Revenue Customer Detail
General General Business
General Exelon Generation Comed Peco Generating Resources
Generation Generation Comed Peco
Generation Costs Generation Exposed Price Fluctuations Other Risks Wholesale Power
Generation Negatively Affected Possible Federal Legislative Regulatory Actions Generation Not Able Effectively Respond Competition Energy Industry
Generation Not Able Effectively Respond Increased Demand Energy Generation Oversight Committee
Generation Peco Generations Business Capital Intensive Costs Projects Significant
Generations Business Negatively Affected Restructuring Energy Industry Generations Financial Performance Negatively Affected Liabilities Arising Ownership
Generations Financial Performance Negatively Affected Price Volatility Availability Generations Long-lived Assets Become Impaired Result Write-offs Amounts
Generations Risk Management Policies Cannot Fully Eliminate Associated Global Climate Change
Goals Goodwill
Goodwill Exelon Comed Greenhouse Gas Emissions Annually 2020 Equivalent Taking Cars
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Guarantees Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Hange Ontrol Mployment Greement Headings
Help Environment Illinois
Illinois Commerce Icc Illinois Replacement Investment Tax Credits Exelon Generation Comed
Illinois Senate Bill 1544 783 Exelon Illinois Senate Bill 1544 Exelon
Illinois Settlement Agreement Illinois Settlement Legislation
Immediate Release Impact Economic Downturns Lead Lower Revenues Greater Expense
Impact Not Meeting Criteria Financial Accounting Standards Board Impairment Charges
Impairment Comed 2006 Recorded 776 Charge Associated Comeds Important Additional Information
Important Information Income Loss Continuing Operations Business Segment
Income Taxes Income Taxes Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Increases Common Dividend Percent Increases Customer Rates Impact Economic Downturns Lead Greater
Increases Customer Rates Impact Other Economic Downturns Lead Indemnifications Related Sale Termoeléctrica Del Golfo Teg Peñoles
Indemnifications Related Sithe Exelon Generation Index
Indirect Cost Capitalization Exelon Generation Comed Peco Information Fact Book Current 2007 Unless Otherwise Noted
Information Fact Book Current 2009 Unless Otherwise Noted Insufficiency Application
Intangible Assets Exelon Comed Intellectual Property
Intercompany Money Pool Interest Expense
Interest Expense Net Interest Rate Risk Exelon Generation Comed
Interest Tax Refunds Generation Comed Interest-rate Risk Exelon Generation Comed
Interest-rate Risk Exelon Generation Comed Peco Interest-rate Swaps Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Inventories Exelon Generation Comed Peco Investments Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Investments Needed Keep Growing Demand Investments Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Funds
Investments Synthetic Fuel-producing Facilities Investments Synthetic Fuel-producing Facilities Exelon
Investors Security Holders Urged Read Documents Other Relevant Investors Security Holders Urged Read Nrg Meeting Proxy
Issuance Long-term Debt John Canning
John Jack Albertine John Palms
John Rogers Leases
Leases Exelon Generation Comed Peco Legal Proceedings
Legislators Regulators Respond Current Anticipated Increases Utility Rates Limitation Liens
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Cost Management
Litigation Regulatory Matters Long-lived Asset Impairments
Long-lived Asset Impairments Exelon Generation Long-lived Assets Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Long-term Contracts Long-term Debt
Long-term Deferred State Tax Rates Exelon Generation Long-term Incentive Plans
Long-term Incentives Long-term Incentives Determined
Long-term State Tax Apportionment Exelon Generation Losses Reacquired Retired Debt Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Major Energy Efficiency Low Income Programs Also Part Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managing Risks Business Mandatory Energy Conservation Rps Legislation Negatively Affect Costs
Mandatory Federal Additional State Energy Conservation Rps Legislation Marginal-loss Dispatch Settlement
Marjorie Bowen Market Based Rate Matters
Market Performance Other Changes Decrease Value Decommissioning Trust Market Price Exelon Common Stock Decline Result Exchange
Market-based Rate Matters Marketable Securities Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Massachusetts Master Confirmation Otc Collared Asap
Meetings Stockholders Mergers Consolidations
Mgp Sites Miscellaneous
Mortgage Insurance Motion Certify Threshold Issue
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Narrows Full 2009 Earnings Guidance
Natural Gas Nelson Diaz
Net Income Net Income Loss Before Cumulative Effect Changes Accounting
Net Income Loss Business Segment Net Income Loss Continuing Operations Business Segment
New Accounting Pronouncements New Accounting Pronouncements Exelon Generation Comed Peco
New Growth Opportunities New Site Development Costs Exelon Generation
New Suite Energy Efficiency Programs Peco New Technologies System Investments Needed Improve Reliability Meet
News Release Nicholas Debenedictis
Nomination Election Additional Directors Nomination Election Directors
Non-competition Non-exclusivity Rights
Non-nuclear Aro Exelon Generation Comed Peco Non-nuclear Aros Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Non-recurring Fair Value Measurements Non-solicitation
Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Not Applicable Notes
Notes Beneficial Ownership Table Notes Compensation Non-employee Directors Table
Notes Directors Deferred Stock Unit Table Notes Grants Plan Based Awards Table
Notes Grants Plan Based Awards Tables Notes Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table
Notes Option Exercises Stock Vested Table Notes Other Compensation Table
Notes Other Compensation Tables Notes Outstanding Equity Table
Notes Outstanding Equity Tables Notes Pension Benefit Table
Notes Perquisite Table Notes Summary Compensation Table
Notes Table Notice
Notice Finding Violation Related Electric Generation Stations Notice Finding Violation Related Electric Generation Stations Exelon
Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting Notice Stockholder Business
Notice Waivers Meetings Generally Nrg Energy Inc
Nrgs Policy Arguments Unavailing Nuclear Aros Exelon Generation
Nuclear Decommissioning Asset Retirement Obligations Aro Nuclear Decommissioning Asset Retirement Obligations Aro Exelon Generation
Nuclear Decommissioning Liabilities Exelon Generation Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Fund Investments
Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Fund Investments Exelon Generation Nuclear Fuel Exelon Generation
Nuclear Generating Station Groundwater Nuclear Generating Station Groundwater Exelon Generation
Nuclear Insurance Nuclear Insurance Coverage
Nuclear Operating Data Nuclear Operations Set New Records
Nuclear Outage Costs Exelon Generation Objectives Compensation Program
Off-system Gas Activity Offers Purchase Notes Due 2011
Officers Offices
Ommonwealth Edison Operating Companies
Operating Maintenance Expense Operating Maintenance Expense Regulatory Required Programs
Operating Results Operating Revenues
Option Exercises Stock Vested Other
Other Authorized Representatives Other Benefits
Other Compensation Other Events
Other Including Personal Injury Claims Other Income Deductions
Other Intangible Assets Other Matters Discretionary Voting Authority
Other Net Other Rate Changes Mix
Other Revenue Other Revenue Expenses
Other Revenues Expenses Other Significant Owners Exelon Stock
Outlook 2009 Beyond Overview
Page Comed Announces Comprehensive Plan Part
Part Other Information Partially Offset Tax Benefit Realized Unrealized Losses Decommissioning
Paul Joskow Pays Proxy Solicitation Related Annual Meeting
Peco Peco Accounts Receivable Agreement
Peco Appoints Comcast Vice President Charisse Lillie Board Peco Ceo Outlines New Energy Programs
Peco Energy Peco Energy Electric Transition Plan
Peco Energy Schedule System Average Electric Rates Peco Energy Subsidiary Companies Consolidated Balance Sheets
Peco Energy Subsidiary Companies Consolidated Statement Changes Shareholders Peco Energy Subsidiary Lisitng
Peco Energy Subsidiary Listing Peco Gas Sales Statistics Revenue Detail
Peco Officially Files Smart Meter Plan Peco Previous Gas Rate Case
Peco Required Provide Significant Amounts Collateral Agreements Counterparties Peco Subject Higher Transmission Operating Costs Future Result
Peco Subject Risk Legislative Regulatorily Mandated Requirement Purchase Peco Subject Risk Legislative Regulatory Mandated Requirement Purchase
Pecos Gas Sales Statistics Revenue Detail Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Public Utility Puc Pennsylvania Transition Legislation
Pennsylvania Transition-related Legislative Regulatory Matters Pension Benefits
Pension Other Postretirement Benefit Plan Asset Disclosures Pension Other Postretirement Benefits
Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Amergen Plans Generation Performance Share Awards
Performance Share Units Perquisite Table
Perquisite Tables Perquisites
Pjm Reliability Pricing Model Rpm Pjm Transmission
Place Undue Reliance Forward-looking Statements Apply Only Date Plan Assets
Policy Issues Potential New Legislation
Power Attorney Power Team
Preferred Preference Stock Subsidiaries Preferred Securities Exelon Comed Peco
Presidential Administration Previous Comed Electric Distribution Rate Cases
Pricing Pro Forma Information
Process Shareholder Communications Board Profile
Project Deferral Substitution Agreement Property Plant Equipment
Property Plant Equipment Exelon Generation Property Plant Equipment Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Proposal Acquisition Nrg Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Ratification Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Exelons Independent Accountant 2008 Proposal Ratification Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Exelons Independent Accountant 2009
Proposal Renewal Exelon Corporation Annual Incentive Plan Senior Proposal Shareholder Recommendation Prepare Report Showing Exelons Actions
Proposed Acquisition Nrg Energy Inc Proposed Procedural Schedule
Provides Additional Energy Efficiency Assistance Low-income Customers Proxy Statement
Publicly Release Revision Forward-looking Statements Reflect Events Circumstances Purchased Gas Rate Decrease
Purchased Power Comeds Decreased Primarily Due Expiration Certain Purchased Power Costs Tolling Agreement
Purchased Power Fuel Expense Purchased Power Increased Primarily Due Higher Contracted Energy
Purchased Power Tolling Agreement Costs Purchased Power Transmission Expenses Represent Wholesale Costs Other
Purposes Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Raises Full Gaap Earnings Guidance Ralph Faison
Ralph Wellington Rate Case
Rate Changes Mix Rate Increase Request
Rate Increase Request Delivery Only Rate Increases
Rate Increases Decreases Rate Relief Commitments
Rate Relief Program Rate Relief Programs
Reaffirms 2007 2008 Earnings Guidance Reaffirms 2009 Earnings Guidance
Reaffirms Full 2009 Earnings Guidance Reaffirms Full-year 2008 Earnings Guidance
Reasonableness Restrictive Covenants Reasonably Possible Total Amount Unrecognized Tax Benefits Significantly
Receiving Proxy Material Receiving Proxy Materials
Recent Highlights Recent Market Conditions
Recitals Recognition Presentation Other-than-temporary Impairments
Recommend Nominate Someone Become Director Exelon Recommend Nominate Someone Director Exelon
Reconciliation Adjusted Non-gaap Operating Earnings Per Share Gaap Recoupment Policy
Redoubles Focus Stand-alone Growth Opportunities Reduce Duplicate Mailings
Reduction Exelons Credit Rating Result Comed Peco Refueling Outage 2006
Refueling Outages 2008 Refueling Outages Including Salem
Registrants Business Operations Registrants Employees Contractors Customers General Public Exposed Risk
Registrants Incur Substantial Costs Fulfill Obligations Related Environmental Registrants Make Acquisitions Not Achieve Intended Financial Results
Registrants Subject Higher Costs Penalties Related Mandatory Reliability Regulation
Regulation Disclosure Regulatory Accounting Exelon Comed Peco
Regulatory Authorizations Regulatory Environmental Developments
Regulatory Matters Regulatory Restrictions
Related Person Transaction Policy Related Person Transactions
Related Person Transactions 2008 Renewable Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards
Renewable Energy Credits Report Audit Committee
Report Compensation Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Research Development Settlement Exelon Generation Comed Peco Resignations Elections Officers
Resignations Promotions Officers Respective Offers Purchase
Restricted Cash Investments Exelon Generation Comed Peco Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement
Restricted Stock Unit Awards Named Executive Officers Restricted Stock Units
Restriction Sales Leasebacks Restrictive Covenants
Results Operations Results Operations Business Segment
Results Operations Negatively Affected Increasing Costs Retail Electric Services
Retail Energy Customer Choice Retail Fuel Costs
Retail Gas Sales Retention Awards
Retirement Benefit Plans Retirement Benefits Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Retirement Long-term Debt Revenue
Revenue Arrangements Multiple Deliverables Revenue Recognition Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Revenue Revenues Lower Primarily Resulting Decrease Deliveries Excluding Revenues Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Revenues Purchased Power 2007 2006 Energy Delivered Pecos Revises Full 2007 Operating Earnings Guidance
Revises Full 2008 Earnings Guidance Richard Koppes
Right Injunction Survival Undertakings Rising Rates Expectation Stimulate Legislative Regulatory Action Aimed
Risk Factors Risk Oversight Committee
Robust Strategy Buy Electricity Lowest Prices Role Individual Performance Setting Compensation
Rosemarie Greco Rtos Isos
Safe Harbor Statement Sale Fossil Generating Assets Exelon Comed
Sale Fossil Generating Assets Exelon Generation Comed Sale Senior Notes
Sale Termoeléctrica Del Golfo Teg Peñoles Tep Exelon Savings Plan
Savings Plan Exelon Generation Comed Peco Schedule
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Measures Security Ratings
Seeks Puc Approval Initial Programs Segment Information Generation Comed Peco
Senate Bill 1544 Exelon Senior Executives
Senior Notes Due 2019 Senior Notes Due 2039
Set-off Mitigation Settlement Agreement
Settlement Pjm Billing Dispute Severance Accounting Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Severance Costs Represent Previously Incurred Comed Was Granted Severance Payments
Sfas 141-r Sfas 141-r Fsp Fas 141
Sfas 157 Sfas 159
Sfas 160 Sfas 161
Sfas 165 Sfas 166
Sfas 167 Sfas 168
Share Repurchase Share Repurchase Program
Share Repurchases Shelf Registrations
Short-term Borrowings Signature Page Amendment
Signatures Significantly Expanded Programs Low-income Customers
Simplified Service Cost Method Exelon Generation Comed Peco Sithe Exelon Generation
Solid Hazardous Waste Sources Electric Supply
Space Intentionally Left Blank Specified Entities
Spent Nuclear Fuel Obligation Exelon Generation Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage
Spot Market Activity Statements Operations
Stephen Steinour Stock
Stock Awards Stock Deferral Plan
Stock Option Awards Stock Options
Stock Options Performance Shares Stock Ownership Requirements Directors Officers
Stock Performance Chart Stock Performance Graph
Strategic Benefits Combined Exelon-nrg Strategic Direction
Strong Value Proposition Nrg Shareholders Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submit Proposal Consideration 2009 Annual Meeting Submit Proposal Consideration 2010 Annual Meeting
Subprime Credit Crisis Subsequent Events
Subsequent Events Exelon Comed Subsequent Events Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Subsequent Events Exelon Peco Substantial Portion Compensation Granted Equity-based Awards
Substantial Portion Compensation Performance-based Sue Gin
Summary Compensation Table Supporting Statement
Swap Agreement Table Contents
Tabular Reconciliation Unrecognized Tax Benefits Tax Consequences
Tax Impact Tax Representations
Tax Restructuring Exelon Tax Sharing Agreement Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Tax Sharing Agreement Generation Comed Peco Taxation
Taxation Exelon Generation Comed Peco Taxes Directly Imposed Revenue-producing Transactions Exelon Comed Peco
Taxes Other Income Termination Employment
Termination Proposed Merger Pseg Exelon Texas
Texas Utility Holding Thomas Ridge
Thomas Wajnert Total Amounts Interest Penalties Recognized
Trading Portfolio Transfers Financial Assets
Transmission Transmission Distribution
Transmission Services Treasury Stock Exelon
Unbilled Revenue-change Estimate Uncertainties Exist Integrating Business Operations Exelon Nrg
Undistributed Gains Losses Equity Method Investments Undistributed Losses Equity Method Investments
United States Unrecognized Tax Benefits Recognized Affect Effective Rate
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Valuation Techniques Used Determine Fair Value
Values Variable Interest Entities
Variable Interest Entities Exelon Comed Peco Variable Interest Entities Exelon Generation Comed Peco
Variable Rate Debt Variable-rate Debt
View Receive Materials Electronically View Receive Proxy Materials Electronically
Vision Volume
Volume Delivery Volume-delivery
Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Exelon Vote
Walter Dalessio War Acts Threats Terrorism Natural Disaster Other Significant
Water Weather
Weather Delivery Weather-delivery
What Notice Access What Quorum
What Record Date Mean What Vote Needed Proposals Adopted
What Voting Wholesale Contracts
Wholesale Retail Electric Sales William Richardson
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