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Acceleration Vesting According Cash Flow Statement Repurchased 1269 Stock 2005
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounting Treatment
Acquired Real Estate Near Miami Airport Purchase Actually Apply Cash Each Regular Dividends Stock Repurchases
Actually Little While Always Looking Real Estate Purchases Additional Director Named Executives
Administration After 2006 Press Release Read 167 Full-service Offices
After Opening Full Service Total New Branches 2005 After Reading Harmless Sounding Stuff Authorized Governments Reminded
Age Technology Some Form Critical Part Customer Alignment Ago Decision Disclosure Freight Yields Geographic Regions Compromise
Agree Dont Word Around Here Air Freight Tonnages Ocean Container Counts Increased
Airfreight Entering Period Prices Rise Space Gets Tighter Airfreight Net Revenues 2006 Asian European North American
Airfreight Tonnage Grew 2006 Compared 2005 Ocean Container Airfreight Tonnage Was 2006 Ocean Container Count Increased
Airfreight Tonnage Was Little Over While Net Revenue Airfreight Tonnages Respectively Over Comparison Basis Ocean
Airfreight Yield Compressions Result Fuel Price Increases Being Already Addressed Asias Performance Response Previous Question
Already Capital Expenditures Required Qualify Tax Benefit Recorded Also Own Shares Expeditors Noticed Same Thing Did
Also Refer Response Question 8-k Although Average Compensation Expense 60502 2006 What Sales
Amended 1993 Directors Non-qualified Stock Option Plan Amendment Termination Adjustments
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Anniversary Most Additional Expenses Associated Sarbanes-oxley Annual Meeting Shareholders
Another International Forwarder Commented Peak Season Out Asia Answer Questions Over Phone Only Through Format
Approved 2009 Capital Budget Mas Menos Weve Commented Approximately Per Share
Asia Europe Very Similar Us133in Fact Lane Might Asia Lane Roughly Speaking What Was Year-over-year Change
Asia Outbound Major Gateways Whether Europe Other Spots Ask Again End Well Dont Start Doing Headcount
Assume Meant 2007 Well Answer Question Was Relevantie Audit Committee
Audit Committee Board Directors Audit Committee Report
Awards Balance Advantage Scale Benefits Accrue Concentrating Volumes Carrier
Base Salaries Base Salary
Because Backlogs Market Conditions Expect Not Increase Airfreight Becomes Pronounced Since Been Able Maintain Pretty Good
Been Being International Likes Hire Locally Come Surprise Think
Believe Return Incremental Capital Deployed Meet Exceed Current Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Plans Besides Recently Implemented Now Only Softly Enforced 102
Board Committee Meetings Board Directors
Board Directors Response Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Shareholders Vote Against Proposal
Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Shareholders Vote Proposal 2-approval Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Shareholders Vote Proposal 3-approval
Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Shareholders Vote Proposal 4-approval Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Shareholders Vote Proposal 5-ratification
Books Records Broad Sense Sort Thing Referring Talk Ongoing Process
Business Losing Control Receivables Whether Inter-company Customer Like Business Standpoint Whether Look Profitability Freight Volumes Neither
Buy Real Estate Contribution Makes Operating Income Form Calendar Unusual Capital Expenditures Probably Spend Well
Call Some Other Cost Initiative Around Here Know Carriers Being Very Judicious They Commit Assets
Cash Builds Expeditors Balance Sheet List Order Preference Cash Compensation Paid Board Members
Cash Dividends Certain 2006 Amounts Been Reclassified Conform 2007 Presentation
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Transactions Certainly Comment Was Obviously Misunderstanding Between What Thought
Certainly Was Strong Over Interim Results However Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley
Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Change Control Change Control Arrangements
Changes Internal Controls Characterize Tightness Supply Demand Airfreight Market Today Ago
Chinese Government Not Seem Concerned Situation They Anticipated Clear Said Past Believe Forecasting Tax Rate Fools
Closing Interesting Numbers Carriers Operating Trans-pacific Routes Increased Code Business Conduct
Combination Having Leases Escalation Clauses Them Come Accurate Market Prices Therefore Very Grateful Provide
Comment Trends Within Was Relative Communications Board Directors
Compare Over Efficiency Youll Only Higher Basis Points Comparison Cumulative Total Return
Compensation Committee Board Directors Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Committee Report Executive
Competitive Advantage Nobody Expeditors Looks New Business Just Competitive Pressures Always Existed Asian West Coast Trade
Comprehensive Income Confidential Only Permitted Rule 14a-6
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consideration Non-existent Earnings Stream Hard Believe Now Back
Constantly Attempt Attract Develop Good Sales People Experts Context Juncture Appear Plenty Busy See Reason Trends
Contingencies Continue Grow Volumes Twice Fast Headcount Growth 2006
Contraction Yields Contracts Responsible Transporting Customer Cargo Containers Sea Often
Controls Procedures Correct Assumption Very Difficult Find Replay Because Not
Correct Not Habit Discussing Major Business Wins Discuss Correcting Replacing Expeditors Announces Increase 2006 Annual Earnings
Costs Declined Because Several Larger Branches Located Major Counterintuitive Not Purchased Shares Aggressively Paid Dividends
Credit Not Reversed However Next Was True-up Impact Critical Accounting Estimates
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Currency Other Risk Factors
Current Best Estimate End Something Neighborhood Capital Expenditures Current Market Conditions Somewhat Tight Lot Major Markets
Customer Service Requirements Price Those Objectives Relate Airline Customers Trying Circumstances Not Impress Bunch People Havent
Date Expeditors Certified Cargo Screening Facility Not Experienced Date Figures Not Finalized Publication
Date Grant Deductibility Executive Compensation Code 162
Definitions Deliver Returns Employees Shareholders Need Conversations Difficult Words
Demand 2005 Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Depends Obviously Some Spend Others 2008 Spent Total Deployments Already Process Very Likely Create Equilibrium Airfreight
Describe Ourselves Non-asset Opposed Asset Lite Small Distinction Despite Trauma Caused Unprecedented Compression Seen Global Freight
Destiny Too Often Focus Cost Fuel Relegated Passionate Did Hurricane Katrina Impact Expeditors Operations Please Describe
Did Internal Budgets Anticipated Slightly Volume Not Anticipate Did Lanes Regions Perk Others Air Ocean
Did Math Computations Concluded Accounts Payable Receivable Maintained Did Not Comment 2005 Outlook Time Sometimes Aware
Did Not Specifically Track In-kind Donations 2005 Aware Did Rent Expense Percentage Net Revenue Fall Over
Did Rent Occupancy Costs Decline Marginally 2006 Over Did Several Times Mixed Reviews Say Profits Built
Didnt Intend Response Turn Tribute George Carlin Recently Difficult Attribute Increases Volume Out Peoples Republic China
Difficult Economic Times Enable Expeditors Attract Significant Employee Directionally Yields Airfreight Remain Above Year-ago Levels Due
Director Compensation Director Nomination Process
Director Summary Compensation Table 2008 Directors Compensation
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Options
Directors Restricted Stock Plan Discuss Importance North American Ground Rail Expeditors Modes
Discussed European Net Revenue Growth Question Below Operating Distributions Finance
Doesnt Pretend Either Other Parts World Accounting Rules Domestic Product Now Working Major Gateways Some Larger
Dont Believe Production Curtailments Occurred Association Olympics Around Dont Business Mix Information Requested Make Decisions Kinds
Dont Compare Willie Responded Catch Dont Expect Large Impact Now Through End 2005
Dont Make Predictions Not Surprised See Similar Increase Dont Plan Allows Shareholders Purchase Shares Through Transfer
Dont Release Figures Competitive Reasons Well Duration Options
Dynamics Pricing Remain Pretty Much Same Albeit They Earn Volume Discounts Overrides Carriers Accounted Accrual Cash
Earnings Annual Meeting Shareholders After Close Trading Most Earnings Press Release Peter Rose Commented Business
Earnings Release Effective Date Plan
Element Costs Cost Accounting Professor Tell Fixed-variable Expenses Employment Agreements
Ending 2009 Equity Compensation Programs
Espirit Corp Estimate
Europe Rebounded Nicely Disappointing 2005 Please Explain Dynamics Evaluation Controls Procedures
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exchange Act 1934 Amendment
Exclude Costs Related Doj Investigations Really Wasnt Much Executive Compensation
Executive Summary Exercise Options
Exhibits Expd Provide Detail Foreign Exchange Exposure Possible Net
Expect Increased Growth Product Throughout 2005 Continue Focus Expect Recent Change 404 Sarbanes-oxley Material Positive Impact
Expect Seasonal Shipping Pattern Out China Altered Given Expeditors Alger Announces Retirement Plans
Expeditors Announces 2-for-1 Stock Split Expeditors Announces 2008 Earnings Per Share Increase
Expeditors Announces 2009 Net Earnings Expeditors Announces Cash Dividend Increase
Expeditors Announces Earnings Per Share Expeditors Announces Increase 2006 Annual Earnings
Expeditors Announces Increase 2007 Annual Earnings Expeditors Announces Increase Net Earnings
Expeditors Announces Net Earnings Increase Expeditors Announces Operating Income Increase
Expeditors Announces Per Share Net Earnings Expeditors Announces Quarterly Earnings Per Share
Expeditors Announces Results Operating Income Expeditors Announces Semi-annual Cash Dividend
Expeditors Appoints Bradley Powell Chief Financial Officer Expeditors Chosen Stay Asset Light Now Remains Only
Expeditors Director James Casey Announces Decision Not Stand Expeditors Incentive Compensation Rewards Individuals Percentage What They
Expeditors International Washington Inc Expeditors Issues Earnings Guidance
Expeditors Names Jordan Gates President Chief Operating Officer Expeditors Net Earnings Increase
Expeditors Net Income Surges Expeditors Participation Lufthansa Cargos Global Partnership Programme Increase
Expeditors Perspective Peak Season Shaped Expeditors Perspective What Likely Impact Slower Economy Global
Expeditors Plan Put Nearly 900m Cash Equivalents Work Expeditors Provide Update Year-over-year Air Ocean Freight Volume
Expeditors Receives Department Justice Subpoena Airfreight Probe Expeditors Reconsider Trimming Headcount Volumes Failed Show Signs
Expeditors Reports 2009 Eps Per Share Expeditors Reports Increase Operating Income
Expeditors Reports Record Quarterly Profits Per Share Expeditors Subsidiary Receives Request Information European Freight Forwarding
Expeditors Very Cash Generative Over Past Maintained Balance Expeditorsrsquo Subsidiary Receives Request Information European Freight Forwarding
Explain Higher Profitability Asian Operations Net Revenues Operating Explain Net Revenues Again Turn Portion Mda Reads
Expound Further Then What Point Think Above Excerpt Factors Had Influence Not Contributed Most Historical Success
Fair Value Financial Instruments Far Eastern Operations 2005 While Had Strong Revenue
Far Might Ramp Hiring Careful Reading Response Question Fax 206 674-3459
Federal Income Tax Consequences Relating 2002 Plan Federal Income Tax Consequences Relating 2005 Option Plan
Federal Income Tax Consequences Relating 2006 Option Plan Federal Income Tax Consequences Relating 2007 Option Plan
Federal Income Tax Consequences Relating 2008 Compensation Plan Federal Income Tax Consequences Relating 2008 Directors Restricted
Federal Income Tax Consequences Relating 2008 Option Plan Federal Income Tax Consequences Relating 2009 Option Plan
Feels Like Asian Imports Slowed Bit Fees Audit Communications Expenses Business Taxes Not Based
Field Managers Believe Productivity Per Employee Achieved 2006 Final Part Question Calls Look Future Opine Whether
Finally Assuming Accept Educated Guess Answer Question Believe Finally Customer Relationships Two-way Street Actually Get Point
Finally Had Fuel Price Increases Not Resulted Higher Finally Non-sp Related Question Anything Interesting Entertaining Happened
Finally Respect Volume Growth Entire 2006 Air Was Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Supplementary Data Following Table Provides Information 2006 Regarding Compensation Plans
For-1 Stock Dividend Was Distributed 2006 Shareholders Record Foreign Exchange Risk
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form 8-k Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward-looking Statements Found 2005 Peak Challenging Manageable Old Saying Among
Fuel Spiked Recently Please Discuss Impact Associated Timing Full Service Satellite
Further Chicago Bus Not Sure What Question Hope Future Trends Trend Imply Predictability Not Appear Salient
General Philosophy Objectives General Point 2006 Seems Good Balance Tilt Towards
General Provisions General Tone Business Approach End 2005
General Wed Say Yes Part Question However Always Generally Yes Customer Secures Insurance Through Programs Managed
Geographic Mix Not Changed Materially Since Reported 2004 Give Update Air Shipping Volumes Related Apparel China
Given Basis Points Over Not Something Consider Significant Given Non-asset Based Greater Requirement Information Systems Work
Globalization Allows Companies Pursue Lower Production Costs Sourcing Gluteus
Going Rewrite Paragraph Probably Change Read Follows Grants Plan-based Awards Table
Great Deal Hard Work Goes Servicing Customers Order Growth Gross Revenue 2006 Compared 2005
Growth Not Much Additional Lines Business Just New Guess Frame Logical Argument Follows
Had Foreign Currency Gains 220000 000s Omitted Offset Hardly Considered Sufficient Issue Given Increases Fas 123r
Havent Seen Update Book Club Website New Business Heard Rumor Hosting Upcoming Analyst Correct What Dates
Here Month-over-month Volume Growth Trends 2008 Amounts Obviously Hindsight Historical Volatility Was Probably Pretty Accurate Result
Historically Airfreight Yields Typically Gotten Tighter Compressed World Historically Expeditors Provided Airfreight Services Name Withheld Relationship
Hope Springs Eternal Hopefully Gives Some Insight Market Segment Think Compete
However Question Raise Issue What Expect Future 2006 However Times Change What Was Airfreight Become Something
Http Wwwequiservecom Incentive Compensation
Incentive Stock Options Income Taxes
Incremental Increase Other Income Was Primarily Attributable Gain Indeed Currently Own Stock Expeditors Absolutely Getting Semi-annual
Indemnification Index
Index Exhibits Individual Investor His Portfolio Owning Partial Business Stake
Industry Cyclical Earnings Keep Growing Rather Going Down Information Regarding Proxies
Initiated What Called Soft Hiring Freeze 2008 Whereby Interest Rate Risk
Internal Studies Shown Clear Perform Customs Clearance Formalities Intra-asia Business Very Robust Albeit Small Yield Markets
Investments Business Time 508 Worth Property Equipment Acquisitions Ipecac
Isnt Much Say Beyond What Weve Included Recent Know Dividends Need Provide New Address Either Broker
Know Not Sound Very Glamorous Exciting Being Consistently Know Overall 2005 Was Bigger Same Actually Larger
Kpis Customers Wouldnt Publish Those Either133for Same Reason Kpmg Kpmgs Predecessor Firm Peat Marwick Mitchell Began
Larger Asian Ports Generally Speaking Greater Capacity Ship Largest Customers Make Total Net Revenue Computer Office
Last Count Last Victory Hurdle Profitability Per Kilo Aggregate Actually
Latest Quarterly Release Mention Positive Leverage Was Result Latter Parts Question Sound Like Forecast Dont
Learned Business Model Built Foundation Allows Customer Consistently Legal Fees Between Doj Investigation Civil Class
Legal Proceedings Lest Anyone Detect False Sense Concern Movements Ocean
Lets Look Each Risks Analyze Included Them Liquidity Capital Resources
Long-term Incentives Look Just Profit Per Head Over Recent Airfreight
Looked Internet133and Actually Found Youre Right Out Was Looking 2005 What Proportion New Business Associated Customers
Looking Mda See Following Text Underlining Supplied 8-k Love Matrix Reloaded Questions Ever Answered Pardon Once
Lower Yields Themselves Arent Necessarily Alarming Other Things Major European Forwarders Cited Increasingly Competitive Pricing Other
Majority Vote Standard Director Elections Mamas Didnt Raise Fools Not Going Get Sucked
Management Believes Nature Business Such Few Complex Challenges Margins Squeezed Consistently Throughout 2004 Rate Sequential Ocean
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Market Share Gain Even Had Boxes Sure Individual
Mathematical Fact Did Experience Some Yield Expansion Ocean Mda 10-k 10-qs Says
Mda 10-q Said Expect 2006 Capital Expenditures 140 Meeting Such Notice Need Not Specify Business Transacted
Mid-august 2005 Vantage Point Pricing Seems Rising Exactly Mid-march 2006 Not Bad Timing 8-k Dont See
Mode Transportation Believe Money Domestic Comes Being Able Model Extremely Flexible Dont See Big Change Financially
Most Operating Margin Expansion Region Was Due Positive Much 1000 Year-over-year Airfreight Gross Yield Expansion Was
Much Better Much Decline Gross Revenues Considered Fuel Surcharges
Much Did Reduced Fuel Surcharges Impact Air Ocean Much High Road Since Included Web Address Critique
Name Accounting Clarity What Create Meaningful Denominator Diluted Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Net Income Decreased Only Time Explain What Net Profit Per Kilo Teu Foot Equivalent Unit
Net Revenue Was United States Asia Europe Never Published Kind Relative Market Share Information
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Nominees
Non-qualified Stock Options Normal Surge Airfreight Traffic Did See Uncharacteristic Seasonal
Not Inventory Anything Per Context Question Service Provider Not Quantitatively Certainly Prospectively Sure Good Sources Beyond
Not Quite Sure Yet Yields Slightly Higher Those Not Sure Decrease Air Yield Less Something Merit
Not Sure Seeing Acceleration Capacity Being Pulled Out Noted 2006 10-q Was Filed Securities Exchange
Noted Expect Spend 106 Related Anticipated Real Estate Noted Response Questions Not Sure Case Very Cautious
Noted Several Instances Intra-asia Some Definite Bright Spots Nothing Hasnt Been Manageable
Nothing One-time Classic Accounting Definition Time Nothing Real Estate Acquisitions Expeditors Viewed Normal Sense
Nothing Really Changed Just Dogs Dinner Portion 2006 Noticed Substantial Increase Accounts Receivable New Run Rate
Notices Now Contrast Hand Waving Undertaken Commodities Trader Particular
Now Fuel Prices Moderated Some Carrier Surcharges Diminished Now Know Great White Sharks Cant Talk Doubt
Now Position Comment Magnitude Tax Benefit Expeditors Result Now Someone Create Portal Click Routes Speed Disintermediate
Number 0-13468 Number Been Reduction Approximately Expect Fall Somewhere
Number Shares Type Option Numbers Still Not Available Weve Addressed
Objective Freight Carried Airlines133and Pretty Much Been Successful Obviously Health Safety Programs Areas Concern Typically Required
Ocean Air Markets Kind Comfortable Equilibrium Current Time Ocean Airfreight Volumes Strong Through 2005 Say Coming
Ocean Business Segment Revenue Volume Related Solely Container Ocean Freight Net Revenue Per Teu Was 2008
Ocean Freight Side Shippers Utilizing West Coast Ports Ocean Perspective Carriers Anticipate Opportunities They Gradually Return
Ocean Yields Down Year-over-year Then Seen Since 2005 Office-a Location Provides Full Compliment Logistics Functions Also
Officer Before Certificate Issued Corporation Same Effect Person Officers
Offices Offices Opened 1st 2005
Offices Opened 2007 Offices Opened 2008 Because Werent Not Perceived Problems
Offices Opened 2nd 2005 Offices Opened 4th 2005
Often Times Changes Yields Used Try Justify Postulations On-going Perspective Consistently Said Reasonable Assume Quickly Depreciate
Opened Office 2005 Warsaw Poland Involved Purchase Agents Operating Margin Contraction Was Expeditors Able Fully Pass
Operating Ratios Income Divided Net Revenue Not Significantly Opinion Isnt Either Answer Probably Healthy Mixture Involves
Option Exercises Year-end Value Table Option Price
Oral Agreements Commitments Loan Money Extend Credit Forbear Other Assets
Other Business Other Confirm Cost Ocean Transportation Going Reference Rising
Other Events Other Expense Was Significantly Lower 2006 Compared 2005
Other Expenses Helpful Assessing Core Normalized Growth Other Income Primarily Interest Factors Drive Amount Invested
Other Information Other Normal Expeditors Compelling Value Proposition Shippers Additional
Other Point Consider Discussing Components Net Revenue Relative Other Retirement Disability Payments
Other Times Perform Such Duties Directed President Board Out Drivers Business Always Been Ability Provide Best
Outline Specific Things Doing Curtail Expenses Very Difficult Over Increase Airfreight Tonnage Was
Over Increase Ocean Freight Container Counts Was Over Last Know Started Doing Little Domestic Freight
Over Past Been Following Policy Keeping Share-count Relatively Over Unitary Volume Increases
Overall Average Base Salaries Lower Was Function Larger Overall Tax Rate Vary Period Based Mix Business
Overview Compensation Program Past Been Aggressively Following Strategy Buying Back Shares
Payment Exercise Option Pays Shipper Consignee Something Determined Between Buyer Seller
Per Capita Numbers Net Revenue Ebitda Significantly Different Percentage Over Increases 2006 Versus 2005 Follows
Perfectly Candid Dont Know Judging Some Articles Appeared Performance 2006 Versus 2005 Certainly Worthy Comment While
Perhaps Most Transparent Way Describe Thoughts Europe Refer Perquisites Other Personal Benefits
Personal Services Agreement Perspective Worse Bear Gets 1700000 Out 122884000 Net
Please Address Opportunity Pick Additional Market Share Due Please Breakdown Ocean Revenue Nvocc Forwarding Ecms 2005
Please Comment 2005 Outlook Capacity Pricing Airfreight Ocean Please Comment Air Ocean Business Trends Through 2005
Please Comment Business Segments Example Said Retailers Rushed Please Comment Competitive Dynamics Trans-pacific Trade Lane Whether
Please Comment Factors Influenced Slower Year-over-year Gross Net Please Comment Impact Currency Movements Revenues Profitability
Please Discuss Factors Decline Airfreight Yields Characterize Stable Please Explain Reclassification Expense Rent Occupancy Line Provide
Please Explain Yoy Net Revenue Margin Was Lower Please Percentage Changes Year-over-year 2009 Versus 2008 Monthly
Please Provide Initial Feedback Customers Peak Season Demand Please Provide Little Color Freight Volume Trends Pricing
Please Provide Some Color Feedback Demand Half 2005 Please Provide Some Color Net Revenue Growth Operating
Please Provide Volume Growth Air Ocean Freight 2005 Please Quantify Airfreight Volume Growth Rate 2005 Also
Please Refer Response Question Optimistic Short Address Please Vote Reverse Side Sign Date Return Promptly
Point Disintermediation Result Advances Technology Supplier Consolidation Ask Point Here Perhaps Try Define Meaningfulness Analysis Too
Point Really Cant Say Much Longer Take Then Policy Deductibility Compensation
Positively Over Time Buying Options Existing Shares Seem Post Employment-personal Services Agreement
Posting Together Comprehensible Instructions Regarding Obtain Access Electronic Present Below Employee Productivity Numbers Filings Far Back
Press Release Pricing Remains Firm Freight Volumes Through 2005 Appeared
Pricing Seems Firming Respect Ocean Airfreight General Consensus Pricing Shaped Following Typical Bid Season
Primarily Move London Out Multiple Rabbit Warren Like Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Holders Voting Securities Probably Opine Peak Season Little Orderly Experienced Last
Productivity Function Much Resources Done Had Available 4th Profitability Standpoint Correct Guessing Some Same Overhead Allocation
Profound Question Deserves Answer Wish Had Failing Funny Properties
Proposal 1-election Directors Proposal 2-approval Ratification 2005 Stock Option Plan
Proposal 2-approval Ratification 2006 Stock Option Plan Proposal 2-approval Ratification 2007 Stock Option Plan
Proposal 3-ratification Amendment 2002 Employee Stock Purchase Plan Proposal 3-ratification Appointment Kpmg Llp Independent Registered Public
Proposal 3-shareholder Concerning Shareholder Ratification Independent Auditor Selection Proposal 4-ratification Appointment Kpmg Llp Independent Registered Public
Proposal 4-shareholder Amend Existing Equal Opportunity Policy Specifically Proposal 5-shareholder Amend Existing Equal Opportunity Policy Specifically
Provide Reason Slowing Ebit Growth Asia Region Provided
Provided Further Provided However
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Proxy Statement Annual Report Available Registered Holders Employee
Purpose History Purpose Signing Ocean Freight Contracts Not Fix Price
Pursuant 302 Put Them Out Investor Website Although Idea Anybody
Qualitative Standpoint Cost Pressures Seemed Strongest Contributor Capacity Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Question Sets Bar Fairly High Takes Something Pretty Question Trying Get Head Start Earnings Release Better
Rail Contract Renegotiations Prices Rise Dont Think Business Rate Growth
Rather Large Diverse Market Vertical Past Several Tried Rather Open-ended Question Way Written Weve Noted Percentage
Rather Rehash Here Dont Refer Response 8-k Dated Read Context Meaning Definition Exists Version Oxford Dictionary
Reading 10-k Real Secret Here Cleared Freight Provide Custom Entries
Really Just Old Question Whether Not Likely Face Recall Now Time Arthur Anderson Was Still Major
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Strong Ebit Growth Basically Reflection Things Progress
Recently Filed 10-k Said 106 Recently Lufthansa Cargo Fuel Index Benchmark Industry Surcharges
Record Never Backdated Options Nor Aware Sort Pending Record People Very Important Stockholders
Reduction Dedicated Freighter Space Market Greater Portion Belly Refer Answer Question Above Certainly Not Ruled Out
Refer Response Question Above Refer Response Question Noted Above
Refer Response Questions Above Respect Ocean Freight Refer Responses Questions Above
Reform Act 1995 Certain Cautionary Statements Regarding Earnings Guidance Most Pressure Coming Business Please
Regional Basis Gross Yields Far East Australia New Regional Product Yields Derived Combination Figures Presented Actually
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Regulation Disclosure
Relationship Independent Public Accountants Rental Occupancy Costs Percentage Net Revenue Increased
Repurchased 277819 Shares Stock Average Price 3333 Resolved
Respect Competitive Advantages Sure Being Bear Doubt Some Response Particular Question Say Sense Had Been Obliged
Response Question Weve Once Again Reviewed Business Mix Responses Selected Inquiries Received Through 2005
Responses Selected Questions Regarding 2004 Results Responses Selected Questions Regarding 2005 Results
Rest Question Locations Open Same Store Sales Figures Restated Line Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheet
Restated Line Consolidated Balance Sheet Results Operations Financial Condition
Return Premises Original Status Pay Landlord Cost Just Reviewed Income Statements Downloaded Newsmoneycentralmsncom Had Some Particular
Reviewing Question Point Out Although Fuel Surcharges Added Right Now Things Look Very Similar Capital Expenditures
Right Now Think Shown Most Recent 10-q Sufficient Rights Shareholder
Risk Factors Rule Thumb 5000 Lbs Per Air Container Assumed
Safe Harbor Forward-looking Statements Private Securities Litigation Reform Safe Harbor Forward-looking Statements Securities Litigation Reform Act
Said Before Not Show Margin Services Current State Said Steady Growth Volume Business Coupled Normal Turnover
Salaries Related Costs Percent Net Revenue Generally Drops Salaries Related Costs Percentage Net Revenue Improved Again
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Saw Pretty Strong Global Freight Demand Regions General
Say What Plans New Offices Markets Look Like Scenario Changes Management Result Change Control Described Above
Scenario Named Executive Officer Resigns Subsequent Change Control Scenario Named Executive Officers Employment Agreements Terminated Cause
Scenario Named Executives Employment Agreements Terminated Without Cause Schedule 14a
Seal Seattle Washington 2007 Expeditors International Inc Nasdaq Expd
Seattle Washington 2008 Expeditors International Inc Nasdaq Expd Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securities Regulation Tax Withholding
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Security Ownership Directors Executive Officers
See Footnote Following Page Describing Modified Retrospective Method Seeing Higher Fuel Prices Significant Impact Customers Shipping
Selected Financial Data Selected Inquiries Received Through 2005
Selected Inquiries Received Through 2006 Selected Inquiries Received Through 2007
Selected Inquiries Received Through 2008 Selected Inquiries Received Through 2009
Selling Promotion Expense Was Slightly Higher Relative Recent Selling Promotion Not Contain Salaries Commissions Financial Statement
Senior Executives Been Hired Competitors Nor Likely Look Sense Shift Away Long Beach Somewhat Transitional Now
Set Standard Excellence Global Logistics Through Total Commitment Several Additional Capital Expenditures United States Plan Fulfillment
Shareholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting Shareholders Shareholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Shareholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholders Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Meetings Shares Available Awards
Short Answer Comply Applicable Laws Regulations Reasoned Invasions Short Answer Expeditors Not Underwrite Cargo Risk Ourselves
Signatures Significant Difference Tax Rate Previous Result Having Applied
Similar Previous Question Please Comment Factors Drove Significant Since Dont Foundation Not Form 990 Date Otherwise
Solicitation Proxies Some Minor Reclassifications Salaries Related Expenses Other However
Sordid Details Involve Issues Was Settlement Insurance Claim Sounds Like Prediction133we Dont Typically Those133and Definitely Them
Sources Growth Speaking Only 2005 Freight Volume Standpoint Containers Ocean
Special Rules Sponsor Commuter Programs Corporate Office Encouraging Public Transportation
Stage Still Think Figure Reported Latest 10-q Good Still Experiencing Bid Activity Above-normal Levels Drivers Beyond
Stock Stock Cash Dividends
Stock Dividend Reorganization Stock Option Agreement
Stock Option Plan Stock Option Program
Stock Price Performance Graph Strategy133to Supplement Short-term Time-definite Needs Possibly Not Permanent
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Substantial Cash Position Plans Raise Dividend
Such Date Not Case Meeting Shareholders Less Prior Summary 2002 Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Summary 2005 Option Plan Summary 2006 Option Plan
Summary 2007 Stock Option Plan Summary 2008 Directors Restricted Stock Plan
Summary 2008 Executive Incentive Compensation Plan Summary 2008 Stock Option Plan
Summary 2009 Stock Option Plan Summary Other Through Last Shown Below
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Supporting Statement
Sure Wasnt Rush Business Last Part Was Just Sustainable Given Enough Time Sun Not However Think
Talk Countries See Most Potential Growth Global Trade Talks Incremental Costs Hiring Sales Talent Like Expenses
Targeted Overall Compensation Technically Correct Was Full Service Offices Not Centers
Term Option Thank Associating Word Recent 8ks Expect Some Yield
Thank Sincere Interest Investing Expeditors Opinion Been Duly Thereby Decreasing Overall Costs Domestic Point-to-point International On-forwarding
They 14-18 Range Volume 2005 Being Year-over-year Noted They Explain Tsa Group Authorized Applicable Shipping Laws
Things Pretty Much Expected Them Ocean Freight Far Think Addressed Rest Question Best Above
Think Combination Factors Not Just Factor Explains Reason Think Expeditors Very Well Positioned Take Advantage Trend
Think Meaningful Fuel Surcharges Point 2005 Much Higher Think Well Fine Obviously Contingency Plans Less Said
Think Weve Addressed Issue Thoroughly Circumstances Allow Only Thought Been Given Issuing Another Split Price Stock
Thought Being Proven Correct Said Didnt Expect Thought Moved Lot Freight
Time Firm Plans Change Coos Role Within Job Time Planning Long Gone Stage Too Late Solve
Transfer Option Truly Interested What Stock Worth Look Financial Pages
Typically Able Pass Fuel Surcharges Issue Rate Increases Understand Difficult Look Geographic Reporting Segments Isolation Discuss
Understand Important Last Please Comment What Percentage Volumes Understand Tax Rate Move Time Based Options Mix
Understand Well Positioned Intra-china Recently China Stimulus Appears Unfortunately Soon Outfit Goes Away Seemed Another Elects
United States Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Usual Time Things Tightening Tend Now Very Aggressive Bad Debt Policy Particularly Expense Relates
Very Beginning Not Axiomatically Slow Automatically Assume True Very Difficult Gather Distill Whatever Feedback Received 19000
Very Little Revenue Specialized Projects Presently Not Really Very Strong Progress Pharmaceutical Healthcare Oil Energy Verticals
Vesting Schedule Volume Growth Figures 2007 Follows
Volume Trends Not Available Point Time Make Them Vote Important
Voting Securities Was Ahead Last Tonnage Wise-by Yields Similar
Was Amount Airfreight Yield Pressure 2004 Greater Expected Was Greater Stock Option Expense Impact 2006 Versus
Was Minority Interest Substantially Lower 2006 Compared 2005 Was Not Open-ended Broad Question Interrogation Left Exhausted
Was Recorded Column Entitled United States Sec Mandated Was Related Plaintiffs Civil Class Action Lawsuit
Was Some Each Former Latter Was Spike Per Employee Expense 2006
Was Strong Year-over-year Basis Airfreight Tonnage Ocean Container Was Tax Rate Much Higher Compared Last
Was Very Small Year-over-year Compression Airfreight Yields Website Turkish Besides English
Wednesday 2005 Wednesday 2006
Wednesday 2007 Wednesday 2008
Wednesday 2009 Well Defer Commenting Particulars Specific Labor Situation Stoppage
Weve Addressed Parts Question Previous Answers Operating Statistics Weve Addressed Volumes Previous Questions Respect Had Increases
Weve Already Answered Volume Part Request Answer Question Weve Answered Part Question Previous Response Significance True-up
Weve Incorporated Those Answers 8-k Weve Noted Previously Not Sure Growth Was Necessarily
What Assessment Current Trans-pacific Ocean Container Ship Capacity What Benchmark Sales Person Productivity Operations People Required
What Drove Customs Brokerage Yields Down 2006 Over What Expeditors Expectations Stock Option Expense Impact 2006
What Extent Expeditors Customers Feel Effect Inflationary Costs What Hearing Air Ocean Carriers Regarding Capacity Reductions
What Percentage Activities Between Carriers Done Electronically Manually What Percentage Expeditors Business Project Cargo Breakbulk
What Percentage Total Gross Revenues Customs Brokerage Other What Plans Headcount Growth 2006 Portion Planned Support
What Portion Labor Expense Fixed Versus Variable Incentive What Quarterly Run Rate Model Minority Interest Payments
What Question Created Expectation Operating Margins Need Improve What Tax Rate Assume 2007-08
What Thoughts Opportunities Open New Offices Start Thinking What Trends Over Net Revenue Operating Income Growth
What Trends Y-o-y Net Revenue Operating Income Growth What Was Air Freight Tonnage Ocean Container Count
What Was Contained Other Income Net Reported 2006 What Was Contribution Truck Brokerage Business
What Was Impact Foreign Exchange Earnings Expect Assuming What Was Impact Option Expense 2006
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While Tempted Dismiss Distinction Between Safeguard Quota Being While True Depreciation Amortization Expense Recorded 2006 Was
While Yields 2005 Might Well Lower Over Comparable Win Situation Able Increase Overall Market Share Strategic
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Yes Had Accounts Receivable Write-offs 2004-primarily Consulting Division Yes They Evident Intra-asia Lanes Seem Fairly Strong
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