Topic Listing for Fairpoint Communications

Abstentions Broker Non-votes Counted Acceleration Awards
Acceptance Access Charges
Access Line Customer Metrics Revenues Adjusted Ebitda Cash Access Line Equivalents
Access Line Erosion Access Line Losses Year-over-year
Accordance Electronic Filing Instructions Account Differences Related Character Stock Appreciation Right Terms
Accountants Accounting
Accounting Certain Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Amendment Sfas Accounting Certain Financial Instruments Characteristics Liabilities Equity
Accounting Costs Computer Software Developed Obtained Internal Accounting Effects Certain Types Regulation
Accounting Income Taxes Accounting Stock Based Compensation
Accounting Stock Issued Employees Accounting Terms Used Herein Not Expressly Defined Agreement
Accounts Receivable Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss
Acknowledge Received Read Fairpoints Code Ethics Financial Professionals Acquisition
Acquisitions Acquisitions Dispositions
Acquisitions Mergers Actually Had Far Positive Pleasant Findings Negative Result
Additional Agreements Additional Covenants Agreements
Additional Information Regarding Dismissal Kpmg Llp Appointment Ernst Additional Lender Joinder
Additional Permitted Subordinated Debt Long Default Event Then Additional Unsecured Indebtedness Borrower Subsidiary Guarantors Not Exceed
Adjusted Ebitda Adjusted Ebitda Acquired Rlecs
Adjusted Ebitda Was 346 After Adding Back 125 Adjustment Capitalization
Adjustment Capitalization Event Directors Restricted Units Shall Treated Adjustments Add Back Mentioned Terms One-time Payment Verizon
Administration Adoption Health Welfare Plans
Advertising Costs Affected Significant Restrictions Following Merger Respect Certain Actions
Affiliate Aggregated Option Sar Exercises Last End Values
Aggregated Option Sar Exercises Last Year-end Values Agreement
Agreement Plan Merger Agreement Shall Automatically Terminate Termination Merger
Agreement Shall Terminate Automatically Final Cutover Date Allowance
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Allowance Uncollectibles
Already Significantly Increased Size Sales Force Allowing Focus Also Contributing Higher Cost Quarter-over-quarter Increases Bad Debt
Also Importantly Amendment Now Permits Repurchase Senior Notes Also Just Pure Liquidity Standpoint 31st Completed Sale
Also Mention Proceeds Still Held Escrow Transaction Hope Also See Revenue Increases Associated Dsl Promotions Work
Alternatives Although Not Identified Challenges Fairpoint Completed Hiring Key
Amend Terms Credit Facility Enter New Agreements Govern Amended Exchange Offer Expected Supported Holders Approximately Aggregate
Amended Restated Employment Agreement Chairman Chief Executive Officer Amended Stipulation Rate Design Matters
Amended Stipulation Sqi Rate Design Attachments Amendment
Amendment Agreement Not Amended Modified Supplemented Orally Only Amendment By-laws
Amendment Credit Agreement Amendment Distribution Agreement
Amendment Existing Credit Facility Amendment Master Services Agreement
Amendment Merger Agreement Amendment Modification Termination Plan
Amendment Termination Amendments Eighth Amended Restated Certificate Incorporation
Amounts Payable Certain Circumstances Ana Goshko Bank America
Ana Goshko Bank America Analyst Annex
Annual Incentive Awards Annual Incentive Compensation Awards
Annual Incentive Criteria Executive Officers Annual Incentive Plan
Annual Meeting Held Annual Report
Annual Report Form 10-k 2007 Antages Multi-state Operations
Anticipation Merger Spend Significant Amount Money Assets Services Appearances
Applicable Law Appointment Agreement
Appointment Alfred Giammarino Executive Vice President Chief Financial Appointment Chairman Board Chief Executive Officer
Appointment Directors Appointment Lisa Hood Senior Vice President Controller Principal
Ard-looking Statement Ask Very Interesting Question Economic Effects Reported Bad
Asset Purchase Agreement Asset Sale
Asset Sales Assets Transferred Spinco Verizon Group Insufficient Operate Business
Assignment Amendment Counterparts Assumed Contracts Listed Schedule
Assumption Health Welfare Assumption Liabilities
Assumption Liabilities Transfer Assets Assumption Pension Plan Liabilities Allocation Interests Verizon Trusts
Assumption Senior Management Agreements Assumptions
Assumptions Considerations Attachment
Attachment A-1 Attendance Directors
Attractive Sustainable Cash Flow Attractive Sustainable High-yielding Common Equity Investment
Audit Committee Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy
Audit Committee Report Authority Individually Aggregate Reasonably Expected Material Adverse Effect
Authorized Shares Automated Inter-dealer Quotation System Requires Further Approval Such
Award Performance Units Banc America Analyst
Banc America Securities Analyst Bangor 2007
Bank Financing Bankruptcy Receivership
Barry Sine Barry Sine Oppenheimer Analyst
Base Salary Base Salary 2005
Basis Presentation Basis Presentation-northern New England Business Historical
Become Payable Connection Transactions Contemplated Agreement Required Permitted Before Begin Like Remind Certain Statements Conference Call
Beginning Beginning 2009 Ending 2010
Beginning 2009 Ending 2011 Beginning 2009 Through 2011
Believe Interests Absolutely Aligned Consumers Businesses States Telling Believe Reflective Least Part Lack Promotional Activity Result
Believe Something Change System Needs Reformed Glad See Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Enforceable Parties Hereto Respective Successors Permitted Assigns Benefit Plans
Benefit Surviving Corporation Subsidiaries Upgrade Maintenance Support Other Benefits Customers Employees
Benefits Named Executive Officers Others Benefits Stakeholders
Billing Collection Billing Errors Quickly Possible Minimize Impact Customers Believe
Billing Systems Not Function Properly Binding Agreement
Board Directors Board Directors Committees
Board Directors Recommend Vote Board Directors Recommends Vote Above Referenced Proposals
Board Directors Reorganized Fairpoint Communications Board Suspends Quarterly Dividend
Bona Fide Borrower Subsidiary Invest Cash Equivalents
Breakup Fee They Giving Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis Fairpoint Communications Inc Brett Ellis Fairpoint Communications Inc Investor Relations
Broadband Broadband Internet Regulation
Broadband Strategy Broadest Service Offerings Markets
Broadly Had Interventions Roughly Independent Ilecs States Settled Building Verizons Operating Strength
Burlington 2007 Business
Business Conduct Ethics Business Financial Condition Results Operations Adversely Affected Verizon
Business Interests Business Segments
Buyers Buyers Conditions Closing
By-laws Cable
Cable Video Call Dividend Yield Right Now Think Makes Sense
Canceled Terminated Forfeited Awards Settled Cash Cannot Assure Holders Notes Existing Rating Agency Ratings
Capex Was 1892 Included Nearly Related Development New Capgemini Agreements
Capgemini Settlement Agreement Capital Adequacy
Capital Expenditures Capital Expenditures Totaled Just 300 Including Approximately 100
Capital Stock Capital Stock Including Common Vote Voting Debt Distribution
Capital Stock Other Matters Capitalization
Carrier Services Senior Secured Notes Carrybacks Amended Returns Compensation Deductions
Cash Accounts Receivable Payable Demand Notes Cash Available Dividends
Cash Bank Accounts Receivable Casstel Cash Distributions Minority Interests
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow
Cash Flow Liquidity Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Cempany Holding Relies Dividends Interest Other Payments Advances Certain Agreements
Certain Agreements Related Merger Certain Circumstances Suspend Rights Stock Ownership Exercise Result
Certain Definitions Certain Definitions Used Agreement
Certain Financial Instruments Characteristics Liabilities Equity Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Transactions Certificate Incorporation By-laws Several Other Factors Limit Another
Certificate Incorporation Bylaws Surviving Corporation Certificate Public Good Issued Telephone Operating Vermont Llc
Certification Certification Pursuant Cfr 24013a-14 Promulgated 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Change Control
Change Control Event Directors Restricted Units Shall Treated Change Control Event Grantees Shares Restricted Stock Shall
Change Control Severance Agreement Change Control Severance Agreement Entered Giammarino
Change Vote After Return Proxy Card Changes Certifying Accountant
Changes Delays Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Internal Controls Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Changes Scope Chapter Cases
Chapter Plan Disclosure Statement Chapter Plan Term Sheet
Charlotte Charlotte 2006
Charlotte 2007 Charlotte 2008
Charlotte 2009 Charlotte Newswire 2005
Charlotte Newswire 2006 Charlotte Newswire 2007
Charlotte Newswire 2008 Charlotte Newswire 8211 2008
Charter Bylaws Cibc World Market Analyst
Citigroup 16th Annual Global Entertainment Media Telecommunications Conference Claims Arising Violation Federal State Local Foreign Law
Claims Tax Owed Supplier Xvii Clarifications
Class Directors Claude Lilly
Claude Lilly-dr Closing
Closing Documents Closing Occurs Surviving Corporation Ilec Spinco Subsidiary Non-ilec
Cobra Hipaa Code
Code Business Conduct Ethics Code Ethics Financial Professionals
Codes Ethics Combined Bank Covenant Summary Ebitda Bridge
Combined Cost Savings Detail Combined Statements Income
Combined Statements Parent Funding Commitments
Commitments Contingencies Committee Structure Operations
Committees Board Directors Common Stock
Common Stock Determined Verizon Spinco Prior Distribution Date Communication Audit Committees
Communications Acquisition Communications Board Directors
Communications Laws Communications Regulatory Matters
Compared 2004 Compared 2005
Compared 2006 Comparison Cumulative Total Return Among Fairpoint Communications Inc
Compensation Compensation Board Committee Reasonably Believes Become Subject 162
Compensation Chief Executive Officer 2005 Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Policies
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Directors
Compensation Expense Competition
Competitive Communications Business Operations Competitive Strengths
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Compliance Agreements Certain
Compliance Procedures Compliance Required
Complicated Process Expected Number Difficult Issues Come Weve Comprehensive Income
Compromise Computations Fees Shall Accordance 1107
Computer Software Costs Computer Software Interest Costs
Concentrations Concentrations Credit Risk
Concludes Todays Conference Call Now Disconnect Conclusion
Conditions Conditions Closing
Conditions Employment Represented Employees Shall Continue Determined Accordance Conditions Imposed State Regulatory Authorities Connection Approval Spin-off
Conditions Obligations Purchaser Conditions Obligations Sellers
Conditions Precedent Conduct Proxy Solicitation Pays
Conference Call Information Conference Call Webcast
Confidentiality Conflict Result Breach Provision Articles Incorporation By-laws Buyer
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Parties
Consequential Damages Consistent Prior Credit Agreement Adjusted Ebitda Reflect Add
Consistent Treatment Consolidated Access Line Equivalents Declined Reflected Modest Improvement
Construction Continuation Elections Application Spinco Dependents
Continue Improve Operating Efficiencies Profitability Continuing Class Directors Terms Expiring 2009
Continuing Class Directors Terms Expiring 2010 Continuing Class Directors Terms Expiring 2011
Continuing Focus Lower-density Markets After Transaction Contract Performance
Contracts Contracts Complete Correct Copies Spinco Material Been Provided
Contrary Shareholders Shall Personal Liability Connection Agreement Contribution
Controls Procedures Convenience Claims
Convenience Claims Against Conversion Capital Shares Effective Time Virtue Merger Without
Conversion Macc Platform Conversion Ratio Common Shares
Conversion Shares Exchange Certificates Cooperation
Cooperation Sec Filings Copy Shall Not Constitute Notice
Corporate Authority Violation Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Committee Corporate Governance Guidelines
Correct Material Respects Such Prior Date Relate Directly Correction Event Supplier Fails Deliver Transition Services Material
Cost Side Reviewing Mentioned Ongoing Structure Curtailed Hiring Count Votes
Counterparts Agreement Executed Number Each Shall Deemed Original Covenants
Covenants Credit Parties Covenants Purchaser
Covenants Relating Distribution Covenants Sellers
Covered Person Creates Multiple Opportunities Ongoing Value Creation
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Agreement Amended
Credit Agreement Amendment Credit Agreement Claims
Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Deleting Said Entirety Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Inserting Following New
Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Inserting Following Text Credit Agreement Hereby Further Amended Adding New Annex
Credit Agreement Hereby Further Amended Inserting Following New Credit Facility
Credit Facility Amendment Credit Facility Claims
Credit Facility Contains Covenants Limit Business Flexibility Imposing Credit Facility Contains Significant Limitations Distributions Other Payments
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Policies
Cumulative Cash Available Dividends Grew 276 Quite Current Available Cash Position
Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Current Success
Customer Impact Customer Segment Strategies
Cutover Actually Encompassed Several Think Was Really Important Cutover Plan
Cutover Update Cutover Verizon Systems Utilized Provide Services Transition Agreement
Data Internet Services Data Privacy
Date 2006 Date Executed Name Behalf Parent Officer Sub Such
Date Hereof Neither Spinco Nor Subsidiaries Required Form Date Report Earliest Event Reported
Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2006 Fairpoint Communications Dave Barden Fairpoint Communications Inc Analyst
David Barden Banc America Securities Analyst David Barden Bank America Analyst
David Hauser David Hauser-
David Sharret Barclays Capital David Sharret Barclays Capital Analyst
David Sharret Lehman Brothers Analyst Debt Exchange
Debt Exchange Notes Offering Debt Exchange Shall Undertaken Verizon New England Creditors
Debt Issue Costs Debt Issue Offering Costs
Debtor-in-possession Financing Decision Subject Revision Technical Errors Readers Requested Notify
Decrease Purchase Price Closing Amount Net Working Capital Defense Claims
Deferral Stock Awards Deferred Compensation
Deferred Shares Deficiencies Taxes Been Proposed Asserted Assessed Against Subsidiaries
Definition Current Liabilities Set Forth Hereby Amended Restated Definition Ilec Spinco Subsidiary Set Forth Hereby Amended
Definition Spinco Securities Set Forth Hereby Amended Restated Definitions
Delaware Law Delay Period
Delegation Committee Delegation Subcommittee
Deliverables Denial Rights
Department Public Service Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depend Parties Provision Long Distance Bandwidth Services Depend Parties Provision Long Distance Services
Depreciation Amortization Description Amended Stipulation
Description Business Description Proposed Transaction Filed
Despite Indebtedness Levels Able Incur Substantially Debt Further Despite Substantial Indebtedness Still Able Incur Substantially Further
Deutsche Bank Analyst Did Receive Notice Access Card Mail Instead Printed
Did Send Proxy Statement Dip Credit Agreement
Dip Pledge Agreement Dip Security Agreement
Dip Subsidiary Guaranty Director Attendance Annual Meeting Shareholders
Director Attendance Annual Meeting Stockholders Director Compensation
Director Independence Director Officer Matters
Directors Directors Representations Warranties Covenants
Directory Services Disclaimer
Disclosure Letter Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments
Disclosures Segments Enterprise Related Information Discussion
Discussion Decision Regarding Amended Stipulation Disposition Assets
Dispute Resolution Dissenting Opinion Commissioner Morrison
Dissenting Shares Dissenting Shares Aggregate Number Shall Not Exceed Total
Distribution Distribution Date Working Capital Aggregate Exceed Hundred Dollars
Distribution Per Share Merger Consideration Distribution Spin-off Notes Offering
Distributions Dividend
Dividend Policy Dividend Policy Restrictions
Dividends Dividends Dividend Equivalents
Documents Incorporated Reference Doing Today Suppose Possible Market Been Bit Wobbly
Dont Financials Yet Revenue Arpu Figures Since Now Dont Think Been Significant Change Last Competitive Environment
Draw Down Revolving Credit Facility Due General Partner
Duties Applicable Law Otherwise Complied Obligations 502 Duties Responsibilities
Each Compensation Commitment Each Party Hereto Irrevocably Waives Right Trial Jury
Each Pension Benefit Plan Intended Qualified 401 Code Each Subsidiaries Timely Paid Case Subsidiary Behalf Taxes
Each Subsidiaries Times Been Compliance Applicable Environmental Health Earned Revenues 648 Increase Over Same 2005 Gene
Earnings Loss Per Share Earnings Per Share
East Morehead Street Suite 250 Charlotte North Carolina Effect Termination
Effective Time Effective Time Otherwise Enable Surviving Corporation Maintain Compliance
Effective Time Verizon Shall Exercise Consistent Terms Conditions Effectiveness Period
Effects Merger Subject Foregoing Shall Provided Applicable Provisions Eighth Amended Restated Certificate Incorporation Fairpoint Communications Inc
Either Parent Written Notification Non-terminating Party Terminating Electric Distribution Municipal Issues
Eligibility Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Benefit Plans Erisa Employee Benefits
Employee Employer Contributions Been Timely Programs Employee Former Dependent Ceased Covered Before Closing Date
Employee Impact Employee Matters
Employee Matters Agreement Employee Stock Incentive Plan
Employees Employment Agreement
Employment Agreements Employment Contractors Parties
Employment Outside Employment Period
Encourage Havent Done Send Proxy Card Vote Favor End Access Line Equivalents Nearly 291000 Versus 276000
End Access Line Equivalents Nearly 293000 Versus 288000 Enhance Customer Loyalty
Enhanced Services Entire Agreement
Entire Agreement Incorporation Exhibits Entirely Committed Focused Ensure Smooth Seamless Transition Customer
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Matters Except Set Forth 510 Spinco Disclosure
Environmental Matters Except Set Forth 610 Disclosure Letter Environmental Regulations
Equity Compensation Plan Information Establishment Pension Plans Trusts
Establishment Spinco Plans Establishment Spinco Savings Plan
Estimate Capital Expenditures Excluding Related Merger Approximately Cash Estimate Capital Spending 180 200 Range Point
Estimate Market Size States Around Share Believe Incumbent Estimated Cash Available Pay Dividends Common Stock Based
Estimates Estment Highlights
Eugene Johnson Eugene Johnson-
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Event Agreement Terminated
Event Agreement Terminated Parent Pursuant 801 Due Breach Event Date Time 2009 1230pm Gmt
Event Date Time Apr 2008 1000am Event Date Time Aug 2009 1230pm Gmt
Event Date Time Mar 2009 0830am Est Event Date Time Nov 2008 800am
Event Shall Occurred Constitutes Default Credit Agreement Other Events Default
Events Not Trigger Severance Benefits Events Trigger Severance Benefits
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Except Disclosed 313 Disclosure Letter Collective Bargaining Agreement
Except Per Share Data Except Provided Agreement Shall Construed Enforced Accordance Laws
Except Such Authorizations Consents Approvals Filings Not Obtained Exchange Certificates
Exchange Offer Exchange Offer Issuance New Notes Payment Consent Fee
Excluded Opportunity Excluding Impact Cash Flow Operations Been 101 Half
Exclusions Execution
Execution Copy Executive Compensation Decisions 2007
Executive Compensation Policies Program Executive Officers
Executive Vice President Exemption
Exercise Price Exhibits
Existing Credit Facility Exoneration
Expect Fairpoint Convert Macc Platform Later Mailing Bills Expense Recognition
Expenses Costs Including Not Limited Reasonable Legal Fees Expenses Provided Distribution Agreement Non-monetary Cooperation Obligations Set
Explanatory Exposed Risks Relating Evaluations Controls Required 404 Sarbanes-oxley
Exposed Risks Relating Evaluations Internal Control Systems Required Face Risks Associated Acquired Businesses Potential Acquisitions
Face Significant Future Liabilities Compliance Costs Connection Environmental Failure Obtain Necessary Regulatory Approvals Impede Consummation Potential
Fair Value Measurements Fairpoint
Fairpoint Among Leaders Hsd Penetration Fairpoint Announces Private Debt Exchange Offer
Fairpoint Communications Announces Amendments Private Debt Exchange Offer Fairpoint Communications Announces Award Stock Options Restricted Newly
Fairpoint Communications Announces Consummation Private Debt Exchange Offer Fairpoint Communications Announces Execution Supplemental Indenture Connection Private
Fairpoint Communications Completes Sale Investment Orange County-poughkeepsie Limited Fairpoint Communications Inc
Fairpoint Communications Inc 2000 Employee Stock Incentive Plan Fairpoint Communications Inc 521 East Morehead Street Suite
Fairpoint Communications Inc Chairman Ceo Fairpoint Communications Inc Coo
Fairpoint Communications Inc Director Fairpoint Communications Inc Director Investor Relations
Fairpoint Communications Inc Industry Leading Provider Services Rural Fairpoint Communications Inc Subsidiaries Condensed Consolidated Statements Comprehensive
Fairpoint Communications Inc Subsidiaries Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Loss Fairpoint Communications Inc Subsidiaries Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Fairpoint Communications Notified Noncompliance Fairpoint Communications Reports 2008 Results
Fairpoint Communications Reports 2009 Results Fairpoint Communications Solutions Corp
Fairpoint Discussing Restructuring Plan Bank Lenders Executes Forbearance Fairpoint Grow Through Merger New England Wireline Operations
Fairpoint License Immediately Following Closing Such Not Necessary Fairpoint Pre-merger
Fairpoint Reports 2007 Results Fairpoint Surviving Corporation
Fairpoints Financial Soundness Fairpoints Results 2007 Subject Completion Filing Securities Exchange
Far Fcc Concerned Not Believe Wait Until States Favorable Rural Market Dynamics
Fcc License Shall Mean Permit Approval Registration Authorization Fcc Licenses
Federal Etc Designation Federal Income Tax Consequences
Federal Regulation Federal Regulatory Issues
Few Areas Remained Focused Still Addressing Final Transcript
Finally Completed Facility Buildout Temporary Data Center Verizon Finally Fifth Priority Increase Profitability End Thats What
Finally Like Just Make Comment Regarding Dividend Action Finally Regarding Debt Covenants Credit Ratios After Giving
Financial Advisory Agreements Financial Condition Results Operations Adversely Affected Assets Held
Financial Information Financial Instruments
Financial Managerial Technical Capacity Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financing
Financing Arrangements Subject Various Restrictions Limit Operating Flexibility Findings
Fixed Rate Floating Senior Subordinated Notes Issued 1998 Floating Rate Debt Exposure
Follow-up Question Line Chris Taylor Following Sets Forth Selected Biographical Information Executive Officers
Following Transactions Forbearance Agreement
Forbearance Certain Restrictions Forfeiture Recoupment Financial Reporting Misconduct
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form 8-k Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward Looking Statements Founder Compensation Arrangements
Fractional Shares Frank Bynum
Frank Bynum Jr- Frp Contribution
Frp Nyse Full Force Effect Except Extent They Previously Expired
Further Ordered Further Questions
Further Questions Time Future Long Term Incentive Awards
Future Sales Possibility Substantial Amount Common Stock Depress Gene Johnson Fairpoint Communications Inc Chairman Ceo
Gene Take General
General Information Annual Meeting Voting General Overview
General Principals Procedures General Principles Procedures
General Program Objectives General Provisions
General Provisions Relating Transfers Exchanges General Treatment Outstanding Awards
Generally Generated Cash Available Dividends 184 Declared Dividend 138
Generation Revenue Geographically Diversified Markets
Giammarinos Professional Background Give Some Idea What Think Cash Flow Operations
Going Forward Tell Intend Seek Time Continue Repurchase Golden Parachute
Goldman Sachs Analyst Good Guess Other Question Just Terms Appears Another
Good Morning Everyone Aware Monday Received Final Regulatory Good Morning Everyone Thank Joining Fairpoint Earnings Conference
Good Morning Just Question Merger Again Far Debt Good Morning Just Talk Dont Mean Beat Dead
Good Morning Michael Funk Calling David Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Governing Law Governing Law Agreement Shall Construed Accordance Governed Laws
Grant Material Increases Make Amendments Compensation Employees Listed Grant Options
Grant Performance Stock Units Grant Restricted Stock Units
Grant Stock Appreciation Rights Grantees Representations Warranties Covenants
Grantees Rights Respect Restricted Stock Great Just Quick Followup Expense Capgemini Transition Costs
Grow Revenue Maximize Free Cash Flow Grow Through Selective Acquisitions
Gtc Communications Inc Guess Last Mentioned Youre Confident Deal Close Didnt
Guided Right Had Been Tendered
Havent Gone Down Path Having Said Allow Introduce Gene Johnson Chairman Ceo
Headings Used Agreement Been Inserted Convenience Reference Only Headings Used Herein Convenience Reference Only Not Affect
Hello Also Congratulations Closing Deal Difficult Circumstances Question Hello Flay Lewis Question Was Answered Understand Properly
Hereby Amended Add Following Defined Term Alphabetical Order Hereby Amended Restated Entirety Read Follows
High-speed Data Penetration Reached 375 Legacy Markets Now Highlights
Historical Revenue Adjusted Ebitda Historical Verizon Northern New England Business
Holder Not Pursue Remedy Respect Indenture Notes Unless Holders
Holders Temporary Notes Shall Entitled Benefits Indenture Holding Relies Dividends Interest Other Payments Advances Transfers
Holding Rely Dividends Interest Other Payments Advances Transfers However Preceding Restrictions Shall Not Apply Encumbrances
Http Bnymellonmobularnet Bnymellon Frp Identified Material Weakness Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Ilding Foundation Scalable Growth Ill Just Stuck Questions Instead Let Take Each
Ill Turn Call Over Immediate Release
Impact Long Distance Was Material Because Had Out Impairment Long-lived Assets
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Stockholder Meeting Importantly Think Maybe High-speed Data Subscribers Increased Those
Incentive Awards Incentive Plans
Income Operations Income Tax Expense
Income Tax Expense Benefit Income Taxes
Increase Revenue Per Customer Increased Employment Broadband Availability
Increased Financial Flexibility Increases Partially Offset Decrease Universal Service Fund Receipts
Incurred Expenses 237 Related Pending Verizon Merger Credit Incurred Nearly Cutover-related Cost Half Level Costs Been
Indemnification Indemnification Period
Indemnitor Means Person Entity Required Provide Indemnification Agreement Indemnity
Indenture Shall Discharged Cease Further Effect Notes Issued Independence Discussions Audit Committees
Index Index Financial Statements
Individual Award Limitations Industry Trends
Inflation Information Covenants Borrower Furnish Each Lender
Information Relating Engagement Ernst Young Llp Information Relating Prior Audits Kpmg Llp
Information Systems Technology Strategy Information Technology Support Systems
Initial Holders Initial Public Offering
Injunction Insufficient Cash Flow Cover Expected Dividend Payments Policy
Insurance Insurance Policies Claims Administration
Intangible Assets Net Integration Fairpoints Spincos Businesses Not Successful
Integration Legacy Fairpoints Spincos Businesses Cutover New Systems Integration Plan Based Investing 200 Systems Development Approximately
Intellectual Property Intentionally Omitted
Inter-carrier Compensation Intercompany Accounts Receivable Owed Seller Sellers
Intercompany Indebtedness Permitted 706 Interest Rate Agreements Entered Compliance 704 Shall Permitted
Interest Rate Fees Interest Rate Swap Agreements
Interest Title Lessor Lease Permitted Agreement Internal Revenue Code Limits Deductibility Compensation
Internet Competition Internet Http Bnymellonmobularnet Bnymellon Frp
Internet Http Wwweproxycom Frp Interpretation
Interpretation Consent Interstate Access
Interstate Access Charges Interstate Access Revenue
Interstate Access Revenues Interstate Long-distance Penetration End Increased 544 Voice Access
Intrastate Access Intrastate Access Charges
Intrastate Access Revenue Intrastate Access Revenues
Introduction Investigations Litigation Except Set Forth Spinco Disclosure Letter
Investment Neither Nor Subsidiary Thereof Such Term Defined Investments
Investments Acquisitions Transfers Dispositions Properties Shares Assets Permitted Investments Equity Securities Carried Cost
Issuance Common Stock Issuance Common Stock Subject Put Obligations
Issuance New Notes Payment Consent Fee Issued Exchange Those Certificates Previously New Share Without
Issued Press Release Entitled Fairpoint Announces Private Issued Press Release Entitled Fairpoint Communications Announces
Jacob Gulkowitz Brookville Capital Management Analyst Jane Newman
Jim Weigert Fairpoint Communications Inc Senior Marketing Jim Weigert Fairpoint Communications Marketing
Job Creation Jobs Economic Development
John John Answer Jonathan Thank Question
John Crowley John Crowley Fairpoint Communications Inc Cfo
John Duda John Look Tell Exclude Corporate Allocations Whether Ebitda
Joinder Agreement Joint Defense Cooperation
Jonathan Chaplin Jpmorgan Analyst Jonathan Chaplin Jpmorgan Chase Analyst
Jonathan Chaplin Morgan Analyst Jpmorgan Analyst
Just Follow-up Quickly Cost Cut Side Know Not Just Mentioned Some Media Coverage E-mail Migration Remarks
Keip Kent Weldon
Kent Weldon- Know Everyone Tracks Quite Carefully Weve Updated Competitive
Labor Intervenors Labor Matters
Large Seems Reflect High Level Accuracy Around Bills Last Talk Northern New England Competitive Behavior Time
Lawsuit Parties Agree Pursue Resolution Subsection Minimum Calendar Lead Director Private Sessions
Leading Acquirer Rlec Properties Leading Market Share
Leading Provider Communications Services Rural Communities Leading Provider Communications Services Rural Small Urban Communities
Lease Commitments Leases
Leases Subleases Granted Others Not Interfering Material Respect Leave Absence Programs
Legacy Companies Unsecured Claims Legal Bar Consummation Transactions Contemplated Agreement Such Case
Legal Framework Legal Proceedings
Legal Services Lehman Brothers Analyst
Lender Addresses Let Make Couple Comments Plan Know Was Retire
Liability Fairpoints Surviving Corporations Sum Amounts Payable Supplier Liens Created Pursuant Capital Leases Respect Capitalized Lease
Liens Tangible Personal Property Subsidiaries Like Begin Just Couple Overall Comments Undoubtedly Noticed
Limitation Limitation Claims Indemnifiable Losses Notwithstanding Anything Contrary Contained
Limitation Liabilities Limitations
Limitations Ability Net Operating Loss Carryforwards Other Factors Limitations Usage Net Operating Loss Carry Forwards Other
Limitations Usage Net Operating Loss Carryforwards Other Factors Limited Competition Due Significant Economic Barriers Entry
Limited Partnership Liquidation
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Standpoint Cash Hand Remember Did Receive Permission Lisa Hood
List Membership Interests List Officers
Litigation Litigation Regulatory Commitments
Littleton 2007 Live Broadcast Earnings Conference Call Available Via Internet
Local Calling Services Local Government Authorizations
Local Service Competition Long Default Event Then Exists Exist Immediately After
Long Distance Competition Long Distance Services
Long Term Debt Long Term Incentive Equity Awards
Long Term Incentive Plan Long Term Incentive Plan Awards
Long-distance Operations Long-lived Assets
Long-term Debt Long-term Incentive Awards
Look Bottom Half Slide 2009 Youll See Maine Looking Statements Information Current Date Press Release Issued
Loss Unauthorized Access Confidential Information Maine Retail Regulation
Maine Unbundling Network Elements Maine-retail Regulation
Maine-unbundling Network Elements Maintain Such Records Prior Written Request Supplier Buyers
Maintenance Repairs Making Progress Every
Management Business Conduct Affairs Corporation Management Team Proven Track Record
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Manchester 2007
Marcus Shaw Bank America Securities Analyst Marketable Equity Securities
Markets Marlin Capital Analyst
Master Services Agreement Material Contracts
Material Contracts Complete Correct Copies Been Provided Verizon Material Terms Transactions
Materials Supplies Maximum Capital Expenditures
Maximum Performance Maybe
Measure Adjusted Ebitda Intended Help Provide Operating Run Media Contact
Meetings Membership
Merger Merger Information
Merger Information Update Merger Present Significant Challenges Management Divert Managements Attention
Method Determining Amounts Mind Let Provide Some Updates Status Meeting Cutover
Minimum Adjusted Ebitda Minimum Adjusted Ebitda Required Fund Cash Outflows Ending
Minus Minus Aggregate Principal Amount Term Loans Actually Repaid
Minute Books Equity Record Tax Returns Sellers Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous General Miscellaneous Provisions
Mjd Communications Inc Stock Incentive Plan Mon Equity Ownership Summary
Moon Capital Analyst Moore Analyst
Morgan Analyst Morgan Stanley Analyst
Mortgages Most Single-most Important Decision Along Way Gene Talked
Most Them Peter Says Settled Certainly Biggest Ones Multiemployer Plans Previously Contributed
Mutatis Mutandis Mutual Written Consent Buyer Sellers
National Grid Ndation Experience Strength
Need Additional Capital Continue Growing Through Acquisitions Neither Nor Subsidiaries Party Income Tax Allocation Sharing
Net Cash Proceeds Therefrom Applied Mandatory Repayment Net Income
Net Income Loss Net Periodic Benefit Cost
Network Access Charges Network Architecture Technology
Network Disruption Cause Delays Interruptions Service Lose Customers Network Operations Perspective Cutover Gone Extremely Well Some
New Accounting Pronouncements New Accounting Standards
New Common Stock New Credit Facility
New Hampshire New Hampshire Demographics
New Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm New Integrated Billing Platform Not Completed Time Function
New Notes Indenture New Products Services
New Revolver New Senior Secured Credit Facility
New Term Loan New York
New York Law Govern Except Provided Agreement Shall News Release
Next Question Line Chris Taylor Next Question Line Tom Seitz
Nominating Agreement Nominating Agreement Registration Rights
Nomination Selection Directors Nominees Class Directors Terms Expiring Annual Meeting
Nominees Election Directors Non-competition
Non-competition Non-solicitation Non-contravention Approvals Consents
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-qualified Stock Option Award Agreement
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan Document
Nor Other Provision Agreement Shall Construed Guarantee Sellers Northern New England Operations Access Line Equivalents Declined
Northern New England Spinco Inc Not Able Maintain Necessary Rights-of-way Networks
Not Able Successfully Integrate New Technologies Respond Effectively Not Realize Anticipated Cost Savings Growth Opportunities Merger
Notes Notes Floating Rate Issued 1998
Notes Issued 2000 Notes Issued 2003
Notes Offering Notes Payable
Notes Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Statements Notes Remain Outstanding After Exchange Offer Consent Solicitation
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2006 Notice Readers Decision Subject Revision Technical Errors Requested
Notice Rights Review Appeal Notices
Notices Other Written Communications Reasonable Time Giving Notice Notification
Notwithstanding Replacement Trustee Pursuant 708 Issuers Obligations Now Also Touch Few Important Developments Occurred Impact
Now Did Translate Economy Increase Quarterly Rate Decline Now Going Come Easily Take Some Time Told
Now Let Turn Attention Cash Flow Liquidity Operations Now Therefore
Ntroduction Number
Number 333-56365 Numbers Based 2006 Information
Nyse Frp Nysefrp
Objective Mind Also Attempted Provide Normalized Data Again Obligations
Obligations Funded Status Obligations Termination
Obtaining Waivers Licenses Obviously Results Agreement Reflected 2009 Financial Statements
Oca Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offered Hearing Offices
Okay Okay Also Detail Out Payment Schedule Whats Left
Okay Great Last Question Youve Very Good Progress Okay John 111 Bigger Number Built Some Other
Okay Now Also Terms Broadband Infrastructure Particular Vendor Okay Now Projecting Out
Okay Supposed Simple Yes Approval Process They Basically Okay Thank Very Much
Okay Thanks Very Much Gene Closing Remarks Okay Thats Fine Thank Very Much
Okay Thats Helpful Then Getting Back Cost Side Okay Then Terms Comment Maybe Some Favorite Vendors
Okay Think Stock Dividend Least Secure Next Old Class Common Stock
Once Get Past Bill Cycle Expect Doing Date One-time Increase 6500 Lines Identified Cutover Process Represents
Ong Experienced Senior Management Team Only Intended Provide High Level View Certain Key
Operate Expand Business Require Significant Amount Cash Ability Operating Costs Expenses
Operating Efficiencies Cost Reductions Operating Expenses
Operating Expenses Cost Goods Sold Excluding Depreciation Amortization Operating Expenses Excluding Depreciation Amortization
Operating Leases Operating Metrics
Operating Results 2004 Year-over-year Comparison Operational Highlights
Operational Synergies Operations Since Balance Sheet Date
Operator Operator Instructions Ana Goshko Bank America
Operator Instructions Follow-up Question Line Tom Marihart Oppenheimer Analyst
Oppenheimer Fund Analyst Options Restricted Stock Warrants
Orange County Poughkeepsie Limited Partnership Order Induce Lenders Enter Amendment Borrower Hereby Represents
Ordered Organization
Organization Basis Financial Reporting Organization Qualification
Orion Capital Analyst Other
Other Agreements Other Areas Operations Think Strong Position Relative Dividend
Other Business Other Claims
Other Competition Other Considerations
Other Distributions Other Events
Other Income Expense Other Information
Other Obligations Federal Law Other Public Benefits
Other Results Other Services
Other Situations Other Tax Matters
Other Think See Move Direction Add Anything Other Uses Offering Proceeds
Outlook Outside Directorships
Outstanding Additional Permitted Subordinated Debt Solely Through Accretion Outstanding Options
Overall Pleased Report Cutover Itself Went According Plans Overall Reported Total Access Line Equivalents Stood End
Overview Ownership
Page Pari Passu
Part Part Ii-other Information
Participants Based Outside United States Participating Todays Call David Hauser Chief Executive Officer
Partick Rien Barclays Capital Analyst Parties
Party Beneficiary Party Claims
Patricia Garrison-corbin Patricia Garrison-corbin-
Patrick Rien Barclays Capital Analyst Patrick Rien Lehman Brothers Analyst
Payment Payment Awards
Payment Date Subsequent Distribution Such Shares Payable Respect Payment Stock Appreciation Right Amount
Payment Transition Services Payments
Payments Buyers Fairpoint Agreement Shall Dollars Wire Transfer Pension Plans Other Postretirement Benefits
Performance Criteria Performance Evaluation
Performance Goals Performance Graph
Performance Measures Performance Share Units
Performance Those Obligations Reasonably-qualified Party Selected Supplier Reasonable Performance Unit Award Agreement
Performance Units Awarded Giammarino Performance-based Compensation 2005
Period End Clause Xviii Said Inserting Text Lieu Permissive Rights Trustee Things Enumerated Indenture Shall Not
Permits Permitted Acquired Debt
Permitted Acquisitions Consummated Accordance Requirements 610 Permitted Refinancing Indebtedness Long Default Event Existence Time
Permitted Swap Transactions Perquisites
Person Personnel Systems Providing Transition Services
Peter Nixon Peter Nixon Fairpoint Communications Inc President
Peter Nixon Fairpoint Communications President Peter Nixon John Crowley Shirley Linn
Peter Nixon Valeri Marks Shirley Linn Peter Then Going Give Much Detailed Update Regarding
Piece Regard Opportunities Northern New England Doubt Market Plan
Plan Reorganization Plan Term Sheet
Plant Property Equipment Plant Work Rules Right Access
Pledged Mortgaged Secure Howsoever Securing Guaranteed Obligations Liabilities Plus
Policies Procedures Training Policies Relating Board Directors
Portland 2007 Portland Maine 2008
Positive Developments Past Positive Gene Mentioned Revenue Services Increased Consecutive Growing
Post Closing Adjustments Post-employment Benefits
Post-employment Severance Change-in-control Benefits Post-merger
Potential Internet Regulatory Obligations Power Grant Awards
Powers Committee Pre-merger Fairpoint
Preemptive Rights Preferred Stock
Preliminary Results Operations Prepaid Expenses Including Amounts Paid Advance Account Rent
Presentation Press Release Contain Forward-looking Statements Not Based Historical
Previous Independent Public Accounting Firm Previously Available Spinco Complete Correct Copies
Previously Said Think Presented Compelling Case Regulators Northern Price Common Stock Fluctuate Substantially Negatively Affect Holders
Price Common Stock Negatively Impacted Issuance Shares 401 Primary Provider Communications Services Rural Communities Serve
Principal Accounting Fee Information Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Basis Presentation Privacy Issues
Private Sessions Pro Forma Balance Sheet
Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Information Pro Forma Contractual Obligations
Pro-forma Combined Access Line Information Probably Repeat Didnt Catch Last Previous Guidance Capital
Procedural Background Procedures
Procedures Indemnification Third-party Claims Proceeds Delayed-draw Term Loans Shall Utilized Solely Finance
Product Growth Prohibition Against Repricing
Projected Cash Flow Projections
Promotion Local Service Competition Traditional Telephone Companies Promotion Universal Service
Properties Property
Property Equipment Property Plant Equipment
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Ratification Independent Auditors
Proposed High-yield Financing Prospectus
Protection Confidential Information Proven Track Record Acquiring Operating Integrating Rlec Assets
Provide Access Services Other Communications Companies Become Insolvent Provide Services Customers Over Access Lines Lose Business
Provided However Proxy Solicited Board Directors 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Proxy Statement Been Delivered Purchase Accounting
Purchase Assets Assumption Liabilities Closing Purchase Price
Purchase Price Adjustment Purchase Price Assumption Liabilities
Purchase Sale Interest Purchase Stock
Purchases Equity Securities Affiliated Purchasers Purchasing Arrangement
Purpose Purpose Corporation
Purposes Purposes 313
Purposes 315 Following Terms Shall Meanings Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Financial Information
Question Answer Question Was What Cause Extend Tsa Agreement
Quite Frankly Satisfied Progress Making Given Headwinds Been Quorum Stockholder Meetings
Rate Design Attachment Ratification Existing Agreements
Rces Revenues Reach Number Thats Medium Guys Thought
Reading Between Lines Youre Saying Soon Already Good Real Property
Really Excited Transaction Get Closed Soon Know Going Really Key Priority 2009 Grow High-speed Data Penetration
Reasonably Expected Cause Distribution Disqualification Occur Provided However Receiving Proxy Statement
Recent Accounting Developments Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Developments Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Recitals Reclassification
Reclassifications Records Access
Records Information Recoupment Awards
Redeemable Preferred Stock Redemption Offers Purchase
Redemption Series Preferred Stock Subject Mandatory Reductions Insurance Proceeds Other Amounts
Registered Office Agent Registrable Securities
Registration Rights Registration Rights Agreement
Registration Rights Securities Listing Shareholder Regular Course Business
Regulation Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Changes Communications Industry Adversely Affect Business Facilitating Regulatory Conditions
Regulatory Conditions Merger Regulatory Environment
Regulatory Matters Regulatory Merger Conditions
Regulatory Orders Reimbursement
Related Parties Related Party Transactions
Relating Spinco Employees Future Participation Including Right Make Relationship Parties
Relationships Other Communications Companies Material Operations Financial Difficulties Releases Indemnification Insurance
Rely Limited Number Key Suppliers Vendors Operate Business Remedies
Removal Entry Barriers Renunciation Interest Expectancy
Report Compensation Committee Executive Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reports Required Governmental Entities Been Timely Properly Transactions Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Buyer Representations Warranties General Partner
Representations Warranties Parent Sub Representations Warranties Purchaser
Representations Warranties Seller Representations Warranties Sellers
Representations Warranties Verizon Representations Warranties Verizon Spinco
Repurchase Equity Securities Requests Information
Required Adopt Agreement Approve Merger Other Transactions Contemplated Residential Customers
Resources Authority Committee Respect Each Pension Benefit Plan Defined 414 Contribution
Respect Erisa Plans Except Set Forth Schedule 219 Respect Subsidiary Liable Income Other Material Taxes Not
Respect Welfare Benefit Plans Responsibility Spinco Surviving Corporation Extent Separated Following Closing
Restated Certificate Incorporation Amended By-laws Several Other Factors Restricted Cash
Restricted Stock Agreement Restricted Stock Award Agreement
Restricted Stock Awards Restricted Stock Granted Giammarino
Restricted Stock Units Restricted Unit Agreement
Restrictions Payment Dividends Restructuring Plan
Result Process Significantly Increasing Size Business Sales Force Results
Results Operation Financial Condition Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Operations-three Period 2005 Compared 2004
Results Period 2005 Results Period 2006
Results Period 2007 Retail Rates Service
Retention Records Access Retirement Welfare Benefits
Revenue Revenue Concentrations
Revenue Recognition Revenue Settlements
Revenue Source 2004 Revenues
Review Order Flow Volume Getting Orders Through Systems Rights Sellers Respect Each Customers Related Business
Risk Factors Risk Loss Reduction Network Access Charge Revenues
Risk Loss Reduction Universal Service Fund Support Risk Loss Statutory Exemption Burdensome Interconnection Rules Imposed
Risks Posed Costs Regulatory Compliance Risks Related Business
Risks Related Regulatory Environment Risks Related Substantial Indebtedness Common Stock
Rlecs Operate Favorable Supportive Regulatory Environments Robert Kennedy Appointed Audit Committee 2008
Robert Lilien Robert Lilien-
Rolling Out New Products Speak Roll Currently Product Rothschild Engagement
Rural Local Exchange Carrier Operations Rural Local Exchange Carrier Services Regulation
Rural Markets Naturally Resistant Competition Rward-looking Statement
Said Rather Continuing Focus What Happened Recent Past Sales Marketing
Savings Plans Employee Stock Ownership Say Dividend Priority Board Right
Say Theres Probably Main Things Come Mind Timing Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule Long Term Incentive Plan
Schedule Services Shall Provided Following Monthly Fee Each Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts Verizons Maine New Hampshire
Scheduled Existing Indebtedness Scope
Scope Services Changes Searchable Text Graphics Shown Above
Secondly See Path Towards Getting Deal Done Date Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder See Central Maine Power Proposed Increase Rates
Seems Trend Segments
Selected Quarterly Financial Data Sellers Conditions Closing
Sellers Contract Gvnw Consulting Inc Sellers Shall Removed Pay Closing Liens Purchased Assets
Senior Notes Issued 2003 Senior Secured Notes
Senior Subordinated Notes Issued 2000 Serve Highly Rural Markets
Service Level Commitments Service Quality
Service Quality Penalties Services
Set Forth Below Certain Information Disclosed Offering Memorandum Set Forth Schedule 219 Hereto True Complete List
Settlement Csg Settlement Restricted Units
Severability Shall Construed Accordance Governed Law State New York
Share Authorization Shareholders Conditions Closing
Shareholders Equity Shares Voted Not Provide Proxy
Shelf Registration Statement Shirley Linn
Short-term Investments Signature
Signature Page Follows Signature Pages Follow
Signatures Signatures Follow Next Page
Simon Flannery Morgan Stanley Simon Flannery Morgan Stanley Analyst
Since Cutover Experienced Certain Systems Functionality Issues Had Since Then Completed Put Service Over Queued New
Single Point Contact Dispute Resolution Sitting Here Looking Team Saying Answer Yes Expect
Situations Solicitation
Solicitation Employees Solicitations
Some Information Sorry
Sounds Like Awful Lot Plate Ive Got Tell Special Payment New Financing Debt Exchange
Specific Performance Specific Principals Determining Executive Compensation
Specific Principles Determining Executive Compensation Spending Exceeds Budgeted Amounts Network Systems Integration Planning
Spin-off Spinco Disclosure Letter Lists Foreign Jurisdictions Subsidiary
Spinco Real Property Spinco Shall Distributed Internal Spinoffs Distribution Participate Merger
Sqi Attachment Staff
State Regulation Statement Income
Stephen Douglas Banc America Analyst Stephen Douglas Bas-ml Analyst
Still Managed Get Done Successfully Completed Financing Got Stipulation Provisions
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Based Compensation
Stock Incentive Plan Stock Option Plan
Stock Option Plans Stock Options
Stock Plans Stock Purchase Agreement
Stock Subject Plan Stock-based Compensation
Stock-based Compensation Plans Stockholder Action
Stockholder Approval Fairpoint Communications Inc 2008 Annual Incentive Stockholder Proposals Inclusion Next Proxy Statement
Stockholder Rights Stockholders Agreements Nominating Agreement Registration Rights
Stockholders Equity Stockholders Not Receive Level Dividends Provided Dividend Policy
Stockholders Not Receive Same Level Dividends Historically Paid Strategy
Subject Competition Adversely Impact Subject Competition Adversely Impact Business Financial Condition Results
Subject Mandatory Repayment Provided 302 Entitled Benefits Agreement Subject Significant Regulations Change Manner Adverse
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Submitted Compensation Committee Board Directors
Subrogation After Making Indemnification Payment Amount Losses Such Subsequent Amendments Credit Agreement
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsequent Service Invoices Payment Subsidiaries Treated Stored Disposed Arranged Permitted Disposal Transported
Subsidiary Verizon Conducting Spinco Business Constituted Either Distributing Substantial Indebtedness Negative Impact Financing Options Liquidity Position
Substantial Indebtedness Restrict Ability Pay Dividends Common Stock Success Been Able Achieve Legacy Fairpoint Differential Penetration
Success Depend Ability Attract Retain Qualified Management Other Success Depends Ability Attract Retain Qualified Management Other
Successful Execution Clec Testing Throughout Early Resolution Key Successfully Completed Single System Also Known Ss7 Upgrade
Succession Planning Committee Successors
Such Awards Each Grant Incentive Stock Units Shall Such Board Directors Indicated Intention Continue Paying Quarterly
Such Employee Program Pbgc Not Threatened Taken Steps Such Factors Include Those Risks Described Time Fairpoints
Sufficiency Assets Suit Proceeding Counterclaim Whether Based Contract Tort Otherwise
Summary Summary Compensation Table
Summary Contractual Obligations Summary Director Compensation
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Summation
Supplemental Indenture Supplier Cutover Planning Services Shall Provide Described Additional
Sure Obviously Since Drew Funds Down Mid-september Incurring Sure Stephen Gene Take Part
Survival Survival Expiration Representations Warranties Covenants
Survival Indemnification Survival Terms Indemnification
Surviving Liability System Failure Cause Delays Interruptions Service Lose Customers
Systems Cutover Status Implications Table Contents
Take Some Details Off-line Talk Brett Ellis After Talk Little Bit Cost Wimax
Tangible Personal Property Intangible Target Adjusted Ebitda
Target Performance Tariffs Fcc Licenses
Tax Considerations Tax Contests
Tax Exposure Tax Issues
Tax Liens Property Assets Subsidiaries Except Current Taxes Tax Matters
Taxes Taxes Buyer Business Attributable Period After Closing Date
Taxes Sellers Taylor Investment Association Analyst
Technologically Advanced Infrastructure Technologically Advanced Infrastructure Experience
Telecommunications Peer Group Telephone 1-866-580-9477
Term Term Business Means Other Saturday Sunday Banks Located
Term Exchange Act Means Securities 1934 Amended Term Securities Act Means 1933 Amended
Terminated Merged Plans Assets Remain Termination
Termination Abandonment Termination Amendment Waiver
Termination Amendment Waivers Termination Employment
Terms Conditions Stock Appreciation Rights Terms Employment
Terms Participation Spinco Employees Terms Real Marketing Push Coming What Right Bundling
Testing Protocol Gene Indicated Already Place Part Reason Thank
Thank Brett Good Morning Everyone Since Earnings Call Thank Gene Past Ill Focus Comments Status Post-cutover
Thank Participating Todays Conference Now Disconnect Thank Reached Allotted Time Questions Sir Closing Remarks
Thanks Gene Going Update Several Topics Related Transition Thanks Gene Good Morning Everyone Earned Revenues 642
Thanks Good Morning Everyone Thank Joining Fairpoint Earnings Thanks Good Morning Legacy Fairpoint Properties They Moved
Thanks Holding Call Just Had Handful Quick Questions Thanks Peter Good Morning Everyone Pleased Report Another
Thanks Very Much Brett Good Morning Everyone Lot Thats Helpful Thanks Last Operational Point
Then Beyond 2009 What Thinking Terms Ebitda Trends Then Beyond Improvement Margins Just Said Improving Dsl
Then Far Restricted Cash Expect Continue Makes Way Then Final Question Just Update What Access Line
Then Finally Very Prudent Focus Activity Sales Front Then Question Real Strong Dsl Numbers Particularly Vis-a-vis
Then Shall Pay Parent Wire Transfer Same Funds Then Think Well Ask John Answer Question
Think Also Remiss Didnt Thank Walt Leach Tremendous Think Combination Lot Things Well Deteriorating Financial Market
Think Every Employee Fairpoint Focuses Dsl Nothing Special Think Important Addition Increasing Number Subscribers Dsl Arpu
Think Important Look Carefully Actions Like Difficult Times Think Pleased Operations They Stabilized Stabilizing Very Difficult
Think Point Thing Need Keep Mind Now Off Think Something Probably Doesnt Happen Until After Over
Think Strong Financing Commitment Banks Lehman Bofa Deutsche Think Thats Extraordinarily Important Because New Systems Really
Think Thats Question Third-party Intellectual Property
Thomas Eagan Analyst Thomas Egan Jpmorgan Analyst
Thomas Egan Jpmorgan Chase Analyst Thomas Griffin
Thomson Financial Reserves Right Make Changes Documents Content Time Audio Break
Time-off Benefits Title Condition Property
Title Related Matters Tom Seitz Barclays Capital Analyst
Tom Seitz Lehman Brothers Analyst Total Shareholder Return
Trade Other Accounts Receivable Transaction Agreements
Transaction Bonuses Transaction Details Tax-free Distribution
Transaction Overview Transaction Specifics
Transaction Update Transactions Affiliates
Transcript Webcast Employees Fairpoint Communications Inc Transfer
Transfer Assets Spinco Pension Trust Transfer Restrictions Vesting Restricted Units
Transferability Transferee
Transferee Joinder Transition Agreement
Transition Plans Transition Services Agreement
Transition Services Fees Treatment Outstanding Verizon Rsu Psu Awards
Triggering Events Accelerate Increase Direct Financial Obligation Triggering Events Accelerate Increase Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance
Tro Trustee
Trustee Collects Money Pursuant Shall Pay Out Following Trustee Fix Record Date Payment Holders Pursuant 610
Trustee Not Affirmative Duty Ascertain Whether Such Actions Trustee Shall Comply Provisions Tia 313 Extent Applicable
Turn Call Over Turning Revenue Know Consolidated Reported Came 3193 Lower
Types Awards Available Long Term Incentive Plan Ucs Capital Stock Whereas
Ulatory Framework Unable Comply Covenants Agreements Governing Indebtedness Default Result
Unavailable Employees Undertaken Supplier Buyers Schedule Services Terminated Prior Termination
United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Universal Service Contributions
Universal Service Fund High Cost Loop Universal Service Fund High Cost Loop Support
Universal Service Fund Usf Universal Service Support
Unless Otherwise Expressly Stated Agreement Right Consent Approval Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unresolved Staff Comments
Unsecured Claims Against Upcoming Regulatory Actions
Valuation Valuation Assets
Valuation Long-lived Assets Including Goodwill Vdsl
Ven Track Record Operating Integrating Rlec Assets Verizon
Verizon Communications Inc Verizon Northern New England Business Stock-based Compensations Plans
Verizon Plan Fairpoint Appropriate Shall Reimburse Directly Verizon Shall Cause Applicable Plan Group Member Retain
Verizon Shall Indemnify Defend Hold Harmless Fairpoint Indemnitees Verizon Spinco Previously Available Complete Correct Copies
Verizons Request Discontinue Service Vermont
Vesting Exercisability Vesting Payout Balances
Vesting Restricted Stock Vesting Restricted Stock Units
Vicky Reporting Directly New Role Ensure She Resources Voice Access Line Trend 2000 2004
Voice Over Internet Protocol Competition Voluntary Prepayments
Vote Vote Person Annual Meeting Rather Completing Proxy Card
Vote Proxy Vote Proxy View Materials Internet Please Notice Hand
Vote Required Recommendation Votes Counted
Voting Rights Wachovia Securities Analyst
Waiver Jury Trial Walt Leach Fairpoint Communications Inc Evp Corporate Development
Walter Leach Was Buyback Consideration Know Guys Some Restrictions Around
Was Trying Understand Economic Decision Paying Dividend Versus Well Thanks Brett Good Morning Everyone Beautiful Augusta
Well What Weve Said Comfortable Savings Expectations Synergies Weybosset Research Analyst
What Like Now Make Couple Comments Regarding Decision What Other Matters Come Annual Meeting
What Receive Duplicate Proxy Statements Cards What Receive Duplicate Sets Proxy Materials Notice Access
What Required Vote Approval What Say Though 205 Budget Capex 2008 Just
What Shares Held Street Name What Translated Liquidity Standpoint Relatively Short Period Time
What Vote Meeting Whereas
Whether Not Plan Attend Please Complete Proxy Promptly-by Whether Not Plan Attend Please Complete Sign Date
Winston Len Goldman Sachs Analyst Wireless Competition
Wireline Competition Wireline Satellite Competition
Witness Whereof Workers Compensation Claims
Wouldnt Add Think Nailed Wwwfairpointcom
Wwwfairpointcom Investor Year-to-date Results 2006
Yes Yes Also Terms Dsl Versus Cable Modem Split
Yes Fact Partner Process Colorado Rolled Out Other Yes Peter Well Least Answer Piece John Then
Yes Point Out Peter Investor Call Not Really Yes Question Was Dividend Going Change
Yes Simon Obviously Monitoring Capital Markets Very Closely Yes Sir
Yes Stephen Let Take Part Question Around Billing Yes Think Thats Right Mean Reflective Long-term Trends
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