Topic Listing for Fortress Investment Group

Ability Retain Managing Directors Critical Success Grow Depends Active Market Class Shares Not Sustained
Additional Information Additional Member
Adjusted Capital Account Adjusted Property
Administration Affiliate
Agreed Allocation Agreed Value
Agreement Agreement Fortress Investment Group Llc
Allocations Distributions Alternate Investment Management Business Intensely Competitive Industry State
Amended Restated Agreement Limited Partnership Fortress Operating Group Amendment Agreement
Amendment Credit Agreement Amendment Effective Date Means 2009
Amendment Operating Agreement Amendment Termination
Amendments Amendments Credit Agreement
Amounts Paid 206 Shall Applied Payment Outstanding Delayed Annex Assignment Assumption
Announces 2008 Dividend Annual Meeting Held 2009
Anti-takeover Effects Operating Agreement Applicable
Applicable Rate Means Following Percentages Per Annum Respect Assets
Assistant Assurance Amounts Paid Dividends Class Shares Sufficient Cover
Assurance Successful Developing Market Investment Products Asia Relationship Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Audit Fees Related Tax Other Avenue Americas New York
Average Fee Paying Aum Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Measurement Been Engaged Investment Manager Third-party Fund Funds Managed
Board Directors Board Representation
Book Book-tax Disparity
Books Records Accounting Reports Borrower Assignee Means Either Foe Applicable
Borrower Loan Purchase Amount Means Applicable Assignee Paid Borrower Loan Purchase Shall Effective Satisfaction Conditions Set
Borrower Loan Purchases Subsequent Cancellation Retirement Such Term Business
Cannot Match Transferors Transferees Common Units Therefore Adopted Capital Account
Capital Commitments Capital Contribution
Carrying Value Cash Collateral Account
Cash Equivalents Beginning Period Cash Equivalents End Period
Cash Flows Castles
Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements Certain Funds Utilize Special Situation Distressed Debt Investment
Certain Funds Utilize Special Situation Distressed Debt Mortgage-backed Certain Provisions Operating Agreement Regarding Exculpation Indemnification Officers
Certificate Certificate Formation
Certification Ceo Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Certification Cfo Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley
Certification Chief Executive Officer Certification Chief Financial Officer
Change Membership Board Directors Change-in-control
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Class Share Price Decline Due Large Number Shares
Class Shareholders Subject Federal Income Tax Share Taxable Class Unit
Clawback Guaranty Indemnity Agreement Closing Date
Co-investment Florida East Coast Industries Code
Commitments Contingencies Commodities Fund
Common Shares Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Elements Achieve Goals
Compensation Gaap Net Income Loss Compensation Goals Philosophy Chief Financial Officer General Counsel
Compensation Goals Philosophy Principals Competition
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Complying Certain Tax-related Requirements Cause Forego Otherwise Attractive
Conditions Precedent Conference Call
Confidentiality Proxies Conflicts Committee
Congress Proposed Legislation Require Essentially Funds Register Sec Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Principals Consolidated Contractual Obligations
Consolidated Leverage Ratio Permit End Borrower Period Ending Consolidated Subsidiaries
Consolidated Subsidiaries Income Taxes Consolidation
Consolidation Deconsolidation Fortress Funds Contd Previous Page
Contractual Obligations Contributed Property
Control Control Principals Combined Voting Power Shares Holding Economic
Corporate Credit Agreement Covenants
Credit Agreement Credit Facility Swap Contract Means Entered Loan Party
Credit Opportunities Funds Critical Accounting Policies
Curative Allocation Current Businesses
Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Currently Not Intend Make Election 754 Internal Revenue
Currently Not Satisfy Certain Regulatory Requirements Regarding Composition Date
Debt Obligations Deemed Investment Act 1940 Applicable Restrictions Make Impractical
Deferred Incentive Income Defined Terms
Definitions Definitions Accounting Terms
Delaware Delaware Act
Depend Messrs Briger Edens Kauffman Nardone Novogratz Loss Depositary
Derive Substantial Portion Revenues Funds Managed Pursuant Management Determining Compensation Chief Financial Officer 2008
Determining Compensation General Counsel 2008 Dgcl
Difficult Market Conditions Adversely Affect Funds Ways Including Direct
Direct Investments Means Investment Loan Party Subsidiaries Other Director Compensation
Disclosure Controls Procedures Dissolution Liquidation
Distributable Earnings Impairment Dividend
Dividends Declared Per Class Share Dividends Distributions
Documents Incorporated Reference Drawbridge Global Macro Funds
Drawbridge Special Opportunities Funds Due Diligence Process Undertake Connection Investments Investment Funds
Duties Officers Directors Earnings Gaap Net Income Loss
Earnings Per Class Share Ndash Fortress Investment Group Earnings Per Unit Ndash Fortress Operating Group
Effective Date Elected Become Controlled Within Meaning New York Stock
Electronic Transmission Eligibility
Employee Misconduct Harm Impairing Ability Attract Retain Investors Employment Agreements Named Executive Officers
Employment Agreements Principals Employment Letter Chief Financial Officer
Employment Letter General Counsel Equitable Adjustments
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Prices Exchange Rate Risk
Equity Proceeds Equity-based Compensation
Equity-based Other Compensation Events Default Remedies
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exchange Act
Exchange Agreement Exchange Rate Risk
Exchanges Repurchases Recapitalization Executive Officers
Exhibits Expansion Board Directors
Expense Allocation Agreement Expenses
Experienced Rapid Growth Difficult Sustain Place Significant Demands Factors Affecting Business
Failure Deal Appropriately Conflicts Interest Damage Reputation Adversely Failure Maintain Effective Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fee Paying Assets Management
Fig Asset Llc Not Able Invest Certain Assets Financial Statement Guide
Financial Statements Exhibits Financing Activities
Following Covenants Conditions Not Been Performed Observed List Following Paragraph Quarter-end Financial Statements
Following Paragraph Year-end Financial Statements Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Compliance Certificate
Form Joinder Agreement Form Loan Notice
Formation Transactions Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Fortress Fortress Announces Pricing 200 Follow-on Offering
Fortress Announces Public Offering 125 Class Shares Fortress Funds Market Risk Impact Gaap Incentive Income
Fortress Funds Market Risk Impact Gaap Investment Income Fortress Funds Market Risk Impact Gaap Management Fees
Fortress Funds Market Risk Impact Incentive Income Fortress Funds Market Risk Impact Management Fees
Fortress Investment Funds Fortress Investment Group Llc
Fortress Investment Group Llcs Board Directors Fortress Operating Group Entity
Fortress Operating Group Membersrsquo Equity Ndash 2007 Fortress Partners Funds
Fortress Reports 2007 Financial Results Fortress Reports 2008 Financial Results
Fortress Reports 2009 Financial Results Fortress Reports End 2008 Financial Results
Fortress Vrf Llcs Sole Purpose Act Managing Member Full 2007
Full 2008 Fund
Fund Investments Subject Numerous Additional Risks Fund Management Investment Platform
Funds Funds Invest Relatively High-risk Illiquid Assets Often Significantly
Funds Subject Counterparty Default Concentration Risks Funds Subject Counterparty Default Risks
Funds Subject Risks Due Potential Illiquidity Assets Future Compensation Expense
Gaap Gaap Net Income
Gaap Revenues General
General Provisions Governmental Entity
Grantor Trust Group Member Agreement
Guaranty Hedge Fund Industry Become Especially Volatile Recent Funds
Hedge Fund Industry Been Especially Volatile Over Past Hedge Fund Investments Subject Numerous Additional Risks
Hedge Funds Hedge Funds Subject Risks Due Potential Illiquidity Assets
Historical Performance Funds Not Considered Indicative Future Results Historical Pro Forma Financial Information Included Report Not
Historical Pro Forma Financial Information Through 2007 Included Hold Acquire Certain Investments Through Entity Classified Pfic
Holder Hybrid
Hybrid Funds Hybrid Hedge Funds
Hybrid Private Equity Funds Impairment Determination
Incentive Income Income Before Deferred Incentive Non-controlling Interests Consolidated Subsidiaries
Income Before Deferred Incentive Principalsrsquo Othersrsquo Interests Consolidated Income Before Taxes
Income Loss Before Deferred Incentive Othersrsquo Interests Consolidated Income Loss Before Deferred Incentive Principalsrsquo Othersrsquo Interests
Income Loss Before Principalsrsquo Othersrsquo Interests Consolidated Subsidiaries Income Loss Before Taxes
Income Statement Income Tax Benefit Expense
Income Tax Expense Income Taxes
Income Taxes Tax Related Payments Increase Borrowing Costs Adversely Affect Earnings Liquidity
Indemnification Agreements Indemnified Person
Independent Director Index
Initial Public Offering Ipo Instruction Withhold Authority Vote Individual Nominee Nominees Except
Intend Pay Regular Dividends Ability Limited Holding Structure Intentionally Omitted
Interest Rate Risk Interests Income Consolidated Subsidiaries Taxes
Intermediate Holding Fig Corp Subject Corporate Income Taxation Investing Activities
Investing Fig Asset Llc Investment Class Shares Give Rise Ubti Certain Tax-exempt
Investment Funds Often Make Investments Companies Not Control Investment Income
Investment Management Business Intensely Competitive Investments Equity Method Investees Other
Investments Hedge Funds Frequently Rank Junior Others Same Investments Private Equity Funds
Investments Variable Interest Entities Investor Shareholder Agreement
Investors Hedge Funds Redeem Investments Private Equity Elect Ipo
Issuance Equity Securities Fortress Joinder Agreement
Lease Obligations Liabilities Membersrsquo Equity
Liabilities Shareholdersrsquo Equity Limitations Liability Indemnification Directors Officers
Liquid Liquid Hedge Funds
Liquid Hedge Funds Hybrid Liquidation Date
Liquidator Llc
Long Dated Value Funds Long Event Default Exists Immediately Prior Making Thereof
Management Fee Paying Aum Ndash Ending Balance Management Fees
Management Operation Business Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managers Managing Business Performance
Market Considerations Market Considerations Summary
Market Price Trading Volume Class Shares Volatile Result Market Risks
Member Member Nonrecourse Deductions
Memberrsquos Interest Members Shares
Membersrsquo Equity Ndash 2006 Merger Consolidation Conversion
Mergers Consolidations Tradenames Etc Minimum Future Rentals Fortress Lessee Number Operating Leases
Minimum Gain Minimum Management Fee Earning Assets Time Permit Less
Name Exchange Registered Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
National Securities Exchange Net Agreed Value
Net Cash Proceeds Net Income
Net Income Loss Net Increase Cash Equivalents
Net Increase Decrease Cash Equivalents Net Loss
New Fortress Funds Means Created After Amendment Effective New York 10105
Nominees Nomura Transaction
Non-controlling Interests Consolidated Subsidiaries Non-employee Director Compensation
Non-employee Director Compensation Table Non-employee Director Grants
Non-gaap Information Nonrecourse Built-in Gain
Nonrecourse Deductions Not Know What Impact Governments Plans Purchase Large
Not Know What Impact Governments Various Plans Attempt Notice 2009 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notwithstanding Anything 212 Contrary Including Clause Above Shall Obligations Secured Treasury Management Agreement
Offer Make Borrower Loan Purchase Assignee Sale Term Officers
Operating Activities Operating Activities Comparative
Operating Activities Comparative 2009 2008 Operational Risks Disrupt Businesses Result Losses Limit Growth
Opinion Counsel Option Closing Date
Options Options Affiliates
Organization Organization Basis Presentation
Organization Duration Organizational Documents Not Limit Ability Enter New Lines
Other Compensation Table 2007 Other Compensation Table 2008
Other Events Other Income Loss
Other Matters Other Matters Properly Presented Persons Named Proxies Vote
Other Related Party Transactions Other Share-based Awards
Othersrsquo Interests Income Consolidated Subsidiaries Taxes Otherwise Without Premium Penalty Shall Accompanied Interest Principal
Outstanding Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end
Over-allotment Option Overview
Page Part
Part Financial Information Part Other Information
Percentage Interest Permit Investment General Partner
Permitted Subordinated Indebtedness Permitted Transferee
Permitted Transfers Person
Plan Conversion Policies Procedures Related Party Transactions
Poor Performance Funds Cause Decline Revenue Results Operations Portfolio
Potential Payments Change-in-control Termination Pre-tax Distributable Earnings
Preferred Shares Previously Participated Large-sized Investments Involve Certain Complexities Risks
Prime Rate Principal Entities Portion
Principal Investments Principals
Principals Agreement Principals Agreement Expense
Principals Approval Principals Beneficial Ownership Class Shares Anti-takeover Provisions Charter
Principals Others Interests Consolidated Subsidiaries Principalsrsquo Othersrsquo Interests Consolidated Subsidiaries
Principalsrsquo Othersrsquo Interests Equity Consolidated Subsidiaries Principalsrsquo Othersrsquo Interests Income Consolidated Subsidiaries Taxes
Private Equity Private Equity Castles
Private Equity Funds Private Equity Funds Hybrid
Private Equity Incentive Income Profit Sharing Arrangements
Profit Sharing Expense Provided
Provided Further Provided However
Publicly Traded Alternative Investment Vehicles Castles Purpose Plan
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Readers Find Additional Information
Real Assets Funds Recapture Income
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recently Participated Large-sized Investments Involve Certain Complexities Risks
Recitals Reconciliation Segment Assets Gaap
Reconciliation Segment Management Fees Gaap Reconciliation Segment Revenues Gaap
Record Date Registration Rights
Registration Statement Related Party Transactions
Relationship Fortress Operating Group Entities Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Removal Investment Manager Liquidation Funds Material Negative Effect Reorganization Fortress Operating Group
Reorganization Fortress Operating Group Recent Offering Report Audit Committee
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Internal Control
Reputation Business Operations Adversely Affected Regulatory Compliance Failures Required Allocations
Required Pay Principals Most Tax Benefits Realize Result Residual Loss
Respect Guarantees Permitted Subordinated Indebtedness Such Shall Guaranty Restricted Shares Deferred Performance
Restricted Stock Unit Awards Revenue Profitability Fluctuate Particularly Inasmuch Cannot Predict Timing
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Incentive Income
Revenues Risk Management Systems Hedge Fund Business Ineffective Exposed
Risks Related Class Shares Risks Related Financial Services Industry Markets
Risks Related Funds Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Securities Act Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Segment Expenses
Segment Revenues Sensitivity
Share Share Appreciation Rights
Share Majority Shareholder Agreement
Shareholder Proposals Nominations 2010 Annual Meeting Shareholders Agreement
Shareholdersrsquo Equity Ndash 2007 Shares
Shares Reserved Issuance Plan Signature
Signatures Some Funds Invest Foreign Countries Securities Issuers Located
Special Approval Special Regarding Exhibits
Special Regarding Forward-looking Statements Splits Combinations
Standstill Provision Strength Competitive Dynamics Within Alternative Asset Management Industry
Strength Liquidity Global Equity Debt Markets Strength Liquidity Global Financial Institutions System
Structure Involves Complex Provisions Federal Income Tax Law Subject Risks Using Prime Brokers Custodians
Subject Third-party Litigation Risk Result Significant Liabilities Reputational Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Income Taxes Subsidiary
Substitute Member Such Schedules Occurred
Summary Supplemental Disclosure Cash Flow Information
Survival Surviving Business Entity
Swap Contract Provider Table Contents
Tax Consequences Principals Give Rise Conflicts Interests Tax Gain Loss Disposition Common Units Less Expected
Tax Matters Tax Receivable Agreement
Term Plan Termination Chief Financial Officer General Counsel
Termination Principals Terms Credit Agreement Restrict Current Future Operations Particularly
Through Jan Top Tier Borrowers Means Collectively Foe Principal Holdings
Total Total Assets
Total Aum Ndash Ending Balance Transfer
Transfer Agent Transfer Restrictions
Treasury Management Bank Treated Corporation Federal Income Tax Purposes Value Class
Trust Unallocated
Underwriter Underwriting Agreement
Unfunded Status Plan Unpaid Capital Obligations
Unrealized Gain Unrealized Loss
Updated Time Accordance 702 Valuation Investments
Valuation Methodologies Certain Assets Funds Subject Significant Subjectivity Vote Important Please Sign Date Reverse Side Return
Voting Instructions Given Shares Represented Proxy Voted Voting Shares
Weighted Average Units Outstanding Withholding Information
Withholding Taxes Witness Whereof
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