Topic Listing for Fannie Mae

Ability Maintain Positive Net Worth Adversely Affected Market Ability Meet Regulatory Capital Requirements Adversely Affected Market
Ability Operate Business Meet Obligations Generate Net Interest Access Controls Information Technology Applications Infrastructure
Accounting Developments Accounting Finance Staffing Levels
Acquired Credit-impaired Loans Without Loss Allowance Acquired Property Net
Acquisition Policy Standards Acquisitions
Actions Relating Material Weaknesses Remediated 2005 Actions Relating Material Weaknesses Remediated 2006
Actions Relating Material Weaknesses Remediated Date Filing Activity Program Administrator Modifications Non-fannie Mae Loans
Additional Arrangements Non-management Directors Additional Legal Proceedings
Administration Plan Administrative Expenses
Adoption Fhfa Regulation Relating Golden Parachute Payments Adoption New Accounting Standards Relating Elimination Qspes Material
Advances Lenders Advisory Voting Adopted Within Uniform Legal Regulatory Framework
Affordable Housing Investments Aggregated Option Exercises Last Year-end Values
Agnes Derivative Litigation Agreement Robert Levin
Agreement Robert Levin Executive Vice President Chief Business Allowance Loan Losses Reserve Guaranty
Alt-a Subprime Private-label Wraps Amendment Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Registrants Code Ethics Waiver Provision
Amortization Cost Basis Adjustments Amortization Cost Basis Adjustments Mortgage Loans Mortgage-related Securities
Announced Amendments Treasury Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement Annual Certifications
Annual Housing Goals Subgoals Antitrust Lawsuits
Applicable Only Corporate Issuers Application Gaap
Arthur Derivative Litigation Attachment Assets Other Injunctive Relief
Attorneys Office Investigation Audit Committee
Audit Committee Membership Authority Treasury Purchase Gse Securities
Available-for-sale Securities Avoidance Fraudulent Transfers
Balance Sheet Impact Base Salary Deferred Pay Long-term Incentive Awards
Basis Presentation Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Board Directors Board Directors Executive Roles
Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Against Proposal Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Ratification Selection Deloitte
Board Leadership Structure Building Solid Mortgage Credit Book Business Managing Mitigating
Business Continuity Crisis Management Business Faces Significant Operational Risks Failure Materially Adversely
Business Institutional Counterparties Heavily Concentrated Increases Risk Experience Business Objectives Strategy
Business Segment Results Business Segments
Business Subject Economic Legislative Regulatory Uncertainty Result Current Business Subject Laws Regulations Restrict Activities Operations Adversely
Business Subject Laws Regulations Restrict Operations Limit Amount Business Subject Uncertainty Result Current Disruption Housing Mortgage
Business Units Capital
Capital Activity Capital Adequacy Requirements
Capital Classification Capital Classification Measures
Capital Management Capital Management Actions
Capital Management Framework Capital Markets
Capital Markets Business Activities Capital Markets Group
Capital Markets Results Capital Requirements
Capital Restoration Plan Ofheo-directed Minimum Requirement Career Deferred Compensation Plan
Casa Orlando Apartments Ltd Federal National Mortgage Association Cases Accounting Policies Methods Fundamental Report Financial Condition
Cash Acquisition Conversion Cash Collateral
Cash Compensation Cash Equivalents Statements Flows
Cash Flows Cash Flows 2002
Cash Flows 2003 Cash Flows 2004
Cash Flows 2005 Cash Flows 2006
Cash Other Investments Portfolio Cautionary Language Relating Supplemental Non-gaap Financial Measures
Certain Arrangements Retired Chief Executive Officers Certain Components Other Compensation 2006
Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences Certain Transactions Relationships
Certification Certifications
Change Assessment Other-than-temporary Impairment Change Chief Executive Officer
Change Estimated Fair Value Net Assets 2004 Change Federal Reserve Boards Payments System Risk Policy
Change Management Applications Models Used Accounting Provision Credit Change Market Environment Mid-2006 Present
Change Measuring Fair Value Guaranty Obligations Changed Policy Perquisites
Changes Benefit Plans Changes Business Segment Reporting 2007
Changes Fair Value Option Election Changes General Market Economic Conditions Abroad Adversely Affect
Changes General Market Economic Conditions United States Abroad Changes Interest Rates Material Adverse Effect Financial Condition
Changes Interest Rates Materially Impact Financial Condition Earnings Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Management Changes Management Board Directors
Changes Non-gaap Estimated Fair Value Net Assets Changes Option-adjusted Spreads Interest Rates Inability Manage Rate
Changes Registrants Certifying Accountant Changes Retirement Program
Changes Strategies Meet New Objectives Characteristics Debt
Charitable Contributions Charter Act
Charter Regulation Activities Chief Risk Office
Classification Valuation Securities Codes Conduct
Collateral Combined Loss Reserves
Commitment Fee Commitments
Commitments Purchase Sell Mortgage Loans Securities Committee Oversight Government Reform Hearing
Common Stock Common Stock Data
Common Stock Warrant Communications Directors
Community Investment Group Community Lending Group
Comparability Factor Executive Compensation Decisions Compared 2003
Compared 2004 Compared 2005
Compared 2006 Compensation Arrangements Non-management Directors
Compensation Arrangements Stephen Swad Executive Vice President Chief Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Decisions Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Policies Practices Create Risks Reasonably Likely Material Compensation Program
Competition Competition Mortgage Financial Services Industries Adversely Affect Earnings
Competition Mortgage Financial Services Industries Need Develop Enhance Compliance Agreement
Compliance Ethics Components 2010 Compensation Changes 2009 Arrangements
Components Other Compensation 2007 Components Other Compensation 2008
Composition Board Directors Comprehensive Investment Services Mudd
Conclusion Conditions Housing Mortgage Markets
Conference Call Conservators Determination Relating 2008 Incentive Compensation Establishment Retention
Conservatorship Conservatorship Delegation Authority Board Directors
Conservatorship Investment Treasury Had Continue Material Adverse Effect Conservatorship Specified Termination Date Future Structure Business Following
Consolidated Balance Sheet Consolidated Balance Sheet Analysis
Consolidated Balance Sheets Consolidated Results
Consolidated Results Operations Consolidated Vies
Consolidation-variable Interest Entities Continue Experience Significant Management Changes Losses Numbers Valuable
Continuing Broader Decline Home Prices Activity Housing Market Contractual Obligations
Contributions Control Environment
Conversions Preferred Stock Common Convexity
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Governance Information Committee Charters Codes Conduct Corporate Governance Practices
Corporate Governance Progress Corporate Risk Management Committees
Corporate Risk Tolerance Principles Cost Annual Meeting Proxy Solicitation
Cost Basis Adjustments Covenants
Covenants Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement Covenants Treasury Agreements
Credit Credit Enhancements
Credit Facility Treasury Credit Loss Management
Credit Loss Performance Metrics Credit Loss Sensitivity
Credit Losses Credit Overview
Credit Performance Credit Ratings
Credit Ratings Risk Credit Risk Management
Credit-related Expenses Crisafi Merrill Lynch
Critical Accounting Policies Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Current Capital Classification Current Corporate Priorities
Current Management Conservatorship Currently Control Conservator Impact Conservatorship Management Business Materially
Custodial Depository Institutions Customer Services
Customer Transactions Services Customers
Death Disability Retirement Debt
Debt Consolidations Debt Consolidations Secured Borrowings
Debt Derivatives Debt Extinguishment Gains Losses Net
Debt Extinguishment Losses Net Debt Financing Activities
Debt Foreign Exchange Losses Net Debt Funding
Debt Funding Activity Debt Funding Derivatives
Debt Funding Programs Debt Instruments
Debt Investor Base Debt Security Mortgage Dealers
Decline Housing Prices Activity Market Negatively Impact Earnings Decrease Common Stock Dividend
Decrease Credit Ratings Adverse Effect Ability Issue Debt Decrease Current Credit Ratings Adverse Effect Ability Issue
Deed Lease Program Defaults Large Financial Institution Adversely Affect Business Markets
Defaults Large Financial Institutions Insurance Companies Agreements Instruments Deferred Compensation
Deferred Guaranty Price Adjustments Deferred Performance Share Program Payments
Deferred Tax Assets Defined Benefit Pension Plans
Department Labor Esop Investigation Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Depend Institutional Counterparties Provide Services Critical Business Earnings
Depend Institutional Counterparties Provide Services Critical Business Financial Derivative Instruments
Derivatives Activity Derivatives Counterparties
Derivatives Fair Value Gains Losses Net Derivatives Fair Value Gains Net
Derivatives Fair Value Losses Net Description Business Segments
Description Material Weakness 2006 Description Material Weaknesses
Description Material Weaknesses 2006 Description Remediation Actions
Description Remediation Actions 2007 Determination Fhfa Regarding 2008 Housing Goals Compliance
Determination Hud Regarding 2007 Home Purchase Subgoals Did 162 Internal Revenue Code Limit Tax Deductibility
Did Compensation Consultants Making 2009 Decisions Named Executives Did Determine Amount Each Element 2006 Cash Stock
Did Fhfa Fannie Mae Determine Amount Each Element Direct Compensation Paid Granted Continuing Named Executives 2008
Director Compensation Director Compensation Information
Director Independence Director Nominations Shareholder Proposals
Directors Directors Compensation
Directors Left Board 2008 Directors Left Board 2009
Disaffirmance Repudiation Contracts Disclosure Controls Procedures
Diversification Plan Assets Dividend Restrictions
Dividends Document Custodians
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollars
Duration Gap Early Conversion Option Holder
Earnings Loss Per Share Earnings Per Share
Effect Conservatorship Shareholders Effect Conservatorship Treasury Agreements Stockholders
Effect Market Conditions Estimated Fair Value Net Assets Effect Treasury Agreements Shareholders
Efforts Meet Mission-related Goals Adversely Affect Business Results Efforts Pursue Mission Meet Mission-related Goals Adversely Affect
Elections Elective Deferred Compensation Plans
Elimination Qspes Changes Consolidation Model Variable Interest Entities Elimination Qspes Changes Consolidation Variable Interest Entities
Elimination Qspes Changes Fin 46r Consolidation Model Employee Benefits
Employee Stock Options Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Employee Stock Purchase Program Plus Employees
Employers Disclosures Postretirement Benefit Plan Assets Employment Agreement Daniel Mudd
Employment Agreement Franklin Raines Former Chairman Chief Executive Employment Relationships
Enacted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Engagement Former Vice Chairs Law Firm
Enterprise Risk Governance Enterprise Risk Management Division
Entry Conservatorship Entry Conservatorship Treasury Agreements
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Compensation Plan Information 2004 Equity Funding
Equity Funding Activity Erisa Action
Erisa Actions Erisa Lawsuit
Escrow Litigation Estimated Annual Pension Benefits
Estimated Impact Changes Market Conditions Fair Value Results Estimates
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Executive Compensation Decisions Been Approved Conservator Executive Compensation Objectives
Executive Officers Executive Pension Plan
Executive Sessions Executive Summary
Executives Ceased Serving Executive Officers 2008 Executives Joined Fannie Mae 2008
Executives Joined Fannie Mae Prior 2008 Continue Serve Expect Experience Further Losses Write-downs Relating Investment Securities
Expected Benefit Payments Expected Financial Impact Making Home Affordable Program Fannie
Expected Impact Making Home Affordable Program Expected Impact Making Home Affordable Program Fannie Mae
Experience Further Losses Write-downs Relating Investment Securities Materially Experience Further Write-downs Losses Relating Investment Securities Adversely
Experience Further Write-downs Losses Relating Investment Securities Due Experience Further Write-downs Losses Relating Investment Securities Materially
Experienced Significant Management Changes Lose Number Valuable Employees Experienced Significant Management Changes Material Adverse Effect Ability
Explanation Reconciliation Non-gaap Measures Gaap Explanatory
Explanatory Report Extraordinary Gains Losses Net Tax Effect
Fail Meet Regulatory Capital Requirements Become Subject Significant Failure Effect Reverse Stock Split Common Result Delisting
Fair Value Balance Sheet Non-gaap Fair Value Control Processes
Fair Value Deficit Fair Value Derivatives
Fair Value Derivatives-effect Derivatives Gains Losses Fair Value Elections
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Gains Losses Net
Fair Value Guaranty Obligations Fair Value Hierarchy- Level Assets Liabilities
Fair Value Hierarchy-level Assets Fair Value Hierarchy-level Assets Liabilities
Fair Value Losses Net Fair Value Measurement
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Option
Fair Value Sensitivity Changes Interest Rate Level Slope Fair Value Sensitivity Changes Level Slope Yield Curve
Fair Value Sensitivity Net Assets Fair Value Sensitivity Net Portfolio Changes Level Slope
Fannie Mae Fannie Mae 2008 Erisa Litigation
Fannie Mae 2008 Securities Action Fannie Mae 2008 Securities Litigation
Fannie Mae Directors Charitable Award Program Fannie Mae Erisa Litigation
Fannie Mae Erisa Litigation Formerly David Gwyer Fannie Mae Kpmg Llp
Fannie Mae Mbs Included Investments Securities Fannie Mae Mbs Transactions Other Financial Guarantees
Fannie Mae Mbs Transactions Other Financial Guaranties Fannie Mae Retirement Plan
Fannie Mae Securities Litigation Fannie Mae Securities Litigation Kpmg
Fannie Mae Securities Litigation Kpmg Accounting Malpractice Action Fannie Mae Shareholder Derivative Litigation
Fannie Maes Comment Fannie Maes Federal Charter Vests Executive Compensation Responsibility
Fasb Staff Position Fas 157-3 Determining Fair Value Federal Housing Finance Regulatory Reform Act 2008
Federal Income Taxes Federal National Mortgage Association
Fee Other Income Fees Litigation
Fees Paid Fees Received Structuring Transactions
Fhfa Approve Termination Benefits Provide Named Executives Fin Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes
Fin Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Fsp 48-1 Definition Final Ofheo Report Settlements Sec
Financial Guarantees Financial Guaranties
Financial Guaranties Master Servicing Financial Guarantors
Financial Impact Making Home Affordable Program Fannie Mae Financial Reporting Process
Financial Reporting Process-disclosure Controls Procedures Financial Reporting Process-financial Statement Preparation
Financial Reporting Process-journal Entry Controls Financial Reporting Process-reconciliation Controls
Financial Services Industry Undergoing Significant Structural Changes Subject Financial Services Industry Undergoing Significant Structural Regulatory Changes
Financial Statement Impact Financial Statement Reclassifications
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Terms Statement Impact Senior Preferred Stock Purchase
Find Additional Information Fogel Capital Mgmt Fannie Mae
Following Entry Conservatorship Business Objectives Been Modified Practices Foreclosed Property Expense
Foreclosed Property Expense Income Foreclosure Alternatives
Foreclosure Reo Activity Form 10-k
Form 10-k Annual Report Shareholders Form 10-k Filing-overview Highlights
Form 10-q Former Ceo Arbitration
Former Cfo Arbitration Former Management Arbitration
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward-looking Statements
Frankfurt Lehman Bros Inc Fraud Risk Management Program
Fsp Fas 132r-1 Employers Disclosures Postretirement Benefit Plan Fsp Fin 39-1
Fsp Fin 39-1 Amendment Fasb Interpretation Full-year 2004-summary Results
Funding Funding Commitment
Funding Investments Future Amendments Guidance Fasb Expected Impact Accounting Treatment
Future Amendments Guidance Fasb Regarding Treatment Qspes Impact Future Funding Needs
Future Material Weaknesses Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Future Structure Business Following Termination Conservatorship Uncertain
G-fees Antitrust Litigation Gains Losses Fannie Mae Portfolio Securitizations Net
Gains Losses Sale Investment Securities Net Gains Losses Trading Securities Net
Gains Sale Investment Securities Net General Powers Conservator Regulatory Reform Act
Genovese Ashley Gordon Ashley
Government Actions Stabilize Markets Support Economic Recovery Grants
Grants Plan-based Awards 2009 Gse Act
Gse Reform Guaranties Issued Connection Lender Swap Transactions
Guaranties Issued Connection Portfolio Securitizations Guaranty Accounting
Guaranty Assets Guaranty Assets Obligations
Guaranty Business Activities Guaranty Fee Income
Guaranty Fees Guaranty Obligations
Guaranty Services Gwyer Fannie Mae Compensation Committee
Gwyer Fannie Mae Compensation Committee Moore Hcd Business
Hcd Results Hedge Accounting
Hedged Mortgage Assets Gains Losses Net Hedged Mortgage Assets Losses Net
Hedging Activities Holders
Home Affordable Modification Program Home Affordable Refinance Program
Home Retention Strategies Homeowner Affordability Stability Plan
Homeowner Assistance Initiatives Housing Community Development
Housing Community Development Business Housing Economic Conditions
Housing Finance Agency Assistance Programs Housing Goals
Housing Goals Performance 2002-2004 Housing Goals Subgoals
Housing Goals Subgoals Duty Serve Underserved Markets Housing Mortgage Market Data
Housing Mortgage Market Economic Conditions Hurricanes Katrina Rita
Hypothetical Performance Scenarios Identification Material Weakness
Identification Material Weakness Remediation Actions Relating Model Inputs Impact Conservatorship Executive Compensation
Impact Credit-related Expenses Financial Results Impact Future Adoption Accounting Pronouncements
Impact Future Adoption New Accounting Pronouncements Impact Government Support
Impact Market Conditions Business Impact Market-based Valuation Adjustments Financial Results
Impact Recent Changes Fair Value Accounting Financial Results Impact Subprime Market Business
Impaired Loans Impairment Guaranty Assets Buy-ups
Impairment Securities Implementation New Accounting Standards
Implementation New Investor Reporting Platform Inability Access Debt Capital Markets Material Adverse Effect
Income Taxes Increase Common Stock Dividend
Increased Delinquencies Credit Losses Relating Mortgage Assets Loans Increased Delinquencies Credit Losses Relating Mortgage Assets Own
Increases Quarterly Common Stock Dividend 040 Per Share Increasing Guaranty Fees
Independence Standards Independent Model Review Process
Independent Price Verification Process Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Index Exhibits Individual Compensation Decisions 2009
Individually Impaired Loans Information Certain Securities Issuances Fannie Mae
Information Security Information Technology Applications Infrastructure
Information Technology Applications Infrastructure Access Control Inquiry Financial Crisis
Institutional Counterparty Credit Risk Management Interest Income Impairment Certain Beneficial Interests
Interest Rate Risk Management Interest Rate Risk Management Other Market Risks
Interest Rate Risk Management Strategies Interest Rate Risk Metrics
Interest Rate Sensitivity Net Asset Fair Value Internal Audit
Internal Audit Office Compliance Ethics Internally Developed Software
Intraday Lines Credit Introduction
Investigation Department Justice Investigation New York Attorney General
Investigation Securities Exchange Investment Activities
Investment Activities Objectives Investment Financing Activities
Investment Gains Losses Net Investment Losses Net
Investment Review Investments Alt-a Subprime Private-label Mortgage-related Securities
Investments Private-label Mortgage-related Securities Investments Securities
Issuance Common Stock Warrant Issuance Preferred Stock
Issuance Senior Preferred Stock Issuance Senior Preferred Stock Common Warrant
Issuance Senior Preferred Stock Common Warrant Treasury Issuances
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Issuers Securities Cash Other Investments Portfolio
Issuers Securities Liquid Investment Portfolio Jarmain Merrill Lynch
Jesteadt Ashley Kellmer Middleton Arthur Agnes Derivative Litigation
Kellmer Middleton Derivative Litigation Key 2005 Priorities
Key 2006 Priorities Key Drivers Changes Estimated Fair Value Net Assets
Key Elements Changes Estimated Fair Value Net Assets Kpmg Litigation
Kramer Fannie Mae Krausz Fannie Mae
Lack Current Financial Operating Information Along Restatement Consolidated Legal Contingencies
Legal Fees Legislation
Legislation Change Regulation Business Enacted Reduce Competitiveness Adversely Legislation Relating Regulatory Framework
Legislative Regulatory Actions Lender Swaps Portfolio Securitizations
Lenders Risk Sharing Life Insurance Benefits
Lihtc Partnership Interests Limit Tax Deductibility Compensation Expenses
Limitations Enforcement Contractual Rights Counterparties Limitations Future Periods Ability Access Debt Capital Markets
Limitations Market Risk Measures Limited Ability Access Debt Capital Markets Particularly Long-term
Limited Partnerships Liquid Investment Portfolio
Liquid Investments Liquidity
Liquidity Capital Management Liquidity Contingency Plan
Liquidity Contingency Plan Not Provide Sufficient Operate Business Liquidity Contingency Planning
Liquidity Contingency Planning Not Provide Sufficient Operate Business Liquidity Governance Monitoring
Liquidity Management Liquidity Management Policies
Liquidity Risk Governance Liquidity Risk Management
Liquidity Risk Policy Litigation Regulatory Matters
Loan Standards Loan Workout Activity
Loan Workout Metrics Loans Held Investment
Loans Held Sale Loans Purchased Eligible Trusts
Loans Purchased Evidence Credit Deterioration Look Total Compensation 2006
Loss Mitigation Activities Loss Mitigation Efforts
Loss Partnership Investments Losses Certain Guaranty Contracts
Losses Partnership Investments Lower-of-cost-or-market Adjustments Held Sale Loans
Lower-of-cost-or-market Adjustments Held-for-sale Loans Maintain Large Volume Private Borrower Information Inadvertently Exposed
Making Home Affordable Program Management
Management Business Resiliency Management Conservatorship
Management Problem Loans Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managing Business Conservatorship Managing Preserving Capital
Managing Problem Mortgage Loans Preventing Foreclosures Managing Risk
Mandatory Conversion Date Market
Market Drivers Changes Fair Value Market Economic Factors Affecting Business
Market Environment 2001 Mid-2006 Market Events 2008
Market Overview Market Uncertainty Volatility Adversely Affect Business Profitability Results
Master Servicing Matching Gifts
Material Weakness Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Material Weaknesses Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Material Weaknesses Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Result Material Weaknesses Other Control Deficiencies Relating Internal Controls
Material Weaknesses Other Control Deficiencies Relating Internal Over Maturity Profile Outstanding Debt
Maximum Potential Payments Termination Other Cause 2009 Mbs Trust Consolidation Sale Accounting
Mbs Trusts Mda Table Reference
Measuring Interest Rate Risk Media Hotline 1-888-326-6694 Consumer Resource Center 1-800-732-6643
Meet Huds New Housing Goals Subgoals Enter Transactions Meetings Board Directors
Mission Mission Business
Mission Provisions Mitigating Actions Conservatorship
Mitigating Actions Relating Material Weakness Model Inputs Assessment Other-than-temporary Impairment Private-label Mortgage-related Securities
Model Inputs Used Other-than-temporary Impairment Process Private-label Mortgage-related Model Limitations
Model Risk Management Modification Statutes Limitations
Monitoring Active Portfolio Rebalancing Monitoring Measuring Interest Rate Risk
Moore Fannie Mae Mortgage Acquisitions
Mortgage Asset Portfolio Mortgage Commitment Derivatives
Mortgage Commitment Derivatives Fair Value Gains Losses Net Mortgage Credit Book Business
Mortgage Credit Book Business Performance Mortgage Credit Book Performance
Mortgage Credit Risk Management Mortgage Fraud
Mortgage Fraud Result Significant Financial Losses Harm Reputation Mortgage Housing Market Economic Conditions
Mortgage Innovation Mortgage Insurers
Mortgage Investment Activity Mortgage Investment Activity 2003
Mortgage Investment Activity 2004 Mortgage Investments
Mortgage Loans Mortgage Originators Investors
Mortgage Securitizations Mortgage Securitizations Acquisitions
Mortgage Servicers Mortgage Servicing
Mortgage-related Securities Multifamily Group
Multifamily Lender Loss Sharing Modifications Multifamily Loan Borrowers
Multifamily Loans Multifamily Loss Reserves
Multifamily Master Trust Agreement Multifamily Mortgage Credit Risk Management
Named Executives 2008 Named Executives 2009
Negative Publicity Causing Damage Reputation Adversely Affect Business Net Interest Income
Net Other-than-temporary Impairment Net Worth
Net Worth Deficit Net Worth Fair Value Deficit
Net Worth Fair Value Deficit Amounts New Accounting Pronouncements
New Housing Goals Home Purchase Subgoals New Legislation Material Adverse Effect Business Competitiveness Results
New Plan Benefits New York Stock Exchange Listing
New York Stock Exchange Matters Nominees Election
Non-cash Collateral Non-consolidated Vies
Non-cumulative Preferred Stock Non-cumulative Preferred Stock Series Stated Value Per Share
Non-gaap Financial Information Non-management Director Restricted Stock Awards
Non-management Director Stock Option Awards Non-mortgage Investments
Non-mortgage Related Fraud Risk Nonaccrual Loans
Noncompliance Nyse Rules Result Delisting Common Preferred Stock Noncompliance Rules Nyse Result Delisting Common Preferred Stock
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 2009
Not Able Rely Treasury Credit Facility Event Liquidity Notes
Notes Fair Value Financial Instruments Nyse Matters Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification
Obama Administration Financial Regulatory Reform Plan Obama Administration Financial Regulatory Reform Plan Congressional Hearing
Objectives Occurrence Major Natural Other Disaster Increase Delinquency Rates
Occurrence Major Natural Other Disaster United States Increase Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Variable Interest Entities Office Compliance Ethics
Ofheo Consent Order Ofheo Direction Interagency Guidance Nontraditional Mortgages Subprime Lending
Ofheo Oversight Capital Activity Ofheo Regulation
Ofheo Sec Settlements Ofheo Special Examination
Ofheo Special Examination Settlement Ofheo Supervision
Okrem Fannie Mae Operational Risk Management
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2006 Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2009 Optional Required Purchases Mortgage Loans Multifamily Mbs Trusts
Optional Required Purchases Mortgage Loans Single-family Mbs Trusts Options Received Fannie Mae Stock Compensation Plan 2003
Organization Organization Mda
Organizational Changes Remediation Progress Other Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Other Charter Act Limitations Requirements Other Charter Act Provisions
Other Comprehensive Income Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Other Concentrations Other Considerations
Other Customer Services Other Events
Other Expenses Other Impaired Loans
Other Interest Rate Risk Information Other Investments
Other Market Risk Information Other Matters
Other Non-interest Expense Other Non-interest Expenses
Other Non-interest Income Expense Other Provisions
Other Regulatory Matters Other Sources Funds
Other Vies Other-than-temporary Impairment
Other-than-temporary Impairment Assessment Other-than-temporary Impairment Assessment Alt-a Subprime Private-label Securities
Other-than-temporary Impairment Available-for-sale Alt-a Subprime Private-label Securities Other-than-temporary Impairment Available-for-sale Securities
Other-than-temporary Impairment Debt Securities Other-than-temporary Impairment Investment Securities
Outlook Outlook 2008
Outside Executive Compensation Consultants Outstanding Debt
Overall Impact Overall Impact Making Home Affordable Program
Overview Part
Part I-financial Information Part Ii-other Information
Partnership Interests Partnership Investment Interests
Payments Former Chief Executive Officer Payments Named Executives Longer Serving Executive Officers
Pending Legislation Pension Benefits
Pension Benefits 2009 Pension Deferred Compensation Benefits
Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Pensions Other Postretirement Benefits
Performance Share Awards Stock Bonuses Performance Share Program
Performance Share Program Payouts Performance Share Program Payouts 2003-2005 2004-2006 Cycles
Performance-based Stock Bonus Award Perquisites
Pledged Non-cash Collateral Policies Procedures Relating Transactions Related Persons
Portfolio Diversification Monitoring Portfolio Securitizations
Post-conservatorship Compensation Arrangements Non-management Directors Potential Elimination Qspes Changes Fin 46r Consolidation Model
Potential Payments 2005 2006 Severance Program Potential Payments Continuing Named Executives
Potential Payments Mudd 2007 Potential Payments Stock Compensation Plans 2005 Performance Cash
Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control Powers Conservator Gse Act
Pre-approval Policy Pre-conservatorship Compensation Arrangements Non-management Directors
Preferred Stock Preserving Building Capital
Pricing Controls Pricing Independent Price Verification
Pricing Independent Price Verification Processes Pricing Independent Price Verification Processes-pricing Controls
Primary Factors Driving Changes Non-gaap Fair Value Net Primary Sources Uses Funds
Principles Consolidation Problem Loan Statistics
Problem Loan Workout Metrics Program Approval
Proposal Require Shareholder Advisory Vote Executive Compensation Proposed 2009 Housing Goals
Proposed Amendment Plan Provided Following Page
Providing Liquidity Stability Affordability Secondary Mortgage Market Providing Mortgage Market Liquidity
Providing Mortgage Market Liquidity Other Support Provision Attributable Guaranty Book Business
Provision Attributable Sop 03-3 Fair Value Losses Provision Attributable Sop 03-3 Homesaver Advance Fair Value
Provision Benefit Income Taxes Provision Credit Losses
Provision Credit Losses Attributable Fair Value Acquired Credit-impaired Provision Credit Losses Attributable Fair Value Credit-impaired Loans
Provision Credit Losses Attributable Guaranty Book Business Provision Credit Losses Attributable Sop 03-3 Homesaver Advance
Provision Federal Income Taxes Purchases Equity Securities
Purchases Loans Mbs Trusts Pursuant Securities Exchange Act Rule 13a-14
Pursuant Usc 1350 Enacted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Qualified Pension Plan Assets
Quarterly Common Stock Data Quarterly Review
Recent Developments Recent Events Relating Lender Customers Mortgage Servicers
Recent Legislative Developments Possible Changes Regulations Recent Legislative Developments Possible Changes Regulations Oversight
Recent Legislative Regulatory Developments Recent Ofheo Actions
Recent Sales Unregistered Securities Recent Significant Events
Recent Trends Mortgage Investment Activity Reclassification Adoption New Accounting Pronouncement
Reclassification Adoption New Accounting Pronouncements Reclassifications
Recognition Valuation Amortization Guaranties Master Servicing Redemption Preferred Stock
Refinance Activity Refinance Programs
Refinancing Activity Regulation Disclosure
Regulation New Products Activities Regulation Oversight Activities
Regulator Authorized Required Place Receivership Specified Conditions Result Regulatory Capital
Regulatory Capital Impact Regulatory Capital Requirements
Regulatory Hypothetical Stress Test Scenario Regulatory Oversight Compensation Process
Regulatory Reform Act Related Parties
Rely Internal Models Manage Risk Make Business Decisions Remediation Actions Relating Board Directors Audit Committee
Remediation Actions Relating Remaining Material Weaknesses Remediation Actions Relating Remediated Material Weaknesses
Remediation Activities Relating Material Weakness Remediation Activities Relating Material Weaknesses
Remediation Material Weakness Relating Board Directors Audit Committee Report Audit Committee Board Directors
Report Compensation Committee Board Directors Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Request Effect Treasury Funding Request Treasury Investment
Required Establish Additional Valuation Allowance Against Deferred Tax Required Establish Valuation Allowance Against Deferred Tax Assets
Required Optional Purchases Single Family Loans Mbs Trusts Residential Mortgage Debt Outstanding
Residential Mortgage Market Residential Mortgage Market Overview
Response Market Challenges Opportunities Restated Fair Value Net Assets 2003
Restatement Restatement Consolidated Financial Statements Related Events Including Lack
Restricted Cash Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock Awards Employees Restricted Stock Program
Restructured Loans Result Conservatorship Board Directors Power Duty Manage Direct
Result Conservatorship Experienced Significant Management Changes Lose Number Results Business Segment Operations-2002 2003 2004
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Operations Subject Uncertainty Based Continuing Developments Housing
Retention Award Determinations Retention Program
Retention Program Address Conservators Goals Retiree Medical Benefits
Retirement Plans Retirement Savings Plan
Risk Committees Risk Governance
Risk Governance Framework Risk Governance Structure
Risk Management Risk Management Committees
Risk Management Derivatives Risk Management Derivatives Fair Value Gains Losses Net
Risk Policy Capital Committee Board Directors Risks Relating Industry
Role Administrator Home Affordable Modification Program Likely Increase Role Program Administrator Hamp
Role Program Administrator Home Affordable Modification Increase Costs Role Program Administrator Home Affordable Modification Lien
Role Program Administrator Home Affordable Modification Likely Increase Role Secondary Mortgage Market
Safety Soundness Provisions Salary Determinations
Sale Lihtc Partnerships Sandman Morgan Securities Inc
Schedule 14a Schweitzer Merrill Lynch
Sec Investigation Settlement Sec Reports
Securities Accounted Eitf 99-20 Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Available Securities Class Action Lawsuit Pursuant Act 1933 Exchange
Securities Class Action Lawsuits Securities Class Action Lawsuits Pursuant Act 1933
Securities Class Action Lawsuits Pursuant Exchange Act 1934 Securities Classified Available-for-sale Trading
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Purchased Agreements Resell Sold Repurchase
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securitization Activities
Securitization Trusts Security Interests Protected Exercise Rights Qualified Financial Contracts
Senior Preferred Stock Common Warrant Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement
Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement Covenants Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement Related Issuance Common
Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement Treasury Senior Preferred Stock Warrant Issued Treasury
Sensitivity Analysis Amortizable Cost Basis Adjustments Sensitivity Analysis Risk Management Derivatives
Separation Agreement Ann Kappler Former Executive Vice President Separation Agreement Julie John Executive Vice President
Separation Benefit Determinations Serious Delinquency
Seriously Delinquent Loans Purchased Mbs Trusts Servicer Mbs Trust Receivable Payable
Several Key Lender Customers Loss Business Volume Adversely Severance Program
Sfas 123r Share-based Payment Sab 107 Sfas 133 Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Sfas 140 Accounting Transfers Servicing Financial Assets Extinguishments Sfas 141r Business Combinations
Sfas 154 Accounting Changes Error Corrections Sfas 155 Accounting Certain Hybrid Financial Instruments
Sfas 155 Accounting Certain Hybrid Financial Instruments Dig Sfas 156 Accounting Servicing Financial Assets
Sfas 157 Fair Value Measurements Sfas 158 Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other
Sfas 159 Fair Value Option Sfas 159 Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities
Sfas 160 Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements Amendment Sfas 161 Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities-an Amendment
Shareholder Derivative Lawsuits Shareholder Derivative Litigation
Shareholder Proposal Shareholder Proposals Director Nominations 2008
Shareholder Proposals Director Nominations 2009 Shareholders Able Provide Targeted Continuous Feedback Board
Shares Available Future Issuance Short-term Borrowings
Signature Signatures
Significance Net Worth Deficit Fair Value Combined Loss Single-class Multi-class Fannie Mae Mbs
Single-family Single-family Business
Single-family Credit Guaranty Single-family Credit Guaranty Business
Single-family Credit Guaranty Results Single-family Loan Borrowers
Single-family Loans Single-family Loss Reserves
Single-family Master Trust Agreement Single-family Results
Sop 03-3 Sop 03-3 Accounting Certain Loans Debt Securities Acquired
Sop 03-3 Impaired Loans Without Loss Allowance Sources Interest Rate Risk
Sources Uses Cash Special Powers Conservator Regulatory Reform Act
Statement Cash Flows Impact Statement Income Impact
Statutory Critical Capital Requirement Statutory Minimum Capital Requirement
Statutory Risk-based Capital Requirement Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Compensation Plans 2005 Performance Cash Awards Stock Compensation Plans 2005 Performance Cash Awards Share
Stock Option Awards Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Ownership Guidelines Directors Stock Repurchase Program
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Compensation Plans
Subject Credit Risk Relating Mortgage Assets Hold Portfolio Subject Credit Risk Relating Mortgage Loans Purchase Back
Subject Mortgage Credit Risk Expect Increases Borrower Delinquencies Subject Pending Civil Litigation Decided Against Require Pay
Subject Pending Government Investigations Civil Litigation Determined Engaged Subordinated Debt
Subpoena Power Success Efforts Keep People Homes Well Re-performance Rate
Summary Description Plan Summary Fair Value Results
Summary Financial Performance 2009 Summary Financial Results
Summary Financial Results 2008 Summary Financial Results 2009
Summary Financial Results Condition 2009 Summary Restatement Adjustments
Supplemental Non-gaap Fair Value Balance Sheet Report Supplemental Non-gaap Fair Value Balance Sheet Reports
Supplemental Non-gaap Information Fair Value Balance Sheets Supplemental Non-gaap Information-fair Value Balance Sheet
Supplemental Non-gaap Information-fair Value Balance Sheets Supplemental Pension Plans
Supplemental Retirement Savings Plan Support Making Home Affordable Program
Supporting Borrowers Supporting Borrowers Mortgage Market Liquidity
Suspension Legal Actions Suspension Regulatory Capital Requirements Conservatorship
Table Activity Seriously Delinquent Loans Purchased Mbs Trusts Table Administrative Expenses
Table Amortization Cost Basis Adjustments Table Amortization Cost Basis Adjustments Investments Loans Securities
Table Cash Other Investments Portfolio Table Change Fair Value Net Assets Tax Effect
Table Changes Risk Management Derivative Assets Liabilities Fair Table Comparative Measures-gaap Consolidated Balance Sheets Non-gaap Fair
Table Contents Table Credit Loss Performance
Table Credit Loss Performance Metrics Table Credit-related Expenses
Table Debt Activity Table Delinquency Status Conventional Single-family Loans
Table Delinquency Status Default Rate Loss Severity Conventional Table Delinquency Status Loans Underlying Alt-a Subprime Private-label
Table Derivative Assets Liabilities Estimated Fair Value Table Duration Gap
Table Effect Earnings Significant Market-based Valuation Adjustments Table Effect Results Operations Significant Market-based Valuation Adjustments
Table Exposure Selected Mortgage Product Features Table Fair Value Gains Losses Net
Table Fair Value Losses Net Table Fair Value Sensitivity Net Portfolio Changes Interest
Table Fair Value Sensitivity Net Portfolio Changes Level Table Fannie Mae Credit Ratings
Table Fannie Mae Credit Ratings Risk Table Fannie Mae Debt Credit Ratings
Table Fannie Mae Debt Credit Ratings Risk Table Fee Other Income
Table Guaranty Fee Income Average Effective Rate Table Housing Goals Subgoals
Table Impairments Fair Value Losses Loans Hamp Table Interest Rate Sensitivity Changes Level Slope Yield
Table Interest Rate Sensitivity Fair Value Net Portfolio Table Interest Rate Sensitivity Financial Instruments
Table Investment Gains Losses Net Table Level Recurring Financial Assets Fair Value
Table Lihtc Partnership Investments Table Loan Modification Profile
Table Maturity Profile Outstanding Long-term Debt Table Maturity Profile Outstanding Short-term Debt
Table Mortgage Portfolio Activity Table Non-gaap Estimated Fair Value Net Assets Tax
Table Non-mortgage Investments Table Nonperforming Single-family Multifamily Loans
Table On- Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Table On- Off-balance Sheet Mbs Other Guaranty Arrangements
Table Other-than-temporary Impairment Losses Alt-a Subprime Private-label Securities Table Outstanding Debt
Table Purchased Options Premiums Table Re-performance Rates Modified Conventional Single-family Loans
Table Regulatory Capital Impact Restatement 2003 2002 Table Risk Management Derivative Fair Value Sensitivity Analysis
Table Selected Market Information Table Single-family Credit Loss Sensitivity
Table Single-family Foreclosed Properties Table Single-family Foreclosed Property Activity
Table Single-family Multifamily Foreclosed Properties Table Statistics Acquired Loans Mbs Trusts Subject Sop
Table Statistics Conventional Single-family Problem Loan Workouts Table Statistics Credit-impaired Loans Acquired Mbs Trusts
Table Statistics Delinquent Loans Purchased Mbs Trusts Subject Table Statistics Seriously Delinquent Loans Purchased Mbs Trusts
Tba Market Temporary Provisions
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Provisions
Third-party Enforcement Rights Third-party Providers Credit Enhancement
Tightening Underwriting Eligibility Guidelines Title Class
Tone Top Top Form
Trading Available-for-sale Investment Securities Trading Securities
Trading Securities Gains Losses Net Transactions Duberstein Group
Transactions Involving Integral Group Transactions Involving Integral Group Llc
Transactions Phh Corporation Transactions Shareholders
Transactions Treasury Transfers Financial Assets Consolidation Guidance
Transfers Financial Assets Consolidation Standards Treasury Credit Facility
Treasury Credit Facility Covenants Treasury Gse Mbs Purchase Program
Treasury Home Affordable Modification Program Treasury Housing Finance Agency Initiative
Treasury Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement Treasury Trading Operations
Treasurys Funding Commitment Not Sufficient Keep Solvent Condition Treatment Breach Contract Claims
Trust Management Income Unable Develop Enhance Implement Strategies Adapt Changing Conditions
Unrealized Gains Losses Trading Securities Net Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unused Lines Credit Valuation Classification
Valuation Hierarchy Variable Liquidation Preference Senior Preferred Stock Series 2008-2
Versus 2004 Versus 2005
Waivers Amendments Warrant Covenants
Was Mix Base Salary Deferred Pay Long-term Incentive Weber Mudd
What Comparator Group Did Benchmarking Select What Compensation Arrangements Allison Chief Executive Officer
What Compensation Arrangements Did Allison Previous Chief Executive What Compensation Arrangements Mudd Former Chief Executive Officer
What Compensation Recoupment Policy What Compensation Recoupment Policy Respect Executive Officer
What Conservators Goals Establishing 2008 Retention Program What Decisions Regard Performance Share Program
What Elements 2009 Executive Compensation Arrangements What Elements 2010 Executive Compensation Arrangements
What Elements Compensation Named Executives 2006 Did Pay What Elements Other Named Executives Performance Did Board
What Elements Williams Current Chief Executive Officers Performance What Goals Compensation Program
What Goals Objectives Executive Compensation Program What Practices Determining Grant Equity Awards
What Primary Elements Compensation Other Named Executives 2008 What Role Boards Compensation Committee Setting 2009
What Stock Ownership Hedging Policies What Stock Ownership Requirements
What Was Effect Conservatorship Process Setting Executive Compensation What Was Role Benchmark Data Determining 2009 Compensation
What Was Role Compensation Committee Board Directors Fannie Whistleblower Program
Williams Ashley Wire Transfer Controls
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