Topic Listing for Fidelity National Information Services

Absence Certain Changes Events Absence Litigation
Acceleration Payments Acceptance Acknowledgement
Access Access Existing Fis Branding Policy Procedures
Access Information Access Information Confidentiality
Access Title Plant Account Manager Ftes
Account Managers Accounting Certain Investments Debt Equity Securities
Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets
Accounting Income Taxes Accounting Terms
Accounts Payable Accrued Liabilities Accrual Service Certegy Pension Plan Stop Fis Acquisition
Acknowledgment Acquisition
Acquisition Proposal Acquisitions
Action Actions
Additional Amended Restated Software License Agreements Additional Changed Services
Additional Forfeiture Provisions Additional Information Find
Additional Restrictions Software Additional Services
Adjustment Service Levels Adjustments
Adjustments Exchange Ratio Administration
Administration Omnibus Incentive Plan Administrative Agent
Administrative Questionnaire Adoption Board
Affected Performance Affected Significant Restrictions Following Fnf Merger Respect Certain
Affiliate Affiliate Provider
Affiliate Transactions Affiliated Group
Aggregated Option Exercises Last Year-end Values Agreement
Agreement Plan Merger Agreement Provide Services
Agreements Covenants Agreements Entered Closing Merger
Agreements Fnf Provide Corporate Services Agreements Lps
Agreements Old Fnf Agreements Provide Title Agency Services
Agreements Provide Title Plant Maintenance Management Agreements Regarding Termination Fees
Agreements Relating Real Estate Title Information Alan Stinson
Allocation Total Compensation 2006 Allocation Total Compensation 2007
Allocation Total Compensation 2008 Alltel Information Services Inc
Alterations Variations Alternate Financing
Amend Restate Prior Agreement Entirety Effectiveness Shall Deemed Amended Intercompany Agreements
Amended Restated Back Plant Repository Access Agreement Amended Restated Corporate Services Agreement
Amended Restated Corporate Services Agreements Amended Restated Cross Conveyance Software Development Property Allocation
Amended Restated Employee Matters Agreement Amended Restated Intellectual Property Cross License Agreement
Amended Restated Lease Agreement Amended Restated License Services Agreement
Amended Restated Master Information Technology Services Agreement Amended Restated Master Title Plant Access Agreement
Amended Restated Reverse Corporate Services Agreement Amended Restated Softpro Software License Agreement
Amended Restated Software Development Property Allocation Agreement Amended Restated Software License Agreement
Amended Restated Starters Repository Access Agreement Amended Restated Starters Repository Back Plant Access Agreements
Amended Restated Stock Incentive Plan Amended Restated Title Plant Master Services Agreement
Amendment Amendment Guaranty
Amendment Intercompany Agreements Amendment Modification Termination
Amendment Rights Agreement Amendment Security Agreement
Amendment Tax Matters Agreement Amendment Termination
Amendments Amendments Change Control Letter Agreements
Amendments Termination Amendments Waivers
Amicable Resolution Ancillary Agreements
Ancillary Fis Proprietary Software Ancillary Tasks
Annual Combined Financial Statements Annual Incentive Plan
Annual Meeting Shareholders Annual Performance-based Cash Incentive
Ansaction Summary Antitrust Approvals Waiting Periods
Applicable Lending Office Applications Services Found Infringe Proprietary Rights Others Required
Approval Accountants Services Approval Auditor Services
Approval Order Perform Services Hereunder Prior Such Termination Approval Rights
Arbitration Arbitration Procedures
Arising Connection Failure Fis Comply Obligations Pursuant Arrangements Fnf Lps
Articles Incorporation Bylaws Assets
Assignment Assignment Acceptance
Assignment Assumption Novation Agreement Assistance
Association Assumption Fis Option Stock Plan
Attend Meeting Attorneys Fees
Audit Audit Committee
Audit Committee Report Auditor Fees Billed Last
Audits Audits Examinations
Aurum Technology Inc Authority Relative Agreement
Authorization Contravention Automatic Renewals Marks Licenses Termination Sale
Availability Period Available Information
Awards Restricted Stock Banco Bradesco Abn Amro Real
Bank America Bank Letter Agreement
Bank Letter Financing Base Cpi Index
Base Modification Base Rate
Base Rent Base Salaries
Base Salary Base Services Agreements
Baseline Fnt Satisfaction Survey Basis Assistance
Basis Presentation Below Text Was Taken Part 2005 Jacksonvillecom Roosevelt
Beneficial Owner Beneficial Ownership
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiary Designation
Bill Binding Effect
Board Board Directors
Board Recommendation Brazilian Joint Venture
Brent Bickett Broad Reach Key Geographic Regions
Brokers Burdensome Agreements
Business Business Combinations
Business Developments Business Trends Conditions
Came Part Netzee Acquisition Plan Date Same Grandfathered Cancellation Certain Shares Common Stock
Capital Expenditures Capital Lease Obligations
Capital Management Subsidiary Capital Management Subsidiary Transfer
Capital Stock Capitalization
Card Services Cash Equivalents
Cash Flows Operations Cash Requirements
Cause Cautionary Language Concerning Forward-looking Statements
Certain Conforming Changes Certain Contractual Bonuses Connection Certegy Merger
Certain Definitions Certain Disclosures
Certain Factors Affecting Forward-looking Statements Certain Information Executive Officers
Certain Notices Certain Production-type Contracts
Certain Reclassifications Certain References Interpretation Terms
Certain Relationships Lps Fnf Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certegy Certegy Associates Fall Annual Bonus Plan Still Get
Certegy Currently Policy Providing Employee Been Least Retires Certegy Deferred Compensation Plan
Certegy Deliver Bankcard Volume 14000 Merchant Locations Certegy Inc
Certegy Inc 100 Avenue South Suite 1100s Petersburg Certegy Merger
Certegy Merger Agreement Certegy Merger Dividend
Certegy Notes Certegy Pension Plan Remain Effect After Merger
Certegy Provides Severance Arrangements Jobs Eliminated Pay Based Certegy Restricted Companies
Certegy Stock 401 Plan Account 375 Cash Dividend Certegy Subsidiaries
Certificate Formation Certificate Incorporation Bylaws
Certificate Merger Certificates
Certification Pursuant Rule 13a-14 15d-14 Exchange Act Certification Pursuant Rule 13a-14 15d-14 Exhange Act
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Change Address
Change Control Change Control Agreement
Change Control Agreements Change Control Procedures
Change Law Changes Disagreements Accountants
Changes Prior Plan Charles Doyle
Charter Check Services
Chicago Title Insurance Ticor Thereof Shall Automatically Amended Chief Executive Officer Compensation
Claim Claim Ownership
Class Director Class Directors-term Expiring 2006
Class Directors-term Expiring 2007 Class Directors-term Expiring 2008
Client Softpro Agree Exercise Reasonable Diligence Limiting Such Closing
Closing Certificate Closing Date
Closing Documents Cobra
Code Code Business Conduct Ethics
Code Means Internal Revenue 1986 Amended Regulations Thereunder Collective Bargaining Union Organization
Combination Old Fnf Commencement Dispute Resolution Procedure
Commitment Commitment Agreement
Commitments Contingencies Committees Board
Committees Board Directors Common Control
Common Stock Communicating Board
Compared 2002 Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Corporate Services
Compensation Deductibility Policy Compensation Discussion Analysis
Competition Competitive Business
Competitor Complaints Grievances
Completing Integrating Acquisitions Difficult Completion Spin-off Subject Various Risks
Compliance Compliance Customers
Compliance Environment Compliance Environmental Laws
Compliance Law Compliant
Components Income Statement Composition Board
Computer Software Concentration Risk
Conditions Conditions Effectiveness Amendment
Conditions Obligations Conditions Obligations Each Party
Conduct Business Pending Merger Conduct Fis Personnel
Conduct Fnt Personnel Confidential Information
Confidentiality Confidentiality Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement Protective Arrangements Confidentiality Agreements
Confidentiality Obligation Confirming Fis Not Defined Benefit Plan 19000 Employees
Conflict Conflict Required Filings Consents
Conflicting Agreements Conflicts Fnf Executive Chairman Board Directors Other Officers
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consents
Consents Approvals Consequences Fis
Consequences Optionholder Consolidated Cash Flow Data
Consolidated Ebit Consolidated Interest Expense
Consolidated Joint Venture Consolidated Net Income
Consolidated Net Income Earnings Per Share Consolidated Operating Expenses
Consolidated Operating Income Consolidated Other Income Net
Consolidated Results Operations Consolidated Revenues
Consolidated Subsidiary Consolidated Total Assets
Consolidation Banking Financial Services Industry Adversely Affect Revenues Construction
Contact Questions Contacting Board
Contents Continuation Period
Continuation Services Continue Grow Profitably Expand Share Credit Debit Card
Continuing Directors Continuing Employee
Continuing Undertakings Continuity Services
Contract Contractual Obligations
Contribution Contribution Distribution Agreement
Contribution National New York Contributions
Control Control Other Partys Business
Controls Procedures Convention Disclaimed
Conversion Awards Conversion Securities
Copies Copyright Creates Derivative Work Subject Such Granting Party
Copyrights Core Services
Corporate Governance Ethics Information Corporate Governance Nominating Committee
Corporate Governance Policy Corporate Headquarters Located Moving
Corporate Other Corporate Services
Corporate Services Agreement Corporate Transitional Services Agreement
Corporate Transitional Services Agreements Cos Knowledge
Cost Revenue Selling General Administrative Costs Cost Revenues
Costs Count Votes
Counterparts Covenant Further Assurances
Covenants Fnt Covenants Warranties Fis Warrants
Coverage Required Covered Proposal
Credit Agreement Credits
Critical Accounting Policies Currency
Current Cpi Index Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Custom Modification Customer Satisfaction
Customers Subject Regulatory Environment Industry Standards Change Manner Damages
Data Data Privacy
Data Privacy Connection Agreement Providing Party Processes Stores Data Safeguards
Data Security Date Targeted Complete Merger
Death Decreased Lending Real Estate Activity Reduce Demand Certain
Default Default Management Services
Default Notice Defect
Deferrals Deferred Compensation Plan
Deferred Compensation Plans Deferred Contract Costs
Deficiencies Liens Defined Terms
Definition Cash Equivalents Definitions
Definitions Construction Deleted Definitions
Delivery Delivery Telecopier
Demand Products Services Sensitive Level Consumer Transactions Generated Demand Services Sensitive Level Consumer Transactions Generated Customers
Dental Vision Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Deposit Amount Deposit Institution
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivatives Hedging
Description Awards Description Business
Description Termination Assistance Services Determination Awards
Developed Software Development Services
Different Business Units Direct Competitor
Director Director Compensation
Director Independence Director Nominations
Directors Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Disability Disability Life Insurance
Disaster Other Interruption Service Disaster Recovery Component
Disclaimer Disclaimer Other Representations Warranties Disclosure Schedules
Disclaimers Limitation Liability Disclosure
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Schedule
Disclosure Schedule Lists Disclosure Schedules
Dispute Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution Procedures Dissenting Shares
Distributions Dividends Divestible Competitive Activity
Dividend Dividends Distributed Certegy Stock Paid Out Now They
Dividends Voting Documentation
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollars Except Per Share Amounts
Drivers Privacy Protection Act Duration Effect Termination
Duration Termination Duty Deliver
Earnings Per Share Economic Conditions Brazil Adversely Affect Brazilian Operations
Economic Other Factors Effect Merger
Effect Termination Effective Date
Effective Date Duration Effective Tax Rate
Effective Time Effectiveness
Efunds Corporation Elections Officers Committees
Eligibility Eligibility Participation
Employee Benefit Plan Means Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits Matters Employee Data Theft
Employee Matters Agreement Employee Relations
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employees New Organization Employment Agreement
Employment Agreements Employment Duties
Encumbrances Subject Licenses Enforcement
Enterprise Banking Solutions Enterprise Solutions
Entire Agreement Entire Agreement Amendment
Entire Agreement Assignment Entitled Vote
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environment
Environmental Laws Environmental Liability
Environmental Matters Environmental Permits
Environmental Requirements Equifax Now Out Picture Certegy Assume Fidelity National
Equipment Equity Compensation Plan Information
Eric Swenson Erisa
Erisa Affiliate Erisa Event
Escalation Procedures Escalation Process
Escrow Arrangements Establishing Executive Compensation Levels
Establishment Objectives Duration Estimated Cash Severance Payments
Estimated Equity Values Estimated Payments Benefits Termination Employment
Estimated Value Continuation Health Life Insurance Benefits Estoppel
Evaluation Check Services Business Event
Event Either Party Event Shall Either Party Liable Indirect Special Punitive
Events Default Events Termination
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Except Extent Arising Gross Negligence Willful Misconduct Reason
Except Ratio Data Exceptions
Exchange Act Exchange Procedures
Excise Tax Gross-up Payments Excluding
Exclusions Exclusive Fni Services
Exclusive Warranties Executed Counterparts
Executive Committee Executive Compensation
Executive Life Supplemental Retirement Benefit Plan Special Executive Management
Executive Officers Registrant Exhibits
Existing Indebtedness Exit Plan
Expect Information Regarding Merger Expense Reimbursement
Expenses Expenses Solicitation
Experience Software Defects Development Delays Installation Difficulties Harm Experience System Failures Products Services Provide Customers Delayed
Experience System Failures Services Provide Customers Delayed Interrupted Expiration Date
Exposure F-1
F-2 Face Chargeback Liability Merchants Refuse Cannot Reimburse Chargebacks
Face Liability Merchant Customers Checks Guaranteed Dishonored Check Fail Adapt Services Changes Technology Marketplace Ongoing Efforts
Fail Comply Privacy Regulations Imposed Providers Services Financial Failure Perform Root-cause Analysis
Failure Recognition Event Fair Price Requirements
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fasb
Federal Funds Rate Federal Income Tax Consequences
Fee Audit Fee Audit Report
Fee Auditor Fee Payment Date
Fees Fees Payment
Fertile Cross Selling Opportunity Best-in-class Products Services Fidelity Information Services Inc
Fidelity Insurance Covering Employees Fis Limits Not Less Fidelity Integrated Financial Solutions Website States Elan Services
Fidelity Marks Fidelity National Information Services Inc
Fidelity National Information Services Inc 2006 Form 10-k Fidelity National Information Services Inc 2007 Form 10-k
Fidelity National Information Services Inc Subsidiaries Affiliates Fidelity National Information Services Inc Subsidiaries Affiliates Index
Fidelity National Information Services Llc Fidelity National Information Services Mutual Fund
Fidelity National Information Solutions Inc Fidelity National Information Systems Inc Offer Even Minimal
Fidelity National Tax Service Inc Fidelity National Title Group Inc
Fidelity Trademark Filing Violations
Final -after Questions Financial Highlights
Financial Information Operating Segments Geographic Areas Financial Institution Software Services
Financial Statement Schedules Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financing
Financing Other Actions Special Dividend Firpta
Firpta Compliance Fis
Fis Affiliate Statements Work Fis Agent
Fis Certegy Conference Call Script Dan Fis Copies Delivered
Fis Credit Facility Fis Described Base Services Agreement Statement Work Amendment
Fis Developed Fis Equipment
Fis Indemnified Parties Fis Intellectual Property Indemnification
Fis Managed Agreements Fis Managed Invoices
Fis Non-qualified Plan Meaning Set Forth Fis Party Software
Fis Proprietary Software Fis Represents
Fis Responsibilities Fis Responsible Service Providers Subcontractors
Fis Service Location Fis Service Location Move
Fis Service Location Project Plan Fis Service Locations
Fis Shall Provide Termination Assistance Services Pursuant 184 Fis Software
Fis Subcontractors Fis United Carrier They Another
Fiss Sole Exclusive Remedy Fnts Breach 171 Shall Fnf Copies Delivered
Fnf Corporate Services Agreement Fnf Non-qualified Plan Meaning Set Forth
Fni Prior Written Notice Fnt Given Time After Fni Prior Written Notice Fnt Not Delivered 5th
Fnis Fnis Offer Corporate Matching Charitable Contributions
Fnis Offer Domestic Partner Benefits Employees Fnres Stock Plan
Fnt Approved Software Fnt Data
Fnt Entities Fnt Indemnified Parties
Fnt Intellectual Property Indemnification Fnt Interruption Event
Fnt Location Fnt Party Software
Fnt Proprietary Software Fnt Satisfaction Survey
Fnt Software Force Majeure
Force Majeure Event Force Majeure Time Performance
Foreign Currency Fluctuations Adversely Affect Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Lender Foreign Plan
Foreign Subsidiary Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Assistant Secretarys Certificate
Form Fis Certificate Form Master Intercompany
Former Accuchek Employees Allowed Adjusted Service Date Pension Former Member Licensee Party Group Cease Patents Copyrights
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forum Non Conveniens
Forward-looking Statements Fractional Shares
Francis Sanchez Fte
Fully Diluted Fundamental Changes
Funding Date Certificate Further
Further Action Further Action Reasonable Best Efforts
Further Assurances Further Rights Stock Transfer Books
G-1 G-2
G-3 Gaap
Gal Disclosure Gary Norcross
General General Corporate Expense
General Development Business General Information
General Information Annual Meeting General Information Kpmg Llp
General Transfer Restrictions Generally Not Subject Delay
Geographic Area George Scanlon
Going Private Transaction Going Private Transactions
Good Good Morning Been Certegy Concerned What Happen Pension
Goodwill Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governance
Governing Law Governing Law Dispute Resolution
Governing Law Forum Selection Consent Jurisdiction Governing Law Jurisdiction Waiver Jury Trial Etc
Government Regulation Governmental Authority
Governmental Consents Grace Digital Information Technology Ltd
Grant Grantee Bound Plan
Gross Profit Guaranteed Obligations
Guarantor Guarantors
Guaranty Guaranty Limitation Liability
Hanced Financial Position Happening
Happens Happens Next
Hazardous Materials Hazardous Substances
Headings Health Benefits Changing New Provider Still United Care
Health Welfare Benefits Heard Not Retire End Forced Roll Pension Benefit
Hedging Agreements Held 2005
Highlights 2004 Consolidated Financial Results Highlights 2005 Consolidated Financial Results
History Holdings
Hsr Act Hsr Act Compliance
Hundred 100 Dollars 250000000 Identification Software
Implementation Expiration Termination Agreement Reason Implementation Oversight Lsi Processes
Important Signed Dated Reverse Side Improved Technology Practices
Improvements Improvements Dispositions
Improvements Inventions Incentive Compensation
Incentive Compensation Plan Deferred Stock Option Stock-based Purchase Income Tax Expense
Income Taxes Inconsistency Intercompany Agreement
Incumbent Class Directors Term Expiring 2006 Incumbent Class Directors Term Expiring 2007
Indebtedness Indemnification
Indemnification Fnt Indemnification Procedures
Indemnifications Warranties Indemnified Parties
Indemnified Party Indemnified Taxes
Indemnify Indemnifying Party
Indemnitee Indemnity
Indenture Independent Director
Index Index Exhibits
Individual Terminations Industries
Inflation Adjustment Information Nominees Election
Information Outsourcing Information Regarding Nominees Other Directors
Information Services Information Supplied
Infringement Infringement Fnt Out Scope License Services
Infringement Lsi Processes Infringement Rmss Software
Initial Premises Initial Term
Injunctive Relief Installation Site
Insurance Insurance Documentation
Insurrections Fires Explosions Earthquakes Hurricanes Tornadoes Nuclear Accidents Intangible Assets
Integrated Financial Solutions Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Rights Intercept Inc
Interchange Agreement Corporate Aircraft Intercompany
Intercompany Agreements Intercompany Agreements Related Matters
Interest Coverage Ratio Interest Expense
Interested Job Openings Fidelity National Information Services Able Interim Balance Sheet
Interim Term Loan Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Internal Controls International
Interpretation Introduction
Investment Agreement Investment Covansys Corporation
Investment Fnf Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions Inc Investments
Investments Debt Equity Securities Invoices Payments
Invoicing Payment Invoicing Payment Requirements
Ipso Facto Irs
Issuance Common Stock Ive Also Been Told Retire Continue Health Benefits
Ive Been Told Employees Age Plus Service Add Jeffrey Carbiener
Joinder Agreement Joinder Former Fiss Credit Facility
Kordoba Labor Employment Matters
Lack Adequate Oversight Since Chairman Board Directors Chief Lack Adequate Oversight Since Chairman Board Directors Fnf
Later Target Dates Set Forth Schedule Attached Hereto Law
Lease Agreement Leased Properties
Leases Lee
Lee Kennedy Legal Proceedings
Legend Securities Legends
Lender Default Lender Processing Services
Lender Processing Services Operating Segment Lender Processing Services Spin Off
Lender Processing Services Spin-off Lender Services
Lenders Less
Liability Liability Insurance
Liable Violating Intellectual Property Rights Parties Difficulties Enforcing License Management
Licensee Server Software Licensee Software
Licenses Permits Lien
Liens Like Know What Means Pete Office Roosevelt Mean
Limitation Liability Limitations
Liquidity Capital Resources List Subsidiaries
Listed Transactions Litigation
Litigation Environmental Matters Llc Agreement
Loan Loan 401 Plan Not Completed Paying Off Time
Loan Documents Loans Payments
Lock-up Agreement Long Sales Cycle Applications Fail Close After Expending
Long-lived Assets Long-term Debt
Long-term Debt 2004 2003 Consists Long-term Equity Incentive Awards
Lost Stolen Damaged Certificates Lps Unable Achieve Some Benefits Expect Achieved Spin-off
Lsi Title Mail Services
Maintenance Current Equipment Software Maintenance Release
Manage New Management Committee
Management Estimates Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managers Officers Surviving
Manner Payment Termination Fee Margin Regulations
Market Highly Competitive Some Competitors Substantially Greater Resources Market Price Dividends Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Marks
Master Information Technology Services Agreement Material Adverse Effect
Material Customers Material Subsidiary
Maturity Date Maximum Grants Omnibus Incentive Plan
Maximum Rate Mbination Fidelity National Information Services Inc Certegy
Mbined Global Footprint Mediation
Medical Insurance Member Fnf Group Listed Schedule Patents Subject Terms
Membership Interests Merger Merger
Merger Affect Existing Certegy Pension Plan Specifically Continue Merger Agreement
Merger Always Attrition Voluntary Involuntary What Anticipated Individual Merger Certegy Inc
Merger Clause Merger Fis Certegy
Merger Fnf Capital Merger Fnf Fis
Merger Result Changes Client Intake Procedures Merger Sub
Methodology Calculations Minor Competitive Activity
Minus Misappropriation
Misappropriation Consumer Data Former Employee Materially Adversely Affect Misappropriation Intellectual Property Proprietary Rights Impair Competitive Position
Miscellaneous Mitigation Obligations Replacement Lenders
Mmary Modification
Modification Agreement Mortgage Information Services
Mortgage Processing Mortgage Processing Services
Move Expense Summary Multiemployer Plan
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Narrative Description Business
Nature Disclosure Requesting Licensee Undertake Other Measures Addition Neither Fnt Nor Providers Make Implied Warranty Representation
Net Earnings Net Earnings Per Share
New Accounting Pronouncement New Accounting Pronouncements
New Entity Called New Leadership Team
News Release Nlrb
Nominees Class Directors Term Expiring 2008 Non-competition
Non-competition After Employment Term Non-competition Employment Term
Non-delegation Employees Rights Non-disclosure Covenant
Non-exclusive Remedy Non-qualified Stock Option Agreement
Non-solicitation Non-survival Representations Warranties Agreements
Not Not Fnt Approved Software Shall Limited Amount Fnts
Not Succeed Current Future Expansion International Operations Such Notes Pro Forma Combined Balance Sheet 2006
Notes Pro Forma Combined Financial Statements Notes Pro Forma Combined Statements Continuing Operations 2006
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice Delivered Person Sent Via Reputable Courier Service
Notices Notices Demands
Notification Certain Matters Notification Related Matters
Nova Now Therefore
Number Cards Accounts Processed End Period Follows Nyse Listing
Nyse Symbol Oad Customer Penetration Limited Overlap
Objectives Compensation Program Obligations
Obligations Guaranty Obligations Respect Employees
Obtained Internal Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offered Different Position After Merger Not Accept Certegy Officer Director Insurance Indemnification
Officers Officers Certificates
Once Merger Been Completed 12-month Requirement Still Place Only
Onsite Resources Operate Competitive Business Environment Unable Compete Effectively Results
Operating Income Operating Rule
Operating Segments Opinions Financial Advisors
Option Awards Last Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Grants Options
Order Organization Qualification Subsidiaries
Other Other Acquisitions
Other Assets Other Awards
Other Benefits Other Charges
Other Claims Other Compensation Fringe Benefits
Other Current Assets Other Current Liabilities
Other Defined Terms Other Filings
Other Matters Other Matters Voted Annual Meeting
Other Receivables Other Related Person Transactions Relationships
Other Tax Consequences Other Taxes
Other Transactions Other Useful Intellectual Property
Outsourcing Key Development Functions Overseas Lead Quality Control Outstanding Fnres Option Awards End
Overall Philosophy Administration Overview
Owned Real Property Ownership
Ownership Cap Ownership Fis
Ownership Fnf Ownership Lsi Processes Documentation
Ownership Materials Results Proceeds Data Information Submitted Providing Ownership Percentage
Ownership Rmss Software Documentation Parent
Parent Directors Part
Partial County Termination Partial Return Data
Parties Interest Partnership Created
Party Beneficiaries Party Contract Administration Management
Party Customer Services Support Agreements Party Invoices
Party Parties Context Require Meaning Set Forth Preamble Party Software
Party Vendors Consents Pass-through Expenses
Past Due Amounts Patents
Patents Trademarks Other Intellectual Property Payment Awards
Payment Filings Payment Office
Payments Generally Pro Rata Treatment Sharing Set-offs Pays Cost Soliciting Proxies
Pbgc Pension Benefits
Pension Fund Accumulated Date Certegy Employees Remain Party Pension Plan
Pension Plan Benefits Pension Plans Multiemployer
Performance Performance Goals
Performance Measures Performance Obligations
Performance Units Permits
Permitted Acquisition Debt Permitted Acquisitions
Permitted Encumbrances Permitted Investments
Permitted Securitization Subsidiary Permitted Securitization Transaction
Permitted Subsidiary Termination Perquisites Other Benefits
Person Personal Data
Personal Property Personnel Recruitment
Petersburg 2006 Plan
Plan Administration Plan Continue Expansion International Operations Subject Additional Business
Plans Please Detach Here
Plus Post-termination Compensation Benefits
Potential Customers Financial Information Software Services Business Reluctant Potential Customers Reluctant Switch New Vendor Adversely Affect
Potential Death Benefits Potential Payments Stock Plans
Preferred Stock Preliminary Proxy Statement Relating Merger Was Filed Securities
Prepayments Etc Indebtedness Press Releases
Pricing Payment Terms Prima Facie
Primary Obligor Prime Rate
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Management Shareholders Principles Combination Basis Presentation
Principles Consolidation Combination Basis Presentation Prior Written Notice Fni Not Delivered 5th Anniversary
Priority Recovery Services Private Placement
Privileged Work Product Pro Forma Combined Financial Data Certegy Fis
Pro Forma Combined Financial Data Fis Fnf Pro Forma Net Earnings Per Share
Pro Forma Results Pro Rata Share
Proceeds Processing
Processing Services Revenues Product Discontinuation
Profit Savings Plan Profit Sharing Plan
Prohibited Transactions Project Staff
Properties Property Allocation Agreement
Property Damage Property Equipment
Property Insight Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Ratification Appointment Independent Auditors Proprietary Information
Proprietary Rights Software Systems Prorated Portion Purchase Price Was Not Paid Pass-through
Proration Protection Trade Secrets
Provided Provided Further
Provided However Provision Corporate Services Excused Performance
Provision Management Services Provision Services Allocation Costs
Proxy Statement Proxy Statement Other Filings
Public Announcements Public Offering
Publicity Publicly Disclosed Pursuant Requirement Request Governmental Agency Disclosure
Purchase Kordoba Minority Interest Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purpose Purpose Effectiveness
Purpose Plan Description Proposal Q-do Guidelines Talking External People Communicate Such National
Q-how Outstanding Stock Options Impacted Special Dividend 375 Q-i Plan Retiring Early 2006 Merger Affect Pension
Q-i Plan Retiring Soon Certegy Employee Retires Set Q-if Business Plans Travel Through Rest Cancel Them
Q-if Interested Job Openings Fidelity National Information Services Q-what Effect Merger Job
Q-what Impact Certegys Retirement Pension Plan Q-why Certegy Merging Fidelity National Information Services
Q-will Compensation Impacted Q-will Continue Using Lotus Notes Client
Q-will Global Technology Strategies Change Q-will Organizational Structures Change
Q-will Still Name Certegy Q-will Still Same Supervisor Report Now
Qualified Plans Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Financials Raises Full 2005 Diluted Eps Guidance
Rategic Rationale Real Personal Property
Real Property Holding Corporation Reallocations Space
Recapitalization Fis Sale Equity Interest Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Developments Recent Tampa Bay Newspaper Mary Waggoner Stated While
Reciprocal Grant Rights Recitals Agreement Deemed Part
Recovering Capabilities Perform Services Resuming Performance Those Other Refundable
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registration Form S-3
Registration Rights Registration Rights Agreement
Registration Statement Regulation
Regulation Disclosure Regulation S-x
Regulatory Approvals Related Parties
Related Party Agreements Related Party Transactions
Related Persons Relation Stock Option Adjustment Dividend Each Exercise Price
Relations Material Customers Relationship
Relationship Management Dispute Resolution Relationship Managers
Relationship Parties Release
Rely Heavily Small Number Specific Business Segments Majority Remain Competitive Grow Revenues Continually Update Products Services
Remainder Page Intentionally Blank Remedies
Remedies Cumulative Removal Expense Summary
Renewal Extensions Renewal Notice
Renewal Period Renewal Right
Reorganization Replacement Awards
Replacement References Holdings Report
Report Audit Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Financial Statements
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Internal Control Reportable Events
Reports Representations Fnt Represents
Representations Regarding Fis Proprietary Software Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Covenants Representations Warranties Shareholders
Representatives Repricing
Repurchased Shares Common Stock 2004 Total Cost 965 Required Consents
Required Lenders Requisite Independent Directors
Research Development Research Development Costs
Reserves Card Processing Check Guarantee Losses Reserves Check Guarantee Losses
Resolution Disputes Responsible Officer
Restricted Investment Restricted Payment
Restricted Payments Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Award Agreement Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement
Restricted Stock Units Restricted Stock Units Other Awards
Restricted Stock Units Performance Shares Restrictions
Restrictions Lsi Processes Documentation Restrictions Rmss Software
Restrictions Transfer Results Operations Financial Condition
Retiree Health Welfare Benefits Retirement Employee Benefit Plans
Return Data Return Documents
Returns Revenue Arrangements Multiple Deliverables
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Respect Certain Transactions
Revenues Geographic Area Based Location Customer Follows Review Approval Ratification Transactions Related Persons
Revoke Proxy Revolving Credit Agreement
Rights Agreement Rights Agreement Amendment
Rights Participants Rights Set Off
Rmss Software Role Compensation Committee Executive Officers Determining
Role Compensation Consultants Rward-looking Disclosure
S-3 Safety Security Procedures
Salary Sale
Sales Force Sales Marketing
Sales Shares Large Shareholders Adversely Affect Trading Price Sales Support Services Implementation Lsi Processes Party Customers
Sanchez Computer Associates Inc Sarbanes-oxley Act
Schedule Schedule 101b
Schedule 101e Schedule 311
Schedule 420 Schedule 615
Schedule 616 Schedule 701
Schedule 702 Schedule 703
Schedule Changes Searchable Text Graphics Shown Above
Seasonality Seasonality Inflation
Seasonality Inflation Economic Downturns Seasonality Inflation Economic Other Factors
Sec Sec Filings
Sec Filings Financial Statements Undisclosed Liabilities Sec Reports
Securities Act Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Security Breach
Security Breaches Computer Viruses Harm Business Disrupting Delivery Security Databases Compromised Reputation Suffer Business Adversely Affected
Security Incident Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Directors Executive Officers Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Security Ownership Management Directors Securityholders
Sedgwick Master Information Technology Services Agreement See
Segment Information Segment Results
Selected Quarterly Financial Data Self-help Code
Selling General Administrative Expenses Separate Plans
Separation Date Separation Fnf
Serp Serp Benefits
Service Component Service Level Audit
Service Level Audit Report Service Level Auditor
Service Level Credits Service Level Measurement
Service Levels Level Credits Adjustments Service Locations
Service Provided Rmss Hereunder Shall Performed Professional Workmanlike Services
Services Omitted Resumed Special Projects Defined Below Collectively Severability
Severance Payment Shall Admit Writing Inability Generally Unable Pay Debts
Share Counting Share Distributions
Share Issuance Share Ownership Guidelines
Shareholder Approval Shareholder Proposals
Shareholders Agreement Shareholders Meeting
Shares Shares Subject Omnibus Incentive Plan
Shares Subject Plan Individual Limits Anti-dilution Adjustments Signature Page Follow
Signatures Significance Certain Customer Relationships
Significant 2004 Acquisitions Significant 2005 Acquisitions
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Portion Business Derived Key Strategic Relationships Loss
Since Ceo Some Senior Executives Moving Jacksonville Site Software
Sole Exclusive Solicitation Transactions
Solvency Certificate Some Due Additional Vacation Next Service Still Receiving
Soon Contact Counterpart Fidelity Discuss Potential Integration Issues Soon Practicable After Effective Time Event Later 2006
Source Code Special Dividend
Special Dividend Recipients Specific Performance
Specified Amendments Specified Contract
Specified Contracts Standard Securitization Undertakings
Standard Services Standstill
State Takeover Statutes Statement Regarding Forward-looking Information
Statements Work Right Look Additional Services Status Specified Contracts
Statutory Workers Compensation Accordance International Foreign Federal State Still Able Participate Certegys 401 Plan After Merger
Still Able Participate Certegys 401k Plan What Outstanding Still Mandatory Mail Prescription Able Local Pharmacy
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Based Compensation Plans
Stock Incentive Plan Amendment Stock Incentive Plans
Stock Option Plan Stock Option Plans
Stock Options Stock Options Equity Based Awards
Stock Options Stock-based Incentive Compensation Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Performance Stock Purchase Plan
Stock Subject Plans Stock-based Compensation Plans
Stockholders Strategy
Strikes Slowdowns Subject Matter Governed Agreement Such Dispute Shall Settled
Sublease Agreement Sublicense Limitations
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsidiaries
Subsidiary Subsidiary Guarantor
Subsidiary Guaranty Substantial Cross Selling Opportunity Best-in-class Products Services
Substantial Leverage Debt Service Requirements Adversely Affect Financial Successors
Successors Assigns Successors Interest
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Suntrust
Suntrust Commitment Superior Proposal
Superior Proposal Notice Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan
Survival Surviving Welfare Benefit Plans
Synthetic Lease Systems
Table Contents Take Steps Cure Same Landlord Shall Not Right
Tax Tax Accounting Considerations
Tax Consequences Tax Disaffiliation Agreement
Tax Matters Agreement Amendment Tax Opinion
Tax Returns Tax Sharing
Tax Withholding Tax-free Reorganization Treatment
Taxes Taxes Withholding
Technology Plan Telecommunications
Telephone Internet Voting Tenants Default
Term Term Expiring 2008
Term Expiring 2009 Term Expiring 2010
Term Expiring 2011 Term Including Means Without Limitations Unless Context Clearly
Term Loan Term Loan Agreement
Term Plan Term Termination
Term Transition Assistance Termination
Termination Assistance Termination Assistance Period
Termination Assistance Services Termination Certain Contracts
Termination Certain Other Contracts Termination Convenience
Termination Date Termination Employment Service
Termination Fee Events Termination Insolvency
Termination Limitation Liability Termination Merger Agreement
Termination Result Disaffiliation Termination Trade Secret Licenses
Terms Cross License Terms Provision
Thank Most Recent Brief Bit Confused Reference 401k Thl
Thl Director Those Contribute 401 Annually Receive Certegy Stock Shares
Tier Management Time Performance Increased Costs
Timing Expense Title
Title Class Title Data
Title Derivative Work Title Grade Level Change
Title Plant Master Services Agreement Title Software Developments
Title Work Product Total Voting Power
Tpg Director Trade Receivables Net
Trade Secrets Know-how Transaction Processing Services
Transactions Abn Amro Real Banco Bradesco Transactions Related Parties
Transfer Transferability
Troduction Trustees
Types Awards Unable Successfully Consummate Integrate Acquisitions Results Operations Adversely
Unaffiliated Shareholder Approval Unauthorized Access
Unauthorized Acts Unauthorized Code
Understand Fidelity Subsidiaries Units Once Merger Completed Post Understanding Agreement Shall Binding Assigning Partys Successors Assigns
Undisclosed Liabilities Unfunded Liabilities
User Utilize
Vacation Vacation Plans Through End Impacted
Validity Certain Prior Issuances Validity Share Issuance
Versified Complementary Business Portfolio Vote
Votes Counted Votes Each Proposal Receive Adopted
Voting Agreements Voting Securities
Waiver Waiver Breach
Waiver Jury Trial Waiver Subrogation
Waivers Amendments Wake Current Mortgage Crisis Adverse Regulatory Consequences Litigation
Warranty Warranty Exclusion Disclaimers Limitation Liability
Warranty Respect Environment Warranty Respect Services
Was Known Receiving Party Prior Receipt Information Welfare Plans
What Beneficial Holder Rather Owner Record What Broker Non-votes
What Constitutes Quorum What Currently Participating Tuition Reimbursement Program Still Get
What Effect Abstention What Effect Merger Certegy Benefits Such Medical Vision
What Effect Merger Facilities Through Out What Effect Merger Stock Options
What Happen Current Attendance Policy Merged What Happen Stock Options Merger Takes Place Cey
What Happens Other Matters Raised Meeting What High-level Timeline Merger Interested Milestones Voting Deadline
What Mean Vote Proxy What Options Being Reviewed Current Certegy Employees Fidelity
What Other Information Review Before Voting What Purpose Annual Meeting
What Quorum Voting Requirements Elect Nominees Director Ratify What Share Household Another Shareholder
What Shares Covered Proxy Card What Submit Proxy Later Change Mind
What Voting Whereas
Wholly-owned Subsidiary William Foley
Withdrawal Liability Withholding
Withholding Rights Without Cause
Witness Whereof Witness Whereof Parties Executed Agreement Effective Date Set
Work Product Privilege Work Technically
Written Notice Delivered Person Sent Via Reputable Air Xxiv Amended Restated License Services Agreement Between Fnt
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