Topic Listing for FirstEnergy

Acceptance Appointment Successor Accepting Employee
Accounts Receivable Acquired Assets
Action Required Actual Knowledge
Actual Participation Additional Equity Investment
Additional Pass Through Certificates Additional Property
Adjustment Awards Occurrence Certain Unusual Nonrecurring Events Adjustment Performance-based Compensation
Adjustment Periodic Rent Termination Amounts Other Adjustments Authorized Shares
Administrative Agent Adopt Simple Majority Vote
Adopt Simple Majority Vote Yes Adr Deductions
Advancement Expenses Advances
Affiliate Affiliated
After-tax Basis Against Shareholder Proposals
Against Shareholder Proposals 3-5 What Quorum Other Voting Agency Letter
Agent Parties Aggregate Share Limitations
Agreement Agreements Participate
Akron 2009 Alleged
Also Alternate Base Rate
Alternate Base Rate Loan Amendment
Amendment Bruce Mansfield Units Operating Agreement Amendment Conform Law
Amendment Modification Suspension Termination Amendments Operative Documents
Amendments Waivers Amortization Deductions
Ancillary Facilities Ancillary Facilities Interest
Ancillary Facilities Lease Ancillary Facilities Lease Event Default
Ancillary Facilities Lessee Ancillary Facilities Lessor
Ancillary Facilities Rent Annex
Annual Award Limits Annual Meeting Shareholders 2005
Annual Meeting Shareholders 2006 Annual Meeting Shareholders 2007
Annual Meeting Shareholders 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholders 2009
Annual Meeting Voting Information Annual Participant Award Limitations
Antitrust Law Applicable Law
Applicable Legal Authorities Applicable Lending Office
Application Insurance Proceeds Application Payments Not Relating Event Loss
Appraisal Procedure Approval
Assigned Contracts Assigned Documents
Assignment Acceptance Assignment Assumption Agreement
Assumed Liabilities Assumed Tax Rate
Assumption Agreement Assure Representation Meeting Please Vote Telephone Internet Sign
Astm Standard Practice Phase Environmental Site Assessment Process Atsi
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Audit Fees Authority Committee
Authority Duties Officers Authority Retain Terminate Advisors
Average Life Date Award
Award Agreement Award Agreement8221
Award8221 Awards Previously Granted
Bankruptcy Code Bankruptcy Court
Bankruptcy Law Banks
Base Salary Beginning Shareholder Proposal
Benchmarking Beneficial Owner
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficial Ownership8221
Beneficiary Designation Best Utility Practice
Bidding Procedures Order Bill Sale
Biographical Information Nominees Election Directors Board
Board Audit Committee Report Board Compensation Committee Report Executive
Board Directors Recommend Vote Board Directors Recommends Vote
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal
Board Policy Regard Number Boards Director Serve Bona Fide
Bonds Collateral Series Bonds Guarantee Series
Borrower Borrower Ferc Order
Borrower Supplemental Order Borrowers
Borrowing Bulk Sales Laws
Burger Plant Deadline Extension Business
Business Combination8221 Business Records
Buyer Buyer Group
Calpine Marks Capital Stock
Carol Cartwright Cash-based Award
Cash-based Award8221 Cash-based Awards
Catherine Rein Cause
Cause8221 Cei
Ceo Evaluation Process Ceo Pay
Cerclis Certain Definitions
Certain Duties Responsibilities Certain Interpretive Matters
Certain Relationships Related Person Transactions Certain Rights Pass Through Trustee
Certificate Account Special Payments Certificate Legend
Certificate Residence Certificateholders
Change Control Change Control8221
Change Credit Standing Chapter Case
Charge Check Appropriate Box Below Form 8-k Filing Intended
Cinergy Hub Claim
Claims Class Preferred Stock
Clayton Act Clean Air Act Compliance
Clean Water Act Climate Change
Closing Closing Appraisal
Closing Date Closing Date Procedure
Code Code8221
Combined-cycle Generating Plant Commencement Date
Commercial Customer Commercial Pricing Node 8220cp Node8221
Commitment Committee
Committee Charter Committee Discretion
Committee8221 Common Facilities
Common Stock Communications
Company8221 Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Components Review
Compensation Directors Compensation Reimbursement Indemnification
Compensation Summary Competitive Electricity Supply
Competitor Compliance Erisa
Compliance Laws Compliance Laws Etc
Compliance Trust Agreement Component
Components Compensation Composition
Conclusion Confidentiality Agreement
Confidentiality Information Conflict Trust Indenture Act
Conformity Trust Indenture Act Consent
Consent Decree Consent Jurisdiction Waiver Trial Jury Process Agent
Consolidated Consolidated Debt
Consolidated Report Financial Community Consolidated Subsidiary
Constituent Documents Constraint Corporate Action
Construction New Transmission Line Consultant
Contents Continuing Guarantee
Contract Contracts
Control Certificateholders Controlled Affiliate8221
Controlled Group Converted
Corporate Authorization Corporate Existence Power
Corporate Governance Committee Corporate Secretary
Costs Counterparts
Covered Employee Covered Employee8221
Credit Agreement Credit Agreement Drawn Exposure
Credit Agreement Exposure Credit Suisse Securities Usa Llc
Cres Supplier Cumulative Preferred Stock
Custodian Customer
Damages Damages Resulting Early Termination Due Event Default Attributable
Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2007 Death
Death Benefit Death Disability
Deduction Loss Defense Claims
Defense Title Definitions
Delegation Delivery Title
Deposit Depository Legend
Depreciation Deduction Description Facility
Description Facility Site Determination Right Indemnification
Did Board Party Assist Identification Evaluation Potential Nominees Did Receive Just Copy Proxy Statement Annual Report
Director Election Majority Vote Standard Proposal Directors Nominees Independent
Directors Plan Directors Share Ownership Guidelines
Disability Disability Benefit
Disability8221 Disclosure Schedules
Discretionary Awards Disinterested Director
Dividend Equivalents Documents Affecting Immunity Indemnity
Domestic Lending Office Duplication Payments
Duration Plan Early Retirement Reduction Table
Early Termination Early Termination Date
Earning Performance Shares Earnings Deferred Compensation
Effective Date8221 Eighth
Ejusdem Generis Election Directors
Eligibility Eligible Assignee
Eligible Facility Emergency
Emission Allowances Employee
Employee Benefit Plan Employee8221
Employment Employment Agreements
Energy Engineering Report
Entitled Real Property Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Claim Environmental Condition
Environmental Laws Environmental Report
Environmental Reports Eol Report
Equipment Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Interest Equity Investment
Equity Portion Periodic Rent Equity Portion Pvrr Amount
Equity Portion Termination Amount Erisa
Erisa Affiliate Erisa Legend
Ernest Novak Escrow Agent
Establishment Eurocurrency Liabilities
Eurodollar Lending Office Eurodollar Rate
Eurodollar Rate Loan Eurodollar Rate Reserve Percentage
Evaluation Performance Event Default
Event Loss Ewg
Excepted Payments Excess Amount
Exchange Act Exchange Act8221
Exchange Offer Excluded
Excluded Assets Excluded Taxes
Execution Copy Execution Delivery
Execution Supplemental Trust Agreements Executive Deferred Compensation Plan
Executive Deferred Compensation Plan Edcp Executive Retirement Plan
Executive Summary Exercise Options
Exercise Price Exercise Price8221
Exercise Sars Existing Credit Facilities
Existing Survey Existing Title Policy
Facility Facility Lease
Facility Lease Agreement Facility Owners
Failure Companies Accept Sso Supply Tendered Supplier Failure Convert
Fair Market Sales Value Fair Market Value
Fair Market Value Renewal Option Fair Market Value Renewal Term
Fasb Federal Funds Effective Rate
Federal Power Act Federal Trade Act
Fee Structure Fegc Mortgage Bond
Fegc Mortgage Indenture Ferc
Ferc Orders Fes Ferc Order
Fes Supplemental Order Fifth
Final Ferc Order Final Monthly Energy Allocation 8220fmea8221
Final Orders Finance Committee
Financial Reports Financial Statement Exhibits
Financial Statements Material Adverse Change Find Voting Results Meeting
Firm Transmission Service Firstenergy Adopted Code Ethics
Firstenergy Balancing Authority Firstenergy Corp
Firstenergy Corp Deferred Compensation Plan Outside Directors Firstenergy Corp Letterhead
Firstenergy Corp Savings Plan Firstenergy Load Zone
Firstenergy Parties Firstenergy Provide Training Board Members
Firstenergy Solutions Corp Fmv8221
Force Majeure Event Foreclosure Transfer
Forfeiture Form Certification
Form Opinion Counsel Form Timing Payment Performance Shares
Forward Market Price Forward-looking Statements
Fractional Shares Fronting Bank
Full-value Award Full-value Award8221
Further Further Assurances
Gaap Gains
General General Service 8211 Large Tariffs
General Service 8211 Small Tariffs Generation Transfers
George Smart Governing Law
Government Governmental Action
Governmental Actions Governmental Approvals
Governmental Authority Governmental Entity
Grant Cash-based Awards Grant Options
Grant Performance Shares Grant Restricted Stock Units
Grant Sars Grantors Warranty
Grants Plan-based Awards Guarantee
Guarantee Unconditional Guarantor
Guaranty H15 519
Hazardous Materials Hazardous Substance
Hipaa Holders Shares Common Stock
Hostile Acquisition However
Hsr Act8221 Impact Regulatory Requirements Compensation
Important Information Improvements
Inability Obtain Authority Incentive Plan
Incentive Stock Option Inclusion
Income Taxes Incumbent Directors8221
Indebtedness Indemnifiable Losses8221
Indemnification Additional Expenses Indemnification Obligation
Indemnified Party Indemnified Person
Indemnitor Indenture
Indenture Bankruptcy Default Indenture Default
Indenture Trustee Indenture Trustee Office
Indenture Trustees Account Indenture Trustees Lien
Independent Appraiser Independent Counsel
Independent Credit Requirement 8220icr8221 Independent Tax Counsel
Indicate Direction Marking Appropriate Boxes Below Directions Indicated Industrial Customer
Information Regarding Participants Initial
Initial Interest Accrual Date Initial Purchasers
Initial Sublease Term Initial Term
Inspection Rights Interest
Interest Accrual Date Interest Deduction
Interest Deductions Interest Index
Interest Payment Date Interest Period
Interpretation Introduction
Inventory Investment
Investment Grade Investment Representations
Involuntary Separation Ipp
Irs Irst Nergy Reports 2008 Earnings
Iso8221 Jcpl
Junior Subordinated Deferred Interest Debt Obligations Keeping Books
Learn Firstenergys Operations Lease Default
Lease Event Default Lease Term
Lease Transaction Leaseback Restructuring
Leased Real Property Leasehold Lien
Leasehold Mortgagee Legal Description Facility Site
Legal Description Site Lease Terms Relating Thereto Legal Fees Expenses
Legend Lender
Lenders Lessee
Lessee 467 Loan Interest Lessee 467 Loan Principal Balance
Lessee Documents Lessee Liens
Lessee Loss Event Lessee Nexus
Lessee Person Lessee-controlled Contest
Lessor Lessor 467 Loan Interest
Lessor 467 Loan Principal Balance Lessor Closing Costs
Lessors Account Lessors Interest
Lessors Lien Lessors Liens
Liability Insurance Funding Libor Market Rate Spread
Lien Liens Etc
Limitation Liability Limitation Obligations Guarantors
Limited Renewal Option Limited Renewal Term
Litigation Loan
Loan Documents Loan Party Approvals
Long Stop Date Long-term Incentive
Long-term Incentive Program Losses
Macrs Deduction Maintenance Insurance Etc
Maintenance Properties Majority Interest Noteholders
Majority Lenders Mandatory
Map Directions John Knight Center Margin
Margin Stock Mark-to-market Exposure Amount
Master Escrow Agreement Master Sso Supply Agreement
Material Adverse Effect Material Default
Material Misstatements Maturity Date
Mbr Authority Measuring Life Etc
Meetings Did Board Hold 2004 Meetings Did Board Hold 2005
Meetings Did Board Hold 2006 Meetings Did Board Hold 2007
Meetings Did Board Hold 2008 Mercury Emissions
Merger Conversion Consolidation Succession Business Merger Event
Mergers Etc Met-ed Transmission Rider
Meter Data Management Agent Meter Read Date
Meter Reading Michael Anderson
Minimum Rating Miscellaneous
Miso Miso Charges
Miso Emt Miso Rules
Modifications Money Held Pass Through Trust
Moody8217s Mortgage Indenture
Multiemployer Plan Named Executive Officers
National Ambient Air Quality Standards National Priority List
Need Admission Ticket Attend Annual Meeting Need Admission Ticket Attend Meeting
Net Cash Proceeds Net Out Settlement Amounts
New Accounting Standards Interpretations New Jersey
New Jersey Governor8217s Economic Assistance Recovery Plan Ninth
Nominees Election Directors Non-exclusivity
Non-recourse Person Non-registration Event
Nonemployee Director Award Nonemployee Director Award8221
Nonemployee Director Awards Nonexclusivity Plan
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 2008
Nonqualified Stock Option Nonrecourse Indebtedness
Noteholder Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice Borrowing Notice Defaults
Notice Period Notice Termination Payment
Notices Notification
Notification Date Notification Disqualifying Disposition
Now Therefore Nso8221
Nuclear Committee Nuclear Plant Matters
Number Shares Available Awards Oaqda Bonds
Oaqda Reimbursement Agreement Obligations
Oecd Offering Circular
Officers Certificate Ohio
Operating Agreement Operative Documents
Operator Opposition Statement
Option Option8221
Optional Optional Modification
Options Orc
Orc8221 Order
Ordinary Course Business Organic Document
Organizational Documents Original Indenture
Orward-looking Statements Other Damages
Other Equity Awards Other Facility Leases
Other Feature Deferral Other Indebtedness
Other Indemnity Provisions Other Legal Matters
Other Lessors Other Matters Voted Those Described Proxy Statement
Other Owner Participants Other Participation Agreement
Other Payments Benefits Received Directors Other Presumption
Other Pro Rata Facilities Other Pro Rata Facility Drawn Exposure
Other Pro Rata Facility Exposure Other Restrictions
Other Stock-based Award Other Stock-based Award8221
Other Stock-based Awards Other Stock-based Awards Cash-based
Outside Consultants Overview
Owda Bonds Owned Real Property
Owner Participant Owner Participants Account
Owner Participants Commitment Owner Participants Lien
Owner Participants Net Economic Return Parent Guaranty
Partial Indemnity Participant
Participant8221 Participation
Participation Agreement Participation Agreements
Pass Through Certificates Pass Through Trust
Pass Through Trust Agreement Pass Through Trustee
Patriot Act Paul Powers
Payment Payment Cash-based Awards Other Stock-based
Payment Taxes Pbgc
Penelec Penn
Penn Interim Default Service Supply Plan Pennsylvania
Percentage Performance Goals
Performance Measures Performance Measures8221
Performance Period Performance Period8221
Performance Share Performance Share Grants
Performance Share8221 Performance Shares
Performance-adjusted Discretionary Restricted Stock Unit Grants Performance-adjusted Restricted Stock Units Rsus
Performance-based Compensation Performance-based Compensation8221
Period Restriction Period Restriction8221
Periodic Rent Permit
Permits Permitted Encumbrances
Permitted Investments Permitted Liens
Person Person8221
Personal Benefits Perquisites Philosophy
Plan Plan Administration
Plan Amendment Termination Plan8221
Platform Pmea Fmea Adjustment
Post Petition Interest Post-closing Adjustments
Potential Post-employment Payments Power
Power Outages Related Litigation Power Plant
Preference Stock Preferred Stock
Preliminary Monthly Energy Allocation 8220pmea8221 Prepayment Event
Preservation Corporate Existence Etc Preserving Tax Deductibility Executive Compensation
Presumption Entitlement Price
Pricing Assumptions Prime Rate
Prior Supplemental Indentures Pro Rata Condition
Pro Rata Facilities Pro Rata Percentage
Procedure Exercise Termination Option Procedure Notification
Procedures Committee Proceeds
Property Interest Proposed Borrowing
Provided Provided However
Provisions Respect Insurance Proxy Cards Being Solicited What Cost
Proxy Statement Table Contents Prudent Industry Practice
Puhca Puhca 1935
Purchase Agreement Purchase Notice
Purchase Price Purpose
Purpose Plan Pvrr Amount
Qualified Nonqualified Plans Qualifying Cash Bids
Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Real Estate Leases
Real Property Reasonable Basis
Receiving Party Receiving Proxy Statement Card
Recent Record Generation Output
Redemption Date Redemption Demand
Redemption Price Reference Ratings
Register Registration Rights Legend
Regulation Hazardous Waste Regulatory Approvals
Regulatory Event Loss Reimbursement Agreement
Reimbursement Agreements Related Fund
Related Party Related Person
Relationship Certificateholders Release
Reliability Initiatives Remaining Weighted Average Life
Renewal Option Renewal Rent
Renewal Site Lease Term Renewal Term
Rent Rent Adjustment
Replacement Awards Reporting Changes
Reporting Requirements Representations Warranties Lessor
Representations Warranties Trust Requirements Law
Requisition Residential Customer
Resolved Resource Adequacy Requirements
Responsibilities Authority Responsible Officer
Restricted Certificate Legend Restricted Period
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Grants
Restricted Stock Unit Restricted Stock Unit Agreement
Restricted Stock Unit8221 Restricted Stock Units
Restricted Stock8221 Restrictions Share Transferability
Results 2006 Retained Books Records
Retirement Retirement Benefit
Retirement Benefits Retirement Voluntary Termination
Revenue Bond Indenture Revenue Bond Indentures
Revenue Bond Trustee Revenue Bond Trustees
Revenue Bonds Revenues
Reverse Certificate Revoke Proxy
Right Lessor Retain Undivided Interest Right Partition Waiver
Rights Shareholder Robert Heisler
Robert Pokelwaldt Robert Savage
Role Executive Officers Determining Compensation Role Executives
Rules Interpretation Russell Maier
Sale Sale Order
Sale Transfer Undivided Interest Sales Etc
Sammis Plant Sar
Sars Sars Agreement
Schedule Schedule 1-a
Schedule 14a Schedule 14a Information
Seasonal Billing Factor Sec
Security Security Agreement
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Seller8217s Account
Seller8217s Knowledge Service Territory
Settlement Amount Settlement Sars
Seventh Severability
Severable Modifications Severance
Severance Agreements Other Contracts Share Ownership Guidelines
Share Usage Share Withholding Open Market Sales
Shareholder Proposal Shareholder Proposal Adopt Simple Majority Vote
Shareholder Proposals Shareholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting Due
Shareholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting Due Shareholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Due
Shareholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Due Shareholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting Due
Shareholder Return Performance Comparison Graphs Shareholders Communicate Board
Short-term Incentive Sign Card Reverse Side
Sign Card Reverse Side Please Mail Promptly Not Signature
Signature Page Follows Signature Pages Follow
Significant Subsidiaries Site Lease
Site Lease Event Default Site Sublease
Sixth Solicitation
Solicitation Offers Solicitation Offers Payments Termination
Soliciting Vote Proxy Cards Being Solicited What Cost Solvency
Spc Special Event Amount
Special Shareowner Meetings Sso Customers
Sso Load Sso Load Share
Sso Service Sso Supplier
Sso Supplier Load Zone Sso Supplier Representative
Sso Supplier Responsibility Share Sso Suppliers8217 Failure Supply Declaration Early Termination Companies
Sso Supply Sso Tariffs
Standard Conduct Determination Standard Service Offer
State Street Bank Trust Trustee Firstenergy Corp Savings Statement
Statement Intent Statements Certificateholders
Stay Acceleration Stock Appreciation Right
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Options
Stock Ownership Retention Guidelines Straddle Period
Stranded Cost Securitization Bonds Sublease Ground Interest Initial Term Renewal Options
Subrogation Subsidiary
Subsidiary8221 Successors
Successors Assigns Successors Binding Agreement
Supplemental Approval Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan
Supplemental Financing Supplemental Indenture
Supplemental Rent Supplemental Trust Agreement Without Consent Certificateholders
Supplier Contracts Support Agreement
Supporting Statement Supreme Court Remand Rate Certainty Plan
Survival Tally Sheets
Tally Sheets Accumulated Wealth Tangible Net Worth 8220tnw8221
Target Acquisition Tax Advance
Tax Benefit Tax Claim
Tax Deductibility Executive Compensation Tax Event
Tax Indemnitee Tax Indemnity Agreement
Tax Law Change Tax Loss
Tax Representation Tax Return
Tax Savings Tax Withholding
Taxation Taxes
Taxes Assessments Telephone 800 736
Telephone Internet Vote Received 1030 Eastern Time Tuesday Telephone Internet Vote Received 600 Eastern Time 2008
Temporary Certificates Tender Advances
Tenth Term
Term Options Term Sars
Termination Amounts Termination Date
Termination Employment Termination Employment Directorship
Termination Event Termination Following Change Control
Terms Expiring 2006 Terms Expiring 2007
Therefore Title Policy
Total Capitalization Total Exposure Amount
Total Pro Rata Facility Drawn Exposure Total Pro Rata Facility Exposure
Tranche Transaction Expenses
Transaction Party Transaction Taxes
Transferability Awards Transferee
Transferee Guarantor Treasury Yield
Trust Trust Agreement
Trust Estate Trust Preferred Securities
Trustee Type
Types Awards Uncertificated Shares
Undertaking Undivided Interest
Unfunded Plan Unfunded Vested Liabilities
United States Person Unmatured Default
Unused Fee Validity
Valorem Value Cash-based Other Stock-based Awards
Value Performance Shares View Firstenergy Proxy Statement Annual Report Internet Instead
View Future Firstenergy Proxy Statements Annual Reports Internet Violation Etc
Voluntary Vote
Vote Important Vote Important Ways
Voted Votes Received Trustee Later 500 Eastern Time 2005
Voting Direction Form Voting Instructions Allocated Shares
Voting Instructions Uninstructed Unallocated Shares Voting Rights
Voting Stock8221 Waiver Defaults
Waiver Guarantors Welfare Benefits
Wes Taylor What Action Board Taken Determine Independence Directors
What Boards Policy Regarding Board Members Attendance Annual What Committees Board Directors Established
What Current Compensation Directors What Function Firstenergy Board Directors Perform
What Quorum Other Voting Information Aware Whereas
Wind Power Contract Withhold Authority Vote Individual Nominee Strike Line Through
Witnesseth Wwwproxyvotenowcom Fny
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