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Abstentions Broker Non-votes Abstentions Broker Non-votes Treated
Accompanying Financial Statements Tables Accounting Treatment
Accounting Treatment Prior Adoption Sfas 123r Acquisition Activity
Activity Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Activity Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Income
Additional Information Additional Terms Conditions
Address Principal Executive Offices Zip Code Registrants Telephone Administration
Adopted Audit Committee 2006 Adopting Employers
Adoption Affiliates Adoption Sfas 123r
Adversely Affected Soundness Other Financial Institutions Advises Compensation Committee
Advisory Non-binding Vote Ratifying Independent Auditors Aggregated Option Exercises 2004 End Values
Amended Restated By-laws Amended Restated Effective 2008
Amendment Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendment Modification Termination Plan
Amendment Termination Amendment Waiver Revolving Credit Agreement
Amendments Analysis Economic Value Equity
Analysis Net Interest Income Sensitivity Asset Quality Performance
Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Attestation Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Available Information Awards
Awards Executive Officers Employees Omnibus Plan Awards Issued 2008
Awards Three-year Period 2005-2007 Issued 2008 Background
Background Description Proposed Amendment Balance Sheet Discussion
Balance Sheet Highlights Bank Calumet Activities
Bank Holding Act 1956 Amended Bank Holding Sources Funds Limited
Bank Secrecy Act Usa Patriot Bank-owned Life Insurance Boli
Base Salary Basic Diluted Earnings Per Common Share
Basic Diluted Earnings Per Share Been Registered Securities Act 1933 Amended
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiary Designation
Board Committees Board Directors Compensation
Board Directors Nominees Director Serve Until 2010 Board Directors Recommends Vote
Board Directors Recommends Vote Each Proposals Book Value Loans Pledged
Brother James Gaffney Fsc Director Since 1998 Bruce Chelberg Director Since 1989
Business Business Adversely Affected Conditions Financial Markets Economic Generally
Business Combinations Business Concentrated Chicago Metropolitan Area Downturn Economy Adversely
Business Concentrated Suburban Chicago Metropolitan Area Downturn Economy Business Continually Subject Technological Change Fewer Resources Competition
Business Outlook Capital Analysis Projection
Capital Credit Capital Credit Other
Capital Guidelines Capital Management
Capital Measurements Capital Ratios
Capitalization Carrying Value Level Securities Available-for-sale
Carrying Value Mortgage Servicing Rights Cash Compensation
Cautionary Statement Pursuant Private Securities Cautionary Statement Pursuant Private Securities Litigation Reform Act
Ceo Promotion Award Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certification Change Control
Change Control Benefit Change-in-control
Changes Carrying Amount Goodwill Changes Disagreements Accountants
Changes Interest Rates Adverse Effect Income Changes Policies Monetary Authorities Adversely Affect Profitability
Changes Reserve Loan Losses Affect Profitability Chief Executive Officer Compensation
Claims Procedures Code Ethics Standards Conduct
Code Ethics Standards Conduct Senior Financial Officers Collateral-dependent Impaired Loans
Commercial Industrial Loans Commercial Real Estate Loans
Commitments Guarantees Contingent Liabilities Committees
Committees Processes Procedures Common Stock Available
Common Stock Preferred Securities Related Debentures Communicate Board Directors
Communication Audit Committees Compared 2003
Compared 2004 Compared 2005
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Comparison Five-year Cumulative Total Return Among Comparison Five-year Cumulative Total Return Among Midwest 500
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Meetings Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Committee Report Executive Compensation Committees Conclusion
Compensation Discussion Analysis Competition
Competition Acquisition Candidates Intense Competition Banking Industry Intense
Completed Transactions Compliance Laws
Components Effective Tax Rate Components Income Taxes
Comprehensive Income Condensed Parent Financial Statements
Conditions Underwriters Obligations Conference Call
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Statements Condition
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Consumer Loans
Consumers Businesses Decide Not Banks Complete Financial Transactions Continually Encounters Technological Change
Contractual Notional Amounts Financial Instruments Contractual Obligations Commitments Contingencies Off-balance Sheet
Contractual Obligations Commitments Off-balance Sheet Risk Contingent Liabilities Contribution
Controls Procedures Controls Procedures Fail Circumvented
Coordination Omnibus Stock Incentive Plan Corporate Governance Guidelines Committee Charters
Corporate Governance Midwest Bancorp Inc Corporate Loans
Cost Solicitation Covenant Underwriters
Covenants Credit Extension Commitments Guarantees
Credit Market-related Actions Credit Quality
Credit Quality Management Reserve Loan Losses Credit Remediation
Credit Remediation Increased Capital Loan Loss Reserves Critical Accounting Policies
Current Fmbi Employees Participate Benefit Plans Receive Proxy Death Disability
Decline Stock Price Below Tangible Book Value Require Deductibility Executive Compensation
Default Defaulting Underwriter
Deferred Compensation Plan Non-employee Directors Deferred Tax Assets Liabilities
Defined Benefit Actuarial Pension Retirement Plans Defined Terms
Definitions Definitions Usage
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensation Dependent Outside Parties Processing Handling Records Data
Deposit Retail Services Deposits
Derivative Assets Liabilities Derivative Disclosures
Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Determine Retirement Other Welfare Benefits
Developments Director Compensation
Director Independence Directors
Directors Continuing Serve Until 2006 Directors Continuing Serve Until 2007
Directors Continuing Serve Until 2008 Directors Continuing Serve Until 2009
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Recommendation Disability Benefit
Discharge Cause Discharge Not Cause Resignation Due Constructive
Disclosures Pension Plan Assets Discretionary Awards
Discretionary Cash Bonus Distribution Corporate Loans Industry
Distributions Dividends
Downgrades Credit Rating Insurers Provide Enhancement State Municipal Duration Plan
Earnings Performance Economic Value Equity
Effect Eesa Arra Effect Recording Share-based Compensation Expense
Effect Tax Equivalent Adjustment Effect Tax-equivalent Adjustment
Effective Date Efficiency Performance
Election Directors Elections Relating Contribution Profit Sharing Restoration Pension Amounts
Electronic Delivery Future Stockholder Communications Eligibility Participation
Ellen Rudnick Director Since 2005 Employee Benefit Plans
Employees Vote Shares Employee Plans Employment Contracts Executive Officers
Encourage Record Vote Internet Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Equity Compensation Plans Equity Grants
Equity-based Compensation Esop Provisions
Establishment Purpose Effective Date Plan Establishment Purposes Effective Date
Estimate Fair Values Investments Not Realizable Sell Securities Estimated Fair Value Financial Instruments
Estimated Future Pension Benefit Payments Evaluation Securities Impairment
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exchange Act 1934
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Limitations
Executive Employment Agreements Executive Officers Subject Reporting Rules Short-swing Profit Recovery
Executive Sessions Experience Greater Expected Difficulties Integrating Bank Calumet Operations
Experience Unexpected Inability Obtain Needed Liquidity Fair Value Disclosure Other Assets Liabilities
Fair Value Hedges Fair Value Measurements
Fdic Insurance Premiums Fdic Insurance Programs
Federal Income Tax Consequences Federal Income Tax Considerations
Federal Reserve Act Fee-based Revenues
Fees Fee Compensation Shall Paid Person Services Administrator Fees Paid Independent Auditors
Financial Condition Investment Portfolio Management Financial Instruments
Financial Performance Financial Services Companies Depend Accuracy Completeness Information Customers
Financial Statements Exhibits Find Information Midwest
Footnote Footnotes
Form 10-k Form Notice Exercise
Form Opinion Form Waiver
Formal Equity Ownership Guidelines Executive Officers Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Funding Liquidity Management Future Acquisitions Disrupt Business Dilute Stockholder Value
Future Acquisitions Disrupt Business Dilute Stockholder Value Adversely Future Growth Operating Results Require Raise Additional Capital
Future Growth Require Raise Additional Capital Not Available Future Legislation
Gaap Codification General
General Corporation Law State Delaware General Overview
General Provisions Glossary Terms
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governing Law Time
Gramm-leach-bliley Act 1999 Gramm-leach-bliley Act 1999 Glb
Highlights Historical Equity Compensation
History Illinois Banking Law
Impaired Loans Impaired Non-accrual Past Due Loans
Impaired Nonaccrual Past Due Loans Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials
Important Notice Regarding Delivery Stockholder Documents Important Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials Annual
Income Tax Expense Analysis Income Taxes
Incorporation Reference Indemnification
Independence Independence Discussions Audit Committees
Independence Nominees Non-employee Directors Independent Auditor Fee Information
Independent Auditors Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms Report Consolidated Financial
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms Report Internal Control Information Systems Experience Interruption Breach Security
Interest Rate Derivatives Interest Rate Derivatives Portfolio
Interim Period Fair Value Disclosures Interstate Banking
Introduction Investment Bank Owned Life Insurance
Investment Bank Owned Life Insurance Decline Value Investment Common Stock Not Insured Deposit
Investment Portfolio Management Investorrelationsfirstmidwestcom
Issuance Preferred Shares Issue Additional Securities Dilute Ownership Percentage Holders Common
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Itasca 2009
Itasca Illinois 60143-9768 John Omeara Director Since 1982
John Sterling Director Since 1998 Joseph England Director Since 1986
Junior Subordinated Debentures Leave Absence
Legal Proceedings Lending Activities
Limitations Audit Committee Role List Stockholders Entitled Vote Annual Meeting
Litigation Litigation Reform Act 1995
Loan Origination Risk Management Loan Portfolio
Loan Portfolio Credit Quality Loans
Management Capital Management Ownership
Managements Outlook Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Responsibility Financial Statements Margin Performance
Market Area Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Material Transaction Affecting Stockholders Equity Maturities Sensitivities Corporate Loans Changes Interest Rates
Maturities Time Deposits 100000 Maturity Interest Rate Sensitivity Corporate Loans
Maturity Rate Schedule Fhlb Advances Measure Corporate Performance
Measuring Liabilities Fair Value Meetings
Meetings Stockholders Members Compensation Committee
Membership Methods Voting
Midwest Midwest 500 Smallcap 600 Banks
Midwest Bancorp Inc Midwest Bancorp Inc Announces
Midwest Bancorp Inc Nonqualified Stock Option Gain Deferral Midwest Bancorp Inc Omnibus Stock Incentive Plan
Midwest Bancorp Inc Short-term Incentive Compensation Plan Midwest Investment Activities
Midwest Reports Earnings Per Share 052 Midwest Sources Funds
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Mortgage Servicing Rights Named Executive Officer Compensation Discussion Analysis
Named Executive Officers Net Interest Income
Net Interest Income Sensitivity Net Periodic Benefit Pension Expense
New Lines Business Products Services Subject Additional Risks Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Nomination Process Nominees Director Serve Until 2008
Nominees Election Non-employee Directors Stock Option Plan
Non-performing Assets Potential Problem Loans Non-qualified Deferred Compensation
Non-qualified Retirement Plan Non-qualified Stock Option Gain Deferral Plan
Nonaccrual Past Due Loans Noninterest Expense
Noninterest Income Nonperforming Assets
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Nonqualified Retirement Plan
Nonqualified Retirement Plan Pension Component Nonqualified Stock Option Gain Deferral Plan
Nonqualified Stock Option Transactions Not Able Attract Retain Skilled People
Not Established Minimum Dividend Payment Level Cannot Assure Not Stockholder Record
Notice Annual Meeting Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2006
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007 Notice Business Conducted Meeting
Notices Number Short Limitation
Obtain Additional Proxy Card Obtain Information Midwest
Officers Offices
Omnibus Plan Benefits Operates Heavily Regulated Environment
Operates Highly Competitive Industry Market Area Operating Efficiency
Operating Highlights Operating Leases
Operating Performance Option Awards
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Exercises Stock Vested Table
Options Outstanding Exercisable Other Auditors
Other Awards Other Benefits Agreements
Other Business Other Business Agenda
Other Compensation Other Events
Other Intangible Assets Other Real Estate Owned 8211
Other Regulation Other Restricted Stock Unit Award Information
Other Security Ownership Other Stock Option Activity
Other Stock Option Information Other Transactions
Other-than-temporary Impairment Outlook 2007 Beyond
Overview Overview Objectives
Part I-preferred Stock Part Ii-common Stock
Participant Accounts Participation Administration Award Agreements
Participation Cpp Adversely Affect Value Common Stock Rights Participation Government Economic Recovery Programs
Parties Patrick Mcdonnell Director Since 2002
Pay Cost Proxy Solicitation Payment Benefit After Death
Payment Benefits Payment Expenses
Pays Expenses Proxy Solicitation Pending Business Combination
Pending Transaction Pension Benefits
Pension Benefits Table Pension Plan Asset Allocation
Performance Criteria Setting Goals Omnibus Plan Performance Grid Period Ending 2011
Performance Highlights Performance Overview
Performance Units Shares Performance-awarded Restricted Stock Awards
Performance-vesting Restricted Stock Letter Agreement Pierce Place Suite 1500
Pierce Place Suite 1500 Itasca Illinois 60143 Address Plan Document
Policies Reporting Concerns Regarding Accounting Other Matters Communicating Policy
Policy Regarding Code 162 Portfolio Composition
Portfolio Management Composition Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control Powers Duties Plan Committee
Preferred Share Purchase Rights Premises Furniture Equipment
Press Release Additional Information Available Website Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Accounting Fees Services Pro Forma Net Income Earnings Per Share
Procedures Profitability Depends Significantly Economic Conditions Suburban Metropolitan Chicago
Properties Proposed Amendment
Proposed Form Performance-vesting Restricted Stock Letter Agreement Provide Perquisites Executive Officers
Provisions Regarding Stock Corporation Provisions Relating Performance-vesting Condition
Proxies Authorized Vote Discretion Such Other Business Properly Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Annual Meeting Stockholders
Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Held 2005 Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Held 2006
Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Purchase Closing
Purpose Purpose Omnibus Plan Amendments
Purpose Restated Plan Quarterly Net Interest Margin Trend
Quarterly Review Ratification Independent Auditors
Receiving Proxy Statement Card Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Legislative Regulatory Actions Taken Stabilize Banking System Recitals
Record Date Share Ownership Reduction Credit Ratings Increase Financing Costs
Registered Securities Act 1933 Amended Registration Sec
Regulation Disclosure Regulatory Agreements
Regulatory Capital Matters Related Party Transactions
Related Person Transactions Related Stockholder Matters
Remaining Contractual Maturity Securities Report Audit Committee
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reports Form 8-k
Representations Warranties Agreements Survive Delivery Required Stockholder Approvals
Required Vote Requirements Law
Reserve Loan Losses Reserve Loan Losses Insufficient
Reserved Responded Irs Limits Deductibility Compensation
Responsibilities Authority Restated Certificate Incorporation Amended By-laws Rights Agreement Well
Restated Plan Benefits Restricted Stock Unit Award Transactions
Restricted Stock Unit Awards Restricted Stock Units
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Performance Period Ending 2011
Retirement Consulting Agreement Review Components Chief Executive Compensation
Review Related Person Transactions Revoke Proxy Change Vote
Revoke Proxy Substitute New Change Vote Revoking Proxy
Rights Employees Risks Associated Common Stock Price Volatile
Robert Omeara Director Since 1982 Rollforward Unrecognized Tax Benefits
Safe Harbor Statement Sale Delivery Underwriters Closing
Sales Performance Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Savings Profit Sharing Plan Scheduled Amortization Other Intangible Assets
Scheduled Maturities Time Deposits Scope Authority
Securities Gains Losses Securities Gains Net
Securities Portfolio Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securitization Activity Security Gains Losses
Security Ownership Certain Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Selection Enrollment Eligibility
Severance Severe Weather Natural Disasters Acts War Terrorism Other
Share-based Compensation Share-based Plans
Shares Voted Not Specify They Short-term Incentive Compensation
Short-term Incentive Plan Compensation Short-term Payout Unforeseeable Financial Emergencies
Signatures Source Information
Statements Condition Statements Financial Condition
Statements Income Stephen Vanderwoude Director Since 1991
Stic Awards Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Awards Stock Option Valuation Assumptions
Stock Options Stock Performance Data
Stock Performance Graph Stock Price Volatile
Stock Repurchase Programs Stock Subject Plan
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Communication Directors
Stockholder Proposals Stockholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Stockholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting Stockholders Stockholder Recommendations Director Candidates
Stockholder Rights Plan Stockholders Equity
Subject Claims Litigation Pertaining Fiduciary Responsibility Subject Environmental Liability Risk Associated Lending Activities
Subject Extensive Government Regulation Supervision Subject Interest Rate Risk
Subject Lending Risk Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submissions Matters Vote Security Holders Submit Proxy Internet Telephone Mail Shares Voted
Submitted Audit Committee Board Directors Submitted Compensation Committee Midwests Board Directors
Subordinated Debt Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Subsidiaries Subject Changes Accounting Principles Policies Guidelines
Subsidiaries Subject Changes Federal State Tax Laws Interpretation Subsidiaries Subject Examinations Challenges Tax Authorities
Subsidiaries Subject Examinations Challenges Taxing Authorities Subsidiaries Subject Examinations Challenges Taxing Authorities Tax Laws
Subsidiaries Subject New State Tax Laws Substantial Sales Common Stock Cause Price Fall
Summary Borrowed Funds Summary Deposits
Summary Description Restated Plan Summary Director Compensation
Summary Executive Compensation Supervision Regulation
Supplemental Disclosures Consolidated Statements Cash Flows Supplementary Cash Flow Information
Synopsis Table
Table Contents Takes 2007 Noncash Security Impairment Charge
Tax Discussion Tax Withholding
Technical Amendments Maintain Compliance Internal Revenue Code 162 Termination Agreement
Termination Amendment Modification Termination Authorized Each Adopting Employer Written Notice Cease
Termination Benefit Text Proposed Amendments
Thomas Garvin Director Since 1989 Top-heavy Plan Requirements
Trading Securities Trading Volume Common Stock Less Other Larger Financial
Transfers Financial Assets Trust
Trustee Trust Fund Turmoil Financial Markets Impair Market Value Fixed Income
Turmoil Financial Markets Result Lower Fair Values Investment Type Subsidiary
Uncertainty Income Taxes Underwriting Agreement
United States Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unresolved Staff Comments Usa Patriot Act
Valuation Methodology Variable Interest Entities
Vernon Brunner Director Since 2006 Voluntary Resignation
Vote Vote Annual Meeting
Vote Executive Compensation Vote Internet
Vote Mail Vote Person
Vote Phone 1-800-690-6903 Vote Required
Vote Shares Vote Shares Held Dividend Reinvestment Plan
Vote Very Important Votes Counted
Votes Required Transact Business Annual Meeting Voting Participants Employee Plans
Voting Shares Midwest Bancorp Inc Dividend Reinvestment Plan Voting Via Internet Telephone
Warrant Purchase Common Stock What Attend Annual Meeting
What Difference Between Stockholder Record Street Name Holder What Elements Executive Compensation Program
What Matters Voted Meeting What Mean Receive Proxy Card
What Need Attend Annual Meeting What Objectives Compensation Programs
What Proxy What Tax Considerations Evaluate Making Compensation Decisions
Widespread Effect Falling Housing Prices Financial Markets Adversely Wwwfirstmidwestcom
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