Topic Listing for FMI HOLDINGS LTD.

Acceleration Assignments Acceleration Vesting Schedule
Acceptance Amounts Exercise Rights Acceptance Delivered Phyto-s Product Reducol Claims
Accounting Changes Accounting Matters Business Plan Dividend Policy
Accounting Policy Changes Accounting References
Accounts Payable Accrued Liabilities Accounts Receivable
Accredited Investors Acknowledgment
Acknowledgment Commencement Date Acquired Intellectual Property
Acquiring Person Acquisition Disposition Assets
Acquisition Ownership Disposition Newco Common Shares Acquisition Therapei Pharmaceuticals Inc
Acquisition Therapei Pharmaceuticals Inc Appointment John Nestor Chief Acquisitions
Acquisitions Since 2006 Act
Acting Jointly Concert Action Necessary Change Rights Shareholders
Acts Contrary Law Additional Directors
Additional Financial Information Disclosures Required United States Gaap Additional Information
Additional Information Documents Referenced Additional Obligations
Additional Rules Apply Holders Adjournments
Adjustment Conversion Price Issuance Common Shares Adjustment Conversion Price Subdivision Combination Common Shares
Adjustment Option Price Adjustments
Administration Committee Adoption 2007 New Stock Option Plan Grant
Adoption Plan Aggregated Option Sar Exercises Most Recently Completed Financial
Agreement Agreement 2008 Among
Agreement 2008 Between Agreement Rights Holders
Albert Heijn Allocation Purchase Price
Allowable Grace Period Alteration Authorized Share Structure
Alternate Director Attending Meetings Alternate Proxy Holders
Amended 2000 Stock Option Plan Amended Restated 2000 Stock Option Plan Existing
Amended Restated Employment Agreement Amended Restated Shareholder Rights Plan Agreement
Amendment Amendment Lease
Amendment Plan Previous Amendment Without Approval Holders Common Shares
Amendments Amendments Articles Continuance
Amendments Plan Arrangement Amendments Waivers
Among Annual General Meeting
Annual General Meetings Annual Review
Appendix Arrangement Resolution Appendix Auditors Consent
Appendix Change Name Resolution Appendix Interim Order
Appendix Notice Hearing Petition Appendix Stated Capital Resolution
Applicable Law Applicable Percentage
Applicable Price Application
Appointment Alternate Director Appointment Attorney
Appointment Auditors Appointment Committee
Appointment Composition Appointment John Nestor Chief Scientific Officer Forbes Medi-tech
Appointment Powers Executive Committee Appointment Powers Other Committees
Appointment Proxies Appointment Proxy Holders
Appointment Proxyholders Appraisers
Approval Board Directors Approved Behalf Board
Approved Stock Plan Arbitration
Arrangement Arrangement Agreement
Arrangement Resolution Arrangement Understanding Pursuant Director Member Senior Management Was
Articles Articles Continuation
Assessments Asset Purchase Agreement 9th 2008 Between
Assets Sold Purchased Assigned Intellectual Property
Assignment Assignment Agreement
Assignment Contracts Assignment Transfer Purchased Assets
Assignments Assumed Contracts Non-assumed
Assumption Defence Assumption Obligations
Assumption Obligations Liabilities Attached
Attest Seal Auchan
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Auditor Attestation Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Australia
Authority Committee Suspend Amend Terminate Plan Option Agreement Authority Retain Experts
Authorized Issued Allotted Authorized Purchase Shares
Authorized Share Structure Automatic Conversion Corporations Election Date
Autorit√© Available Shares
Available Shares Conversion Date Background
Background Cardiovascular Disease Background Proposal
Background Rights Plan Bankruptcy Event
Basis Consolidation Basis Presentation
Basis Presentation Going Concern Basis Presentation Going Concern Significant Accounting Policies
Basis Presentation Significant Accounting Policies Beneficial Ownership
Benefit Agreement Benefit Shareholders
Benefits Agreement Benefits Held Trust
Beta-cell Apoptosis Spt Inhibitors Between
Binding Agreement Blackout Period
Board Committee Board Compensation Committee Describe Responsibilities Powers Operation
Board Directors Board Directors Approval Statement
Board Directors Forbes Medi-tech Inc Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Securityholders Vote Arrangement Resolution
Board Mandate Board Mandate Corporate Governance Guidelines
Board Nominating Committee Describe Responsibilities Powers Operation Board Practices
Board Standing Committees Other Audit Compensation Nominating Identify Bonus
Bonus Plan Borrowing Powers
Brazil Breach Contract
Briefly Describe What Measures Board Takes Provide Continuing British Columbia Business Corporations Act
Brokerage Buildings Thereon Erected Bearing Civic Number 310 Des
Burden Benefit Business
Business Contact Business Corporations Act
Business Corporations Act Interpretation Definitions Applicable Business Forbes Medi-tech Inc
Business Highlights Business Overview
By-law Relating Generally Conduct Affairs Forbes Medi-tech Inc Byetta Registered Trademark Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc
Calling Meetings Canada
Canada Business Corporations Act Canada Inc
Canadian Differences Canadian Dollars
Canadian Federal Income Tax Consequences Canadian Federal Income Tax Considerations
Canadian Resident Shareholders Cap Allocation Amount
Capital Assets Capital Resources
Capital Risk Management Capital Structure
Capitalization Capitalization Indebtedness
Capitalization Surplus Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular Disease Cholesterol Carrefour Group
Cash Equivalents Working Capital Casting Vote
Casting Votes Cavendish Analytical Laboratory Ltd
Cbca Other Matters Considered Meeting Information Representations Source Ceasing Alternate Director
Ceasing Director Central Securities Register
Certain Defined Terms Certificate
Certificate Beneficial Ownership Conversion Corporation Certificate Beneficial Ownership Conversion Holder
Certificate Fee Certificate Rights
Certificate Sending Certification Interim Filings Full Certificate
Certifications Certified Copy Resolution Board Directors 3824527 Canada Inc
Cgm David Nagelberg Ira Chair
Chair Meetings Chair Resolve Dispute
Change Accounting Policy Change Address
Change Control Change Control Hostile
Change Directors Change Name
Change Name Resolution Change Number Directors
Change Rights Agent Changes
Changes Accounting Policy Changes Accounting Standards
Changes Intellectual Property Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Charles Butt Charter Audit Committee
Chief Scientific Officer Choice Not Specified Intended Person Designated Management Accompanying
Cholesterol Cholesterol-lowering Drug
Claims Class Shares
Class Warrants Closing
Closing Date Closing Deliveries Vendor
Closing Sale Price Code
Code Business Conduct Ethics Code Ethics
Code Ethics Chief Executive Officer Financial Controller Collection Claims
Commencement Commissions Discounts
Commitments Contractual Obligations Contingencies Committed Research Development Funding
Committee Directors Appoint Among Number Subject Act Delegate Committee Meetings
Commodity Price Sensitivity Common Share
Common Shares Common Shares Issued Allotted
Comparative Figures Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Comparison Bcbca Cbca
Comparison New Plan Existing Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Directors
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Otherwise Due Executive Termination
Competition Competitively Sensitive Information Intentionally Omitted Covenants Parent
Complaints Complete Agreement
Compliance Governmental Requirements Compliance Laws
Compliance Money Laundering Legislation Composition Board
Composition Compensation Committee Computation Time Periods
Computershare Investor Services Inc Concentration Sales Segmented Disclosure
Conditions Conditions Benefit Purchaser
Conditions Benefit Vendor Conditions Conversion
Conditions Issue Conditions Obligations Seller Effect Closing
Conditions Precedent Conditions Reasonably Likely Result Material Adverse Effect
Conference Call Conference Call Webcast
Confidential Information Confidentiality
Confidentiality Agreement 2001 Among Confidentiality Inventions
Confidentiality Inventions Agreement Cia Confirmation Interest
Conflicts Consent Director
Consent Required Transfer Shares Designated Securities Consent Resolutions
Consent Resolutions Writing Consideration
Consolidated Balance Sheets Consolidated Sales Excluding Tax Reached
Consolidated Statements Cash Flows Consolidated Statements Operations Comprehensive Income Deficit
Consolidated Statements Operations Comprehensive Loss Deficit Consolidated Statements Operations Deficit
Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information Constitution Share Subscription
Construction Contact
Contacts Contingent Tax Liabilities Finders Fees
Continuing Accounting Policies Continuity Security
Contract Amendments Contracts
Contracts Commitments Contractual Obligations
Contributed Surplus Comprises Controls Procedures
Conversion Bankruptcy Event Conversion Date
Conversion Election Notice Conversion Failure
Conversion Overage Conversion Rate
Conversion Rights Conversion Shares
Convertible Debenture Convertible Demand Debenture
Convertible Securities Cooperation Tax Matters
Copy Corporate
Corporate Governance Corporate Matters Relating Parent Subsidiary
Corporate Offices Corporate Reorganization
Corporate Restructuring Corporate Secretary
Corporate Secretarys Certificate Corporation
Corporation Apply Court Corporations Conversion Election Notice Date
Corporations Election Conversion Date Corporations Response Issuance Common Shares Certificate Remaining Series
Cost Sales Costs
Costs Enforcement Counterparts
Counterparts Facsimile Court
Court Approval Covenants
Covenants Purchaser Covenants Representations Corporation
Covenants Vendor Craig Allison
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Estimates
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Currency
Currency Adjustment United States Dollars Currency Exchange Rates
Currency Fluctuation Conduct Further Business Foreign Hence Continue Current Adoption New Accounting Standards
Date Exercise Effective Date Mandatory Conversion
Date Report Date Signed
David Goold8221 De-listing
Deadlock Resolution Dealings Hypothecated Property
Death Disability Independent Director Decisions Show Hands Poll
Declaration Dividends Declaration Result
Deemed Non-interruption Employment Deemed Receipt Mailing
Defined Benefit Actuarial Plan Disclosure Defined Terms
Definitions Definitions Interpretation
Del Monte Del Monte Philippines Inc
Delaware Corporation Delivery Assignment Novation Agreement Discharges Security Interests Consent
Delivery Cancellation Certificates Delivery Mail
Delivery Notices Delivery Preferred Share Certificates
Delivery Records Demand Payment
Demand Poll Demand Poll Adjournment
Demand Poll Not Prevent Continuance Meeting Deposit Proxy
Deposit Purchase Sale Adjustments Depositary
Deposited Connection Plan Arrangement Involving Forbes Medi-tech Inc Describe Other Steps Board Takes Encourage Promote Culture
Describe Process Board Determines Compensation Issuers Directors Officers Describe Steps Board Takes Ensure Directors Exercise Independent
Description Description Premises
Description Securities Other Equity Description Transaction
Design Determinations Actions Board Directors
Determinations Committee Development Agreement
Development Agreement Repurchase Right Diabetes
Dilution Director Compensation
Director Holding Other Office Director Officer Other Corporations
Director Orientation Continuing Education Director Presently Other Issuer Reporting Equivalent Jurisdiction Canada
Directors Directors Acts Valid Despite Vacancy
Directors Appoint Officers Directors Authorized
Directors Board Meetings Directors Fill Casual Vacancies
Directors Number Directors Officers Liability Insurance
Directors Senior Management Disclaimer Forward-looking Statements
Disclose Attendance Record Each Director Board Meetings Held Disclose Identity Directors Independent
Disclose Identity Directors Not Independent Describe Basis Determination Disclose Whether Not Board Ceo Developed Written Position
Disclose Whether Not Board Compensation Committee Composed Entirely Disclose Whether Not Majority Directors Independent Describe What
Disclosure Confidential Information Disclosure Conflict Interest Property
Disclosure Control Review Disclosure Controls
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Obligations
Disclosure Schedule Disposition Common Shares
Dispositions Dispositions Newco Common Shares
Dispositions Since 2006 Dispute Resolution
Disqualification Dissent Right
Dissent Rights Dissent Rights Holders Options Warrants
Distribution Assets Distribution Assets Other Common Shares Options Convertible Securities
Distribution Common Share Certificates Distribution Options Warrants
Distribution Rights Distributions
Distributions Paid Foreign Currency Distributions Respect Newco Common Shares
Dividend Policy Dividend Rights
Dividends Dividends Common Shares
Dividends Paid Accordance Number Shares Dividends Received Deduction
Documents Display Documents Title
Dollars Per Canadian Dollar Drug Development
Duties Duties Responsibilities
Duties Rights Agent Each Holder Consult Own Financial Advisor Legal Counsel
Each Party Hereby Irrevocably Waives Right Agrees Not Effect Agreement
Effect Arrangement Securityholders Effect Expiration Termination
Effect Subsection Applies Effective Date
Effective Date Fasb Statement 157 Egi-np Investments Llc
Election Annual General Meeting Election Directors
Electronic Execution Employee Agreements
Employee Compensation Employees
Employees Consultants Employment
Employment Taxes Endorsing Certificate
Enforcement Enquiry Title Not Required
Entire Agreement Environmental Requirements
Equipement Bureau Equitable Remedies
Equity Compensation Plan Information 2004 Equity Compensation Plan Information 2005
Equity Compensation Plan Information 2006 Equity Compensation Plan Information 2007
Equity Compensation Plan Information 2008 Essential Functions Responsibilities
Ethical Business Conduct European Union
Events Default Every Board Directors Implement Process Carried Out Nominating
Examination Assets Exception
Excess Series Convertible Preferred Shares Exchange Cap
Exchange Controls Exchange Listings
Exchange Option Exchange Options Warrants
Exchange Ratio Exchange Share Certificates Newco Common Shares
Excluded Securities Exclusions
Exclusivity Executed Registered Holder Such Desires Transfer Rights Certificate
Execution Authentication Delivery Dating Rights Certificates Executive Officer
Executives Right Terminate Exercise Options Legal Heirs Representatives Continuation Vesting
Exhibits Existing Charter Provisions
Expectations Responsibilities Directors Expenses
Expenses Reorganization Expiration
Explanatory Export Sales
Extended Meanings Extinction Rights
Failure Complete Return Substitute Form W-9 Subject Applicable Failure Elect Appoint Directors
Failure Give Notice Waiver Failure Indulgence Not Waiver
Failure Notice Failure Pay Mandatory Redemption
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Measurements
Fayrefield Foods Federal Income Tax Consequences
Federal Income Tax Consequences Acquisition Ownership Disposition Common Federal Income Tax Consequences Arrangement
Feedback Stakeholders Fees Commissions
Fellow Shareholders Fennobon
Fennobon Finland Launches Cholesterol-lowering Chewing Gum Reducol8482 Fiave
Final Order Finance
Financial Assistance Financial Highlights
Financial Information Financial Instruments
Financial Instruments Presentation Financial Other Information
Financial Results Financial Results Summary
Financial Risk Management Financial Statements
Financial Year-end Option Values Financing Activities
Flip-in Event Fm-tp Series Compounds
Fm-tp Series Compounds Inflammatory Lung Disease Fm-tp Series Compounds Metabolic Syndrome
Fm-vp4 Fm-vp4 Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitor
Following Description Arrangement Qualified Entirety Reference Full Text Following Information Read Conjunction Audited Consolidated Financial Statements
Forbes Forbes Enters New Collaboration Reducol Germany Austria Switzerland
Forbes Medi-tech Forbes Medi-tech Agrees Sell Sterol Manufacturing Interest Us25
Forbes Medi-tech Announces 2006 Results Forbes Medi-tech Announces 2007 Financial Results ~company Reports
Forbes Medi-tech Announces 2008 Financial Results Forbes Medi-tech Announces Change Board Directors
Forbes Medi-tech Announces Completion Non-dilutive Funding Transaction Forbes Medi-tech Announces Completion Phase Trial Cholesterol-lowering Drug
Forbes Medi-tech Announces Corporate Restructuring Forbes Medi-tech Announces Extension Major Sterol Supply Agreement
Forbes Medi-tech Announces Financial Results 2009 Forbes Medi-tech Announces Further Expansion Dairy Products Containing
Forbes Medi-tech Announces Non-dilutive Funding Transaction Forbes Medi-tech Announces Pharmavite Contract Renewal
Forbes Medi-tech Announces Phase Clinical Trial Results Forbes Medi-tech Announces Plan Arrangement
Forbes Medi-tech Announces Progress Pharmaceutical Development Expansion Reducol8482-based Forbes Medi-tech Announces Sale Pharmaceutical Assets ~company Focuses
Forbes Medi-tech Announces Timing End Financial Results Forbes Medi-tech Announces Timing End Financial Results Agm
Forbes Medi-tech Announces Timing Financial Results Forbes Medi-tech Announces Timing Financials Corporate Update
Forbes Medi-tech Announces Trading Common Shares Post-exchange Basis Forbes Medi-tech Capital Inc
Forbes Medi-tech Cholesterol Lowering Ingredient Reducol 8482 Receives Forbes Medi-tech Closes Therapei Acquisition
Forbes Medi-tech Comments Recent Stock Activity Forbes Medi-tech Completes Us6 Private Placement
Forbes Medi-tech Enters Final Steps Compound Selection Asthma Forbes Medi-tech Establishes Exchange Ratio Corporate Reorganization
Forbes Medi-tech Expands Line Reducol8482 Products Eronimo Martins Forbes Medi-tech Forecasts Strong Revenue Growth 2008
Forbes Medi-tech Inc Forbes Medi-tech Inc Consolidated Balance Sheets
Forbes Medi-tech Increases Revenue Guidance Range 875 925 Forbes Medi-tech Initiates Dosing Phase Clinical Trial Cholesterol-lowering
Forbes Medi-tech Initiates Phase Trial Cholesterol-lowering Drug Fm-vp4 Forbes Medi-tech Issues Results Special General Meeting ~resolutions
Forbes Medi-tech Now Trading Former Nasdaq Symbol Fmti Forbes Medi-tech Operations Inc
Forbes Medi-tech Preclinical Study Results Demonstrate Cholesterol-lowering Effects Forbes Medi-tech Present Rodman Renshaw Annual Healthcare Conference
Forbes Medi-tech Present Rodman Renshaw Techvest Annual Healthcare Forbes Medi-tech Provides Update Additional Funding Non-dilutive Transaction
Forbes Medi-tech Provides Update Nasdaq Listing Forbes Medi-tech Provides Update Nasdaq Listing Status
Forbes Medi-tech Receives European Approval Reducol8482 Major Food Forbes Medi-tech Receives Extension Achieve Nasdaqs Minimum Bid
Forbes Medi-tech Receives Fda Clearance Initiate Phase Trial Forbes Medi-tech Receives Final Proceeds Non-dilutive Funding Transaction
Forbes Medi-tech Regains Compliance Stockholders Equity Listing Requirement Forbes Medi-tech Research Inc
Forbes Medi-tech Showcases Frozen Fudge Bar Containing Cholesterol-lowering Forbes Medi-tech Track Corporate Objectives Including Revenue Growth
Forbes Medi-tech Usa Inc Forbes Medi-techs Cholesterol-lowering Drug Fm-vp4 Selected Windhovers Top
Forbes Research Manufacturing Inc Forbes Shareholders Whose Common Shares Registered Name Broker
Forbes-fayrefield Forbes-fayrefield Joint Venture
Foreign Currency Risk Foreign Tax Credit
Forfeiture Form 20-f
Form 52-109f1 Certification Annual Filing Form 52-109f1 Certification Annual Filings
Form 52-109f2 Certification Interim Filings Form 6-k
Form 6-k United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form Convertible Demand Debenture
Form Instrument Transfer Form Proxy
Form Proxy Information Circular Form Share Certificate
Formation Forbes-fayrefield Joint Venture Forward Looking Statements
Forward Looking Statements Information Forward Looking Statements Information Risk Factors Affect Future
Forward Looking Statements Risks Forward-looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Information Forward-looking Statements Risk Factors
Fractional Common Shares Fractional Dividends
Fractional Rights Shares Fractional Securities
Fractional Shares Full Description Material Change
Functions Duties Powers Officers Fundamental Corporate Changes
Funding Further Acts
Further Assurances Further Right
Further Security Documents Further Text Page
Future Changes Accounting Standards Gender Singular Plural
General General Corporate Risks
General Taxation Distributions Going Concern
Governing Law Grace Periods
Grant Suspension Plan Gratuity Pension Allowance Retirement Director
Greg Anderson Appointed Director Joe Dunne Named Chair Guarantee
Guarantors Headings
Held Seasons Hotel 791 West Georgia Street City Held Thursday 2007
Heller Capital Investments Heller Family Foundation
Highlights History Development
Hold Harmless Holder
Holder Rights Not Deemed Shareholder Holders Exercising Dissent Rights
Holders Forbes Common Shares Urged Consult Own Tax Holders Subject Special Federal Income Tax Rules Not
Hypothec Identity Directors Senior Management Advisers
Impairment Charge Goodwill Intellectual Property Capital Assets Impediments Change Control
Important Tax Information Holders Imputation Payment Receipt
Incentive Plan Awards Value Vested Earned Independent Directors Incentive Plan Awards Value Vested Earned Named Executive
Income Tax Act Income Tax Returns Re-assessments
Income Taxes Increased Plant Capacity Supports Revenue Increase~
Indebtedness Directors Executive Officers Indebtedness Directors Executive Officers Senior
Indemnification Indemnification Other Persons
Indemnification Provisions Indemnification Purchaser
Indemnification Recipient Indemnification Vendor
Indemnified Taxes Indemnity
Indemnity Procedure Independent Director Compensation 2005
Independent Director Compensation 2006 Independent Director Compensation 2007
Independent Director Compensation 2008 Independent Director Options Held Post-arrangement Basis 2008
Index Index Exhibits
Indivisible Obligations Inflammatory Lung Disease
Information Information Circular Accompanies Notice Special General Meeting Securityholders
Information Please Contact Information Reporting Backup Withholding Tax
Information United States Securityholders Initial Exercise Price Rights Detachment
Inspection Accounting Records Instructions
Instrument 51-102 Continuous Disclosure Obligations Insurance
Intangible Other Assets Intangible Property
Integrity Corporations Internal Control Management Information Systems Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Infringement Intellectual Property Trademark
Intentionally Omitted Interest
Interest Informed Persons Material Transactions Interest Rate Risk
Interested Director Counted Quorum Interested Party Transactions
Interests Certain Persons Matters Acted Interests Informed Persons Material Transactions
Interim Order Intermediary
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Interpretation
Introduction Invalidity Provisions
Inventories Inventory
Inventory Purchase Commitment Allowances Investing Activities
Investment Agreement Investment Partners Ltd
Irs Iss Recommends Forbes Medi-tech Shareholders Vote Proposed Corporate
Issuable Series Issuance New Rights Certificates
Issuance Resale Newco Common Shares Options Warrants Canadian Issuance Resale Newco Common Shares Options Warrants United
Issuance Series Shares Warrants Issuance Stock Certificate
Issued Share Capital Parent Jay Pritzker Foundation
Jeronimo Martins Jerzy Zawistowski Speak Panel 8220new Products Technologies8221
Job Description Brief Listing Major Duties Job Specifications Skills Present Requires Training
Joe Tutino John Nestor
Joint Venture Joint Ventures
Jurisdiction Kesko Group
Kingsdale Kpmg Llp
Laboratory Leases Lack Quorum
Lack Quorum Succeeding Meeting Landlords Remedies
Language Laptop
Law Jurisdiction Law Transaction Documents
Laws Lawsuit
Leading Healthy Lifestyle Magazine Highlights Clinically Proven Benefits Lease
Lease Commitments Legal Advice
Legal Matters Legal Notice
Legal Personal Representative Recognized Death Legal Personal Representatives Joint Shareholders
Legend Certificates Letter Securityholders
Letter Transmittal License
License Fee License Grant
License Supply Agreement License Technology Assignment Patents
Lifting Limitation Limitation
Limitation Insiders Limitation Number Conversion Shares
Limitations Applicable Holders Limitations Common Shares Issuable Conversion Limitation Beneficial Ownership
Limitations Conversion Limitations Indemnity
Limitations Right Own Securities Liquidation
Liquidation Dissolution Winding-up Liquidation Funds
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Risk
List Subsidiaries Litigation
Loan Commitments Capital Lease Guarantees Loan Commitments Capital Leases Guarantees
Loans Location Disposition Hypothecated Property
Location Meeting Long-term Debt
Loss Per Share Lost Share Certificates
Lost Stolen Certificates Machinery
Magnetar Capital Master Fund Ltd Mailing Address Pacific Corporate Trust 2nd Floor 510
Maintenance Hypothecated Property Grantors Enterprise Maintenance Proper Books Account Reporting
Major Shareholders Management Contracts
Management Solicitation Proxies Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Discussion Analysis Managements Statement Responsibility
Managements Statement Responsibility Financial Reporting Mandatory Conversion Shares
Mandatory Indemnification Directors Former Manner Paying Dividend
Manner Taking Poll Manufacturing Reducol8482 Other Value-added Sterol Products
Mark-to-market Election Market Opportunity Competition
Market Risk Marketing Activities
Marketing Sales Marketing Sales Outlook
Markets Material Changes
Material Contracts Material Modifications Rights Security Holders Proceeds
Matters Considered Meeting Maturity Allocation Percentage
Maturity Conversion Price Maturity Date
Maturity Date Election Notice Maturity Date Mandatory Conversion
Means Forbes Medi-tech Inc Mechanical Reproduction Seal
Mechanics Conversion Holder Holders Notice Mechanics Redemption Option Buyer Triggering Event
Medical Life Insurance Meeting
Meeting Valid Despite Failure Give Notice Meetings Directors
Meetings Independent Directors Meetings Shareholders
Meetings Telephone Other Communications Medium Merger
Merger Amalgamation Consolidation Change Name Rights Agent Mergers Stock Splits Consolidations Etc
Metabolic Syndrome Method Exercise
Method Giving Notice Milestones
Milestones Outlook Minimum Purchase Non-exclusivity
Miscellaneous Modelo Continente
Modification Instruments Defining Rights Security Holders Mohammed Moghadasian Forbes Medi-tech Inc Egon Novak
Monies Montreal 31st 2002
Most Recent Full Financial Annual High Low Market Most Recent Full Financial Subsequent Period High Low
Most Recent High Low Market Prices Each Motion Need Not Seconded
Mtre Joseph Tutino Undersigned Notary Province Quebec Practicing Mutatis Mutandis
Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Rights Certificates Name Address
Names Each Party Ceased Reporting Issuer Subsequent Transaction Names Parties Transaction
Nancy Glaister Nasdaq
Nasdaq Approves Forbes Medi-tech Transfer Capital Market Nasdaq Corporate Governance
Nasdaq Hearing Nasdaq Listing
Nature Operations Nestor Disclosure Schedule
Net Change Non-cash Operating Net Change Non-cash Operating Continuing Operations
Newco Newco Option Shares
Newco Optionholders News Release
Nite Capital Nomination Corporate Governance Committee
Nomination Directors Non Dilutive Financing
Non-assignability Non-compete Non-solicitation Covenants
Non-competition Non-competition Agreement
Non-compliance Business Corporations Act Non-dilutive Financing
Non-electing Holder Non-registered Shareholder
Non-residents Canada Non-solicitation
Non-transferable Except Provided Otherwise Options Non-assignable Non-us Holders
Non-violation Instruments Agreements Notes Form Proxy
Notes Proxy Notice
Notice Adjourned Meeting Notice Annual General Meeting Held Thursday 2009
Notice Annual General Meeting Held Wednesday 2005 Notice Annual General Meeting Held Wednesday 2006
Notice Annual General Special Meeting Held Wednesday 2008 Notice Articles
Notice Beneficial Owners Notice Change Control
Notice Further Given Notice Hearing Petition
Notice Joint Shareholders Notice Material Adverse Change
Notice Meetings Notice Meetings Shareholders
Notice Not Required Notice Proposed Actions
Notice Redemption Change Control Notice Redemption Triggering Event
Notice Required Notice Resolution
Notice Special Business Meetings Shareholders Notice Subsection Applies
Notice Triggering Event Notice Trustees
Notices Now Therefore Consideration Foregoing Covenants Agreements Herein Contained
Number Number Gender
Number Shares Number Votes Shareholder Shares
Nutraceutical Business Nutraceutical Regulatory Approval
Nutraceutical Research Development Support Nutraceutical Research Development Support Expenses
Nutraceuticals Nutraceuticals Reducol8482 Product Launches Contract Extension Since 2006
Nutritional Business Nutritionals
Objection Objectives
Obligation Account Profits Obligation Exercise
Obligation Exercise Optionees Shall Options Granted Plan 152 Obligation Retain Optionee
Obligations Committees Obtain Regulatory Approvals
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer Pay
Offer Statistics Expected Timetable Offering
Offering Documents Office Equipment
Office Leases Officer Compensation
Officers Certificate Omitted
Omitted Information Operating Expenses
Operating Financial Review Prospects Operations
Oppression Remedy Optional Redemption Change Control
Optionholders Warrantholders Options
Options Held Named Executive Officers Post-arrangement Basis 2008 Options Sar Grants Most Recently Completed Financial
Options Sars Ordinary Resolution
Ordinary Resolution Shareholders Organic Change
Organizational Structure Orientation Continuing Education
Original Forbes-chusei Confidentiality Non-disclosure Agreement Other Alterations
Other Assets Other Benefits
Other Board Committees Other Boards Committees
Other Considerations Other Distributions
Other Events Other Facilities
Other Important Events Since 2006 Other Important Events Since 2007
Other Important Events Since 2008 Other Jurisdictions
Other Matters Other Persons Attend
Other Principal Capital Expenditures Since 2004 Other Principal Capital Expenditures Since 2005
Other Principal Capital Expenditures Since 2006 Other Security
Other Taxes Other Terms
Outside Unrelated Director Compensation 2004 Outstanding Share Data
Outstanding Share-based Option-based Awards Outstanding Share-based Option-based Awards Independent Directors
Outstanding Share-based Option-based Awards Named Executive Officers Overage Certificate
Overview Ownership Subsidiary Shares
Packaging Delivery Phyto-s Product Reducol Pari Passu
Pari Passu Shares Part
Part Designation Series Convertible Preferred Shares Partial Dissent
Particulars Other Matters Acted Parties
Partnership Party Beneficiaries
Party Expenses Passive Foreign Investment Rules
Patent Oppositions Patents
Payable Officers Directors Employees Payment
Payment Amendment Release Agreement Payment Demand
Payment Dividends Payment Dividends Subject Special Rights
Payment Mandatory Redemption Payment Option Price
Payment Optional Redemption Triggering Event Payment Purchase Price
Payment Shares Payment Taxes
Payments Holders Amounts Payable Corporation Holder Series Convertible Pension Plan Benefits
Performance Duties Performance Graph
Performance Obligations Deed Sale Agreement Periodic Approval Unallocated Options
Periods Including Comparative Interim Annual Financial Statements Required Permitted Bid
Perquisites Personal Benefits Person
Personal Nature Persons Deemed Owners
Pfic Pharmaceutical Research
Pharmaceuticals Pharmavite
Pharmavite Llc Phyto-s Product Reducol
Phyto-s Product Reducol Warranties Limitation Remedy Phyto-source
Phyto-source Sale Agreement Phyto-source Supply Agreement
Phyto-venture Llc Phytosterol Other Revenue
Place Meetings Places Retiring Directors Not Filled
Plan Arrangement Plan Arrangement Reorganization
Plan Distribution Plan Reorganization
Please Give Material Careful Consideration Require Assistance Consult Position Description
Possession Realization Hypothecated Property Potential Obligations
Power Attorney Powers Board
Powers Committee Powers Court
Powers Management Ppointment John Nestor Chief Scientific Officer Forbes Medi-tech
Pre-approval Audit Non-audit Services Provided Independent Auditors Pre-clearance Exchange
Preemptive Rights Preferred Rank
Preferred Share Certificates Preferred Share Register
Preferred Shares Class Premises Portion Building Containing Approximately 2965 Rentable Square
Preservation Records President Ceo
President Chief Executive Officer Presidents Message Not Offer Sell Solicitation Buy Securities
Press Release Prevention
Price History Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Accounting Fees Services Independent Auditors Principal Business Activities Performed Outside Including Case Directors
Principal Holders Voting Securities Principal Place Work
Principal Purposes Privacy Provision
Private Placement Financing Procedural Steps
Procedure Arrangement Become Effective Proceeds
Product Launches Contract Extension Production Evidence Authority Vote
Production Forecasts Purchase Orders Professional Services Director Officer
Prohibited Activities Noncompetition Promotion Business
Property Leased Owned Property Plant Equipment
Property Plants Equipment Proposal Authorize Directors Consolidate Issued Outstanding Shares Necessary
Proposal Share Consolidation Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments 2000 Stock Option Plan Independent Directors Proposed Resolution
Protection Confidential Information Provide Cross-reference Material Change Report Filed Since Beginning
Provision Inventory Purchase Commitment Proxy Holder Need Not Shareholder
Proxy Provisions Not Apply Companies Proxy Solicited Management
Proxyholder Person Appointed Proxy Need Not Shareholder 920 Public Announcements
Public Statements Recalls Publicity
Purchase Agreement Purchase Insolvent
Purchase Insurance Purchase Price
Purchase Rights Purchase Sale
Purchase Sale Agreement Purchase Sale Interests
Purchase Supply Licensed Ingredient Purchasers
Purchasers Representations Warranties Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Securities Exchange Act 1934 Q3-2007
Qualifications Qualifications Directors
Quarterly Financial Information Quorum
Quorum Voting Ranking
Re-election Directors Re-structuring Working Capital
Real Property Owned Forbes Research Manufacturing Inc Prior Real Property Subsidiary
Reason Amendments Reasons Adoption New Plan
Reasons Granting New Options Reasons Offer Proceeds
Receipt Canadian Currency Receipt Joint Shareholders
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recitals
Recognition Trusts Recommendation Board Directors
Recommendation Board Directors Text Ordinary Resolution Approve New Record Date
Record Date Notice Record Date Voting
Record Holder Recording Financial Affairs
Redemption Conversion Redemption Dividends Other Common Preferred Shares
Redemption Option Triggering Event Redemption Waiver
Reduced Tax Rates Certain Dividends Reducol
Reducol Named Prevention Magazine Reducol8482
Reducol8482 Dietary Supplements Reducol8482 Functional Foods
Reducol8482 Press Conference Held France Supporting Product Launch Reducol8482 Sales 8211 International Success
Reducol8482 Wal-mart Asda Reduction Deficit Stated Share Capital
Reduction Notice Reduction Stated Capital
Reduction Stated Capital Accumulated Deficit Reduction Stated Share Capital Accumulated Deficit
Reduction Stated Share Capital Deficit References
References Headings Registered Non-registered Holders Beneficial
Registering Transfers Registrable Securities
Registration Rights Agreement Registration Statement
Registration Transfer Exchange Registration Transfer Intellectual Property Rights
Regular Board Assessments Regulatory Approval Issuance Shares
Regulatory Approvals Regulatory Filings Approvals
Reimbursement Expenses Reimbursement Expenses Directors
Related Party Transactions Relating Ingredient Reducol8482 Omega
Release Claims Releases Undertakings Discharge Security
Reliance Subsection National Instrument 51-102 Reloading
Remainder Deed Remainder Page Left Intentionally Blank
Remaining Directors Power Act Remedies
Remedies Characterizations Other Obligations Breaches Injunctive Relief Remedies Cumulative
Removable Installations Removal Director Directors
Removal Director Shareholders Remuneration Benefits
Remuneration Directors Remuneration Expenses Alternate Director
Remuneration Terms Appointment Reorganization Reclassification Consolidation Merger Amalgamation Sale
Replacement Lost Stolen Destroyed Certificate Acknowledgement Replacement Worn Out Defaced Certificate Acknowledgement
Report Report Executive Compensation
Report Foreign Private Issuer Report Foreign Private Issuer Securities Exchange Act 1934
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Voting Results
Reporting Audit Committee Shall Report Board Appointment Composition Reports Over 150 Participants Enrolled Multicenter Trial~
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Parties
Representations Warranties Purchaser Representations Warranties Seller
Representations Warranties Vendor Representative Corporate Shareholder
Request Form Supplemental Mailings Requirement Quorum
Requisition Meetings Research Development
Research Development Costs Expensed Incurred Period Unless Believe Research Development Patent Licenses Etc
Reservation Shares Residency Requirements Directors
Residents Canada Resolution Instead Annual General Meeting
Resolved Resolved Ordinary Resolution
Resolved Special Resolution Restrictions Voting Reason Interest
Results Continuing Operations Results Operations
Retention Ballots Proxies Retiring Director Shall Eligible Re-election
Revenue Guidance Revenue Increases Fy2004 Increased Activity
Revenue Outlook Revenues
Revenues Cost Sales Revenues Cost Sales Allowances
Reviewed Approved 2008 Revocability Proxies
Revocation Appointment Alternate Director Revocation Proxies
Revocation Proxy Revocation Proxy Signed
Right Conversion Right Corporation Convert
Right Dissent Right Executives Name Likeness
Right Holder Convert Right Holder Convert Preserved
Right Offer Purchase Excess Inventory Right Retain Separate Counsel
Right Terminate Rights Action
Rights Certificate Rights Certificate Holder Not Deemed Shareholder
Rights Dissent Rights Dissent Appraisal
Rights Exercise Conversion Convertible Securities Rights Legal Personal Representative
Rights Offerings Other Purchase Risk Factors
Risk Factors Affect Future Results Role Audit Committee
Rules Regulations Salaries
Salary Car Allowance Sale Hypothecated Property
Sale Interest Phyto-source Joint Venture Sale Pharmaceutical Assets Business Unit
Sale Undertaking Sale Voting Purchased Shares
Sales Transfer Taxes Same Terms
Satisfaction Previous Obligations Schedule
Schedules Scope Disclosure
Scope Summary Sealing Copies
Sec Sections Headings
Securities Securities Act
Securities Act 1933 Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Purchase Agreement Security Costs
Securityholder Approval Securityholder Shareholder Approval
Securityholders See Accompanying Notes
See Accompanying Notes Consolidated Financial Statements See Attached
See Enclosed Guidelines Certification Taxpayer Identification Number Substitute Segmented Disclosures
Seizability Hypothecated Property Selected Annual Information
Selected Pro Forma Information Relating Newco Selection Alternate Chair
Senior Officers Separation Time
Series Convertible Preferred Shares Series Convertible Preferred Shares Pref
Settlement Difficulties Severability
Severability Provisions Severance Payment Generally
Severance Payment Hostile Change Control Share Capital
Share Capitalization Share Certificate
Share Delivery Date Share Ownership
Share Purchase Warrants Share Purchase Warrants Rights
Share Transfers Shareholder Application Court
Shareholder Approval Shareholder Approval Plan
Shareholder Approval Required Shareholder Claims
Shareholder Constitute Quorum Shareholder Derivative Actions
Shareholder Entitled Certificate Acknowledgement Shareholder Proposals
Shareholder Review Shareholder Rights Plan
Shareholders Consult Own Tax Advisors Respect Potential Application Shareholders Fill Vacancies
Shareholders General Meetings Shareholders Not Resident Canada
Sherpa Asset Management Ltd Shipments Acceptance
Signature Pages Follow Signatures
Signed Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Changes Significant Events
Significant Events Outlook Signing Instrument Transfer
Singular Plural Derivatives Solicitation Proxies
Special Business Special Conditions Changes Capital
Special Majority Special Remuneration Directors
Special Resolution Increase Authorized Number Common Shares Special Resolution Set Out Specifically Clearly Rights Privileges
Special Resolution Set Out Succinctly Clearly Rights Privileges Special Resolution Shareholders
Special Rights Restrictions Specific Obligations Parties
Splitting Share Certificates Staff Reduction New Facility
State Colorado Stated Capital Reduction
Stated Capital Resolution Stated Pro-forma Effect Capital Write-down
Statement Corporate Governance Practices Statement Corporate Governance Practises
Statement Executive Compensation Statement Senior Officer
Status Uncertain Status United States Securities Exchange Act 1934 Laws
Statutory References Stewardship
Stock Based Compensation Stock Dividends
Stock Exchange Listings Stock Issuances
Stock Option Plan Stock Option Plan Total Outstanding Options
Stock Option Repricing Stock Options Option Plan
Stock Plan Stock-based Compensation
Stockholder Stockholder Ownership Disclosure Threshold
Stockholder Representation Letter Study Results Provide Key Component Phase Ind Submission~
Subordination Subordination Agreement
Subordination Agreement Shall Construed Governed Laws State Texas Subsequent Events
Successors Successors Assigns
Such Shareholder Optionholder Warrantholder Consult Own Tax Advisors Suite 200-750 West Pender Street Vancouver V6c 2t8
Summary Compensation Table Summary Information Circular
Summary Material Change Summary Rights Plan Characteristics
Summary Rights Plan Terms Summary Transaction Steps
Supersedes Earlier Agreements Supplemental Mailing Request Form
Supplementary Cash Flow Information Supplementary Information
Supplements Amendments Supply Agreement
Supremacy General Covenants Supreme Court British Columbia
Survival Survival Termination Plans
Suspension Rights Table Contents
Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations Tail Wind Fund Ltd
Taiwan Taiwan8217s Largest Drink Producer Launches Reducol8482-based Milk
Tax Act Tax Consequences Forbes Classified Pfic
Tax Consequences Other Federal Income Not Addressed Tax Elections
Tax Indemnity Tax Returns
Tax-deferred Transaction Taxes
Taxes Payable Technology
Technology Acquired Technology License Granted
Technology Licenses Granted Tenants Share 1279
Term Term Termination
Termination Termination Amendment Agreement
Termination Change Control Benefits Termination Change Control Payments
Termination Employment Changes Responsibility Contracts Termination Executives Employment Breach Agreement
Termination Options Termination Original Supply Agreement
Termination Position Independent Director Other Death Disability Just Terms
Tesco Stores Ltd Testimony Whereof Confirmatory Assignment Executed Assignor 2008 Forbes
Text Ordinary Resolution Approving Amendment By-law Dated 2006 Text Special Resolution
Therapei Pharmaceuticals Therapei Pharmaceuticals Inc
Timing Title Conflicting Claims
Title Purchased Assets Toronto Stock Exchange
Total Revenues Including Interest Income 2004 176 Compared Trademark Matters Including Oppositions
Trading Exercise Rights Transaction Documents
Transactions Not Addressed Transfer
Transfer Agent Transfer Fee
Transferor Remains Shareholder Transition Asset Purchase Agreement
Transition Period Transition Therapeutics Inc
Treatment Tax-deferred Transaction Treatment Taxable Transaction
Treaty Trend Information
Triggering Event Tsx
Tsx Remedial Review Uni-president
United States 8220us8221 United States Federal Income Tax Considerations
United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles United States Securities Exchange
United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549 United States Shareholders
Update Plan Reorganization Uplegger Food Gmbh
Uruguay Vacation
Validity Acts Appointment Defective Validity Proxy Vote
Valued Shareholders Vancouver
Vancouver Canada Vendors Representations Warranties
Venue Violation Applicable Securities Laws
Void Optional Redemption Notice Void Redemption
Volume Price Payment Volumes Phyto-s Sterols
Vote Change Terms Issue Series Convertible Preferred Shares Vote Insider Excluded
Vote Telephone Internet Need Provide Control Number Holder Vote Using Telephone Internet
Votes Joint Holders Votes Persons Representative Capacity
Voting Voting Mail
Voting Mail Internet Voting Meetings
Voting Proxies Exercise Discretion Voting Proxies Exercise Discretion Proxyholders
Voting Recommendations Indicated Highlighted Text Over Boxes Voting Rights
Voting Securities Principal Holders Thereof Voting Securities Quorum
Voting Shares Principal Holders Thereof Vpac2 Agonists
Vwap Waiver
Waiver Condition Waiver Notice Meetings
Waiver Release Wal-mart Asda
Warrant Business Certificate Delivery Requirement Warrant Share
Warrants Warranty
Washington 20549 Whereas
Withholding Rights Witness Whereof Caused Warrant Purchase Common Shares Duly
Work-for-hire Xix Term Termination
Xvii Indemnification Xviii Insurance
Xxi Public Announcement Xxii Force Majeure
Xxiii Notices Xxiv Assignment
Xxix Headings Interpretation Xxv Pharmavite Trademarks
Xxvi Extension Affiliates Xxvii Waiver
Xxviii Relationship Parties Xxx Severability
Xxxi Entire Agreement Amendment Xxxii Governing Law
Xxxiii Dispute Resolution Xxxiv Counterparts
Xxxv Construction Xxxvi Currency
Zocor Registered Trademark Owned Merck Inc ~acquisition Diversify Drug Development Pipeline Consolidated Direction New
~chain Launch New Non-dairy Margarine Expand Pirkka Yogurt ~company Achieves 2005 Revenue Guidance Forecasts Strong Growth
~company Achieves 2006 Revenue Guidance Fy2006 Fy2007 Over ~company Achieves 2007 Revenue Guidance Fy2007
~company Completes Major Milestone Phase Trial~ ~company Eliminates Non-core Expenses Extends Working Capital Mid
~company Increases Revenues Completes Non-dilutive Financing~ ~company Reports Increase Revenues Strong Contribution Forbes Fayrefield
~company Reports Increase Revenues~ ~company Takes Steps Maintain Listing~
~completion Reorganization Subsidiary-old Forbes~ ~corporate Presentation Scheduled Wednesday 2006 830am Et~
~european Patent Granted Cholesterol-lowering Drug Fm-vp4~ ~first Brand Name Product Launch Europe~
~first Product Launched Cholesterol-lowering Yogurt Reducol8482~ ~following Strong Volume Growth 2007 Looks Further Expand
~forbes Appoints Guy Miller Edison Pharmaceuticals Director~ ~forbes Medi-tech Present Merriman Curhan Ford Investor Summit~
~fy2005 Revenue Increased Activity Supports Fm-vp4 Development~ ~innovative Product Development Yields New Organic Milk Category~
~kesko Launch Creates New Opportunities European Functional Food ~key Reducol8482 Customer Continues Contract Expand Product Line
~key Reducol8482 Customer Continues Contract Reports Strong Product ~meeting Date Set 2008~
~netherlands8217s Largest Retailer Launches Margarine Spread Yogurt Drinks ~new Venture Expand Distribution Reducol8482-based Products Continental Europe~
~product Launches Strong Financial Position Highlight Quarter~ ~production Pasadena Texas Joint Venture Facility Resumes~
~products Incorporating Reducol8482 Destined Uk8217s Largest Retailer Tesco ~reducol8482 -based Products Sold Through Country8217s Leading Retailers
~results Focus Fm-vp4 Statin Zocor Combination Effects Anti-obesity~ ~revenue 122 Over Last Year~
~revenue Increase Reaffirms Revenue Guidance~ ~steady Growth Reducol8482 Sales Drives Increase Revenues Over
~sterol Shipments Us244 Contract Contributing Towards Revenue Growth ~uk8217s Largest Retailer Adds Strawberry Flavored Yogurt Drink
~uk8217s Largest Retailer Increases Range Reducol8482 Enriched Products ~uk8217s Largest Retailer Launches Margarine Spread Yogurt Drink
~us25 Received Sale Phyto-source Interest 
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