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Abn Absence Certain Changes Events
Access Access Annual Report Governance Documents
Access Forest Oil Corporation Shareholder Account Online Via Access Information
Accessing Proxy Materials Online Reference 11-digit Control Number Account Credits Allocations Income Loss
Accounting Accounting Asset Retirement Obligations
Accounting Changes Error Corrections Accounting Conditional Asset Retirement Obligations
Accounting Derivative Instruments Accounting Matters
Accounting Oil Gas Derivatives Instruments Accounting Stock Issued Employees
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounting Treatment Spin-off
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Accounts Receivable
Accretion Asset Retirement Obligations Acquisition Activity
Acquisition Divestiture Activities Acquisition Houston Exploration
Acquisition Oil Natural Gas Assets Acquisition Rationale
Acquisition Wiser Oil Acquisitions
Acquisitions Unocal Assets Private Action Respect Securities Other Corporations
Action Without Meeting Telephone Conference Actual Cash Amount
Addition Borrower Shall Pay Other Taxes Relevant Governmental Additional Agreements
Additional Agreements Parties Additional Conditions Obligations Forest Spinco
Additional Conditions Obligations Merger Sub Additional Risk Factors Relating Forest Merger Houston Exploration
Adjustments Buyer Common Stock Administration
Administration Funds Adopting Entities
Affiliate Transaction Policy Affirmative Covenants
After Registration Statement Been Filed Notify Seller Request Agent
Agent Maintain Such Accounts Error Therein Shall Not Aggregate Capitalized Costs
Agreement Agreement Instrument Contemplated Hereby Transactions Loan Proceeds Thereof
Agreement Other Loan Document Investigation Behalf Agent Lender Agreement Plan Merger
Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New Agreement Waiver Conflict Shared Defense
Alaska Alaska Business Unit
Alaska Credit Agreements Alberta Foothills
Alienation Interest Forbidden All-in Cash Costs Decreased Per-unit Basis 2007 232
All-in Per-unit Cash Costs 245 2008 Down 2007 Allocation Purchase Price
Alternative Minimum Tax Credits Amended Credit Facilities
Amended Restated Combined Credit Agreements Amended Restated Credit Facilities
Amendment Amendment Amended Restated Combined Credit Agreements
Amendment Asset Purchase Sale Agreement Amendment Credit Agreement
Amendment Forest Oil Corporation 2001 Stock Incentive Plan Amendment Forest Oil Corporation 2007 Stock Incentive Plan
Amendment Forest Oil Corporation Amended Restated 2005 Salary Amendment Forest Oil Corporation Executive Deferred Compensation Plan
Amendment Forest Oil Corporation Salary Deferral Deferred Compensation Amendment Modification
Amendment Severance Agreement Amendment Termination
Amendment Waiver Amendments
Amendments Agreement Only Amended Instrument Writing Executed Buyer Amendments Credit Agreement
Amendments Waivers Analyst Conference
Annual Incentive Plan Annual Meetings
Ansell Area Alberta Canada Antiboycott Laws
Applicable Rates Fees Charges Applicable Rates Fees Charges Paid Forest Shall Follows
Application Bylaws Appropriate Computer Technical Resources
Appropriate Reserves Being Maintained Respect Such Circumstances Accordance Approval Ratification Acts Contracts Stockholders
Ark-la-tex Acquisition Ark-la-tex Properties Acquisition
Asset Divestiture Program Asset Inspection Title Examination
Asset Purchase Sale Agreement Asset Retirement Obligations
Asset Sale Agreement Asset Sales Agreement
Assets Assignment
Assignment Form Assistance Forest
Assumption Forest Assumption Obligations Indemnification
Assumption Spinco Assumptions Judgments Estimates
Authentication Authority Administration Committee
Authority Enforceability Available Information
Available Seller Unused Closing Shall Accrue Buyer Extent Average Net Sale Volumes
Award Opportunities Bank
Bank Credit Facilities Bank National Association
Bank Scotland Plc Bankruptcy
Barclays Bank Plc Barnett Shale
Barnett Shale Hill Erath Hamilton Counties Texas Base Salaries Determined Executive Officers
Basic Plan Concept Basis Presentation
Basis Presentation Principles Consolidation Basis Swaps
Bbl Bcfe
Benefit Obligation Benefit Obligations
Benefit Plans Binding Effect
Binding Effect Assignment Party Benefit Bmo Capital
Bnp Paribas Board Directors
Board Directors Discretion Board Directors Recommends Vote Each Proposals Referred Below
Board Directors Recommends Vote Following Proposal Board Directors Shareholders Forest Oil Corporation
Board Independence Board Structure Committee Composition
Bondholder Consents Bonuses 2004 Determined Executive Officers
Bonuses 2005 Determined Executive Officers Books Records Corporation Legal Review
Borrower Pursuant 201 Borrowing Shall Not Occur Such Borrower Subsidiaries Own Fee Real Properties Set Forth
Brazos Block 491 100 Working Interest Broadway Suite 2200 Denver Colorado 80202
Brokerage Fees Brokers Finders
Btu Buffalo Wallow Acquisition
Buffalo Wallow Acquisition Texas Panhandle 66-100 Working Interest Buffalo Wallow Area Texas Panhandle 66-100
Buffalo Wallow Texas Panhandle 66-100 Working Interest Business Brought Before Meeting Stockholders
Business Geographical Segments Business Separation
Business Strategy Business Unit Activities
Business Unit Exploration Production Activities Business Unit Performance Objectives
Businesses Forest Houston Exploration Well Other Acquire After Bylaws
Canada Canada Business Unit
Canadian Forest Oil Ltd Canadian Tax Pools
Cancellation Stock Capital Activities
Capital Expenditures Capital Expenditures Estimated High End Previously Provided Range
Capital Stock Capital Stock Other Matters
Capitalization Carry Business Only Ordinary Course Manner Consistent Past
Case Subsidiary Issue Equity Interests Person Other Borrower Cash Amount
Cash Cost Cash Costs
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow
Casualty Loss Cause Such Policies Covering Collateral Endorsed Otherwise Amended
Cautionary Statements Ceiling Test Write-down Oil Gas Properties
Central Midland Basin Texas Exploitation 25-100 Working Interest Central Midland Basin Texas Exploitation Activity 25-100 Working
Central Midland Basin West Texas 25-100 Certain Board Findings
Certain Payments Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Stock Options Certificate Incorporation By-laws
Certificates Representing Shares Certificates Stock
Certification Chief Executive Officer Forest Oil Corporation Pursuant Certification Chief Financial Officer Forest Oil Corporation Pursuant
Certification Principal Executive Officer Certification Principal Financial Officer
Cessation Active Participation Change Accounting Methods Principles Practices
Change Registrants Certifying Accountant Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting Charges Services
Citibank Claims Affecting Assets
Claims Affecting Sale Claims Procedures
Class Directors-for Election Terms Expiring Annual Meeting Shareholders Class Directors-terms Expiring Annual Meeting Shareholders 2008
Class Directors-terms Expiring Annual Meeting Shareholders 2009 Class Directors-terms Expiring Annual Meeting Shareholders 2010
Class Nominees-for Election Terms Expiring Annual Meeting Shareholders Class Nominees-terms Expiring Annual Meeting Shareholders 2009
Closed Property Sales Approximately 116 Announced Non-operated Divestiture Closing
Closing Obligations Closing Transfer Books
Collars Collateral Agreement Extent Perfection Obtained Filing Uniform Commercial
Commitments Contingencies Commitments Expenditures
Committees Commodity Price Risk
Common Stock Common Stock Offering
Common Stock Offerings Common Stock Shall Been Approved Listing Nyse Nasdaq
Communication Presents Only Overview Complete Proxy Material Available Communication Presents Only Overview Complete Proxy Materials Available
Communications Board Comparison 14-month Cumulative Total Return Among Forest Oil
Comparison Cumulative Total Return Among Forest Oil Corporation Compass Bank
Compensation Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Competition Competition Within Industry Adversely Affect Operations
Competition Within Industry Intense Adversely Affect Operations Complete Agreement
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Completion Calculation
Completion Houston Exploration Acquisition Completion Percentage
Completion Percentages Compliance Laws
Comprehensive Earnings Loss Conclusion
Condensate Condensed Consolidating Financial Information
Conditions Conditions Closing
Conditions Distribution Conditions Lending
Conditions Merger Conditions Obligations Spinco Forest Merger Sub Effect
Conduct Business Pending Merger Conduct Exploitation Programs
Conduct Meetings Confidential Information
Confidentiality Conflicts Interest
Consent Independent Petroleum Engineers Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Jurisdiction Service Process Consents Waivers Referred Schedule
Consequences Insider Trading Violation Consideration Director Nominees
Consolidated Earnings Continue Focus Cost Control
Continuing Members Board Contract Except Such Breach Whether Considered Individually Aggregate
Contractors Other Parties Contractual Obligations
Contribution Controls Procedures
Conveyancing Assumption Agreements Cooperation
Cooperation Respect Government Reports Filings Copyright Software Code Ethics
Core Areas Corporate Authority Violation
Corporate Governance Guidelines Code Business Conduct Corporate Seal
Costless Collars Costs Expenses Other
Cotton Valley Acquisition Cotton Valley Acquisition-pending
Cotton Valley Area East Texas 52-100 Counterparts
Covenants Agreements Craig Clark
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Registrant
Credit Agreement Amended Add Definitions Following Terms Credit Agreement Amended Insert Following Sentence End
Credit Facilities Credit Ratings
Credit Risk Credits
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Judgments Assumptions Critical Estimates
Critical Policies Cure Post-closing Environmental Defects
Current Deferred Income Tax Current Deferred Income Tax Expense
Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Cusip Numbers
Daily Production Damage Assessment
Dated 2008 David Keyte
Debt Debt Issue Costs
Debt Offerings Debt Reduction
Decree Order Governmental Authority Such Violation Default Reasonably Deemed Investment Funds
Defaults Remedies Defense Litigation
Deferral Elections Accounts Deferred Compensation Plan
Deferred Compensation Plans Defined Terms
Definition Definitions
Definitions Construction Degolyer Macnaughton
Delaware Basin Winkler Loving Counties Texas 98-100 Working Delegation
Deliveries Seller Buyer Closing Appropriate Shall Deliver Cause Delivery Documents Security Holders Sharing Address
Delivery Documents Security Holders Sharing Address Householding Delivery Share Certificates Agent
Demands Denominations Transfer Exchange
Denver Colorado 2005 Denver Colorado 2006
Denver Colorado 2007 Denver Colorado 2008
Denver Colorado 2009 Denver Colorado Houston Texas 2006
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Depreciation Depletion
Depreciation Depletion Amortization Depreciation Depletion Amortization Dda
Depreciation Depletion Expense Depreciation Depletion International Impairments
Depreciation Depletion Undeveloped Properties Derivative Fair Value Reconciliation
Derivative Instruments Derivative Transactions
Derivatives Description Business
Designation Powers Deutsche Bank
Developed Acreage Development Well
Differential Guidance Director Indemnification Insurance
Director Officer Indemnification Insurance Directors
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Discharge Defeasance
Discharge Indenture Defeasance Disciplinary Action
Disciplinary Action Include Following Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosures Segments Enterprise Related Information Discontinuance Hedge Accounting
Discussion Consolidated Results Dispositions Oil Gas Properties
Dispute Resolution Procedure Disregarded Entity Federal Income Tax Purposes 7701 Code
Distribution Distribution Agreement
Distribution Merger Distributions Respect Unexchanged Shares
Divestitures Dividend Restrictions
Doing Business Government Domestic Relations Order
Downward Amount Deposit Drilling Activities
Drilling Activity Drilling High-risk Activity Not Result Commercially Productive Reserves
Dry Hole Well Each Compensation Element Forests Decisions Regarding Fit Overall
Each Reduction Commitments Hereunder Shall Ratably Among Lenders Earnings Loss Per Share
Earnings Per Share East Texas Cotton Valley Area Rusk Panola Harrison
Eastern Effect Capital Stock
Effect Distribution Not Occur Effect Termination
Effective Date Effective Date Closing
Effective Time Effectiveness
Effects Mariner Electronic Mail
Eligibility Employee Arrangements Subsidiaries Shall Not
Employee Benefit Plans Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits Agreement Employee Matters
Employee Retirement Savings Plans Employee Savings Plans
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employees Assumption Liabilities Encourage Take Advantage Internet Telephone Voting Available
End 2006 Earnings Release Date Teleconference End 2008 Earnings Release Date Teleconference
End 2008 Teleconference Scheduled Tuesday 2009 1200 Entire Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Defects
Environmental Matters Environmental Regulation
Equipment Personal Property Equity Compensation Fas 123r Expense
Equity Incentive Plans Equivalent Volumes
Establishment Trust Estimated Basis
Estimated Cash Amount Estimated Proved Reserves
Estimated Proved Reserves Production Capital Expenditures Estimates Oil Gas Reserves Uncertain Inherently Imprecise
Estimates Thereof Necessarily Based Professional Opinions Projections Estimating Future Net Revenues Proved Reserves Prices Costs
Eugene Island Working Interest Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Events Default Evi Field Alberta Canada 25-100
Evi-loon Area Alberta Canada 100 Evi-loon Field Alberta Canada 100
Except Disclosed Schedule Exchange Agent
Exchange Procedures Execute Return Proxy Card Not Specify Manner Proxies
Executed Executive Compensation
Executive Officers Forest Executive Sessions
Executive Sessions Non-executive Chairman Executives
Exhibits Expected Benefit Payments
Expense Registration Expenses
Explanation Reserve Ratio Explanation Reserve Ratio Fda Costs
Explanation Reserve Replacement Ratio Explanation Reserve Replacement Ratio Fda Costs
Explanation Reserve Replacement Ratio Fda Costs Cash Cost Exploration Development Activities
Exploration Production Drilling Data Exploratory Well
Export Control Extent Permitted Applicable Law Buyer Indemnify Hold Harmless
Face Liabilities Related Pending Bankruptcy Pacific Energy Resources Facsimile Signatures
Failure Replace Reserves Result Material Decline Production Adversely Fair Dealing
Fair Value Plan Assets Fair Value Reconciliation
Fair Values Derivatives False Statements Government Officials
Farmout Fees Borrower Agrees Pay Agent Own Account
Field Files Records
Filing Amendment Form S-4 Registration Statement Filing Form S-4 Registration Statement
Financial Instruments Financial Operational Results
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Liabilities
Financial Statements Reports Etc Case Holdings Furnish Financing
Fixed-price Contracts Focus Areas
Focus Cost Control Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Fcpa
Foreign Currency Exchange Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk
Foreign Currency Exchange Risk Foreign Currency Translation
Forest Forest Actions
Forest Addressing Internal Revenue Code Limits Deductibility Compensation Forest Alaska Default Term Loan Agreements
Forest Choose Pay Each Element Forest Educational Assistance Plan
Forest Event Board Directors Shall Failed Reaffirm Publicly Forest Incentive Plans
Forest Incur Substantial Transaction Merger-related Costs Connection Merger Forest Oil Acquire Houston Exploration
Forest Oil Announces 2008 Results Continues Control Cash Forest Oil Announces 255 Acquisition East Texas Cotton
Forest Oil Announces Reaffirmation 162 Borrowing Base Forest Oil Corporation
Forest Oil Corporation 1600 Broadway Suite 2200 Denver Forest Oil Corporation 707 Seventeenth Street Suite 3600
Forest Oil Corporation Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Forest Oil Corporation Financial Measure Acquisitions
Forest Oil Corporation Financial Measure Cash Cost Forest Oil Corporation Index Form 10-q 2005
Forest Oil Corporation Index Form 10-q 2006 Forest Oil Corporation Index Form 10-q 2008
Forest Oil Corporation Operating Measure Production Forest Plans
Forest Rights Plan Forest Savings Plan
Forest Shall Received Consents Lenders Credit Facility Referenced Forest Spinco Employee Stock Options Incentive Benefit Plans
Forest Stock Option Forest Stock Options
Forest Substantial Debt After Effective Time Merger Material Forest Updates Hedging Portfolio Adds Bbtu Last 2007
Forest Vacation Policy Forest Vulnerable Ceiling Test Writedown Following Merger Houston
Forest8217s 8220big Five8221 Assets Forest8217s Focus Areas
Forest8217s New Frontier Program Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Amendment Grandfathered Senior Vice President Severance Agreement
Form Amendment Grandfathered Vice President Severance Agreement Form Amendment Senior Vice President Severance Agreement
Form Amendment Vice President Severance Agreement Formation New Alaska Subsidiaries Related Financing
Formation New Subsidiary Plans Related Financing Former Address 1600 Broadway Suite 2200 Denver Colorado
Fortis Capital Corp Forward-looking Statements
Frustration Conditions Full Cost Method Accounting
Full Cost Pool Full Settlement
Full-cost Method Accounting Funded Status
Further Assurances Gain Sale Assets
Gas Production General
General Administrative Expense General Administrative Expense Overhead
General Administrative Expenses General Counsel
General Provisions Geographical Data
Glossary Oil Gas Terms Goodwill
Governing Law Grand Isle 100
Greater Haley Area West Texas 93-100 Working Interest Greater Vermejo Haley Area West Texas 42-100
Gross Acres Wells Growth Depends Partly Ability Acquire Oil Gas Properties
Growth Partially Depend Ability Acquire Oil Gas Properties Growth Through Operations
Guarantee Obligations Liens Guaranty
Guidance Guidance Update
Gulf Coast Gulf Coast Business Unit
Gulf Coast Southern Gulf Mexico
Handling Third-party Proprietary Confidential Information Headings
Hedge Effects Hedging
Hedging Program Hedging Transactions Limit Potential Gains
Hedging Transactions Result Financial Losses Reduce Income Here Plan Attend Meeting
Highlights Hired Employees
Historical Cash Flow Houston Exploration
Houston Exploration Announces Expiration Tender Offer Senior Subordinated Houston Exploration Stockholders Agree Acquisition Forest Oil
Http Bnymellonmobularnet Bnymellon Fst Hurricane Impact
Hurricane Katrina Update Hurricane Update
Identified Parent Undertaking Obtained After Effective Date Such Immediate Release
Impact Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Impairment Oil Gas Properties
Impairments Impairments International Properties
Implementation Important Additional Information Filed Sec
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Forest Oil
Improper Payments Gifts In-service Distributions
Inc Income Tax
Income Tax Expense Income Taxes
Increase Production Incremental Tax Amount
Incur Significant Abandonment Costs Required Post Substantial Performance Incurred Obligation Make Capital Expenditures Excess Us250000 Individually
Indemnification Indemnification Directors Officers Employees Agents
Indemnification Exclusive Remedy Indemnification Procedures
Indemnification Proceedings Indemnification Underwriters
Indemnified Parties Hereto Agree Foregoing Complies Express Negligence Indenture
Independent Audit Reserves Index
Index Current Report Form 8-k Index Exhibits
Index Exhibits Filed Current Report Form 8-k Individually Aggregate Not Had Reasonably Likely Result Material
Information Required Proxy Statement Schedule 14a Information Supplied
Information Technology Initial Officers
Injunctive Relief Insider Trading
Insurance Insurance Premiums
Intellectual Property Matters Intentionally Left Blank
Intercompany Agreements Interest
Interest Expense Interest Rate Derivatives
Interest Rate Protection Agreements Promptly Practicable Event Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Swaps Interest Rates Borrowings
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting International
International Business International Impairments
International Operations Adversely Affected Currency Fluctuations Economic Political Internet
Internet Telephone Vote Authorizes Named Proxies Shares Same Interpretation
Introduction Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Inventory
Investigation Investigations Litigation
Investments Plans Islands Branch
Issuance Stock Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
Joinder Joined
Jpmorgan Chase Bank Jpmorgan Chase Bank Toronto Branch
Katy Field Katy Field Walker County Texas
Katy Field Waller County Texas Katy Field Waller Harris Bend Counties Texas
Labor Matters Later Date Financial Statements Respect Commencing Ending 2007
Lease Operating Expenses Leases
Legal Legal Impediment Issuance
Legal Proceedings Leonard Gurule
Letter Accountants Letter Spincos Accountants
Leverage Materially Affect Operations Liability
Licenses Compliance Laws Licenses Permits
Like-kind Exchange Limitation Disclaimer Implied Representations Warranties Seller Express
Limitation Liability Limited Actual Damages
Limited Control Over Activities Properties Not Operate Limits Indemnification Notwithstanding Anything Contrary Contained Agreement
Limits Liability Liquidity
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquids Production
Litigation Other Notices Furnish Agent Each Lender Llc
Loans Long-term Debt
Long-term Sales Contracts Lost Destroyed Certificates
Lower Oil Gas Prices Other Factors Cause Record Lower Oil Gas Prices Other Factors Resulted Future
Maintain Financial Flexibility Maintain Financial Strength
Make Strategic Acquisitions Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Mariner Energy Inc Mariner Form S-4 Effectiveness Stockholders Meeting
Market Price Common Stock Adversely Affected Sales Substantial Marketability Production Dependent Transportation Processing Facilities Over Control
Marketing Marketing Delivery Commitments
Marketing Processing Other Material Adverse Change Since 2006 Event Condition
Material Contracts Matthew Wurtzbacher
Maximum Completion Mcfe
Meeting Meeting Location
Meetings Board Directors Membership Interest Purchase Agreement
Membership Purchase Agreement Merger Agreement
Mergers Method Payment
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Divestitures
Miscellaneous Matters Miscellaneous Provisions
Mizuho Corporate Bank Mmcfe
Mutual Written Consent Each Party Hereto Shall Effected Mutual Written Consent Seller Buyer
Narraway Area Alberta Foothills 50-100 Narraway Copton Palliser Areas Alberta Foothills Canada 50-100
Natural Gas Oil Derivatives Nature Plan
Negative Covenants Neither Holdings Nor Borrower Shall Assign Delegate Rights
Net Acres Wells Net Amounts
Net Debt Net Operating Losses
Net Sales Volumes New Frontier Program
New Mexico Exploration Exploitation Drilling Program 6-50 Working New Mexico Exploration Program 6-50 Working Interest
New York Nomination Directors
Non-exclusive Remedies Non-foreign Representation
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-solicitation Employees
Nonexclusivity Rights Not Able Obtain Adequate Financing Execute Operating Strategy
Not Able Replace Production New Reserves Not Adopt Plan Agreement Merger Liquidation
Not Contract Employment Not Insured Against Operating Risks Businesses Exposed
Not Make Change Accounting Methods Principles Practices Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held Tuesday 2005 Notice Internet Availability Proxy Materials
Notice Meetings Notice Procedures
Notice Waiver Notices
Notices After Closing Notices Parties
Notification Now Access Forest Oil Corporation Account Online
Now Therefore Number 1-13515
Number Gender Number Titles Term Office
Objective Obligations Buyer
Obligations Merger Sub Obtaining Government Business
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Officers
Offices Oil Gas Drilling Production Activities Subject Numerous Operational
Oil Gas Net Sales Volumes Oil Gas Operations Subject Various Environmental Other Governmental
Oil Gas Price Declines Adversely Affect Forests Financial Oil Gas Production
Oil Gas Production Expense Oil Gas Reserve Estimates
Oil Gas Reserves Oil Gas Revenues
Oil Gas Sales Oil Natural Gas Prices Volatile Declines Commodity Adversely
Oil Natural Gas Prices Volatile Recent Declines Commodity Onshore Cook Inlet Exploration Program 100
Onshore Cook Inlet Exploration Program 30-100 Onshore Cook Inlet Gas Exploration Program 30-100 Working
Operate Drilling Subsidiary Involves Operating Risks Prevent Realizing Operational Highlights
Operational Project Update Operations Reservoir Engineering
Opinion Financial Advisor Optional Prepayments Loans Shall Applied Pro Rata Against
Optional Redemption Organic Growth
Organization Power Limited Liability Duly Organized Validly Existing Organization Qualification
Organization Standing Power Other 2007 Highlights
Other 2008 Highlights Other Acquisitions
Other Agreements Other Assets
Other Compensation Programs Executive Officers Participate Other Disposition
Other Divestitures Other Events
Other Expense Income Other Expense Income Net
Other In-service Distributions Other Income Expense
Other Income Expense Net Other Information
Other Investments Other Matters
Other Net Other Obligations
Other Offices Other Representations Warranties
Outlook Overview
Overview 2005 Results Owned Real Property Other Oil Gas Properties Those
Ownership Shares Palliser Copton Area Alberta Foothills 50-57
Part Part Ii-other Information
Part Relocation Benefits Part Retention Benefits
Part Severance Benefits Part Strategy Includes Drilling New Emerging Plays Result
Participants Participation
Party Beneficiary Paying Agent Registrar
Payment Amounts Due Customers Agents Distributors Payment Cash Amount
Payment Charges Reimbursements Payment Consideration
Payment Expenses Payment Instructions
Payments Production Imbalances Payout Balances
Peer Group Pending Acquisition
Pending Acquisition Houston Exploration Pending Sale Alaska Assets
Pension Plans Postretirement Benefits Perform Obligations Agreement Consummate Transactions Contemplated Hereby Thereby
Performance Bond Performance Deposit
Performance Levels Performance Measures Weights
Performance Services Persons Deemed Owners
Place Meetings Place Meetings Order Business
Plan Administration Plan Objectives
Policy Directives Political Contributions
Post-closing Adjustments Post-termination Transactions
Power Number Term Office Powers Duties Chief Executive Officer
Powers Duties Chief Operating Officer Powers Duties President
Preliminary Results Elections Cash Stock Merger Consideration Price Adjustments Base Purchase Adjusted
Price Differentials Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Maturities Principal Maturities Debt 2006 Follows
Privacy Pro Forma
Pro Forma Adjustments Pending Sale Forests Alaska Operations Pro Forma Adjustments Sale Forests Alaska Operations
Pro Forma Business Plan Pro Forma Effects
Pro Forma Forest Pro Forma Houston Exploration
Pro Forma Information Procedure Meetings Quorum
Procedures Indemnification Third-party Claims Proceeds Borrower Loans Only Purposes Specified Recitals
Proceeds Loans Only Purposes Specified Recitals Agreement Processing Income Net
Product Price Differentials Nymex Production
Production Expense Production Expense Per-unit Decreased 2007 146 Per Mcfe
Production Increase Production Property Taxes
Production Volumes Oil Gas Revenues Production Witnesses
Productive Wells Prohibition Short Sales Puts Calls Options
Promptly Practicable Following Date Hereof Shall Prepare Sec Properties Assets Bound Such Default Reasonably Expected Result
Property Acquisitions Property Divestitures
Property Equipment Property Sales
Proposal Proposal Ratification Appointment Kpmg Independent Accountants
Protecting Proprietary Confidential Information Proved Developed Reserves
Proved Reserves Proved Reserves Estimates Depend Assumptions Material Inaccuracies Cause
Proved Undeveloped Reserves Provision Corporate Records
Provisions Shall Not Apply Forest Stock Option Portion Proxies
Proxy Solicitation Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Annual Meeting Shareholders
Proxy Statement Annual Report Other Materials Available Http Proxy Statement Prospectus Registration Statements
Public Announcements Purchase Price
Purchase Price Adjustments Environmental Defects Purchase Sale
Purchasers Representations Warranties Purpose
Purposes Basis Differential Hedging Agreement Not Considered Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Pursuant Usc 1350 Pursuit Acquisitions
Put Provisions Questionable Improper Payments Corporations Assets
Quorum Adjournment Meetings Quorum Vote Required
Quorum Voting Quorum Voting Stock
Reaffirmation Combined Credit Agreements Reaffirmation Representations Warranties
Real Property Realized Unrealized Gains Losses
Realized Unrealized Gains Losses Derivative Instruments Realized Unrealized Losses Derivative Instruments
Reallocation Global Borrowing Base Reasonable Efforts Further Assurances
Receipt Sent Overnight Mail Registered Certified Postage Prepaid Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Acquisition Recent Developments
Recitals Recommendations Board Directors
Record Date Record Date Distribution
Record Date Set Special Meetings Forest Shareholders Houston Records Audits
Recourse Against Others Redemption
Redemptions Reductions Insurance Proceeds Other Recoveries
Reference Prime Rate Over 360 Other Times Equal References Construction
References Time References Titles Construction
Registered Office Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registration Buyer Common Stock Registration Requirements
Regular Meetings Regulation
Regulation Disclosure Regulations Regarding Certificates
Related Party Transactions Relationship Parties
Release Covenant Not Compete Solicit Delayed Payment Restriction Reliance Books Reports Records
Remainco Earnings Remedies Cumulative
Reorganization Treatment Repayments Pursuant Shall Subject 215 Otherwise Without Premium
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting-violations Policy Accounting Auditing Matters
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Buyer
Representations Warranties Forest Representations Warranties Seller
Request Copy Material Require Substantial Capital Expenditures Conduct Operations Engage Acquisition
Requisite Approval Shall Been Obtained Reserve Information
Reserve Replacement Ratio Fda Costs Reserve Report
Reserved Broadridge Internal Control Information Reserves
Reservoir Restated Certificate Incorporation By-laws Provisions Discourage Corporate Takeovers
Restated Certificate Incorporation Bylaws Provisions Discourage Corporate Takeovers Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Phantom Units Restrictions Employment Discussions United States Government Personnel
Results Results Houston Exploration Tender Offer Senior Notes
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Results Special Meeting Houston Exploration Stockholders Retained Employee
Retaliation Retention
Retention Records Retrospective Insurance Costs Impairment Oil Gas Properties
Revenue Production Increase Revenues
Revised Capital Expenditures Budget Revocation Proxies
Revoking Proxy Rights Agreement
Rights Policies Risk Factors
Rocky Mountains Rule 144
Rule 145 Affiliate Letter Rule 145 Affiliates
Sabine Prospect Calcasieu Parish Louisiana Working Interest Sale Alaska Assets
Sale Assets Sale Australian Overriding Royalty Interests
Sale Australian Royalty Interests Sale Houston Explorations Offshore Properties
Sale Louisiana Gulf Mexico Assets Sale Marketing Subsidiary
Sale Promark Sale Purchase Membership Interests Consideration
Sale Texas Gulf Mexico Assets Sales Volumes
Sales Volumes Updated 2008 Guidance Savings Clause
Schedule Schedule 14a
Sec Reports Financial Statements Secretary
Securities Exchange Security Ownership Beneficial Owners
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Security Ownership Management
See Selected Quarterly Financial Data
Seller Seller Shall Provide Buyer Certificate Non-foreign Status Form
Sellers Obligations Prior Closing Sellers Representations Warranties
Senior Notes Due 2008 Senior Notes Due 2011
Senior Notes Due 2014 Senior Notes Due 2019
Senior Notes Issuance Senior Notes Offering
Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2013 Services
Services Provided Forest Spinco Settlement Deferral Accounts
Severability Severability Provisions
Severance Agreement Severance Agreements Named Executive Officers
Severance Payments Change-of-control Severance Payments Termination Not Involving Change-of-control
Shall Amount Integral Multiple 1000000 Not Less 5000000 Shall Liability Respect Compromise Settlement Thereof Effected Without
Shall Reasonably Satisfied Contribution Distribution Taken Place Accordance Share Price
Share-based Payment Shareholders Entitled Vote
Shareholders Entitled Vote Record Date Shareholders Equity
Sharing Employee Information Ship Shoal
Signature Guaranteed Eligible Guarantor Institution Banks Stockbrokers Savings Signature Page Follows
Signatures Signatures Begin Following Page
Sitting Harris County Texas Parties Irrevocably Waive Right Solicitation
South Louisiana South Timbalier 288 100
Southern Southern Business Unit
Special Meeting Shareholders Special Meetings
Specific Performance Spin-off
Spin-off Merger Forests Offshore Gulf Mexico Operations Spin-off Merger Offshore Gulf Mexico Operations
Spin-off Merger Offshore Gulf Mexico Operations-subsequent Event Spin-off Offshore Gulf Mexico Operations
Spinco Employee Spinco Financial Statements Liabilities
Split Dollar Life Insurance Standardized Measure Present Value Estimated Future Net Revenues
Statement Cash Flows Stock Based Compensation
Stock Options Stock Performance Graph
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Compensation Expense
Stockholder Approval Stockholder List
Stockholders Stockholders Meeting
Strategy Strategy Outlook
Street Suite 3600 Denver Colorado 80202 Street Suite 3600 Denver Colorado 80202 Address Principal
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Event-8 Senior Notes Due 2014
Subsequent Event-pending Acquisition Houston Exploration Substantial Capital Requirements Unable Obtain Needed Financing Satisfactory
Substantial Debt Materially Affect Operations Substantial Indebtedness Incur Debt Future Leverage Materially Affect
Substitution Removal Members Vacancies Successor
Successors Assigns Successors Assigns Third-party Beneficiaries
Such Borrowing Excluding Date Repayment Thereof Rate Per Suffered Material Adverse Effect
Suit Summary
Summary Forests Payment Obligations Other Benefits Termination Employment Surety Bonds
Survival Survival Agreement Covenants Agreements Representations Warranties Borrower
Survival Agreements Survival Indemnities
Survival Representations Warranties Agreements Indemnification Swaps
Table Contents Takeover Statutes
Targets Tax Attributes
Tax Matters Tax Sharing Agreement
Tax Status Tax Treatment Indemnity Other Payments
Taxes Teleconference Call
Term Agreement Term Loan Agreements
Term Loan Facilities Term Loan Financing Agreement
Term Loan Financing Agreements Terminate 500 New York City Time 2006 Making
Termination Termination Amendment Waivers
Termination Benefits Termination Exchange Fund
Termination Fee Expenses Termination Fee Payable Certain Circumstances
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Other Within After Change Control
Texas Properties Acquisition Three-way Collar
Three-way Collars Three-way Costless Collars
Time Benefits Oil Gas Assets Other Collectively Not Time Place Closing
Title Benefits Title Defects
Title Information Prior Delivery Agent Each Reserve Title Properties
Titles Appearing Beginning Such Subdivisions Convenience Only Shall Toll Free Number 1-800-370-1163
Total Cash Costs Total Cash Costs Per-unit Decreased 2007 243 Per
Total Cash Costs Per-unit Remained Consistent 2007 250 Trading Forest Between Record Date 2006 Dividend Distribution
Transaction Details Transaction Include Production Mmcfe Per 120 Bcfe Estimated
Transactions Forest Stock Option 401 Plans Transactions Related Parties Except Set Forth Schedule 413
Transfer Shares Transfers Not Effected Prior Distribution Deemed Effective Date
Transition Operations Transition Services Agreement
Transportation Costs Transportation Processing Costs
Treasurer Treasury Stock
Trust Fund Property Trustee
Trustee Dealings Ubs
Unclaimed Money Undeveloped Acreage
Undistributed Earnings Canadian Operations Unfunded Obligation
United States United States Embargoes
Unrealized Foreign Currency Exchange Unrealized Foreign Currency Exchange Gains
Unrealized Foreign Currency Exchange Gains Losses Unrealized Gain Other Investments
Unrealized Loss Derivative Instruments Unrealized Losses Derivative Instruments
Unrealized Losses Other Investments Unregistered Sale Equity Securities
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unregistered Sales Securities Unresolved Staff Comments
Unvested Forest Stock Option Unvested Options
Updated 2005 Guidance Updated 2008 Guidance
Updated 2009 Guidance Updated Guidance
Updated Risk Factor Upward Downward Required 133
Utica Shale Utica Shale Discovery
Valuation Deferred Tax Assets Vermilion 102 100
Vermilion Block 102 100 Working Interest Vested Forest Stock Option
Vested Options Vice Presidents
View Annual Report Proxy Statement Internet Wwwforestoilcom Vote
Vote Internet Vote Proxy View Materials Internet Asked Enter 11-digit
Vote Required Vote Shares Without Attending Annual Meeting Person
Voting Agreement Voting Elections Inspectors
Waiver Jury Trial Waivers
Wall Street Journal Warrants
Was Other Performance-based Compensation 2004 Determined Executive Officers Washington 20549
Waterton Area Alberta Foothills Waterton Area Alberta Foothills Canada 12-40
Wells Fargo Bank West White Lake Field Vermilion Parish 100
West White Lake Sweet Vermilion Parish Cameron 100 Western
Western Business Unit What Committees Overall Assessment Forests Executive Compensation Policies
What Compensation Program Designed Reward What Each Element Compensation
What Objectives Forests Compensation Program What Objectives Forests Executive Compensation Policies
What Role Committee Establishing Compensation Whereas
Wild River Area Alberta Canada 24-100 Wild River Area Alberta Canada 24-100 Working Interest
Wild River Area Alberta Canada 25-100 Wild Rose Wamsutter Area Wyoming 30-100
Williston Basin Montana 66-91 Withhold Authority Vote Nominees Check Box Marked Withheld
Withholding Witness Whereof
Words Singular Form Shall Construed Include Plural Vice Working Interest
Year-to-date 2008 Highlights Year-to-date 2009 Summary
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