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Account Collateral Accounting Developments
Accounting Principles Business Dividends Information Liquidation Accounts Notes Receivable
Accounts Notes Receivable Other Accounts Notes Receivable Trade
Accumulated Benefit Obligation Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss
Acknowledgment Actions Breach
Activities Actual Participation
Actuarial Error Control Enhancement Plans Additional Collateral
Additional Grantor Additional Party
Additional Rights Hereunder Additional Securities
Address Notices Adequacy Timing Insurance Recoveries Asbestos-related Costs United States
Adequate Protection Adequate Protection Payment
Adjustment Awards Occurrence Certain Unusual Nonrecurring Events Adjustment Performance-based Compensation
Adjustments Authorized Shares Administration Duration
Administration Interpretation Administrative Agent
Administrative Agent Advances Admission Annual General Meeting Ticket Only Registered Shareholder
Admission Special General Meeting Common Shareholders Ticket Only After Default
After-acquired Intellectual Property Agenda
Aggregate Option Exercises Agreement
Agreements Regarding Actions Perfect Liens Alienability
Allegati Also Offer Efficient Pulverized-coal Boilers
Amended Restated Restricted Stock Award Agreement Amendment 2004 Stock Option Plan
Amendment Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendment Award
Amendment Bye-laws Regarding Share Capital Amendment Conform Law
Amendment Foster Wheeler Annual Executive Short-term Incentive Plan Amendment Foster Wheeler Inc 1995 Stock Option Plan
Amendment Foster Wheeler Inc Directors Deferred Compensation Stock Amendment Foster Wheeler Inc Directors Stock Option Plan
Amendment Foster Wheeler Ltd 2004 Stock Option Plan Amendment Foster Wheeler Ltd Omnibus Incentive Plan
Amendment Modification Amendment Modification Suspension Termination
Amendment Termination Amendments
Amendments Stock Option Restricted Unit Awards Amendments Waivers
Amount Nature Beneficial Ownership Common Shares Amount Timing Insurance Recoveries Asbestos-related Costs United States
Amounts Dollars Annex Proposal Foster Wheeler Ltd Omnibus Incentive Plan
Annex Proposal Increase Authorized Number Common Shares Annexes
Announces Deadline Submission Shareholder Proposals Annual Shareholders Meeting Annual Award Limits
Anti-takeover Provisions Articles Association Discourage Change Control Anti-takeover Provisions Bye-laws Discourage Change Control
Applicable Indenture Applicable Law Jurisdiction
Applicable Laws Applicable Not Person Including Persons
Applicable Person Application Critical Accounting Estimates
Application Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Application Payments
Application Proceeds Turnover Provisions Appointment Authority Officers
Approval Shareholders Parent Complete Liquidation Dissolution Articles Association
Articles Association Organizational Regulations Asbestos
Asbestos Policy Assigned Agreements
Attendance Attendance Board Members Annual General Meeting Shareholders
Attendance Board Members Annual Meeting Shareholders Audit Appraisal Valuation Charges
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Financial Experts Audit Committee Report
Audit Fees Auditors
Australia Authorised Borrowers
Authority Authority Committee
Authorization Authorization Source Shares
Authorized Capital Available
Available Information Avoidance Issues
Award Agreement Awards
Awards Non-employee Directors Employees Outside United States Awards Previously Granted
Background Proposal Backlog
Backlog Debt Now Lowest Level Since 1993 Bankruptcy Code
Base Salaries Base Salary
Basis Basis Presentation
Because Operations Concentrated Particular Industries Adversely Impacted Economic Because Operations Concentrated Particular Industries Foster Wheeler Adversely
Beneficial Owner Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficially Own Bermuda
Bermuda Difficult Enforce Judgments Against Directors Executive Officers Bermuda Switzerland
Board Committees Board Directors
Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposals Board Recommendation
Bona Fide Bonus Awarded Chief Executive Officer
Bookings Revenues Backlog Borrowing Subsidiaries
Business Business Accounting Principles
Business Combinations Business Materially Adversely Impacted Regional National Global Requirements
Business Segments Business Segments Data
Bye-laws Restrict Shareholders Bringing Legal Action Against Officers Calculation Ebitda
Calculation Ebitda Margin Camden County Energy Recovery Assoc Department Environmental Protection
Camden County Waste-to-energy Project Canada
Canada Plan Capital Alterations
Capital Increase Contribution Kind Agreement Capital Lease
Capital Leases Capital Share Alterations
Capital Structure Carolyn Greenhalgh
Cash Collateralize Cash Equivalents
Cash-based Award Stock-based Agreement Cash-based Awards Other Stock-based
Cause Cercla Other Remedial Matters
Certain Adjustments Certain Exclusions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Various Debt Agreements Impose Financial Covenants Prevent Certain Various Debt Agreements Impose Significant Financial Covenants
Certain Various Debt Agreements Impose Significant Financial Restrictions Certificate Legend
Certificated Securities Certification
Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certifications Chairman Deputy
Chairman Secretary Meetings Chairperson Minutes
Challenges Drivers Challenges Drivers 2005
Change Amendments Regulations Change Control
Change Control Acceleration Change Control Agreement
Change Control Benefits Change Securities Intermediary
Change Tax Laws Treaties Regulations Interpretation Country Operate Change-in-control Arrangements
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Chief Executive Officer Compensation
Chile China
Circular Resolutions Clearing Nominee
Code Business Conduct Ethics Code Ethics
Collateral Collateral Agent
Collateral Agent Advances Collateral Agent Appointed Attorney-in-fact
Commenting Market Outlook Business Units Milchovich Said Commercial Tort Claims Collateral
Committee Action Committee Discretion
Committees Board Committees Board Directors
Common Share Purchase Warrants Common Shares
Common Stock Purchase Warrants Communicating Directors
Comparable New Indenture Document Comparision Cumulative Total Return
Comparison Cumulative Total Return Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Process Compensation Committee Report Executive
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Philosophy Competition
Completed Secretary Each Borrower Borrowers Headed Notepaper Compliance Code 162
Compliance Code §409a Compliance Government Regulations
Comprehensive Income Computation
Computer Software Concentrations
Condensed Consolidated Statement Cash Flows Dollars Condensed Consolidated Statement Changes Members Deficit
Condensed Consolidated Statement Changes Shareholders Deficit Condensed Consolidated Statement Operations Comprehensive Income Loss
Condensed Statement Cash Flows Conditional Share Capital
Conditions Exchange Offer Conditions Exchange Offer Consent Solicitation
Conditions Precedent Conditions Subsequent
Conference Call Information Conflict Scheme Arrangement Contribution Kind Agreement
Conflicts Conflicts Interest
Consent Analysis Research Planning Corporation Consent Fee
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Peterson Risk Consulting Llc
Consequences Redomestication Consolidated Balance Sheet
Consolidated Contract Profit Consolidated Cost Operating Revenues
Consolidated Gain Asbestos Settlement Consolidated Interest Expense
Consolidated Loss Debt Reduction Initiatives Consolidated Minority Interest
Consolidated Net Asbestos-related Gains Provision Consolidated Net Gains Asbestos
Consolidated Operating Revenues Consolidated Other Deductions
Consolidated Other Income Consolidated Prior Senior Credit Agreement Fees Expenses
Consolidated Provision Income Taxes Consolidated Selling General Administrative Sga Expenses
Consolidated Statement Changes Shareholders Deficit Consolidated Statement Changes Shareholders Equity
Consolidated Statement Comprehensive Income Consolidated Statement Operations Comprehensive Income Loss
Consolidated Statement Operations Dollars Consolidated Tax Provision
Constitution Constraint Corporate Action
Consulting Agreement John Duc Consummation
Contacts Continuing Nature Provisions
Continuing Security Interest Assignments Loan Agreement Contract
Contract Profit Contracts Process
Contracts Process Billings Excess Costs Estimated Earnings Uncompleted Contracts Process Estimated Costs Complete Long-term
Contracts Process Inventories Contribution Kind
Contributions Controlled Shares
Controls Procedures Convertible Notes
Convertible Subordinated Notes Convertible Subordinated Notes 650 Interest Due 2007
Copyrights Corresponding Box Reverse Side
Cost Foster Wheelers Current Future Asbestos Claims United Counterparts Integration Effectiveness
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Agreement Dated 2006
Cunningham Current Future Lump-sum Fixed-price Contracts Other Shared Risk
Current Report Pursuant Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Customers Marketing Data Protection
Date Date Sign Return Enclosed Proxy Card
Date Sign Return Proxy Cards Date Sign Return Proxy Cards Been Mailed
Dated 149 Limited Others Favour Security Trustee Corporate David Wardlaw
Debt Levels Significant Interest Payment Obligations Fees Paid Debt Levels Significant Interest Payment Obligations Limit Funds
Default Rate Deferred Compensation
Deferred Stock Awards Deferral Fees Defined Benefit Plans
Definitions Delegation
Delegation Duties Delegation Management
Deletion Certain Provisions Delivery
Delivery Title Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Departures Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Deposit Accounts
Depreciation Amortization Business Segment Derivative Financial Instruments
Description Description Business
Designation Beneficiaries Diane Creel
Director Nominations Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Disability
Discharge Purchase Price Contribution Kind Disclosure Controls Procedures
Dissolution Liquidation Distribution Profits
Dividends Dividends Changes Capital
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollars
Dollars Except Share Data Donna Rose Cunningham Michael Foster Wheeler Energy Corporation
Duration Plan Duties
Duties Rights Duty Audit Election Appointment Auditors
Duty Verify Earning Performance Units Shares
Eastern Ebitda
Economic Value Equity Awards Edward Galante
Effect Agreement Effectiveness
Effectiveness Effect Effectiveness Facsimile Documents Signatures
Effectiveness Insolvency Proceedings Election
Election Directors Election Internal Revenue Code 1986
Election Term Office Constitution Electronic Chattel Paper
Elements Executive Compensation Eligibility
Employees Employees Based Outside United States
Employment Employment Agreement Bernard Cherry
Employment Agreement David Wardlaw Employment Agreement John Duc
Employment Agreement Peter Ganz Employment Agreement Raymond Milchovich
Employment Agreements Neos Employment Contracts
Employment Matters Employment Other Agreement
Enforcement Action Engineering Construction Group
Enior Credit Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Matters Equipment
Equipment Issue Power Plants Currently Preventing Plant Operating Equity Awards Named Executive Officers
Equity Based Compensation Equity Compensation Benefit Plans
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Grant Practices
Equity Grants 2007 Equity Interests
Equity-for-debt Exchange Equity-for-debt Exchanges
Establishment Establishment Performance Goals
Estimated Future Benefit Payments Estimated Future Other Postretirement Benefit Payments
Estimates Eugene Atkinson
Evaluation Performance Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exchange Act Exchange Offer Documents
Exclusion Representations Warranties Exclusions Grant
Exclusive Enforcement Execution
Execution Counterparts Execution Further Instruments Etc
Executive Compensation Executive Management
Executive Officers Executive Sessions Non-employee Directors
Executive Sessions Non-management Directors Executive Summary
Exemption Swiss Withholding Tax-distributions Shareholders Exercise Non-tandem Sars
Exercise Option Exercise Options
Exercise Rights Exercise Tandem Sars
Exhibits Existing Intercreditor
Existing Loan Agreement Existing New Indenture
Explanatory Failure Attract Retain Key Officers Qualified Personnel Joint
Failure Attract Retain Qualified Personnel Joint Venture Partners Failure Foster Wheeler Attract Retain Qualified Personnel Joint
Failure Recover Adequately Claims Against Project Owners Material Failure Successfully Defend Against Claims Project Owners Subcontractors
Failure Successfully Manage Geographically Diverse Operations Impair Ability Fee Letter Fees
Financial Condition Capital Trust Financial Information Covenants
Financial Instruments Risk Management Financial Services Sarl Subsidiary Consolidated Statement Changes Shareholders
Financial Statements Exhibits Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio
Fixtures Following Redomestication Result Higher Par Value Shares Less
Following Redomestication Result Increased Shareholder Approval Requirements Less Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency Risk Forfeiture
Forfeiture Events Forfeiture Price
Forfeiture Related Competitive Acts Termination Cause Forfeiture Right Repurchase
Form 10-k Form 10-k Annual Report
Form 10-q Form Assignment
Form Election Purchase Form Exercise Notice
Form Timing Payment Performance Units Shares Forward-looking Statements
Foster Wheeler Foster Wheeler Announces 133488250 Aggregate Principal Amount Senior
Foster Wheeler Announces 2004 Financial Results Foster Wheeler Announces 2005 Financial Results
Foster Wheeler Announces New Five-year Credit Agreement Foster Wheeler Announces Relocation Operating Headquarters
Foster Wheeler Announces Successful Conclusion Common Stock Purchase Foster Wheeler Begins Trading Nasdaq
Foster Wheeler Commences New Equity-for-debt Exchange Foster Wheeler Department Energy Agree Final Modification Contract
Foster Wheeler Europe Limited Subsidiaries Consolidated Statement Operations Foster Wheeler Europe Limited Subsidiaries Notes Condensed Consolidated
Foster Wheeler High Working Capital Requirements Required Repay Foster Wheeler Holdings Ltd Subsidiaries Condensed Consolidated Statement
Foster Wheeler Holdings Ltd Subsidiaries Notes Condensed Consolidated Foster Wheeler Inc
Foster Wheeler International Corporation Subsidiaries Consolidated Financial Statements Foster Wheeler International Corporation Subsidiaries Consolidated Statement Operations
Foster Wheeler International Holdings Subsidiaries Consolidated Statement Operations Foster Wheeler Launches New Equity-for-debt Exchange
Foster Wheeler Llc Subsidiaries Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Foster Wheeler Lose Business Competitors Greater Financial Resources
Foster Wheeler Ltd Foster Wheeler Ltd Anti-takeover Provisions Bye-laws Discourage Change
Foster Wheeler Ltd Bermuda Difficult Enforce Judgments Against Foster Wheeler Ltd Omnibus Incentive Plan
Foster Wheeler Ltd Perryville Corporate Park Clinton New Foster Wheeler Ltd Shareholder Information
Foster Wheeler Ltd Statement Computation Consolidated Ratio Earnings Foster Wheeler Ltd Subsidiaries Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial
Foster Wheeler Ltds Financial Statements Prepared Going Concern Foster Wheeler Plans Expand Operations Engineering Construction Group
Foster Wheeler Scope Foster Wheeler Subject Various Environmental Laws Regulations Countries
Foster Wheeler Take Charge Result Court Decision Foster Wheeler Unable Successfully Implement Performance Improvement Plan
Foster Wheelers Current Future Lump-sum Fixed-price Contracts Other Foster Wheelers Failure Successfully Manage Geographically-diverse Operations Impair
Foster Wheelers High Levels Debt Significant Interest Payment Foster Wheelers International Operations Involve Risks Limit Disrupt
Foster Wheelers Various Debt Agreements Impose Significant Financial Fractional Shares
France Franco Baseotto
Full-value Award Further Assurances
Further Identification Collateral Garden State Parkway North South
Gender Number General
Global Engineering Construction Group Global Group
Global Power Group Goederenrecht
Going Concern Goodwill Intangible Assets
Governance Nominating Committee Governing Law
Governing Law Arbitration Grant
Grant Cash-based Awards Grant Options
Grant Performance Units Shares Grant Price
Grant Restricted Stock Units Grant Sars
Grantor Grantor Beneficiary Asbestos Policy
Grantor Entitled Payment Asbestos Policies Grantors
Grantors Remain Liable Greece
Guarantees Warranties Headings
Health Welfare Benefits Held 2008
Held 2009 High Working Capital Requirements Difficulty Obtaining Additional Financing
High Working Capital Requirements Near Term Difficulty Obtaining High Working Capital Requirements Negatively Impact Business Financial
Holdco Holders
However Http Wwwproxyvotingcom Fwlt
Hungary Licensing Limited Liability Financial Statements 2005 Hungary Licensing Limited Liability Statement Financial Position Dollars
Hungary Licensing Limited Liability Statement Members Interest Dollars Hungary Licensing Limited Liability Statement Operations Dollars
I-287 North South I-287 South North
I-78 West Imited Effect Execution Delivery Effectiveness Supplement
Impact Adoption Sfas 123r Impact Adoption Sfas 158
Important Additional Information Regarding Redomestication Filed Sec Important Holders Common Shares Fractions
Important Notice Recommend Consult Solicitor Other Independent Legal Inability Obtain Authority
Includes Intersegment Eliminations Income
Income Tax Income Taxes
Increase Number Authorized Common Shares Indemnification
Indemnification Directors Officers Indemnification Insurance Coverage
Indemnified Party Indemnity Expenses
Indenture Indenture Security Agreement
Independence Standards Independent Auditors Appointment Authorization Audit Committee Approve Remuneration
Index Index Financial Statements
India Industries Serve
Inflation Information
Information Cash Bonus Awards 2004 Information Concerning Financial Condition Other Obligor Parties
Information Defined Benefit Pension Plans Accumulated Obligation Excess Information Required Proxy Statement Schedule 14a
Information Rights Initial Pledged Debt
Initial Pledged Equity Initio
Insert Amended Restated Agreement Only Insolvency Proceeding
Inspection Rights Insurance Insurance Receivables
Intangible Assets Intellectual Property Collateral
Intellectual Property Security Agreement Intent Limit Charges Maximum Lawful Rate
Inter Alia Intercreditor Agreement
Interest Expense Interest Income
Interest Payment Dates Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rates Internal Control Integrated Framework
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Revenue Code 162
International Operations Involve Risks Limit Disrupt Repatriation Cash Internet
Inventories Inventory
Investment Policy Investment Representations
Investments Advances Investments Advances Equity Interests
Invitation Involuntary Termination
Involvement Certain Legal Proceedings Ipso Facto
Issuance Certificates Issuance Stamp Tax
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Amounts Dollars Except Share Italian Law National Contract
Italy Jack Fusco
James Woods John Duc
Joseph Melone Judgment Creditors
Key Performance Indicators Land Buildings Equipment
Language Languages
Lapse Agreement Leader Clean Coal Circulating Fluidized-bed Cfb Technology Sold
Leaves Absence Legal Proceedings
Legend Lender Collateral
Lender Misconduct Lender Obligations
Lender Obligations Payment Date Lenders
Lenders Failure Perform Less
Letter Credit Fee Letter Credit Obligations
Letter Credit Rights Libor Election
Licenses Licenses Patents Trademarks
Lien Liens
Limitation Grant Certain Grantors Limitation Pledged Equity
Limitations Effectiveness Controls Procedures Limited Electronic Mail
Limits Individual Grants Liquidity
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Capital Resources Trust
Liquidity Forecasting Liquidity Going Concern
Lisa Wood Litigation Uncertainties
Livingston Florham Park Area Loan Agreement
Loan Agreement Documents Loan Agreement Guaranty
Loan Agreement Protections Loan Agreement Terms
Lock-up Agreement Long-term Government Contract
Long-term Incentive Plans-awards Last Long-term Rate Return Assumptions
Lose Business Competitors Lose Business Competitors Greater Financial Resources
Lose Future Business Competitors Unable Operate Profitably Patents Lose Market Share Competitors Unable Operate Business Profitably
Loss Debt Reduction Initiatives Mail
Maintenance Records Making Loans
Managements Consideration Restatement Consolidated Financial Statements 2004 Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Preferred
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandatory Prepayments Offers Prepay
Martin Material Adverse Effect
Material Impairments Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Material Weakness Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Ability Material Weakness Remediation
Matter Companies Act 1981 Foster Wheeler Ltd Matter Foster Wheeler Ltd Companies Act 1981
Measure Method Exercise
Method Payment Milchovich Added
Minority Interest Income Consolidated Affiliates Minutes
Modifications Lender Obligations Modifications Obligations
Morgan Stanley Incorporated Morgan Stanley Senior Funding Inc
Mortgages Mountain Top
Mpe Spa Nasdaq
National Asbestos Trust Fund Legislation Require Pay Amounts Nature Lender Obligations
Net Asbestos-related Gains Provision Net Asbestos-related Provision Gain
Net Income Attributable Foster Wheeler Netherlands
Netherlands Common Collateral Netherlands Subsidiaries Consolidated Statement Operations Comprehensive Loss Income
New Indenture New Indenture Documents
New Liens New Obligor Party
New Orders Nigeria
Nominee Nominees Election Annual General Meeting
Nominees Election Annual Meeting Non Cash Financing Activities
Non-cash Financing Activities Non-employee Directors Rights Unsecured
Non-transferability Option Non-us Holders
Noncash Financing Activities Nonexclusivity Plan
Not Not Able Make Distributions Repurchase Shares Without Subjecting
Not Applicable Notation
Noteholder Collateral Notes
Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Dollars
Notes Condensed Financial Statements Notes Condensed Financial Statements Dollars
Notes Editor Notes Editors
Notes Payable Notes Payable Long-term Debt
Notice Notice Annual General Meeting Shareholders Held 2006
Notice Commercial Tort Claims Notice Special General Meeting Common Shareholders Held 2008
Notices Notification Disqualifying Disposition
Number 001-31305 Number Cost Current Future Asbestos Claims United States
Obligations Obligor
Obligor Party Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offer Prepay Omnibus Incentive Plan
Operating Leases Operating Results
Operator Operator Instructions Participants
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007 Option Price
Ordinary Extraordinary General Meeting Shareholders Organization
Organization Business Groups Original Guarantors
Original Principals Other Beneficial Owner
Other Beneficial Owners Other Change-in-control Arrangements Applicable Participating Executives
Other Criteria Nomination Method Other Deductions
Other Deductions Net Other Environmental Matters
Other Event Other Events
Other Income Other Income Net
Other Information Other Postretirement Benefits
Other Restrictions Other Stock-based Awards
Other Tax Matters Other Termination Events
Outlook Overview
Overview Capital Trust Overview Segment
Ownership Common Shares Directors Director Nominees Executive Officers Ownership Common Shares Directors Executive Officers
Parallel Debt Agreement Parent
Parent Agent Borrowers Part
Participant Participation
Parties Patents
Payment Payment Cash-based Awards Other Stock-based
Payment Systems Payments Borrowers
Pension Pension Benefits 2007
Pension Postretirement Benefits Percentage-of-completion Accounting Method Result Reduction Elimination Previously Reported
Perfection Certificate Performance Bonuses Annual Incentive Plan
Performance Graph Performance Measures
Performance Shares Units Performance Unit Shares Agreement
Perquisites Person
Peter Ganz Peter Rose
Phillipsburg Allentown Easton Place Incorporation
Place Time Plan
Plan Asset Allocations Plan Obligation Affiliate Guarantees
Please Date Sign Return Proxy Cards Been Mailed Pledge Security Agreement
Pledged Debt Pledged Equity
Policy Audit Committee Pre-approval Permissible Non-audit Services Performed Post-closing Changes
Post-employment Benefits Post-petition Interest
Post-petition Interest Fees Expenses Power Debt
Preferred Share Purchase Rights Preferred Shares
Preferred Shares Certificate Designation Preliminary Results
Preliminary Statements Prepayments
Presence Quorum Present Agreement Employment Foster Wheeler Ltd
Present Agreement Italian Law National Contract Preservation Collateral
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Effects Share Capital Increase Principal Effects Share Increase Amendment
Principles Consolidation Prior Agreement Italian Law National Contract
Prior Default Prior Domestic Senior Credit Agreement Fees Expenses
Prior Share-based Compensation Plans Pro Tanto
Procedure Borrowing Procedure Effecting Share Capital Increase
Procedure Effecting Share Increase Amendment Proceeds
Proceeds Enforcement Action Either Collateral Agent Trustee Respect Products Services
Prohibition Grantor Filings Project Claims
Projects Included Backlog Delayed Canceled Materially Adversely Affect Projects Included Backlog Delayed Cancelled Materially Adversely Affect
Projects Included Backlog Delayed Cancelled Materially Harm Cash Projects Included Backlog Delayed Cancelled Materially Harm Financial
Property Insurance Policy Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Appointment Authorization Proposals Shareholders 2007 Annual Meeting
Proposals Shareholders 2008 Annual General Meeting Proposals Shareholders 2009 Annual General Meeting
Proposed National Asbestos Trust Fund Legislation Require Pay Protection Intellectual Property Collateral
Provided Provided Further
Provided However Provision Income Taxes
Provisions Applicable Non-us Persons Provisions Articles Association Reduce Voting Rights Registered Shares
Proxies Proxy Representation
Proxy Special Court-ordered Meeting Common Shareholders Held 2009 Proxy Statement
Purchase Foster Wheeler Energia Purchase Hungary Licensing Limited Liability
Purchase Price Contribution Kind Purpose
Purpose Background Plan Certain Definitions Purpose Plan
Pursuant Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quorum Quorum Attendance
Quorum Resolutions Rakesh Jindal
Raw Materials Ray Milchovich
Raymond Milchovich Raymond Milchovich Employment Agreement
Receivables Recent Accounting Developments
Recent Sales Unregistered Securities Recipient
Reclassifications Record Date
Redomestication Redomestication Not Allow Maintain Competitive Worldwide Effective Corporate
Redomestication Result Additional Costs Some Incurred Whether Not Reduce Debt Lowest Level Over
Regarding Registered Holders Acquired Shares After Redomestication Apply Enrollment
Registered Number 149 Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 908 730-4000 Related Party Transactions
Relation Award Other Agreement Relation Other Agreement Option
Release Conditions Release Termination
Releases Noteholder Liens Reliance
Reliance Collateral Agent Relief Automatic Stay
Rely Information Systems Operations Failure Protect Against Security Remedies
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reportable Segments
Reporting Representations
Representations Warranties Repurchases Shares Cancellation
Require Cash Repatriations Non-us Subsidiaries Meet Domestic Needs Required Declare Dividends Swiss Francs Currency Fluctuations Between
Requirement Matched Funding Requirements Law
Requisite Consent Requisite Vote
Requisite Vote Proposal Resignation Good Reason
Resolutions Elections Responsibilities Authorities
Restricted Cash Restricted Shares
Restricted Stock Plan Restricted Stock Unit Agreement
Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement Restricted Stock Units
Restriction Transferability Restrictions Amendments
Restrictions Share Transferability Restrictions Shareholders Dividends
Restrictions Transferability Result Higher Par Value Swissco Shares Less Flexibility
Result Increased Shareholder Approval Requirements Swissco Less Flexibility Results
Results Operations Results Operations Capital Trust
Results Operations Cash Flows Depend New Contract Awards Results Operations Financial Condition
Retirement Plans Retiree Medical Retirement Welfare Plans
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Long-term Contracts
Review Compensation 2007 Revisions
Revocation Proxy Right Exercise
Right Offset Right Participation Voting Rights
Rights Default Rights Shareholder
Rights Shareholder Change Result Redomestication Risk Factors Relating Business
Risks Related Asbestos Claims Risks Related Liquidity Capital Resources
Robert Flexon Role Compensation Consultant Peer Group Analysis
Role Executive Officers Compensation Process Safe Harbor Statement
Salaries Retirement Sale Certain Business Assets
Sale Certain Business Assets Investments Sale Investment Foster Wheeler Energia
Sale Leaseback Transactions Sar Agreement
Sarah Martin Jeffrey Foster Wheeler Energy Corporation Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Saudi Arabia Scheme Arrangement Between Foster Wheeler Ltd Shareholders
Scope Scope Discussion
Scott Lamb Sec
Sec Documents Secretary
Secured Obligations Securities Account Control Agreement
Securities Act Securities Entitlements
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Law Compliance
Security Agreement Security Agreement Supplement
Security Interest Absolute Security Obligations
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Security Supplements
Securityholders See
Segment Ebitda Selling General Administrative Sga Expenses
Senior Credit Agreement Senior Credit Facility
Senior Executive Senior Notes
Senior Notes 10359 Interest Due 2011 Series Separate Grants Security Classification
Session Settlement
Settlement Sars Severability
Share Share Buy Back
Share Certificates Share Ownership Guidelines
Share Transfer Form Letter Repurchase Assignment Separate Certificate Share Usage
Share-based Compensation Plans Shareholder Tax Consequences
Shareholders Register Shares
Short-term Investments Sign Date Return Proxy Card Promptly Using Enclosed
Sign Return Proxy Cards Signatory Power
Signatory Rights Signature
Signature Pages Follow Signatures
Signatures Next Page Significant Working Capital Requirements Negatively Impact Business Financial
Similar Information Continuing Directors Singapore
Smallcap 600 Solicitation Proxies
Solicited Behalf Board Directors Spain
Special Provisions Applicable Libor Rate Specific Direction Given Shares Represented Proxy Voted Proposal
Standards Standstill Period
Standstill Period Waivers Statement Financial Position Dollars
Statement Members Interest Stephanie Hanbury-brown
Steven Demetriou Sti Plan Awards
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Option Agreement
Stock Option Plans Stock Options
Stock Purchase Warrants Stock Settled Awards
Subagent Subagents
Subject Anti-bribery Laws Countries Operate Failure Comply Result Subject Various Environmental Laws Regulations Countries Operate Fail
Submission Jurisdiction Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordinated Deferrable Interest Debentures Subordination Liens
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsequent Offering Period Equity-for-debt Exchange Offer Subsidiaries Registrant Foster Wheeler Ltd Parent Significant Owned
Subsidiaries Registrant Foster Wheeler Ltd Parent Significant Wholly Subsidiaries Registrant Foster Wheeler Parent Significant Wholly
Subsidiary Successors Assigns
Summary Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Supermajority Voting Supplemental Employment Agreement
Supplemental Indenture Supplemental Warrant Agreement
Supplements Swiss Capital Gains Tax Disposal Swissco Shares
Swiss Corporate Tax Consequences Swiss Income Tax Dividends Similar Distributions
Swiss Transfer Stamp Tax Swiss Wealth Tax
Swiss Withholding Tax Certain Interest Payments Swiss Withholding Tax-distributions Shareholders
Swissco Not Able Make Distributions Repurchase Shares Without Switzerland
Table Content Table Contents
Tangible Chattel Paper Tax Consequences
Tax Considerations Tax Matters
Tax Treatment Awards Plan Tax Withholding Obligations
Taxation Swissco Subsequent Redomestication Taxes
Telephone Tender Information
Term Options Term Sar
Terminated Expired Awards Termination Change Control
Termination Continuous Service Status Termination Date
Termination Employment Termination Employment Service Director Third-party Provider
Termination Notice Termination Relationship Vesting Acceleration Certain Events
Termination Result Death Disability Termination Result Retirement
Termination-general Thailand
Thierry Desmaris Ticket Not Transferable
Time Date Place Times
Trade Accounts Receivable Trade Secrets
Trademarks Transaction
Transactions Related Persons Promoters Certain Control Transfer Agent
Transfer Ownership Transfer Service
Transferability Transfers Other Liens
Transition Period Number 001-31305 Translation
Treatment Awards Trust Securities
Trustee Trustee Pledges
Turning Next New Orders Turning Next Operating Revenues
Turning Now Asbestos Turning Now Cash Liquidity
Ucc Ucc Terms
Umberto Della Sala Umberto Della Sala Italian Law National Collective Bargaining
Unable Effectively Efficiently Implement Plan Improve Disclosure Controls Unable Successfully Address Material Weakness Internal Control Over
Uncertificated Interests Uncertificated Securities
Uncertificated Shares Unfilled Orders
Unfunded Plan United Kingdom
United States United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 10-k
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Unused Line Fee
Validity Validity Construction Interpretation Enforcement Agreement Rights Parties Hereto
Value Cash-based Other Stock-based Awards Value Performance Units Shares
Venezuela Venue Extent Proceeding Brought Accordance
Vesting Schedule Vote
Voting Rights Wachovia Cash Management Agreement
Waivers Waivers Rights Parties
Warrant Agreement Warranties Liability
Warranty Reserves Whereas
Wins Anticipate Business Conditions Remain Challenging Power Withhold Authority Vote Individual Nominee Line Through Nominees
Withholding Obligations Without Limitation Foregoing Indemnity Shall Apply Each Indemnified
Witness Whereof Worldwide Cash Domestic Liquidity
Worldwide Operations Involve Risks Limit Disrupt Repatriation Cash Wwwfwccom Corpgov
Year-to-date 2005 Activities Year-to-date 2006 Activities
Year-to-date Activities 
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