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Accounting Changes Standards Implemented Accounts Receivable Facility
Accrued Special Charge Legal Matters Acquisition Divestitures
Acquisition Divestures Acquisition Production Plant China
Acquisition Taiwan Acquisitions
Acquisitions Divestitures Acquisitions Investments
Ad-hoc-committee Implementation Share Split Address Principal Executive Offices
Adjustment Preferential Dividend Minimum Agenda
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Amended Restated Receivables Purchase Agreement
Amended Restated Transfer Administration Agreement Amendment
Amendment Agreement 200600447 Between Amgen Usa Inc Fresenius Amendment Resolution Regarding Stock Option Program 2006
Amendments Articles Association American Depositary Share Ads Investors
Amgen Amortization Expense
Analysis Cash Flow Analysis Cash Flows
Analysis Cash Flows Operations Annual Financial Statement Allocation Profits
Annual Group Financial Statements Anti-kickback Statutes
Appointment Management Amendment Articles Association Authorised Conditional Capital Appointment Management Amendment Articles Association Authorized Conditional Capital
Aranesp Art 13a Joint Committee
Art 13b Appointment Period Office Members Joint Committee Art 13c Rights Duties Joint Committee
Art 13d Meetings Resolutions Joint Committee Art 13e Rules Procedure Report Remuneration
Art 13f Duty Care Responsibility Members Joint Committee Art Attendance General Meeting
Art Calling General Meeting Art Capital
Art Chairmanship General Meeting Voting Art Constitution Supervisory Board
Art Date Ordinary General Meeting Art Disposition Profits
Art Election Term Office Supervisory Board Art Formation Expenses
Art Management Representation Reimbursement Expenses Remuneration Art Meetings Resolutions Supervisory Board
Art Name Registered Office Art Notifications Publications
Art Objects Business Art Partial Invalidity
Art Remuneration Supervisory Board Members Art Rendering Accounts
Art Rights Duties Supervisory Board Art Rules Procedure Supervisory Board Audit Corporate Governance
Art Shares Articles Association Fmc-ag Kgaa
Articles Association Management Audit Committees Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Audit Corporate Governance Committee Authorized Capital
Bad Homburg Germany Bad Homburg Germany 2006
Bad Homburg Germany Fresenius Medical Care Kgaa Fmc Balance Sheet Structure
Banc America Securities Llc Bank Nova Scotia
Basis Presentation Because Not Organized Law Subject Certain Less Detailed
Bio-medical Applications Aguadilla Inc Bio-medical Applications Alabama Inc
Bio-medical Applications Anacostia Inc Bio-medical Applications Arecibo Inc
Bio-medical Applications Arkansas Inc Bio-medical Applications Bayamon Inc
Bio-medical Applications Blue Springs Inc Bio-medical Applications Caguas Inc
Bio-medical Applications California Inc Bio-medical Applications Camarillo Inc
Bio-medical Applications Capitol Hill Inc Bio-medical Applications Carolina Inc
Bio-medical Applications Carson Inc Bio-medical Applications Clinton Inc
Bio-medical Applications Columbia Heights Inc Bio-medical Applications Connecticut Inc
Bio-medical Applications Delaware Inc Bio-medical Applications District Columbia Inc
Bio-medical Applications Dover Inc Bio-medical Applications Eureka Inc
Bio-medical Applications Fayetteville Inc Bio-medical Applications Florida Inc
Bio-medical Applications Glendora Inc Bio-medical Applications Guayama Inc
Bio-medical Applications Humacao Inc Bio-medical Applications Illinois Inc
Bio-medical Applications Indiana Inc Bio-medical Applications Maine Inc
Bio-medical Applications Manchester Inc Bio-medical Applications Maryland Inc
Bio-medical Applications Massachusetts Inc Bio-medical Applications Mayaguez Inc
Bio-medical Applications Michigan Inc Bio-medical Applications Minnesota Inc
Bio-medical Applications Mission Hills Inc Bio-medical Applications Mississippi Inc
Bio-medical Applications Missouri Inc Bio-medical Applications Mlk Inc
Bio-medical Applications New Hampshire Inc Bio-medical Applications New Jersey Inc
Bio-medical Applications New Mexico Inc Bio-medical Applications North Carolina Inc
Bio-medical Applications Northeast Inc Bio-medical Applications Oakland Inc
Bio-medical Applications Ohio Inc Bio-medical Applications Oklahoma Inc
Bio-medical Applications Pennsylvania Inc Bio-medical Applications Puerto Rico Inc
Bio-medical Applications Rio Piedras Inc Bio-medical Applications San Antonio Inc
Bio-medical Applications San German Inc Bio-medical Applications San Juan Inc
Bio-medical Applications South Carolina Inc Bio-medical Applications Tennessee Inc
Bio-medical Applications Texas Inc Bio-medical Applications Ukiah Inc
Bio-medical Applications Virginia Inc Board Practices
Body Composition Monitor Body Composition Monitor Bcm
Borrowings Brazoria Kidney Center Inc
Brevard County Dialysis Llc Business
Capital Expenditures Capital Increase Own Resources
Capital Stock Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Cash Flow Hedges Variable Rate Debt
Cash Operations Certain Defined Terms
Certification Pursuant 302 Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Change Government Reimbursement Dialysis Care Materially Decrease Revenues
Civil Monetary Penalties Law Classifications
Clayton County Dialysis Llc Clermont Dialysis Center Llc
Columbus Area Renal Alliance Llc Commercial Litigation
Commitments Members Management Board Event Ending Appointment Commitments Members Management Board Event Termination Appointment
Compared 2005 Compared 2005 Liquidity
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Compared 2008 Comparison Nyse Governance Standards Practices
Compensation Management Board Compensation Supervisory Board Fresenius Medical Care Kgaa Management
Competition Competitive Strengths
Competitors Develop Superior Technology Otherwise Impact Product Sales Complete Dialysis Product Lines Recurring Disposable Products Revenue
Concentration Risk Conditional Capital
Conejo Valley Dialysis Inc Confidential Treatment
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Financials
Controls Procedures Corporate
Corporate Governance Corporate Purposes
Countermotions Shareholdersrsquo Nominations Counterproposals
Credit Agreement Credit Ratings
Cross-reference Table Customers Marketing Distribution Service
D-1 D-2
D-3 Debt Covenant Disclosure Ebitda
Debt Ebitda Ratio Debt Issuance Costs
Dependency Report Deposit Withdrawal Cancellation
Derivative Financial Instruments Description Pooling Arrangements
Development Allowance Doubtful Accounts Development Sales Outstanding
Dialysis America Georgia Llc Dialysis Associates Llc
Dialysis Associates Northern New Jersey Llc Dialysis Centers America
Dialysis Management Corporation Dialysis Products
Dialysis Services Dialysis Services Cincinnati Inc
Dialysis Specialists Topeka Inc Dialysis Specialists Tulsa Inc
Dialysis Treatment Options Esrd Differentiated Patient Care Programs Those Competitors
Directors Officers Insurance Directors Share Dealings
Diverging Views Financial Authorities Require Make Additional Tax Divestiture Perfusion Business
Divestitures Dividend
Dividend Policy Dividend Rights
Dividends Douglas County Dialysis Llc
Earnings Earnings Per Ordinary Share Preference
Earnings Per Ordinary Share Rose 203 Weighted Average Earnings Per Ordinary Share Rose 216 Weighted Average
Earnings Per Share Eps Earnings Revenue
Else-kröner Strasse 61346 Bad Homburg Germany Else-kröner Strasse 61352 Bad Homburg Germany
Employee Benefit Plans Employees
End Text Signature Page Follows End-stage Renal Disease
Enforcement Governing Law Environmental Management
Environmental Regulation Epogen
Estimated Amortization Expense Estimates
Euro Notes European Investment Bank Agreement
European Investment Bank Agreements Everest Healthcare Indiana Inc
Everest Healthcare Ohio Inc Everest Healthcare Rhode Island Inc
Everest Healthcare Texas Exchange Controls Other Limitations Affecting Security Holders
Exclusion Minority Shareholders Exhibits
Explanatory Report General Partner Data 289 315 Commercial Exposed Product Liability Other Claims Result Significant Costs
Exposed Product Liability Patent Infringement Other Claims Result Extraordinary Transactions
Face Specific Risks International Operations Fair Value Hedges Fixed Rate Debt
Fair Value Information False Claims Act Related Criminal Provisions
Fees Expenses Financial Condition Results Operations
Financial Information Financing
Financing Provided Fresenius Fmc Finance
Fondren Dialysis Clinic Inc Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Exchange Risk Foreign Exchange Risk Management
Foreign Exchange Sensitivity Analysis Form 20-f
Form Face Definitive Form Special Account Bank Letter
Form Transfer Certificate Regulation Global Rule 144a Transfers Form Transfer Certificate Rule 144a Global Regulation Transfers
Fort Scott Regional Dialysis Center Inc Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Fresenius Medical Care
Fresenius Medical Care Acquires Technology Advance Home Hemodialysis Fresenius Medical Care Amgen Enter New Commercial Collaboration
Fresenius Medical Care Amgen Establish Joint Research Program Fresenius Medical Care Announces Closing License Agreement Intravenous
Fresenius Medical Care Announces Management Board Changes Fresenius Medical Care Announces Resignation Lawrence Rosen Chief
Fresenius Medical Care Announces Status Patent Case Fresenius Medical Care Announces Upgraded Rating Unsecured Debt
Fresenius Medical Care Becomes Leading Dialysis Provider Asia Fresenius Medical Care Confirms Outlook 2008 Reports Strong
Fresenius Medical Care Dialysis Services Colorado Llc Fresenius Medical Care Dialysis Services Oregon Llc
Fresenius Medical Care Expands Dialyzer Production Capacity Wendel Fresenius Medical Care Kgaa
Fresenius Medical Care Kgaa Announces Offering 500 Senior Fresenius Medical Care Kgaa Financial Statements Consolidated Comprehensive
Fresenius Medical Care Kgaa Instructions Bank New York Fresenius Medical Care Kgaa Stock Option Plan 2006
Fresenius Medical Care Management Fresenius Medical Care Proposes Share Split
Fresenius Medical Care Publishes Form 20-f 2008 Fresenius Medical Care Reports Excellent Full 2007 Results
Fresenius Medical Care Reports Strong 2007 Results Outlook Fresenius Medical Care Reports Strong Results Improved Guidance
Fresenius Medical Care Reports Strong Start 2009 Confirms Fresenius Medical Care Share Split Become Effective 2007
Fresenius Medical Care Successfully Placed Senior Notes Amount Fresenius Owns 100 Shares General Partner Able Control
Fresenius Owns 100 Shares General Partner Able Exercise Fresenius Ultracare Program
Full 2007 Full Spectrum Dialysis Laboratory Services
Further Extracorporeal Methods General
General Information Regarding Share Capital General Meeting
General Partner General Partner Reimbursement
General Partners Management Board General Partners Supervisory Board
General Provisions Increasing Capital Stock Corporations Partnerships Limited German Tax Consequences Holding Adss
Gift Inheritance Taxes Global Economic Conditions Adverse Effect Businesses
Global Legend Goal Objectives
Governance Matters Growth Depends Part Ability Continue Make Acquisitions
Growth Objectives Growth Paths
Gulf Region Mobile Dialysis Inc Haemo-stat Inc
Half 2007 Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act 1996 Hipaa
Hemodialysis Machine Hemodialysis Products
Henry Dialysis Center Llc Highlights
History Holton Dialysis Clinic Llc
Home Dialysis Home Dialysis Muhlenburg County Inc
Impairment Implementation Share Split Change Capital
Incentive Plan Income Taxes
Incometaxes Independent Directors
Index Financial Statements Inflation
Instructions Bank New York Depositary Received Prior 500 Intangible Assets Goodwill
Intangible Assets License Distribution Agreements Interest
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Risk Management
Interest Rate Sensitivity Analysis Interested Transactions
International International Including Germany Other Non-us
International Segment Introduction
Inventories Investing
Invitation Ordinary General Meeting Isin 3580291066 Adr-identification-no 879 529 3580292056 903 780
Isin 3580292056 Adr Identification 903 780 Issuance Senior Notes
Jefferson County Dialysis Inc Joint Committee
Joint Ventures Violate Law Business Adversely Affected Kentucky Renal Care Group Llc
Key Indicators Consolidated Financial Statements Key Indicators Consolidated Financials
Key Indicators International Segment Key Indicators North America Segment
Laboratory Services Lawton Dialysis Inc
Leading Market Position Legal Contingencies
Legal Proceedings Legal Structure Fmc-ag Kgaa
License Distribution Manufacturing Supply Agreement Limits Obligations Depositary Liability Holders Adss
Lines Credit Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources
Listing American Depositary Shares Sec Filings Little Rock Dialysis Inc
Long -term Borrowings Capital Lease Obligations Long-term Debt Capital Lease Obligations
Management Foreign Exchange Interest Rate Risks Management Oversight
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manufacturing Operations Market Risk
Maumee Dialysis Services Llc Meetings
Membrane Technology Miami Regional Dialysis Center Inc
Michigan Home Dialysis Center Inc Miscellaneous
National Medical Care Inc National Nephrology Associates Texas
Net Income Net Interest Expense
Net Revenue New Management Board Fresenius Medical Care
New Product Introductions New Sourcing Supply Agreement Amgen
Nna Alabama Inc Nna East Orange Llc
Nna Florida Llc Nna Georgia Inc
Nna Harrison Llc Nna Louisiana Llc
Nna Oklahoma Llc Nna Rhode Island Inc
Nna Toledo Inc Nna-saint Barnabas Llc
Nna-saint Barnabas-livingston Llc Non-derivative Financial Instruments
Nonvested Options Acquire Ordinary Shares Issued Plans Nonvested Options Acquire Preference Shares Issued Plans
Norcross Dialysis Center Llc Norman Nephrology Pllc
North America North America Segment
Northeast Alabama Kidney Clinic Inc Northern New Jersey Dialysis Llc
Not Comply Governmental Regulations Applicable Business Excluded Government Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Number 001-32749 Online-hdf 5008s Hemodialysis Machine
Operating Income Operating Income Ebit
Operations Options Purchase Securities
Organization Other
Other Acquisitions Other Financial Liabilities
Other Fraud Abuse Laws Other German Taxes
Other Hemodialysis Products Other Information
Other Intellectual Property Other Interests
Other Litigation Potential Exposures Other Plans
Outlook Outlook 2006 Upgraded
Outlook 2007 Outlook 2007 Confirmed
Outlook 2007 Upgraded Outlook 2008
Outlook 2008 Fully Confirmed Outlook 2009
Outlook 2009 Fully Confirmed Overview
Page Dialysis Ltd Part
Participation General Meeting Particulars
Patents Licenses Path Acquisitions
Path Home Therapies Path Horizontal Expansion
Path Organic Growth Patient Physician Other Relationships
Patients Clinics Treatments Patients Ndash Clinics Treatments
Payment Taxes Peritoneal Dialysis
Peritoneal Dialysis Products Personal Information
Persons Without Notice Applies Subject Provision Plan Document Pharmaceutical Product Business Lose Sales Generic Drug Manufacturers
Phoslo Acquisition Physicians Dialysis Inc
Physicians Other Referral Sources Cease Referring Patients Dialysis Physicians Prescribe Aranesp Cera Similar Anemia Fighting Medications
Plan Investment Policy Strategy Position Innovator Product Process Technology
Powers Attorney Pre-emption Rights
Principal Topics Discussed Supervisory Board Principles Consolidation
Private Placement Legend Pro Forma Financial Information
Products Property Plant Equipment
Proposals Health Care Reform Decrease Revenues Operating Profit Proxies
Public Market Preference Shares Share Adss Limited Highly Quality Assurance Dialysis Care
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Rating
Rcg Acquisition Rcg Bloomington Llc
Rcg East Texas Llp Rcg Indiana Llc
Rcg Irving Llp Rcg Martin Llc
Rcg Memphis East Llc Rcg Mississippi Inc
Rcg University Division Inc Reaffirmation Parent Agreement
Real Property Lease Recent Pronouncements
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Reconciliation Measures Consolidated Totals
Recoverability Goodwill Intangible Assets Reduction Reimbursement Change Utilization Epo Materially Reduce Revenue
Refinancing Notes Refund Procedures
Registration Rights Agreement Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Overview Reimbursement
Reimbursement Rates Related Party Transactions
Renal Care Group Acquisition Renal Care Group Alaska Inc
Renal Care Group East Inc Renal Care Group Inc
Renal Care Group Midwest Inc Renal Care Group Northwest Inc
Renal Care Group Ozarks Llc Renal Care Group South Inc
Renal Care Group South New Mexico Llc Renal Care Group Southeast Inc
Renal Care Group Southwest Renal Care Group Texas Inc
Renal Care Group Westlake Llc Renal Pharmaceuticals
Renex Dialysis Clinic Bridgeton Inc Renex Dialysis Clinic Creve Coeur Inc
Renex Dialysis Clinic Doylestown Inc Renex Dialysis Clinic Louis Inc
Renex Dialysis Clinic Maplewood Inc Renex Dialysis Clinic Orange Inc
Renex Dialysis Clinic Penn Hills Inc Renex Dialysis Clinic Philadelphia Inc
Renex Dialysis Clinic Pittsburgh Inc Renex Dialysis Clinic Shaler Inc
Renex Dialysis Clinic South Georgia Inc Renex Dialysis Clinic Union Inc
Renex Dialysis Clinic University City Inc Renex Dialysis Clinic Woodbury Inc
Rent Service Charges Report Foreign Private Issuer
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Internal Control
Report Management Board General Partner Report Supervisory Board Fresenius Medical Care Kgaa 2006
Report Supervisory Board Fresenius Medical Care Kgaa 2007 Report Supervisory Board Fresenius Medical Care Kgaa 2008
Representation Before Topic Reputation High Standards Patient Care Quality Products Extensive
Requirements Depositary Actions Research Development
Restricted Scan Line Area Resulting Voting Topic
Revenue Revenue Earnings
Revenue Recognition Policy Risk Factors
Risk Management Risks Relating Litigation Regulatory Matters
Risks Relating Securities Rivers Dialysis Services Llc
Rsi Acquisition San Diego Dialysis Services Inc
Santa Barbara Community Dialysis Center Inc Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule Schedule Principal Amount
Sections Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 6-k
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Fresenius Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Fresenius Medical Care
Self-insurance Programs Senior Debt
Senior Notes Service Agreements
Service Agreements Leases Service Lease Agreements
Services Agreement Share Capital Matters Shareholders Articles Association
Share Dividends Other Distributions Share Ownership Supervisory Board Management
Share Split Shareholder Communications Inspection Register Holders Adss
Short-term Borrowings Short-term Borrowings Related Parties
Signature Page Amendment Amended Restated Transfer Administration Agreement Signatures
Significant Contracts Significant Portion North American Profits Dependent Services Provide
Smyrna Dialysis Center Llc Sorbent Systems
Sources Dialysis Care Net Revenue Sources Supply
Special Participation Capital Special Participations Capital
Sskg Inc Stark Law
Stat Dialysis Corporation State Regional Dialysis Center Inc
Stock Option Other Share Based Plans Stock Option Plans
Stock Options Stock Options Other Share-based Plans
Stone Mountain Dialysis Center Llc Stuttgart Dialysis Llc
Subject Matter Lease Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordinated Revolving Subsequent Events
Substantial Indebtedness Limit Ability Pay Dividends Implement Certain Summary 2006
Summary 2007 Summary 2008
Summary 2008 Preliminary Summary 2009
Summary Full 2006 Exceeded Financial Targets Achieved Record Summary Full 2008
Summary Half 2007 Summary Half 2008 Preliminary
Summary Half 2009 Supervisory Board
Supervisory Board Fmc-ag Kgaa Supplemental Information
Supplementary Cash Flow Information Supply Agreements
Supply Agreements Arrangements Table Contents
Tax Treatment Dividends Taxation Capital Gains
Term Term Application Principal Lease
Terrell Dialysis Center Llc Total Revenue
Trademarks Trading Markets
Trading Markets Securities Transfer Administration Agreement
Transformation Legal Form Conversion Preference Shares Translation Registrants Name English
Treatments Trend Information
Unable Attract Retain Skilled Medical Technical Engineering Personnel United States Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Video Webcast Voting Results Ordinary Shareholders Meeting Held 2007
Voting Rights West Palm Dialysis Llc
Wharton Dialysis Inc Worldwide Manufacturing Facilities
Written Form Saving Clause Written Report General Partner Ordinary Meeting Agenda
Wskc Dialysis Services Inc 
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