GMH Communities Trust (GCT)

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Access Properties Accounting Contingencies
Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets Accounting Misstatements
Accounting Stock Issued Employees Accounts Receivable Bad Debts
Accredited Investor Accredited Investor Experience
Acquire Existing Military Housing Privatization Projects Acquired
Acquired Partnership Acquiror
Acquiror Conditions Precedent Acquirors Conditions Precedent
Acquirors Default Acquirors Indemnities
Acquirors Performance Acquirors Representations Warranties
Acquisition Definitely Happen Acquisition Details
Acquisition Properties Not Achieve Forecasted Results Limited Ability Acquisition Real Estate Investments
Acquisitions Additional Information Find
Additional Military Housing Privatization Projects Development Opportunities Review Adequate Monitoring Information Communication Controls
Adjusted Net Income Adjusted Net Income Loss
Adjusted Net Income Loss Continuing Operations Adjusted Net Income Loss Continuing Operations Ebitda
Adjustment Indulgence Forbearance Compromise Might Granted Given Lender Adoption Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Advertising Costs Affiliate
Affiliate Transactions Affirmative Covenants
Agents Appointment Attorney-in-fact Aggregated Option Exercises 2004 Year-end Values
Aggregated Option Exercises 2005 Year-end Values Agreed Acknowledged
Agreed Vornado Realty Activities Satisfy Certain Requirements Unable Agreement
Agreement Plan Merger Agreement Shall Construed Interpreted Accordance Laws State Delaware
Agreement Without Limiting Generality Foregoing Each Grantor Hereby Agreements
Agreements Vornado Realty Trust Affiliates Restrict Activities Allocation Net Income
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Alterations
Amendment Lease Amendment Loan Agreement
Amendment Supplement Registration Statement Prospectus Shall Been Filed Amendment Waiver Credit Agreement
Amendments American Campus Communities
Announcement 2006 Dividend Announcement Sale
Announces 2005 Updated Guidance Potential Restatement Announces 2007 Dividend
Annual Base Salaries Annual Incentive Bonus Awards
Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2006 Annual Report Proxy Statement Being Sent Shareholders
Annual Report Pursuant Sections Securities Exchange Act 1934 Annual Report Shareholders
Annualized Net Rental Revenue Per Available Bed Revpab Anticipate Cash Flow Operations Initially Insufficient Fund Expected
Appendix Apply Net Proceeds Sale Shares Manner Described Caption
Appointment Interim Chief Financial Officer Appraisal Rights
Approximately 3505 Assessments
Assets Liabilities Held Sale Assignment Assumption Membership Interests
Assignment Assumption Partnership Interests Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Committee Special Expenses
Authorized Signatures Completed Vote Counted Date Sign Below Award Insurance Benefits
Background Balfour Beatty
Balfour Beattys Desire Expand Other Ppp Sectors Negatively Bankruptcy Default Workout History
Basic Allowance Housing Basis Accounting
Basis Presentation Because Gary Holloway Owns Significant Number Units Limited
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefit Plans
Benefits Benefits Received Executive Officers Trustees Formation Transactions
Board Committees Trustee Compensation Board Trustees Alter Investment Policies Time Without Shareholder
Board Trustees Appoints Special Committee Review Strategic Alternatives Board Trustees Approve Issuance Class Series Common Preferred
Board Trustees Authorize Issuance Additional Shares Cause Dilution Board Trustees Recommends Vote Nominees
Bona Fide Borrower Representations
Brokers Brokers Financial Advisors
Bruce Robinson Business Combinations
Business Operations Business Outlook
Business Purposes Business Segment Review 2007
Business Strategy Buyer Shall Not Make Code 338 Election Respect
Cafeteria Kitchen Area Coffee Areas Campus Boulevard Newtown Square Pennsylvania 19073 Proxy Solicited
Capital Expenditures Property Renovation Greater Forecasted Adversely Impact Capital Expenditures Property Renovations Greater Forecasted Adversely Impact
Capital Market Activity Capital Spending Maintenance
Capitalization Interest Insurance Real Estate Taxes Capitalize Industry Relations
Car Allowance Shall Pay Executive Monthly 1000 Advance Car Allowance Shall Pay Executive Monthly 650 Advance
Carlisle Barracks Picatinny Arsenal-carlisle Pennsylvania Dover New Jersey Cash Distribution Policy
Cash Equivalents Casualty
Casualty Condemnation Cathy Coyle
Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements Certain Executive Officers Agreements Provide Them Benefits Event
Certain Executive Officers Trustees Conflicts Interest Result Profits Certain Matters Respecting Receivables
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certificate Occupancy Licenses Certification
Certification Required Rule 13a-14 Securities Exchange Act 1934 Certifications Required Rule 13a-14 Securities Exchange Act 1934
Change Business Change Control Purposes Agreement Deemed Taken Place Occurrence
Change Facts Circumstances Disclosure Change Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Registrants Certifying Accountant
Chief Accounting Officer Chief Executive Officer Compensation 2004
Chief Executive Officer Compensation 2005 Claim
Client Impact Closing
Closing Costs Closing Date
Closing Date Credit Such Service Respective Employee Benefit Closing Documents
Closing Shareholder Approval Financing Code Business Conduct Ethics
Code Ethics Code Ethics Chief Executive Officer Senior Financial Employees
Collateral Account Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws College Park Distribution Shall Been Completed Accordance Provisions
Commenced Operations Through Operating Partnership 2004 Limited History Comments Management
Commitments Contingencies Committed Superior Management
Committee Authority Responsibilities Committee Objectives
Common Areas Common Shares
Common Shares Eligible Future Sale Adverse Effects Share Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Committees Conclusion Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Philosophy Objectives Compensatory Arrangements Certain Officers
Competition Competitive Advantages
Competitive Bidding Process Military Housing Privatization Projects Completed Initial Public Offering 2004 Active Trading Market
Completing Returning Proxy Card Designating Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Compliance Compliance Exchange Act
Compliance Oversight Responsibilities Complying Reit Requirements Cause Forego Otherwise Attractive Opportunities
Complying Reit Requirements Cause Forgo Otherwise Attractive Opportunities Composition Selection
Concentration Credit Risk Condemnation
Conditions Purchase Sale Conduct Business Pending Mergers
Conference Call Conference Rooms Executive Offices
Confidentiality Informational Materials Conflict Construction Documents Reliance
Conflicts Consideration
Consistency Declaration Trust Construction Contract
Construction Renovation Property Manager Consulting Agreement
Continue Best Efforts Meet Requirements Qualify Reit Code Contracts Subject Bankruptcy Insolvency Fraudulent Transfer Reorganization Moratorium
Contractual Obligations Contribution Agreement
Contribution Consideration Contributor
Contributors Contributors Conditions Precedent
Contributors Default Contributors Interest
Contributors Membership Interest Contributors Representations Warranties
Controls Procedures Convenience Certain Terms Used Part Agreement Defined Below
Corporate Corporate Governance
Corporate Headquarters Other Leased Space Costs Enforcement
Count Votes Counterparts Facsimile Signatures
Covenant Compliance Covenants Each Grantor Agrees Secured Party After Date
Covenants Each Pledgor Agrees Lender After Date Pledge Covenants Other Obligations Hereunder Satisfaction Following Further Conditions
Covenants Respect Encumbered Properties Property Subsidiaries Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Agreement Credit Facility Merrill Lynch
Critical Accounting Policies Cross-default Cross-collateralization Waiver Marshalling Assets
Deal Today Ownership Change Officially Take Place Debt Cancellation
Debt Financing Project Debt Service Reduces Cash Available Distribution Expose Risk
Declares 2006 Dividend Default
Default Acceleration Default Future Mortgage Indebtedness Loss Assets Securing Such
Default Secured Debt Credit Facility Future Loss Property Deferred Contract Costs
Deferred Costs Deferred Financing Costs
Deferred Revenue Definitions
Delay Not Waiver Delay Release 2006 Financial Results Filing Form 10-q
Deliver Full Range High Quality Product Delivery Payment Closing
Denis Nayden Denise
Denise Hubley Dennis Oleary
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depend Business Relationships Experience Gary Holloway Loss Threaten Depend Business Relationships Experience Gary Holloway Other Executive
Deployment Troops Deposits
Depreciation Design Build Agreement
Designation Agreement Development
Development Services Fee Direct Transfer Agent Place Stop Restrictions Securities Bound
Directed Shares Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Discharging Guarantors Obligations Disclosures Business Include References Operations Military Housing Division
Disposition Asset Sales Disposition Assets
Disposition Assets Expected Result Special Distribution Gmh Shareholders Disposition Obligations
Dispositions Disputes
Dissolution Distributions Cash Flow Capital Transactions
Distributions Cash Flows Operations Dividend
Dividend Policy Distributions Drinking Fountains Water Coolers
Due Affiliate Due Authorization Execution
Due Punctual Performance Borrowers Other Obligations Provisions Loan Earnings Guidance
Earnings Outlook Earnings Per Common Share
Earnings Per Share Effects Termination
Election Trustees Election Trustees Board Recommends Vote Nominees Listed
Election Trustees Nominees Elevators
Embargoed Person Employee 401 Plan
Employee Benefits Employee Issues
Employees Employment
Employment Agreements End Results
Enforceability Engage Maintain Expense Registrar Transfer Agent Shares
Engagement New Independent Auditors Enter Agreement Undertaking Restricting Right Ability Pledgor Lender
Enters 100 Credit Facility Replace Wachovia Line Entire Agreement
Entirety Entitled Vote 2005 Annual Meeting Votes They
Entitled Vote 2006 Annual Meeting Votes They Entitled Vote 2007 Annual Meeting Votes They
Entity-level Controls Entrance Lobby
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Covenants
Environmental Matters Environmental Representations Warranties
Equiserve Trust Box 8694 Edison 08818-8694 Equity Earnings Unconsolidated Entities
Equity Incentive Plan Equity Incentive Plan Information
Equity-based Compensation Erisa
Escrow Agent Estimated Results 2005
Estimates Estoppel Statement
Ethical Legal Compliance Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Event Complete Military Housing Transaction Not Merger Unable Event Default
Events Circumstances Not Reducing Discharging Guarantors Obligations Except Disclosed Prospectus Not Incurred Liability Brokers Finders
Execute Connection Sale Provided Hereof Endorsements Assignments Other Execution Partnership Agreement
Executive Compensation Executive Officers
Executive Officers Certain Trustees Experience Conflicts Interest Connection Executive Officers Registrant
Executives Restricted Common Shares Awarded Equity Incentive Plan Exercise Option
Exhibits Existence Compliance Legal Requirements
Expect Experience Rapid Growth Student Housing Military Businesses Expect Real Estate Investments Concentrated Student Housing Military
Expect Real Estate Investments Continue Concentrated Student Housing Expenses
Expenses Indemnity Explanatory
Extension Waiver Financial Covenant Credit Facility Face Significant Competition University-owned On-campus Student Housing Other
Facility Facility Line Credit
Fail Qualify Lose Tax Status Reit Subject Significant Failure Complete Military Housing Transaction Merger Negatively Impact
Failure Condition Precedent Failure Make Required Distributions Subject Tax
Failure Renew Agreement Substantially Similar Terms Conclusion Initial Fair Value Accounting
Fair Value Financial Instruments Farm Products Collateral Constitutes Proceeds
Fasb Issued Sfas 160 Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Federal Reserve Regulations
Federal Tax Regulations Filing Recording Taxes
Filing Ucc-1 Financing Statements Jurisdictions Referenced Schedule Attached Financial Filings
Financial Highlights Financial Information
Financial Reit Status Covenants Financial Relations Board
Financial Reporting Financial Statement Disclosure Matters
Financial Statements Business Acquired Financial Statements Businesses Acquired
Financial Statements Exhibits Financing Strategy
Following Summary Financial Position Unconsolidated Student Housing Joint Following Summary Results Operations Unconsolidated Student Housing Joint
Following Terms Shall Meanings Forfeiture
Form 10-k Form 10-k Amendment
Form 10-k Annual Report Pursuant Sections Securities Exchange Form 10-q
Formation Transactions Former Credit Facility
Former Wachovia Line Credit Fort Bliss White Sands Missile Range Paso Texas
Fort Carson Colorado Springs Fort Carson Colorado Springs Colorado-2663 End-state Housing Units
Fort Eustis Story Newport News Virginia Beach Fort Eustis Story Newport News Virginia Beach Virginia-1124
Fort Gordon Augusta Georgia Fort Hamilton Brooklyn New York
Fort Hamilton Brooklyn New York-228 End-state Housing Units Fort Stewart Hunter Army Airfield Hinesville Savannah Georgia
Fort Stewart Hunter Army Airfield Hinesville Savannah Georgia-3702 Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Frederick Buchholz
Funds Flow Post-initial Development Period Funds Operations
Further Assurances Further Updates Earnings Guidance 2006 Special Committee Process
Future Terrorist Attacks Harm Demand Value Properties Gary Holloway
Gary Holloway Conflicts Interest Result His Ownership Entity Gary Holloway President Chief Executive Officer Chairman Board
General General Administrative Expense Fee
General Office Areas General Provisions
General Questions Answers Meeting Ghjp Inc
Gmh Gmh Communities
Gmh Communities Trust Gmh Communities Trust 2005 Executive Officer Cash Bonus
Gmh Communities Trust Announces 2004 End Results Provides Gmh Communities Trust Announces 2006 Results
Gmh Communities Trust Announces Acquisition Student Housing Properties Gmh Communities Trust Announces Quarterly Dividend
Gmh Communities Trust Announces Sale Gmh Communities Trust Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Gmh Communities Trust Index Form 10-q Gmh Communities Trust Predecessor Entities
Governing Law Governmental Obligors Receivables Authority
Grantor Act Omit Whereby Material Patent Become Abandoned Ground Lease
Ground Lease Agreement Guarantors Accounting Disclosure Requirements Guarantees Including Indirect Indebtedness
Guaranty Guaranty Reliance Contemplation Benefits Validity Enforceability Collectibility Value
Headings Headings Convenience Reference Only Shall Way Affect Interpretation
Highlights Highly Fragmented Ownership Student Housing Properties
Highly-fragmented Ownership Student Housing Properties Hold
Home Office Sale Illegal Activity
Illiquidity Real Estate Investments Significantly Impede Ability Respond Immediate Release
Impairment Long-lived Assets Important Document Ownership Transition
Income Earned Taxable Reit Subsidiaries Subject Federal Tax Income Tax Accounting
Income Taxes Incur Significant Costs Complying Americans Disabilities Act Similar
Incur Significant Costs Complying Other Regulations Indemnities
Indemnity Taxes Provided Either Party Post-closing Right Seek Independent Auditors Report
Index Index Financial Statements
Index Form 10-q Indication Damages Payable Other Respect Limit Restrict Available
Inflation Information Contact
Informational Materials Initial Shares
Insurance Intangible Assets Amortization
Intercreditor Agreements Interests
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Not Sufficient Ensure Introductory Paragraph 221 Loan Agreement Hereby Deleted Entirety
Inventory Equipment Inventory Equipment Kept Locations Listed Schedule Hereto
Investment Act Investment Criteria
Investment Student Housing Joint Ventures Investments Distributions Predecessor Entities
Investments Joint Ventures Investments Military Housing Projects
Investments Military Housing Projects Student Joint Ventures Investor Conference Call Announced Separate Press Release
Investor Conference Call Expected After Release 2006 Results Investor Conference Call Held 2006
Involuntary Conversions John Deriggi
Joint Assessment Joint Undertaking
Joint Venture Partnership Third-party Beneficiaries Joint Ventures Own Military Housing Privatization Projects High
Joseph Macchione Knowledge
Lease Administration Marketing Systems Leasing Matters
Legal Proceedings Lender Syndicate Credit Facility Approves Waiver Amendment
Lenders Certain Non-recourse Indebtedness Assume Place Properties Recourse Lenders Certain Non-recourse Indebtedness Assume Recourse Against Full
Lenders Certain Non-recourse Mortgage Indebtedness Assume Place Properties Lenders Discretion
Leveraged Internal Rate Return Irr Liable Hereon Regardless Whether Borrower Other Person Found
Liens Limitation Audit Committees Role
Limitation Distributions Limitation Liability
Limited Partners Trusts Operating Partnership Vote Units Interest Line Credit
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources
Litigation Litigation Other Proceedings
Loan Agreement Loan Commitment Disbursement Borrower
Loan Documents Loan General Electric Capital Corporation
Loan Proceeds Loans General Electric Capital Corporation
Maintain Reit Status Forced Borrow Funds Short-term Basis Maintain Reit Status Required Comply Number Requirements Relating
Majority Board Votes Favor Decision Change Control Occurred Management Agreement
Management Asset Fees Management Gmh Military Housing Think Change Good Employees
Management Limited Prior Experience Operating Reit Public Limitations Management Little Prior Experience Operating Reit Public Limitations
Management Services Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations
Market Opportunity Market Price Trading Volume Common Shares Volatile
Market Price Trading Volume Common Shares Volatile Future Market Value Common Shares Decrease Based Performance Perception
Maryland Law Discourage Party Acquiring Material Weaknesses Entity Level Controls
Material Weaknesses Entity-level Controls Material Weaknesses Identified Managements Report Internal Control Over
Material Weaknesses Process Transaction Level Controls Material Weaknesses Process Transaction-level Controls
Meetings Membership Interests
Membership Interests Agreement Memorandum
Merger Announcement Merger Definitely Happen
Merger Details Merger Reorganization Consolidation Borrower Other Person
Michael Fascitelli Military Base Own Operate Housing Privatization Project Experiences
Military Contracts Military Housing
Military Housing Loan Guaranty Military Housing Privatization Initiative
Military Housing Privatization Projects Operation 2006 Military Housing Segment
Military Housing Summary Military Housing Transaction
Military Housing Transaction Merger Each Subject Number Conditions Minority Interest
Miscellaneous Modification Waiver Writing
Monthly Mortgage Notes Payable
Municipal Services Agreement Mutual Written Consent Buyer
Name Identity Structure Principal Place Business Names Form Organization Location Grantors
Nasd Shall Not Raised Objection Respect Fairness Reasonableness Nature Scope Guaranty
Navy Northeast Region Project-brunswick Maine Kittery Newport Rhode Negative Covenants
Negative Covenants Respect Encumbered Properties Property Subsidiaries Net Exercise
Net Operating Income Noi New Facility
New Line Credit Newtown Square 19073
Newtown Square 2005 Newtown Square Pennsylvania 2007
Nine-month Results Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-recognition Code Provisions
Non-reliance Previously Issued Financial Statements Related Audit Report Non-taxable Disposition Period
Noncontrolling Interests Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Not Conduct Party Student Housing Management Business Through Not Conduct Third-party Student Housing Management Business Through
Not Foreign Person Notes
Notes Payable Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2005
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2006 Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2007
Notice Borrowing Notice Certain Transactions
Notice Default Notices
Notices Requests Demands Lender Pledgors Hereunder Shall Effected Now Therefore
Number 001-32290 Nutshell133
Ofac Offer Chief Financial Officer Position Accepted Patrick Ogrady
Offsets Offsets Counterclaims Defenses
Operating Lease Obligations Operating Partnership
Operating Segments Operational Highlights Recent Developments
Operational Impact Operations
Opinion Matters Venable Llp Option Closing Date Case Representatives Shall Received Additional
Option Grants 2004 Option Grants 2005
Option Sell Option Shares
Option Shares Addition Basis Warranties Representations Other Terms Oral Change
Organization Organization Experience
Organization Nature Operations Organizational Structure Military Housing Privatization Projects
Organizational Structure Military Housing Projects Other Assets
Other Benefits Other Events
Other Information Outlook
Oversight Internal Audit Function Oversight Relationship Independent Auditor
Overview Overview Compensation Program
Owner Lessor Real Estate Subject Risks Environmental Laws Ownership Limitations Restrict Business Combination Opportunities
Partial Dividend Parties
Partnership Agreement Patents Trademarks Copyrights
Patrick Ogrady Payment Municipal Services
Payment Terms Pending Class Action Securities Litigation Commencement Investigation Sec
Pending Material Litigation Commencement Investigation Sec Adversely Affect Pending Sale
Perform Obligations Hereunder Prevent Consummation Buyer Transactions Contemplated Performance Borrower
Performance Graph Performance Value Common Shares Affected Risks Associated Real
Period-end Financial Reporting Perquisites Other Personal Benefits
Person Physical Condition
Plan Assets Please Sign Date Return Proxy Card Promptly Using
Pledge Agreement Pre-closing Deliveries Seller Due Diligence
Predecessor Entities History Incurring Losses Incur Future Preferences
Prepayments Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principles Construction Prior Agreements
Prior Assignment Pro Forma Financial Information
Proceedings Proceeds
Process Handling Complaints Accounting Matters Process Improvement
Process Level Controls Profits Interests
Program Prohibition Sale Individual Property Ies
Prohibition Sale Mezzanine Assets Project Entity
Projects Exclusive Negotiation Projects Operation
Promissory Properties Contract Non-binding Letter Intent
Property Property Level Information
Proposal 1-election Trustees Provided
Provided However Provisions Securities Purchase Agreement Balfour Beatty Merger Acc
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Trustees Proxy Statement
Proxy Vote Shares Publicity
Purchase Agreement Purchase Price
Purchase Sale Equity Interests Purchasing Accounts Payable
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Put Option Sell Agreement
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Dividend Quarterly Highlights
Quarterly Period 2005 Quarterly Period 2006
Radm James Eastwood Ret Ratifications
Reaffirms 2005 Outlook Real Estate Acquisitions
Real Estate Dispositions Acquisitions Real Estate Investments
Real Estate Investments Acquisitions Real Estate Investments Corporate Assets
Receipt Complaints Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Activities Recent Developments
Recent Developments 2006 Student Housing Military Segments Update Recitals
Reclassifications Reconciliation Non-gaap Financial Measures Gaap
Redemption Operating Partnership Interests Reduction Executives Annual Base Salary
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registration Rights Private Sales
Regulation 11502-6 Similar Provision State Local Foreign Law Regulation Disclosure
Regulation Means Statute Law Ordinance Order Rule Federal Regulatory Matters
Reimbursed Expenses Reinvestment Account
Reit Related Party Management Other Services
Related Party Transactions Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Signature Pages Follow
Remediation Prior Material Weaknesses Remedies
Remedies Borrower Remedies Cumulative Waivers
Rental Income Rental Property
Report Audit Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reported Net Losses Past Continue Future Reported Net Losses Past Military Housing Transaction Merger
Reporting Retention Complaints Investigations Representations
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Buyer
Representations Warranties Covenants Non-solicitation Termination Fee Representations Warranties Each Grantor Hereby Represents Warrants
Representations Warranties Each Pledgor Represents Warrants Representations Warranties Operating Partnership
Representations Warranties Respect Encumbered Property Subsidiaries Requests Buyer Case Shall Other Party Take Possession
Reserves Held Trustee Resignation Independent Auditors
Restatement 2005 Quarterly Financial Statements Identification Material Weaknesses Restatement Financial Statements
Restricted Cash Restrooms
Results Results Delayed
Results Operations Results Operations Financial
Retain Name Gmh Communities College Park Result Ownership Retain Name Gmh Military Housing Result Ownership Change
Revenue Revenue Recognition
Revenue Stream Review Approval Ratification Transactions Related Persons
Revised Earnings Guidance 2005 Revoke Proxy
Richard Silfen Rights Lender
Rights Shareholders Take Action Against Trustees Officers Limited Risk Factors
Risks Related Proposed Sale Transaction Risks Relating Business Growth Strategy
Role Employment Agreements Determining Executive Compensation Role Equity-based Compensation Analysis
Role Executive Officers Compensation Decisions Sale Interests Corporate Flight Services Llc Gary Holloway
Sale Notes Securitization Sale Property
Savings Clause Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule 414
Schedule Iii-real Estate Accumulated Depreciation Schedules Exhibits Incorporated
Scope Matters Covered Procedures Securities Litigation Audit Special Committee Expenses
Security Agreement Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
See See Accompanying Notes Consolidated Combined Financial Statements
Selective Growth Severability
Severance Payment Shall Single Lump Sum Cash Later Shall Cause Surviving Entity Maintain Such Policies Full
Shall Immediately Delivered Lender Duly Endorsed Manner Satisfactory Share Based Compensation
Share-based Compensation Shareholder Proposals Intended Included Proxy Statement 2006 Annual
Shareholder Proposals Intended Included Proxy Statement 2007 Annual Shareholder Proposals Intended Included Proxy Statement 2008 Annual
Shareholder Proposals Trustee Nominations 2006 Annual Meeting Shareholders Shareholder Proposals Trustee Nominations 2007 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Shareholder Proposals Trustee Nominations 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholders Shareholders Communicate Board Including Non-employee Trustees
Shareholders Read Formal Document Describing Such Offer Available Shares Been Registered Pursuant Exchange Act Approved Listing
Shares Pledged Stock Llc Interests Partnership Been Duly Sick Personal Executive Shall Entitled Needed Basis
Signature Pages Immediately Follow Signatures
Significant Operating Achievements Recent Developments Six-month Results
Solicitation Process Unable Recover Costs Incurred Period Exclusivity Soliciting Proxy Being Solicited Pays Cost
Solvency Some Executive Officers Trustees Other Business Interests Hinder
Special Purpose Entities Specific Risks Related Military Housing Business
Specific Risks Related Student Housing Business Stairwells
State College Pennsylvania Statement Independent Auditors
Statement Purpose Status On-campus Student Housing Market
Steven Kessler Stock Based Awards
Stone Street Real Estate Fund 1996 Stone Street Real Estate Fund 1998
Strategy Student Housing
Student Housing Managed Properties Segment Student Housing Management
Student Housing Market Student Housing Operations Adversely Affected Changing University Admission
Student Housing Owned Properties Student Housing Owned Properties Segment
Student Housing Same Store Results Student Housing Segment
Student Housing Summary Student Housing Transaction
Student Housing- Owned Properties Student Housing-management
Student Housing-owned Properties Student Housing-owned Properties Segment
Student Leases Subject Adverse Legislative Regulatory Tax Changes Reduce Market
Subject Risks Associated Being Government Contractor Such Governments Subject Risks Associated Conducting Business Federal Government Such
Subject Tax Taxable Reit Subsidiaries Provide Services Tenants Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordination Certain Indebtedness Subsequent Developments
Subsequent Events Successors Assigns Third-party Beneficiary
Suffer Losses Not Covered Insurance Excess Coverage Limits Sufficient Personnel Accounting Department Requisite Skills Competencies
Summary Compensation Table Summary Quarterly Results
Summary Real Estate Accumulated Depreciation Activity Superior Execution Operations
Supplemental Information Supply Student Housing
Survey Survival
Survival Representations Table Contents
Target Select Properties Markets Targeted Properties Not Achieve Forecasted Results Limited Ability
Tax-related Event Tax-related Notice
Taxable Reit Subsidiaries Taxes
Taxes Other Charges Termination
Termination Employment Executive Pursuant Agreement Shall Terminate Occurrence Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Termination Waiver Therein Such Charge Adequately Reserved Against Grantors Books
Through Wholly Owned Subsidiary Sole General Partner Operating Through Wholly-owned Subsidiary Sole General Partner Operating Partnership
Time Title Condition Property
Tone Top Established Members Senior Management Total Annual Incentive Bonus Individual Performance Corporate
Transactions Related Parties Transfer
Transferred Companies Subsidiaries Project Entities Party Tax Allocation Transfers
Treatment Certain Information Confidentiality Treatment Complaints
Trial Jury Trustee Independence
Trustee Nomination Process Trustee Nominations 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholders Due
Trustees Trustees Conflict Interest Result His Affiliation Lenders
Trustees Conflict Interest Result His Affiliation Vornado Realty Types Compensation
Ucc Plus Eagle Insurance Policies Unable Close Military Housing Privatization Projects Exclusive Negotiations
Unable Successfully Acquire Develop Manage Student Housing Properties Unable Successfully Acquire Manage Student Housing Properties Favorable
Unable Successfully Perform Obligations Current Student Housing Property Underwriting Agreement
Underwriting Process Undisclosed Liabilities
Unencumbered Properties United States Copyright Office Similar Agency Other Country
Units Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Update 2007 Earnings Guidance Update Earnings Guidance 2006
Update Filing Form 10-q 2006 Update Remediation Material Weaknesses Internal Control Over Financial
Update Restatements Prior Update Strategic Initiatives
Update Strategic Initiatives Plan Updated 2005 Earnings Guidance
Used 706 Term Claim Means Threatened Asserted Pending Utilities Public Access
Value Received Vice Versa
Vote Vote Cast What Required Election Trustees
Vote Using Proxy Card Waiver
Waiver Counterclaim Waiver Credit Facility Covenants
Waiver Notice Waiver Trial Jury
Waivers Walter Reed Army Medical Center Washington Fort Detrick
Washington 20549 Webcast Conference Call Details
Weekly What Additional Steps Necessary Complete Merger
What Constitutes Quorum What Happen Corporate Office Newtown Square
What Mean Employees Gmh Communities College Park What Mean Employees Gmh Military Housing
What Now What Ownership Change Mean
What Percentage Common Shares Current Trustees Executive Officers What Proxy
What Shareholders Vote Meeting What Vote Required Other Matters
Whereas Withholding Payments Provided Agreement Shall Paid Net Applicable
Witness Whereof Working Capital Closing Adjustment Shall Been Confirmed Provided
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