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Accelerate Cost Reductions Quality Improvements Access Books Records
Access Information Access Outside Advisors
Accounting Collaborative Arrangements Accounting Convertible Debt Instruments
Accounting Derivatives Other Fair Value Measurements Accounting Early Retirement Postemployment Programs Specific Features
Accounting Early Retirement Programs Accounting Extended Disability Benefits
Accounting Income Taxes Accounting Lessees Maintenance Deposits
Accounting Other Early Retirement Programs Accounting Reporting Developments
Accounting Requirements Accounting Servicing Financial Assets
Accounting Standards Not Yet Adopted Accounting Standards Not Yet Adopted Concluded
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Accounts Notes Receivable
Accounts Notes Receivable Net Accrued Expenses Other Liabilities
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Attributable Common Stockholders Acknowledgements
Acquired Loans Acquisition Daewoo
Actions Address Previously Reported Material Weaknesses Longer Exist Actions Implemented Initiated Address Material Weakness Described Above
Actions Implemented Initiated Address Material Weaknesses Described Above Activities
Additional Attrition Programs Additional Commitments Further Gmacs Conversion Bhc Status Including
Address Health Care Legacy Cost Burden Address Health-care Burden
Address Healthcare Legacy Cost Burden Adjournments
Adjusted Net Income Earnings Before Interest Taxes Adjusted Net Income Earnings Before Tax
Adjustment After 363 Sale Adjustment Shares
Administration Adoption Sfas 158
Advancement Expenses Directors Officers Advancement Expenses Employees
Advertising Against
Against Abstain Proposal Playback Aggregated Option Sar Exercises 2004 Values
Aggregated Option Sar Exercises 2005 Values Agreement Between General Motors Iue-cwa Industrial Division Communications
Aip Aip Payouts 1999 Ndash2007
Aip Payouts 2004-2008 Allowance Credit Losses
Alterations Improvements Liens Alternative Fuels
Amended Master Services Agreement Amended Restated Credit Agreement
Amended Restated Equity Pledge Agreement Amended Restated Master Sale Purchase Agreement
Amendment Amendment Bylaws
Amendment Repeal Amendments
Amendments Termination American Export Antitrust Class Actions
Amount Grants Analysis
Annex Annex I-a Joinder Agreement
Announces Agreement Treasury Canadian Governments Providing Fast Track Annual Incentive Plan
Annual Incentive Planning Target Funding Levels 2007 Aip Annual Meeting Materials
Annual Meeting Stockholders Admission Ticket Antwerp Plant Workforce Reduction
Applicable Law Appointment Sub-agents Endorsements Etc
Approval 2007 Annual Incentive Plan Approval 2007 Long-term Incentive Plan
Approval Bank Holding Status Asbestos Claims
Asbestos Litigation Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific Concluded Assessing Compensation Competitiveness
Asset Retirement Obligations Asset Sale
Assets Held Sale Assignment Subletting
Assistant Secretarys Certificate Guarantors Assumed Retained Liabilities
Assumption Rejection Contracts Assumptions
Attending Annual Meeting Audit Committee
Audit Committee Report Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Authority
Authorization Enforceability Authorized Signature
Automotive Accounts Payable Principally Trade Automotive Cost Sales
Automotive Emissions Control Automotive Finance
Automotive Finance Operations Automotive Fuel Economy
Automotive Industry Automotive Interest Other Expense
Automotive Interest Other Expense Net Automotive Interest Other Income
Automotive Interest Other Income Expense Automotive Interest Other Income Expense Concluded
Automotive Interest Other Income Expense Net Automotive Interest Other Income Net
Automotive Net Sales Revenue Automotive Operations
Automotive Other Operations Automotive Other Operations Concluded
Automotive Other Operations Financial Review Automotive Other Operations Financial Review Concluded
Automotive Regional Results Concluded Automotive Revenues
Automotive Sales Automotive Supplier Financing
Available Liquidity Available Liquidity Concluded
Average Regional Operational Measures Total Awards Chief Executive Officer
Background Balance 2005
Balance 2006 Balance Sheet
Baltimore I-95 North Bank Deposits Escrows
Bankruptcy Code Bankruptcy Court
Base Salary Basis Presentation
Basis Presentation Concluded Bbb
Because Dependence Gmac Subject Risks Associated Other Developments Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Guarantee Benefit Guarantee Agreements
Benefit Guarantees Related Divested Facilities Benefit Guarantees Related Divested Unit
Benefit Payments Benefits
Benefits Payable Death Bep
Binding Effect Government Board Directors
Board Directors Recommends Vote 1-2 Against 3-7 Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Adoption Proposal Following
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Adoption Stockholder Proposal Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Adoption Stockholder Proposals
Board Recommends Vote Favor Boards Nominees Director Against Bona Fide
Bondholder Class Actions Book Value Per Share
Business Business Combinations
Business Materially Adversely Affected Decreases Residual Value Off-lease Business Operations Continue Globally Without Interruption
Business Overview Business Performance
Business Success Viability Plan Ability Continue Going Concern Business Updates
Businesses Outside United States Expose Additional Risks Cause Businesses Outside United States Expose Additional Risks Materially
Businessweek Cadillac
Call Option Canada
Canada Facility Idlings Canadian Auto Workers Union Negotiations Canada Inc
Canadian Export Antitrust Class Action Canadian Export Antitrust Class Actions
Canadian Plan Capital Markets Transactions
Capital Requirements Capital Structure New
Capitalization Carbon Dioxide Emission Standard Litigation
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow
Cash Flow Hedges Cash Liquidity
Cash-based Restricted Stock Units Cautionary Statement
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements Cautionary Statements Regarding Financial Other Data
Caw Agreement Ceo Compensation Comparison Total Target Actual
Certain Beneficial Owners Certain Defined Terms
Certain Excluded Owned Real Property Certain Relationships
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certification Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certified Sales Certified Used Vehicles
Change Accounting Principle Change Accounting Principles
Change Classification Voting Interest Entity Variable Change Control Provisions
Change Presentation Consolidated Financial Statements Change Presentation Financial Statements
Change Reportable Segment Information Changes Accounting Standards Issued Financial Board Other Standard
Changes Consolidated Financial Condition Changes Existing Adoption New Laws Regulations Policies Governmental
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Management
Charge-off Rate Chief Executive Office Operating
Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer
Chief Tax Officer Chryslers Bankruptcy Filing Likely Further Aggravate Financial Pressures
Claims Against Delphi Claims Officers Directors
Class Preferred Membership Interests Closing Date
Closing Purchase Price Code Ethics
Collective Bargaining Agreement Uaw Expire 2007 Intend Negotiate Commencement Date
Commercial Commercial Tort Claims Each Individually Exceeding 25000000
Commitments Committees
Committees Board Directors Commodity Contracts
Commodity Derivatives Commodity Price Risk
Common Addresses Premises Common Membership Interests
Common Stock Common Stock Deemed Penny Liquidity Materially Adversely Affected
Common Stock Delisted New York Exchange Communicating
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Compared Ago Compared Last
Comparison Total Target Compensation Actual Compensation Benefits Philosophy
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Deductibility Policy Compensation Directors
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Executive Officers
Compensation Named Executive Officers Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Plan Non-employee Directors Compensation Statement
Competitive Position Compliance Exchange Act
Compliance Laws Permits Computershare
Concentration Credit Risk Concentrations
Concerning Employee Benefit Plans Concluded
Condemnation Conditions Approvals Pending Sale Controlling Interest Gmac
Conditions Precedent Conduct Business
Conduct Meeting Confidentiality
Confidentiality Privacy Consent Hamilton Rabinovitz Associates Inc
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Operating Results
Consolidated Results Operations Consolidated Results Operations Concluded
Consolidation Basis Presentation Consolidation Daewoo
Consolidation Other Changes Within Automotive Industry Provide Competitors Consolidation Securities Shareholder Derivative Actions Eastern District Michigan
Consumer Consummate Exchange Offers Expect Lose Significant Amount Tax
Contact Contact Computershare
Contacts Contingent Convertible Debt
Contingent Liability Contingent Matters
Contingent Matters-litigation Continue Develop Implement Gms Advanced Propulsion Strategy
Continue Drive Benefits Managing Business Globally Continue Execute North America Turnaround Plan
Continue Make Structural Changes Reduce Health Care Cost Continue Make Structural Changes Reduce Health-care Cost Burden
Continues Growth Emerging Markets Continuing Relationship Agreements Gmac
Continuing Security Interest Release Contractual Obligations Other Long-term Liabilities
Contribution Costs Controller
Controls Procedures Controls Procedures Concluded
Conversion Participation Agreement Common Membership Interests Conversion Preferred Membership Interests Gmac Llc
Coolant System Class Action Litigation Coolant System Product Litigation
Cooperation Core Brands See Sales Increases Compared
Corporate Aircraft Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Other Corporate Other Concluded
Corporate Other Operations Corporate Other Operations Concluded
Corporation Aircraft Mdash Cost Sales
Cost Sales Selling General Administrative Expenses Cost Service
Counterparty Credit Risk Counterparty Risk
Covenants Pledgor Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Card Programs Credit Facilities
Credit-risk-related Contingent Features Critical Accounting Estimates
Critical Accounting Estimates Concluded Cross-collateralization
Crsu Current Conditions Residential Mortgage Market Housing Markets Continue
Current Equipment Operating Leases Net Damage Condemnation
Date Last Action Date Last Rating Action
Dcp Dear Nick
Debt Debt Reduction
Debtors Decline Consumer Demand Higher Margin Vehicles Result Diminished
Decreases Residual Value Vehicles Significant Negative Effect Results Deferral Filing Suspension
Deferred Compensation Plan Deferred Income Tax Adjustments
Deferred Income Taxes Deferred Policy Acquisition Costs
Deferred Taxes Deferred Termination Agreements Participation
Defined Benefit Pension Plans Defined Contribution Plan
Defined Contribution Plans Defined Terms
Definitions Delivery Preference
Delphi Delphi Advance Agreement
Delphi Attrition Programs Delphi Bankruptcy
Delphi Bankruptcy Concluded Delphi Charges
Delphi Motions Reject Various Contracts Delphi Motions Seeking Authority Reject Various Contracts
Delphi Por Delphi Psp
Delphi S-spp Delphi Seek Reject Compromise Obligations Through Chapter Bankruptcy
Delphi Unlikely Emerge Bankruptcy Near-term Without Government Support Delphi-gm Settlement Agreements
Delphis Proposed Plan Reorganization Related Agreements Resolve Bankruptcy Deposit Liabilities
Depreciation Amortization Derivative Assets Liabilities
Derivative Foreign Currency Related Derivative Instruments
Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Derivatives
Derivatives Hedge Accounting Derivatives Hedges
Derivatives Not Designated Hedge Accounting Derivatives Not Designated Hedges
Derivatives Not Designated Hedging Relationships Derivatives Not Meeting Scope Exception Fair Value Accounting
Derivatives Not Qualifying Hedge Accounting Description Business Significant Accounting Policies
Description Service Despite Current Levels Indebtedness Subsidiaries Permitted Incur Additional
Detach Here Returning Proxy Voting Instruction Card Mail Determination Whether Equity-linked Financial Instrument Embedded Feature Indexed
Determined Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting Currently Ineffective Determined Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting Currently Not
Detroit Ndash Development Canada Several Lenders Mortgagee
Dip Facility Dip Lenders
Director Compensation Director Compensation Plan
Director Exception Director Independence
Director Orientation Continuing Education Director Proposal Playback
Director Stock Ownership Guidelines Holding Requirement Directors
Directors Corporate Governance Committee Directors Registrant
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Amendment Fasb Statement
Discount Rate Discretionary Fees
Discussions Renault Nissan Distribution Operating Lease Assets
Divesture Business Divestures Businesses
Dividends Dividends Concluded
Dividends Other Distributions Dollar Denominated Bonds
Dollars Due Sale Encumbrance
Duties Responsibilities Earnings Loss Per Share
Economic Industry Conditions Constantly Change Material Adverse Effect Edward Whitacre Become Chairman New
Election Directors Gmrsquos 2007 Annual Meeting Believe Based Election Directors Gmrsquos 2008 Annual Meeting Believe Based
Election Officers Election Resignation Vacancies
Election Vacancies Election Vacancies Independence
Electronic Delivery Annual Meeting Materials Electronically
Eligibility Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Discount Everyone Extended Employee Savings Plans
Employees Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Postretirement Plans
Employment Agreements Employment Payrolls
Enclosures Encouraged Specify Choices Marking Appropriate Boxes See Reverse
Enforcement Agreement Enforcement Expenses Indemnification
Entire Agreement Environmental
Environmental Agreement Environmental Costs
Environmental Liens Known 500 2009 Environmental Matters
Environmental Protection Agency Epa Region Administrative Complaint Environmental Protection Agency Region Administrative Complaint
Epa Environmental Appeal Board Region Hazardous Waste Complaint Epa Environmental Appeal Board Remands Hazardous Waste Region
Epa Region Administrative Complaint Equipment Operating Leases
Equipment Operating Leases Net Equipment Operating Leases Transferred Gmac
Equiserve Equity
Equity Income Loss Net Tax Equity Income Minority Interests Net Tax
Equity Income Net Tax Equity Loss Net Tax
Equity Net Assets Gmac Llc Equity Net Assets Nonconsolidated Affiliates
Equity Price Risk Equity Registration Rights Agreement
Erisa Erisa Case
Erisa Class Actions Erm Heet
Error Establishment Trust Hold Liquidate Gmac Equity
Estimated Separation Payments Termination Estimates Assumptions
Estimates Preparation Financial Statements Ethics Conflicts Interest
Europe Europe Concluded
Europe Restructuring Even Successfully Consummate Exchange Offers Inadequate Liquidity Materially
Even Veba Modifications Described Ust Loan Agreement Implemented Even Veba Modifications Implemented Obligated Contribute Significant Amount
Events Default Events Default Remedies
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exchange Offers Not Consummated Currently Expect Seek Relief
Excluded Collateral Excluded Manufacturing Assets
Excluded Real Property Excluded Subsidiaries
Exclusivity Arrangement Execution Copy
Executive Benefits Payments Change Control Executive Compensation Committee
Executive Compensation Committee Process Objectives Executive Health Evaluation
Executive Officer Severance Policy Executive Officer Severance Policy Mdash
Executive Officers Registrant Executive Sessions
Executive Summary Executive Vehicle Program
Exhibits Expect Issue Substantial Amount Common Stock Connection Exchange
Expected Only Assets Available Distribution Not Including Dip Expenses Solicitation
Explanation Contribution Costs Structural Impairment Restructuring Charges Explanatory
Exploratory Discussions Nissan Renault Regarding Possible Alliance Preliminary Export Control
Extended Disability Benefits Edb Extensive Pension Opeb Obligations Retirees Competitive Disadvantage
External Advisors Facilities
Failure Interruption Communications Information Systems Gmac Relies Conduct Failure Suppliers Due Current Economic Conditions Provide Systems
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Hedges
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Measurements Recurring Basis
Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Including Amendment Federal Government Currently Investigating Certain Accounting Practices Final
Federal Income Tax Consequences Options Fees Expenses
Fees Paid Auditor Ficl-prg
Filed Debtors Final Order
Finance Receivables Loans Finance Receivables Loans Net
Finance Receivables Net Finance Receivables Securitizations
Finance Transaction Financial Assurance Enforcement
Financial Counseling Financial Difficulties Labor Stoppages Work Slowdowns Key Suppliers
Financial Distress Bankruptcy Insolvency Major Competitor Significant Adverse Financial Measures Total
Financial Results Financial Results Concluded
Financial Services Insurance Revenue Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Presented Financing Activities
Financing Debt Financing Equipment Operating Leases Net
Financing Insurance Operations Financing Insurance Operations Concluded
Financing Operations Financing Other Liabilities Deferred Income Taxes
Fio Fio Financial Review
Fio Financial Review Concluded Fio Operations Financial Review
Fio Operations Financial Review Concluded Fixing Date Determination Stockholders Record
Fleet Sales Deliveries Fluctuations Valuation Investment Securities Significant Market Prices Negatively
Footnotes Foreign
Foreign Currency Denominated Bonds Foreign Currency Derivatives
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk Foreign Currency Transactions Translation
Foreign Exchange Contracts Foreign Exchange Rate Risk
Foreign Restructuring Activities Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Amended Restated
Form Assignment Assumption Form Compliance Certificate
Form Consent Waiver Senior Employees Form Consent Waiver Senior Employees Loan Parties
Form Consent Waiver Seo Loan Parties Form Performance Contingent Stock Option Award
Form Records Form Rsu Grant
Form Waiver Loan Parties Form Waiver Senior Employees Lender
Form Waiver Senior Employees Lenders Form Waiver Seo Lender
Form Waiver Seo Lenders Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Formula Forward Looking Language
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Concluded Framework Support Agreement
Frozen General Motors Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Serp Funding Liquidity
Funding New Veba Require Contribution Significant Assets Relatively Further Assurances
Further Assurances Power-of-attorney Further Reduction Credit Ratings Failure Restore Higher Levels
Further Text Page Future Issuance Preference Shares Preferred Additional Common Stock
Future Liquidity Requirements Requests Additional Funding Gaap
Gender Pronouns General
General Auditor General Business Economic Conditions Significantly Adversely Affect Gmacs
General Business Economic Market Conditions Significantly Affect Operating General Counsel
General Directions General Information
General Motors General Motors Corp
General Motors Corporation General Motors Corporation Board Directors Recommends Vote Against
General Motors Corporation Board Directors Recommends Vote Nominees General Motors Corporation Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposal
General Motors Corporation Internet Voting General Motors Executive Retirement Plan Benefits Effective Service
General Motors Holding General Motors Securities Derivative Litigation
General Motors Securities Litigation General Provisions
Global Cash Restructuring Costs Global Production Volume
Global Sales Results Based Preliminary Numbers Reported Been Global Vehicle Sales
Gm-uaw-delphi Special Attrition Program Agreement Gmac
Gmac Bondholder Class Actions Gmac Conversion Bank Holding Related Transactions
Gmac Exposed Credit Risk Affect Profitability Financial Condition Gmac Extensive Financing Hedging Arrangements Rescap Risk Nonpayment
Gmac Insurance Plan Gmac Issuance Preferred Membership Interests Ust
Gmac Not Realize Anticipated Benefits Connection New Relationship Gmac Not Successful Implementing Business Plan Bank Holding
Gmac Other Transactions Gmac Pending Sale Controlling Interest
Gmac Pending Sale Controlling Interest Concluded Gmac Preferred Common Membership Interests
Gmac Private Exchange Cash Tender Offers Gmac Required Repurchase Contracts Provide Indemnification Breaches Representations
Gmac Requires Substantial Capital Unable Maintain Adequate Financing Gmac Sale Controlling Interest
Gmac Substantial Credit Exposure Bankruptcy Affect Certain Gmacs Gmac Substantial Credit Exposure Bankruptcy Impact Certain Funding
Gmac Unable Satisfy Applicable Regulatory Capital Requirements Future Gmacs Borrowing Costs Access Debt Capital Markets Depend
Gmacs Business Adversely Affected Changes Foreign Currency Exchange Gmacs Business Financial Condition Results Operations Adversely Affected
Gmacs Business Outside United States Exposes Gmac Additional Gmacs Business Requires Substantial Capital Unable Maintain Adequate
Gmacs Earnings Decrease Because Increases Decreases Interest Rates Gmacs Equity Capital Decreases Not Able Pay Dividends
Gmacs Hedging Strategies Not Successful Mitigating Risks Associated Gmacs Indebtedness Other Obligations Significant Materially Adversely Affect
Gmacs Profitability Financial Condition Been Materially Adversely Affected Gmacs Residential Mortgage Subsidiarys Ability Pay Dividends Gmac
Gmap Gmcrsu
Gme Gmlaam
Gmltip Gmna
Gmna Postemployment Benefit Costs Gmna Structural Cost
Gmprg Gms Significant Investment New Technology Not Result Successful
Goodwill Intangible Assets Net Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangibles Governance Agreement
Governing Law Forum Selection Government Warranty Program
Grant Security Interest Grants Performance-contingent Stock Options
Grants Plan-based Awards Grants Security
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mdash Public Policy Dimension Greenhouse Gas Lawsuit
Group Vice President General Counsel Grow Aggressively Emerging Markets
Guaranteed Significant Amount Delphis Financial Obligations Unionized Workers Guarantees
Guarantees Provided Parties Guarantors
Guaranty Guaranty Security Agreement
Headings Health Care Coverage Continuation
Health Care Litigation Health Care Litigation 2005 Agreement
Health Care Litigation 2007 Agreement Healthcare Trend Rate
Hereby Certify Highest Monthly Market Share 2008
Highly Integrated Complex Corporate Structure Operations Therefore Subsidiaries Hispanic Magazine
Historical Financial Data Holds Substantial Controlling Interest
Hotel Pont 11th Market Streets Wilmington Delaware Hourly Fee Reductions
Hourly Workforce Special Attrition Programs Householding Annual Meeting Materials
Http Wwwproxyvotecom 0012345678901 Hughes Split-off Class Actions
Hybrid Plug-in Electric Vehicle Technologies Impaired Loans
Impairment Long Lived Assets Impairment Long-lived Assets
Impairment Restructuring Charges Impairment Restructuring Charges Concluded
Impairment Restructuring Other Charges Impairments
Improve Business Results Earnings Cash Flow Inadequate Liquidity Materially Adversely Affect Business Operations Future
Incentive Payments Incentive Plans
Income Attributable Noncontrolling Interests Before Interest Taxes Income Before Tax Expense
Income Loss Attributable Noncontrolling Interests Before Interest Taxes Income Loss Attributable Noncontrolling Interests Net Tax
Income Tax Benefit Income Tax Expense
Income Tax Expense Benefit Income Taxes
Increase Cost Disruption Supply Shortage Raw Materials Harm Increase Cost Disruption Supply Shortage Raw Materials Materially
Indebtedness Other Obligations Automotive Operations Significant Materially Adversely Indemnification
Indemnification Corporation Indemnification Employees
Indemnification Holders Indemnifications
Independent Directors Index
Index Exhibits Industrial Environmental Control
Industry Consolidation Entry Competitors Alliances Adversely Affect Business Industry Global Vehicle Sales
Industry Regional Vehicle Unit Sales Industry Vehicle Sales
Industry Vehicle Unit Sales Information
Information Nominees Director Information Nominees Directors
Information Regarding Exchange Offer Insurance
Insurance Operations Insurance Premiums Service Revenue Earned
Insurances Intellectual Property Systems
Intending Legally Bound Executed Consent Waiver 2009 Intentionally Omitted
Interest Expense Other Income Non-operating Equity Minority Tax Interest Rate Contracts
Interest Rate Derivatives Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Risk Management Interest Rates
Internal Controls Recordkeeping Additional Reporting Interpretation Definitions
Introductory Invalid Nominee Number
Inventories Investigations
Investigations Concluded Investing Activities
Investment Cami Investment Electro-motive Diesel Inc
Investment Funds Committee Investment Gmac
Investment Nonconsolidated Affiliates Investment Nummi Cami
Investment Operating Leases Investment Other Nonconsolidated Affiliates
Investment Representations Investment Securities
Investments Gmac Common Preferred Membership Interests Investments Nummi Cami
Issues Resolved Before Mortgaging Iue-cwa Agreements
John Evans Cooling System General Motors John Evans Cooling Systems General Motors
Joint Several Liability Judges
Jun Key Factors Affecting Current Future Results
Key Factors Affecting Future Current Results Key Factors Affecting Future Current Results Concluded
Key Features 2007 Long-term Incentive Plan Key Pressed
Labor Force Labor Modifications
Labor Negotiations Labor Negotiations Concluded
Labor Settlements Latin America Africa Mid-east
Latin America Africa Mid-east Concluded Latin America Africa Mid-east Laam Operations Concluded
Latin America Africa Middle East Law State New York Extent Applicable Bankruptcy Code
Lease Commitments Lease Impairment Charges
Lease Schedule Leased Vehicles Securitization
Legal Contingencies Legal Proceedings
Legal Proceedings Concluded Legal Services Plans Restatement Financial Information
Liabilities Liabilities Subject Compromise
Limitation Incorporation Reference Limitation Liability
Limitation Liability Exclusion Consequential Damages Limitation Modifications
Limitations Effectiveness Controls Limited Facilities Leased Sellers
Limited Personal Property Subject Sellers Equipment Financing Limited Recourse Obligations
Linden New Jersey Assembly Plan Line Credit Between Gmac
Liquidation Basis Accounting Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Capital Resources Concluded Liquidity Position Negatively Affected Variety Factors Turn Material
List Omitted Schedules List Special
List Stockholders Entitled Vote Listing Debtors
Loan Commitments Loans Held Sale
Loans Held-for-sale Loans Sold Recourse
Location Books Records Long-lived Asset Impairments
Long-term Debt Long-term Debt Maturities
Long-term Debt Revolving Credit Agreements Long-term Incentive Awards
Long-term Incentive Plan Long-term Incentives
Long-term Rate Return Plan Assets Look Forward Welcoming General Motors
Loss Contractual Servicing Rights Material Adverse Effect Gmacs Loss Per Share
Losses Partially Offset Strong Structural Cost Reduction Due Ltip
Maintenance Management Services Seller Tsa Executory Contracts
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managerial Cash Flow
Mar Market Condition Awards
Marketable Securities Marketing Incentives Operating Lease Residuals
Marketing Service Agreement Master Sale Purchase Agreement
Matching Contributions Program Material Beneficial Owners
Material Contracts Material Weakness Initially Identified 2007
Material Weakness Previously Identified 2007 Continues Exist 2008 Material Weaknesses Previously Identified 2006 Continue Exist 2007
Materially Adversely Affected Changes Imbalances Currency Exchange Other Materially Adversely Affected Changes Imbalances Foreign Currency Exchange
Materials Beneficial Owners Meetings
Membership Membership Interest
Membership Interest Distributions Membership Interests
Merrill Lynch Minority Interests Net Tax
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Mlc Mlcs
Mlcs Distribution Modification Loan Agreement
Modifications Mortgage Banking Income
Mortgage Operations Mortgage Servicing Rights
Motors Liquidation Motors Liquidation Companyrsquos Debtor Affiliates
Mspa Name Frederick Henderson
Name Nicholas Cyprus Name Ray Young
Name Richard Wagoner Name Robert Osborne
Named Executive Officers Named Executive Officers Directors
Named Executive Officers Directors Group National Agreement
Nature Operations Ndash Basis Presentation
Ndash Dip Facility Ndash Reorganization Proceedings
Near-term Market Challenges Negative Covenants
Negative Developments Availability Terms Consumer Credit Through Gmac Net Change Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
Net Change Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Net Debt
Net Income Loss Net Investment Hedges
Net Liquidity Net Recoveries
Net Sales Revenue Net Sales Revenues
New New Accounting Standards
New Accounting Standards Concluded New Equity Interests
New Holdco New Laws Regulations Policies Governmental Organizations Regarding Increased
New Laws Regulations Policies Governmental Organizations Regarding Safety New Plan Benefits
New Products Technologies Track New Vehicle Consumer Financing
New York Times Next Nominee
Nicholas Cyprus Nomination Election Directors
Non-assignability Non-cash Charges Gains
Non-compete Non-consolidated Statement Operations
Non-current Deferred Income Tax Assets Non-current Equipment Operating Leases Net
Non-current Pensions Liability Non-current Postretirement Benefits Other Pensions
Non-employee Director Compensation Non-employee Director Compensation Table
Non-employee Directors Non-exclusivity Rights
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-participating Splinter Unions
Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plans
Nonaccrual Loans Noncancelable Operating Leases
Noncontravention Consents Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements
Noncurrent Deferred Income Tax Assets Noncurrent Pensions Liability
Noncurrent Postretirement Benefits Other Pensions North America
North America Concluded North America Reports 2008 Production 915000 Vehicles Forecast
North America Reports 2008 Production Forecast 920000 Vehicles North America Reports 2008 Production Forecast Revised 900000
North America Reports 2009 Production Forecast Remains 380000 North America Reports 2009 Production Forecast Remains 390000
North America Reports 2009 Production Forecast Set 390000 North America Reports 2009 Production Reported 372000 Vehicles
North America Reports Preliminary 2009 Production Actuals 394000 North America Restructuring Plan Update
Nos Not Able Reach Agreement Uaw Veba Modification Fund
Not Able Reach Agreement Unofficial Committee Holders Public Not Adequate Liquidity Fund Planned Significant Investment New
Not Applicable Not Receive Certification Viability Presidents Designee 2009 Expect
Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Concluded Notes Monthly Operating Report
Notes Receivable Notice
Notice Interim Report Notice Meetings
Notice Stockholder Nomination Business Notices Consents
Notices Etc Notifications
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Bondholders Litigation
Nova Scotia Notes Now Therefore Parties Hereto Hereby Agree Follows Definitions
Obligations Reliances Obligations Secured
Occurrence Recent Adverse Developments Mortgage Finance Credit Markets Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Concluded Officers
Offices On-balance Sheet
Onstar Analog Equipment Litigation Operate Highly Competitive Industry Excess Manufacturing Capacity
Operate Highly Competitive Industry Manufacturers Relatively High Fixed Operating Activities
Operating Lease Assets Transferred Gmac Operating Lease Residuals
Operating Statistics Operational Risk
Option Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Exercises Stock Vested Table Option Sar Grants 2004
Option Sar Grants 2005 Orders
Other Other Assets
Other Benefits Cont Other Benefits Services Mdash
Other Compensation Other Compensation Table
Other Contingencies Other Events
Other Expense Other Expenses
Other Fees Other Income
Other Indemnification Other Liquidity Issues
Other Long-term Debt Other Matters
Other Non-operating Income Net Other Operating Expenses
Other Operations Other Out-of-period Adjustments
Other Postretirement Benefit Plans Other Postretirement Benefits
Other Revenue Other Risk Factors
Other Risks Related Gmacs Business Other Workforce Changes
Outstanding Outstanding Amount Tranche Term Loans
Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end 2008 Overall Mix Structure
Overview Pace Introduction Market Acceptance New Vehicles Important Success
Page Par Value Common Stock Registrant Also Listed Trading
Part Part Financial Information
Part Revised Viability Plan Involves Sale Some Businesses Part Revised Viability Plan Reduced Compensation Headcount Management
Part Viability Plan Involves Sale Some Businesses Difficult Part Viability Plan Reduced Compensation Headcount Management Non-management
Participating Share-based Payment Awards Participating Splinter Unions
Participation Agreement Party Beneficiaries
Party Consents Providers Patent Infringement Litigation
Patent Trade Secret Lawsuit Patent Trade Secrets Litigation
Payment Terms Payment Terms Acceleration Agreement
Payments Insiders Peer Group Changes 2008
Pension Pension Legislation
Pension Opeb Expenses Affected Factors Outside Control Including Pension Opeb Expenses Funding Obligations Expected Increase Significantly
Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Concluded
Pension Other Postretirement Employee Benefits Opeb Pension Plan Table Projected Total Annual Retirement Benefits
Pensions Pensions Other Postretirement Benefits
Percent Performance Awards
Performance Criteria Performance Far 2009
Performance Presentation Performance-contingent Stock Options
Periodic Report Permits Consents
Personal Benefits Personal Liability Trustees
Personal Property Contracts Personnel
Philadelphia I-95 South Pick-up Truck Parking Brake Litigation
Plan Assets Plan Funding Policy Contributions
Plan Reduce Number Retail Channels Core Brands Consolidate Please Sign Date Return Proxy Voting Instruction Card
Pledge Capital Stock Pledgors
Pledgors Obligations Absolute Etc Policy Warranty
Policy Warranty Recalls Post-closing Matters Letter
Post-closing True-up Certain Accounts Post-petition Accounts Payable
Postemployment Benefits Potential Effect Regulations
Potential Impact Regulations Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Power Accountability Preference Stock
Preferred Membership Interest Preferred Membership Interests
Preferred Stock Premises Equipment
Premiums Other Insurance Receivables Prepaid Pension
Prepayment Present Admittance Meeting
President Presiding Director
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principles Consolidation
Principles Consolidation Financial Statement Presentation Prior Election Individual Director Board Directors Such Shall
Priority Demand Registrations Private Debt Exchange Cash Tender Offers
Procedure Effect Termination Procedure Quorum
Product Certification Recall Warranty Claims Product Development
Product Excellence Product Liability
Product Pricing Product Warranty Liability
Profitability Financial Condition Gmacs Operations Heavily Dependent Performance Prohibition Certain Stock Purchases
Promissory Properties
Property Equipment Property Net
Proposed Consensual Resolution Proposed Consensual Resolution Delphis Bankruptcy Proceedings Contested Other
Prorations Provided
Provision Transition Services Proxy Materials Previously Received Board Recommends Vote Favor
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting Stockholders Hotel Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2005
Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2006 Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007
Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2008 Proxy Statement Annual Report
Proxy Statement Proposals Proxy Voting Instruction
Proxy Voting Instruction Card Voted Against 3-10 Choice Proxy Voting Instruction Card Voted Against 5-14 Choice
Psp Public Policy Committee
Purchase Additional Common Membership Interests Purchase Agreement
Purchase Price Purchased Excluded Assets
Purchaser Assumed Debt Wind Down Facility Purchaser Excluded Services
Purchases Equity Securities Purpose
Qualified Performance Awards Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quorum Quorum Vote Required Action
Ratification Ratification Selection Deloitte Touche 2006
Ratification Selection Deloitte Touche 2007 Ratification Selection Deloitte Touche Llp 2008
Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Raw Materials Services Supplies
Reached Agreement Sell Controlling Interest Gmac Risk Transaction Real Property Matters
Recall Campaigns Receivables Program
Recent Developments Residential Mortgage Market Especially Nonprime Sector Recently Adopted Accounting Standards
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Recital
Recitals Records
Recoupment Policy Unearned Incentive Compensation Regional Industry Vehicle Unit Sales
Regional Vehicle Sales Regions
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 313 556-5000 Registration Common Stock Exchange Act Listing
Registration Expenses Registration Rights
Regular Meetings Regulation Disclosure
Regulation Fair Disclosure Regulatory Environment Gmac Operates Material Adverse Effect Business
Reinsurance Reinventing
Relationship Dealers Remediation Changes Internal Controls
Remediation Material Weaknesses Remedies
Remedies Private Sale Remuneration
Rent Reorganization
Report Executive Compensation Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reports 127296 Deliveries Reports 156380 Deliveries
Reports 265937 Deliveries Reports Financial Statements Internal Controls
Repossessed Foreclosed Assets Representation Warranties Pledgor
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Borrower
Representations Warranties Covenants Representations Warranties Purchaser
Requests Additional Services Rescap
Rescap Operations Rescap Significant Near-term Liquidity Issues Risk Not Able
Rescaps Ability Pay Dividends Gmac Restricted Contractual Arrangements Research
Research Development Expenditures Research Development Intellectual Property
Reserves Insurance Losses Loss Adjustment Expense Reserves Insurance Losses Loss Adjustment Expenses
Resignation Removal Suspension Vacancies Responsibilities Duties
Responsibility Number Restatement Previously Issued Consolidated Financial Statements
Restricted Stock Units Restrictions Labor Agreements Including Jobs Bank Provisions Uaw
Restrictions Labor Agreements Limit Ability Pursue Achieve Cost Restructuring Activities
Restructuring Charges Restructuring Other Initiatives
Results Annual Meeting Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Conditions Retail Lease Programs
Retiree Mou Retirement Agreement
Retirement Pension Benefits Retirement Plans
Retirement Plans Other Benefits Retirement Program
Retirement Programs Applicable Executive Officers Retirement Programs Mdash
Return Premises Facility Idling Process Revenue
Revenue Recognition Revised Viability Plan Contemplates Restructure Operations Various Foreign
Revised Viability Plan Relies Large Part Assumptions Analyses Revitalize Sales Marketing Strategy
Revolving Credit Agreements Revolving Credit Facilities
Revolving Line Credit Right Indemnification Directors Officers
Right Piggyback Rights Nonrequesting Holders Corporation
Rights Remedies Risk Factors
Risk Factors Concluded Risk Management
Risks Delphi Cannot Emerge Bankruptcy Risks Related Automotive Business
Risks Related Automotive Business Concluded Risks Related Gmacs Becoming Bank Holding
Risks Related Gms Finance Mortgage Insurance Businesses Risks Related Gms Finance Mortgage Insurance Businesses Concluded
Risks Related Gms Ownership Interest Gmac Risks Related Gms Ownership Interest Gmac Concluded
Risks Related Ownership Interest Gmac Role Management Compensation Decisions
Royalty Arrangement Rrsp
Rule 144 S-spp
Saab Automotive Reorganization Safety
Salaried Benefit Changes Salaried Benefits Changes
Salaried Retiree Benefit Plan Changes Salaried Workforce Reductions Other Benefit Program Modifications
Sale Sale Allison Transmission Business
Sale Controlling Interest Gmac Sale Electro-motive Division
Sale Gmac Commercial Mortgage Sale Investments Isuzu Suzuki
Sale Isuzu Investment Sale Order
Sale Procedures Bankruptcy Court Approval Sale Regional Homebuilder
Sale Suzuki Investment Sales
Sales Incentives Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule 14a Information Schedule 316
Schedule Loans Schedule Professional Fees Paid
Schedule Retainers Paid Professionals Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts
Schedules Scotch Plains 07076
Seal Seasonal Cyclical Nature Business
Seasonal Nature Cyclical Business Sec
Sec Form S-3 Secretary
Secured Credit Facility Secured Debt
Secured Revolving Credit Facility Securities
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securities Shareholder Derivative Suits
Securities Trading Securities Trading Policy
Securitizations Other Off-balance Sheet Transactions Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners
Security Ownership Directors Security Ownership Directors Named Executive Officers Certain Others
Security Ownership Named Executive Officers Directors Group Security Systems Services
Security Systems Services Mdash Segment Information
Segment Reporting Data Selection Director Nominees
Selection Nominees Directors Selection Nominees Election Board
Selection Underwriters Seller Listed Facilities
Seller Plans Collective Bargaining Agreements Sellers Products
Selling General Administrative Expense Selling General Administrative Expenses
Senior Management Vehicle Program Mdash Series D-1 D-2 Preferred Membership Interests
Service Fee Service Termination Date
Settlement Agreement Settlement Agreement Attachment
Severability Shall Governed Construed Interpreted Accordance Law State New
Share-based Incentive Plans Shared Transition Services Agreement
Shareholder Derivative Suits Shares Subject Plan
Short-term Borrowings Short-term Borrowings Current Portion Long-term Debt
Short-term Borrowings Long-term Debt Short-term Borrowings Long-term Debt Automotive Other
Short-term Debt Short-term Debt Current Portion Long-term
Short-term Long-term Debt Shortages Increases Price Fuel Result Diminished Profitability Due
Shortages Volatility Price Oil Cause Diminished Profitability Due Shortages Volatility Price Oil Caused Continue Cause Diminished
Sic Sifl
Signature Signature Page Follows
Signature Pages Follow Signatures
Signatures Follow Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Amount Operations Conducted Joint Ventures Cannot Operate Significant Indemnification Payments Contract Lease Loan Repurchase Activity
Significant Plan Amendments Benefit Modifications Related Events Significant Transactions
Signing Bonus Car Policy Sixth Certificate Amendment Shall Effective Filing Signature Page
Size Board Southern District New York
Special Attrition Programs Special Attrition Programs Canada Facility Idlings
Special Meetings Special Tools
Specifications Limitations Spp Payouts 2001 Ndash2007
Spp Payouts 2004-2008 Srp
State Specific Provisions Statement Changes Equity
Statement Operations Statement Regarding Tentative Uaw Agreement
Statement Stock Price Volume Status Debt Ratings
Status Debt Ratings Concluded Steering Option Exercise Agreement
Step Authentication Step Summary Vote
Stock Incentive Plans Stock Option Grants
Stock Options Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Performance Graph Stock Performance Plans
Stock Performance Program Stockholder Action Written Consent
Stockholder Bondholder Class Actions Stockholder Communication Board Directors
Stockholder Communication Presiding Director Non-management Directors Stockholder News
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Advisory Vote Executive Compensation Stockholder Proposal Regarding Approval Ldquopoison Pillrdquo
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Cumulative Voting Stockholder Proposal Regarding Disclosure Political Contributions
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Greenhouse Gas Emissions Stockholder Proposal Regarding Health Care Reform Principles
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Limit Directorships Board Members Stockholder Proposal Regarding Majority Voting Election Directors
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Optimum Board Size Stockholder Proposal Regarding Performance-based Equity Compensation
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Prohibition Awarding Repricing Renewing Stock Stockholder Proposal Regarding Publication Report Global Warming Cooling
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Recouping Unearned Incentive Bonuses Stockholder Proposal Regarding Separation Roles Chairman Chief Executive
Stockholder Proposal Regarding Simple Majority Vote Stockholder Proposal Regarding Special Meetings
Stockholder Proposals Stockholder Proposals General Motors Corporation Board Directors Recommends
Stockholders Entitled Vote Stockholders Equity
Storage Access Purchaser Personal Property Strategic Initiatives
Strategy Strategy Concluded
Structural Costs Subject
Subject Significant Risks Litigation Submission Jurisdiction
Submission Jurisdiction Waivers Submission Stockholder Proposals
Subordinate Officers Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiaries Joint Ventures Substantial Doubt Ability Continue Going Concern
Success Revised Viability Plan Ability Continue Going Concern Success Viability Plan Ability Continue Going Concern Depends
Summary Summary Consolidated Quarterly Earnings
Summary Corporate Financial Results Summary Monthly Disbursements
Summary Nonvested Awards Supplemental Information Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Supplemental Life Benefits Program Supplementary Quarterly Financial Information Concluded
Supplements Excluded Assets Assumed Liabilities Retained Survivor Income Benefit Insurance
Suspension Dispositions Table Contents
Table Projected Total Annual Retirement Benefits Components Salaried Table Reconciliation Operating Cash Flow Presented Accordance Gaap
Tally Sheets Target Awards
Target End Dates Tax Considerations
Tax Fees Tax Matters Cooperation
Telephonic Meetings Permitted Temporary Suspension Trading Registrantrsquos Employee Benefit Plans
Tentative Caw Labor Arrangements Tentative Uaw Labor Arrangements
Term Loan Term Loan Agreement
Term Plan Term Termination
Termination Termination 884 Loan Security Agreement
Termination Effective After 2006 Termination Operating Registration Rights Agreement Waiver
Termination Without Cause Thank Vote Been Cast
Through Time Periods
Title Sufficiency Assets Toll Free 877-779-8683 Collect 201-536-8073
Total Compensation Mix Total Net Sales Revenue
Trademarks Transactions Affiliates
Transactions Corporation Transactions Gmac
Transactions Nonconsolidated Affiliates Transfer Pledgor
Transfer Registration Rights Transfers Out Level
Transition Services Agreement Treasurer
Treasury 363 Sale Proposal Treasury Debt Conversion Occurs Designee Likely Own Controlling
Treasury Debt Conversion Occurs Future Sales Common Stock Treasury Stock
Trustee Tsr
Tuesday 2005 Local Time Tuesday 2006 Local Time
Tuesday 2007 Local Time Tuesday 2008 Local Time
Turnaround Plan Turnaround Plan Concluded
Uaw Attrition Agreement Uaw National Agreement Addendum
Uaw Retiree Medical Benefits Trust Ucc Filing Jurisdictions Offices
Unearned Insurance Premiums Service Revenue United States Bankruptcy Court
United States Consumer Financing Services Agreement United States Department Treasury
United States Department Treasury Loan Facility Units
Unless Successfully Implement Key Elements Revised Viability Plan Unresolved Staff Comments
Unsecured Bonds Unsecured Exposure Contractual Limit
Ust Loan Agreement Contains Significant Representations Affirmative Negative Ust Loan Agreements 136 Loans
Vacation Pay Valuation Cost Equity Method Investments
Valuation Long-lived Assets Valuation Operating Leases Lease Residuals
Valuation Perquisites Valuation Perquisites Benefits
Valuation Vehicle Operating Leases Lease Residuals Variable Interest Entities
Veba Veba Modifications
Vehicle Repurchase Obligations Vehicles Setting Records Regions
Vehicular Noise Control Viability Plan
Vice Chairman Corporation Volatility
Vote Important Vote Internet Telephone Not Mail Proxy Card
Voting Voting Etc Prior Event Default
Voting Mail Date Sign Appropriate Boxes Reverse Side Voting Proxies
Voting Standards Election Directors Voting Stock Owned Corporation
Voting Stock Plans Employees Waiver Amendment
Waiver Jury Trial Waiver Jury Trial Each Party Waives Right Dispute
Waiver Notice Waivers
Warrant Issued Department Treasury Washington 20549-1004
Washington Post Website Access Gms Reports
Website Access Reports Welcome Equiserve Online Voting Wizard
Whereas Each Government Holders Veba Owns Date Hereof Wholesale Financing New Vehicles
Wind Down Facility Winning Integrity Values Guidelines Employee
Winning Integrity Values Guidelines Employee Conduct Witness Whereof
Written Action Directors Xvii
Xxi 2008
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