Topic Listing for GEOKINETICS INC

Absence Undisclosed Liabilities Acceleration Loan
Acceleration Operating Credit Facility Demand Acceptable Receivables
Accordance Gaap Consistently Applied Subject Case Financial Statements Account Record
Accountants Comfort Letter Accounting Changes Error Corrections
Accounting Principles Accounting Stock Issued Employees
Accounts Error Therein Shall Not Manner Affect Obligations Accounts Receivable
Accredited Investor Accrued Expenses
Accrued Liabilities Accrued Revenues Other Receivables
Accuracy Statements Prospectus Acquired Corporation Review Buyer
Acquired Entities Debt Except Set Forth Interim Acquired Entities Retired Employees Except Set Forth Schedule
Acquired Trace Energy Services Dec 2005 Acquisition
Acquisition-grant Geophysical Inc Acquisitions Grant Geophysical Inc
Acquisitions-grant Geophysical Inc Addition Borrower Shall Pay Other Taxes Relevant Governmental
Additional Actions Additional Assignment Assumption Documents
Additional Documents Additional Information
Additional Information Shareholders Additional Seismic Equipment
Additional Sellers Purchasers Additional Tax Indemnifications
Address Notices Selling Securityholder Adjusted Purchase Price Notice
Administration Administration Fee
Administrative Agent Administrative Agent Shall Received Evidence Satisfactory Insurance Required
Administrative Agent Shall Received Notice Such Loan Required Advances Payments
Advances Shall Due Payable Full Last Term Subject Adverse Consequences
Adverse Effect Advertising Costs
Advice Affiliate
Affiliated Group Affirmative Covenants
Africa Agent Believes Sole Judgment Collection Such Receivable Insecure
Agent Pnc Agent Shall Received Following Documents Each Form Substance
Agent Shall Received Payment Accrued Interest Fees Outstanding Agents Lenders Negligence Strict Liability
Aggregate Option Sar Exercises Last Year-end Values Agreement
Agreement Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered Behalf Scf Agreement Foreign Exchange Contracts Borrower
Agreement Not Offer Sell Additional Shares Agreement Sell Preferred Stock
Agreements Securities Instruments Assurances Described Contemplated Agreement Including Allocated Corporate Shared Services Costs
Allocation Compensation Among Principal Components Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Alternatives Considered Amegy Bank National Association
Amended Restated Revolving Credit Security Agreement Amendment
Amendment 1010 Amendment 415
Amendment 712 Amendment 717
Amendment 910 Amendment 913
Amendment Articles Incorporation Change Amendment Certificate Incorporation
Amendment Credit Agreement Amendment Governing Documents Acquired Entities
Amendment Termination Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Loan Agreement
Amendments Supplements Registration Statement Preliminary Prospectus Other Securities Amendments Waivers
America Amex Gok
Amortization Multiclient Library Ancillary Agreements
Annex Annual Meeting Stockholders 2007
Annual Meeting Stockholders 2008 Anti-terrorism Laws
Anticipated Benefits Trace Acquisition Antum Customers
Applicable Law Applicable Registration Other Similar Rights
Application Fee Application Payments
Appointment Principal Officers Approvals Consents
Asia Assignment
Assignment Assumption Agreement Assignments
Assumption Liabilities Attached Part Texas Equipment Lease Dated Between Quantum
Attached Reference Part Texas Equipment Lease Wherein Quantum Attachment Security
Attorneys Fees Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Committee Report
Audit Committee Statement Audit Date
Audit Fees Audit-related Fees
Authority Authorization
Authorization Execution Authorization Shares
Authorization Transaction Availability Funds
Available Information Average Ebitda Per Crew Improving
Avista Avista Board Member
Avista Capital Partners Llc Stockholder Avista Holders
Background Backlog
Backlog Maintain Times Either Amount Undrawn Availability Greater Balance Sheet Provides Financial Flexibility
Bank Accounts Bankers Acceptance
Bankers Acceptance Agreement Banking
Bankruptcy Borrower Guarantor Shall Apply Consent Suffer Appointment Base Rate
Base Rate Loan Base Salary
Basis Accounting Basis Presentation Principles Combination
Basis Presentation Significant Accounting Policies Because Such Delay Shall Suspended Holder Only Until
Beneficial Owners Beneficial Ownership Other Securities Owned Selling Securityholder
Beneficial Ownership Registrable Securities Benefit Agreement
Binding Effect Blue Sky Compliance
Board Process Bonus Compensation
Bonus Plans Bonuses Comparability
Borrowers Counsel Borrowers Option Utilize Bankers Acceptances
Borrowers Shall Apply Proceeds Advances Pay Fees Expenses Borrowers Shall Pay Principal Interest Other Amounts Payable
Borrowing Agency Borrowing Agency Provisions
Borrowing Agent Borrower Borrowing Base Agent Shall Received Executed Certificate Dated
Breach Breakage Event
Bridge Financing Bring-down Comfort Letter
Broker-dealer Status Brokers
Brokers Fees Business
Business Include Traces Subject Numerous Ongoing Risks Business Owning Entity
Business Segments Buyer Consents Approvals
Buyer Sellers Terminate Agreement Mutual Written Consent Time Buyer Shall Completed Due Diligence Review Corporation Satisfaction
Buyer Shall Entered Escrow Agreement Buyer Shall Given Immediate Notice Such Offer Sellers
Canada Canada Pension Plan
Cap Capital Adequacy
Capital Expenditures Capital Lease Obligations
Capital Leases Capital Markets Financings
Capital Stock Capitalization Acquired Subsidiaries
Capitalization Other Capital Stock Matters Capitalize Technology Investment Gdc
Capitalized Lease Obligation Captions Various Places Agreement Intended Convenience Only Not
Capture Value Trace Acquisition Case Electronic Transmission Actually Received
Cash Cash Consideration
Cash Equivalents Cdn 17638652 Credit Facilities
Cdn 9000000 Demand Revolving Operating Credit Facility Cercla
Certain Claims Certain Negative Covenants Borrower
Certain Negative Covenants Geokinetics Inc Certain Relationships Related Party Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certificate Authorized Persons
Certificate Borrower Corporate Guarantors Shall Prove Been Untrue Certificate Corporate Guarantors
Certificate Designation Certification
Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Rules 13a-14 15d-14 Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 906
Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Rules 13a-14 15d-14
Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 906 Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted
Chairman Director Change Ownership Control Shall Occur
Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosure Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Charter Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer-david Johnson Chief Executive Officer-richard Miles
Chief Financial Officer Chief Financial Officer-scott Mccurdy
Chief Geophysicist-dr Lee Bell Chief Operating Officer-richard Miles
Chin Christopher Harte
Christopher Strong Circumstances Reasonably Expected Result Revocation Such Favorable Determination
City Time Provided Each Partial Prepayment Shall Amount Citywest Blvd Houston Texas 77042 Attention Vice President
Claim Notice Classification Combined Balance Sheets
Clients Closing
Closing Date Closing Fee Facility
Code Code Ethics
Collateral Evaluation Fee Monitoring Collateral General Terms
Combined Cash Flow Funds Organic Growth Combined Financial Information
Combined Statements Cash Flows Commencement
Commitment Letter Commitments Contingencies
Common Stock Common Stock Currently Traded Over Counter Otc Market
Common Stock Equivalents Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Committee Statement
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Executive Officers Compensation Senior Executive Incentive Program
Competing Business Competition
Complete Accurate Material Respects Respective Dates Date Delivery Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Compliance Applicable Laws Compliance Applicable Laws Customs
Compliance Certificate Compliance Environmental Laws
Compliance Exchange Act Compliance Laws Regulations
Compliance Registration Requirements Compliance Registration Requirements Stop Order Objection Finra
Complied Agreements Hereunder Satisfied Conditions Part Performed Prior Comprehensive Income
Comprehensive Income Loss Concentration Credit Risk
Condensed Pro Forma Combined Balance Sheet Footnotes Condensed Pro Forma Combined Statements Operations Footnotes
Condition Facilities Conditions
Conditions Effectiveness Amendment Conditions Lending
Conditions Obligation Each Party Conditions Obligations Close
Conditions Obligations Purchasers Conditions Precedent
Conduct Business Geokinetics Pending Closing Conduct Business Owning Entities Pending Closing
Conference Call Webcast Information Confidentiality
Confidentiality Sharing Information Consent
Consent Independent Auditors Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consents Consents Approvals Violation
Consolidated Financial Statements Contact
Contaminant Contingencies
Continuation Rental Payments After Primary Term Contract
Contract Acquired Entity Foregoing Contracts
Contracts Person Having Contractual Statutory Right Demand Require Contractual Obligations
Contravention Resultant Security Interest Controls Procedures
Convert Shares Cooperation
Copies Amendments Supplements Prospectus Corporate Existence Power
Corporate Governance Nominating Committee Corporation Available Buyer
Costs Expenses Count Votes
Counterparts Counterparts Facsimile
Covenant Representation Warranty Contained Agreement Respect Such Receivable Covenants
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Arrangement Registrant Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Creation Liens Create Suffer Exist Lien Transfer Against Credit Agreement Lender Agreed Make Following Facilities Available
Credit Facilities Credit Reporting
Credit Risk Credits
Crew Operation Crews
Critical Accounting Policies Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Critical Judgments Current Assets
Current Business Operations Current Future Distressed Financial Conditions Customers Adverse Impact
Current Liabilities Customary Post-closing Consents
Customers Damage Destruction Loss Excess 2500000 Asset Acquired Entities
Daniel Frank Harrison Date Report Earliest Event 2006 Geokinetics Inc
Dated 2005 Dated 2006 Lessee
Dave Johnson Dave Johnson Ceo President
David Johnson David Smiddy
Deal Otherwise Engage Transaction Relating Property Interests Blocked Debt
Debt Capital Lease Obligations Decline Price Oil Gas Decreases Level Capital Expenditures
Deductible Deduction Etc
Default Default Borrower Payment Performance Contractual Obligations Occurred
Default Event Occurred Continuing Default Event Shall Occurred Continuing
Default Lessee Defaulting Lender
Defaults Burdensome Provisions Deferred Financing Costs
Deferred Tax Assets Definitions
Delaware Delaware Anti-takeover Law Charter By-law Provisions
Delivery Acquisition Agreement Delivery Prospectus Underwriters
Delivery Shares Delivery Tax Returns Information Regarding Audits Potential
Demand Registration Demand Request
Departure Directors Principal Officers Elections Appointment Departure Election Appointment Directors Officers
Dependent Availability Internally Generated Cash Flow Financing Alternatives Depends Capital Expenditures Oil Natural Gas Industry Decline
Depository Notes Act Depreciation Amortization
Depreciation Amortization Expenses Depth Imaging
Description Option Exchange Program Description Properties
Description Reportable Segments Determination Final Cash Consideration
Determined Reasonably Expected Individually Aggregate Result Material Adverse Development Current Business Operations
Direct Claim Director
Director Independence Directors Executive Officers
Disbursements Reimbursement Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Package Dissenters Rights
Distribution Offering Material Documents
Documents Incorporated Reference Documents Shall Form Substance Satisfactory Lender Lenders Counsel
Drawdown Drawdown Date
Drawdown Notice Due Date
Due Unpaid After Original Date Due Unpaid After Original Invoice Date
Each Borrower Been Issued Required Federal State Local Each Borrowing Revolving Advances Shall Advanced According Applicable
Each Holders Hereby Consents Earnings Statement
Edc Acceptable Receivables Effect Agreement
Effective Date Termination Effects Reverse Stock Split
Employee Benefit Plan Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Benefits Employee Incentive Plan
Employee Retirement Plans Employee Share Option Programs
Employee Welfare Benefit Plan Employees
Employees Corporation Not Entitled Payment Accrued Unused Vacation Employment Agreements
Employment Pension Plans Act Encumbrance
Enforceability Exception Enforceability Exceptions
Engagement Letter Enter Incur Permit Exist Agreement Other Arrangement Prohibits
Enter Partnership Joint Venture Similar Arrangement Entire Agreement
Entire Understanding Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environment Environmental Activity
Environmental Health Safety Liabilities Environmental Law
Environmental Liabilities Environmental Matters
Environmental Permits Equipment Leased
Equipment Other Personal Property Equity
Equity Compensation Equity Compensation Plan Information Stockholder Approved Plans
Equity Offering Erisa Affiliate
Erisa Compliance Escrow
Escrow Agent Escrow Percentage
Estimated Cash Consideration Estimates
Estimates Preparing Consolidated Financial Statements Estimation Uncertainty Assumptions
Eurodollar Loan Give Effect Obligations Contemplated Hereby Respect Evades Avoids Purpose Evading Avoiding Attempts Violate Prohibitions
Event Default Events Default
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Except Disclosed Schedule 428 Independent Contractors Engaged Corporation
Except Set Forth Schedule 411 Except Set Forth Schedule 411 Pending Sellers Knowledge
Except Set Forth Schedule 413 Except Set Forth Schedule 416
Except Set Forth Schedule 418 Acquired Entities Except Set Forth Schedule 418 Sellers Knowledge
Exchange Act Exchange Act Compliance
Exchange Agreement Exchange Certificates Fractional Shares
Exchange Non-monetary Assets Exchange Rate
Excluded Damages Excluded Registration
Excluding Gdc Exclusivity
Exclusivity Representations Warranties Executing Delivering Assignment Acceptance Assigning Lender Thereunder Assignee
Execution Copy Executive Compensation
Executive Employment Arrangements Executive Vice President International Operations-lee Parker
Executive Vice President North American Operations-james White Executive Vice President-james White
Exhibits Exhibits Reports Form 8-k
Existence Time Default Event Existing Security Documents
Expenses Experienced Motivated Management Team
Explanatory Extensions Etc
Faces Intense Competition Business Result Downward Pricing Pressure Facility
Facsimile 713 658-2553 Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Values Financial Instruments Federal Income Tax Consequences Awards
Fees Borrowers Shall Pay Agent Set Forth Fee Fering Summary
Field Examination Agent Shall Received Satisfactory Asset-based Completed Filing Registration Statement
Filings Competition Laws Filings Registrations Recordings Each Document Including Uniform Commercial
Final Closing Balance Sheet Final Funded Indebtedness
Final Net Working Capital Finance Charges
Financial Condition Certificates Agent Shall Received Executed Certificate Financial Information Failure Borrower Furnish Due Requested Permit
Financial Instruments Financial Instruments Disclosure Presentation
Financial Instruments Recognition Measurement Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Financial Summary Highlights Financing
Financing Documents Finders Fees Connection Transactions Contemplated Agreement Buyer Shall
Firm Shares Fitts Roberts
Floating Rate Notes For-10 Reverse Stock Split
Forecasted Increase 2005 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Currency Translation Transactions Foreign Exchange Gains Losses
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form 8-k Form Opinion Counsel
Forma Corporate Structure Formation Qualification
Former Chief Executive Officer-david Johnson Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Funded Indebtedness Funds
Furnish Each Seller Signed Counterpart Addressed Sellers Further Assurances
Future Maturities Future Reports Representative
Future Reports Stockholders Gaap
Gary Pittman Gdc Not Been Profitable Since 2002
Gdc Overview General
General Administrative Expenses General Corporation Law State Delaware
Geographic Information Geokinetics
Geokinetics Acquire Global Onshore Seismic Business Petroleum Geo-services Geokinetics Chairman Board William Ziegler Commented
Geokinetics Common Stock Geokinetics Financial Statements
Geokinetics Group Geokinetics Inc
Geokinetics Inc Index Geokinetics Offering Documents
Geokinetics President Chief Executive Officer David Johnson Commented Geokinetics Sec Reports
Geophysical Development Corp Data Processing Subsidiary Geophysical Development Corporation
Geophysical Development Corporation Overview Given Mail After Such Notice Deposited United States
Given Other Means Including Overnight Courier Actually Received Goodwill Impairment Long-lived Assets
Goodwill Intangible Assets Governing Documents
Governing Law Governing Law Attornment
Government Receivables Governmental Authority
Governmental Authorization Governmental Body
Grant Acquisition Grant Acquisition Shall Been Consummated Accordance Agreement
Grant Geophysical Grant Phantom Stock
Grant Stock Options Grants Plan-based Awards
Grants President Chief Executive Officer Richard Miles Commented Guarantee
Guarantees Hazardous Activity
Hazardous Materials Headings
Hedges Hereby Further Amended Re-designating Sub-clauses Thereof Sub-clause
Hereunder High Level Fixed Costs Lead Losses Downturns Revenues
High Level Fixed Costs Leave Vulnerable Downturns Revenues Historically Been Dependent Few Customers Operating Single Industry
Hold Respective Percentage Outstanding Advances Participation Interests After Holder
Holding Over Houston 2006
Houston 2008 Geokinetics Inc Amex Gok Houston 77056
Houston Texas 2005 Geokinetics Inc Otcbb Gokn Houston Texas 2006 Geokinetics Inc Otcbb Gknt
Houston Texas 2006 Geokinetics Inc Otcbb Gokn Houston Texas 2006 Geokinetics Inc Otcbb Goknob
Houston Texas 2007 Geokinetics Inc Amex Gok Houston Texas 2007 Geokinetics Inc Otc Bulletin Board
Houston Texas 2008 8211 Geokinetics Inc Amex Gok Houston Texas 2008 8211 Geokinetics Inc Nyse Alternext
Houston Texas 2008 Geokinetics Inc Amex Gok Houston Texas 2009 8211 Geokinetics Inc Nyse Alternext
Houston Texas 2009 8211 Geokinetics Inc Nyse Amex Houston Texas 2009 Geokinetics Inc Nyse Amex Gok
Houston Texas 2009 Geokinetics Inc Nyse Amexgok Houston Texas 2009 Newswire 8211 Geokinetics Inc Nyse
Houston Texas Oslo Norway 2009 Hsbc Bank Canada
Hsr Act Ifrs
Immediate Release Impairment Property Equipment Intangibles
Important Considerations Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials 2008 Annual
Impose Agent Lender London Interbank Eurodollar Market Other Incentive Stock Options
Incentive Stock Options Appreciation Rights Included Words Inclusiveness
Including Not Limited Including Without Limitation Respect Act Inaction Arising Agents
Including Without Limitation Respect Otherwise Indemnified Matter Arising Including Without Limitation Strict Liability
Income Loss Per Common Share Income Tax
Income Tax Aspects Reverse Stock Split Income Taxes
Incorporation Good Standing Subsidiaries Incorporation Reference
Indemnification Indemnification Borrower Loan
Indemnification Directors Officers Indemnification Loan Parties Environmental Matters
Indemnification Procedures Indemnification Survival
Indemnification Underwriters Indemnified Matter Arising Agents Negligence Strict Liability Not
Indemnified Party Indemnifying Party
Indemnitee Indentures Governing Various Credit Agreements Contain Restrictive Covenants
Independent Accountants Independent Accountants Report
Independent Auditors Report Independently Owned Member Rsm Mcgladrey Network
Index Index Financial Statements
Industry Overview Inflation Price Changes
Information Board Directors Committees Information Borrowers
Information Supplied Agent Lenders Shall Been Proven Inaccurate Information Supplied Geokinetics Offering Documents
Inherent Limitations Control Systems Failure Company8217s Controls Procedures Initial Phantom Stock Costs
Inspection Inspection Mortgaged Property
Inspectors Instrument Scf Party Bound Judgment Order Decree Applicable
Insurance Intangible Assets
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Rights
Interest Interest Expense
Interest Fees Interest Overdue Unpaid Costs Expenses
Interest Rate Risk Interim Financing
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Controls Procedures
Internet Telephone Vote Authorizes Named Proxies Shares Same Interpretation
Introductory Inventories
Inventory Investigation Purchasers Reliance Sellers Liability
Investigation Sellers Reliance Purchasers Liability Investment
Investment Limitation Investments
Investors Not Supply Tax Identification Number Subject Backup Irs
Irs Not Require Consent Provision Document Other Certifications Ismic Crew Counts Commodity Prices
Issuance Guarantees Letters Credit Issuance Letters Credit
Issuance Preferred Stock Issuer Free Writing Prospectuses
James White Jim White President Quantum Geophysical Inc
Joinder Amendment Revolving Credit Term Loan Security Agreement Junior Subordinated Loan Agreement
Knowledge Knowledge Sellers Disputes Oral Agreements Forbearance Programs Effect
Labor Matters Employees Land Rigs React Quickly Price
Late Charges Law
Lease Agreement Lease Sublease Amendment Thereto Legal Valid Binding Enforceable
Lee Bell Lee Bell President
Legal Action Legal Proceeding
Legal Proceedings Legal Requirement
Lender Address Fax Number Set Forth Schedule 201 Lender Consent Agent Shall Not Unreasonably Withheld Delayed
Lender Perform Lenders Branch
Lenders Conditions Drawdown Lenders Counsel
Lenders Rights Remedies After Default Lessee
Letter Agreement Such Reimbursement Accordance Standard Policies Letter Credit Fees
Liability License Agreement
Licenses Licenses Net
Lien Priority Created Hereunder Provided Hereby Related Agreement Liens
Liens Encumbrances Limitation Indemnities
Limited Waiver Limits Indemnification
Line Credit Way Current Account Overdraft Agreement Evidencing Liquidity Capital Resources
List Exhibits Schedules Listing
Listing Best Efforts List Subject Notice Issuance Shares Litigation
Loan Loan Agreement Hereby Added After 721 Read
Loan Agreement Hereby Amended Restated Read Follows Loan Agreement Hereby Further Amended Amending Restating Following
Loan Agreement Hereby Further Amended Inserting Following Defined Loan Parties
Loan Party Charter Revoked Rescinded Existence Way Terminated Loan Party Fails Make Payment Other Interest Due
Loan Payable Related Party Loans
Locations Equipment Jobs Lock-up Agreement Certain Securityholders
Long Term Debt Long-term Incentive Plans Awards Last
Longer-term 2009 Lynn Turner
Mail Received After Closing Maintenance Corporate Existence Status
Major Customers Majority Debt Floating Rate
Majority Voting Stock Controlled Small Number Stockholders Whose Make Asset Sale Except
Management Managements Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandatory Prepayments
Mandatory Prepayments Outstanding Loans Agreement Shall Allocated Ratably Manipulation Price
Manner Borrowing Manner Borrowing Payment
Margin Requirement Margins Beginning Respond
Market Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters
Marketing Material
Material Actions Proceedings Material Adverse Change
Material Adverse Change Ratings Agency Material Adverse Effect
Material Modification Rights Security Holders Maximum Rate
Measurement Segment Profit Loss Assets Mechanics Liens
Meetings Committees Merger
Merger Consolidation Acquisition Sale Assets Michael Dunn
Michael Schott Mid-term 2007-2008
Miscellaneous Mobilization Demobilization Costs
Money Laundering Laws Monthly Business Internet Banking Fee Cdn
Mortgaged Property Mpany History
Mpetitive Landscape Multi-client Library
Multiclient Library Name Removal Signage
Nasd Nasd Shall Raised Objection Fairness Reasonableness Underwriting Terms
Nature Business Organization Nature Credit Facilities
Nature Location Equipment Near-term 2006
Necessary Permits Etc Negative Covenants
Neither Parent Nor Borrower Received Notice Knowledge Pending Net Book Value
Net Working Capital Net Worth Maintain Times Amount Not Less
New Accounting Standards New York 10006
News Release Non-contravention Existing Instruments Further Authorizations Approvals Required
Non-monetary Transactions Non-waiver
Noncontravention Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nonqualified Stock Options Nonqualified Stock Options Appreciation Rights
North American Rig Count Not Able Generate Sufficient Cash Flows Fund Additional
Not Able Make Seismic Data Processing Interpretation Services Not Able Obtain Funding Acceptable Terms Because Deterioration
Not Applicable Not Approved Listing Nationally Recognized Exchange Active Trading
Not Effectively Integrate Grant Acquisition Operating Results Affected Not Effectively Integrate Trace Acquisition Operating Results Affected
Not Ineligible Issuer Not Investment
Not Misleading Registration Statement Disclosure Package Prospectus Amended Not Realize Backlog Lead Lower Expected Revenues
Notes Agent Shall Received Duly Executed Delivered Authorized Notes Payable
Notes Pro Forma Financial Information Notice
Notice 2007 Annual Meeting Stockholders Notice 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Notices Holders Notifications Other Indemnification Procedures
Notwithstanding Filing Shelf Registration Statement Not Able Sell Notwithstanding Provisions Subsection Above Event Borrower Desires Obtain
Now Therefore Number
Number 001-33460 Objectives Executive Compensation Program
Objectives Geokinetics Executive Compensation Program Obligations Absolute
Obtain Copy Annual Report Form 10-k Occurrence Erisa Event Alone Together Other Events Occurred
Occurrence Other Event Resulted Reasonably Expected Result Material Ofac
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offering
Officers Certificate Okinetics Capital Structure
Okinetics Overview Omissions Undisclosed Events
Only Subsidiaries Each Borrower Listed Schedule Operating Conditions
Operating Credit Facility Operating Expenses
Operating Results Seismic Data Acquisition Services Significantly Impacted Operating Revenues
Operation Business Operational Capital Leases
Operations Parent Consolidated Subsidiaries Basis Accordance Gaap Subject Operations Subject Government Regulation Adversely Affect Future
Operators Opinion Counsel
Opinion Counsel Underwriters Opinion Counsel Underwriters Closing Date Subsequent Representatives Shall
Opinion General Counsel Option Cost
Option Renew Option Written Notice Given Prior 1000 Dallas Texas
Optional Repayment Principal Optional Shares Subsequent Closing Date
Optionholders Order
Ordinary Course Business Organization
Organization Qualification Osha Environmental Compliance
Other Other Benefits
Other Business Other Current Assets
Other Definitional Interpretive Matters Other Documents Agent Shall Received Executed Pledge Agreements
Other Events Other Fees
Other Financial Information Other Financial Net
Other Information Other Long-term Assets
Other Long-term Liabilities Other Officers
Other Related Transactions Other Supplementary Disclosures
Other Transactions Parent Outstanding Bids
Outstandings Overview
Overview Trace Owned Parent Borrower Subsidiaries Addresses Thereof Own Fee
Ownership Collateral Panded Client Base
Party Claim Party Claim Without Prior Written Consent Indemnified Such
Payment Dividends Subsidiaries Payment Fees Pay Agent Demand Usual Customary Expenses
Payment Instructions Agent Shall Received Written Borrowing Directing Payment Performance
Payment Shares Pays Proxy Solicitation Related Annual Meeting
Pension Benefits Pension Obligations
Per Annum Calculations Performance Bonds
Performance Graph Performance Obligations Lessee Lessor
Periodic Reporting Obligations Permits
Permitted Encumbrances Permitted Exceptions
Permitted Free Writing Prospectuses Permitted Liens
Perquisites Person
Petroleum Geo-services Pgs Group
Pgs Onshore Phantom Stock Agreements
Phantom Stock Awards Phantom Stockholders
Piggy-back Registration Place Payment Principal Interest Fees
Plan Pnc Bank National Association Amended Restated Credit Security
Policy Approval Audit Non-audit Fees Position Depth-imaging Technology Gulf Mexico Lease Roll
Possession Post-closing Cash Consideration Adjustment
Post-closing Covenants Post-closing Tax Liabilities
Potential Payments Termination Change Control Powers Attorney
Pre-closing Covenants Preferred Stock
Preferred Stock8221 Preparation Financial Statements
Prepare Questionnaire Complete Requesting Certain Information Required Disclosed Presentation
President Chief Executive Officer Director President Chief Executive Officer Employment Agreement
President-processing Interpretation-m Lee Bell Price Stabilization Manipulation
Prime Rate Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principal Components Compensation Named Executive Officers
Principles Consolidation Private Placement
Pro Pro Forma Combined Operations
Pro Forma Financial Statements Pro Forma Financial Statements Agent Shall Received Copy
Pro Rata Procedure Revolving Advances Borrowing
Proceeding Proceedings
Proceeds Profit Improvement Plan
Profitability Contracts Depends Significantly Ability Perform Services Without Projections Represented Time Delivery Thereof Reasonable Good Faith
Property Property Asset Whether Real Personal Mixed Either Corporation
Property Equipment Property Equipment Net
Property Equipment Other Intangibles Proposal 2-approval Adoption 2007 Stock Awards Plan
Proposal 2-approval Adoption Geokinetics Proposal 2-approval Amendment Geokinetics 2002 Stock Awards Plan
Proposal 3-appointment Independent Public Accountants Proposal 3-approval 1-for-10 Reverse Stock Split
Proposal 3-approval Appointment Independent Public Accountants Proposal 4-approval Appointment Geokinetics Independent Public Accountants
Proposal 5-approval Policy Issuance Stock Part Compensation Board Proposal Appointment Independent Public Accountants
Proposal Approval 1-for-10 Reverse Stock Split Proposal Approval Adoption Geokinetics 2007 Stock Awards Plan
Proposal Approval Amendment Geokinetics 2002 Stock Awards Plan Proposal Approval Appointment Geokinetics Independent Public Accountants
Proposal Approval Policy Issuance Stock Part Annual Compensation Proposal Approval Policy Issuance Stock Part Compensation Board
Proposal Charter Amendment Effect Reverse Stock Split Proposal Election Directors
Proposed Filed Securities Exchange Connection Such Registration Documents Proposed Offering
Proprietary Sales Contract Provided However
Provision Contingencies Claims Tax Litigation Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Public Equity Offering Exchange Listing Public Offering Shares
Publicity Purchase Agreement
Purchase Price Purchase Price Allocation
Purchase Sale Delivery Shares Purchase Sale Shares
Purchased Entity Erisa Affiliate Purchased Entity Plans
Purchaser Disclosure Schedule Purchaser Erisa Affiliate
Purchaser Group Purchaser Material Adverse Effect
Purchaser Plans Purchasers
Purchasers Knowledge Purpose
Purposes 418 References Real Property Shall Deemed Include Pursuant Rules 13a-14 15d-14 Securities Exchange Act 1934
Pursuant Securities Act 1934 Date Report Earliest Event Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risks Quantum Geophysical Inc Seismic Acquisition Subsidiary
Quantum Operating Locations Quantum Overview Strategy Logo
Quantum Trace Operating Locations Quarterly Report Pursuant
Rate Provision Real Property
Reasonable Means Not Exist Ascertaining Eurodollar Rate Applicable Receivables
Receivables Customer Exceed Credit Limit Determined Agent Sole Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Developments Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Reclassifications Additional Disclosures Record Information Contained Therein Register Assignment Shall Effective
Records Refunding Not Materially Affect Rights Privileges Borrower Subsidiary
Refunds Remittances Regarding Agent
Registrable Securities Registrable Shares
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registration
Registration Expenses Registration Rights Agreement
Regulation Regulation Disclosure
Regulations Certify Establish Status Payee Beneficial Owner Foreign Related Parties
Related Party Transactions Related Person
Relationship Parent Relationships
Release Relies Limited Number Key Suppliers Specific Seismic Services
Remedies Breaches Agreement Remedies Cumulative Waivers
Rental Amount Rentals
Reorganization Repairs
Repairs Expiration Lease Repairs Lease Period
Repayment Repayment Advances
Repayment Participation Advances Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reports Form 8-k Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Concerning Acquired Entities Representations Warranties Concerning Transaction
Representations Warranties Regarding Business Owning Entities Representations Warranties Regarding Sellers
Representativ Representatives Review Proposed Amendments Supplements
Request Borrower Requesting Holders
Required Filing Date Required Holders
Requirements Issuance Letters Credit Resale Restricted Securities
Research Development Research Development Costs
Reserved Resignation Directors
Responsible Officer Restricted Cash
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Subsidiaries Result Prepayment Assignment Otherwise Following Avista Provides Written
Results Lenders Legal Financial Tax Accounting Due Diligence Results Operations
Results Operations 2004 Compared 2003 Results Operations 2005 Compared 2004
Results Operations 2006 Compared 2005 Results Operations 2007 Compared 2006
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Operations Significantly Affected Currency Fluctuations
Retained Employees Revenue Recognition
Revenue Recognition Work Progress Revenues Geographic Information Major Customers
Revenues Geographic Region Revenues Related Party
Revolving Advances Revolving Credit Facilities
Revolving Credit Line Revolving Credit Lines
Revolving Credit Term Loan Security Agreement Richard Miles
Rider Put Right Inspect
Right Require Borrowers Post Bond Letter Credit Other Right Reserved Vested Municipality Public Authority Condemn Expropriate
Rights Remedies Risk Factors
Risk Loss Risks Related Common Stock
Risks Related Planned Acquisition Trace Riverway Suite 2100 Houston 77056
Robert Cabes Rule 144
S-3 Registration Sale Customer Bill-and-hold Guaranteed Sale-and-return Approval Consignment Other
Sales Multiclient Library Data Sarbanes-oxley Act
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Scf Complied Agreements Satisfied Conditions Part Performed Prior
Schedule Schedule 14a
Schedules Scott Mccurdy
Scp Searchable Text Graphics Shown Above
Sec Securities Act
Securities Act Compliance Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Purchase Agreement Security Effective Notwithstanding Drawdown Date
Security Holders Security Interest
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Selling Stockholder
Securityholder Parties Lock-up Agreements See Accompanying Notes Combined Financial Statements
See Accompanying Notes Condensed Combined Financial Statements Seismic Acquisition
Seismic Acquisition Activities Often Conducted Extreme Weather Difficult Seismic Acquisition Operations Subject Weather Conditions Adversely Affect
Seismic Acquisition Services Seismic Crews Responded Only Modestly Price Far
Seismic Data Acquisition Seismic Data Acquisition Services
Seismic Data Acquisition Services Industry Capital Intensive Sources Seismic Data Acquisition Services Revenues Subject Seasonal Conditions
Seismic Data Processing Seismic Landscape
Selected Financial Data Seller Consents Approvals
Seller Disclosure Schedule Seller Group
Seller Material Adverse Effect Sellers Buyer Agree Extent Required Applicable Legal Requirements
Sellers Knowledge Sellers Knowledge Allegations Respect Acquired Entities Unfair Labor
Sellers Shall Entered Escrow Agreement Selling Securityholder Notice Questionnaire
Senior Debt Payments Senior Executive Incentive Program
Senior Subordinated Loan Agreement Series Holders
Series Preferred Stock8221 Services Fees
Set Off Severability
Severance Change Control Payments Shall Not Occurred Material Adverse Change
Share Consideration Share-based Payment
Share-based Payments Shares Eligible Future Sale
Shares Geokinetics Common Stock Outstanding Record Date Shares Geokinetics Voting Securities Outstanding Record Date
Shares Sec Reports Shelf
Shelf Offering Shelf Shares
Signature Signature Page Amendment Exchange Agreement
Signature Pages Follow Signatures
Signatures Following Page Significant Growth Prospects
Significant Increase Contracted Backlog Significant Risks Managements Plans
Software Solvency
Solvency Litigation Violation Indebtedness Default Solvent
Sources Uses Special Consequential Damages
Special Provisions Specific Potential Tax Liabilities Situations
Statistical Market-related Data Steven Webster
Steven Webster Director Board Directors Still Large Scope Further Demand Increases
Stock Awards Plan Stock Exchange Listing
Stock Options Stock Price
Stock Price Volatile Decrease Response Various Factors Adversely Stock Purchase Agreement
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting
Strategy Strong
Subject Risks Related International Operations Harm Business Results Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submit Stockholder Proposal 2007 Annual Meeting Due Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiaries Petroleum Geo-services Asa Subsidiary
Subsidiary Except Described Contemplated Disclosure Package Prospectus Subsidiary Stock
Substantial Amount Debt Adversely Affect Financial Health Trading Successors Assigns Except Borrower Assign Transfer Rights Obligations
Successors Assigns Participations New Lenders Such Commitment Increase Shall Increments Less 5000000
Such Entities United States Plans Representation Regard Concerning Such Lender Entitled Receive Pursuant 216 Shall Delivered
Such Receivable Not Otherwise Satisfactory Agent Determined Good Sufficiency Assets
Summary 2002 Plan Summary 2007 Plan
Summary Compensation Table Summary Overall Performance 2008
Summary Trace Transaction Supplemental Cash Flow Information
Supplemental Disclosures Cash Flows Information Suppliers
Survival Survival Representations Warranties
Suspension Notice Synergies
Table Contents Take Direct Hydrocarbon Detection Technology Avo World
Tangible Personal Property Tax
Tax Authority Tax Certification Taxpayer
Tax Fees Tax Indemnifications
Tax Law Compliance Tax Return
Tax Returns Tax Returns Filed Taxes Paid
Taxes Taxing Authority
Technology Term
Term Credit Facility Term Credit Facility Was Previously Used Borrower Assist
Term Loans Termination
Termination Bankruptcy Termination Inter-company Indebtedness
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Test Period
Texas Usury Savings Language They Parties Hereto Buyer Shall Keep Record Such
Thomas Concannon Time Immediately After Making Such Loans Default Event
Timor Sea Title
Title Properties Total Assets Geographic Region
Total Capital Expenditures Combined Periods Totaling 15698 ~12317 Trace Acquisition
Trace Acquisition Comparability Trace Common Stock
Trace Energy Overview Trace Energy Services Ltd
Trace Energy Services Ltd Acquisition Trace Management
Trace Options Trace Share Purchase Price
Transaction Costs Transactions
Transactions Affecting Post-closing Tax Transactions Affiliates
Transfer Agent Transfer Agent Shall Engage Maintain Expense Registrar Common
Transfer Listing Transfer Taxes
Transferred Information Transition Report Pursuant
Transition Services Agreement Uhy Llp
Unable Retain Attract Management Skilled Technically Knowledgeable Employees Undertaking Grant Additional Security Documents
Underwriters Underwriting Agreement
Underwritten Offering Undrawn Availability After Giving Effect Initial Advances Hereunder
United States Unlawful Contributions Other Payments
Unlimited Grantee Each Other Corporate Guarantors Whereby Guarantees Unlimited Guarantee Trace Energy Services Inc Whereby Guarantees
Unregistered Sale Equity Securities Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unrelated Liability Update Credit Metrics
Usd Utilities Assessments Other Allocations
Value Added Tax Value Added Taxes
Value Share Consideration Various Credit Agreements Contain Restrictive Covenants Limit Managements
Via Facsimile 713-850-7330 Vice President-finance Former Interim Chief Financial Officer-chin
View Stockholder List Vision
Vote Vote Shares Held Street Name
Vote Telephone Over Internet Not Return Proxy Card Votes Counted
Votes Each Proposal Receive Adopted Votes Required Board Approval
Votes Required Board Recommendation Waiver
Waiver Consent Waivers Judicial Proceedings
Warrants Warrants Contain 999 Beneficial Ownership Blocker Provision
Warranty Webcast Information
What Happens Not Specify Choice Proposal Returning Proxy What Happens Other Matters Come Annual Meeting
What Quorum Whereas
Whole Agreement William Ziegler
William Ziegler Non-executive Chairman Board Directors Withholding Tax Exemption
Within Each Calendar End Aged Listings Accounts Receivable Without Limiting Foregoing Intention Borrowers Agree Indemnity Provisions
Work Progress Workers Compensation Act
Written Warnings Disciplinary Action Currently Outstanding Against Employee Wwwsecgov
Xix Construction Venue Xvi Miscellaneous
Xvi Notice Xvii Entire Agreement Amendment
Xviii Warranty Zions National Bank Escrow Fee Schedule
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