Topic Listing for Gerdau S.A.

Acceptance Director Resignation Accounting Corporación Sidenor
Accounting Dividends Accounting Exchange Variation Foreign Investments
Accounting Practices Accounts Receivable
Acquisition Additional Interest Gerdau Aços Longos Açominas Especiais Acquisition Additional Interest Sipar Aceros
Acquisition Assets North Star Steel Acquisition Callaway Building Products
Acquisition Corporación Sidenor Acquisition Fargo Iron Metal
Acquisition Hydroelectric Complex Concession Acquisition Right Exercise Options
Acquisition Sheffield Steel Acquisition Steel Mexico
Acquisitions Acquisitions Companies Subsidiaries Jointly-owned
Acquisitions Latin America Acquisitions North America
Acquisitions Usa Activities Beaumont Texas Unit Halted
Added Value Added Value Breakdown
Addicional Information Additional Information
Additional Information Financial Statements Additional Information Quarterly
Administration Administrativo Defesa Econômica
Adoption New Accounting Standards Adrs
Advertising Costs Advisors
Affonso Celso Pastore Agreement Not Include Quanexs Building Products Business Non
Alfredo Huallem Alterations Ias Presentation Financial Statements
Alterations Termination Program Ameristeel Plan
Ameristeel Plans Amount Per Share
Analysis Gerdau Consolidated Results AndrÉ Bier Gerdau Johannpeter
AndrÉ Bier Johannpeter AndrÉ Pinheiro Lara Resende
Anefac-fipecafi-serasa Award Antitrust Proceedings
Apimec Meeting Aplema Comércio Produtos Agroflorestais Empreendimentos Ltda
Application Ifrs Application Judgment Critical Accounting Policies Preparing Consolidated Financial
Application Judgment Critical Accounting Policies Preparing Consolidated Interim Areas Permanent Forest Preservation Legal Reserves
Argentina Arrangements
Art Asset Retirement Obligations
Assets Assets Liabilities Potter Form Tie
Assets Previously Considered Contingent Recorded Associate Companies
Assumptions Options Granted Assumptions Options Granted Nine-month Period 2007
Assumptions Options Granted Nine-month Period 2008 Assumptions Options Granted Nine-months 2005
Assumptions Options Granted Nine-months 2006 Assumptions Options Granted Three-month 2006
Assumptions Options Granted Three-month 2007 Audit Committee Financial Expert
Availability Site Available Sale
Available Sale Securities Available-for-sale Securities
Average Price Cis Export Billet Black Sea Baltic Azaonline
Açominas Gets New Blast Furnace Underway Açominas Operation
Balance Sheets Liabilities Shareholders Equity Basic
Basis Presentation Black-scholes
Bndes Financing Board Directors
Board Directors Stockholders Chaparral Steel Board Practices
Bond Bonds
Bovespa Brazil
Brazil Plan Brazil Plans
Brazilian Debentures Brazilian Environmental Legislation
Brazilian Operations Brazilian Plans
Brazilian Political Economic Conditions Governments Other Policies Negatively Brazilian Steel Industry
Brazilian Tax Considerations Brazils Political Economic Conditions Brazilian Governments Other Policies
Breakdown Total Sales Brazilian Steel Products Tonnes Bridge Loan Facility Term Financing Investment
Business Combination Business Combinations
Business Cyclicality Seasonality Business Operations
Business Overview Business Relationship Assessment Companies Acquired Full Consolidation Purposes
Business Segmentation By-laws Update Due Corporate Governance Modifications Board Directors
By-laws Update Due Reorganization Modifications Branches By-laws Update Due Reorganization Modifications Purposes
Calculates Earnings Per Share Accordance Sfas 128 Calculation Ebitda
Callaway Building Products Callaway Building Products Inc
Canada United States Capacity Enhancement Gerdau Cosigua
Capacity Expansion Ouro Branco Mill Capacity Increase Gerdau Aços Finos Piratini
Capacity Increase Jacksonville Mill Capital
Capital 11514300000 Capital 23795270700
Capital 30000000000 Capital 6035000000
Capital Composition Capital Expenditure
Capital Expenditures Capital Management Risk
Capital Stock Capitalization Borrowing Costs Over Property Plant Equipment Blast
Capitalization Gerdau Ameristeel Capitalization Interest Financial Charges
Capitalization Interest Fixed Assets Capitalization Interest Over Property Plant Equipment Blast Furnace
Capitalized Borrowing Costs Capitalized Interest Financial Charges
Carlos JoÃo Petry Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Cash Flows
Cash Investments Cash Marketable Securities
Cautionary Statement Respect Forward-looking Statements Caños Córdoba Srl
Century Steel Inc Certificado Depósito Interbancário
Certification Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Chaparral Steel Chaparral Steel Subsidiaries
Characteristics Chile
Claims Classification Debt Equity
Claudio Johannpeter Cleary Hold Ings Corp
Cleary Holdings Corp Clients
Closing Certain Operations Closing Price Ggb Annual Basis Adjusted Dividends Events
Closing Price Ggb Monthly Basis Adjusted Dividends Events Closing Price Ggbr4 Annual Basis Adjusted Dividends Events
Closing Prices Ggb Annual Basis Closing Prices Ggb Annual Basis Adjusted Dividends
Closing Prices Ggb Monthly Basis Closing Prices Ggbr4 Annual Basis
Closure Melt Shop United States Code Ethics
Colombia Combined Statements Income
Comercial Gerdau Comissão Valores Mobiliários
Comments Consolidated Performance Comments Performance
Comments Quarterly Performance Commercial Loans
Commercial Transactions Commitments Purchase Put Options Minority Interest
Common Control Transaction 2003 Common Long Rolled Products
Companhia Brasileira Liquidação Custódia Companies Excluded Consolidated Financial Statements
Compared 2006 Compensation Succession Committee
Competition Competitive Position
Competitive Position Global Competitive Position Outside Brazil
Complementary Information Compliance Costs Related Environmental Regulation Increase Requirements Become
Concentration Credit Risks Concession Agreements
Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Statements Conditions Payment
Conditions Prices Charges Conference Call 2005
Conselho Administrativo Defesa Econômica Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Interim Financial Statements Consolidated Sales
Consolidated Shipments Consolidation
Contact Contribuição Para Financiamento Seguridade Social
Contribuição Social Sobre Lucro Controlling Shareholder
Controls Procedures Corporación Centroamericana Del Acero
Corporación Sidenor Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Level Corporate Governance Practices
Corporate Governance Practices Brazil Corporate Reorganization
Corporate Restructuring Corporate Restructuring Gerdau Companies
Corporative Governance Corsa Controladora
Cost Goods Sold Cost Goods Sold Gross Margin
Cost Sales Gross Profit Costs Related Complying Environmental Regulations Increase Requirements Become
Covenants Covenants Mentioned Above Calculated Based Consolidated Financial Statements
Credit Lines Credit Receivables
Credit Risk Crisis
Critical Accounting Policies Cross Currency Swap
Crude Steel Billets Blooms Slabs Crude Steel Production Country
Crude Steel Production Country Tonnes Crude Steel Production North American Countries Tonnes
Crude Steel Production Tonnes Cumulative Adjustments Foreign Currency Translations
Cumulative Translation Adjustments Cumulative Translation Differences
Currency Remeasurement Currency Translation
Current Assets Current Deferred Income Social Contribution Taxes
Customer Accounts Receivable Cyclical Nature Supply Demand Steel Products Inside Outside
Dated 2007 Debentures
Debentures Issued Aços Villares Debentures Issued Aços Villares Proportional Consolidation
Debentures Issued Gerdau Debentures Issued Gerdau Ameristeel Corp
Debentures Issued Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation Debentures Issued Indirect Subsidiary Aços Villares Proportionate Consolidation
Decease Executive Deferred Charges
Deferred Income Social Contribution Tax Deferred Income Tax
Deferred Income Tax Assets Deferred Income Taxes
Deferred Tax Assets Loss Carryforward Demand
Demand Steel Cyclical Reduction Prevailing World Prices Adversely Depreciation Method
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments
Derivatives Derivatives Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Contractual Obligations
Description Restrictive Covenants Developments Other Emerging Markets Adversely Affect Operating Results
Developments Other Emerging Markets United States Adversely Affect Diaco
Diaco Sidelpa Diaco Siderúrgica Del Pacífico Sidelpa
Differences Criteria Allocating Purchase Price Business Combinations Dilluted
Director Designation Directors
Directors Senior Management Disclosure Control Procedures
Distribuidora Comercializadora Aceros Regionales Limitada Barracas Janssen Dividend Distribution Policy
Dividend Payment Dividend Policy
Dividends Dividends Approved Paid After
Dividends Form Interest Capital Dividends Interest Capital
Dividends Interest Capital Stock Dividends Interest Equity
Dividends Interest Own Capital Documents Display
Dollars Unless Otherwise Stated Domestic Demand
Dominican Republic Dona Francisca Energética
Drawn Products Dutch Nationality
Earnings Per Share Earnings Per Share Eps
Ebitda Economic Assumptions Used Recognize Costs Employee Compensation
Economic Conditions Ehxibit 1501
Electricity Energy Generation Concession Eligibility
Employee Benefits Employees
Empresa Siderúrgica Del Perú Saa Empresa Siderúrgica Del Perú Saa Siderperú
Encargo Capacidade Emergencial Enco Materials Inc
End Presented Following Financial Economic Data Energy
Energy Requirements English
Enhancement Installed Capacity Gerdau Cosigua Entry Program
Environment Environmental Investments
Environmental Issues Environmental Liabilities
Environmental Licenses Environmental Management
Environmental Regulation Environmental Remediation Costs
Equity Earnings Losses Unconsolidated Companies Net Equity Earnings Unconsolidated Companies
Equity Income Equity Instruments
Equity Investments Equity Ownership
Estimates Euro Commercial Paper
Europe Evaluation Recovery Goodwill Non-cash Impact
Events Excellence Committee
Exceptions Full Retroactive Application Followed Exchange Controls
Exchange Differences Translation Foreign Operations Exchange Rate
Exchange Rate Risk Exchange Rates
Executive Plan Executives Vice-presidents
Exemption Business Combination Exemption Measuring Employee Benefits
Exemption Presenting Cummulative Translation Adjustments Exemption Presenting Cumulative Translation Difference
Exemption Presenting Fair Value Fixed Assets Acquisition Cost Exemption Presenting Fair Value Property Plant Equipment Acquisition
Exemption Related Classification Financial Instruments Exemption Related Initial Measuring Share-based Payments
Exemption Related Initial Measuring Stock-based Payments Exemption Related Measurement Compound Financial Instruments
Exemption Related Recognition Interests Subsidiaries Jointly-controlled Entities Associates Exemption Related Recognition Interests Subsidiaries Jointly-owned Affiliated Companies
Exemptions Full Retrospective Application Chosen Exemptions Listing Standards Audit Committees
Exercise Option Expansion Technological Update Ouro Branco Mill
Expedito Luz Expiration Option
Export Export Levels
Export Receivables Notes Export Receivables Notes Issued Gerdau Açominas
Exports Exports Imports
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Non-quoted Financial Instruments
Fair Value Unquoted Derivative Financial Instruments Fair Value Unquoted Financial Instruments
Family Relationship Family Relationships
Fargo Iron Metal Farrapos 1811 Porto Alegre Rio Grande Sul Brazil
Federal Income Tax Considerations Federal Public Service
Filipe Affonso Ferreira Financial Agreements
Financial Expense Income Foreign Exchange Gains Losses Net Financial Expenses Income Foreign Exchange Gains Losses Net
Financial Guarantee Contracts Financial Guarantees
Financial Income Financial Instruments Assets
Financial Instruments Derivatives Financial Instruments Investments
Financial Investments Financial Result
Financial Revenues Expenses Exchange Variations Gains Losses Derivatives Financial Statements
Financial Strength Financial Structure Acquisition Chaparral
Financial Transactions Financing Chaparral Acquisition
Financing Macsteel Acquisition Fixed Assets
Flat Products Floating Fix
Following Provides Reconciliation Fsp Benefit Obligation Foreign Currency Sensitivity Analysis
Foreign Exchange Risk Foreign Exchange Variations Between Dollar Currencies Countries Operates
Foreign Operations Form 20-f
Former Co-steel Plan Forwards
Francesco SavÉrio Merlini Frederico Carlos Gerdau Johannpeter
Functional Reporting Currency Fundo Garantia Por Tempo Serviço
Fundo Investimento Social Gain Change Interest Gerdau Ameristeel Investment
Gate City Rebar Inc General
General Comments General Conditions
General Considerations General Information
General Information Independent Accountants Geraldo Toffanello
Gerdau Gerdau Acquires Steel Mexico
Gerdau Ameristeel Gerdau Ameristeel Corp
Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation-
Gerdau Ameristeel Debt Gerdau Ameristeel Inc Plans
Gerdau Ameristeel Plans Gerdau Ameristeel Reinforces Corporate Governance Structure Search Competitiveness
Gerdau Ameristeel Senior Notes Secured Credit Facility Gerdau Ameristeel Signs Agreements Labor Union
Gerdau Ameristeel Signs Labor Agreements Gerdau AmÉrica Sul ParticipaÇÕes
Gerdau Aza Gerdau Aza Aceros Cox
Gerdau AÇominas Gerdau Açominas
Gerdau Açominas Adherence Ethical Guidelines Gerdau Açominas Aza
Gerdau Açominas Aços Longos Especiais Comercial Gerdau Açominas Aços Longos Especiais Comercial Sipar Aceros
Gerdau Açominas Aços Longos Especiais Comercial Villares Gerdau Aços Especiais
Gerdau Aços Especiais Corporación Sidenor Gerdau Aços Longos
Gerdau Aços Longos Açominas Especiais Comercial Gerdau Aços Longos Comercial
Gerdau Aços Longos Especiais Comercial Gerdau Brand
Gerdau Celebrates Participant Capital Markets Gerdau Chile Inversiones Ltda
Gerdau Comercial AÇos Gerdau Comercial Aços
Gerdau Commemorates Participant Capital Markets Gerdau Condensed Consolidated Interim Statement Comprehensive Income Dollars
Gerdau Executive Committee Gerdau Group
Gerdau Gtl México Gerdau Inaugurates New Mini-mill
Gerdau Initiates Share Buy Back Program Gerdau Investment Grade
Gerdau Laisa Gerdau Macsteel Holdings Inc
Gerdau Macsteel Inc Gerdau Macsteel Inc Quanex Corporation
Gerdau Now Investment Grade Gerdau Operating Segments
Gerdau Operations Brazil Gerdau Plan
Gerdau Riograndense Unit National Quality Award Winner Gerdau Subsidiaries
Gerdau´s Corporate Governance Development Germano Hugo Gerdau Johannpeter
Global Crises Subsequent Economic Slowdowns Adversely Affect Demand Global Risks
Global Steel Industry 2008 Goodwill
Goodwill Impairment Assessment Goodwill Impairment Test
Gross Margin Gross Revenue
Gross Revenues Gross Sales Revenue
Group Companies Grupo Feld
Grupo Feld Gerdau Gtl México Grupo Gerdau
Gsb Acero Gsb Aceros
Guarantee Indebtedness Guaranteed Perpetual Notes
Guaranteed Perpetual Notes Senior Guaranteed Perpetual Senior Securities
Guarantees Guarantees Granted
Guarantees Offered Guaranties
Head Office Health Safety
Hearon Steel Held Trading
Higher Steel Scrap Prices Reduction Supply Adversely Affect Highlights
Highlights 2007 History Development
Ias -related Party Disclosures Ias Borrowing Costs
Ias Consolidated Separate Financial Statements Ias Financial Instruments Recognition Measurement
Ias Financial Instruments Recognition Measurement Ifrs Disclosures Ias Ifric Embedded Derivatives
Ias Ifrs Classification Rights Issues Amendment Ias Presentation Financial Statements
Identification Ifric 13- Customer Loyalty Programs
Ifric 14- Ias Limit Defined Benefit Asset Minimum Ifric Agreements Construction Real Estate
Ifric Agreements Construction Real State Ifric Applying Restatement Approach Ias Financial Reporting Hyperinflationary
Ifric Customer Loyalty Programmes Ifric Customer Loyalty Programs
Ifric Distributions Non-cash Assets Owners Ifric Group Treasury Share Transactions
Ifric Hedges Net Investment Foreign Operation Ifric Ias Limit Defined Benefit Asset Minimum Funding
Ifric Interim Financial Reporting Impairment Ifric Reassessment Embedded Derivatives
Ifric Scope Ifrs Ifric Service Concession Arrangements
Ifric Transfers Assets Customers Ifrs
Ifrs Additional Exemptions First-time Adopters Ifrs Annual Improvements 2008
Ifrs Annual Improvements 2009 Ifrs Business Combinations
Ifrs Financial Instruments Disclosures Ifrs Ias
Ifrs Operating Segments Ifrs Share-based Payment
Impact Inflation Fluctuations Exchange Rates Impairment Assets
Impairment Financial Assets Impairment Goodwill
Impairment Investments Impairment Test Assets Indefinite Useful Life
Important Events Development Business Imposto Renda Pessoa Jurídica
Imposto Sobre Circulação Mercadorias Serviços Improvements Gerdau Riograndense Cearense Units
Incentive Plans Includes Minimum Lease Payment Obligations Equipment Real Property
Income Social Contribution Taxes Income Tax Reconciliation
Income Tax Social Contribution Net Income Taxes
Increases Iron Ore Coal Prices Reduction Market Supply Increases Iron Ore Coal Prices Reductions Market Supply
Increases Steel Scrap Prices Reduction Supply Adversely Affect Indebtedness
Independent Members Inflation Government Actions Combat Contribute Significantly Economic Uncertainty
Information Extent Dependence Information Please Contact
Information Reporting Backup Withholding Instituto Nacional Seguridade Social
Insurance Insurance Claim
Insurance Dispute Insurance Not Audited
Insurance Not Reviewed Insured Amounts
Intangible Assets Integrated Facilities
Integrated Process Interest Capital
Interest Capital Stock Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Sensitivity Analysis Interest Rate Swap
Interests Experts Counsel Introduction
Inventories Investment Affiliates
Investment Cost Method Investment Funds Administration
Investments Investments Affiliates
Investments Associate Companies Investments Cost
Investments Deferred Charges Investments Environmental Protection
Investments Jointly-controlled Entities Investments Jointly-owned Subsidiaries Joint Ventures
Investments Per Region Investments Subsidiaries
Investments Subsidiaries Affiliates Investments Subsidiaries Associated Companies
Investments Subsidiary Associated Companies Investor Relations
Investor Relations Officer Investor Relations Officer Mail Address
Iron Ore Jointly-controlled Entities
Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter Judicial Deposits
Jure Kalyani Gerdau Steel Ltd Sjk Plant Limited
Kerspe Empreendimentos Participações Ltda Klaus Gerdau Johannpeter
Labor Contingencies Labor Provisions
Latibex Madrid Stock Exchange Latin America
Latin America Except Brazil Latin America Operation
Latin American Operation Latin American Operations Excluding Brazil
Layoffs Labor Force Generated Severance Costs Such Reoccur Lease Contracts
Legal Contingencies Legal Proceedings
Legal Proceedings Contingent Liabilities Legal Reserve
Legal Reserve- Less Expensive Imports Other Countries North America Adversely
Liabilities Limited Reviews
Lines Credit Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Risk Liquidity Senior Facility
Liquidity Trading Stock Exchanges List Exhibits
List Products Listen
Loans Loans Financing
Logistics Long Steel Brazil Operation
Long Term Long-lived Assets
Long-term Debt Long-term Debt Excluding Debentures Denominated Brazilian
Long-term Debt Excluding Debentures Denominated Brazilian Reais Long-term Debt Gerdau Ameristeel
Loss Economic Value Assets Impairment Lti Plan
Luxfin Participation Maco Metalúrgica Ltda
Main Capital Expenditure Currently Progress Major Shareholders
Major Shareholders Related-party Transactions Management Believes Realization Certain Contingent Assets Possible However
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Report Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Manoel Vitor MendonÇa Filho Margusa
Mario Longhi Filho Market Participants
Markets Material Contracts
Material Effect Material Effects Government Regulation
Material Effects Government Regulations Material Modifications Rights Security Holders Proceeds
Material Tangible Fixed Assets Meeting Formalization
Members Memorandum Articles Association
Metallic Inputs Metalúrgica Gerdau
Metalúrgica Gerdau Ibovespa Methodology Assumptions Used Estimate Grant-date Fair Value
Metro Recycling Mexico
Mills Mine Exploitation Permission
Mine Operating License Mini-mills
Minimis Mining Rights
Ministério Público Federal Minas Minute Board Directors Extraordinary Meeting Held Headquarters Rio
Mission Most Icms
Multi-employer Pension Plans Multisteel Business Holdings
Multisteel Business Holdings Corp MÁrcio Pinto Ramos
National Electrical Power Agency Aneel Transfers Hydroelectric Complex Nationality Dutch
Nature Preferred Adrs Federal Income Tax Purposes Negotiation Covenant Reset
Nestor Mundstock Net Income
Net Investment Hedge Net Profit
Net Revenue Net Sales
Net Sales Revenue Net Sales Revenue Per Ton
Net Sales Revenue Per Ton Metric Net Sales Revenues
New Downstream Units New Ifrs Interpretations Ifric International Financial Reporting Committee
New Mill Araçariguama São Paulo New Mill Paulo
New Specialty Steel Mill Rio Janeiro New York Stock Exchange
Nexi Non Deliverable Forwards
Non-operating Income Non-operating Result
North America North American Environmental Legislation
North American Operation North American Operations Excluding Mexico
North American Plans North American Steel Industry
North Star Assets Not Successfully Integrate Businesses Management Operations Products Achieve
Not Successfully Integrate Businesses Management Operations Products Realize Notice Market
Nova Iorque Nuevos Soles
Nyse Nyse Base 100
Objectives Program Obligations Provisions
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer Listing Details
Officers Officers Directors
Operating Expenses Operating Income
Operating Leases Operating Results
Operational Corporate Reorganization Operations
Operations Brazil Operations Derivative Financial Instruments
Operations Energy-intensive Energy Shortages Higher Prices Adverse Affect Operations Energy-intensive Energy Shortages Price Increases Adversely Affect
Operations Europe Operations North America
Operations South America Opinion Board Auditors
Optimization Capacities Options Minority Interest Consolidated Subsidiaries
Oscar Paula Bernardes Neto Osvaldo Burgos Schirmer
Osvaldo Schirmer Other
Other Available Sale Securities Other Benefits
Other Brazilian Taxes Other Businesse
Other Businesses Other Claims
Other Contingencies Other Contingent Tax Liabilities Probability Losses Possible Remote
Other Credits Other Current Long-term Assets Liabilities
Other Current Non Assets Liabilities Other Current Non-current Assets Liabilities
Other Income Other Inputs
Other Intangible Assets Other Investments
Other Long Lived Assets Impairment Test Other Operating Expenses
Other Operating Income Other Operating Income Expense
Other Operating Income Expenses Net Other Post-employment Benefits
Other Provisions Other Reserves
Other Retirement Termination Benefits Outlook
Output Outsourced Correspond Employees Third-party Service Providers Gerdau Provide
Overview Overview International Steel Industry
Ownership Structure Pacific Coast Steel Inc Bay Area Reinforcing
Part Contingencies Correspond Tax Matters Most Important Provision Participate
Passive Foreign Investment Rules Paulo Fernando Bins Vasconcellos
Payment Dividends Payment Interest Capital Stock
Pension Funding Obligations Included Per Actuarial Computations Party Pension Other Post-retirement Benefits
Pension Plan Pension Plan Defined Contribution
Pension Plans Pension Post-employment Benefits
Pension Post-retirement Benefits Performance
Performance 2009 Period Validity
Peru Pfic Rules
Pig Iron Sponge Plan Status 2005
Plan Status 2006 Policy Derivatives
Policy Determining Fair Value Pontas Paris
Porto Alegre Rio Grande Sul Brazil Cep 90220-005 Portuguese
Possible Losses Tax Matters Provision Was Recorded Possible Remote Losses Tax Matters Provision Was Recorded
Post-employment Benefits Post-employment Defined Benefit Pension Plan
Post-employment Defined Contribution Pension Plan Post-employment Health Care Benefit Plan
Preferred Shares Preferred Shares Par Value Per Share
Preferred Stock Presentation Financial Statements
Presentation Interim Financial Statements Presentation Quarterly Information
Press Release Price Charge Conditions
Price Information Price Risk
Price Risk Commodities Prices Charges
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Markets Competes
Principles Consolidation Pro Forma
Pro Forma Acquisition Adjustments Pro Forma Consolidated Information
Pro Forma Financials Pro-forma Disclosures
Pro-forma Financial Data Probable Losses Tax Matters Provision Was Recorded
Processes Production Apparent Demand Crude Steel Tonnes
Production Apparent Demand Long Steel Tonnes Production Costs
Production Inputs Production Process
Products Profile
Profit Profit Sharing
Programa Recuperação Property Plant Equipment
Property Plant Equipment Net Proportionate Consolidation
Proposed Merger Provision Contingencies
Provision Impairment Long-lived Assets Provision Income Taxes
Provision Information Per Segment Provision Recovery Long-lived Assets
Provision Taxes Income Provisions Contingent Obligations
Purchase Plan Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purchases Issuer Equity Securities Put Options Minority Interest
Quality Control Quanex Corporation
Raw Materials Re-bars Inc
Reais Real
Reals Receivables
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Developments
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Reclassifications
Recognition Sales Recognition Sales Revenues
Recomposição Tarifária Extraordinária Recomposição Tarifária Extraordinária-
Reconciliation Between Ifrs Brgaap Reconciliation Between Ifrs Gaap
Recorded Recorded Assets Related Judicial Lawsuits
Rectificadora Del Vallés Reference Auditor
Registered Capital Regulation Brazilian Securities Market
Regulation Brazilian Securities Markets Regulation Foreign Investment Brazil
Related Parties Related-party Transactions
Relevant Fact Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16
Report Independent Accountants Limited Reviews Report Independent Auditors
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Internal Control
Repurchase Shares Research Development Patents Licences Etc
Reserva Investimentos Capital Giro Reserve Contingencies
Resolution 2008 Restrictive Measures Trade Steel Products Affect Business Increasing
Results Results Unconsolidated Companies
Retail Retained Earnings Reserves
Retirement Executive Revenue Recognition
Revenues Revenues Gerdau Arise Basically Investments Subsidiary Associated Companies
Ricardo Gehrke Riograndense
Risk Management Objectives Strategies Risk Rating
Risks Relating Brazil Rolled Products
Rolling Mill São Paulo Royalties
Safe Harbor Sales Terms Credit Policy
Sand Springs Metal Processors Santa Felicidade Com Imp Exp Produtos SiderÚrgicos Ltda
Sar Plan Sarbanes-oxley Sox Certification
Schedule Scrap
Seasonality Business Seasonality Main Business
Secretaria Acompanhamento Econômico Secretaria Direito Econômico
Secretary-general Securities Reporting Obligation Pursuant Act
Segment Information Seiva
Seiva Florestas Indústrias Selling General Administrative Expenses
Semi-integrated Process Mini-mills Senior Liquidity Facility
Senior Notes Senior Notes Secured Credit Facility
Senior Secured Credit Facility Sensitive Analysis Currency Swaps Ndfs Non Deliverable Forwards
Sensitive Analysis Interest Rate Swaps Sensitivity Analysis Changes Sales Price Products Raw Materials
Share Capital Share Liquidity
Share Purchase Obligations Share-based Payment
Shareholders Shares Included Program
Sheffield Steel Corporation Shipments
Shipments Product Line Short Long-term Debts
Short Long-term Investments Short-term Debt
Short-term Debt Current Portion Long-term Short-term Debt Plus Current Portion Long-term Debentures
Short-term Investments Sidelpa
Sidelpa Gerdau Aza Siderperú Siderúrgica Zuliana Gtl Mexico Siderperú
Siderúrgica Guaíra Siderúrgica Riograndense
Siderúrgica Zuliana Signatures
Significant Accounting Practices Significant Changes
Significant Events Affecting Financial Performance 2005 Significant Events Affecting Financial Performance 2006
Sinosure Sipar
Sipar Aceros Sipar Aceros Diaco Sidelpa Gerdau Aza
Sipar Aceros Diaco Sidelpa Gerdau Aza Debt Sipar Aceros Diaco Sidelpa Gerdau Aza Siderperú Siderúrgica
Sipar Gerdau Inversiones Sirleu JosÉ Protti
Sizuca Siderúrgica Zuliana Sjk Steel
Sjk Steel Plant Limited Sociedade Anônima
Society Sources Availability
South America Except Brazil Specialty Steel
Specialty Steel Mill Rio Janeiro Specialty Steel Operation
Specialty Steel Products Stakeholder Plan
Statement Statement Experts
Statements Income Statutory Records
Statutory Reserve Statutory Reserve-
Steel Steel Industry
Steel Industry North America Steel Llc
Steel Scrap Stock Based Compensation Plans
Stock Bonus Stock Buyback
Stock Dividend Stock-based Compensation
Stock-based Payment Stockholders Equity
Strategic Alliance Colombia Strategic Shareholding Corporación Sidenor
Strategy Excellence Committees Subject Following Insurance-related Claims Disputes
Subscribed Capital Alterations Current Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Summary Amounts Recognized Balance Sheet Summary Changes Fixed Assets
Summary Changes Property Plant Equipment Summary Special Conditions Relating Directors Officers
Supplemental Information Reconciliation Equity Net Income Between Gaap Suppliers
Support Excellence Committees São Paulo Stock Exchange Brasil
Tampa 2007 Tax Contingencies
Tax Incentives Tax Legal Contingencies
Tax Provisions Tax Social Contributions Payable
Taxa Juros Longo Prazo Taxation
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Distributions
Taxation Dividends Taxation Gains
Taxes Taxes Payable
Technological Update Ouro Branco Mill Technology
Technology Quality Control Ten-year Bonds Investment Financing
Ten-years Bonds Term Loan Facility
Term Loan Facility Financing Investments Terms Sales
Terms Sales Credit Policy Thyssen Huette
Total Capital Expenditures 16829 Total Capital Expenditures 3125
Total Capital Expenditures 7567 Total Capital Expenditures 7768
Total Purchase Price Considered Acquisitions 2007 Trade Accounts Receivable
Trade Accounts Receivable Net Trade Investigations Government Protectionism
Trading Trading Bovespa
Trading Securities Transaction Subject Approval Quanex Corporations Shareholders Other Customary
Transactions Balances Translation Foreign Currency Balances
Transparency Equity Investor Relations Transportation
Treasury Stock Treasury Stock-
Trefilados Bonati Trefilados Urbina Trefusa
Trend Information Unable Reduce Financial Leverage Increase Cost Capital Adversely
Unable Reduce Financial Leverage Increase Cost Capital Turn Unrecognized Contingent Tax Assets
Unresolved Sec Staff Comments Uruguay
Useful Lives Long-lived Assets Valley Places Inc
Valuation Adjustments Valuation Assets Acquired Liabilities Assumed Business Combinations
Variations Foreign Exchange Rates Between Dollar Currencies Countries Vendor Financing
Venezuela Vice Chairmen
Vice Chairmen 2007 Vice Presidents
Vice Presidents 2006 Vice-presidents
Vicente Gabilondo Hijos Working Capital
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