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Absence Undisclosed Liabilities Access Service Offerings
Accounting Income Taxes Accounts Receivable
Acknowledgment Form Acquired Assets
Acquisition Acquisition Funtown
Acquisition G-music Acquisitions
Actions Prior Closing Date Actions Seller Buyers After Closing
Active Users Last Adoption New Laws Changes Application Existing Relating Internet
Advertising Affiliated Transaction
Agreement Alfy Settlement
Alfy Settlement Agreement Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Amendment Amendment End User License Agreement
Amendments Articles Association Among
Anti-takeover Provisions Singapore Securities Futures Act Chapter 289 Antitrust Laws
Application Critical Accounting Policies Approval Appointment Independent Auditors
Arcade Games Asian Online Games Business
Asset Purchase Sale Agreement Dated 2006 Between Hoshin Asset Sale Purchase Agreement Dated 2005 Between Gigamedia
Assets Purchase Sale Agreement Assumptions
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Audits
Authorization Available
Avatars Background
Basis Presentation Beneficial Ownership
Benefits Exclusive Agreements Certain Cable Partners Substantially Diminished Best Method Limited
Best-ever Board Practices
Board Shareholders Meeting Books Records
Bribery Foreign Officials Broadband Isp Business
Broadband Isp Business Entertainment Software Depend Reliability Network Broadband Network Cable Adsl
Business Arrangements Business Outlook
Business Overview Business Strategic Alliance
Business Strategy Contemplates Growth Through Acquisitions Strategic Investments Business Suffer Not Successfully Manage Current Growth Potential
Business Unit Results Businesses Face Intense Competition Adversely Affect Revenues Profitability
Cable Regulation Taiwan Capital Expenditures
Carmen Media Group Cash Equivalents
Certain Terms Certifications
Change Reporting Currency Basis Presentation Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Charitable Government Other Outside Activities Chengwei China Investment
China Life Insurance Ltd China Trust Commercial Bank
Chinese Chess Chinese Poker
Class Action Classification Marketable Securities
Classified Passive Foreign Investment Federal Income Tax Purposes Closing
Closing Conditions Code Business Conduct Ethics
Code Ethics Commitments Contingencies
Compensation Competition
Compliance Law Compliance Laws
Comprehensive Income Loss Computer Communication Resources
Conditions Investors Obligations Closing Conference Call Webcast
Confidential Information Confidentiality
Conflict Violation Conflicts Interest
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Financial Results
Consolidated Results Operations Consolidation Uim Fin
Conspiracies Collaborations Among Competitors Contingencies
Contracts Commitments Controlling Shareholder Significant Influence Determining Outcome Corporate Transaction
Controls Procedures Copyright Compliance
Corporate Governance Wretch After Capital Increase Cash Corporate Opportunities
Covenants Covenants Key Shareholders
Credit Risk Critical Accounting Policies
Currently Clear Laws Regulations Greater China Governing Virtual Customer Service
Customer Service Billing Customer Support Services
Data Backbone Date Agreement
Defects Entertainment Software Application Services Harm Reputation Thus Deferred Assets
Defined Benefit Pension Plan Defined Contribution Pension Plan
Delivery Pledged Stocks Depend Key Personnel Business Growth Prospects Severely Disrupted
Did Receive Proxy Statement Difficulty Addressing Threats Business Associated Home Copying Internet
Directors Discipline Violations
Disclosure Regarding Forward-looking Statements Discuss Acquisition Funtown
Discussions Results Operations Disposal Pledge Stocks
Disposal Subsidiary Distribution Issues
Divestiture Dividend Policy
Dividend Rights Dividends
Dividends Subsidiaries Taiwan Documents Display
Drives Record Operating Income Drugs Alcohol
Earnings Loss Per Share Economic Risks Associated Doing Business Taiwan Particularly Due
Efforts Improve Performance Music Distribution Business Unsuccessful Employee Share Option Plans
Employee Share Purchase Plan Employees
End User License Agreement End User License Agreement Dated 2004 Among Iml
End-user License Agreement Dated 2004 Between Iml Uim Entertainment Business Poker Traditional Gaming Software
Entertainment Software Business Entertainment Software Business Online Casual Games Broadband Isp
Entertainment Software Business Sole Licensee Adverse Effect Material Entertainment Software Business Sole Licensee Adverse Effect Revenues
Entertainment Software Revenues Derived Uim Turn Derives End Equal Employment Opportunity Non-discrimination
Estimates Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Everest Poker Continues Strong Momentum Exchange Controls
Exchange Rates Excluded Assets
Existing Existing 104
Existing 108 Existing 111
Existing 115 Existing 117
Existing 119 Existing 129 Headnote Capitalisation Profits Reserves
Existing 130 Existing 144
Expected Monster Hit 2007 Explanatory
Extends Wretch Partnership Yahoo Taiwan Face Risks Changing Consumer Preferences Uncertainty Market Acceptance
Failure Achieve Maintain Effective Internal Control Material Adverse Fair Dealing
Fair Value Financial Instruments Family Members Working Industry
Federal Income Tax Considerations Holders Fin
Financial Highlights Financial Information
Financial Interests Other Businesses Financial Results
Financial Statements Flagship Studios
Fluctuations Exchange Rates Between Dollar Other Currencies Business Fluctuations Exchange Rates Between Dollar Other Currencies Conduct
Foreign Currency Exchange Foreign Currency Risk
Form Officer Certificate Framework Approaching Questions Problems
Free Encumbrances Friends Family
Full 2005 Full 2006
Full-year Quarterly Figures Funtown
Gains Disposal Shares Gamania Digital Entertainment Ltd
Gaming Software Business Gathering Information Competitors
General General Provisions
Geographic Information Gigamedia
Gigamedia 1q06 Consolidated Financial Results Gigamedia 2q05 Consolidated Financial Results
Gigamedia 2q06 Consolidated Financial Results Gigamedia 3q05 Consolidated Financial Results
Gigamedia 3q06 Consolidated Financial Results Gigamedia 4q05 Consolidated Financial Results
Gigamedia Completes Funtown Acquisition Gigamedia Fy05 Consolidated Financial Results
Goodwill Governing Law
Grant License Hanbitsoft Inc
Hgcs Right Due Diligence Review High-margin Online Entertainment Business
Highlights Highlights 2005 Results
Highlights 2006 Results Highlights 2q05 Results
Highlights Full-year 2005 Results Highlights Full-year 2006 Results
History Development History Losses Cannot Assure Not Incur Substantial Future
Impairment Goodwill Impairment Intangible Assets
Impairment Long-lived Assets Impairment Loss Property Plant Equipment
Implementation Code Improper Personal Benefits
Income Taxes Indemnification
Indemnity Independent Auditors Report
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Index
Industry Overview Inflation
Infocomm Asia Holdings Pte Ltd Information Inspection Rights
Information Legal Arbitration Proceedings Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Information System Infrastructure Design Services
Infringement Dispute Resolution Insider Trading
Insolvency Insurance
Intangible Assets Goodwill Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Proprietary Rights Intellectual Property Rights Others
Interest Interest Rate Risks
Interest Rate Sensitivity Internet Access Revenue Adsl Cable Modem
Internet Access Revenues Internet Access Revenues Cable Modem Adsl
Inventories Inventories Net
Inventories-net Inventory
Investigations Suspected Violations Investments Subsidiaries
Issuance Additional Preferred Shares J-town Information Technology Ltd
Joins Gigamedia Labor Matters
Leading Online Sports Game Operator China Liable Breaches Security Web Sites Fraudulent Transactions Users
License Fees Software Royalties Licensee
Licensee Entertainment Software Depends Credit Card Transactions Substantial Limitation Liability
Limited Operating History Entertainment Software Provider Online Casual Liquidation Distribution
Liquidation Rights Liquidity Capital Resources
List Exhibits List Key Shareholders
Litigation Lobbying Activities
Mahjong Major Customers
Major Shareholders Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Management Information System Marketable Securities
Marketable Securities Current Marketable Securities Non-current
Marketable Securities Noncurrent Marketable Securities-current
Marketable Securities-noncurrent Marketing
Markets Markets Access Services
Markets Broadband Isp Business Entertainment Software Characterized Rapid Markets Principal Businesses Characterized Rapid Technological Change Failure
Material Contracts Meeting Shared Obligations
Members Gigamedia Limited Memorandum Articles Association
Merchandise Inventory Minority Interest
Miscellaneous Modification Rights
Music Distribution Business Nature Music Industry Impact Technological Innovations Prevalence Piracy
Need Additional Capital Future Not Available Acceptable Terms Net Profit Us99 Q-o-q
New 141a New Headnote Treasury Shares
Non-gaap Measures Notes Accounts Receivable Net
Notes Accounts Receivable-net Notice
Notices Now Therefore Consideration Mutual Promises Covenants Conditions Hereinafter
Now Therefore Consideration Premises Mutual Agreements Covenants Hereinafter Numbers Release
Objectives Certain Undertakings Obligation Wretch Shareholders
One-time Gain Expected Online Entertainment Business Everest Poker Traditional Gaming Software
Online Entertainment Business Mahjong Asian Casual Games Online Entertainment Business Poker Traditional Gaming Software
Online Entertainment Leader Carmen Media Group Online Gaming Relatively New Industry Therefore Not Know
Operating Income Jumps Q-over-q Operating Leases
Operating Results Operating Results Financial Condition Affected General Economic Conditions
Operational Highlights Option Plan
Ordinary Resolution Ordinary Resolutions
Ordinary Shares Ordinary Shares Par Value Nt10 Per Share
Organization Organization Buyers
Organizational Structure Organized Industrial Piracy Lead Decreased Sales
Other Agreements Sell Acquired Assets Other Business Legacy Broadband Isp
Other Businesses Broadband Isp Business Other Current Liabilities
Other Fees Other Forms Harassment
Other Market Risk Other Matter
Other Matters Other Revenues
Other Services Outlook 2006 Revenue Over
Outside Employment Activities Competitor Outside Employment Customer Supplier
Overview Part
Partners Top Community Blog Site Party Service Fee Methods Payment
Passive Foreign Investment Rules Payment Delivery Closing
Payment Terms Penalties
Pension Benefits Performa Financial Statements
Permits Consents Approvals Plan Attend Meeting Still Vote Proxy
Player Clubs Players
Pledge Agreement Political Contributions Activities
Pre-emptive Right Price Shares Been Volatile Historically Continue Make Difficult
Pricing Distribution Payment Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Privacy
Products Prohibition Assignment Transfer Sub-pledge
Prohibition Gifts Government Officials Employees Property Plant Equipment
Proposal Adoption Audited Accounts Proposal Approval Alteration Articles Association
Proposal Approval Authority Allot Issue Shares Proposal Approval Directors Remuneration
Proposal Approval Re-appointment Auditors Proposal Approval Share Purchase Mandate
Proposal Shareholder Approval Adopt Gigamedia Limited 2006 Equity Proposed Alteration
Proposed Alterations Proposed Alterations 104
Proposed Alterations 108 Proposed Alterations 111
Proposed Alterations 115 Proposed Alterations 117
Proposed Alterations 129 Proposed Alterations 130
Proposed Alterations 144 Proposed Alterations Articles Association
Proprietary Rights Protection Proper Assets
Protective Provisions Proxy Form
Proxy Get Voted Proxy Solicitation
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Purchase Sale Agreement Dated 2005 Between Hoshin Gigamedia
Purchase Sale Assets Purchase Sale Target Shares
Purchasing Distribution Put Option
Put-call Option Agreement Put-call Option Agreement Dated 2005 Between Hoshin Gigamedia
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarter-over-quarter
Quarterly Figures Rapidly Growing Regional Market
Real Property Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recitals Reclassification
Reconciliation Net Income Ebitda Reconciliations Non-gaap Results Operations
Record Retention Redemption Right
Regulation Online Gaming Industry Substantial Impact Uims Business Regulation Relating Online Gaming
Regulations Relating Online Casual Games Taiwan Related Parties Relationships
Related Party Transactions Remainder Page Left Intentionally Blank
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Currency Foreign Translation
Reporting Responsibilities Procedures Reporting Violations
Reports Regarding Accounting Issues Representation Warranties Buyers
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Buyers
Representations Warranties Hgc Shareholders Representations Warranties Investor
Representations Warranties Relation Seller Representations Warranties Seller
Representations Warranties Wretch Shareholders Research Development Intellectual Property
Respecting Another Responding Inquiries Press Others
Responsibility Organization Restricted Cash
Results Continuing Operations Results Operations Subject Significant Fluctuations
Results Operations Subject Significant Fluctuations Adversely Affect Business Retirement Plan
Retirement Plan Net Periodic Pension Cost Return Pledged Stocks
Revenue Recognition Revenues Non-us Markets
Revoke Proxy Right Gigamedia Gil
Rights Created Safety Workplace
Sale Adsl Business Sales
Sales Marketing Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule Schedule 3116 List Litigations
Schedule Key Shareholders Scope Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Scope Party Services Seasonality
Securities Registered Pursuant Exchange Act Seeking Guidance
Sega Corporation Segmental Results
Selected Financial Data Series Preferred Share Purchase Agreement
Service Agreement Service Agreement Dated 2006 Between Hoshin Gigamedia Webs-tv
Service Conditions Disclaimer Services
Settlement Agreement Dated 2003 Among Emi Gigamusiccom Gigamedia Sexual Other Forms Harassment
Shanghai Entertainment Ltd Share Capital
Share Option Plan Share Ownership Directors Executive Officers
Share Purchase Agreement Share Purchase Agreement Dated 2005 Between Gigamedia Nextbase
Share Purchase Agreement Dated 2006 Between Gigamedia China Share Purchase Plan
Share Subscription Right Agreement Share-based Payment
Shareholders Equity Share Options Shareholders Meetings
Shares Voting Stock Outstanding Short-term Loans
Signature Signature Page Follows
Signatures Significant Changes
Singapore Singapore 048424
Singapore Because Rights Shareholders Law Differ Those Difficulty Singapore Estate Duty
Social Games Social Networking
Software Cost Software Licensing On-line Entertainment Revenues
Software Licensing Online Entertainment Revenues Sources Products Services
Special Resolution Stamp Duty
Statement Directors Stock Purchase Agreement Dated 2004 Among Gigamedia International
Stock Purchase Agreement Dated 2004 Between Cesl Previously Stock-based Compensation
Stores Strategic Investment Agreement T2cn
Strategic Partnership Agreement Strategic Partnership Agreement Dated 2006 Between T2cn Gigamedia
Subject Claims Intellectual Property Right Infringement Limited Protection Subject Heightened Scrutiny Taiwans Fair Trade Due Sizeable
Subject Risks Associated Entertainment Software Business Conducted Non-us Subject Roc Alternative Minimum Tax Act
Subject Singapore Taxes Subscription Right Hgc
Subscription Rights Agreement Dated 2006 Between Hoshin Gigamedia Subscription Rights Purchase Shares Wretch
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiary Subsidiary Information
Subsidiarys Ability Distribute Dividends Subject Restrictions Laws Singapore Subsidiarys Ability Distribute Dividends Subject Restrictions Singapore Taiwan
Sufficiency Acquired Assets Sufficient Funds
Support T2cn
T2cn Information Technology Shanghai Ltd T2cn Strategic Investment
Table Contents Table Games
Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations Taipei Taiwan Roc
Takeovers Tax Fees
Tax Matters Taxation
Taxation Dividends Taxation Dividends Received Singapore Resident Shareholders
Technology Infrastructure Telecommunications Regulation Taiwan
Term Termination Termination
Theodora Lim Rern Sing Title Acquired Assets
Tournaments Trademarks
Transaction Costs Transaction Processing Design Services
Transactions Affiliates Not Benefit Harm Transfer Shares
Treatment Complaints Retention Records Regarding Accounting Issues Trend Information
Unauthorized Intellectual Property Parties Expenses Incurred Protecting Rights Undetected Programming Errors Defects Software Services Games Proliferation
United Advertising Ltd United States Federal Income Tax Considerations Holders
Variable Interest Entity Vote
Voting Other Business Conducted Voting Rights
Vulnerable Delays Interruptions Due Reliance Infrastructure Related Services Vulnerable Delays Interruptions Due Reliance Other Parties
Waivers Code Warranties Representations Covenants
Warranty Weapons Workplace Violence
What Vote Worldwide Legal Regulatory Environment Entertainment Software Business Operates
Wretch Xvi Miscellaneous
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