Topic Listing for Gilead Sciences

Ability Successfully Manufacture Commercialize Aztreonam Inhalation Approved Depend Ability Successfully Manufacture Commercialize Aztreonam Inhalation Solution Approved
Ability Successfully Manufacture Commercialize Aztreonam Lysine Approved Depend Ability Successfully Manufacture Commercialize Aztreonam Lysine Inhalation Approved
Academic Consulting Relationships Acancies
Acceleration Award Change Control Acceptance Title
Access Developing World Access Investigation
Accounting Contingencies Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets Accounting Income Taxes
Accounting Research Development Costs Accounting Treatment
Accounts Receivable Accrued Rights Surviving Obligations
Accumulated Payroll Deductions Achillion Pharmaceuticals
Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc Acknowledgements
Acquisition Myogen Inc Acquisition Raylo Chemicals Inc
Acquisition Real Estate Acquisition Therapeutics
Acquisition Therapeutics Inc Restructuring Acquisition Triangle Pharmaceuticals Inc
Acquisition-related Transaction Costs Restructuring Expenses Acquisitions Other Transactions
Actions Activities
Actual Percentage Tibotec Such Calendar Actual Reports Times Based
Addendum Addendum Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Manufacturing Supply Agreement
Additional Agreements Representations Covenants Counterparty Etc Additional Covenants
Additional Financial Reporting Additional Important Information Atripla
Additional Important Information Truvada Additional Information Find
Additional Rent Additional Representations
Additional Termination Events Address Notices Communications Counterparty Purposes
Addresses Notices Purpose Master Agreement Address Communications Bank Addresses Notices Purpose Master Agreement Address Communications Seller
Adjustments Adjustments Changes Stock
Administration Administration Operation
Administration Respect Consultants Other Employees Administration Respect Covered Employees
Administration Respect Directors Officers Administrative Agent
Adoption 2005 Deferred Compensation Plan Adoption Majority Vote Standard Election Directors
Adoption New Accounting Guidance Adoption New Accounting Pronouncements
Adoption Sfas 123r Adverse Event Other Information Exchange
Adverse Event Reporting Safety Data Exchange Advertising Expenses
Affiliate Affiliate Sublicensee Obligations
Affirmative Covenants African Countries
After Qualifying Record Date Cumulative Voting Shall Longer Aggregated Option Exercises Last Year-end Values
Agreement Agreement Plan Merger
Agreement Sale Aiver Ppraisal Ights
Alliance Manager Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Alterations Alterations Additions Improvements
Ambisome Ambisome Severe Fungal Infections
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amendment
Amendment 2004 Equity Incentive Plan Amendment Date
Amendment Employee Stock Purchase Plan Amendment Plan
Amendment Severance Plan Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Etc Successors Assigns
Amendments Termination Anderson Cancer Center
Annex Annex Assignment Assumption
Annexes Annexes Collaboration Agreement
Announces 750 Accelerated Share Repurchase Program Annual Adjustments Account Actual Yield
Annual Bonus Annual Meeting
Annual Yield Rate Antifungal Franchise
Antiviral Franchise Antiviral Products
Api Product Shortfalls Api Replacement Costs
Appeal Administrator Appendix
Applicable Acceleration Period Applicable Laws
Applicable Percentages Appointment Authority
Appointment John Milligan Phd President Appraisal Rights
Approval Amendment Gilead Sciences Inc 2004 Equity Incentive Approval Amendment Gileads 2004 Equity Incentive Plan
Approval Amendment Gileads Restated Certificate Incorporation Increase Authorized Approval Code 162 Bonus Plan Performance-based Provisions
Approval Gilead Sciences Inc Code 162 Bonus Plan Approval Gileads Code 162 Bonus Plan Certain Performance-based
Approval Proposed Amendment 2004 Equity Incentive Plan Approval Proposed Amendment Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Approval Proposed Amendment Restated Certificate Incorporation Approved Product Once-daily Single Tablet Regimen Hiv-1 Infection
Approximately Half Product Sales Occur Outside United States Approximately Half Product Sales Occurs Outside United States
Arbitration Arbitration Notice
Arbitrator Archemix
Articipation Ithdrawal Ermination Asset Acquisition
Asset Disposal Asset Impairment
Assignment Assignment Assumption
Assignment Form Assignment Subcontract
Associate Assumptions Used Determine Self-insurance Levels Wrong Materially Impact
Astellas Pharma Inc Attachment
Attention Attornment
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Audit Fees Audit Related Fees
Audited Party Authority Reprice
Authorized Expenses Mode Timing Payment Automatic Adjustment Provisions
Automatic Termination Availability Information
Award Award Agreement
Award Determination Award Summary
Awards Back-up Right Infringement Gilead Territory
Background Background Equity Compensation
Background Equity Compensation Gilead Bank America
Base Rent Base Salary
Basic Terms Basis Presentation
Basis Pro Forma Presentation Batch Coding System
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefits Perquisites
Bill Melinda Gates Foundation Family Health International Binding Effect Choice Law
Bms Licensed Trademarks Bms Sole-promote Countries
Board Committees Meetings Board Directors
Board Directors Stockholders Gilead Sciences Inc Bonuses 2005 Base Salaries
Bonuses 2006 Base Salaries Bonuses 2007 Base Salaries
Bonuses 2008 Base Salaries Bonuses 2009 Base Salaries
Borrowings Conversions Continuations Loans Bristol-myers Squibb
Bristol-myers Squibb Forward-looking Statement Brokers
Brokers Disclosure Agency Brokers Fee
Business Highlights Buyers Remedies Prior Closing
Buyers Representations Calculation Actual Percentages
Calculation Amounts Due Gilead Pursuant 104 Calculation Annual Adjustment Account Actual Yield
Calculation Net Sales Selling Prices Calculation Working Percentages
Calendar Call Gilead Public Affairs Department 1-800-gilead-5 1-800-445-3235
Cancellation Capital Expenditure Equipment
Capital Lease Obligations Capitalization Etc
Cardiovascular Franchise Carla Hills Joins Gilead Sciences Board Directors
Cash Discounts Cash Equivalents
Cash Equivalents Marketable Securities Cash Provided Financing Activities
Cash Provided Operating Activities Cash Provided Used Financing Activities
Cash Used Financing Activities Cash Used Investing Activities
Cash-settled Awards Cause
Ccumulated Ayroll Eductions Certain Confidential Information Contained Document Marked Brackets Been
Certain Relationships Related Party Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certificate Secretary
Certification Certifications
Change Base Salary John Milligan Option Grants Certain Change Compensation Milligan
Change Control Change-in-control Option Acceleration
Changes Accounting Affect Financial Position Results Operations Changes Accounting Rules Policies Affect Financial Position Results
Changes Accounting Stock Options Significantly Reduced Continue Reduce Changes Effective Income Tax Rate Reduce Earnings
Changes Income Tax Rate Reduce Earnings Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Chief Financial Officer Compensation Arrangements
Chiron Corporation City New York Abbott Laboratories
Clinical Development Regulatory Filings Clinical Trial Accruals
Clinical Trials Code 162 Bonus Plan
Code Ethics Collaboration Develop Once-daily Antiretroviral Fixed-dose Regimen
Collaboration Guidelines Collaborations
Collaborative Arrangements Collaborative Arrangements Contracts
Collaborative Relationships Combination Product
Combination Product Sales Outside Territory Canada Europe Combined Costs
Commercial Collaborations Commercial Committee Representatives
Commercial Launch Commercial Operations
Commercial Supply Commercial Working Group Representatives
Commercialization Activities Commercialization Agreement
Commercialization Distribution Commercialization Plan
Commercialization Plan Budget Commercialize
Commitment Credit Extensions Committee
Committee Certification Determination Bonuses Committee Principles
Committees Committees Board Directors
Common Stock Common Stock 001 Par Value
Comparison Cumulative Total Return Investment Past Compensation
Compensation Arrangement Certain Officers Compensation Benchmarking
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Executive Officers Compensation Involuntary Termination Without Cause
Compensation Non-employee Directors Compensation Objectives
Compensation Retirement Compensation Termination Employment Connection Change Control
Compensation Voluntary Termination Cause Compensation Voluntary Termination Retirement Cause
Competition Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Compliance Internal Revenue Code 162 Components Executive Compensation Program
Compound Comprehensive Income
Comprehensive Income Loss Compulsory Licenses
Concentrations Risk Conclusion
Condemnation Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets
Condition Precedent Condition Termination
Conditions Award Conditions Merger
Conditions Offer Conditions Precedent
Conditions Precedent Credit Extensions Conditions Precedent Loans
Conditions Precedent Obligations Conduct Offer
Conference Call Confidential
Confidential Disclosure Agreements Confidential Information
Confidential Status Protection Technology Confidentiality
Confirmation Otc Convertible Hedge Confirmation Otc Warrant Transaction
Conflicts Consents Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Right Offer Seller Shall Obtained Written Ground Consequences Termination
Consideration Consolidation Variable Interest Entities
Construction Consultant
Consulting Agreements Contacts
Contents Contingencies
Continuous Active Service Contract Manufacturing Costs
Contract Other Revenue Contract Other Revenues
Contract Revenue Contracts
Contractual Obligations Control
Controlled Controls Procedures
Conversion Notice Conversion Shares
Convertible Senior Due 2011 Convertible Senior Due 2013
Convertible Senior Notes Convertible Subordinated Notes
Cooperation Cooperation Diligence
Corporate Authority Partnership Corporate Bonus Plan
Corporate Bonus Plan Code 162 Corporate Governance Management
Corporate Highlights Corporate Seal
Corus Pharma Corus Pharma Inc
Cost Goods Cost Goods Sold Gross Margin Percentage
Cost Goods Sold Product Gross Margin Cost Goods Sold Product Gross Margin Percentage
Cost Goods Sold Product Gross Margins Counterparty Agrees Controversies Arise Between Gsco Including Not
County Rockland Abbott Laboratories County Westchester Abbott Laboratories
Covenants Covenants Conditions
Covenants Set Forth 106 Shall Survive Closing Indefinitely Covered Employee
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Creation New Data
Credit Agreement Credit Facilities
Credit Facility Credit Risk
Credit Risks Credit Support Provider
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Judgments
Cross Reference Table Ction Ithout Eeting
Cumulative Remedies Cumulative Voting
Current Projected Purchase Prices Key Raw Materials Usd Cusip Numbers
Damage Destruction Condemnation Dart Study
Date 2005 Dated 2007
Dated 2009 Daunoxome
Dditional Ovenants Tockholder Decision-making
Deductibility Executive Compensation Default Grant License
Defaults Defective Product
Defects Product Attributable Defective Api Respect Provisions Agreement Deferral Award Payment
Deferral Elections Eligible Directors Deferral Increments
Deferral Percentages Deferral Settlement
Deferred Compensation Plans Deferred Tax Assets Liabilities
Definition Cause Definition Constructive Termination
Definition Real Property Tax Definitions
Delay Commencement Deliveries
Delivery Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Depend Relationships Other Companies Sales Marketing Performance Revenues
Deposit Derivative Financial Instruments
Designation Award Designation Beneficiary
Designation Option Countries Determination Annual Forecast Payment Term
Develop Developing Selling Multiple Products
Developing World Collaborations Development Costs
Development License Agreement Development Licensing Agreement
Development Plan Diligent Efforts
Director Director Compensation Arrangements 2005 2006
Director Emeritus Directors
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Discount Rules Related Matters Dispatch Labeling Apo
Dispute Dispute Resolution Governing Law
Dissenters Rights Distribution Benefits Participants
Distribution Global Access Programs Distribution Services
Distribution Terms Distributor Fees
Dividend Equivalent Right Dividends
Djustments Pon Hanges Tock Documents Incorporated Reference
Dollar Domestic Partner
Draft Press Release Drug Substance Excipient Specifications
Due Reliance Party Contract Research Organizations Conduct Clinical Due Reliance Third-party Contract Research Organizations Conduct Clinical
Duration Amendment Duration Amendment Termination
Duration Confidentiality Obligations Parties Shall Survive Agreement Period Each Guarantor Irrevocably Unconditionally Submits Itself Property Nonexclusive
Each Party Hereto Irrevocably Consents Service Process Manner Early Exercise
Early Occupancy Earnings Loss Per Share
Earnings Per Share Ecitals
Economic Terms Eetings
Effect Acceleration Incentive Stock Options Effect Change Control Awards
Effect Gileads Obligations Election Directors
Eligibility Eligible Employees
Emainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Emea
Emory University Emory University Emtricitabine Royalty Interest
Emory University Georgia Research Foundation Inc Emoval
Employee Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employees Employees Compensation Benefits
Emtricitabine Emtriva
Emtriva Emtricitabine Enforcement Patents
Entire Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Enure Uties Fficers Environment
Environmental Damages Environmental Requirements
Eport Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Epresentations Arranties Arent Cquisition
Epresentations Arranties Ompany Epresentations Arranties Ovenants
Epresentations Arranties Tockholder Eps 038 Per Share Percent Over 2004
Eps 041 Per Share Percent Over 2004 Eps 055 Per Share Percent Over 2005
Eps 056 Per Share Percent Over 2005 Eps 059 Full 172
Equity Compensation Equity Compensation 2006 Awards
Equity Compensation 2007 Executive Program Equity Compensation 2008 Executive Program
Equity Compensation Overview Equity Compensation Payment Performance Shares Granted 2007
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Grant Practices
Erger Erisa Compliance
Erm Irectors Ermination
Ermination Uspension Lan Ertain Efinitions
Establishment Bonuses Establishment Scope Promptly After Effective Date Parties Shall
Estimated Yield Rate Estoppel Certificates
Europe European Headquarters Relocation
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Evelopment Egulatory Ffairs Steering Committee
Events Default Remedies Evidence Debt
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Example Adjustments Pursuant
Except Per Share Amounts Exchange Stock Certificates
Excluding Purchased In-process Research Development Charge Excluding Stock-based Compensation Expense
Exclusion Warranties Indemnification Exculpatory Provisions Administrative Agent Shall Not Duties Obligations
Execution Copy Execution Corporate Instruments Voting Securities Owned Corporation
Execution Counterpart Execution Lease
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Excluding Chief Officer
Executive Compensation Philosophy Executive Compensation Philosophy Framework
Executive Officer Loan Executive Officer Loans
Executive Officers Executive Sessions
Executive Summary Exemption Landlord Liability
Exercise Exercise Award Following Termination Continuous Active Service
Exercise Purchase Price Exhibits
Existing Conditions Existing Letters Credit
Existing Liens Existing Products Subject Reimbursement Government Agencies Other Parties
Expanded Collaboration Includes Gilead Role Oversight Manufacturing Commercialization Expenses Associated Clinical Trials Cause Earnings Fluctuate Adversely
Expenses Associated Clinical Trials Sales Fluctuations Result Inventory Expenses Indemnity Damage Waiver
Expenses Not Intended Subject Adjustment Pursuant Expenses Termination Fees
Expensive Litigation Government Investigations Reduce Earnings Expensive Litigation Reduce Earnings
Explanatory Extended Lease Term
Extraordinary Events Eyetech
Eyetech Pharmaceuticals Eyetech Pharmaceuticals Inc Predecessor Osi
Eyetech Warrants Face Credit Risks European Customers Adversely Affect Results
Face Significant Competition Face Significant Liability Resulting Products Not Covered Insurance
Fail Attract Retain Highly Qualified Personnel Unable Successfully Fail Commercialize New Products Expand Indications Existing Prospects
Fair Market Value Fair Value
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fasb Accounting Standards Codification
Fax Fda
Fda Approval Process Fdc Brand
Federal Income Tax Consequences Federal Income Tax Information
Ffective Ate Lan Fifteen Revenue Expense Accounting
Figures Calculations Illustrative Purposes Only Filing Promotional Materials
Final Pricing Set After Completion Scale-up Activities Financial Calculations Adjustments
Financial Covenants Financial Highlights
Financial Information Financial Records
Financial Results Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Material Adverse Effect Internal Control Event Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Fixing Record Dates Flolan
Fluctuations Operating Results Following Paragraph Quarter-end Financial Statements
Following Paragraph Year-end Financial Statements Force Majeure
Forecast Principles Supporting Data Foreign Currency Exchange Risk
Foreign Currency Risk Foreign Currency Translation Transactions Contracts
Foreign Exchange Form
Form 10-q Form Compliance Certificate
Form Face Security Form Joinder Agreement
Form Loan Notice Form Manner Exchange
Form Parent Guaranty Agreement Form Subsidiary Guaranty Agreement
Form Swing Line Loan Notice Form Transfer Not Transferred
Former Chief Financial Officer Compensation Arrangement Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statement
Forward-looking Statements Forward-looking Statements Risk Factors
Foster City 2005 Fujisawa
Full 2004 Financial Results Further Actions
Further Encumbrances Seller Shall Not Execute Documents Otherwise Further Issuances Securities
Further Transfers Furtherance Compensation Governance Best Practices
Gaap Gain Eyetech Warrants
Gain Loss Marketable Securities Gain Warrant
Genelabs Technologies Genelabs Technologies Inc
General General Information Duties
General Information Shares Voted Via Internet Telephone General Insurance Provisions
General Provisions General Terms
Generation Process Generic Product
Gile Change Control Gilead
Gilead Activities Gilead Biopharmaceutics Ireland Corporation
Gilead Commercialization Plan Gilead Determined
Gilead Development Plan Gilead Forward-looking Statement
Gilead Indemnitees Gilead Initial Press Release
Gilead Japan Tobacco Sign Licensing Agreement Novel Hiv Gilead Know-how
Gilead Marketing Authorization Applications Regulatory Approval Gilead Patent
Gilead Repatriate Funds United States Gilead Revenue Growth Amex Biotech-pharmaceutical Index
Gilead Sciences Gilead Sciences Announces Early Termination Hart-scott-rodino Waiting Period
Gilead Sciences Completes Acquisition Myogen Gilead Sciences Completes Acquisition Therapeutics
Gilead Sciences Inc Gilead Sciences Inc 2004 Form 10-k Annual Report
Gilead Sciences Inc Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Gilead Sciences Japan Tobacco
Gilead Sciences Royalty Pharma Announce 525 Agreement Emory Gilead Scope License
Gilead Sole-promote Countries Gilead Sublicensee Know-how
Gilead Sublicensee Patent Gilead Updates
Gilead-5 1-800-445-3235 Visit Wwwgileadcom Gileads Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Against Proposal
Gileads Duties Inspect Confirm Implied Waiver Gilead Agrees Glaxosmithkline
Glaxosmithkline Inc Global Access Program
Global Access Program Countries Goodwill
Goodwill Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Governance Governance Executive Officer Compensation Program
Governance Procedures Executive Officer Compensation Program Governing Law Etc Agreement Shall Governed Construed
Governing Law Etc Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Governing Law Jurisdiction Etc
Government Rebates Government Regulation
Governmental Agency Governmental Authorizations Regulatory Matters
Grantee Grants Non-employee Board Members
Greement Ender Gross Inequities
Guarantee Guarantor Irrevocably Consents Service Process Manner Provided Notices
Guaranty Hazardous Material
Hazardous Materials Asbestos Health Care Fraud Abuse Laws
Held 2006 Held 2007
Hepatitis Franchise Hepsera
Hepsera Chronic Hepatitis High-income Territory
Hiv Aids Franchise Hiv Franchise
Hiv Products Holding Over
Householding Proxy Materials Http Wwwinvestorsgileadcom
Http Wwwproxyvotingcom Gild Icc Rules
Idle Capacity Cost Ights Tockholder
Ights Urchase Rice Illustrative Purposes Only
Immediate Family Impairment Long-lived Assets
Implied Licenses Important Information Sustiva
Important Safety Information Atripla Truvada Viread Emtriva Important Safety Information Sustiva
Imports Impounds Insurance Premiums Real Property Taxes
Inability Accurately Estimate Demand Products Well Sales Fluctuations Incentive Options
Incentive Stock Option Included Roches Commercial Plans
Inclusion Right Sublicense Income Taxes
Incorporation Prior Agreements Modifications Increase Number Authorized Shares Common Stock Designated Preferred
Increased Costs Reserves Eurodollar Rate Loans Ind
Indemnification Indemnification Certain Product Liability Related Matters
Indemnification Directors Officers Employees Other Agents Indemnification Gilead Hereby Agrees Indemnify Affiliates Agents Directors
Indemnification Officers Directors Indemnification Procedure
Indemnity Indemnity Agreements
Indemnity Insurance Independence Board Directors
Index Index Exhibits
Individual Limitations Awards Influenza
Information Emory University Please Visit Universitys Web Site Information Gilead Sciences Please Visit Website Wwwgileadcom Call
Information Material Provided Gilead Infringement
Infringement Party Rights Infringement Patents Parties
Initial Alliance Managers Initial Euoc Members Alliance Managers
Initial Launch Period Commitments Initial Security Deposit
Institute Organic Chemistry Biochemistry Academy Sciences Czech Republic Institute World Health
Insurance Coverage Intangible Assets
Intellectual Property Intended Grants Directors
Intentionally Omitted Interest
Interest Expense Interest Other Income Net
Interest Past Due Obligations Interest Rate Risk
Interests Certain Persons Offer Merger Interim Conduct Business
Internal Costs International Credit Risk
International Distribution Interpretation
Introductory Inventories
Investment Corus Pharma Investor Servicedirect Registered Trademark Mellon Services Llc
Iocb Leuven Iocb Rega
Iscellaneous Iscellaneous Rovisions
Isda Master Agreement Issuer
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Japan Tobacco
Japan Tobacco Collaboration Japan Tobacco Inc
John Cogan Joins Gilead Sciences Board Directors John Madigan Joins Gilead Sciences Board Directors
Joinder Agreements Supplements Joint Assessment
Joint Committee Joint Escrow Instructions
Joint Inventions Joint Patents
Joint Several Liability Joint Supervisory Committee Representatives
Joint Venture Bristol-myers Squibb Jts Promotional Materials
Key Personnel Key Provisions
Know-how Knowledge Fact Other Matter Shall Deemed Within Member
Lan Nvestment Unds Ctober 2007 Landlord
Landlord Include Legal Entity Landlords Access
Landlords Consent Landlords Consent Required
Landlords Liability Certain Duties Landlords Refusal Notice
Landlords Share Profit Assignment Sublease Late Charges
Lead Independent Director Lease
Lease Arrangements Lease Expiration Date
Lease Property Term Lease Term
Legal Proceedings Legal Proceedings Orders
Letairis Liability Insurance
License Agreement License Fee
License Gilead License Grants Intellectual Property
License Grants Related Covenants License United States Government
Licensed Indication Licensed Pursuant License Agreement
Licenses Licenses Rights Reference Between Member Parties
Liens Patents Life Sciences Ltd
Limitation 135 136 137 Losses Incurred Shall Borne Limitations
Limitations Effectiveness Controls Limitations Liability Related Matters
Liquidity Capital Resources List Annexes
List Exhibits Schedules Litigation
Loans Loans Officers
Long Term Forecasts Product Losing
Losses Lower Middle-income Territory
Maa Macugen
Mail Major Countries
Majority Vote Standard Election Directors Make-whole Payment Convertible Debt Redemption
Make-whole Payment Debt Redemption Management Bonus Plan
Management Overview Manner
Manufacture Ambisome Fill Finish Macugen Only Facilities San Manufacturing
Manufacturing Committee Manufacturing Committee Representatives
Manufacturing Cost Manufacturing Fees
Manufacturing License Product Apo Manufacturing Line
Manufacturing Problems Delay Product Shipments Regulatory Approvals Adversely Manufacturing Raw Materials
Manufacturing Supply Manufacturing Working Group
Marked Signed Returned Proxy Card Marketable Nonmarketable Securities
Material Default Material Safety Data Sheet Shall Meaning Set Forth
Material Subsidiaries Material Transfer Agreements
Maximum Dollar Value Bonuses Medarex Inc
Medical Affairs Communications Medical Affairs Conferences
Meeting Agendas Meetings
Meetings Board Directors Meetings Board Directors Attendance Annual
Members Shall Mean Collectively Gilead Sub Bms Membership
Mendment Lan Merger
Minimum Contribution Api Quantities Minimum Purchase Quantity
Minimum Total Purchases Minority Interest
Minority Interest Joint Venture Minutes
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Mitigation Obligations Replacement Lenders Mployment Greements Ssignment Ights
Mtta Shall Meaning Set Forth 1514 Myogen Acquisition
Myogen Inc Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Named Executive Officers Navitas Assets Llc
Nda Ndemnification Irectors Fficers Mployees Ther Gents
Negative Covenants Net Foreign Currency Exchange Impact
Net Foreign Currency Exchange Impact Pre-tax Earnings Net Foreign Exchange Impact Pre-tax Earnings
Net Income Loss Per Share Net Income Per Share Attributable Gilead Common Stockholders
Net Loss Per Share 362 Non-gaap Income 078 Net Recovery
Net Sales Net Selling Price
New Plan Benefits New Products Growth Existing Product Revenues
New York Foster City Date 2004 Nnual Eeting
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Nominees
Non Contendere Non-african Countries United Nations List Least Developed
Non-discrimination Non-employee Board Member Compensation
Non-gaap Eps 063 Per Share Non-gaap Eps 066 Per Share
Non-gaap Eps 069 Per Share Non-gaap Eps 078 Per Share
Non-gaap Financial Information Non-infringement Party Rights
Non-statutory Options Noncontrolling Interest
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Nonstatutory Stock Option
North America Not
Not Able Manufacture Ambisome Macugen Meet Market Needs Not Able Obtain Effective Patents Protect Technologies Competitors
Not Able Obtain Materials Necessary Manufacture Products Limit Not Able Obtain Materials Supplies Necessary Conduct Clinical
Not Able Obtain Materials Supplies Necessary Manufacture Sell Not Able Successfully Integrate Existing Business Businesses Corus
Not Able Successfully Integrate Existing Business Therapeutics Inc Not Able Successfully Integrate Nycomed Limited Existing Business
Not Applicable Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Statements Notice
Notice Exercise Notice Trustee Administrator Notify Writing Whenever Participant Beneficiary
Notices Notices Effectiveness Electronic Communications
Notices Promptly Notify Administrative Agent Each Lender Notification Recall
Notified Party Now Access Gilead Sciences Inc Account Online
Now Therefore Now Therefore Hereby Agreed Follows
Nycomed Limited Obligation Exchange Information
Off Balance Sheet Arrangements Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offer Terminate Offerings
Officer Officers
Offices Offsetting Patents
Olicitation Omitted
Ommittees Ompensation
Onditions Ffer Onditions Recedent Erger
Onfidentiality Operation Business
Operations Depend Compliance Complex Fda Comparable International Regulations Opinion Matters
Opportunity Stockholders Review Gileads Equity Incentive Plan Annually Option
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Grants
Option Grants Last Option Transactions
Options Warrants Rsus Espp Organization
Original Tenant Osi Pharmaceuticals
Osi Pharmaceuticals Inc Other Agenda
Other Balance Sheet Highlights Other Commitments
Other Commitments Contingencies Other Events
Other Fees Other Indication
Other Information Other Matters
Other Notices Administrative Agent Other Party
Other Periodic Payments Other Provisions
Other Reports Other Securities Corporation
Otices Oting Hares
Outlook Outstanding Securities Determinations Holders Action
Overview Owned Corporation
Owned Emory University Ownership Intellectual Property
Ownership Inventions Each Party Shall Own Solely Employees Parent
Parent Guaranty Agreement Pari Gmbh
Parion Sciences Inc Part
Part Other Information Partial Damage Property
Participation Named Executive Officers Participation Purchase Plan
Participation Withdrawal Termination Partnership
Party Party Claim
Party Distributor Countries Party Royalties
Patent Patent Prosecution
Patent Trademark License Patents Proprietary Rights
Paying Agent Hold Money Securities Trust Payment
Payment Bonuses Payment Premiums
Payment Purchase Price Payroll Deductions Payment Terms Tmc278 Invoices
Payments Payments Generally Administrative Agents Clawback
Payments Loan Notices Payments Parties
Payments Requests Credit Extensions Pecial Eetings
Peer Group Performance Goal
Performance Goals Vesting Performance Graph
Performance Measurement Comparison Performance Percentage Determination
Performance Period Performance Share Measures
Performance Shares Performance Shares Restricted Stock Awards
Performance Shares Units Phantom Performance Units
Performance-based Compensation Permitted Gilead Activities
Permitted Purposes Permitted Uses
Person Annual Meeting Personal Property Taxes
Persons Deemed Owners Phantom Share
Pharmaceutical Pricing Reimbursement Pressures Phase Iiib Study
Phase Study Physician Awareness Standard
Physician Awareness Standard Required Minimum Details Plan Objectives
Plan Supply Viread Truvada Certain Developing Countries Access Plan Supply Viread Truvada Cost Certain Developing Countries
Polices Procedures Policies Procedures
Portion Pre-tax Income Derived Royalty Revenue Recognized Sales Post-conversion Supply Price
Post-employment Obligations Power Attorney
Powers Administrator Pre-approval Policy Procedures
Preclinical Testing Preferred Share Purchase Rights Plan
Preferred Stock Prepaid Royalties
Preparation Promotional Materials Prepayments
Press Releases Publications Public Relations Matters Prevailing Terms Extent Binding Order Acknowledgement Inconsistent Agreement
Price Price Approval
Pricing Changes Pricing Reimbursement
Pricing Rules Discount Pricing Schedule
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principles Commercialization Plans Global Efforts Principles Development Plans
Pro Forma Adjustments Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Statements
Pro Forma Information Pro Forma Information Sfas 123
Procedure Exercise Rights Stockholder Process Evaluating Executive Officer Performance Compensation
Process Improvements Product
Product Labeling Product Minimum Purchase Quantities
Product Pipeline Highlights Product Price
Product Profile Product Profiles Safety
Product Recall Product Represent New Once-daily Antiretroviral Treatment Option
Product Represent Truvada-based Complete Fixed-dose Regimen Product Returns
Product Revenues Gross Margin Reduced Imports Countries Products Product Revenues Reduced Imports Countries Products Available Lower
Product Sales Product Sales Summary
Product Specifications Product Supply Commitments
Products Prohibition Against Repricing
Promotional Materials Properties
Property Property Include Street Address Approximate Square Footage-and Description
Property Plant Equipment Property Rental Income Insurance
Prosecution Patents Prosecution Used Herein
Protection Brokers Provided
Provided Further Provided Tibotec Once Selected Approved Fda
Provision Benefit Income Taxes Provision Income Taxes
Proxy Statement Proxy Statement Form 2008 Annual Report Stockholders Includes
Publicity Terms Agreement Purchase Commitment
Purchase Orders Purchase Price
Purchase Stock Purchased In-process Research Development
Purchased In-process Research Development Expense Purchased In-process Research Development Expenses
Purpose Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Reports Questions Answers
Quiet Possession Quorum Voting
Ranexa Ransfer Ubject Ecurities Oting Ights
Ransfers Ratification Selection Ernst Young Llp
Ratification Selection Independent Auditors Ratification Selection Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Raylo Chemicals Inc Real Property Taxes
Recent Accounting Pronouncement Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recently Adopted Changes Accounting Stock Options Affect Earnings Recently Adopted Changes Accounting Stock Options Significantly Reduce
Recently Completed Acquisitions Corus Raylo Expect Complete Acquisition Recitals
Reconciliation Gaap Non-gaap Financial Information Reconciliation Gaap Non-gaap Net Income
Recordation Records
Registered Public Accounting Firm Registrants Business Operations
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registrar Paying Agent Conversion
Registration Registration License
Regulation Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Approval Regulatory Data
Regulatory Filings Regulatory Information
Regulatory Process Related Entity
Release Tenant Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remaining Competitive Recovery Remedies
Removal Rent Other Charges Payable Tenant
Repayment Loans Replacement Securities
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reports Accounting
Reports Information Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Acquiror Merger Sub Representations Warranties Parent Purchaser
Representations Warranties Purchaser Representations Warranties Relating Degussa
Representations Warranties Relating Seller Shares Repurchase Approximately 500 Common Stock
Repurchase Approximately 545 Common Stock Required Disclosure
Required Minimum Details Required Vote Directors
Research Collaborations Research Development
Research Development Expenses Reserve Capacity
Resolved Respiratory Cardiopulmonary Franchise
Respiratory Franchise Responsibilities
Restated Amended Restated Amended Toll Manufacturing Agreement
Restatement Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Award Agreement Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock Units Restrictions Transfer
Restructuring Results Operations Adversely Affected Current Future Health Care
Results Operations Adversely Affected Future Health Care Reforms Results Operations Adversely Affected Recent Future Health Care
Results Operations Financial Condition Returns Selling Party Shall Cause Affiliate Distribution Subcontractor
Revenue Growth Bpi Index Revenue Growth Peer Group Index
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Financial Statements
Reverted Country Review 2005 Executive Compensation Decisions Excluding Chief Officer
Review Press Releases Revised 2005
Revised 2006 Revised Lease Expiration Date
Revocability Proxies Revolving Credit Facility
Rganization Riders
Right Negotiation Rights Agreement
Rights Agreement Shall Mean Amended Restated Dated 2000 Rights Certain Terminations
Rights Plan Rights Purchase Price
Rights Reference Related Matters Rights Termination
Rilpivirine Rior Nventions
Risk Factors Affect Gilead Roche
Roches Breach 1996 Development License Agreement Roches Breach Calculation Royalties
Roches Breach Manufacturing Roches Breach Promotion Marketing
Role Compensation Committee Role Executive Officers Compensation Decision-making Outside Advisors
Role Membership Compensation Committee Rough Cut Capacity Planning 2006-2008
Royalties Other Products Royalty Contract Other Revenue
Royalty Contract Other Revenues Royalty Contract Revenue
Royalty Contract Revenues Royalty Pharma
Royalty Revenue Royalty Revenues
Royalty Sale Agreement Rticle
Rule 10b5-1 Stock Trading Plan Rule 16b-3
Safety Data Exchange Agreement Product Recall Withdrawal Sale
Sale Products Sales Distributors Not-for-profit Charitable Distributions
Sales Fluctuations Result Inventory Levels Held Wholesalers Parallel Sar
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Schedule
Schedule 133b Schedule 14a Information
Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts Schedules
Schedules Agreement Scientific Committee
Scope License Seasonal Operations Backlog
Sec Filings Financial Statements Secretary
Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Owned Corporation Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securities Safe Harbor Private Litigation Reform Act 1995 Securities Trading Markets
Security Deposit Increases Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Securityholder Lists Selection Alliance Managers
Sellers Representations Warranties Selling General Administrative
Selling General Administrative Expenses Separate Programs
Seventeen Purchase Option Right Refusal Severability
Severance Benefits Severance Plan
Share Repurchase Program Share Reserve
Share-based Payment Shares Registered Name
Shares Registered Name Bank Broker Other Nominee Shares Registered Name Broker Bank
Shares Stock Shares Subject Purchase Plan
Shipment Instructions Shipping Handling Costs
Sign Signature
Signature Pages Follow Signatures
Significant Accounting Policies Estimates Judgments Significant Portion Product Sales Occur Outside United States
Significant Safety Issues Arise Marketed Products Product Candidates Significant Safety Issues Arise Marketed Products Sales Decline
Signing Documents Signs Auctions
Sixteen Landscape Maintenance Sixth Amendment Agreement
Solely Capacity Trustee Royalty Pharma Solicitation
Some Countries Required Grant Compulsory Licenses Hiv Products Some Countries Required Grant Compulsory Licenses Products Face
Special Meetings Specified Entities
Staggered Settlement State Alabama Abbott Laboratories
Statement Cash Flows Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Awards Stock Option Grants Exercises
Stock Option Performance Share Awards Stock Option Performance Shares Awards
Stock Option Plan Stock Option Plans
Stock Options Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Repurchase Program Stock Repurchase Programs
Stock Splits Stock-based Compensation
Stock-based Compensation Expense Stock-based Compensation Expenses
Stock-settled Awards Stockholder Agreement
Stockholder Approval Proxy Statement Stockholder Communications Board Directors
Stockholder Proposal Requesting Report Hiv Aids Tuberculosis Malaria Stockholder Proposal Requesting Report Related Global Hiv Aids
Stockholder Proposal Requesting Report Related Global Human Immunodeficiency Stockholder Proposals
Stockholder Record Shares Registered Name Stockholders Gilead Sciences Inc
Stockholders Meetings Sublicensee
Sublicensee Know-how Sublicensee Patent
Sublicensee Permission Transferability Sublicensees Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordination Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries Due Organization Etc
Subsidiaries Gilead Sciences Inc Subsidiaries Other
Subsidiary Subsidiary Guaranty Agreement
Substantial Portion Pre-tax Income Derived Royalty Revenue Recognized Substantial Portion Revenues Derived Sales Hiv Products Particularly
Substantial Portion Revenues Derived Sales Hiv Products Unable Substantial Portion Revenues Derived Sales Limited Number Products
Substantial Portion Revenues Derived Sales Truvada Atripla Unable Substantial Total Destruction
Substantially Revenues Derived Sales Limited Number Products Unable Success Depend Significant Degree Ability Protect Patents Other
Success Depends Large Part Ability Operate Without Infringing Successors Assigns
Such Forbearance Enforce Agreement Arbitrate Shall Not Constitute Sumitomo
Summary Compensation Supply
Supply Agreement Supply Api
Supply Product Supply-related Matters
Supporting Data Supporting Statement Stockholder Proponent
Supporting Statement Stockholder Proponents Surrender Certificates Stock Transfer Books
Survival Survival Buyers Agreements Covenants Shall Survive Closing Operation
Swing Line Lender Swing Line Loans
Table Contents Tally Sheets
Tamiflu Target Bonus Awards
Target Compensation Mix Elements Target Pay Position Mix
Target Product Profile Tax Considerations
Tax Fees Tax Provision
Tax Rate Tax Representations
Taxes Taxes Yield Protection Illegality
Taxpayer Identification Numbers Tel
Telephone Internet Telephone Internet Vote Authorizes Named Proxies Shares Same
Temporary Reduction Rent Tenant
Tenant Affiliate Tenant Group
Tenant Include Legal Entity Tenants Election Notice
Tenants Financial Condition Tenants Obligations
Tenants Right Contest Taxes Tenure Duties Officers
Term Term Award
Term Enforcement Term Loan Agreement
Term Renewal Term Sheet Focuses Certain Key Aspects Services Agreement
Term Termination Termination
Termination Advance Payments Termination Bankruptcy Insolvency
Termination Date 2008 Termination Date 2017
Termination Employment Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Termination Notice Termination Partnership Agreement
Termination Suspension Plan Terms Purchase
Territory Co-promote Countries Territory Combination Product Recalls
Thereto Not Contradicted Evidence Prior Contemporaneous Subsequent Oral Tibotec
Tibotec Initial Press Release Tibotec Patents Territory
Tibotec Pharmaceuticals Time Granting Awards
Time Manner Payment Title Class
Tmc278 Tokyo 2005
Top Form Top-up Option
Total Compensation Total Revenues
Trademark Infringement Trademark Intent Parties Single
Trademark License Gilead Trademark Licenses Member Parties
Trademarks Transactions Contemplated Agreement Institutes Litigation Seeking Other Relief
Transfer Conversion Transfer Licensed Technology
Transferability Transferability Awards
Transfers Truvada
Truvada Viread Emtriva Registered Trademarks Gilead Sciences Inc Tsr Amex Biotech-pharmaceutical Index
Tsr Bpi Index Tsr Corporation Amex Biopharma Index
Tsr Peer Group Index Type Awards
University License Equity Holdings Inc Unknown Source Product Liability
Unless Contrary Direction Indicated Proxy Voted Nominees Listed Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Uorum Oting Updates
Updates Schedules Upper Middle-income Territory
Utilities Valid Claim
Validation Other Implementation Work Costs Manufacturing Process Product Valuation
Valuation Assumptions Vesting Schedule
Vice President Senior Advisor Viread
Viread Supply Agreement Vistide
Voluntary Termination Compensation Formula Voting Person Mail
Voting Rights Outstanding Shares Voting Via Internet Telephone
Wac Shall Meaning Set Forth Annex Waiver
Waivers Waivers Acknowledgments
Warranties Website
Whereas Wire Instructions
Withdrawal Withhold Authority Vote Nominee Write Such Name Below
Withholding Withholding Taxes
Witness Whereof Witnesseth
Working Capital Written Instrument Allocate Delegate Responsibilities Including Formation Administrative
Wwwgileadcom Xhibit 105
Xhibit 1056 Xhibit 1057
Xhibit 991 Xhibits
Yield Rates 
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