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Able Incur Additional Indebtedness Other Obligations Future Exacerbate Absence Conditions Return Nominal Performance Work
Absence Fiduciary Relationship Acceptance
Access Access Work Progress
Account Accountants Comfort Letter
Accounts Receivable Accrued Expenses
Acknowledgement Acknowledgements
Acquisitions Actions Against Parties Notification
Acts Holders Record Dates Add Additional Defaults Events Default Respect Series Securities
Additional Deliveries Additional Documents
Additional Domestic Subsidiaries Additional Information
Additional Issuances Additional Quarterly Highlights
Adjusted Consolidated Ebitda Adjustments Changes Capital Structure
Administration Administrative Agent
Admission Meeting Advertising Expenses
Affiliate Agreement
Agreement Colby Agreement Sell Purchase Securities Placement Agent
Alcatel Alenia Space Alcatel Alenia Space France
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amended Restated Satellite Construction Contract
Amended Revolving Credit Amendment
Amendment Agreement Launching Low Earth Orbit Globalstar Satellites Amendment Amended Restated Credit Agreement
Amendment Counterparts Amendment N°1 Agreement Launching Low Earth Orbit Globalstar
Amendment Share Lending Agreement Amendment Supplement Waiver
Amendment Supplemental Indenture Amendment Waiver
Amendments Amendments 1-3 Spectrum Manager Lease Agreement
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amount Payments Principal Premium Interest Securities Series Determined
Amount Unlimited Issuable Series Ancillary Terrestrial Component Atc
Annual Compensation Directors Annual Meeting Stockholders
Anthony Navarra Appeal Fcc Atc Decision
Appeal Fcc L-band Decision Appeal Fcc S-band Sharing Decision
Applicable Law Applicable Law Place Jurisdiction
Appointment Chief Operating Officer Approval Amended Restated 2006 Equity Incentive Plan
Approval Amended Restated Globalstar Inc 2006 Equity Incentive Approval Listing
Arbitration Arianespace
Asset Retirement Obligation Asset Tracking Remote Monitoring Simplex
Assignment Agreement Assignment Amendment
Assignment Contract Assignment Form
Assumption Credit Agreement Atc
Atc Competitors Atc Opportunities
Atc Spectrum Access Limited Regulatory Technological Factors Unable Attention Audrey Cohen Tel 212 623-5078
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report 2006
Audit Committee Report 2007 Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Authentication
Authorization Sale Securities Authorized Signatures Completed Vote Counted Date Sign Below
Aviation Award
Award Agreement Background
Bankruptcy Event Base Salaries
Basic Diluted Loss Per Share Basis Presentation
Bear Global Security Legend Set Forth 203 Become Subject Unanticipated Foreign Tax Liabilities Materially Increase
Beneficial Ownership Holders Beneficial Ownership Management
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefits Indenture
Binding Effect Blue Sky Qualifications
Board Board Directors
Board Governance Meetings Attendance Board Recommendation
Borrowings Facility Agreement Bring-down Comfort Letter
Broker Business
Business Plan Includes Exploiting Atc License Combining Services Business Plan Includes Exploiting Atc License United States
Business Subject Extensive Government Regulation Mandates Operate Increase Calyon
Cancellation Capacity Security Registrar Trustee Destroy List Furnished Provided
Capital Expenditures Cash Equivalents
Cash Position Indebtedness Cause
Certain Definitions Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certificate Designation Series Convertible Preferred Stock
Certificates Stock Transfer Certification Chief Executive Officer
Certification Chief Financial Officer Certification Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Change Notice Purchaser Change Revoke Proxy Vote
Changes Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosures
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Chief Financial Officers Certificate
Choice Law Class
Close Business Immediately Preceding Stated Maturity Payment Principal Closing
Closing Delivery Notes Warrants Funds Closing Price
Code Conduct Coface Agent
Coface Agent Security Mandated Lead Arranger Agreement Shall Coface Agreement
Commitments Contingencies Committees Board
Common Stock Common Stock Offering Share Lending Agreement
Communicating Board Directors Individual Communication Authority
Communications Laws Respect Assignment Only Person Entity Not Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Directors
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Expense
Compensation Philosophy Competition
Competition Pricing Pressures Compliance Certificates Opinions
Compliance Erisa Compliance Laws
Compliance Laws Directives Compliance Rule 16b-3
Compliance Securities Regulations Requests Payment Filing Fees Comprehensive Income
Comprehensive Income Loss Comprehensive Loss
Computation Interest Concentration Credit Risk
Concurrent Offering Concurrent Offering Common Stock Substantially Terms Described Prospectus
Condition Subsequent Condition Vesting
Conditions Precedent Provided Escrow Agent Signing Conference Call
Conference Call Previously Announced Globalstar Conduct Scheduled 2006 Conference Call Previously Announced Globalstar Conduct Scheduled 2007
Confidential Treatment Confidentiality
Confirmation Sale Conflict Trust Indenture Act
Connection Therewith Sarbanes-oxley Act Including 402 Related Loans Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consequences Change Notice Consideration
Consideration Definitions Consolidation Amalgamation Merger Sale
Constellation Life Health Construction
Contingent Equity Agreement Contingent Equity Facility
Contractual Obligations Contractual Obligations Commitments
Contrary Clause Below Outstanding Loans Event Repaid Full Contribution Agreements
Controlled Defined Nasdaq Marketplace Rules Qualify Rely Exemptions Controlled Thermo Whose Interests Conflict Yours
Controls Procedures Controls Underwriter Agent Mli Within Meaning 1933 Act
Conversion Conversion 575 Notes
Conversion Agreement Conversion Convertible Senior Notes
Conversion Make Whole Amount Conversion Shares
Conversion Shares Equal Quotient Aggregate Principal Amount Securities Convertible Notes Offering
Convertible Senior Notes Convertible Senior Notes Due 2028
Convertible Senior Offering Convertible Senior Unsecured Notes
Copies Thereof Filed Pursuant Edgar Except Extent Permitted Cost Services
Cost Subscriber Equipment Sales Counterparts
Covenants Covenants Until Final Sale Been Settled Underwriter Mli
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Agreement
Credit Facility Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
CrÉdit Industriel Commercial Current Portion Long Term Debt
Current Report Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Currently Unable Offer Service Important Regions World Due Cusip Numbers
Customers Data-only Duplex Equipment Qualcomm Gsp-1720 Satellite Voice Data
Data-only Equipment Date Dates Principal Securities Series Payable Method Determination
Debt Conversion Decline Ability Generate Cash Operations Impair Pay Second-generation
Decrease Interest Rates Cause Incur Further Loss Derivative Deductibility Compensation
Default Interest Default Performance Breach Covenant Set Forth
Defaults Remedies Defendant Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit Arising Out Initial
Deferred Financing Costs Definition Certain Terms
Definition Terms Reconciliation Non-gaap Financial Measures Definitions
Definitions Augmented Following Definitions Construction
Delegation Deletions Modifications Additions Events Default Set Forth Covenants
Delivery Delivery Collateral
Delivery Contractor Delivery Prospectuses
Delivery Registration Statements Delivery Schedule
Delivery Title Risk Loss Dennis Allen
Denominations Denominations Transfer Exchange
Departure Certain Officers Election Directors Appointment Compensatory Arrangements Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Depend Independent Gateway Operators Market Services Important Regions Depend Large Part Efforts Parties Retail Sale Services
Deposit Escrow Account Investments Depreciation Amortization
Derivative Gain Loss Derivative Instrument
Derivative Instruments Derivatives
Description Amendment Terms Nonvoting Common Stock Description Plan
Designated Executive Award Agreement Designated Executive Officer Award Agreement
Diligence Updates Direct Sales Dealers Resellers
Director Independence Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Discharge Indenture Dispute Resolution
Distribution Cash Kind Result Occurrence Insolvency Event Distribution Thermo
Distributions Documents Incorporated Reference
Documents Other Agreement Arrangement Document Entered Executed Anticipation Domestic Foreign Revenue
Dsra Dtc Cooperate Underwriters Permit Offered Securities Eligible Clearance
Early Delivery Ed2 Scenario Early Delivery Incentives
Earnings Per Share Earnings Statement Purposes Provide Underwriter Benefits Contemplated Last
Economy Effect Headings Herein Convenience Only Shall Not Affect
Effective Date Effective Date Contract
Effectiveness Registration Statement Filing Prospectus Payment Fee Either
Election Class Directors Election Code
Elements Compensation Emergency Response
Employees Employment Certain Family Members
Employment Participant Successor Following Effective Date Change Control Enabling Satisfy Obligations Issue Underlying Common Stock Conversion
Encumbrances System Equipment Lessee Deems Appropriate Termination Lease Entire Agreement
Entire Agreement Amendment Entire Agreement Amendments
Entry Force Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Laws Environmental Matters
Epresentations Warranties Agreements Equity Compensation
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Conditions
Equity Incentive Plan Erisa Plans
Escrow Escrow Account Deposit Payment
Escrow Account Shall Legal Nature Collective Current Without Estimates Preparation Financial Statements
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Event Default
Events Constitute Make Whole Fundamental Change Follows Events Default
Every Security Authenticated Delivered Registration Transfer Exchange Lieu Except Continuance Event Default
Excess Escrow Funds Excusable Delay
Excusable Delays Execution
Execution Authentication Delivery Dating Executive Compensation
Executive Incentive Compensation Plan Exercise
Exercise Price Exhibits
Existing Loans Investments Advances Expenses
Expiration Options Expiration Time
Explanatory Face Intense Competition Markets Result Loss Customers Lower
Face Special Risks Doing Business Developing Markets Including Facility Minimum Amount
Facility Payment Coface Insurance Premia Fail Obtain Timely Basis Additional Financing Necessary Fund
Failure Satisfy Nasdaq Global Select Market Listing Requirements Fair Value Financial Instruments
Favour Alcatel Favour Globalstar
Fcc Decision License Cdma Operator Band Take Other Fcc Reduce Existing Spectrum Allocation Further Impose Additional
Fcc Reduce Existing Spectrum Allocation Impose Additional Spectrum-sharing Federal Excise Tax 4999 Code
Fees Fees Expenses Escrow Agent
Filing Amendments Exchange Act Documents Preparation Final Term Filing Claims Insolvency Event
Fin Final In-orbit Acceptance
Financial Covenants Financial Indebtedness Guarantee Obligations
Financial Information Notices Financial Institutions
Financial Resources Liquidity Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Testing Fixed Voice Data Satellite Communications Services
Fluctuations Currency Exchange Rates Adversely Impact Financial Results Fluctuations Currency Rates
Fluctuations Interest Currency Rates Force Majeure
Foreign Currency Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Compliance Certificate
Form Conversion Notice Form Documents Delivered Trustee
Form Forms Such Securities Been Established Pursuant Board Form Fundamental Change Purchase Notice
Form Interest Election Notice Form Lock Agreement
Form Notification Form Promissory
Form Quarterly Health Report Form Transfer Certificate
Form Warrant Forms Generally
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Fourthly French Security Documents
Fuad Ahmad Fundamental Transaction
Funding Obligations Further Assurance
Further Assurances Future Issuance Additional Shares Common Stock Cause Dilution
Future Minimum Lease Obligations Gain Extinguishment Debt
Gateway Acquisitions Openings Gateway Openings Acquisition
Gateway Receivables General Limitations
General Provisions General Provisions Augmented Follows
Generate Significant Cash Operations Raise Additional Capital Order Ghz Spectrum
Global Securities Globalstar Americas Telecommunications Ltd
Globalstar Announces Execution Coface-backed Financing Globalstar Brazil
Globalstar Financing Transaction Globalstar Inc
Globalstar Inc Announces Quarterly Results 2007 Globalstar Inc Announces Results 2007
Globalstar Inc Annual Meeting Stockholders 2008 Globalstar Inc Restricted Stock Agreement
Globalstar Inc Thales Alenia Space France Globalstar System Property Equipment
Globalstar Venezuela Gdev Globalstar-furnished Facilities
Globalstar-furnished Property Facilities Globalstars Independent Registered Accounting Firm
Going Concern Governing Law
Governing Law Interpretation Governing Law Security Indenture Shall Governed Construed Accordance
Governing Law Submission Jurisdiction Severability Government Public Safety Disaster Relief
Governmental Authorizations Grant
Group Structure Chart Guarantee
Guarantee Merrill Lynch Inc Headings
Hedging Agreements Held 2007
Held 2008 Held 2009
Highlights Highlights 2006 Include
Highlights 2007 Included Highlights Include
Holder Outstanding Securities Affected Amend Waive Portion Indenture Holders Lists Reports Trustee
Householding Hughes Globalstar Confidential Proprietary
Impairment Assets Implementation Business Plan Depends Increased Demand Wireless Communications
Income Tax Expense Income Tax Expense Benefit
Income Taxes Incorporation 2006
Incorporation Recapitalization Incorporation Reference
Incorporation Reference Trust Indenture Act Incorporators Shareholders Officers Directors Exempt Individual Liability
Increase Number Shares Reserved Issuance Increased Costs
Incurred Substantial Contractual Obligations Incurred Substantial Obligations Purchase Equipment Services
Indebtedness Impair Ability React Changes Business Limit Debt Indemnification
Indemnification Directors Officers Indemnification Insurance
Indemnification Underwriter Mli Indemnities
Independent Gateway Acquisition Strategy Independent Gateway Operators
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Industry
Information Continuing Directors Information Directors
Information Meeting Voting Attendance Information Nominees Director
Inspection Acceptance Insurance
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Matters
Intellectual Property Rights Intellectual Property Rights Indemnity
Interest Interest Expense
Interest Income Interest Periods
Interest Rate Derivative Interest Rate Derivative Gain
Interest Rate Derivative Gain Loss Interest Rate Derivative Loss
International Coordination International Expansion Satellite Coverage
Interpretation Introduction
Introduction New Products Inventory
Investments Investor Questionnaire
Invoicing Payment Ipo Securities Litigation
Irrevocable Standby Stock Purchase Agreement Issuance Common Equity
Issuance Loan Delivery Underwriter Closing Issue Shares Preferred Stock Debt Securities Greater Rights
Issued Issue Shares Preferred Stock Debt Securities Greater Issuer Free Writing Prospectuses
James Monroe Jpmorgan Chase Bank Aba 021000021 Account Name Globalstar
Junior Securities Key 2007 Annual Highlights Included
Key 2008 Highlights Included Key Highlights
Key Personnel Key Quarterly Highlights
Labour Collective Bargaining Agreements Language Notices Etc
Last Launch Launch Insurance
Launch Services Agreement Launch Support Services Spacecraft Including Vehicle Integration Generally
Laws Regulations Lease Agreement
Legal Holidays Legal Proceedings
Legends Lenders
Lenders Commitments Lenders Only Borrower Acknowledges Rights Kind Whatsoever Clause
Lenders Qualifications Lenders Remedies
Less Less Outstanding Shares
Lessors Rights Obligations Hereunder Parties Hereto Unable Good Letter Credit Facility
Level Licenses Export
Licenses Export Launch Limitation Liability
Limitations Liquidated Damages Late Delivery
Liquidation Liquidation Event
Liquidity Capital Resources List Officers Directors Stockholders Optionholders Warrantholders Subject
Listing Litigation
Litigation Other Contingencies Loan Agreement
Loan Fee Loan Terminations
Loans Loans Shares Transfers Loaned
Lock-up Agreements Long Term Debt
Lose Market Share Revenues Result Increasing Competition Companies Loss Customers Particularly Large Reduce Future Revenues
Loss Payee Clause Maintaining Escrow Account
Major Highlights Major Highlights 2006 Included
Major Operational Highlights Make Change Foregoing Amendment Waiver Provisions
Management Incentive Bonus Plan Managements Plans Regarding Future Operations
Mandated Lead Arranger Mandatory Prepayment Insurance Condemnation Events
Mandatory Redemption Maritime
Maritime Fishing Market Price Common Stock Volatile Limited Shares
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Shareholder Matters Issuer Market Standoff Period
Marketing General Administrative Material Trends Uncertainties
Maximum Covenant Capital Expenditures Maximum Shares Stockholder Approval
Media Megan Fitzgerald
Method Cost Soliciting Proxies Method Payment
Milpitas 2006 Milpitas 2007
Milpitas 2008 Milpitas 2009
Milpitas California 95035 Minimum Liquidity
Minus Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Mobile Satellite Services Spectrum Constellation
Mobile Voice Data Satellite Communications Services Multi-channel Modem
Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Securities Nanterre
National Regulation Service Providers Natixis
Natural Disaster Diminish Ability Provide Communications Service Natural Resources Mining Forestry
Nature Operations Need Additional Capital Maintain Network Pursue Future Growth
Net Cash Financing Activities Net Cash Investing Activities
Net Cash Operating Activities Net Cash Used Investing Activities
Net Cash Used Operating Activities Net Income
Net Income Loss Net Loss
Network New Plan Benefits
Nog-c-04-0137 Nog-prodsup-001
Nominating Governance Committee Non Competition
Non-competition Non-financial Highlights 2007 Included
Non-us Designated Executive Nonconforming Battery
Noncontravention Nonvoting Common Stock
Not Able Launch Satellites Successfully Loss Delay Impair Not Able Launch Satellites Successfully Loss Satellite Delay
Not Develop Acquire Maintain Proprietary Information Intellectual Property Not Expect Pay Dividends Common Stock Foreseeable Future
Not Result Material Adverse Effect Neither Nor Subsidiary Notice Holders Waiver
Notice Trustee Notices
Notices Etc Trustee Notwithstanding Foregoing Base Conversion Rate Not Exceed 2409638
Now Therefore Now Therefore Agreed Follows
Number 001-33117 Objection
Objection Finra Shall Confirmed Not Raised Respect Fairness Obligations Amongst Themselves They Had Such Successor Been
Offering Offering Contribute 738 Financing
Officers Officers Certificate
Officers Certificates Offices
Oil Gas Operating Expenses
Operating Income Operating Income Loss
Operating Loss Opinion Counsel
Opinion Counsel Underwriter Mli Options
Order Precedence Organization
Organization Authority Organization Description Business
Original Issue Date Other Agreements
Other Benefits Other Business
Other Compensation Other Comprehensive Income
Other Comprehensive Income Loss Other Definitions
Other Employee Plans Other Events
Other Factors Considered Other Fees
Other Income Expense Other Income Expense Net
Other Information Other Related Party Transactions
Other Respect Prepayment Clause Illegality Mandatory Prepayments Shall Other Restricted Stock Grants
Other Service Revenue Other Terms Series Shall Not Inconsistent Provisions Indenture
Out-of-pocket Expenses Overview
Ownership Principal Amount Serial Numbers Securities Held Person Page
Parent Guarantee Pari Passu Ranking
Paribas Part
Partial Conversion Convertible Notes Parties
Patent Infringement Paul Monte
Payables Affiliates Payment
Payment Coface Insurance Premia Payment Entirely Replaced Following Wording
Payment Expenses Payment Interest Rights Preserved
Payment Over Other Proceeds Payment Over Proceeds Dissolution Etc
Payment Required Currency Judgment Payment Securities Certain Circumstances
Payments Payments Affiliates
Payments Due Period Payments Launch Services Provider
Payments Supplier Payments Termination Change Control
Pension Obligations Pension Other Employee Benefit Plans
Pension Plan Per Cent Aggregate Principal Amount Total Commitments Date
Performance Indicators Performance Schedule
Performance-based Bonus Compensation Period Periods Within Price Prices Terms Conditions Securities
Permitted Trust Person
Personal Asset Tracking Remote Monitoring Simplex Persons Deemed Owners
Persons Engage Short Sales Common Stock Price Decline Plan Incur Additional Indebtedness Other Obligations Future Exacerbate
Plans Other Those Identified Schedule Erisa Please Sign Date Reverse Side Return Promptly
Pledge Assignment Pledge Escrow Agreement
Plus Pop Markets Other Terms Lease Agreement Except Specifically
Post Information Power Attorney
Pre-emptive Rights Offering Commence Future Not Strict Compliance Pre-emptive Rights Offering Intend Commence Future Not Strict
Pre-emptive Rights Offering Intend Commence Near Future Not Pre-emptive Rights Offering Required Make Existing Stockholders Done
Precedent Preface
Preservation Assets Press Release
Price Prices Fees
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principal Elements Globalstars Compensation Named Executive Officers Base
Principles Consolidation Pro Forma C-corporation Data Earnings Per Common Share
Pro Forma Net Income Earnings Per Share Procedure Recommend Nominees Board Directors
Proceeds Processing Transfer Personal Data
Product Pricing New Products Delivered After 2007 Products
Progress Meeting Presentations Reports Properties
Property Equipment Property Risks Insurance
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Ratification Independent Auditors
Proposals Board Directors Recommends Vote Nominees Listed Proposals Board Directors Recommends Vote Nominees Listed Proposal
Provided Provided However
Provided Lender Not Take Action Recover Sum Due Provision Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Rules Regulations Promulgated Connection
Provisions Charter Documents Credit Agreement Delaware Law Discourage Proxy Statement Annual Report Available Wwwglobalstarcom
Public Release Information Purchase Agreement
Purchase Option Holder Fundamental Change Purchase Option Holders Fundamental Change
Purchase Price Purchaser
Purchasers Undertakings Purchasers Undertakings Satellite Contract
Purchases Affiliates Purchases Other Transactions Affiliates
Purchases Qualcomm Purpose Escrow Agreement Business Shall Mean Banks Open
Purposes Proposed Increase Authorized Stock Create New Class Pursuing Strategic Transactions Cause Incur Additional Risks
Qualcomm Gsp-1720 Satellite Voice Data Modem Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Financial Data Quorum Requirement
Raise Additional Capital Order Complete Second-generation Satellite Constellation Rapid Significant Technological Changes Satellite Communications Industry Impair
Ratify Appointment Crowe Chizek Llp Independent Auditors Reacquisition Right
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Recitals Recourse Against Others
Recreation Personal Redemption
Redemption Price Not Then Ascertainable Manner Calculation Thereof Redemption Securities
Redemption Sinking Fund Such Case Registered Direct Offering
Registration Transfer Exchange Regulation Disclosure
Reimbursement Agreement Reimbursement Borrower
Reimbursement Placement Agents Expenses Related Person Transactions
Relationship Relationships
Rely Limited Number Key Vendors Timely Supply Equipment Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Signature Follows Remedies
Renewal Term Shall Set Forth Hereof Except Respect Repayment Date
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reportable Related Party Transactions Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider
Reportable Transactions Reporting
Reporting Requirements Representations
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Thermo
Request Deviation Rfd Waivers Rfw Changes Requests Certain Documents
Required Payments Research Development Expenses
Reservation Registered Shares Respect Pricing Addressed Subsection Once Option Exercised Market
Restricted Cash Restriction Hazardous Substances Rohs Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment
Restriction Sale Securities Restrictive Covenants Credit Agreement Impose Restrictions Limit Operating
Restrictive Covenants Facility Agreement Impose Restrictions Limit Operating Restructuring
Results Operations Financial Condition Revenue
Revenue Affiliates Revenue Recognition
Revenue Recognition Deferred Revenues Revenues Affiliates
Review Transactions Revised Payment Terms Applicable Purchase Order New Products
Revolving Credit Facility Richard Roberts
Right Ownership Custody Rights Respect Loaned Shares
Rights Stockholder Director Employee Consultant Risk Factors
Risks Related Business Risks Related Common Stock
Robert Miller Rule 144
Rule 158 S-band Antenna Amplifier Degradation
Safe Harbor Language Globalstar Releases Sale Delivery Underwriters Closing
Sale Stock Exchange Reduction Debt Sales Marketing
Sales Tax Satellite Constellation Operations
Satellite Data Modem Services Satellite Data Modem Services Duplex
Satellite Messenger Consumer-oriented Innovative Handheld Personal Safety Device Satellite-based Competitors
Satellites Limited Life Fail Prematurely Cause Network Compromised Satellites Limited Life Some Failed Causes Network Compromised
Satisfaction Discharge Scheduled Interest Payments
Scope Agreement Scope Exhibits
Scope Work Seal
Seasonality Second-generation Constellation Current Space Segment
Second-generation Satellites Launch Costs Ground Component Secondly
Secure Securities Series Secured Obligations
Securities Securities Act
Securities Composite Currency Unit Foreign Security Agent
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Segments
Separability Clause Series Convertible Preferred Stock
Service Service Revenue
Service Revenues Services
Services Products Services Provided Thermo
Severability Shall Entered Warrants Each Purchasers Such Agreements Full
Share Shares
Shares Awarded Shares Held Street Name
Short Operating History Predecessor Incurred Substantial Losses Results Signatures
Signatures Card Similar Federal Statute Subsequently Enacted Add Indenture Such
Simplex Data Products Services Simplex Products Personal Tracking Services Emergency Messaging
Sinking Funds SociÉtÉ GÉnÉrale
Société Anonyme Société Evry
Société Générale South Milpitas Blvd California 95035
Spacecraft Delivery Schedule Spacecraft Storage
Spare Satellites Launch Costs Second-generation Spare Satellites Related Launch Costs Second-generation Ground Segment
Spare Second-generation Satellites Launch Costs Specifying Such Default Breach Requiring Remedied Stating Notice
Spectrum Spectrum Atc Services Limited Regulatory Technological Factors Unable
Spectrum Sharing Spectrum Values Historically Been Volatile Cause Value Fluctuate
Spot Beginning Commercial Introduction Success Cannot Assured Spot Satellite Messenger
Spot Satellite Messenger Began Shipping Retail Locations Across Spot Satellite Messenger Distribution
Statement Been Issued Proceedings Purpose Instituted Pending Knowledge Statement Purpose
Statement Work Step
Steven Bell Stickrath Globalstar Inc
Stock Purchase Thermo Funding Stock-based Compensation
Stock-based Compensation Accounting Stockholder Approval
Stockholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Stop Work Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordinated Loan Agreement Subordination
Subordination Securities Subrogation
Subscriber Equipment Sales Subscription Agreement
Subsequent Events Subsidiary
Subsidiary Guarantors Success Generating Sufficient Cash Operations Fund Portion Cost
Successors Assigns Successors Persons Entitled Benefit Agreement
Such Direction Shall Not Conflict Rule Law Indenture Summary Information
Survival Survival Agreement
Survival Indemnities Representations Warranties Etc Survival Representations Warranties Agreements Party Beneficiary
Table Contents Table Launch Ed2 Early Delivery Incentives
Table Psr Ed2 Early Delivery Incentives Tax Accounting Implications
Tax Audits Tax Consequences
Tax Contingencies Tax Fees
Tax Matters Tax Withholding
Taxation Taxes
Taxes Duties Technological Changes
Temporary Securities Term
Termination Termination Agreement
Termination Arianespace Termination Cause
Termination Cause Due Breach Buyer Termination Contingent Equity Facility
Termination Convenience Termination Convenience Stop Work Orders
Termination Default Terms Defined Meanings Assigned Them Include Plural Well
Terrestrial Competitors Thales Alenia Space France
Thermos Qualifications Thirdly
Thirteen Defeasance Time Shall Essence Agreement Except Otherwise Set Forth
Title Title Risk Loss
Title Securities Series Shall Distinguish Other Part Previously Total Price
Trading Trading Market
Transactions Contemplated Agreement Irrespective Whether Placement Agent Lazard Transfer
Transfer Assignment Transfer Listing
Transfer Resale Transferability
Transfers Transfers Violation Agreement
Transportation Trustee Deal Depositary Sole Owner Global Security Authorized
Trustee Dealings Trustee Notice Others Designate Additional Different Addresses Subsequent
Trustees Relation Senior Debt Unable Address Successfully Material Weakness Internal Controls Other
Unable Deploy Second-generation Satellite Constellation Before Current Ceases Unclaimed Money
Underlying Shares United States
United States Fcc Regulation United States International Traffic Arms Regulations
Unregistered Sale Equity Securities Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Utilities
Vendor Financing Vesting Shares
Voice Data Equipment Vote
Vote Important Vote Important Ensure Shares Voted Meeting Encourage Act
Vote Required Approve Amended Restated 2006 Equity Incentive Vote Required Approve Amendment
Vote Required Elect Directors Vote Required Ratify Appointment Crowe Chizek
Vote Shares Held Record Voting Authority Management Proxies
Voting Rights Waiver
Walsh Kesler Globalstar Inc Formerly Stickrath Warrant
Warrant Offering Warrant Price Shall Initially Equal 137 Adjusted Set
Warranties Borrower Warranties Lender
Warrants Warranty
Whereas William Adler
Wireless Devices Pose Health Safety Risks Result Subject Witness Whereof
Witness Whereof Agreement Been Duly Executed Each Parties Witness Whereof Escrow Agreement Been Duly Executed Parties
Witness Whereof Parties Duly Executed Contract Amendment Witness Whereof Parties Executed Originals Amendment
Written Instructions Certificates Ymax Communications Corp Globalstar Inc Spot Llc
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