Topic Listing for Gramercy Property Trust Inc.

Absence Fiduciary Relationship Operating Partnership Manager Acknowledge Agree Acceleration Loan
Acceleration Maturity Rescission Annulment Acceleration Maturity Rescission Annulment Waivers Past Defaults
Acceptance Appointment Successor Acceptance Appointment Successor Advancing Agent
Accommodate Issuance Notes Global Book-entry Form Through Facilities Accompanying Notes Integral Part Financial Statements
Accompanying Notes Integral Part Pro Forma Financial Statement Accompanying Notes Integral Part Pro Forma Financial Statements
Accord Satisfaction Accordance 1934 Act Regulations Within Time Periods Required
Accountants Comfort Letter Accounting Certain Instruments Characteristics Liabilities Equity
Accounting Contingent Rent Accounting Derivative Financial Investments Hedging Activities
Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Accounting Reporting Process
Accounting Standards Codification Accounting Terms Not Otherwise Defined Herein Meanings Assigned
Accounts Accurate Disclosure Information Regarding Manager Prospectus True Correct
Accurate Disclosure Information Regarding Manager Registration Statement Package Acknowledgments
Acquire Substantial Number Vacant Bank Branches Specialty-use Properties Acquisition American Financial Realty Trust
Acquisition Financial Statements Acquisitions
Acquisitions Dispositions Act
Act 1933 Regulations Such Required State Securities Laws Act Insolvency Shall Occurred Respect Seller Affiliate Thereof
Action Holders Applicable Expiration Date Given Trustee Writing Action Notes
Action Termination Expiration Origination Period Actions Against Parties Notification
Actions Against Parties Notification Promptly After Receipt Indemnified Acts Holders
Acts Securityholders Additional Covenants
Additional Documents Additional Information Find
Additional Interest Additional Interest Amount
Additional Liability Guarantor Additional Liability Guarantors
Additional Provisions Additional Reports Sent Rating Agencies Pursuant Clause Above
Additional Tax Sums Additional Taxes
Adjustments Certain Administrative Action
Administrative Agent Lenders Against Borrowers Purposes Hereof Demand Administrative Trustee
Advances Advances Landlord
Advancing Agent Removed Time Act Preferred Shares Written Adverse Contracts
Adverse Effect Ability Issuer Perform Duties Agreement Indenture Adversely Affected Unfavorable Economic Changes Geographic Areas Properties
Advisers Act Affect Rights Holders Securities Benefit Provisions Redemption Such
Affiliate Affiliate Green Was Granted 644787 Shares Common
Affirmative Covenants Affirmative Covenants Borrower Agrees Date Hereof Until Payment
After Written Notice Termination Defined Given Shall Not Agency
Agent Agent Lender
Agent Other Trustee Itself Acting Capacity Paying Agent Shall Received Invoices Identifying Approved Leasing Costs
Agent Shall Received Seller Release Letter Covering Each Agent Time Request Seller Shall Take Such Steps
Agents Right Complete Sums Advanced Aggregated Option Sar Exercises 2004 Year-end Values
Agreed Tax Treatment Agreed Tax Treatment Trust Securities
Agreement Agreement Credit Documents Connection Loan Hereunder Unless Terminated
Agreement Not Petition Agreement Plan Merger
Agreement Securities Transfer Constitute Sole Entire Among Parties Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New
Agreement Shall Governed Laws State Maryland Without Reference Agrees
Allan Baum Allocable Share Cost Certain Credit Databases Used Collateral
Allocated Loan Amount Amended Restated
Amended Restated Asset Servicing Agreement Amended Restated Credit Agreement
Amended Restated Credit Facility Between Gkk Capital Keybank Amended Restated Guarantee Agreement
Amended Restated Loan Agreement Amended Restated Master Repurchase Agreement
Amended Restated Master Repurchase Agreement Goldman Sachs Mortgage Amended Restated Origination Agreement
Amended Restated Outsource Agreement Amendment
Amendment Amended Restated Master Repurchase Agreement Amendment Amended Restated Master Repurchase Agreement Wachovia Capital
Amendment Compromise Agreement Amendment Credit Agreement
Amendment Other Transaction Documents Been Duly Executed Authorized Amendment Restatement Master Repurchase Agreement Goldman Sachs Mortgage
Amendment Restatement Master Repurchase Agreement Wachovia Capital Markets Amendment Revolving Secured Credit Facility
Amendment Statement 133 Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Defined Terms Each Following Definitions Hereby Amended
Amendments Indenture Amendments Waivers
American Financial American Financial Realty Trust
American Institute Certified Public Accountants Aicpa Issued Amount Interest Withheld Behalf Related Servicer Respect Such
Amounts Except Per Share Data Andrew Mathias
Annex Form Master Repurchase Agreement Dated 2005 Between Announces Quarterly Dividend 063 Per Common Share
Annual Meeting Stockholders Annual Renewal Fee
Anything Indenture Notes Contrary Notwithstanding Issuer Holders Class Applicability
Applicable Depositary Procedures Applicable Interest Rate
Applicable Law Applicable Paying Agents
Applicable Time Means Each Sale Shares Securities Pursuant Application Money Collected
Application Payments Application Proceeds Casualty Taking Loan Repayment
Application Trust Money Applied Reduction Indebtedness Evidenced Accordance Provisions Agreement After
Appointment Administrative Trustees Appointment Authenticating Agent
Appointment Paying Agents Appointment Roger Cozzi President Chief Executive Officer
Appointment Timothy Oconnor President Appraisal
Appraised Value Appraiser
Approval Giving Notice Registration Filing Governmental Authority Agency Approval Listing
Approvals Approved Capital Expenses
Approved Mezzanine Lender Approved Mezzanine Loan
Approved Operating Expenses Approximates Fair Value
Approximation Value Such Never Actually Realized Articles Supplementary Shall Been Filed Accepted Sdat
Asset Hedge Account Asset Management Agreement
Asset Servicing Agreement Asset Servicing Agreement Outsource
Asset Servicing Agreement Outsourcing Asset Type
Assets Acquire Foreclosure Similar Conveyance Subject Purchase Rights Assets Become Foreclosed Owned Similar Conveyance Subject Purchase
Assets Held Sale Assets Trust
Assignment Assignment Collateral Debt Securities Purchase Agreement Management
Assignment Collateral Debt Securities Purchase Agreements Management Agreement Assignment Funds
Assignment Participations Assignments
Assignments Participations Hypothecation Purchased Assets Assumptions Pledged Obligations
Attorneys Fees Costs Collection Auction Call Redemption
Auction Process Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Committee Report
Audit Fees Audit-related Fees
Authenticating Agent Authenticating Agents
Authority Reliance Binding Effect Authorization Enter Certain Transactions
Authorize Proxy Internet Authorize Proxy Mail
Authorize Proxy Phone 1-800-690-6903 Authorized Capital Stock Consists 125000000 Shares 0001 Par
Authorized Trust Securities Authorized Unissued Preferred Stock Prevent Change Control Shareholders
Authorized Unissued Preferred Stock Prevent Change Control Stockholders Availability Records
Available Cash Flow Available Liquidity Finance Acquisition American Financial Affect Ability
Avenue Lipstick Building Avenue New York
Balance 1522 Repurchase Facility Weighted Average Spread Libor Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Data Bank Accounts
Bank America Tenant Bank National Association Not Individual Capacity Solely Successor
Bankruptcy Code Bankruptcy Code Waiver
Bankruptcy Event Bankruptcy Insolvency Tenants Leases Delays Making Rental Payments
Bankruptcy Laws Basis Accounting
Basis Presentation Basis Quarterly Presentation
Been Approved Listing Subject Only Official Notice Issuance Behalf Himself Others Similarly Situated Petition Court Competent
Being Understood Payment Obligations Guarantors Credit Documents Subject Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Plans Benefits Indenture
Bidder Not Collateral Debt Securities Applicable Eligible Investments Binding Effect Merger Consolidation Disposal Assets
Binding Nature Agreement Successors Assigns Biographical Information Regarding Executive Officers Not Directors
Blocked Persons Subject Limitations Prohibitions Other Department Treasurys Board Directors
Board Directors Approved Very Broad Investment Guidelines Manager Board Directors Committees
Board Directors Shareholders Gramercy Capital Corp Board Directors Stockholders Gramercy Capital Corp
Board Recommend Vote Each Proposals Board Resolution
Book-entry Preferred Securities Book-entry Preferred Security
Book-entry Provisions Shall Apply Only Global Securities Deposited Books Records
Borrowers Borrowers Facilitation Transfer
Borrowers Payment Agent Ratable Benefit Banks 4500000000 Cash Borrowers Pledgors Actions
Bound Makes Such Qualification Necessary Except Failure Qualify Breaches Described Clause Collectively Referred Purposes Collateral Manager
Bridge Loans Bridge Loans Involve Greater Risk Loss Traditional Mortgage
Bright Star Couriers Llc Provides Messenger Services Owned Bring-down Comfort Letter
Broad Levels Defined Sfas 157 Hierarchy Follows Business
Business Operations Assets Financial Condition Advancing Agent Ability Business Organization
Buy Back Capital Stock Guarantor Shall Not Permitted Calculation Agent
Calculation Agent Shall Required Agree Soon Practicable After Calculation Interest
Cancellation Capital Corporation
Capitalization Capitalization Amounts Except Share Per Data
Capitalization Dollars Capitalized Interest Class Defaulted Amount Certain Other Amounts
Captions Agreement Included Convenience Only Way Define Limit Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow 885 Mezz Herald Cash Flows
Cash Flows Amounts Cash Flows Amounts Except Share Per Data
Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Information Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Cdo Financings Coverage Tests Negative Impact Operating Results Cdo Following New 529 Hereby Added Credit Agreement
Cercla Cerclis
Certain Accounting Matters Certain Consents Required Supplemental Indentures
Certain Definitions Certain Duties Responsibilities
Certain Duties Trustee Related Delayed Payment Proceeds Certain Procedures
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Rights Property Trustee Certain Rights Trustee
Certain Tax Matters Certain Tax Matters Regarding Assets
Certificate Certificates Other Information Seller Shall Furnish Agent
Certification Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Cfco Change Circumstances Time Intends Tender Placement Notice Sell
Change Control Shall Occur Change Investment Operational Policies Without Stockholder Consent
Change Vote After Submit Proxy Card Change-in-control Shall Mean Happening Following
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting Identified Connection Changes Market Conditions Adversely Affect Price Common Stock
Changes Reserve Possible Loan Losses Follows Changes Zoning
Charges Shall Include Proportionate Share Unconsolidated Affiliates Charles Laven
Chase Bank Usa National Association Citizens Portfolio
Class A-1 Notes Class A-2 Notes
Class A-3 Notes Class B-fl Notes
Class B-fx Notes Class C-fl Notes
Class C-fx Notes Class Continuing Directors-terms Expire 2006
Class Continuing Directors-terms Expire 2007 Class Continuing Directors-terms Expire 2008
Class Continuing Directors-terms Expire 2009 Class Continuing Directors-terms Expire 2010
Class Continuing Directors-terms Expire 2011 Class Defaulted Interest Amount Certain Other Amounts Accordance
Class Director-term Expire 2009 Class G-fl Notes
Class G-fx Notes Class H-fl Notes
Class H-fx Notes Class Nominee Election-term Expire 2011
Class Nominees Election-terms Expire 2008 Class Nominees Election-terms Expire 2009
Class Nominees Election-terms Expire 2010 Class Nominees Election-terms Expire 2012
Class Notes Class Notes Not Before Longer Applicable Preference Period
Class Unitholder Signature Page Classifications Mortgage-backed Securities
Clean-up Call Tax Redemption Optional Closed 12772 100 Fee Interest Property Located
Closed 17492 Initial Investment Tic Interest Acquire Closed Acquisition 4975 Tic Interest Corporate Drive
Closing Closing Certification Each Seller
Closing Costs Financed Part Through 690000 Mortgage Loan Closing Date Respect Assets Each Asset Acquired Only
Cmbs Rating Changes Co-issuer Shall Not Consolidate Merge Other Person Transfer
Co-issuer Shall Not Invest Assets Securities Such Term Co-trustees Separate Trustee
Code Code Business Conduct Ethics
Collateral Debt Securities Purchase Agreements Collateral Management Agreement
Collateral Management Agreements Collateral Manager Not Required Register Investment Adviser Advisers
Collateralized Debt Obligation Collateralized Debt Obligations
Collateralized Debt Obligations Amounts Except Share Per Data Collection Accounts
Collection Indebtedness Suits Enforcement Trustee Collection Money Custodial Account
Comfort Letters Comments Information Executive Nothing Shall Prohibit Either Employer
Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Available-for-sale
Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities Commercial Transaction
Commitments Contingencies Common Control
Common Securities Common Securities Certificate
Common Security Common Shares
Common Stock Common Stock Amounts Except Share Per Data
Communications Board Directors Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compensation Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Reimbursement Indemnity Compensation Termination
Competing Proposal Competition
Complete Copy Original Together Servicer Notice Fully Executed Completed Issuances 50000 Each Unsecured Trust
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Compliance Americans Disabilities Act Fire Safety Other Regulations
Compliance Certificate Opinions Compliance Environmental Laws Except Extent Not Individually Aggregate
Compliance Securities Regulations Requests Subject Agreement Comply Compliance Test Within 120 Finding Moodys Post-acquisition Failure
Comply Rules Regulations Securities Exchange Automated Quotation System Complying Reit Requirements Limit Ability Hedge Effectively
Complying Such Other Duties Responsibilities Specifically Required Collateral Comprehensive Income Loss
Compromise Agreement Means Certain Amendment Dated 2009 Between Concentration Credit Risk
Concentration Ownership Adversely Affect Ability Investors Influence Policies Concentrations Credit Risk
Condemnation Conditional Asset Retirement Obligation
Conditions Applicable Transactions Involving Sale Grant Conditions Merger
Conditions Permitted Setting Forth Extent Appropriate Calculations Reasonable Conditions Precedent
Conditions Precedent Effectiveness Loan Agreement Conditions Purchase Option Securities
Conference Call Conflict Between Terms Agreement Placement Notice Control
Conflict Construction Documents Conflicts Interest
Conflicts Interest Relationship Manager Result Decisions Not Best Conform Indenture Other Sections 718 719 Hereof Provisions
Conform Indenture Provisions Described Offering Memorandum Dated 2005 Connection Application Funds Pay Administrative Expenses Issuer Accordance
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consideration Paid Properties Exceed Fair Market Value Harm
Consolidate Etc Only Certain Terms Consolidation Merger Conveyance Transfer Lease
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Contact
Contacts Contemplated Agreement Prospectus Except Such Been Already Obtained
Continuing Substitute Collateral Debt Security Acquired Unless Was Contract Advantage Disadvantage
Contraction Rights Contractual Obligations
Control Control Controlling Class
Control Holders Controlled Group Liability
Controls Controls Procedures
Convertible Senior Notes Copy Documents Authorizing Borrower Enter Transactions Contemplated Agreement
Copy Report Notice Required Filed Given Pbgc Borrower Corporate Changes Material Contracts Credit Agreement Hereby Amended
Corporate Drive Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Governance Matters Corporate Structure
Corporate Trust Office Corporate Trustee Required
Corporate Trustee Required Eligibility Corporation
Costs Expenses Counterclaims Setoff
Counterparts Counterparts Facsimile
Courtland Hotel Llc Covenant Agreement Indenture Aid Exercise Power Granted Herein
Covenants Covenants Each Operating Partnership Severally Agrees Cfco Follows
Covenants Each Operating Partnership Severally Agrees Mlco Follows Covenants Manger
Covenants Operating Partnership Each Severally Underwriter Follows Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Agreement Credit Facilities
Credit Facilities Amounts Except Share Per Data Credit Facility
Credit Lease Respect Each Ctl Property Only Credit Parties Shall Transferred Administrative Agent Additional Cash
Credit Risk Credit Spreads Widen Before Obtain Long-term Financing Assets
Credit Tenant Lease Investments Critical Accounting Policies
Cross Default Collateralization Ctl Investments
Ctl Investments Generate Losses Cumulative Rights
Cure Rights Current Market Conditions
Cusip Numbers Date
Date Preceding Payment Pay Amounts Due Connection Offering Dated 2005
Dated 2009 Death Disability
Debt Debt Investments Presented After Scheduled Amortization Payments Prepayments
Debt Investments Presented Net Unamortized Fees Discounts Unfunded Debt Service
Dedicated Cdo Securities Shall Paid Account Reasonably Designated Dedication Other Activities
Default Default Event Shall Occurred Continuing
Default Interest Meaning Given Default Payment Principal Premium Security Maturity
Default Rate Defaults Default Event Exists Respect Loan Document
Defaults Lender Defense Title
Deferrals Interest Payment Dates Deferred Charges
Deferred Costs Deferred Financing Costs
Deferred Income Deferred Stock Compensation Plan Directors
Deferred Stock Compensation Plan Directors Amounts Except Share Defined Rule 405 Act Required Filed Constitutes Offer
Definitions Definitions Other Provisions General Application
Definitive Preferred Securities Certificates Definitive Securities
Delaware Limited Partnership Delaware Statutory Trust Act
Delaware Trustee Delaware Trustee Required
Delay Omission Not Waiver Delayed Funding Obligations Account
Delegation Power Deliver Such Security Physical Form Duly Endorsed Clearing
Deliver Trustee Accounting Respect Books Records Delivered Issuer Demise Title Condition
Denominations Denominations Registration
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Dependent Green Special Servicer Cdos Not Find Suitable
Dependent Manager Key Employees Not Find Suitable Replacement Depicting Delineating Such Credit Partys Consolidated Non-consolidated Subsidiaries
Deposit Bank Deposit Delayed Funding Obligations Account Closing Date Issuer
Deposit Expense Account Closing Date Issuer Shall Gross Deposit Redemption Price
Deposit Unused Proceeds Account Closing Date Issuer Shall Depositary
Depositary Participant Depositor
Derivative Instruments Derivative Instruments Other Financing Arrangements
Designating Eligible Investments Sale Auction Connection Call Redemption Determination Libor
Determination Whether Separation Service Occurred Shall Accordance Presumptions Determining Specific Eligible Investments Purchased Sold Timing Such
Director Attendance Annual Meetings Director Compensation
Director Independence Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Corporate Governance Directors Officers
Disbursed Previous Payment Date Not Constitute Amounts Been Disbursements Generally Timing
Disclosure Relating Certain Federal Protections Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments
Discretion Disposition Policies
Disposition Security Interests Property Dissolution Expiration Date
Distressed Debt Distribution Holders Preferred Shares Accordance Priority Payments Without
Distributions Distributions Dividends Affiliate Payments
Dividend Ending 2006 Dividends
Dollars Dtc
Due Diligence Not Reveal Borrowers Liabilities Other Weaknesses Due Excluding Previously Deferred Class Capitalized Interest Not
Duties Responsibilities Trustees Each Beneficial Owner Rule 144a Global Securities Shall
Each Element Decisions Regarding Fit Overall Compensation Objectives Each Security Shall Dated Date Authentication
Each Seller Authorizes Buyer Disclose Transferee Including Prospective Each Seller Hereby Acknowledges
Early Termination Earned Fees 163 Green Representing Greens Proportionate
Earnings Guidance Earnings Per Share
Earnings Statement Make Generally Available Security Holders Soon Edgar
Eference Banks Means Major London Interbank Market Selected Effect Headings Table Contents
Effect Shall Not Amend Modify Either Custodial Agreement Effect Supplemental Indentures
Effective Date Actions Effective Date Termination Agreement Collateral Manager Shall Soon
Effective Enlarge Landlords Obligations Lease Shall Remain Solely Effective Simultaneously Effectiveness Replacement Thereto Described Aforesaid
Effective Time Effectiveness Registration Statement
Eighth Either
Either Individually Aggregate Not Reasonably Expected Material Adverse Either Issuer Co-issuer Pool Assets Becomes Investment Required
Election Collateral Manager Redeem Notes Pursuant Clean-up Call Election Redeem Notice Trustee
Electronic Delivery Future Proxy Materials Elements Compensation Program Chose Each Element
Eligible Account Eligible Institution
Employee Plan Assets Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employees Employer
Employment Duties Employment Noncompetition Agreement
Encourage Take Advantage Internet Telephone Voting Available Encroachments Except Shown Survey Best Knowledge Borrower Improvements
Encumbered Collateral Each Borrower Shall Remain Jointly Severally Enter Derivative Contracts Expose Contingent Liabilities Future
Entered Agreement Sell Entire Investment Madison Avenue Entire Agreement Addendum Amendments
Entire Agreement Severability Entire Investment Joint Venture Green Realty Corp Approximately
Entitled Vote Annual Meeting Entitled Vote Meeting
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environment
Environmental Claim Environmental Laws
Environmental Matters Environmental Matters Date Agreement Purchase Purchased Assets Hereunder
Environmental Matters Inspection Environmental Notices Borrower Shall Promptly Provide Notice Agent
Environmental Remediation Environmental Reports
Environmental Statute Equitable Adjustments
Equity Capital Policies Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Incentive Plan Equity Incentive Plan Information
Erisa Erisa Affiliate
Erisa Seller Shall Cause Each Subsidiaries Comply Material Estimates
Estoppel Certificates Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Event Advancing Agent Capacity Such Hereunder Trustee Backup Event Default
Event Occurrence Either Events Specified 210 Above Issuer Events Default
Events Default Meaning Given Compromise Agreement Events Default Remedies
Evidence Preparation Filing Appropriate Office District Columbia Financing Evidence Provide Acceptance Appointment Hereunder Successor Trustee
Evidence Succession Another Person Issuer Co-issuer Assumption Such Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Except Continuance Event Default Except Pay Them Promptly Administrative Agent Lenders Guarantor
Excess Net Cash Proceeds Exchange
Exchange Act Exchange Agreement
Exchange Ratio Exchanges
Execution Authentication Delivery Dating Execution Counterparts
Execution Delivery Performance Compliance Guarantee Not Violate Law Execution Delivery Such Counterpart Assignee Collateral Manager Shall
Execution Supplemental Indentures Execution Version
Executive Executive Director Compensation
Executive Nothing Shall Prohibit Either Employer Testifying Truthfully Executive Sessions Independent Directors
Executive Sessions Non-management Directors Exhibits
Existence Etc Seller Shall Existence Issuer Co-issuer
Existing Indentures Trust Agreement Expense Account
Expense Reports Reimbursements Expenses
Expiration Date Explanatory
Extension Option Extension Period
Extent Applicable Each Borrower Accordance Gaap Consistently Applied Facilities Repurchase Facility Credit Wachovia Affiliates Goldman Sachs
Facilities Repurchase Facility Credit Wachovia Capital Markets Llc Fact Date Execution Person Such Instrument Writing Proved
Fail Achieve Adequate Operating Cash Flow Ability Make Failure Qualify Reit Result Higher Taxes Reduced Cash
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Non-recurring Basis
Fair Value Recurring Basis Fasb 133 Sfas Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Fasb Issued Interpretation Fin Fasb Issued Interpretation Fin Accounting Conditional Asset
Fasb Issued Statement 141 Revised Business Combinations Fasb Issued Statement 159 Sfas Fair Value
Fee Disclosure Fees
Fifth Fifth Pari Passu
Filing Date Final Payment Due Stated Maturity Holder Thereof Shall
Finance Investments Financial Condition Results Operations Depend Ability Manage Future
Financial Covenants Financial Information
Financial Instruments Derivatives Hedging Financial Reporting
Financial Statements Business Acquired Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Seller Shall Deliver Cause Delivered Agent Financing
Financing Strategy Fixed Rate Junior Subordinated Due 2035
Floating Rate Junior Subordinated Due 2035 Floating Rate Junior Subordinated Due 2036
Floating Rate Preferred Securities Liquidation Amount 1000 Per Flood Zone Except Shown Survey Property Described Therein
Following New 218 Hereby Added Credit Agreement Following Repurchase Documents Well Certain Other Delivered Agent
Following Summary Cmbs 2007 Designated Available-for-sale Carried Estimated Forced Sale Failure Comply Restrictions
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form 2004 Equity Incentive Plan Incorporated Reference Registration Form Amended Restated Master Repurchase Agreement Between Wachovia
Form Certificate Authentication Form Collateral Management Agreement Between
Form Collateral Management Agreement Between Gramercy Real Estate Form Common Securities Certificate
Form Documents Delivered Trustee Form Information Request Beneficial Owners Notes
Form Junior Subordinated Indenture Between Gkk Capital Jpmorgan Form Lock-up Agreement
Form Officers Financial Certificate Form Opinion Clifford Chance Llp
Form Opinion Wilkie Farr Gallagher Form Opinion Willkie Farr Gallagher Llp
Form Placement Notice Form Preferred Securities Certificate
Form Purchase Agreement Among Various Investors Common Stock Form Reverse Security
Form Transferee Certificate Executed Transferees Form Trust Receipt
Form Trustees Certificate Authentication Former Executive Officer
Former Executive Officers Forms Documents Delivered Trustee
Forms Generally Forms Notes Certificate Authentication
Forward-looking Information Forward-looking Statements
Fpc Franklin Square Drive
Franklin Square Drive Somerset New Jersey Full Force Effect Until Obligations Paid Notwithstanding Time
Full Highlights Funding Liquidity
Funds Operations Furnish Trustee Names Addresses Holders
Furnished Pursuant Paragraph Shall Date Not Business Prior Furnished Underwriters Identical Electronically Transmitted Copies Thereof Filed
Further Further Assurances Borrower Shall Borrowers Sole Cost Expense
Further Text Page Future Funding Reserve Account
Future Revisions Policies Strategies Gaap
General General Borrower Cooperation
General Collateral Agent Provisions General Conditions Precedent Disbursements
General Provisions Generally
Gkk 450 Lex Llc Gkk Capital
Gkk Capital 420 Lexington Avenue New York 10170 Gkk Manager
Gkk Manager Llc Ceases Pursuant Management Agreement Financial Gkk Trading Warehouse Llc
Global Preferred Security Global Securities
Global Securities Certificated Notes Global Securities Temporary Notes
Global Security Goldman Amendment
Goldman Mezzanine Loan Goldman Mezzanine Loan Amounts Except Share Per Data
Goldman Mortgage Loan Goldman Mortgage Loan Amounts Except Share Per Data
Goldman Senior Junior Mezzanine Loans Goldman Senior Junior Mezzanine Loans Amounts Except Share
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governing Law
Government Obligation Governmental Authority
Governmental Authority Except Defaults Violations Not Reasonably Likely Governmental Licenses
Gramercy Gramercy Capital Corp
Gramercy Capital Corp 2005 Outperformance Plan Gramercy Capital Corp American Financial Realty Trust Set
Gramercy Capital Corp Announces Quarterly Dividend 051 Per Gramercy Capital Corp Announces Quarterly Dividend 056 Per
Gramercy Capital Corp Announces Seventh Consecutive Dividend Increase Gramercy Capital Corp Completes Acquisition American Financial Realty
Gramercy Capital Corp Director Independence Standards Gramercy Capital Corp Green Realty Announce Acquisition Fee
Gramercy Capital Corp Index Gramercy Capital Corp Prices Commercial Real Estate Cdo
Gramercy Capital Corp Profile Gramercy Capital Corp Receives Stockholder Approval Afr Acquisition
Gramercy Capital Trust Gramercy Finance
Gramercy Realty Gramercy Realty Portfolio
Gramercy Restricted Stock Gramercy Stock Options
Gramercy Warehouse Funding Llc Grant Security Interest Delivery Collateral Debt Securities Pursuant
Grantee Relied Making Decision Solely Background Documents Other Grantees Covenants Representations Warranties
Granting Easements Grants Plan-based Awards
Green Green Class Office Building Situated Property Acquisition Fee
Green Operating Partnership Equity Holder Joint Venture Borrower Green Operating Partnership Interests Gramercy Investments
Green Operating Partnership Invested 75000 6100 Preferred Equity Green Operating Partnership Realty Corp Interests Gramercy Investments
Green Realty Corp Green Realty Corp Profile
Gregory Hughes Gross-up
Ground Lease Ground Lease Other Property Not Consist Leasehold Estate
Ground Leases Guarantee Absolute Unconditional
Guarantee Agreement Guarantee Payment Performance
Guarantees Collateral Security Kind Respect Foregoing Guarantor Been Advised Counsel Negotiation Execution Delivery Guarantee
Guarantor Legal Capacity Right Execute Deliver Guarantee Perform Guarantor Shall Defaulted Failed Perform Indenture Loan Agreement
Having Jurisdiction Over Manager Subsidiaries Respective Assets Properties Having Jurisdiction Over Subsidiaries Respective Assets Properties Operations
Hazardous Materials Heading Exhibits
Headings Headquarters
Hedging Activities Hedging Instruments Often Not Traded Regulated Exchanges Guaranteed
Hedging Transactions Limit Gains Result Losses Herald Square New York
Hereby Amended Restated Entirety Read Follows Hereof Except References Such Certificate Closing Date Shall
Hereto Respectively Such Further Effect Counsel Underwriter Reasonably Hfs
Hfs Fpc Property Highlights
Highly Dependent Information Systems Parties Failures Significantly Disrupt Hold Harmless Each Underwriter Person Controls Within Meaning
Hold Notes Hold Securities
Holder Holder Action Written Consent
Holders Holders Lists Reports
Householding Proxy Materials However
Http Wwwgramercycapitalcorpcom Hugh Hall
Hugh Hall Resignation Identification Director Candidates
Illegality Unenforceability Shall Not Affect Other Provision Hereof Immediate Release
Impair Adversely Affect Assets Except Otherwise Permitted Indenture Impairment Long Lived Assets
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting Inability Determine Interest Rate Illegality
Incentive Distribution Class Limited Partner Interest Income Payments
Income Payments Requirements Law Income Taxes
Increase Market Interest Rates Adverse Effect Price Common Increased Costs Capital Adequacy
Indebtedness Indebtedness Amounts Except Share Per Data
Indemnification Indemnification Contribution
Indemnification Fees Expenses Indemnification Manager
Indemnification Operating Partnership Indemnification Underwriter
Indemnified Party Nor Shall Indemnifying Reimburse Such Costs Indemnified Person
Indemnifying Party Shall Not Relieve Obligations Unless Rights Indemnifying Partys Expense Cooperate Take Such Steps Party
Indemnity Indenture
Indenture Hereby Deleted Entirety Replaced Following Indenture Rights Obligations Each Holders Trustee Shall Construed
Independent Auditors Index
Index Data Standard Poors Index Exhibits
Index Financial Statements Schedules Indulgences Not Waivers
Industry Segments Inflation
Information Making Available Documents Senior Corporate Officers Regular Information Regarding Nominee Continuing Directors
Information Regarding Nominees Continuing Directors Initial Comfort Letter
Initial Contribution Trust Property Fees Costs Expenses Initial Ownership
Initial Securities Initiation Confirmation Termination
Initiation Termination Initio
Inserting New Clause Seventh Prime Set Forth Immediately Inspection
Inspection Records Institution Having Long-term Debt Rating Each Agency Least
Intangible Assets Intellectual Property
Intent Intentionally Deleted
Intentionally Omitted Inter Alia
Inter Alios Intercompany Loan
Interest Interest Accrued Respect Notes Shall Calculated Described Applicable
Interest Advances Interest Calculation Convention
Interest Mezzanine Loan Had Carrying Value 114408 Interest Payment Date
Interest Period Interest Rate
Interest Rate Fluctuations Reduce Ability Generate Income Investments Interest Rate Protection Agreement
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Risk Dollars
Interim Statement Internal Audit
Internal Revenue Code Internalization
Inventories Investment
Investment Act Investment Activity
Investment Bore Interest One-month Libor Plus 285 Closing Investment Borrowing Guidelines
Investment Committee Investment Event
Investment Funds Investment Non-conforming Non-investment Grade Loans Involve Increased Risk
Investment Unconsolidated Joint Venture Investment Unconsolidated Joint Ventures
Investments Ctl Properties Generate Losses Investments Debt Securities Subject Specific Risks Relating Particular
Investments Mezzanine Loans Involve Greater Risks Loss Senior Investments Presented Net Unamortized Fees Discounts Unfunded Commitments
Investments Presented Table After Re-financings Net Fees Discounts Investments Subordinate Loans Subordinated Cmbs Subject Losses
Investments Unconsolidated Joint Ventures Investor Demand Commercial Real Estate Cdos Been Substantially
Investor Information Ipo Initial Public Offering Common Stock Parent Occurred
Issuance Common Securities Subscription Purchase Notes Issuance Stop Order Issued Obtain Lifting Thereof Earliest
Issuances Trust Preferred Securities Require Quarterly Interest Distributions Issue Date Stated Maturity Having Same Terms Such
Issue Senior Securities Exposed Additional Restrictive Covenants Limitations Issued Registration Transfer Thereof Exchange Therefor Lieu Whether
Issuer Issuer Agrees
Issuer Co-issuer Collateral Manager Trustee Each Hedge Counterparty Issuer Co-issuer Consolidate Merge Only Certain Terms
Issuer Co-issuer Shall Not Issuer Co-issuer Trustee Shall Notice Disregarded Purposes
Issuer Collaterally Assign Interest Agreement Trustee Indenture Issuer Hereby Authorizes Filing Ucc Financing Statements Describing
Issuer Not Investment Act Issuer Represents Not Executed Assignment Agreements Other Collateral
Issuer Shall Pay Cause Paid Taxes Levied Account Issuers Obligations Hedge Agreement
Jeffrey Kelter John Roche Appointment Chief Financial Officer
John Roche Certify Joint Investments Adversely Affected Lack Sole Decision-making Authority
Joint Several Obligations Joint Venture
Joint Ventures Jpmorgan Chase Bank
Junior Subordinated Debentures Junior Subordinated Debentures Amounts Except Share Per Data
Junior Subordinated Indenture Junior Subordinated Notes
Junior Subordinated Notes Match Terms Trust Preferred Securities Jurisdiction Over Manager Subsidiaries Respective Assets Properties Operations
Jurisdiction Property Located Requisite Power Execute Deliver Perform Labor Matters Borrower Not Party Collective Bargaining Agreements
Lack Diversification Number Investments Increases Dependence Individual Lasalle Bank National Association
Laws State New York Without Reference Conflict Provisions Lease
Lease Agreement Lease Agreements
Lease Defaults Terminations Landlord-tenant Disputes Adversely Reduce Income Lease Expirations Within Next
Lease Schedules Lease Term Sheet
Leasehold Interests Leases
Leases Rents Leasing Agreements
Leasing Agreements Amounts Except Share Per Data Least Moodys Such Ratings Full Force Effect Closing
Legal Capacity Perform Obligations Collateral Manager Hereunder Indenture Legal Name Good Standing Organizational Identification Number Authority
Legal Proceedings Legal Requirements
Lenders Consultant Lenders Require Enter Restrictive Covenants Relating Operations
Letter Credit Outstanding Been Issued Agent Issuing Lender Letters Credit
Level Liabilities
Liability Advancing Agent Liability Agent Lenders
Liability Co-issuers Liability Relating Environmental Matters Impact Value Properties Acquire
Libor Libor Business
Libor Determination Date Lien
Liens Liens Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Restated Entirety Read
Like Amount Limitation Indebtedness
Limitation Liability Advancing Agent Others Limitation Restricted Actions Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Restated
Limitation Rights Holders Limitation Suits
Limitations Certain Remedies Following New Hereby Added Credit Limitations Voting Rights
Limited Bankruptcy Insolvency Reorganization Other Laws Affecting Enforcement Limited Exceptions Acquire Properties Basis Therefore Value Decline
Limited Experience Operating Internally-managed Reit Makes Future Performance Limited Joinder
Limited Liability Agreement Limited Partnership Unit Purchase Agreement
Limits Manager Responsibility Indemnification Liquidation
Liquidation Amount Liquidation Amount 1000 Per Common Security
Liquidation Date Liquidity Capital Markets Essential Businesses Future Growth Rely
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Funding
Liquidity Measurement Ability Meet Cash Requirements Including Ongoing Liquidity Tests
Listing Best Efforts Effect Securities Nyse Loan
Loan Agreement Loan Documents
Loan Documents Interest Herein Therein Transfer Occurs Other Loan Documents Relating Loans Senior Breach Default Uncured
Loan Portfolio Current Maturity Loan Portfolio Region
Loan Portfolio Type Loans Invest Commercial Mortgage Underlying Cmbs Subject Risks
Loans Investments Loans Investments Held Sale
Loans Members Etc Loans Other Lending Investments Held Sale
Lock-up Agreements Lockbox Account Cash Flow Collection Operating
Long Class A-1 Notes A-2 Controlling Par Value Long Class A-1 Notes Controlling Par Value Less
Long Class A-1 Notes Controlling Par Value Ratio Long Senior Outstanding Qrs Corp Not Transfer Preferred
Long-term Incentive Plan-awards 2005 Long-term Outperformance Program Award Agreements
Long-term Outperformance Program Information Ltv Ratio
Madison Madison Avenue
Madison Office Fee Llc Maintain Status Reit Internal Revenue Code Distribute Annually
Maintenance Existence Maintenance Investment Act Exclusions Exemptions Imposes Limits Operations
Maintenance Investment Act Exemption Imposes Limits Operations Maintenance Listing
Maintenance Office Agency Maintenance Repair
Majority Liquidation Amount Make Hold Sell Investment Issuers Securities Pari Passu
Make Investments Assets Lower Credit Quality Increase Risk Management Agreement
Management Agreements Management Information Systems Services
Management Property Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manager Manager Ability Collateral Perform Obligations Agreement Indenture
Manager Agreements Manager Collateral Having Actual Knowledge Such Breach Violation
Manager Trustee Invest Funds Received Unused Proceeds Account Managers Certificate
Mandatory Redemption Mandatory Repurchases
Marc Holliday Marc Holliday Certify
Marc Holliday Chief Executive Officer Certify Marengo Avenue Pasadena California
Margin Deficit Shall Exist Either Immediately Prior After Margin Maintenance
Margin Stock Market Capitalization
Market Capitalization Amounts Except Share Per Data Market Price Common Stock After Merger Affected Factors
Market Price Common Stock Earnings Per Share Decline Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer
Market Risk Marketable Investments Accrued Interest
Maryland Maryland Articles Merger
Maryland Takeover Statutes Prevent Change Control Depress Stock Master Repurchase Agreement
Material Adverse Change Material Adverse Effect
Material Alteration Material Contracts
Material Federal Income Tax Consequences Material Lease
Material Notices Following Events Shall Occurred Continuing Receipt Matters Covered Subsequent Counsel Opinions
Matters Determined Agent Sole Discretion Hereunder Shall Exercised Maturity
Maturity Date Maturity Date Means 2056 Such Earlier Loans Shall
Means Debt Securities Security Case Authenticated Delivered Measuring 2006 Performance
Measuring 2007 Performance Measuring 2008 Performance
Meetings Holders Preferred Securities Members Persons Hold Interests Through Agent Take Action
Merger Merger Consolidation Advancing Agent
Merger Conversion Consolidation Succession Business Merger Conversion Consolidation Succession Business Trustee
Merger Not Occur Incur Payment Obligations American Financial Mergers Consolidations Amalgamations Replacements Trust
Messenger Services Mezzanine Lender
Mezzanine Lenders Mezzanine Loan
Mezzanine Loan Borrower Mezzanine Loan Documents
Mezzanine Loan Liens Mezzanine Loans
Minimis Minority Interest
Miscellaneous Mlco
Modifications Collateral Quality Tests Coverage Modifications Collateral Quality Tests Par Value Coverage
Modifications Investment Criteria Modify Definition Term Collateral Manager Servicing Standard
Money Held Trust Money Payments Held Trust
Monitoring Ratings Collateral Debt Securities Issuers Compliance Covenants Monthly Additional Loan Payment
Monthly Additional Loan Payment Shortfall Monthly Interest Payment
Monthly Interest Shortfall Monthly Operating Expense Shortfall
Monthly Operating Expenses Monthly Report Contain Explanations Collateral Manager Determinations
Mortgage Mortgage Loan
Mortgage Loans Mortgage Loans Amounts Except Share Per Data
Mortgage Notes Payable Mortgage-backed Securities
Multiemployer Plan Respect Withdrawal Terminating Reorganization Insolvency Mutilated Defaced Destroyed Lost Stolen
Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Securities Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Securities Certificates
Name Name Loan Accounting Method
Name Principal Place Business Nature Business Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Restated Entirety
Nature Landlords Obligations Nature Lessors Obligations
Necessary Opinion They Obtained Knowledge Except Specifically Stated Necessary Order Make Statements Therein Light Circumstances They
Negative Covenants Negative Pledge Guarantor Shall Not Create Incur Assume
Negotiations Neither Significant Subsidiaries Nor Knowledge Person Acting Behalf
Net Cash Proceeds Net Lease Nonterminability
Net Operating Income Net Proceeds
New Accounting Pronouncements New Defined Terms Following Hereby Added Credit Agreement
New Indenture Trustee Shall Authenticated Securities Accordance Terms New Interest Period
New York New York 10170
New York 2005 New York 2006
New York 2007 New York 2008
New York 2009 Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Non-assignability Termination Non-eligible Notching Asset Types
Non-gaap Financial Measures Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nonrecoverable Advance Advancing Agent Trustee Capacity Backup Applicable Normal Course Business Uses Variety Commonly Used Derivative
Not Able Access Financing Sources Favorable Terms Adversely Not Able Find Suitable Replacement Investments Cdos Reinvestment
Not Able Issue Cdo Securities Attractive Terms Require Not Able Relet Renew Leases Properties Held Terms
Not Able Renew Total Return Swaps Enter Adversely Not Applicable Then Payments Principal Interest Such Notes
Not Realize Gains Income Investments Not Responsible Recitals Issuance Notes
Not Responsible Recitals Issuance Securities Not Responsible Recitals Issuance Securities Representations
Not Uncovered Risks Associated Acquiring Manager Significant Liabilities Notes
Notes Being Paid Full Interest Shall Cease Accrue Notes Class Not Before Longer Applicable Preference Period
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Payable Redemption Date
Notice Amendments Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders
Notice Default Notice Defaults
Notice Demand Take Action Against Borrower Exercise Other Notice Election Partner Convert Ltip Units Class
Notice Election Partnership Force Conversion Ltip Units Class Notice Holders Waiver
Notice Meetings Notice Redemption
Notice Redemption Maturity Issuer Notice Registration Requirement
Notice Trustee Notices
Notices Defaults Extensions Notices Documents Reports Other Announcements Delivered Such Office
Notices Etc Notices Etc Trustee
Notices Etc Trustee Issuer Co-issuer Collateral Manager Notices Noteholders Waiver
Notices Other Communications Notices Seller Shall Give Notice Agent
Notify Party Delivering Same Determines Such Certificate Opinion Notify Trustee Appraisal Reductions Collateral Debt Securities Manager
Notional Amount Certain Hedge Agreements Providing Floating Rate Notwithstanding Anything Contrary Herein Subject Standard Set Forth
Notwithstanding Other Provision Hereunder Fact Agent Conducted Failed Now Therefore
Number 001-32248 Number Trustees
Objection Objectives Compensation Program
Obligations Obligations Absolute
Obligations Described Registration Statement Disclosure Package Prospectus Been Obligations Hereunder Indemnity Agreement Set Forth Shall Addition
Obligations Immediately Shall Become Fully Recourse Borrowers Guarantors Obligations Manager Restrictions
Occurrence Change-in-control Defined Below Good Reason Shall Also Off-balance-sheet Arrangements
Offered Notes Listed Irish Stock Exchange Issuer Shall Office Delaware Trustee Trust
Office Paying Agent Outside United States Then Required Officers Certificate
Officers Financial Certificate Officers Provisions Shall Remain Effect After Agreement Terminated
Offsets Counterclaims Defenses Omitted Taken Agent Good Faith Accordance Advice Such
Operating Advisor Additional Debt Operating Data
Operating Partnership Operating Partnership Agreement Manager
Operating Policies Operating Results
Operative Documents Opinion Counsel
Opinion Counsel Class A-2 Insurer Dated Closing Date Opinion Counsel Each Hedge Counterparty Dated Closing Date
Opinion Counsel Trustee Dated Closing Date Form Satisfactory Opinion Counsel Trustee Dated Closing Date Substantially Form
Opinion Counsel Underwriter Opinions Counsel
Option Award Agreements Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Sar Grants 2004 Option Securities
Option Securities Addition Basis Representations Warranties Herein Contained Optional Disbursements
Optional Redemption Optional Redemption Price
Oral Pricing Information Order
Organization Organization Change Lenders
Organization Restrictions Original Trust Agreement
Originated 90287 Whole Loan Bears Interest 30-day Originated 90287 Whole Loan Bears Interest Libor
Origination Origination Agreement
Origination Underwriting Asset Management Other
Other Assets Other Business
Other Charges Other Data
Other Debt Borrower Not Borrowed Received Financing Whether Other Definitional Provisions
Other Definitional Provisions Determinations Agent Other Dispositions
Other Events Other Fees
Other Information Other Intangible Assets Liabilities
Other Manner Permitted Law Commence Legal Proceedings Otherwise Other Materials Each Date Required Deliver Certificate Pursuant
Other Matters Other Obligations Such Order Preference Majority Banks Shall
Other Parent Obligations Other Payments
Other Policies Other Real Estate-related Investments-
Other Transactions Other Writing Furnished Agent Connection Transactions Contemplated Hereby
Otherwise Correct Inconsistency Cure Ambiguity Mistake Outperformance Award
Outperformance Plan Outperformance Plan Amounts Except Per Share Data
Outperformance Plan Amounts Except Share Per Data Outsource Agreement
Outstanding Outstanding Principal Amount Respective Original Preferred Securities Face
Overview Owing Affiliated Hedge Counterparties Interest Rate Protection Agreements
Owner Owner Trustee
Ownership Common Securities Depositor Ownership Securities Shall Proved Register
Paid Caused Other Sums Payable Hereunder Parent Material Adverse Effect
Pari Passu Part
Part Financial Information Participation
Partnership Partnership Agreement
Partnership Merger Effective Time Party Beneficiaries
Patrick Thebado Patriot Act Compliance
Paul Konigsberg Paying Agent
Payment Account Payment Date
Payment Default Rate Application Certain Monies Priority Payments Payment Expenses
Payment Interest Respect Controlling Class Payment Permitted Default
Payment Price Differential Payment Principal
Payment Principal Interest Payment Principal Interest Other Amounts Rights Preserved
Payment Principal Premium Interest Payment Procedures
Payment Purchase Price Delivery Certificates Initial Securities Shall Payment Securities Called Redemption
Payment Senior Debt Default Over Proceeds Dissolution Etc Payment Taxes Duties Etc
Payment Transfer Payment Transfer Custody
Payments Payments Indenture Pursuant Direct Actions
Pension Benefits Performance Obligations
Period 2004 Formation Through Dollars Period Rising Interest Rates Expense Increase While Earn
Permanent Loans Permitted Encumbrances
Permitted Transfers Person
Person Guilty Fraudulent Misrepresentation Within Meaning Securities Act Person Other Parties Holder Loan Documents Legal Representatives
Persons Deemed Holders Persons Deemed Owners
Physical Condition Reports Place Payment
Place Places Such Notes Redeemed Whole Surrendered Payment Placement
Placement Notice Placement Shares
Plan Pledged Account Shall Treated Financial Asset Within Meaning
Pledged Government Securities Pledged Treasury Securities
Plus Policies Procedures Respect Related Party Transactions
Portfolio Wide Basis Imposing Other Condition Affecting Transactions Positive Net Income Sellers Shall Times Following Anniversary
Possession Licenses Permits Operating Partnership Respective Subsidiaries Possess Post-closing Purchases
Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Committee Pre-auction Process
Predecessor Security Preferences
Preferred Equity Preferred Equity Investments Involve Greater Risk Loss Traditional
Preferred Equity Investments Involve Greater Risk Loss Transitional Preferred Securities
Preferred Securities Certificate Preferred Security
Preferred Security Global Then Insert Preferred Stock
Preferred Stock Amounts Except Share Per Data Prepaid Expenses Other Assets
Prepared Accordance Gaap Consistently Applied Throughout Periods Involved Prepayment Fee
Prepayments Adversely Affect Yields Investments Presentation Annual Investor Conference Gramercy Capital Corp
Preservation Assets Preservation Information Communications Holders
Pricing Common Stock Offering Pricing Letter Amended Restated Master Repurchase Facility
Primary Liability Guarantor Primary Liability Guarantors
Prime Rate Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Payments Principal Place Business Location Records Federal Tax
Principles Consolidation Principles Construction
Prior Agreements Private Placement Transaction
Pro Forma Pro Forma Financial Information
Pro Rata Proceeding
Proceeding Brought Virtue Agreement Agent Guarantor Each Shall Proceeding Particular Case Taken Collectively Material Adverse Effect
Proceedings Pending Best Knowledge Trustee Threatened Against Before Proceeds
Proceeds Each Offering Approximately 48956 Proceeds Foregoing
Proceeds Net Described Prospectus Entitled Profile
Profiles Program
Prolonged Economic Slowdown Lengthy Severe Recession Declining Real Prolonged Economic Slowdown Lengthy Severe Recession Reduction Liquidity
Properties Properties Contain Asbestos Lead Liability Adverse Health Effects
Properties Contain Develop Harmful Mold Lead Liability Adverse Property
Property Acquisitions Property Held Sale
Property Subject Such Collateral Security Instrument Extent Governed Property Trustee
Property Trustee Proofs Claim Property Trustee Required
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Ratification Selection Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Proposed Public Offering Gramercy Capital Corp Prospectus Expense Correct Such Statement Omission Effect Compliance
Prospectus Supplement Protection Assets
Provided Provided Controlling Class Alone Shall Right Waive Event
Provided Evidence Satisfactory Underwriter Such Timely Filing Number Provided Further
Provided However Provided Majority Controlling Class Alone Shall Right Waive
Provided Subject Below Such Settlement Effected Written Consent Providing Notification Promptly Writing Trustee Issuer Becoming Actually
Provision Indenture Shall Construed Relieve Trustee Liability Own Provision Regarding Certain Tax Information
Provisions Separable Provisions Solely Define Relative Rights
Provisions Such Articles Shall Remain Effect Sections 212 Proxies Etc
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Proxy Statement
Public Offering Publicity
Purchase Agreement Purchase Agreements
Purchase Assets Purchase Mortgage Asset Included Such Transaction Sole Absolute
Purchase Price Payment Defaulting Lenders Pro Rata Purchase Right Majority Preferred Shares Holder
Purchase Sale Purchase Sale Transactions Brokerage
Purchased Assets Purchases Collateral Manager
Purchases Common Stock Purported Transfer Not Accordance Shall Null Void Given
Purpose Purpose Manner Level Executives Performance Shall Not Determined
Purposes Trust Qib
Qualified Holder Such Term Defined Investment Act Qualified Manager
Qualifying Competing Proposal Quantitative
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk Quarterly
Quarterly Annual Financial Date Quarterly Dividend
Quarterly Period 2006 Quarterly Period 2007
Radon Disclosure Rapid Changes Values Cmbs Other Real Estate Related
Rapid Changes Values Mbs Other Real Estate Related Rate Protection Agreement
Rating Agency Rating Comfort Letter
Real Estate Real Estate Ctl Investments
Real Estate Ctl Investments Held Sale Real Estate Investments
Real Estate Investments Illiquid Restrict Ability Respond Rapidly Real Estate Investments Subject Risks Particular Property
Real Estate Risk Real Estate Securities Portfolio Property Type
Real Estate Securities Portfolio Property Type 2009 Real Estate Securities Portfolio Region
Real Estate Securities Rating Real Estate Securities Type
Recent Downturn Credit Markets Increased Cost Borrowing Financing Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Recital Recitals
Recitals Guarantee True Correct Reclassification
Reclassifications Record Date Voting Other Purposes
Recordation Certain Taxes Records Confidentiality
Recourse Against Certain Parties Redemption
Redemption Date Redemption Price
Redemption Securities Reduce Operating Costs
Reference Banks Reference Notes Supplemental Indentures
Reference Securities Supplemental Indentures Referred Carrying Out Procedures Shall Date Not Business
Registrable Securities Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registration Expenses Registration Rights Agreement
Registration Statement Registration Transfer Exchange
Registration Transfer Exchange Generally Registration Transfer Exchange Preferred Securities Certificates
Registry Regular Record Date
Regulation Disclosure Regulations 1934 Act Public Accounting Oversight Board United
Reimbursed Employer Corporation End Employment Period Shall Remain Reinvestment Criteria Trading Restrictions
Reit Reit Distribution Requirements Adversely Affect Liquidity
Reit Status 610 Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Restated Related Party Transactions
Related Party Transactions Amounts Release
Release Collateral Parties Liable Etc Release Glen Allen Properties
Release Money Other Property Written Request Release Pledged Collateral Debt Securities Assets
Release Price Reliance Judicial Order Certificate Liquidating Agent
Reliance Letter Rely Waiver Related Future Dealings Each Party Hereto
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remedies
Remedies Borrower Reminder Owners Each Class Offered Notes
Reminder Owners Each Class Senior Notes Renewal Term
Rent Abatement Rent Expense
Rental Revenue 1219 2005 Was Earned 200 Franklin Rental Revenue 314 2005 Was Earned 200 Franklin
Rental Revenue 914 2006 314 2005 Was Earned Rental Revenue 914 2006 Was Earned 200 Franklin
Rentals Operating Leases Rents
Repayment Monies Held Paying Agent Replenishment Criteria Trading Restrictions
Report Independent Auditors Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reporting Reports
Reports Accountings Reports Independent Accountants
Reports Notices Demands Reports Notices Preferred Shareholders Shall Sufficiently Given Provided
Reports Parties Reports Property Trustee
Reports Rating Agencies Representation Date
Representations Representations Indemnities Survive
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Advancing Agent
Representations Warranties Borrower Represents Warrants Closing Date Each Representations Warranties Collateral Manager Represents Warrants Issuer
Representations Warranties Contained Herein Shall Accurate Date Delivery Representations Warranties Depositor
Representations Warranties Issuer Represents Warrants Collateral Manager Representations Warranties Manager
Representations Warranties Operating Partnership Representations Warranties Parent Operating Partnership
Representations Warranties Property Trustee Delaware Representations Warranties Related Subsequent Collateral Debt Securities
Representations Warranties Trustee Repurchase Agreement Hereby Modified Adding Following New
Repurchase Agreements Cdo Financing Limit Ability Make Investments Repurchase Agreements Credit Facilities Finance Investments Require Provide
Repurchase Date Such Transaction Not Later Final Termination Repurchase Date Such Transaction Not Later Termination
Repurchase Facilities Repurchase Facilities Amounts Except Share Per Data
Repurchase Facilities Wachovia Capital Markets Llc Affiliates Goldman Repurchase Facility Wachovia Capital Markets Llc Affiliates
Repurchases Request Direction Issuer Co-issuer Mentioned Herein Shall Sufficiently
Requests Consents Require Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Statement Effective
Required Disclosure Transactions Seller Retains Custody Purchased Securities Required Insurance
Required Make Number Judgments Applying Accounting Policies Different Required Records
Required Repairs Required Repurchase Loans Sold Indemnify Holders Cdos
Requirement Law Order Decree Court Arbiter Regulation Demand Requirements Applicable Organizational Documents Nyse
Requirements Law Research Coverage Equity
Reserve Possible Credit Losses Reserve Possible Loan Losses
Reserved Reserves Loan Losses Prove Inadequate Material Adverse Effect
Resignation Removal Agent Successor Resignation Removal Appointment Successor
Resignations Marc Holliday Andrew Mathias Gregory Hughes Respect Covenant Provision Hereof Individual Protection Benefit Trustee
Respect Dry Mortgage Assets Seller Shall Request Transaction Respect Securities Redeemed Whole Part Each Notice Redemption
Respect Wet Mortgage Assets Agent Shall Received Complete Responsible Officer
Restoration Rights Remedies Restricted Cash
Restricted Cash 2006 Consists Primarily 182967 Restricted Cash 2007 Consists Primarily 111313
Restricted Cash 2007 Consists Primarily 123819 Restricted Cash 2008 Consists Primarily 64581
Restricted Legend Restricted Legends
Restricted Ltip Units Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Award Agreements Restrictive Covenants
Restrictive Covenants Amounts Except Share Per Data Restructuring Term Loans
Resulting Loss Relating Such Investment Except Respect Investments Results Operations Financial Condition
Retained Provide Services Unrelated Agreement Issuer Affiliates Paid Return Payments
Revenue Revenue Recognition
Revenues Review Gramercys Latest News Release Other Corporate Documents
Right Offset Rights Holders
Rights Plan Rights Remedies Cumulative
Rights Trustee Holder Senior Debt Preservation Trustees Rising Operating Expenses Relating Properties Acquire Connection Merger
Risk Factors Risks Related Investments
Risks Related Management Relationship Green Robert Foley
Robert Foley Chief Financial Officer Certify Robert Foley Promotion Chief Operating Officer
Roger Cozzi Rounding Convention
Sale Assets Sale Delivery Underwriter Closing
Sale Interest Madison Avenue Green Sale Unregistered Registered Securities
Sale Unregistered Registered Securities Proceeds Sale Unregistered Securities
Sales Collateral Debt Securities Satisfaction Discharge
Satisfaction Discharge Indenture Satisfied Nothing Contained Shall Construed Require Trustee Preserve
Schedule Schedule 14a
Schedule Signature Page Schedules
Scope Sdat
Secured Acquisition Credit Facility Secured Credit Facilities Wachovia Capital Markets Llc Affiliates
Secured Credit Facility Secured Operating Credit Facility
Secured Term Loan Secured Term Loan Amounts Except Share Per Data
Securities Securities Act
Securities Certificate Securities Certificates
Securities New Indenture Exchange Void Voidable Actual Constructive Securities Only Transferred Qualified Purchaser Such Term Defined
Securities Register Securities Registrar
Securities Subordinate Senior Debt Securities Transfer Agreement
Security Security Forms
Security Global Insert Security Global Then Insert Such Other Principal Amount
Security Global Then Insert- Such Other Principal Amount Security Interest
Security Interests Setoff Security Issued Hereunder Shall Bear Legend Substantially Following
Security Notes Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Security Shall Construed Enforced Accordance Governed
Security Shall Construed Enforced Accordance Governed Laws State See Accompanying Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
See Accompanying Notes Financial Statements Segment Reporting
Segregation Purchased Securities Selected Financial Data
Selection Securities Redeemed Seller Calendar
Seller Representations Warranties Seller Shall Fail Make Required Payment Letter Credit
Sellers Shall Fail Cure Margin Deficit Accordance 401 Senior Debt
Senior Notes Listed Irish Stock Exchange Issuer Shall Separability
Separability Clause Series Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock
Servicer Services Agreement
Servicing Servicing Asset Management
Servicing Override Set Aside Payment Thereof Unless Except Otherwise Specified
Set-off Set-offs
Setting Executive Compensation Settlement
Settlement Date Settlement Least Prior Such Being Entered Indemnifying Party
Settlement Without Consent Failure Reimburse Seventh
Seventh Pari Passu Seventh Prime
Severability Severability Integration
Severance Agreement Severance Agreements
Shall Cases Deemed Provide Remain Full Force Effect Shall Full Complete Authorization Protection Respect Action Taken
Shareholder Approval Shareholders Equity
Shares Showing
Side Letter Signature Page Follows
Signatures Significant Amount Short-term Debt Finance Acquisition American Financial
Significant Portion American Financials Properties Leased Financial Institutions Single Agreement
Single-purpose Entity Sixth
Sixth Pari Passu Solicitation Proxies
Soliciting Proxy Some Portfolio Investments Recorded Fair Value Determined Good
Source Standard Poors 500 Composite Stock Price Index South Building Madison Avenue New York
Southeastern United States Spe Party
Special Act Counsel Special Amortization
Special Event Redemption Special Record Date
Special Redemption Price Special Rights Agreement
Staggered Board Directors Other Provisions Charter Bylaws Prevent Stand-off Period
Standard Conduct Stated Maturity Date
Statement Compliance Statement Financial Accounting Standard 123 Sfas Share-based Payment
States Investors Trs Statutory
Stephen Green Stock Based Compensation Plans
Stock Based Employee Compensation Plans Stock Options
Stock Ownership Limit Imposed Internal Revenue Code Reits Stock-based Employee Compensation Plans
Stockholder Proposals Stockholders Agreement
Stockholders Equity Structure Acquisitions Using Complex Structures Often Based Forecasted
Subject Significant Competition Not Compete Successfully Sublessor Improvements
Subletting Assignment Submission Jurisdiction
Submission Jurisdiction Venue Waiver Jury Trial Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordinate Interests Whole Loans Subordinate Interests Whole Loans Invest Subject Additional Risks
Subordinate Interests Whole Loans Notes Subordination
Subordination Common Securities Subrogation Rights Holders Senior Debt
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Gramercy Capital Corp Subsidiaries Joint Ventures
Subsidiary Substitution
Successor Substituted Successors
Successors Assigns Successors Assigns New Indenture Trustee Substantially Form Set
Such Direction Shall Not Conflict Rule Law Indenture Such Disbursement Used Solely Pay Approved Leasing Costs
Such Failure Shall Been Consistent Frequent Basis Determination Such Holder Previously Given Trustee Written Notice Event
Such Holder Previously Given Written Notice Trustee Continuing Such Lenders Having Executed Delivered Performed Obligations Received
Such Notice Shall Also Provided Irish Paying Agent Such Paying Agent Not Trustee Time Continuance Default
Such Qualification Shall Necessary Protect Validity Enforceability Indenture Such Sale Shall Bound Ascertain Trustees Authority Inquire
Such Waiver Shall Deemed Behalf Holders Outstanding Securities Summary
Summary Compensation Table Summary Provisions 2008 Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Summary Vested Equity Awards
Superior Proposal Supplemental Data 2008
Supplemental Disclosure Non-cash Investing Financing Activities Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan
Supplemental Indenture Supplemental Indentures
Supplemental Indentures Consent Holders Supplemental Indentures Consent Securityholders
Supplemental Indentures Without Consent Holders Supplemental Indentures Without Consent Securityholders
Supplemental Information Supplemental Terms Conditions
Surrender Surviving
Surviving Partnership Suspense Account
Suspension Trading Shares Shall Not Been Suspended Exchange Table Below Summarizes Borrowings 2008 2007 Currently Include
Table Below Summarizes Borrowings Wachovia Goldman Repurchase Facilities Table Below Summarizes Borrowings Wachovia Repurchase Facility 2004
Table Contents Take Action Opinion Counsel Expose Administrative Agent Liability
Take Such Actions Administrative Agent Shall Require Obtain Taking Mortgaged Property
Tax Accounting Treatment Tax Event
Tax Fees Tax Opinion
Tax Prohibited Transactions Limit Ability Engage Including Certain Tax Returns
Tax Returns Other Reports Tax Treatment Notes
Taxable Mortgage Pool Rules Limit Manner Effect Future Taxes
Taxes Other Charges Law Agreements Temporary Securities
Tenancy Relationship Between Borrower Lender Nor Grant Interest Tenant
Tenant Other Receivables Tenant Remedies
Tenant Security Account Letters Credit Term
Term Guarantee Term Loan Credit Facility Repurchase
Term Loan Credit Facility Repurchase Amounts Except Share Term Loans
Term Renewal Option Term Termination
Termination Termination Agreement
Termination Cause Without Good Reason Termination Dates Maximum Amount
Termination Death Termination Disability
Termination Employer Termination Executive
Termination General Termination Grantees Position Officer Vesting Change Control
Termination Loan Agreement Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Termination Rights Termination Without Cause Good Reason
Terms Conditions Terms Contemplated Prospectus Except Such Been Already Obtained
Terrorist Attacks Other Acts Violence War Affect Market Through Below Appropriate Security Interest Trustee Pledged Obligations
Time Time After Date Agreement
Time Twenty-four After Such Notice Received Seller Not Times
Times Prior Extension Maturity Date Accordance Conditions Timothy Oconnor
Title Insurance Policy Title Trust Property
Titles Not Affect Interpretation Trading
Transaction Documents Means Compromise Agreement Instruction Letters Transactions Affiliates
Transactions Related Parties Transfer
Transfer Agent Shall Engage Maintain Expense Registrar Common Transfer Agent Shall Engage Maintain Expense Registrar Preferred
Transfer Agent Shall Maintain Expense Registrar Common Stock Transfer Pledged Obligations
Transfer Shall Without Agents Prior Consent Except Permitted Treatment Securities
True Lease Trust
Trust Accounts Trust Agreement
Trust Gramercy Capital Gcti Wholly-owned Subsidiary Operating Partnership Trust Indenture Act
Trust Property Trust Security
Trustee Trustee After Receipt Such Notice Request Offer Indemnity
Trustee Behalf Issuer Holders Each Class Notes Preferred Trustee Behalf Issuer Shall Perform Following Functions Report
Trustee Effectuate Subordination Trustee Enforce Claim Without Possession Securities
Trustee Enforce Claims Without Possession Notes Trustee Not Fiduciary Holders Senior Debt
Trustee Proofs Claim Trustee Shall Been Provided Indemnity Satisfactory
Trustee Shall Not Liable Action Takes Omits Take Trustee Shall Prior Closing Date Establish Single Segregated
Trustee Take Other Action Deemed Proper Not Inconsistent Trustees
Unable Generate Sufficient Funds Obtain Financing Future Capital Unable Generate Sufficient Revenue Operations Pay Operating Expenses
Unable Successfully Integrate Operations American Financial Business Earnings Unavailability Libor Illegality
Unconditional Right Holders Receive Principal Premium Interest Direct Unconditional Rights Noteholders Receive Principal Interest
Undertaking Costs Underwriters
Underwriting Underwriting Commissions Costs
Underwriting Commissions Costs Incurred Connection Unexpected Delays Consummation Merger Impact Ability Timely Achieve
United States Banking Moratorium Been Declared Federal Maryland United States Federal Income Tax Reporting
Units Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unresolved Staff Comments Unsecured Credit Facility
Unsecured Credit Facility Amounts Except Share Per Data Unsecured Revolving Credit Facility
Unused Proceeds Account Upside Participation Held Sale Assets
Used Herein Hazardous Materials Shall Include Without Limitation Usury
Utilities Utilize Significant Amount Debt Finance Portfolio Subject Increased
Valuation Financial Instruments Valuations Mortgage-backed Securities
Variable Interest Entities Vesting Provisions Ltip Units
Virtue Having Been Such Holder Defaulted Interest Paid Vote
Vote Counted Vote Proposal
Voting Rights Voting Stock
Wachovia Amendments Wachovia Bank National Association
Waiver Waiver Covenants
Waiver Notice Waiver Past Defaults
Waiver Rights Waiver Stay Extension Laws
Waiver Subordination Provisions Waiver Usury Stay Extension Laws
Waivers Waivers Etc
Was Less Respectively Weighted Average Ltv Mortgage Assets Shall Not Exceed
Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Bank National Association
What Compensation Program Designed Reward What Constitutes Quorum
What Other Information Review Before Voting What Purpose Annual Meeting
What Purpose Meeting What Vote Needed Approve Each Proposal
What Vote Required Approve Each Proposal Whereas
Whether Reason Ownership Leasing Property Conduct Business Except Whistleblowing Whistleblower Protection Policy
Whiteface Lake Placid New York Wholly Owned Subsidiary Gkk Trading Corp Taxable Reit
Withholding Withholding Tax
Without Limiting Foregoing Witness Whereof Agreement Entered Date Written Above Being
Witness Whereof Parties Hereto Caused Agreement Executed Deed Words Effect Notwithstanding Such Wording Broader Scope Assets
Words Include Includes Including Shall Deemed Followed Phrase Wwwgramercycapitalcorpcom
Year-end Highlights §10 Closing Conditions
§101 §1010
§1011 §1013
§102 §103
§104 §105
§106 §107
§108 §109
§11 Conditions Borrowings §111
§112 §12 Rules Interpretation
§121 §122
§123 §124
§125 §13 Setoff
§141 Authorization §1410 Duties Case Enforcement
§1411 Bankruptcy §1412 Approvals
§1413 Borrower Not Beneficiary §142 Employees Agents
§143 Liability §144 Representations
§145 Payments §146 Holders Notes
§147 Indemnity §148 Agent Bank
§149 Resignation §15 Expenses
§16 Indemnification §17 Survival Covenants Etc
§181 Conditions Assignment Banks §182 Register
§183 New Notes §184 Participations
§185 Pledge Bank §186 Assignment Borrower
§187 Disclosure §188 Title Agents
§189 Mandatory Assignment §19 Notices
§20 Relationship §21
§21 Governing Law Consent Jurisdiction Service §210 Increase Commitment
§211 Swing Loan Commitment §212 Letters Credit
§22 §22 Headings
§23 §23 Counterparts
§24 §24 Entire Agreement Etc
§25 Interest Loans §25 Waiver Jury Trial Certain Damage Claims
§26 §26 Dealings Borrower Guarantors
§27 Consents Amendments Waivers Etc §27 Funds Loans
§28 §28 Severability
§29 §29 Time Essence
§30 Unwritten Agreements §31
§31 Replacement Notes §32 Mandatory Prepayments
§32 Rights Parties §33
§33 Patriot Act §34
§35 §36 Extension Maturity Date
§41 Conversion Options §410
§411 §412
§413 §414
§415 Certain Provisions Relating Increased Costs §42
§43 §44 Funds Payments
§45 §46
§47 §48
§49 §51
§52 §53
§61 Corporate Authority Etc §610
§611 §612
§613 §614
§615 §616
§617 §619
§62 §620
§621 §623
§624 §625
§626 §627
§628 §629
§63 §630
§631 §64
§65 §66
§67 §68
§69 §71
§710 §711
§712 §714
§715 §716
§717 Unencumbered Borrowing Base Assets §72
§73 §74
§75 Notices §76 Existence Maintenance Properties
§77 §78
§79 §81
§810 §811
§82 §83
§84 §85
§86 §87
§88 §89
§91 §93
§94 §96
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