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Ability Retain Senior Managing Directors Critical Success Business Accounting Developments
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Acquirors Action
Action Consent Actions General Partner
Additional Collateral Additional Investment Situations
Additional Paid-in Capital Adjustment
Administration Admission Limited Partners
Admission Limited Partners Additional Increase Capital Commitments Admission Period
Advisers Act Advisory Committee
Advisory Fees Advisory Fees Receivables
Advisory Revenues Affiliate
Aggregate Contributed Amount Agreement
Agreement Amendments Allocable Expenses
Allocable Realized Management Fee Allocation
Allocation Carry Participating Partners Income Gains Losses Allocation Compensation
Allocation Interest Income Allocation Partnership Expenses
Allocation Schedule Amended Agreement
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Waivers Amount Required Capital Contribution Respect Expenses
Amount Required Capital Contribution Respect Investments Amounts Held Reserve
Analysis Partnersrsquo Capital Ancillary Agreements
Annual Allocation Date Annual Business Highlights
Annual Meeting Annual Meetings
Applicable Law Approvals
Arbitration Assets
Assets Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis 2008 Assignment Carried Interest Points
Assumes 100 Invested 2004 Dividend Reinvested Ending 2008 Attend Meeting
Attributable Ownership Interest Attributable Ownership Interests
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Auditor Fees Auditor Services Pre-approval Policy
Augustus Energy Partners Llc Authority
Authority General Partner Authorized Representative
Available Capital Commitment Available Commitment Percentage
Available Information Award
Award Agreement Axiom Legal Systems Inc
Barrow Street Barrow Street Capital Real Estate Funds
Base Amount Base Salary
Basis Fair Value Measurement Basis Financial Information
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefits
Berkeley Square Bill Partnership Accounting
Board Board Directors Recommends Vote Election Director Nominees Proxies
Board Recommend Vote Books
Books Records Accounting Method Borrowing Costs
Borrowings Partnership Business
Business Been Adversely Affected Difficult Market Conditions Continue Business Criteria
Business Environment Business Information
Business Services Capital Account
Capital Accounts Capital Accounts Adjustments
Capital Commitment Capital Commitments
Capital Contribution Capital Contributions
Carried Interest Carried Interest Annual Pool
Carried Interest Distributions Carried Interest Points
Carried Interest Share Carry Participating Partner
Carry Vested Percentage Cash Contributions
Cash Equivalents Cash Flows
Cause Cautionary Statement Concerning Forward-looking Statements
Ceo Compensation 2004 Certain Exclusion Circumstances
Certain Fcc Matters Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Tax Matters Change Control
Change Vote After Submitting Proxy Changes Unrealized Investment Valuations
Clawback Obligation Clk Energy Partners Llc
Closing Closing Date
Code Code Business Conduct Ethics
Combined Financial Statements Greenhill Capital Partners Cayman Executives Commitment Period
Commitments Committee
Committees Committees Board
Common Stock Par Value 001 Common Stock Par Value 001 Per Share
Compare 5-year Cumulative Total Return Among Greenhill Inc Compensation
Compensation Benefits Compensation Benefits Expenses
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Board Directors Greenhill Inc
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Philosophy Compensation Program Non-employee Directors
Competing Fund Competition
Compliance Applicable Regulations Compliance Laws Transferability
Compliance Procedures Compliance Securities Laws
Components Compensation Confidential Offering Memorandum
Confidentiality Consent
Consequences Default Consolidated Financial Statements Greenhill Inc Subsidiaries
Constructive Discharge Contact
Continuation Partnership Continuing Expand Merchant Banking Business Entail Increased Levels
Contractual Obligations Contribution Agreement
Contribution Date Control
Controls Procedures Conversion Corporate Form Adversely Affect Ability Recruit Retain
Convertible Security Coronado Resources Llc
Corporate Aircraft Corporate Governance Management
Corporate Seal Corporation
Costs Covered Employee
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Crown Castle International Corp
Date Time Default
Default Investors Defaulting Investor
Definition Payment General Partner Expenses Definition Payment Partnership Expenses
Definitions Delaware
Delaware Act Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Derivative Instruments Designated Amount
Developments Executive Officer Team Difficult Market Conditions Adversely Affect Business Ways
Director Compensation 2008 Director Independence
Director Officer Indemnification Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Disability Disposition
Disposition Securities Attributable Investment Disposition Securities Attributable Single Investment
Dissolution Distribution Dissolution Partnership
Distributions Distributions Cash
Distributions Generally Distributions Kind
Distributions Proceeds Partnership Investments Dividend
Dividend Increased 038 Dividends
Documents Incorporated Reference Double Energy Ltd
Drawdown Drawdown Date
Drawdown Notices Duration
Earnings Dividend Increased 045 Earnings Per Share
Earnings Per Share 068 Effect Change Control
Effect Termination Employment Effective Date Amendment Termination
Electing Large Partnership Election Continue Partnership
Election Term Office Remuneration Eligibility
Eligible Employee Eligible Family Member
Eligible Person Elimination Event
Employee Funds Employee Misconduct Harm Greenhill Difficult Detect Deter
Employees Employment Non-competition Pledge Agreements
Energy Energy Transfer Equity
Entire Agreement Amendments Waivers Termination Entitled Vote Meeting
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Erisa
Erisa Partner Estimates
Event Default Except
Exceptions General Rule Funding Partnership Expenses Exceptions General Rule Structuring Investments
Excess Amount Exchange
Exchange Act Exchangeable Shares Subsidiary
Exco Resources Inc Exculpation Indemnification
Excuse Procedure Excused Investor
Executive Compensation Executive Officers
Executive Officers Directors Executive Stock Ownership
Exercise Option Exercise Price
Exhibits Existing Fund Confidential Information
Existing Fund Fees Expense Deduction Loss
Expenses Drawdown Amount Expenses Transfer Indemnification
Experienced Rapid Growth Over Past Several Difficult Sustain Face Damage Professional Reputation Legal Liability Clients Affected
Face Strong Competition Far Larger Firms Part Due Face Strong Competition Far Larger Firms Small Independent
Fair Market Value Fair Value Hierarchy
Fcc Fcc Holdings Inc
Fcc Regulated Entity Fee Calculation Date
Fees Earned Connection Advisory Assignments Bankruptcy Context Subject Filing Certificates
Filings Final Carried Interest Amount
Financial Advisory Financial Advisory Fees
Financial Advisory Fees Receivables Financial Advisory Revenue Client Location
Financial Advisory Revenue Industry Financial Advisory Revenues
Financial Highlights Financial Information
Financial Instruments Fair Value Financial Services
Financial Statement Schedules Financial Statements Disclosure Other Risk Management Compliance Matters
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Find Additional Information Firms Quarterly Revenues Fluctuate Materially Depending Number Size
Fixing Record Date Follow-on Investment
Foreign Currency Considerations Foreign Currency Translation
Forfeited Carried Interest Points Forfeited Interest Partner
Forfeiture Event Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Modification Agreement
Form Reaffirmation Amendment Third-party Security Agreement Forum Selection
Fully Reduced Partner Fund Investment
Fund Limited Partners Fund Partnership Agreements
Further Assurance Future Funds
Gain Amount Gcp
Gcp Investments Gcp Limited Partner
Gcp Llc Gcpe Llp
Gcpe Operating Agreements General
General Expenses General Partner
General Partner Clawback General Partner Expenses
General Powers General Principle
General Provisions General Rule Funding Partnership Expenses
General Rule Structuring Investments Generally
Genesis Gas Oil Llc Geographic Data
Ghl Acquisition Corp Ghq
Goodwill Governing Law
Governing Law Severability Governing Law Severability Certain Matters General Partner
Governmental Authority Grants Plan Based Awards
Greenhill Greenhill Appoints New Chief Financial Officer Announces Other
Greenhill Capital Partners Completes Final Closing 875 Greenhill Capital Partners Completes Initial Closing 558
Greenhill Capital Partners Employees Greenhill Capital Partners Private Equity Fund Combined Statement
Greenhill Capital Partners Private Equity Fund Combined Statements Greenhill Controlled Managing Directors Whose Interests Differ Those
Greenhill Employee Greenhill Group
Greenhill Inc Greenhill Inc Equity Incentive Plan
Greenhill Inc Subsidiaries Condensed Consolidated Statements Income Greenhill Inc Subsidiaries Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income
Greenhill Inc Subsidiaries Formerly Holdings Llc Consolidated Statements Greenhill Inc Subsidiaries Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Statements
Greenhill Indemnified Parties Greenhill Liens
Greenhill Predominantly Owned Managing Directors Whose Interests Differ Greenhill Proprietary Information
Greenhill Reports Earnings Per Share 029 Repurchase Authority Greenhill Reports Earnings Per Share 035
Greenhill Reports Earnings Per Share 125 Greenhill Reports Record Quarterly Annual Revenue Dividend Increased
Gsav Guaranteed Payment
Guarantors Guaranty
Gvp Llc Hangar Space
Harbor Point Limited Headings
Healthcare Finance Group Inc Heartland Payment Systems Inc
High Percentage Financial Advisory Revenues Derived Few Clients High Percentage Total Revenues Derived Few Clients Termination
Historical Financial Advisory Revenue Client Location Historical Financial Advisory Revenues Client Location
Historical Pro Forma Consolidated Financial Information Form 10-k Historical Revenue Source
Historical Revenues Source However
Immediate Family In-kind Distributions
Incentive Compensation Incentive Stock Option
Incentive Stock Options Income Profit Gain
Income Taxes Incorporation Transactions
Indemnification Obligation Indemnification Obligations
Indemnified Parties Indemnified Party
Indemnified Person Independent Auditors
Index Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Information Regarding Board Directors Corporate Governance Information Reporting Connection Transfer
Initial Investment Initiating Party
Instruction Intended Tax Treatment
Interim Financing Interim Period
Internal Auditors Invested Capital
Investing Activities Investment
Investment Committee Investment Drawdown Amount
Investment Expenses Investment Funds
Investment Gains Merchant Banking Portfolio Vary Period Not Investment Income
Investment Limitations Investment Percentage
Investment Portion Investment Portion Percentage
Investment Representation Investment Size Each Investor Different Portions
Investment Valuations Investments
Investor Investors Merchant Banking Funds Elect Remove General Partner
Isabel Sawhill John Danforth
Key Person Event Knight Energy Group Llc
Legal Restrictions Clients Reduce Demand Services Lender
Letter Liability Partners Generally
Libor License
License Agreement Lien
Limitations Inherent Audit Committees Role Limited Partner
Limited Partnership Formed Laws State Delaware Limits Transferability Beneficiaries
Liquidated Damages Liquidation Partnership
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources
Lmp Exploration Holdings Lmp Exploration Holdings Llc
Loans Withdrawal Amounts Allocated Capital Accounts Loans Withdrawal Capital
Loss Account Loss Amount
Mail- Maintenance Deposit Accounts
Majority Limited Partners Management Agreement
Management Agreements Management Changes
Management Fee Management Fees Guaranteed Payments
Management Generally Management Partnership
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Manager
Market Credit Risks Market Price Common Stock Decline
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Market Risk
Marketable Securities Material Adverse Effect
Maximum Distributable Amount Meeting Attendance
Meetings Independent Directors Members Equity
Members Stockholders Equity Membership
Merchant Banking Fund Management Merchant Banking Fund Management Other
Merchant Banking Fund Management Other Revenues Merchant Banking Fund Management Revenues
Merchant Banking Interest Income Merchant Banking Other
Merchant Banking Other Revenue Merchant Banking Other Revenues
Merchant Banking Revenue Merchant Banking Revenues
Merger Acquisition Financing Advisory Restructuring Engagements Singular Nature Merger Acquisition Restructuring Advisory Engagements Singular Nature Not
Mergers Consolidations Minority Interest
Multiplied Name Partnership
Net Distributions New Commitment
New Funds New Manager
New Manager Llc Agreement New York
New York 10022 New York 2005
Newco Newco Advisor
Newco Confidential Information Newco Group
Newco Holdco Newco Shares
Niehaus No-fault Removal
Nominating Governance Committee Nominees
Non-applicability Parallel Investment Expenses Non-compensation Expense
Non-compensation Expenses Non-compete Amendments
Non-competition Non-public Information
Non-qualified Stock Option Non-solicitation
Non-us Currency Considerations Nonexclusivity
Not Consistent Pattern Financial Results Result Increased Volatility Notes Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Statement Income
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Notice Meetings Adjourned Waivers
Notices Notices Buyer
Notices Seller Notional Loss
Notional Loss Amount Number 001-32147
Number Debt Defaults Bankruptcies Other Factors Affecting Demand Number Election Term Office
Number Partners Obligor
Offering Shares Office Registered Agent
Operating Expenses Option
Options Orchard Acquisition Formerly Peach Holdings Llc
Order Business Organization
Organizational Expenses Original Acquisition Cost
Original Agreement Original Investment
Other Activities Other Authority
Other Compensation Other Comprehensive Income
Other Events Other Income
Other Information Other Investments
Other Matters Other Offices
Other Provisions Relating Distributions Other Provisions Relating Special Limited Partners
Other Stock-based Award Other Stock-based Awards
Overview Overview Process
P-1 Parallel Capital Contribution
Parallel Investment Parallel Investment Expenses
Parallel Investment Vehicle Borrowings Parallel Investment Vehicle Expenses
Parallel Investments Parallel Investments Generally
Parallel Investor Paris Holdings Limited
Part Part Financial Information
Part Other Information Partially Reduced Partners
Participant Participating Investor
Participating Non-md Investor Participating Parallel Investor
Participating Partner Participation Percentage
Partner Partnership
Partnership Administrative Expenses Partnership Capital Contribution
Partnership Commitment Percentage Partnership Expenses
Partnership Investment Partnership Investment Expenses
Partnership Investment Percentage Partnership Investment Vehicle
Partnership Investment Vehicle Expenses Partnership Investments Generally
Partnership Name Partnership Tax Purposes Returns
Payment Capital Contributions Pays Cost Proxy Preparation Solicitation
Pearl Exploration Production Ltd Peregrine Llc
Peregrine Oil Gas Performance Award
Performance Awards Granted Covered Employees Performance Goals Generally
Performance Period Person
Persons Shares Covered Place
Placement Fees Plan
Plan Assets Pledge Connection Liquidated Damages
Policy Qualifying Compensation Deductibility Portfolio
Power Attorney Powers Duties
Powers General Partner Pre-closing Investments
Pre-closing Taxes Preferred Directors
Prime Rate Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Officers Principal Sources Revenue
Principles Distributions Attributable Invested Capital Priority Return
Private Equity Securities Pro Forma Average Shares Outstanding See
Pro Forma Earnings Per Share See Pro Rata
Pro Rata Dilution Pro Rata Share
Procedures Procedures Contacting Board Directors
Procedures Selecting Nominating Director Candidates Proceeding
Proceeds Profit Overrides
Prohibited Transaction Properties
Property Equipment Proprietary Information
Provided Provided Further
Provided However Provision Income Taxes
Provision Taxes Purchases
Purpose Purposes Partnership
Purposes Partnership Powers Qualified Income Offset
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Results
Quorum Quorum Manner Acting
Realized Invested Capital Realized Investment Expenses
Realized Investment Portion Reallocated Carried Interest Points
Recognition Transfer Substituted Limited Partners Recognition Transfer Substituted Partners
Reconciliation Pro Forma Data Historical Financial Information Record Date
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 212 389-1500 Regular Meetings
Regulation Regulatory Requirements
Reinvestment Dividends Interest Related Fund
Related Funds Related Parties
Related Person Related Person Transactions Policy
Related Transactions Involving Directors Executive Officers Relationship Barrow Street Capital
Relationship Greenhill Capital Partners Funds Relationship Greenhill Merchant Banking Funds Other Principal Investments
Reliance Parties Removal
Removal Event Repayment Certain Distributions
Report Compensation Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reporting Board Reports
Required Limited Partners Required Make Substantial Payments Certain Indemnification Agreements
Required Partners Requirement Notification Disqualifying Disposition Code 421
Reserved Carried Interest Points Residual Allocations
Resignation Resignation Limited Partners
Resignations Respect
Responding Party Responsibilities
Responsibility Parallel Investment Expenses Among Investors Responsibility Partnership Expenses Among Partners
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Unit
Restricted Stock Unit Awards Restricted Stock Units
Restriction Activities Greenhill Entities Obligation Offer Restrictions Transfer
Restrictions Transfer Limited Partner Interests Results Operations Financial Condition
Retained Earnings Retirement
Retirement Plan Return Distributions
Revenue Recognition Revenue Source
Revenues Revenues Source
Revolving Bank Loan Facility Risk Factors Potential Conflicts Interest
Robert Greenhill Sales Compliance Rule 144 Securities Act 1933
Sales Price Sales Through Underwritten Public Offerings
Schedule 14a Information Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Scott Bok
Sec Securities
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Laws Legends
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Security Ownership Directors Officers Certain Beneficial Owners Seeking Expand Merchant Banking Fund Management Business Entail
Segregated Account Segregated Accounts Netting Carried Interest Shares Distributions
Senior Advisor Agreement Separation Agreement
Separation Date Services
Services Other Settlement Performance Awards Other Terms
Share Share Price Decline Due Large Number Shares Eligible
Share Repurchases 2004 Shared Obligation
Shares Present Hold Meeting Shares Subject Plan Limits Awards
Side Letter Side Letters
Signatures Significant Deterioration Credit Markets Failure Banking Institutions Adversely
Significant Portion Compensation Managing Directors Paid Restricted Stock Significant Portion Revenues Derived Financial Advisory Fees
Simon Borrows Sources Funds Payment Parallel Investors Investment Expenses
Special Drawdowns Special Limited Partner
Special Meetings Stephen Key
Steven Goldstone Stock Vested End 2008
Stockholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting
Straddle Period Strategic Investments Acquisitions Joint Ventures Foreign Expansion Result
Stroz Fiedberg Inc Stroz Friedberg Inc
Structuring Parallel Investments Subject Extensive Regulation Financial Services Industry
Sublease Sublease Effective Date
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Submit Proxy Vote
Subordinate Officers Subsequent Admission Limited Partners
Subsequent Events Subsidiary
Substantial Portion Revenues Derived Advisory Fees Substituted Limited Partner
Successors Counterparts Successors Counterparts Beneficiaries
Summary Summary Compensation Table
Table Contents Tax Accounting Implications
Tax Allocations Tax Distributions
Tax Election Tax Indemnification Agreement Related Matters
Tax Matters Partner Tax Percentage
Telecommunications Telecommunications Cont
Telephonic Meetings Temporary Cash Funds
Temporary Investment Funds Temporary Investments
Term Amendment Term Termination Options
Termination Employment Time Place Meetings
Timing Allocations Dispositions Partnership Investments Title Partnership Property
Total Business Services Total Energy
Total Financial Services Total Membersrsquo Equity Stockholdersrsquo
Total Services Other Total Stockholdersrsquo Equity
Total Telecommunications Trans-fast Remittance Llc
Transaction Fees Transactions
Transactions Affiliates Transfer Client Relationships
Transfer Restrictions Transfer Rights Agreements
Transfer Taxes Transferability General Partners Interest
Transfers Treasury Stock Cost
Treasury Stock Cost Par Value 001 Per Share Treatment Certain Amounts Withheld
United States Exploration Inc Unrealized Investment Portion
Unresponsive Limited Partner Vacancies
Validus Holdings Ltd Versus 2002
Versus 2003 Vested Carried Interest Points
Vote Kept Confidential Vote Shares Person Meeting
Vote Via Internet Votes Counted
Voting Voting Proxy Via Internet
Voting Stock Owned Corporation Weighted Average Shares Outstanding
What Difference Between Stockholder Record Street Name Holder What Mean Receive Proxy Card
What Not Specify Shares Voted What Purpose Meeting
What Vote Required Election Directors Proposal Approved What Voting Rights
Withdrawal Death Incompetency Limited Partner Withholding
Withholding Certain Amounts Witness Whereof
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