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Accounting Accounting Classification Series Preferred Stock
Accounting Experts Report Accounting Issuance Series Preferred Stock
Accounting Procedure Accounting Spitfire Warrants
Accrual Dividends Related Preferred Stock Acquisitions Coalbed Methane Prospects
Acquisitions Dispositions Actions Taken Proxy
Acts Noteholders Meetings Actual Quantities Recoverable Oil Gas Reserves Future Cash
Additional Benefits Additional Covenants
Adequacy Capital Sources Liquidity Adjustment Series Preferred
Adjustment Series Warrants Adoption Statement Financial Accounting Standard 123 Amended
Adverse Market Conditions Agree
Agreement Agreement Participate
Agreement Shall Governed Interpreted Accordance Laws State Texas Allen Ranch Field Colorado County Texas
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Also Engaged Minimal Energy Trading Through Investment
Amend Harkens Restated Certificate Incorporation Amend Harkens Restated Certificate Incorporation Change Name Hkn
Amend Hkns Restated Certificate Incorporation Reduce Aggregate Number Amendment
Amendment No1 Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Stockholders Agreement Amendments Terms Conditions
Anh Shall Give Notice Evaluator Receipt Such Contracting Annex Minimum Exploratory Plan
Annex Model Letter Credit Annex Valle Lunar Sector Exploration Exploitation Contract
Annex Valle Lunar Technical Evaluation Agreement Annual Incentive Bonus
Annual Meeting Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2005
Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2008 Annual Report Pursuant
Appendix Caracoli Sector Exploitation Production Contract Asset Retirement Obligation
Asset Retirement Obligations Assumes Initial Investment 100 1999
Audit Committee Report Audit Fees
Audit Related Fees Authorizes Additional Share Repurchase Plan
Available Sale Investments Current Available-for-sale Investment Spitfire Energy Ltd
Available-for-sale Investments Base Salary
Basis Presentation Believe Fair Value Contracts Relevant Measure Obligations Because
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Board Compensation Committee Report Executive
Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Amendment Restated Certificate Board Nominations
Branville Bay Field Bernard Parish Louisiana Branville Bay Field Plaquemines Parish Louisiana
Business Overview Canadian Energy Investment Spitfire Ltd
Canadian Investments Capital Deployment Update
Capital Structure Capitalization Interest
Caracoli Block Cash Flow
Cash Flows Cash Flows Operations
Causes Termination Breach Contract Follows Cautionary Statements
Certain Covenants Agreements Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certificate Incorporation
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Change Fair Value Global Warrant Liability
Change-in-control Arrangements Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosure
Changes Harkens Ownership Global Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changing Conditions Financial Markets Economy Result Decreased Trading Chief Executive Officer Compensation
Choice Law Clause 17- Joint Exploitation
Clause Anh Contractual Economic Rights Clause Anh Obligations
Clause Applicable Law Clause Assignment Right
Clause Assignment Rights Clause Availability Production
Clause Commerciality Statement Clause Conduction Operations
Clause Contracted Area Clause Contractual Address Applicable Law
Clause Contractual Domicile Applicable Law Clause Contractual Economical Rights Anh
Clause Customs Duties Clause Declaration Commercial Feasibility
Clause Definitions Clause Discovery Evaluation
Clause Documents Contract Clause Duration Periods
Clause Eighteen Accounting Clause Environment
Clause Evaluators Rights Clause Execution
Clause Exploitation Clause Exploitation Plan
Clause Exploitation Work Plans Clause Exploration Works Programs
Clause External Communications Clause Fifteen Training Transfer Technology
Clause Filing Information Studies Clause Financial Rights
Clause Force Majeure Act Parties Clause Force Majeure Fortuitous Event
Clause Formalization Clause Fourteen Hydrocarbon Conservation Loss Prevention
Clause Guarantees Clause Guarantees Insurance
Clause Information Confidentiality Clause Information Supply Confidentiality
Clause Inspection Follow Clause Insurance
Clause Language Clause Measurement
Clause Minimum Exploratory Plan Clause Minimum Exploratory Program
Clause Natural Gas Clause Nineteen Miscellaneous
Clause Notices Communications Clause Object Contract
Clause Operations Direction Clause Operator
Clause Payments Currency Clause Perfection
Clause Production Availability Clause Property Assets
Clause Purpose Clause Responsibilities
Clause Rights Assignment Clause Royalties
Clause Seventeen -acts God Force Majeure Clause Sixteen Assignment Association
Clause Solution Disputes Between Parties Clause Solution Disputes Between Parts
Clause Spokesmanship Representation Clause Spokesperson
Clause Sub-contractors Personnel Technology Transfer Clause Subcontractors Personnel Technology Transfer
Clause Subject Clause Subject Matter
Clause Subsequent Exploratory Plan Clause Subsequent Exploratory Program
Clause Supervisory Committee Clause Supply Information Confidentiality
Clause Technical Evaluation Area Clause Termination
Clause Thirteen Environmental Protection Community Relations Clause Tributes
Clause Twenty-one Submission Peruvian Law Conflict Resolution Clause Twenty-two Termination
Clause Unification Clause Workers
Clausula Force Majeure Acts Parties Closing
ClÁusula Derechos Anh Coalbed Methane Projects
Coalbed Methane Prospects Indiana Ohio Collection Contractor Shall Place Anhs Disposal Point Delivery
Colombian Operations Colombian Presumed Income Tax Pit Matter
Colombian Property Damage Claim Commitments Contingencies
Commodity Derivative Financial Instruments Commodity Futures Contracts
Commodity Price Risk Common Stock
Common Stock Futures Options Common Stock Securities Owned
Common Stock Warrants Communicating Board
Compensation Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Directors
Compensation Discussion Analysis Completed Debt Equity Securities
Completed Divestitures Compliance Breach Environmental Laws Costly Limit Operations
Comprehensive Loss Concentrations Credit Risk
Confidentiality Confidentiality Information
Confidentiality Nondisclosure Agreement Consent Independent Petroleum Engineers Geologists
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Independent Reserve Engineers
Consent Netherland Sewell Associates Inc Considerations
Consolidated Condensed Statement Operations Comparisons Consolidated Operations
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Consolidation Variable Interest Entity
Contractor Contractors Hydrocarbon Volume
Controls Procedures Conversion Event
Convertible Notes Payable Coordinates List Psad Point Reference Plot Corners
Corporate Governance Corporate Guarantor
Covenants Creole Acquisition
Creole Field Terrebonne Parish Louisiana Critical Accounting Estimates Assumptions
Critical Accounting Policies Cumberland Prospect Area
Dallas Texas 2007 Dallas Texas 2008
Dallas Texas 2009 Deconsolidation Global
Defeasance Covenant Denny
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements Depreciation Depletion Amortization Accretion Expense
Depreciation Depletion Amortization Expense Derivative Instruments
Development Cumberland Prospect Area Development Posey Prospect Area
Different Direct Sales Global Common Shares
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Meetings Committees Dividends
Documents Incorporated Reference Domestic Oil Gas Operations
Domestic Oil Gas Revenues Expenses 2006 Compared 2005 Domestic Oil Gas Revenues Expenses 2007 Compared 2006
Domestic Operating Strategic Plan Includes Acquisition Additional Reserves Drilling Oil Gas Wells Particularly Certain Regions United
Due Nature Business Not Certain Iba Secure Trading Earnings Loss Per Share
Earnings Per Share East Lake Verret Assumption Parish Louisiana
Effect Convertible Debt Equity Instruments Dilution Effect Equity Instruments Dilution
Effect Recent Hurricanes Gulf Mexico Effective Date
Elect Directors Elect Directors Serve Harkens Board
Elect Directors Serve Hkns Board Electronic Delivery Future Shareholder Communications
Employees Encounter Operating Hazards Result Substantial Losses
End Option Sar Values Entire Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Eport Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Equity Compensation Plans Equity Investment Spitfire Energy
Equity Long Term Compensation Equity Losses Spitfire
Equity Method Investments Equity Price Risk
Estimated Discounted Future Net Cash Flows Decrease Required Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Evaluator Accepts Subject Colombian Tax Law Clause Service Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exchange Preferred Stock Execution Areas Returning Every Area Return Contract Shall
Execution Counterparts Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Components Executive Officers Harken
Executive Officers Hkn Executive Retention Agreement
Exercise Global Warrants Held Harken Exhibits
Exhibits Reports Form 8-k Expenses
Explanatory Exploration Development Agreement
Exploration Production Contract Extension Area Plots
Exxon Contingency Exxon Litigation Mobil Corporation Xplor Energy Spv-i Inc
Face Strong Competition Larger Oil Gas Companies Result Fail Achieve Maintain Effective Internal Controls Accordance 404
Fail Comply Terms Certain Contracts Related Foreign Operations Fail Maintain Effective System Internal Controls Not Able
Fair Value Debt Equity Transactions Fair Value Derivatives
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fees Interest Other Income Net
Fifth Financial Condition
Financial Condition Results Operations Financial Condition Suffer Estimates Oil Gas Reserve Information
Financial Highlights Financial Instruments
Financial Statements Exhibits Find Information Harken Energy Corporation
Flohr Litigation Thomas Emerging Markets Group International Business Foreign Currency Derivative Contracts
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk Foreign Operations Involve Substantial Costs Subject Certain Risks
Foreign Operations Subject Political Economic Other Uncertainties Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Denominations Title Certain Administrative Provisions
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Not
Forward-looking Statements Full Cost Accounting Method
Full-cost Valuation Allowances Fully Paid Non-assessable Shares Common Stock
Further Assurances Further Sales Interest Global Energy Development Plc Expected
Future Sales Common Stock Affect Market Price Future Sales Common Stock Pursuant Outstanding Registration Statements
Future Success Depends Ability Find Develop Acquire Oil Future Success Depends Ability Find Develop Produce Oil
Gain Exercise Global Warrants Gain Investment
Gain Loss Investment Gain Sale Equity Investment
Gain Sale Global Shares Gain Sale Investment
Gain Sale Subsidiary Stock Gains Exchanges Extinguishments Debt
Gains Extinguishments Debt Gem
Gem Capital Commitments Gem Continues Evaluate Seismic Licenses Covering Approximately 155
Gem Exploration Production Operations Gem Operating Profit Global
Gem Operating Profit Global Iba Gem Operating Profit Global Iba Loss
Gem Operating Results Gem Operations
Gems Operations General Administrative Expense
General Administrative Expenses General Information
Global Global Capital Commitments
Global Operating Results Global Operations
Global Operations Panama Global Operations Peru
Global Require Significant Additional Financing Globals Foreign Operations Global Senior Convertible Notes
Global Senior Convertible Notes Payable Global Share Options
Global Stock Options Global Warrant Liability
Global Warrants Global Warrants Held Globals Minority Interest Owners
Global Warrants Held Harken Global Warrants Held Outside Parties
Global Warrants Stock Options Globals Operations
Governing Law Governmental Body
Guerrilla Activity Colombia Disrupt Delay Globals Operations Concerned Gulf Coast Oil Gas Operations
Gulf Coast Oil Gas Properties Had Outstanding Stock Options Following
Harken Harken Energy Corporation
Harken Energy Corporation Dollars Harken Energy Exercises Global Development Warrants
Harken Energy Files 8-k Reporting Non-reliance 2004 Financial Harken Energy Raises Additional Through Sale Global Shares
Harken Energy Raises Through Sale Global Shares Institutional Hein Associates Llp
Hereby Further Certify Effective Date Aforesaid Certificate Amendment History Losses Suffer Future
Hkn Inc Hkn Inc Reports Change Name Harken Energy Corporation
Hold 125 Non-operated Working Interest Two-well Offshore Field Hurricane Repairs Production Barge Field Completed Well
Hydrocarbon Exploration Production Contract Caracoli Page Hydrocarbon Value Delivery Point
Iba Began Trading Natural Gas Contracts United States Iba Operating Results
Iba Operations Iba Redeemed 7500 Shares Series Redeemable Preferred
Iba Usa Ibah Released Parties
Impairment Investment Spitfire Includes Directors Fees Bonus Global Energy Development Plc
Includes Group Term Life Premiums Follows Includes Loan Forgiven 2004 Follows
Includes Moving Expenses Follows Including
Income Tax Expense Income Tax Expense Benefit
Income Taxes Independent Registered Public Accountants
Index Indiana Ohio
Indiana Posey Indiana Posey Prospect Acquisition
Indiana Prospect Indiana Prospect Non-operated
Indicate Check Registrant Not Required Reports Pursuant Securities Indicate Check Registrant Well-known Seasoned Issuer Defined Rule
Indicate Check Whether Registrant Accelerated Filer Defined Exchange Indicate Check Whether Registrant Accelerated Filer Defined Rule
Indicate Check Whether Registrant Large Accelerated Filer Non-accelerated Indicate Check Whether Registrant Shell Defined Rule 12b-2
Industry Outlook Information Regarding Corporate Governance Set Forth Hkns Proxy
Information Share Repurchases Institutional Investor
Interest Interest Expense Other
Interest Other Income Interest Other Income Net
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Revenue Code 162
International Energy Investment Global Development Plc International Oil Gas Revenues Expenses 2006 Compared 2005
International Oil Gas Revenues Expenses 2007 Compared 2006 Investment Activities
Investment Activities Cause Become Registered Investment Canergy Fund
Investment Canergy Management Investment Global
Investment Global Affected Fails Comply Terms Certain Contracts Investment Global Energy Development Plc
Investment Global Subject Political Economic Other Uncertainties Investment Global Subject Risks Associated Foreign Operations Involve
Investment International Business Associates Ltd Investment Spitfire
Investment Spitfire Energy Investment Spitfire Energy Ltd
Investments Irs Examination
Issuance Series Convertible Preferred Stock Issuance Series Convertible Preferred Stock Warrants
Issuance Series Cumulative Convertible Preferred Issued Shares Preferred Stock Greater Rights Common Issue
Judicial District Court Parish Lafourche State Louisiana Case Lack Compliance Such Obligation Shall Grounds Termination Due
Lake Raccourci Field Lafourche Parish Louisiana Lapeyrouse Field Terrebonne Parish Louisiana
Legal Advice Legal Proceedings
Liability Solely Corporate Liquid Hydrocarbons
List Exhibits Lists Contracts Sub-contractors
Litigation Contingent Liability Settlements Location
Lucky Field Matagorda County Texas Lyford Owns Significant Amount Common Stock Exercises Control
Main Pass Plaquemines Parish Louisiana Maintain Operated Working Interest Producing Well Field
Maintain Operated Working Interest Producing Well Field Currently Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Market Value Investments Global Spitfire Continue Decrease Common
Material Modification Rights Securities Holders Mergers Acquisitions Dispositions
Middle American Operations Minimum Work Program
Miscellaneous Modification Preferred Stock Common Warrants
Modifications Minimum Exploratory Plan Modifications Minimum Exploratory Program
Monitoring Portfolio Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
National Hydrocarbons Agencyhydrocarbon Exploration Production Contract Natural Gas
Net Cash Flow Operating Activities 2005 Was 113 Net Cash Flow Provided Operating Activities 2008 Was
New Pursuits New Seismic Licenses Acquired Louisiana
Nominees Directors Non-compliance Said Obligations Shall Ground Termination Unfulfilling Terms
Non-operated Property Remains 100 Shut-in Hurricanes Late 2005 Non-reliance Previously Issued Financial Statements Related Audit
North American Operations Not Applicable
Not Continue Meet Listing Requirements American Stock Exchange Notes Payable
Notice Storage Capacity Contractor Continue Producing Field Royalty Notices
Now Therefore Number 1-10262
Obligations Commitments Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Ohio Cumberland Ohio Cumberland Prospect
Ohio Cumberland Prospect Acquisition Ohio Cumberland Prospect Non-operated
Ohio Triangle Ohio Triangle Prospect
Oil Gas Customers Oil Gas Development Production Operations
Oil Gas Exploration Production Operations Oil Gas Industry Outlook
Oil Gas Price Fluctuations Market Adversely Affect Results Oil Gas Produce Not Readily Marketable Time Production
Oil Gas Properties Oil Gas Revenues Expenses 2003 Compared 2002
Oil Gas Revenues Expenses 2004 Compared 2003 Oil Gas Revenues Expenses 2004 Compared Prior
Oil Gas Revenues Expenses 2005 Compared 2004 Oil Gas Revenues Expenses 2006 Compared 2005
Oil Gas Revenues Expenses Period 2007 Compared 2006 Oil Gas Revenues Expenses Period 2008 Compared 2007
Oil Gas Revenues Expenses Quarterly Period 2007 Compared Oil Gas Revenues Expenses Quarterly Periods 2008 Compared
Oil Gas Wells Particularly Certain Regions United States Oil Natural Gas Coalbed Methane Commitments
Oil Natural Gas Marketing Oil Revenues Expenses 2003 Compared 2002
Oil Revenues Expenses 2004 Compared 2003 Oil Revenues Expenses 2004 Compared Prior
Oil Revenues Expenses 2005 Compared 2004 Operated Interest Main Pass
Operating Highlights Operating Leases
Operating Results Operational Contingencies
Operations Operations Require Significant Expenditures Capital Not Recovered
Operations Subject Various Litigation Adverse Effect Business Option Sar Grants Last
Other Assets Other Costs Expenses
Other Derivatives Other Energy-based Investments
Other Events Other Expenses
Other Fees Other Global Operations
Other Information Other Losses
Outlook Overall Program Objectives
Overview Page
Panamanian Operations Part
Parties Interest Prospect Area Payment Preferred Stock Dividends
Payments Performance Common Stock
Period Exploitation Perupetro
Plot Definition Point
Point Departure Point Hache Field Plaquemines Parish Louisiana
Point-a-la-hache Field Plaquemines Parish Louisiana Point-au-fer Field Terrebonne Parish Louisiana
Posey Prospect Area Possible Deconsolidation Global
Potential Change Ownership Global Potential Dilutive Effect Convertible Debt Equity Instruments
Power Attorney Preferred Shares
Preferred Stock Dividends Preferred Stock Redemptions
Preliminary Clause General Prescription
Press Release Issued 2005 Price Range Common Stock
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principal Acocunting Fees Services
Principal Trading Investments Expose Risk Loss Principles Consolidation
Principles Consolidation Presentation Pro Forma Adjustments Condensed Statement Operations 2002
Pro Forma Adjustments Condensed Statement Operations 2003 Pro Forma Information
Pro Forma Results Operations Pro-forma Financial Condition
Pro-forma Stock Compensation Expense Prior Period 2005 Proceedings
Production Been Increased Approximately 475 Gross Barrels Oil Production Increase Attributable
Progress Coalbed Methane Prospects Properties
Properties Locations Property Also Remains 100 Shut-in Damages Field Principally
Property Equipment Prospect Acreage
Proved Reserves Provision Asset Impairments
Proxy Solicitation Purpose
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Amended Report Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Period 2004
Quarterly Period 2005 Quarterly Period 2008
Quarterly Report Pursuant Quorum Voting
Raymondville Field Willacy County Texas Raymondville Field Willacy Kenedy Counties Texas
Raymondville Willacy Kenedy Counties Texas Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recently Completed Repairs Recitals
Recommendations Board Record Date Voting Securities
Records Data Redeemable Preferred Stock
Redeemable Preferred Stocks Redeemed Securities
Redemption Redemption Notice
Redemption Preferred Stock Redemption Purchase
Redemption Release Agreement Redemption Series Convertible Preferred Stock
Redemption Series Preferred Reference Point
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 817 424-2424 Regulation Disclosure
Related Party Transactions Relationship Parties
Released Parties Releases
Releasing Parties Removed Globals Operations Consolidated Condensed Financial Statements
Repairs Production Barge Field Completed However Current Replacement Notes Coupons
Report Executive Compensation Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Fir
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Ibah Representations Warranties Stockholders
Require Significant Additional Financing Foreign Operations Not Available Resolved
Resolved Certificate Incorporation Corporation Same Hereby Amended Follows Restatement 2004
Restatement 2004 Financial Statements Restatement Financial Statements
Restatement Previously Issued Financial Statements Results Operations
Revenue Recognition Reverse Stock Split
Revocation Proxy Right Regarding High Prices
Risk Factors Safety Health Environmental Affairs Regulations
Sale Global Common Shares Sales Certain Non-operated Producing Interests
Sales Global Common Shares Sales Oil Gas Properties
Salt Water Disposal Well Conversion Been Planned Rig Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Security Ownership Directors Management
Segment Analysis Segment Information
Seismic Data Purchase Senior Secured Notes
Series Common Stock Warrants Series Conversion Redemption Agreement Issuance Cumulative Convertible Preferred
Series Convertible Preferred Stock Series Cumulative Convertible Preferred
Severability Severance Agreement
Share-based Compensation Expense Shareholders Owns Significant Amount Common Stock Exercises Control
Shares Old Common Stock Authorized Unissued Immediately Before Short Term Investments
Short-term Investments Signature Page Follows
Signatures Significant Customers
Significant Ownership Stock Simplification Capital Structure
Solicitation Proxies South Beach Field Chambers County Texas
Southeast Nada Field Colorado County Texas Speaks Field Lavaca County Texas
Spitfire Warrants State
State Delaware Certificate Amendment Restated Incorporation Hkn Inc Statement Cash Flows
Status Stock Option Plan
Stock Options Stock Price Volatile Value Investment Common Fluctuate
Stock Repurchase Plan Stock-based Compensation
Stockholder Proposals Stockholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Rights Plan Stockholders
Stockholders Agreement Stockholders Equity
Structure Plot Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Event Subsequent Event Additional Investment Spitfire
Subsidiaries Suffer Losses Exchange Rate Fluctuations
Suffer Losses Investments Exchange Rate Fluctuations Suffer Losses Through Futures Trading
Table Contents Table Data Results Valle Lunar Sector
Table Equivalences Tax Considerations
Tax Fees Taxation
Technical Evaluation Agreement Term
Term Agreement Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Terms Conditions Notes Terms Confidential
Texas Gulf Coast Project Various Counties Total Compensation
Trade Revenues Net Trading Activities Expose Risk Loss
Trading Derivatives Trading Revenues Net
Trading Securities Transition Period
Transition Report Pursuant Translation Non-us Currency Amounts
Treasury Stock Triangle Prospect Area
Unauthorized Hedging Related Activities Result Significant Losses United States Government Impose Economic Trade Sanctions Colombia
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Update Monetization Efforts Main Pass Ute Oil Doing Business Act Operating
Valle Lunar Sector Value Per Phase Hectare
Variable Coupon Convertible Notes Due 2012 Voluntary Conversions Series Preferred
Voluntary Exercise Warrants Vote Internet Wwwproxyvotecom
Vote Mail Vote Phone 1-800-690-6903
Vote Required Election Directors Warrant
Westlake Park Boulevard Suite 600 Houston Texas 77079 Whereas
Whether Not Plan Attend Urged Date Sign Promptly Wildcat Field Matagorda County Texas
Witness Witness Seal Corporation Signatures Duly Authorized Officers
Witness Whereof Working Capital Difference Between Current Assets Liabilities
Year-end 2007 Cash Bonus Awards Year-end 2007 Cash Bonus Awards 2008 Compensation
Year-end 2008 Cash Bonus Awards Year-end 2008 Cash Bonus Awards 2009 Compensation
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