Topic Listing for HSBC Holdings

Above Table Contains Ratios Based Gaap Hsbcs Previous Acceptances
Access Meeting Accompanying Notes Integral Part Consolidated Financial Statements
Accompanying Notes Integral Part Consolidated Financial Statements Results Accounting Policies
Accounting Policies Adopted 2009 Accounts
Accounts 2006 Accounts 2008
Accruing Loans Past Due Acquires Additional 1008 Per Cent Through Mandatory Tender
Acquisition Costs Long-term Investment Contracts Mexican Gaap Acquisition Hsbc Financial Corporation Limited 2008 Interim Period
Acquisitions Disposals Action Taken Respect General Meeting
Actively Managing Risk Additional
Additional Information Adopted Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Advances Customers Advances Deposits Ratios Groups Principal Banking Entities
Advances Technology Advisers
Ageing Analysis Includes Loans Advances Less Past Due Ageing Analysis Includes Past Due Loans Advances Collective
All-employee Share Plans Allowance Credit Losses
Alonso Already Given Standing Instructions Receive New Shares Scheme
Already Given Standing Instructions Receive New Shares Scrip Amended Restated 1997 Incentive Plan
America Amounts Due Immediate Holding Fellow Subsidiary Companies
Analysis Loans Advances Customers Geographical Segment Ank Become Largest Shareholder Ytccb
Announcement Been Issued Sole Responsibility Hsbc Holdings Plc Announcement Contain Certain Forward-looking Statements Respect Financial Condition
Annual Bonus Annual Certification Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Annual Leave Annual Report
Annual Report Accounts Annual Report Accounts 2004
Annual Report Accounts 2005 Annual Report Accounts 2006
Annual Report Accounts 2007 Annual Report Accounts 2008
Annuities Antika
Anwar Appendix
Application Irb Approach Credit Risk Applications Listing
Appointment Areas Special Interest
Arena Argentina
Argentinas Arrangements 1999-2004
Arrangements 2000-2004 Asia
Assaf Asscher Composition Asset Portfolio
Asscher Ratings Analysis Assets Asscher Total Assets Balance Sheet Classification
Asscher Weighted-average Maturity Assets Asset Analysis Geographical Origination
Asset Deployment Asset-backed Securities Structured Products Leveraged Acquisition Finance
Assets Assets Acquired Exchange Loans
Assets Held Amortised Cost Assets Held Custody Administration
Assets Held Fair Value Movements Recognised Equity Assets Held Fair Value Movements Recognised Income Statement
Audit Committee Meetings Held Directors Commitment Each Audit Services
Audit-related Services Audited Ifrs Information
Authorised Share Capital Authority Allot Shares
Authority Repurchase Ordinary Shares Authority Repurchase Shares
Average Liquidity Ratio Awards
Awards 2002 Passed Performance Conditions Shares Vest 2007 Back Contents
Background Reasons Rights Issue Backup Withholding Tax Information Reporting
Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Key Ratios
Balance Sheet Management Activities Bank Bermuda
Bank Bermuda Directors Share Option Plan Bank Bermuda Executive Share Option Plan 1997
Bank Bermuda Plans Bank Bermuda Share Option Plan 2000
Bank Communications Bocom Bank Ekonomi Raharja Tbk
Banker Bannister
Banque Baecque Beau Banque Chaix
Banque Dupuy Parseval Banque Savoie
Basel Bases Valuing Financial Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value
Bases Valuing Hsbc Holdings Financial Assets Liabilities Measured Basic Earnings Per Share
Basic Salary Basis Allotment Examples
Basis Preparation Basis Reporting
Beck Beneficial Corporation 1990 Non-qualified Stock Option Plan
Beneficial Corporation Benshares Equity Participation Plan Benefiting Organic Growth Middle East
Benefits Bennett
Benshares Equity Participation Plan Board
Board Balance Independence Directors Board Directors
Board Directors Hsbc Holdings Plc Date Announcement Board Directors Senior Management
Board Recommendation Shareholders Booker
Boyles Brazil
Brazilian Brief Iography John Thornton
Budd Building Capital Strength
Building Insurance Proposition Building Position Worlds Leading International Emerging Markets Bank
Building Worlds Leading Private Banks Business Combinations
Business Risk C-h Filippi
Calls Calvert
Cama Canada
Canadas Capital Instruments Var
Capital Management Capital Management Allocation
Capital Management Regulatory Ratios Capital Measurement Allocation
Capital Performance Ratios Capital Reserves
Capital Risk Sensitivity Other Comprehensive Income Capital Structure
Capital Structure Basel Cash Balances Banks Other Financial Institutions
Cash Dividend Cash Flow Hedges
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements Ccf
Cements Strategic Tie-up Chinas Fifth Largest Bank Central America
Certain Defined Terms Certificate Incorporation
Certificates Deposit Other Debt Securities Issue Certification Chief Executive Officer
Certification Chief Financial Officer Certification Group Chairman
Certification Group Chief Executive Certification Group Finance Director
Certifications Change Name
Change Name Oversea Changes Applying 2005
Changes Board Changes General Economic Conditions Markets Hsbc Operates Such
Changes Government Policy Regulation Including Changing Industry Regulatory Trends
Charge Impairment Losses Percentage Average Gross Loans Advances Charges
Charities Cheng
Chicago China
Choice Law Submission Jurisdiction City Cleveland Litigation
Clear Compelling Strategy Playing Strengths Clear Way Forward
Client Assets Client Assets Investment Class
Cnav Funds Code Corporate Governance Practices
Collateral Other Credit Enhancements Collateral Other Credit Enhancements Obtained
Collectively Assessed Allowances Collectively Assessed Impairment Allowances
Collectively Assessed Loans Combination Cash Scrip Dividend
Combined Fixed Charges Preferred Stock Dividends Comment Raymond Chien Chairman
Commentaries Hong Kong Underlying Basis Unless Stated Otherwise Commentaries Rest Asia-pacific Underlying Basis Unless Stated Otherwise
Commentary Commercial Banking
Commercial Banking Cmb Commercial Banking Maintained Profitability Despite Difficult Economic Climate
Commercial Banking Resilient Commercial Bankings
Commercial Cards Commercial Mortgage Servicing Rights
Commitments Lend Community Involvement
Comparative Figures Comparator Group
Compared 2004 Comparison Financial Information
Competitive Environment Complete Relevant Numbers Shares Wish Receive Dividend Cash
Composition Asset Portfolio Composition Cnav Asset Portfolio
Composition Collateral Supporting Multi-seller Conduit Assets Composition Underlying Asset Portfolios
Computation Ratios Earnings Combined Fixed Charges Preference Share Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited
Concentration Exposure Conditions Rights Issue
Conduits Conference Call Details
Confidential Information Confidential Information Documents
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Variation Class Rights
Consistently Delivering Results Challenging Times Consistently Delivering Uncertain World
Consolidated Income Statement 2004 Consolidated Income Statement Half-year 2004
Consolidated Results Highlights Consolidated Statement Comprehensive Income
Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense 2005
Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense Half-year 2004 Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense Half-year 2005
Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense Half-year 2006 Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense Half-year 2008
Consolidation Banking Industry Consolidation Basis
Consolidation Special Purpose Entities Variable Interest Constant Currency
Constant Net Asset Value Funds Consumer Finance
Consumer Lending Consumer Litigation
Contacts Contents
Contingent Liabilities Commitments Contractor
Contractual Amounts Derivatives Held Hedging Purposes Product Type Contractual Amounts Derivatives Held Trading Purposes Product Type
Contractual Obligations Control Over Valuation Process Procedures
Controls Procedures Cooper
Core Capital Ratio Corporate Banking Cib
Corporate Change Corporate Change Period
Corporate Governance Codes Corporate Institutional Banking
Corporate Investment Banking Markets Corporate Responsibility Report 2006
Corporate Responsibility Reporting Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2004 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2005
Correspondentes Correspondentes Bancários
Cost Efficiency Cost Efficiency Ratios
Course Collection Other Banks Coverdale Age Managing Director Saudi British Bank Joined
Creating Advantage Scale Technology Process Engineering Credit Analytics
Credit Approval Credit Card Fees
Credit Card Litigation Credit Card Services
Credit Cards Credit Derivatives Considered Guarantees
Credit Environment Credit Life Insurance
Credit Market Operational Risk Credit Performance Measured Risk-adjusted Margin
Credit Quality Credit Quality Provision Losses
Credit Risk Credit Risk Analytical Tools
Credit Risk Provisions Cross-border Exposures
Crédit Commercial Sud Ouest Cuenta
Cuenta Ahorro Hsbc Cullinan Composition Asset Portfolio
Cullinan Funding Structure Cullinan Ratings Analysis Assets
Cullinan Total Assets Balance Sheet Classification Cullinan Weighted-average Maturity Assets
Culture Compensation Currency
Currency Dividends Payable Cash Paid Stated Form Election Current Savings Other Deposit Accounts
Current Trading Prospects Current Trading Update
Customer Customer Account
Customer Accounts Customer Groups
Customer Transactions Processed Customers
Daily Distribution Global Markets Other Trading Revenues Daily Distribution Global Markets Trading Balance Sheet Management
Daily Distribution Market Risk Revenues 2003 Daily Total Var Global Markets Usm
Daily Var Trading Non-trading Usm Data 2004 2006 Presented Based Financial Statements Prepared
Datatreasury Litigation Date Issuer Notified
Date Notification Date Proxy Holder Cease Hold Voting Rights
Dealings Hsbc Holdings Shares Debt Preferred Stock Securities Ratings
Debt Securities Debt Securities Equity Shares
Debt Securities Issue Debt Securities Issue Customer Accounts Deposits Banks
Debt Securities Treasury Other Eligible Bills Deductions
Deferred Loan Origination Costs Fees Defined Benefit Pension Scheme
Definition Interpretation Definitions
Delivery Channels Deposits
Deposits Banks Derickson
Derivative Assets Derivative Assets Counterparty Credit Risk
Derivatives Derivatives Valued Using Models Unobservable Inputs
Description Business Description Property
Designated Investment Exchange Designation Loan Non-performing Suspension Interest Deferred Either Following
Detailed Consolidated Balance Sheet Contained Financial Statements Page Details Announcements Amended Revised Figures
Detelich Determining Fair Value Volume Level Activity Asset Liability
Developing Income Stream Insurance Differences Between Ifrss Gaap
Differences Hsbc Holdings New York Stock Exchange Corporate Director
Directors Fees Directors Liability Insurance
Directors Share Option Plan Disclosure Interests Shares
Discover Financial Services Inc Visa Usa Mastercard Discretionary Share Incentive Plans
Distribution Loans Advances Credit Quality Distribution Loans Advances Neither Past Due Nor Impaired
Dividend Capital Position Dividend Declaration Progressive Policy
Dividend Income Dividend Performance
Dividends Dividends 2007
Dividends 2008 Dividends 2009
Dividends Other Distributions Dividends Per Share
Document Important Requires Immediate Attention Doubt Action Take Document Not Constitute Offer Sell Invitation Induce Solicitation
Documents Other Property Donations
Dorner Doubles Hsbcrsquos Footprint Worldrsquos Most Populous Nation
Duration Employment Earnings Per Share
Earnings Per Share Award Economic Outlook Remains Highly Uncertain
Economic Profit Economic Profit Award
Economic Value Equity Economic Value Msrs
Editors Hsbc Holdings Plc Effect Changes Significant Unobservable Assumptions Reasonably Possible Alternatives
Effect Changes Significant Unobservable Inputs Effect Ifrs Consolidated Balance Sheet
Effect Ifrss Efficiency Ratio
Election Entitlement Advice Dividend Notification Email Interim 2009 Elsewhere Asia
Email Bobbdashareholderservicesbobhsbccom Investor Centre Wwwcomputersharecom Email Davidbdaviesbobhsbccom Investor Centre Wwwcomputersharecom
Email Hkinfocomputersharecomhk Emerging Markets Strength Global Banking
Emoluments Highest Paid Employees Employee Compensation Benefits
Employee Involvement Employee Share Plans
Employees Emoluments Employer
Engel Enhanced Variable Net Asset Value Funds
Enhanced Vnav Funds Entire Agreement Severability
Entitlement Advice Dividend Notification Email Eps Award
Equity Risk Equity Securities
Estimated Period Between Loss Occurring Identification Evidenced Establishment Estimulo
Euro Zone Euromoney
Europe Europe Investing Emerging Markets Strong Returns Commercial Banking
Eurozone Events After Balance Sheet Date
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Example
Exchange Controls Other Limitations Affecting Equity Security Holders Exchange Rate
Exchange Rates Announced London Hong Kong New York Executive Directors
Executive Share Option Plan 1997 Exhibits
Expanding Commercial Banking Expanding Private Banking Emerging Markets
Expected Maturity Insurance Contract Liabilities Expected Maturity Insurance Contract Liabilities Audited
Expected Timetable Principal Events Expected Timetable Principal Events Bermuda
Expected Timetable Principal Events Bermuda References Below Time Expected Timetable Principal Events Hong Kong
Expected Timetable Principal Events Hong Kong References Below Expected Timetable Principal Events References Below Time
Expenses Exposure Sub-prime Alt-a
Exposure Sub-prime Related Assets Exposure Sub-prime Related Assets Included Above
Extraordinary Resolution Factors Specific Hsbc
Fair Presentation Fair Value
Fair Value Derivatives Designated Cash Flow Hedges Fair Value Hedges
Fair Value Hierarchy Fair Value Price Verification Control
Fair Values Financial Instruments Not Carried Value Fair Values Financial Instruments Not Carried Value Balance
Fair Values Financial Investments Classified Held Sale Not Fair Values Hsbc Holdings Financial Instruments Not Carried
Fee Income Figures Presented Euro Functional Currency Hsbc Bank Malta
Financial Assets Designated Fair Value Financial Corporation Limited
Financial Effect Market Turmoil Financial Highlights
Financial Impact Rights Issue Financial Instruments Designated Fair Value
Financial Instruments Presentation Financial Investments
Financial Kpis Financial Kpis Used Hsbcs Management
Financial Liabilities Designated Fair Value Financial Performance
Financial Results Highlights Financial Review
Financial Services Authority Financial Strength Maintained
Financial Strength Underpins Progressive Dividend Policy Financial Times
Financing Five-year Comparison
Flockhart Footnote See Page 130
Footnote See Page 143 Footnotes Nature Extent Hsbcs Exposures
Footnotes See Page Footnotes See Page 128
Footnotes See Page 162 Forbes
Foreign Banks China Foreign Exchange Gains Available-for-sale Securities
Foreign Exchange Risk Forfeiture Shares
Form 10-q Form 20-f
Forward Exchange Rates Quoted Hsbc Bank Plc London Forward-looking Statements
France Fried
Fsa Fsa Standard Rules
Full Name Shareholder Full-time Equivalent
Funded Commitments Represent Loan Amount Advanced Customer Funding Structure
Funds Management Fung
Further Copies Letter Replacement Forms Election Chinese Translation Future Accounting Developments
Future Accounting Developments Gaap Future Developments
Gaap Gain Dilution Investment Associate
Gain Instruments Fair Value Related Derivatives Gains Arising Dilution Interests Associates
Gains Disposal Investments Gains Financial Investments
Gains Less Losses Financial Investments Gains Less Losses Financial Investments Fixed Assets
Gains Losses Arising Fair Value Hedges Garner
General General Administrative Expenses
General Banking Services General Meeting
General Provisions Generating Capital Further Enhancing Liquidity
Geographical Analysis Underlying Asset Portfolio Geographical Region
Geographical Representation Profit Before Tax Giro Fácil
Global Banking Global Banking Markets
Global Banking Markets Asset-backed Securities Classified Available-for-sale Global Banking Markets Available-for-sale Abss Exposure
Global Banking Markets Write-downs Taken Income Statement Carrying Global Credit Environment
Global Economic Trends Impact Hsbc Global Factors
Global Finance Public Policy Experts Join Hsbc Board Global Investment Banking
Global Markets Global Transaction Banking
Global Wealth Creation Supporting Strong Growth Private Banking Global Wealth Solutions
Glossary Terms Glynn
Good Progress Insurance Good Progress Managing Down Mortgage Services Portfolio North
Good Progress Personal Financial Services Goodwill
Goodwill Impairment Gordon
Governance Governance Regulation Supervision
Governing Law Jurisdiction Graph Hsbc Tsr Ftse 100 Index
Graph Hsbc Tsr Msci Financials Index Grievance Dismissal Disciplinary Procedures
Gross Advances Customers Industry Sector Gross Loans Advances Industry Sector
Group Group Advances Personal Customers
Group Audit Committee Group Chairman
Group Chairman Chief Executive Group Chairmans Comment
Group Chairmans Comments Group Chairmans Statement
Group Chief Executive Group Chief Executives Review
Group Investment Businesses Group Management Board
Group Management Office London Group Policy
Group Secretary Group Strategy
Growing Business Faster-growing Markets Growing Businesses Commercial Banking
Growth Emerging Markets Gulliver
Half Half-year 2007
Half-year 2008 Harvey
Health Safety Hipoteca Cero
Hoc Hodgkinson
Homogeneous Groups Assets Reviewed Portfolio Basis Alternative Methods Homogeneous Groups Loans
Hong Kong Hong Kong Regulation Supervision
Hong Kong Rest Asia-pacific Hong Kong Sar
Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited 2009 Interim Consolidated
Hope Hopewell Centre
Hsbc Hsbc Actuaries Consultants Limited
Hsbc Affiliate Income Hsbc Asia Holdings
Hsbc Bank Canada Hsbc Bank Communications Plan Create Chinese Credit Card
Hsbc Bank Malaysia Berhad Results 2009 Highlights Hsbc Bank Malta Plc Interim Directors Rsquo Statement
Hsbc Bank Pension Plan Hsbc Bank Polska
Hsbc Completes Acquisition 8889 Bank Ekonomi Hsbc Finance
Hsbc Finance 1996 Long-term Executive Incentive Compensation Plan Hsbc Finance Corporation
Hsbc Finance Corporation Deferred Fee Plan Directors Hsbc Finance Corporation Deferred Phantom Stock Plan Directors
Hsbc Finance Corporation Subsidiary Plans Hsbc Finance Foreclosed Properties
Hsbc Finance Geographical Concentration Lending Hsbc Finance Subsidiary Plans
Hsbc Financial Hsbc France
Hsbc Global Asset Management Hsbc Group
Hsbc Group China Hsbc Group Structure Principal Operating Companies 2005
Hsbc Holdings Hsbc Holdings Audited Ifrs Information
Hsbc Holdings Balance Sheet 2006 Hsbc Holdings Executive Share Option Scheme
Hsbc Holdings Group Share Option Plan Hsbc Holdings Issued Us2200 Perpetual Subordinated Capital
Hsbc Holdings Limited Hsbc Holdings Ordinary Shares 050
Hsbc Holdings Ordinary Shares Us050 Hsbc Holdings Plc
Hsbc Holdings Plc 2008 Interim Results Highlights Hsbc Holdings Plc Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Hsbc Holdings Plc Interim Dividend 2008 Scrip Alternative Hsbc Holdings Plc Interim Dividend 2009 Scrip Alternative
Hsbc Holdings Plc Notice General Meeting Hsbc Holdings Plc Payment Dividends United States Dollars
Hsbc Holdings Plc Pre-close Trading Update Hsbc Holdings Plc Voting Rights Capital
Hsbc Holdings Reports Pre-tax Profit Us10247 Hsbc Holdings Reports Pre-tax Profit Us5019
Hsbc Holdings Savings-related Share Option Plan Hsbc Holdings Savings-related Share Option Scheme Usa
Hsbc India Hsbc Indonesia
Hsbc Insurance Asia-pacific Holdings Limited Hsbc Investdirect India Limited Formerly Ilfs Investsmart
Hsbc Mainland China Hsbc Operates Highly Competitive Environment Competition Intensify Result
Hsbc Private Bank France Hsbc Raises Stake Bank Ekonomi 9896 Per Cent
Hsbc Sell Polish Consumer Finance Receivables Hsbc Sells Actuaries Consultants Limited Jlt Group
Hsbc Share Plan Hsbc Share Plans
Hsbc Statement Hsbc Strategy Intact
Hsbc Subject Legal Risks Adverse Effect Groups Reputation Hsbc Subject Political Economic Risks Countries Operates
Hsbc Subject Tax-related Risks Countries Operates Adverse Effect Hsbc Sustainability Report
Hsbc Sustainability Report 2007 Hsbc-sponsored Spes
Hsbcs Commitments Liquidity Facilities Party Sivs Conduits Securitisations Hsbcs Commitments Liquidity Facilities Third-party Sivs Conduits Securitisations
Hsbcs Core Strength Uncertain Times Hsbcs Exposure Credit Derivative Product Companies
Hsbcs Exposure Derivative Transactions Entered Directly Monoline Insurers Hsbcs Gross Commitments Leveraged Finance Transactions Geographical Segment
Hsbcs Maximum Exposure Hungate
Hussain Ias Consolidated Separate Financial Statements
Ias Employee Benefits Ias Events After Balance Sheet Date
Ias Income Taxes Ias Intangible Assets
Ias Investment Property Ias Leases
Ias Property Plant Equipment Ifrs
Ifrs Business Combinations Ifrs Comparative Financial Information
Ifrs Share-based Payment Ifrss
Illustration Incremental Eps Per Cent Over Imetable Events
Impact Impact Market Turmoil Groups Liquidity Risk Position
Impact Market Turmoil Risk Impaired Advances Allowances
Impaired Customer Loans Impairment Allowances Geographical Region Impaired Loans Advances
Impairment Allowances Impairment Allowances Against Advances Customers
Impairment Allowances Charges Impairment Allowances Charges Mortgage Services
Impairment Allowances Loans Advances Customers Banks Industry Sector Impairment Allowances Percentage Loans Advances
Impairment Allowances Percentage Loans Advances Customers Impairment Assessment
Impairment Loans In-country Foreign Currency Cross-border Outstandings
Includes Holdings Government-sponsored Enterprises Local Stock Exchanges Includes Immaterial Exposures Regional Governments Local Institutions Administrative
Includes Overdrafts Personal Lending Including Middle East
Income Associates Income Taxes
Income Trading Securities Increased Regulation Financial Services Industry Adverse Effect Hsbcs
Incurred Not Yet Identified Impairment Indemnification Directors Relevant Audit Information Contracts Significance
Index India
Individually Assessed Accounts Individually Assessed Allowances
Individually Assessed Impairment Allowances Individually Assessed Loans
Indonesia Information
Information Contractual Maturity Gross Loan Commitments See Financial Information Enforceability Judgements United States
Information Induction Ongoing Development Insurance
Insurance China Insurance Financial Risk Management
Insurance Risk Insurance Services
Insurance Strong Premium Growth Profits Affected Reduced Investment Intangible Assets
Integration Development Latin America Track Intentions Directors
Inter Alia Interest Forgone Impaired Loans
Interest Investsmart Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Risk Banking Book Interest Rate Risk Management
Interested Directors Interests Held Private Investment Companies
Interim Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments Interim Dividend 2009
Interim Report Interim Report 2005
Interim Report 2006 Interim Report 2007
Interim Report 2008 Interim Results Dividend 2009
Interim Results Highlights Internal Assessment Capital Adequacy
Internal Control Internal Control-integrated Framework
International Trade Introduction
Inventions Other Intellectual Property Inversión Express
Investing Customer Experience Personal Financial Services Investing Future
Investing Sustainability Investment Banking
Investment Contracts Dpf Investment Securities
Investment Services Investments Associates
Investments Franchise Development Investor Centre Wwwcomputersharecom
Irb Advanced Approach Eligible Financial Collateral Reflected Groups Issue Share Certificates Listing New Shares
Issued Share Capital Jaffe Household International Inc
Japan Japanese
Japans Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group Plc
John Joining
Joining Customers Joint Global Coordinators
Keir Key Impact Analysis Opening Balance Sheet 2005
Kidwai King
Latin America Lawrence
Ldquo Leasing Finance Factoring
Legal Proceedings Less Losses Financial Investments
Letters Credit Leung
Level Measurements Leveraged Finance Commitments Geographical Segment
Leveraging Global Services Liabilities
Liabilities Insurance Contracts Lien Shares
Life Assurance Life Insurance Contracts Discretionary Participation Features
Limited Market Growth Linked Life Insurance Contracts
Liquidation Liquidity Funding Management
Liquidity Ratio Liquidity Risk
Listing Authority Lndex
Loan Impairment Loan Impairment Charge
Loan Impairment Charges Loan Impairment Charges Other Credit Risk Provisions
Loan Impairment Charges Provision Credit Losses Loan Impairment Recoveries
Loan Origination Loan Write-offs
Loans Loans Advances
Loans Advances Banks Loans Advances Banks Geographical Region
Loans Advances Corporate Commercial Customers Loans Advances Customers
Loans Advances Financial Sector Loans Advances Measured Amortised Cost Net Total Credit
Loans Advances Past Due Not Impaired Loans Interest Was Being Suspended Non-accrual
Local London
London E14 5hq England Long
Long-term Debt Long-term Debt Structured
Long-term Executive Incentive Compensation Plan Long-term Incentive Plan
Looking Ahead Losada
Losses Financial Investments Low
Mahoney Mainland Business
Mainland China Mainland Chinas
Maintaining Hsbcs Financial Strength Maintaining Traditional Financial Strength
Malaysia Malaysia South Korea Indonesia Taiwan
Management Insurance Financial Risk Management Risk
Managing Business Challenging Environment Managing Business Through Downturn Positioning Upturn
Managing Growth Market Liquidity
Market Risk Management Market Value
Marketing Expenses Material Changes Fair Value Level Assets Liabilities
Material Transfers Out Level Measurements Maximum Exposure Credit Risk
Maximum Exposures Spes Mccombe
Mcdonagh Meares
Measuring Results Strategy Media Enquiries
Medium Meetings Nomination Committee Held
Meetings Remuneration Committee Held Mehta
Memorandum Articles Association Menezes
Merger Reserve Mexican Gaap
Mexico Mexicos
Middle East Money Management
Money Market Funds Mortgage Lending
Mortgage Lending Portfolio Review Mortgage Services
Mortgage Servicing Rights Msrs Motor Vehicle Finance
Movement Allowance Accounts Total Loans Advances Movement Hsbc Holdings Share Capital
Movement Leveraged Finance Exposures Multi-seller Conduits
Multi-seller Conduits Hsbcs Maximum Exposure Multi-seller Conduits Total Assets Balance Sheet Classification
Name Contact Telephone Number Queries Name Person Discharging Managerial Responsibilities Applicable Connected
Name Proxy Holder Nasr
National Trust Limited Net
Net Earned Insurance Premiums Net Fee Income
Net Fees Commissions Income Net Gains Financial Investments
Net Income Financial Instruments Designated Fair Value Net Income Trading Activities
Net Insurance Claims Incurred Movement Liabilities Policyholders Net Insurance Claims Incurred Movement Policyholder Liabilities
Net Insurance Claims Incurred Movement Policyholders Liabilities Net Insurance Claims Incurred Movements Liabilities Policyholders
Net Insurance Claims Movement Liabilities Policyholders Net Insurance Premiums
Net Interest Income Net Interest Margin
Net Loss Financial Instruments Designated Fair Value Net Loss Income Financial Instruments Designated Fair Value
Net Surplus Property Revaluation Net Trading Income
Netting Netvalor
New Accounting Pronouncements New Ordinary Shares Every Existing
New Ordinary Shares Every Existing Held Record Date Newman
News Release Nomination Committee
Non-financial Kpis Non-interest Expenses
Non-interest Revenue Non-money Market Investment Funds
Non-performing Customer Loans Related Specific Provisions Outstanding Geographical Non-performing Loans Advances
Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plan Restricted Stock Rights Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plan Stock Option Exercises
Non-qualified Stock Option Plan Non-trading Audited Ifrs Information
Non-trading Portfolios Non-trading Risks Not Included Global Markets Var
Non-traditional Lending Non-uk Residents
North America Not
Not Previously Given Standing Instructions Receive New Shares Notes
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Editors
Notes Financial Notes Financial Statements
Notes Forms Notice Annual General Meeting
Notifiable Interests Share Capital Notification Transactions Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility Connected
Notified Details Number Customer Transactions Processed
Number International Bank Asia Number Voting Rights Proxy Holder Cease Hold
Objectives Occupancy Equipment Expenses
Occupancy Expense Net Operating Costs
Operating Environment Operating Expenses
Operating Expenses Total Operating Outlook 2009
Operating Profit Operating Profit Excluding Loan Impairment Charges Other Credit
Operational Risk Management Operational Risks Inherent Hsbcs Business
Ordinary Resolutions Ordinary Shares
Organic Investment Organisation Responsibilities
Organisational Structure Organization Basis Presentation
Originations Sales Related Income Other
Other Activity Other Assets
Other Credit Risk Provisions Other Directorships
Other Expenses Other Exposures Party Sivs Conduits Securitisations Liquidity Facility
Other Exposures Third-party Sivs Conduits Securitisations Liquidity Facility Other Fees Commissions
Other Financial Assets Other Footnotes See Page
Other Information Other Intangible Assets
Other Liabilities Other Loss
Other Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Other Operating Income
Other Operating Income Total Revenues Other Personal Lending
Other Schemes Other Services
Other Subsidiaries Event Probability Receiving Interest Payments Was Other Uses Spes
Outlook Overdue Advances
Overseas Shareholders Overview
Pacific Credit Card Page
Page Left Blank Intentionally Pari Passu
Paris Party Sponsored Spes
Past Due Not Impaired Loans Advances Customers Banks Patel
Paye Regulations Payment Residual Dividend Entitlements
Payments Cash Management Pending Transfer Canadian Operations
Pension Costs Pension Other Post-retirement Benefits
Pension Risk People Business
Per Cent Original Award Exercisable Each Anniversaries Date Performance Conditions
Performance Evaluation Performance Overview Strategic Activity
Period 2008 Period Septembe 2008
Personal Financial Services Personal Financial Services Ndash Taking Long Term View
Personal Financial Services Ndash Update Personal Financial Services North America Drives Pbt Loss
Personal Financial Services Pfs Personal Financial Services Update
Personal Lending Portfolio Review Peña-kegel
Pfs Philippines
Picot Pillar Disclosures 2008
Place Work Placings Advances Banks Other Financial Institutions
Please Read Letter Carefully Portfolio Management
Portfolios Positioning Hsbc Long-term Growth
Positions Taken Trading Intent Var Risk Type Positions Taken Without Trading Intent Var Risk Type
Potential Problem Loans Powell
Powers Pre-emptive Rights
Preference Shares Premier
Premises Equipment Costs Present Value Basis Point Pvbp Analysis
Presentation Financial Statements Pricing
Principal Activities Business Review Principal Assumptions Used Valuation Financial Instruments Significant Unobservable
Private Banking Private Banking Leading International Bank
Private Banking Services Private Bankings
Private Equity Private Label Co-brand Credit Cards
Private Wealth Management Private Wealth Solutions
Pro Rata Problem Loan Management
Products Products Services
Profit Associates Joint Ventures Profit Before Tax
Profitable Broad-based Earnings Platform Profitable Business Model
Progress China Progressive Alignment Capital Adequacy Framework Towards Economic
Projected Cash Flow Scenario Analysis Property
Property Revaluation Proposed Rights Issue 5060239065 New Ordinary Shares 254
Proposed Timetable 2009 Quarterly Dividends Proposed Timetable Remaining 2008 Quarterly Dividends
Proposed Timetable Remaining 2009 Quarterly Dividends Prospective Customer
Prospectus Protecting Business Supporting Customers Challenging Times
Provisioning Provisions Applied Qualifying Exposures Within Countries Unless
Provisions Bad Doubtful Debts Public
Purchase Accounting Adjustments Purchase Shares
Pursuing Clear Strategy Purves Chairman
Qualifying Shareholders Excluded Territories Rights Issue Qualitative Factors
Quantitative Factors Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Rachel Lomax Rankin
Rate Shock Analysis Ratings Analysis Assets
Ratio Net Liquid Assets Customer Liabilities Ratios Earnings Combined Fixed Charges Preference Share Dividends
Ratios Not Been Restated Include Hsbc Financial Real Momentum Corporate Investment Banking Markets
Reason Reason Notification
Recognised Investment Exchange Means Recognition Present Value In-force Long-term Life Insurance Contracts
Recognition Presentation Other-than-temporary Impairment Reconciliation Previously Reported Shareholders Funds Gaap Total Equity
Record Performance Global Banking Markets Record Results Cibm Reflecting Focus Emerging Markets Financing
Regional Factors Register Shareholders
Registered England Number 617987 Office Canada Square London Registered England Number 7987 Office Canada Square London
Registered Office Group Head Registered Office Group Management
Registrantrsquos Telephone Number Including Area Code Regulation
Regulation Supervision Relations Shareholders
Release Remaining Contractual Maturity Long-term Investment Contract Liabilities
Removals Overseas Branch Register Shareholders Hong Kong Not Remuneration
Remuneration Committee Remuneration Policy
Remuneration Report Renaissance Holdings Inc Amended Restated 1997 Incentive Plan
Renegotiated Loans Reparation
Report Report Directors
Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a 15d Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Board Directors
Represents Amount Receivable Counterparties Trading Transactions Not Yet Reputational Risk
Reputational Risk Management Rescheduled Advances
Reserve Off-balance Sheet Exposures Reserves
Resident Companies Resident Gross Funds Charities
Resident Individuals Resident Trustees
Residential Mortgage Banking Residential Mortgage Whole Loans Held Sale
Residential Mortgages Residual Dividend Entitlement
Residual Risk Resilient Operating Performance Half 2008
Resilient Performance Challenging Environment Resolution
Resolution Disapply Pre-emption Rights Necessary Connection Issue Resolution Give Directors Authority Allot New Ordinary Shares
Resolution Hsbc Holdings Plc Resolution Increase Authorised Ordinary Share Capital
Rest Asia-pacific Rest Asia-pacific Including Middle East
Restricted Employee Restricted Period
Restrictions Employment Restrictions Other Activities
Restrictions Voting Restrictive Covenants
Restructuring Activities Restructuring Loans
Restructuring Provisions Results
Results 2004 Results 2008 Highlights
Results 2009 Results Highlights
Results Prepared Accordance Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Results Summary
Resumption Trading Retail Business
Retail Services Retirement
Retirement Benefits Mexican Gaap Retirement Re-election Directors
Return Average Invested Capital Return Average Shareholders Funds
Return Average Total Assets Return Average Total Shareholders Equity
Returns Private Banking Remain Healthy Revenue Growth
Revenue Mix Reversals Impairment
Review Review Margaret Leung Vice-chairman Chief Executive
Review Performance Review Raymond Vice-chairman Chief Executive
Rights Issue Rising Challenge
Risk Appetite Risk Elements Loan Portfolio
Risk Factors Risk Management
Risk-weighted Assets Basel Risk-weighted Assets Principal Subsidiary
Risks Associated Liquidity Funding Inherent Hsbcs Business Been Risks Managed Audited
Robertson Rooms 1712-1716 17th Floor
Rooms 1806-1807 18th Floor Salaries Employee Benefits
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Saudi British Bank Half 2009 Results Ndash Highlights
Scenario Analysis Stress Testing Scope Basel Permissions
Scope Employment Scope Nature Risk Measurement Reporting Systems
Scrip Dividend Scrip Dividend Alternative
Scrip Dividend Scheme Scrip Dividend Scheme Lsquothe Schemersquo
Scrip Dividend Scheme Payment Dividends United States Dollars Scrip Dividends
Sec 20-f Cross-reference Sheet Glossary Securities Act
Securities Available Sale Held Maturity Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 6-k
Securities Futures Ordinance Hong Kong Interests Held Through Securities Held Trading
Securities Investment Conduits Securities Litigation
Securities- Securitisations
Segment Results Segmental Analysis
Segmental Analysis Advances Customers Geographical Area Sensitivity Analysis
Sensitivity Hsbcs Insurance Subsidiaries Risk Factors Audited Sensitivity Projected Net Interest Income
Sensitivity Pvif Changes Economic Assumptions Audited Sensitivity Reported Reserves Interest Rate Movements
Service Contracts Terms Appointment Services
Servicing Related Income Share Information Year-end
Share Option Plan 2000 Share Profit Associates Joint Ventures
Share Profits Associates Share Schemes
Shareholder Helpline Shareholderrsquos Particular Circumstances Doubt What Consult Professional Advisers
Shares 1282 Shares 1285
Shares 8364 050 Shares 83641525
Shares 836416 Shares 836420
Shares 8364415 Shares 83645
Shares Dividends Shares Par Value
Shariah Shariah-
Short-term Investments Sickness Policy
Signature Signatures
Silom Limited Singapore
Sinopia Asset Management Sir John Bond Chairman
Slowing Global Economy Smith
Sold Transferred Shares Solitaire Composition Asset Portfolio
Solitaire Exposure Sub-prime Alt-a Solitaire Funding Structure
Solitaire Hsbcs Maximum Exposure Solitaire Ratings Analysis Assets
Solitaire Total Assets Balance Sheet Classification Solitaire Weighted Average Maturity Assets
Source Application Tier Capital Source Datastream
Source Idc South America
South Americas South Korean
Special Purpose Entities Special Purpose Entities Including Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Specialist Advisory Services Specific Issuer Risk
Specific Provisions Split Geographical Region
Spooner Stamp Duty Reserve Tax
Stamp Duty Reserve Tax Adss Statement Compliance
Statement Directors Responsibilities Relation Financial Statements Statement Directors Responsibilities Respect Annual Report Accounts 2005
Statement Pursuant Listing Rule 944k3 Issued Authority Statement Stephen Green Group Chairman
Statement Total Consolidated Recognised Gains Losses 2004 Status Quo Ante
Statutory Accounts Stern Report
Stewart Strategic Changes Hsbcrsquos Shape
Strategic Changes Hsbcs Shape Stringham
Strong Grip Costs Efficiency Strong Operating Performance 2007
Structural Foreign Exchange Exposures Structure Rights Issue
Structured Credit Transactions Structured Investment Vehicles Conduits
Studzinski Subordinated Liabilities
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Summary Summary Differences Between Hsbc Group Reporting Current Gaap
Summary Explanation Proposed Resolutions Summary Principal Terms Rights Issue
Summary Significant Differences Between Hsbc Group Reporting Gaap Supplier Payment Policy
Support Services Hsbc Affiliates Suspension Transfers Between Registers
Sustainability Reporting Sustainability Risk
Table Table Below Presents Interest Income Expense Hang Seng
Table Contents Table Counterparty Credit Risk Method
Table Counterparty Credit Risk Net Derivative Exposure Table Counterparty Credit Risk Product
Table Credit Derivative Transactions Table Credit Risk Exposure Average Analysis
Table Equity Investments Held Available Sale Table Impaired Past Due Securitised Assets
Table Irb Exposure Impairment Charges Table Market Risk Capital Requirements
Table Risk-weighted Assets Analysis Geographical Region Table Securitisation Exposures
Table Securitisation Exposures Analysed Risk Weighting Table Securitisation Exposures Outstanding
Table Securitised Revolving Exposures Table Standardised Approach Exposure Credit Quality Step Analysis
Table Standardised Approach Exposure Credit Risk Mitigation Analysis Take Consult Stockbroker Solicitor Accountant Other Appropriate Independent
Tax Tax Expense
Tax Return Tax Services
Taxation Taxation Capital Gains
Taxation Dividends Taxation Shares Dividends
Taxpayer Financial Services Telephone 2862 8555
Term Assurance Critical Illness Termination
Termination Date Terms
Third-party Sponsored Spes Threshold Crossed Reached
Through Sale Transfer Was Effected Advice Action Take Thurston
Timetable Events Timetables
Total Total Assets
Total Assets Administration Total Assets Balance Sheet Classification
Total Assets Customer Group Total Assets Hsbcs Conduits Balance Sheet Classification On-balance
Total Assets Hsbcs Money Market Funds Total Assets Hsbcs Money Market Funds Off-balance Sheet
Total Assets Hsbcs Money Market Funds On-balance Sheet Total Assets Hsbcs Non-money Market Funds
Total Assets Hsbcs Non-money Market Funds Off-balance Sheet Total Assets Hsbcs Non-money Market Funds On-balance Sheet
Total Assets Hsbcs Securitisations Balance Sheet Classification On-balance Total Assets Hsbcs Securitisations Off-balance Sheet
Total Assets Hsbcs Securitisations On-balance Sheet Balance Classification Total Assets Split Geographical Region
Total Number Existing Shares Total Operating
Total Personal Lending Total Shareholder Return
Total Trading Var Risk Type Trade Services
Trading Assets Financial Investments Trading Income
Trading Liabilities Trading Losses
Trading Related Activities Trading Update Commentary
Trading Value Risk Var Transactions Conducted Hmus Subsidiaries
Transactions Hsbc Bank Plc Ldquohbeurdquo Transactions Hsbc Bank Usa
Transactions Hsbc Holdings Plc Transactions Htsu
Transactions Other Hsbc Affiliates Transfer Shares
Transferability Capital Within Group Transferring Best Practice
Transforming Customers Experience Joining Transition Ifrs
Transition International Financial Reporting Standards Treasury Capital Markets
Treasury Other Eligible Bills Debt Securities Treasury Try
Troubled Debt Restructurings Trust Income
Tsr Award Turbulent Environment
Turkeys Ultimate Holding
Uncertificated Shares Union Banques Paris
United Kingdom Regulation Supervision Unless Otherwise Indicated Vesting Shares Subject Performance Tests
Untraced Shareholders Us122112 Each New Share
Us56847 Each New Share Us87461 Each New Share
Us97631 Each New Share Valuation Adjustments
Valuation Financial Instruments Valuation Loans Held Sale
Valuation Securities Derivatives Value Risk
Value Risk Var Var Non-trading Activities
Variation Class Rights Alteration Share Capital Vernat Eastern Agencies Limited
Vesting Awards Subject Performance Conditions Described Page 289 Vesting Awards Subject Performance Conditions Described Pages 281-283
Vesting Awards Was Subject Achievement Corporate Performance Conditions Vesting Performance Share Awards Subject Achievement Corporate Conditions
Vesting Performance Share Awards Subject Attainment Predetermined Tsr Vintages Sub-prime Alt-a Mortgage-backed Securities
Voting Voting Rights Attached Shares
Voting Rights Capital Wealth Management Services
Weighted Average Closing Price Shares Immediately Before Dates Weighted Average Maturity Assets
What Mortgage Whereas
Wholesale Business Within Document Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Peoplersquos
Without Interest Described Page Wong
Worlds Largest Most Profitable International Emerging Markets Bank Write-off Loans Advances
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