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Access Premises Accounting Changes
Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Accounts Receivable
Accrued Expenses Actual Lives Management
Additional Highlights Additions
Adds New Health Plan Direct-to-employer Contracts Since End Adjustment
Administration Administrative Agent
Advertising Affirmative Covenants
Affirms 2006 Guidance Establishes Affirms Established Guidance 2008
Aggregated Option Exercises Last Fy-end Options Values Alison Taunton-rigby Joins American Healthways Board Directors
Allowances Alterations
Amended Restated Bylaws Amended Restated Revolving Credit Loan Agreement
Amendment Amendment 1991 Employee Stock Incentive Plan
Amendment Certificate Incorporation Increase Authorized Shares Common Stock Amendment Employment Agreement
Amendment Fee Amendment Modification Termination Plan
Amendment Rights Agreement Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Registrants Code Ethics Waiver Provision Amendments Termination
American Healthways American Healthways Exceeds 2005 Earnings Guidance
American Healthways Inc American Healthways Inc Consolidated Statements Operations Except Per
American Healthways Inc Earnings Per Share Reconciliation 2004 American Healthways Inc Earnings Per Share Reconciliation 2005
American Healthways Inc Form 10-k Table Contents American Healthways Inc Form 10-q Table Contents
American Healthways Inc Statistical Information Dollars American Healthways Present Annual Jpmorgan Healthcare Conference
American Healthways Present Annual Morgan Healthcare Conference Piper American Healthways Present Banc America Securities 2005 Health
American Healthways Present Lehman Brothers Global Healthcare Conference American Healthways Present Southwest Securities Healthcare Conference
American Healthways Present William Blair 25th Annual Growth American Healthways Report Earnings After Market Close
American Wholehealth Inc Amount Terms Commitments
Announces Population Refresh Stand-alone Mhs Pilot Annual Incentive Compensation
Annual Meeting Stockholders Anticipated Benefits Pending Acquisition Axia Not Realized
Appoints Stefen Brueckner President Coo Enhancing Capacity Execute Assets
Assets Liabilities Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis Assignment Sublease
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Available Information Awards Certificates
Awards Outside Directors Axia Health Management
Backlog Backlog Increases 452
Bankruptcy Base Compensation
Base Rate Base Salary
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiary
Billed Lives Available Binding Nature
Board Authorizes Repurchase 100 Common Stock Board Directors Authorizes Stock Repurchase Plan 100
Board Directors Information Bonus Criteria Capital Accumulation Plan
Bonus Taxes Borrower
Brian Roark Brokers Commissions
Business Acquisitions Business Combinations
Business Strategy Business Strategy Dependent Part Developing New Additional Products
Business Strategy Includes Developing New Additional Products Complement Buyout Provisions
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Disclosure
Certain Customer Contracts Performance-based Portion 100 Fees Refundable Certain Professional Health-care Employees Such Nurses Comply Individual
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certification Certifications
Change Control Change Control Agreement
Change Control Price Change Control Provisions
Change End Change Name
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Laws Governing Reimbursement Health Plans Providing Services
Changes Macroeconomic Conditions Adversely Affect Business Chris Larson
Claiborne Richards Code Conduct
Combined Organization Commitments
Commitments Contingencies Committees Board Directors
Communications Board Directors Comparison 2006 Eps Guidance 2005 Components
Comparison 2006 Eps Guidance 2005 Components See Pages Comparison 2008 Eps Guidance 2007 Results Components See
Comparison Available Lives Billed Comparison Components Earnings Per Diluted Share 2007 Guidance
Comparison Components Net Income Per Diluted Share Comparison Components Revenues Ending 2009 Guidance 2008
Compensation Compensation Chief Executive Officer
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Named Executive Officers
Compensation Philosophy Policies Executive Officers Compensation Programs 2007
Compensation Programs 2008 Competition
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Compliance
Compliance 409a Code Compliance Internal Revenue Code 162
Compliance New Federal State Legislative Regulatory Initiatives Adversely Components 2008 Guidance
Components Eps 2009 Guidance Comprehensive Income
Concentration Credit Risk Conclusion
Conditions Effectiveness Amendment Conditions Precedent Loans Letters Credit
Conference Call Confidentiality
Confidentiality Non-competition Non-solicitation Confidentiality Non-solicitation Non-compete
Conflicts Consent Independent Auditors
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Ebitda
Consolidated Fixed Charges Consolidated Net Worth
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Construction Building Premises Landlord
Consulting Agreement Contingency
Continue Participation Mhs Phase Pilot Contract Revenues
Contract Terms Contractual Obligations
Controls Procedures Core Commercial Business Exceeds 2006 Guidance
Corporate Governance Guidelines Cost Services
Costs Expenses Counterparts
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Agreement
Critical Accounting Policies Currently Derive Large Percentage Revenues Customer Loss Restructuring
Currently Derive Large Percentage Revenues Customers Loss Restructuring Currently Pursuing Opportunities Expand Health Care Support Services
Customer Contracts Damages Premises
Deadline Submission Stockholder Proposals Presented 2008 Annual Meeting Deadline Submission Stockholder Proposals Presented 2009 Annual Meeting
Deadline Submission Stockholder Proposals Presented 2010 Annual Meeting Defaults Senior Securities
Deferred Accounts Definition Change Control
Definition Potential Change Control Definitions
Definitions Construction Delivery Annual Report Proxy Statement Stockholders Sharing Address
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depend Payments Customers Cost Reduction Pressure Entities Adversely Depend Timely Receipt Accurate Data Customers Analysis Such
Depreciation Amortization Derivative Instruments Not Designated Hedging
Derivative Investments Hedging Activities Diluted Earnings Per Share Eps Gaap Basis
Director Qualifications Directors Attendance Annual Meetings Stockholders
Directors Compensation Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Dividends
Domestic Commercial Billed Lives Available Don Mckenna
Earnings Earnings Guidance
Effect Amendment Effect Prior Misstatements Current
Effective Date Plan Effective Date Term Termination
Either Direct Through Health Plans Length Often Beginning Election Defer
Eligibility Eligibility Participation
Eminent Domain Employee Benefits
Employees Employment Agreement
Employment Agreements Entire Understanding
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Compliance
Ephitcom Llc Ephit Eps Gaap Basis
Erisa Lawsuit Erisa Lawsuits
Escrow Shares Establishment Purpose
Estimated Charge Incurred 2008 Estimates Preparing Consolidated Financial Statements
Estimates Preparing Financial Statements Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Evaluations Board Committee Performance Events Default
Ex-101 Amended Restated Corporate Subsidiary Officer Capital Accumulation Ex-101 Amendment Employment Agreement
Ex-101 Employment Agreement Robert Chaput Ex-102 Amended Restated 2001 Stock Option Plan
Ex-106 Form Non-qualified Stock Option Agreement Amended Restated Ex-108 Employment Agreement Donald Taylor
Ex-991 Press Release Exceptions
Exchange Act 1934 Amendment Executive Compensation
Executive Officers Registrant Exercisability
Exhibits Expansion Health Care Support Services International Markets Subject
Expect Incur Additional Leverage Finance Pending Axia Acquisition Expected Cumulatively Accretive End 2006
Experience Difficulties Associated Integration Acquired Businesses Technologies Exposed Risks Related Counterparty Credit Worthiness Non-performance Counterparties
Face Competition Staffing Increase Labor Costs Reduce Profitability Face Costly Litigation Force Pay Damages Harm Reputation
Failure Information Systems Adversely Affect Business Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Hierarchy Fair Value Measurement
Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Federal Income Tax Consequences
Figures Not Add Due Rounding Financial Considerations
Financial Covenants Financial Guidance
Financial Guidance Ending 2008 Financial Results
Financial Results 2008 Financial Statements Exhibits
Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio Forfeiture
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form 8-k Form Commencement Agreement
Form Estoppel Certificate Form Revolving Credit
Form Swingline Former Employee Action
Fortune 100 Forward-looking Statements
Frederick Morgan Friday 2007
Gain Sale Investment General
General Provisions Goodwill
Governing Law Government Regulators Interpret Current Regulations Adopt New Legislation
Government Regulators Interpret Current Regulations Governing Operations Manner Governmental Regulation
Grant Exercise Grant Option
Grant Stock Options Green Hills Village Drive Nashville 37215
Growth Core Business Exceeds Expectations Guidance 2006
Guidance 2007 Guidance Addressed 2006 Earnings Release
Health Care Support Industry Continually Evolving Segment Health-care Health Care Support Industry Lengthy Sales Cycle New
Health Care Support Industry Relatively New Segment Health-care Healthcare Dimensions Inc
Healthcare Reform Reduce Revenues Require Revise Operations Healthways
Healthways Completes Axia Acquisition Healthways Inc
Healthways Inc Form 10-q Table Contents Healthways Inc Proxy Statement Table Contents
Healthways Inc Statistical Information Dollars Healthways Introduces New Metrics Integrated Health Care Support
Healthways Present William Blair 26th Annual Growth Stock Healthways Report Earnings After Market Close
Healthways Streamline Management Optimize Capabilities Fully Integrated Solutions Highlights 2005 Performance
Highlights 2006 Performance Highlights 2007 Performance
Highlights 2008 Performance Highlights Performance 2004
Highlights Performance 2005 Highlights Performance 2006
Highlights Performance 2007 Highlights Performance 2008
Holders Holding Over
Identifiable Intangible Assets Identifying Evaluating Nominees Directors
Immediate Release Impairment Intangible Assets Goodwill
Impairment Long-lived Assets Inability Meet Exceed Targets Health Care Support Contracts
Inability Perform Well Contracted Diseases Impact Conditions Programs Inability Perform Well Contracted Health Care Support Programs
Inability Perform Well Health Care Support Contracts Material Incentive Program Costs Diluted Earnings Per Share Eps
Incentive Stock Options Income Tax Expense
Income Taxes Increased Contracting Momentum Expands Current Backlog Record
Increases 2006 Revenue Earnings Guidance Establishes Indemnification
Independent Auditors Report Index
Information Systems Insurance
Intangible Assets Intangible Other Assets
Interest Expense Interim Financial Reporting
Intermediate Long-term Incentive Compensation Inventory
Investments James Henderson
Jennifer Verkamp Kathryn Hays Sasser
Land Landlords Duties Rights
Leases Legal Proceedings
Legal Settlement Related Costs Lenders
Level Indebtedness Adversely Affect Future Financial Condition Liabilities Stockholders Equity
Lifemasters Supported Selfcare Liquidity Capital Resources
Litigation Live Internet Broadcast Replay Call Available Website
Live Internet Broadcast Replay Each Presentation Available Website Live Internet Broadcast Replay Presentation Available Website
Lives Management Expand Loan Origination Costs
Long-term Debt Major Customers
Management Managementrsquos Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Manner Exercise
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Medical Claims Payable Meetings
Member Allocations Member Unit-based Compensation
Merger Consolidation Merger Termination Release Agreement
Method Counting Votes Method Exercise
Mhs Pilots Certain Other Customer Contracts Performance-based Portion Mhs Revenues Below Expectations Period
Minimum Value Provisions Minus
Miscellaneous Multi-channel Distribution Whole Population Health Care Support Solutions
Multiple Events Default Nashville Tenn
Nashville Tenn 2007 Nashville Tenn 2008
Nashville Tenn 2009 Nashville Tenn Tempe Ariz
Negative Covenants Net
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Non-compete
Non-competition Non-qualified Stock Options
Non-solicitation Non-transferability Options
Noncompliance Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 2007
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 2008 Nontransferability Option
Not Applicable Not Manage Growth Successfully Profitability Slow Decline
Not Manage Operations Successfully Growth Profitability Slow Decline Notes Payable
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Notices
Nov 2007 Nov 2008 Guidance 2007
Novation Now Therefore
Number Shares Remaining Available Future Issuance Equity Compensation Office Lease
Officers Operating Cash Flow Gaap Basis
Operating Contract Renewals Operating Leases
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007 Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008
Option Extend Term Option Grants Last
Option Grants Table Option Plan
Option Price Option Term
Organization Background Other Benefits
Other Events Other Information
Other Long-term Liabilities Other Stock-based Awards Performance
Other Termination Outcomes Verification Program
Outlook Overview
Page Parking
Part Party Litigation Force Pay Significant Damages Harm Reputation
Payment Deferred Amounts Payment Exercise Price
Per Diluted Share Growth Revenue Performance Awards
Performance Graph Performance Guarantees
Performance Other Conditions Period
Period 2004 Through Plan Capital Accumulation
Plus Pogue
Pope Named Chief Operating Officer Shurney Medical Position
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principles Consolidation
Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Statements Profile
Properties Property Equipment
Property Tenant Purchases Subsidiaries
Purpose Definitions Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quiet Enjoyment
Quitnetcom Inc Range 177 186
Ratification Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Ratio Consolidated Total Funded Debt Ebitda
Recent Acquisition Recent Developments
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Reconciliation Adjusted Net Income Loss Gaap Basis
Reconciliation Core Commercial Diluted Earnings Per Share Eps Reconciliation Core Commercial Diluted Earnings Per Share Excluding
Reconciliation Core Commercial Diluted Earnings Per Share Guidance Reconciliation Core Commercial Diluted Eps Gaap Basis
Reconciliation Core Commercial Diluted Eps Guidance Gaap Basis Reconciliation Diluted Earnings Per Share Excluding Incentive Bonus
Reconciliation Diluted Earnings Per Share Excluding Long-term Incentive Reconciliation Diluted Earnings Per Share Guidance Excluding Long-term
Reconciliation Domestic Diluted Earnings Per Share Eps Excluding Reconciliation Domestic Diluted Eps Guidance Gaap Basis
Reconciliation Domestic Eps Guidance Excluding Lawsuit Settlement Costs Reconciliation Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization Ebitda
Reconciliation Pro Forma Diluted Earnings Per Share Eps Reconciliation Pro Forma Diluted Eps Gaap Basis
Reconciliation Revenues Excluding Incentive Bonus Gaap Basis Reconciliations Core Commercial Diluted Earnings Per Share Excluding
Regulation Disclosure Related Party Transaction
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Signature Follows
Remainder Page Left Intentionally Blank Rent
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reports Decision Continue Medicare Health Support Mhs Pilot
Representations Warranties Represents Net Pro Forma Impact Equity-based Compensation 2005
Requirements Law Resolution Disputes
Restated Charter Audit Committee Healthways Inc Restricted Cash
Restricted Payment Restricted Payments
Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement Restricted Stock Units
Restrictions Conditions Restrictions Purchase Sale Shares
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Retirement Revenue
Revenue Recognition Revenues
Revenues Subject Seasonal Pressure Disenrollment Processes Contracted Health Revenues Subject Seasonal Pressure Disenrollment Processes Employer Customers
Right Refusal Rights Employees Participants
Rights Until Exercise Risk Factors
Robert Walker Rules Regulations
Safe Harbor Safe Harbor Provisions
Schedule 14a Scott Powell
Securities Class Action Litigation Securities Class Actions
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Security Deposit
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder See
See Pages Reconciliation Gaap Non-gaap Results Segment Disclosures
Segment Information Segment Major Customer Information
Selling General Administrative Expenses Services
Services Provided Landlord Settlement Provisions
Severability Share-based Compensation
Share-based Payment Shareholder Derivative Lawsuits
Shares Common Stock Subject Plan Shares Stock Subject Plan
Signature Signature Page Follows
Signature Pages Follow Signatures
Signatures Following Page Significant Amount Goodwill Intangible Assets Value Become Impaired
Significant Percentage Revenues Derived Health Plan Customers Signing Wholehealth Contract
Signs Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Option Agreement Stock Option Price
Stock Options Stock Options Restricted
Stock Retention Guidelines Stock-based Compensation
Stockholder Nominees Stockholder Rights Plan
Stockholders Equity Stockholders Sharing Address
Strategic Fit Strong Cash Flow Operations Improves Financial Position
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subordination Attornment Landlord Financing
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Successors Interest Summary
Summary 2005 Acquisitions Summary 2005 Incentive Bonus Plan
Summary 2006 Incentive Bonus Plan Summary 2007 Incentive Bonus Plan
Summary Named Executive Officer Compensation Summary Outside Director Compensation
Suntrust Bank Table Contents
Technology Tenants Compliance Insurance Requirements
Term Term Plan
Termination Death Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Termination Other Reason Termination Reason Disability
Termination Reason Retirement Termination Reason Retirement Disability
Termination Resignation Board Following Terms Director Termination Stock Options
Terms Conditions Thursday 2006
Thursday 2008 Thursday 2009
Timing Exercise Trading Enemies Act Terrorism
Transaction Financing Transferability
Transferability Options Treasury Stock
Unfunded Status Plan Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unresolved Staff Comments Update Growth Initiatives
Wallace Dietz Weighted Average Exercise Price
Whereas Withholding Taxes
Witness Whereof Wwwearningscom
Wwwhealthwayscom «first Name» «last
«last Name» «year»
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