Topic Listing for Hiland Holdings GP, LP

Ability Obtain Debt Financing Affected Hiland Partners Holdings Ability Obtain Debt Financing Affected Hlnds Hpgpgps Credit
Ability Sell Partnership Interests Hiland Partners Limited Securities Ability Sell Partnership Interests Hlnd Limited Securities Law
Accounting Asset Retirement Obligations Accounts Receivable
Acquisition Acquisition Agreement
Acquisition Kinta Area Gathering Assets Acquisitions
Address Internet Web Site Availability Public Filings Admission Partners
Adopted Certain Valuation Methodologies Result Shift Income Gain Air Compression Water Injection Facilities
Air Emissions Allocations
Although Control Manage Hiland Partners Through Ownership General Although Control Manage Hlnd Through Ownership General Partner
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amended Restated Limited Liability Agreement Hiland Partners Holdings
Amended Restated Senior Secured Credit Agreement Amendments Hiland Holdings Merger Agreement
Amendments Hiland Partners Merger Agreement Amendments Merger Agreements
Amendments Power Attorney Amounts Terms Loans
Annex Annual Incentive Cash Bonus
Application Proceeds Apply Net Sale Units Being Sold Appointment Harold Hamm Acting Chief Executive Officer
Appointment Joseph Griffin Chief Executive Officer President Director Appointment Matthew Harrison Acting Chief Financial Officer
Appointment Matthew Harrison Chief Financial Officer Vice President Asset Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Asset Retirement Obligations Audit Committee
Authorization Execution Delivery Enforceability Certain Agreements Authorization Execution Enforceability Certain Mlp Agreements
Available Credit Bad Debt
Badlands Expansion Project Badlands Gathering System
Badlands Gathering System Air Compression Water Injection Facilities Badlands Purchase Contract
Bakken Expansion Project Bakken Gathering System
Balance Sheets Barclays Capitals Summary Valuation Analysis
Base Salaries Beneficial Ownership Hiland Partners General Partner Interest
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Board Committees
Board Member Selections Bobby Lyle
Books Account Records Reports Books Records Accounting Reports
Business Properties Business Strategies
Capital Accounts Capital Expenditures
Capital Lease Obligation Capital Lease Obligations
Capital Requirements Cash Distribution Policy
Cash Distributions Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Affected Volatility Natural Gas Ngl Product Cash Flows Financing Activities
Cash Flows Operating Activities Cash Flows Used Investing Activities
Cautionary Statement Forward-looking Statements Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Information
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certification
Certification Chief Executive Officer General Partner Hiland Holdings Certification Chief Executive Officer General Partner Hiland Partners
Certification Chief Executive Officer Hiland Holdings Pursuant Usc Certification Chief Financial Officer General Partner Hiland Holdings
Certification Chief Financial Officer General Partner Hiland Partners Certification Chief Financial Officer Hiland Holdings Pursuant Usc
Change Characterization Some Hiland Partners Assets Federal State Change Characterization Some Hlnds Assets Federal State Local
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Cheryl Evans
Class Action Lawsuit Class Action Lawsuits
Class Common Units Class Units
Co-sale Obligations Code Ethics
Commitments Contingencies Commodity Risk Management
Common Units Comparable Asset Transactions Analysis
Comparable Transactions Analysis Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compared 2008
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Conflicts Committee Members Connection Going Private Proposal Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Objectives Philosophy Competition
Competitive Strengths Completion Significant Unbudgeted Expansion Projects Require Debt Equity
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income Loss
Compression Assets Compression Segment
Compression Services Agreement Concentration Credit Risk
Conclusion Conditions Precedent Effectiveness Agreement Shall Become Effective
Conflicts Committee Construction Acquisition Activities
Construction Acquisition Activities Hiland Partners Contributing Parties
Contributing Party Units Director Only Limited Partner Interests Contributions Subsidiary
Control General Partner Transferred Party Without Unitholder Consent Controls Procedures
Controls Procedures Evaluation Disclosure Cost Reimbursements Due Hiland Partners General Partner Substantial
Cost Reimbursements Due Hlnds General Partner Substantial Reduce Credit Facility
Credit Risk Crude Oil Supply Outlook
Debt Related Alternatives Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Depreciation Amortization
Depreciation Amortization Accretion Derivatives
Director Compensation Directors
Disclosure Regarding Forward-looking Statements Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Disruption Functioning Capital Markets Dissolution Liquidation
Dissolution Termination Distribution
Distribution Common Unit Price Information Distribution Increase
Distributions Distributions Common Units Not Paid Respect Including Those
Distributions Common Units Not Paid Respect Unitholders Entitled Distributions Payments General Partner Affiliates
Due Hiland Partners Lack Asset Diversification Adverse Developments Due Hlnds Lack Asset Diversification Adverse Developments Midstream
Each Hiland Parties Jointly Severally Covenants Agrees Cause Eagle Chief Gathering System
Edward Doherty Elements Compensation
Employee Health Safety Employees
Employment Change Control Salary Continuation Agreements Enid Oklahoma 73701
Environmental Costs Environmental Matters
Equity Compensation Plans Information Equity Financing
Equity Interests Hiland Holdings Equity Interests Hiland Partners
Equity Related Alternatives Estimates
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Events Default
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Executive Officers Face Conflicts Allocation Time Business
Exhibits Explanatory
Fail Renegotiate Credit Facility Required Sell Common Units Failure Complete Hiland Holdings Merger Adversely Affect Price
Failure Complete Hiland Partners Merger Adversely Affect Price Failure Replace Randy Moeder Current Chief Executive Officer
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Measurements Financial Instruments
Fees Expenses Remedies Fiduciary Duties General Partners Officers Directors Conflict Those
Financial Case Financial Derivatives Commodity Hedges
Financial Hedge Agreement Financial Operating Update
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Fixed Price Physical Forward Sales Contracts Flow Transaction Monitoring Systems
Forfeiture Membership Interests Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Opinion Vinson Elkins Llp
Formation Public Offering Free Writing Prospectus Suspending Such Qualification Promptly Best
Future Cease Manage Control Hiland Partners Through Ownership Future Cease Manage Control Hlnd Through Ownership General
Future Not Sufficient Cash Pay Quarterly Distribution Increase Gas Purchase Contracts
Gas Supply Outlook Gathering Pipeline Regulation
General General Administrative
General Administrative Expenses General Partner
General Partner Limited Call Right Require Sell Common General Partners Affiliates Compete
General Trends Outlook Going Private Proposals
Harold Hamm Harold Hamm Controls General Partner Sole Responsibility Conducting
Harold Hamm Other Continuing Investors Hazardous Waste
Hedging Transactions Hierarchy Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Fasb Asc Replacement
Hiland Announces Resignation Chief Financial Officer Hiland Holdings
Hiland Holdings Board Directors Hiland Holdings Credit Facility
Hiland Holdings Long Term Incentive Plan Hiland Holdings Long-term Incentive Plan
Hiland Holdings Partners Llcs Formation Hiland Holdings Partners Llcs Recent Formation
Hiland Holdings Reimbursement Certain Expenses Hiland Names Matt Harrison Chief Financial Officer Vice
Hiland Partners Hiland Partners Ability Engage Construction Projects Make Acquisitions
Hiland Partners Ability Grow Depends Part Make Acquisitions Hiland Partners Board Directors
Hiland Partners Business Involves Hazards Operational Risks Some Hiland Partners Cash Flow Affected Volatility Natural Gas
Hiland Partners Construction New Assets Expansion Existing Not Hiland Partners Contracts
Hiland Partners Credit Facility Hiland Partners Credit Facility Amendment
Hiland Partners Depends Certain Key Producers Significant Portion Hiland Partners Distribution
Hiland Partners Distribution Increase Hiland Partners Equity Transactions Contribution Assets
Hiland Partners Evaluates Operations Hiland Partners Exposed Credit Risks Key Customers Material
Hiland Partners Fails Obtain New Sources Natural Gas Hiland Partners Fails Renew Significant Contracts They Expire
Hiland Partners Formation Acquisitions Public Offering Hiland Partners General Partner Consent Limit Modify Incentive
Hiland Partners General Partner Not Fully Reimbursed Indemnified Hiland Partners Generally Not Obtain Independent Evaluations Natural
Hiland Partners Growth Strategy Hiland Partners Hedging Activities Material Adverse Effect Earnings
Hiland Partners Hedging Activities Not Effective Intended Reducing Hiland Partners Hedging Contracts
Hiland Partners Holdings Llc-director Compensation Hiland Partners Holdings Names Joseph Griffin Chief Executive
Hiland Partners Incur Significant Costs Liabilities Future Resulting Hiland Partners Issue Additional Common Units Other Equity
Hiland Partners Llc Hiland Partners Llc Credit Facility
Hiland Partners Long Term Incentive Plan Hiland Partners Lp-long-term Incentive Plan
Hiland Partners Manages Operations Hiland Partners Merger Completed Holdings Not Create Certain
Hiland Partners Natural Gas Purchase Gathering Contracts Hiland Partners Natural Gas Sales Contracts
Hiland Partners Ngl Sales Arrangements Hiland Partners Not Make Acquisitions Economically Acceptable Terms
Hiland Partners Not Successfully Balance Purchases Natural Gas Hiland Partners Not Sufficient Cash After Establishment Reserves
Hiland Partners Reimbursement Certain Expenses Hiland Partners Treated Corporation Federal Income Tax Purposes
Hiland Partners Unable Obtain New Rights-of-way Cost Renewing Hiland Partners Unitholders Right Remove General Partner Approval
Hiland Partners-grants Plan Based Awards Hiland Partners-option Exercises Units Vested Table
Hiland Partners-outstanding Equity Awards Year-end Table Historical Results Operations
Hlnd Hlnd Depends Certain Key Producers Significant Portion Supply
Hlnd Equity Transactions Contribution Assets Hlnd Exposed Credit Risks Key Customers Material Nonpayment
Hlnd Fails Obtain New Sources Natural Gas Supply Hlnd Generally Not Obtain Independent Evaluations Natural Gas
Hlnd Incur Significant Costs Liabilities Future Resulting Failure Hlnd Issue Additional Common Units Other Equity Securities
Hlnd Not Make Acquisitions Economically Acceptable Terms Future Hlnd Not Successfully Balance Purchases Natural Gas Sales
Hlnd Treated Corporation Federal Income Tax Purposes Become Hlnd Unable Obtain New Rights-of-way Cost Renewing Existing
Hlnds Ability Engage Construction Projects Make Acquisitions Require Hlnds Business Involves Hazards Operational Risks Some Not
Hlnds Cash Flow Affected Volatility Natural Gas Ngl Hlnds Construction New Assets Expansion Existing Not Result
Hlnds General Partner Consent Limit Modify Incentive Distributions Hlnds General Partner Not Fully Reimbursed Indemnified Obligations
Hlnds Hedging Activities Material Adverse Effect Earnings Profitability Hlnds Unitholders Right Remove General Partner Approval 282603
Hpgp Hydrogen Sulfide
Imbalance Monitoring Control Impact Inflation
Impacting Comparability Financial Results Impairment Long-lived Assets
Income Taxes Increases Base Salary Joseph Griffin Ken Maples
Increases Interest Rates Adversely Impact Hiland Partners Unit Increases Interest Rates Cause Market Price Common Units
Increases Interest Rates Increase Borrowing Costs Adversely Impact Increases Interest Rates Increase Hiland Partners Borrowing Costs
Increases Interest Rates Recently Been Increasing Record Lows Indemnification
Indemnification Contribution Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Initial Limited Partners
Initial Public Offering Insurance Outstanding Duly Force Date Hereof Each Delivery
Intangible Assets Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Risk Management Interest Rate Swap
Interests Certain Persons Mergers Financing Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Internal Expansion Projects Intrastate Regulation Natural Gas Transportation Pipelines
Introduction Irs Contests Federal Income Tax Positions Hiland Partners
Irs Contests Federal Income Tax Positions Hlnd Take Issue Unlimited Number Limited Partner Interests Without Consent
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Ken Maples
Kinta Area Gathering System Kinta Area Gathering Systems
Kinta Area Treating Facilities Legal Proceedings
Likely Subject State Local Taxes Return Filing Requirements Litigation Update
Long Lived Assets Long-lived Assets
Long-term Debt Long-term Incentive Compensation
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Market Price Common Units Adversely Affected Sales Substantial
Market Price Common Units Volatile Not Able Resell Market Price Common Units Volatile Trading Not Provide
Markets Sale Natural Gas Ngls Matli Gathering System
Meetings Members Members Audit Committee Michael Greenwood Edward Doherty Code
Members Audit Committee Michael Greenwood Edward Doherty Shelby Merger Agreements
Mergers Acquisitions Alternatives Michael Greenwood
Midstream Assets Midstream Purchases
Midstream Segment Margin Minority Interest
Minority Interests Miscellaneous
Nasdaq Deficiency Letter Nasdaq Global Market Llc Shall Approved Units Quotation
Natural Gas Crude Oil Ngl Supplies Outlook Natural Gas Supply
Natural Gas Supply Outlook Necessary Appropriate Provide Conduct Business Compliance Law Agreements
Net Asset Valuation Net Income Loss Per Limited Partners Unit
Net Income Per Limited Partner Unit Net Income Per Limited Partners Unit
Ngl Supply Outlook Non-cash Investing Financing Activities
Non-competition Noncontrolling Partners Interest Hiland
Noncontrolling Partners Interest Income Loss Hiland Noncontrolling Partners Interest Loss Hiland
North Dakota Bakken North Dakota Bakken Gathering System
Not Limited Liability Court Finds Unitholder Action Constitutes Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notices Etc Statements Requests Agreements Hereunder Shall Writing Number 000-51120
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Office Facilities
Officer Selection Officer Selection Re-alignment
Officers Oklahoma Local Counsel Opinion
Omnibus Agreement Operating Scenarios
Operations Maintenance Operations Maintenance Expenses
Opinion Hiland Holdings Conflicts Committee Financial Advisors Opinion Hiland Partners Conflicts Committee Financial Advisors
Opinions Financial Advisors Option Exercises Units Vested
Option Purchase Bakken Gathering System Organic Growth Projects
Organization Organization Basis Presentation Principles Consolidation
Other Other Agreements
Other Assets Other Expansion Projects
Other Income Expense Other Information
Other Systems Over Financial Reporting Including Corrective Actions Regard Significant
Oversight Executive Compensation Program Overview
Overview Hiland Holdings Overview Hiland Partners
Paragraph Caption Underwriting-european Economic Area Partnership Agreement Limits General Partners Fiduciary Duties Unitholders
Payments Computations Borrower Shall Make Each Payment Phantom Units
Pipeline Safety Position Hlnd Schedule 13e-3 Filing Persons Fairness Hiland
Position Hpgp Schedule 13e-3 Filing Persons Fairness Hiland Preemptive Rights
Premiums Paid Analysis Presented Certain Business Opportunities Hiland Partners Right Pursue
Presented Certain Business Opportunities Hlnd Right Pursue Such Principle Accountant Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Processing Margins
Producer Activity Evaluation Reporting Property Equipment
Property Equipment Asset Retirement Obligations Property Equipment Intangible Assets Depreciation Amortization
Property Impairments Provided
Provided However Publicly-derived Valuations
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Pursuant Usc 1350
Questions Answers Amendments Adjourned Special Meetings Randy Moeder
Rate Growth Reduced Extent Purchase Additional Units Hiland Rate Growth Reduced Extent Purchase Additional Units Hlnd
Rayford Reid Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Developments Recent Events
Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Recommendations Hiland Companies Board Directors Conflicts Committees
Recommendations Hiland Holdings Board Directors Conflicts Committees Recommendations Hiland Partners Board Directors Conflicts Committees
Reconciliation Non-gaap Financial Measures Reduction Hiland Partners Distributions Disproportionately Affect Amount Cash
Reduction Hlnds Distributions Disproportionately Affect Amount Cash Currently Refinancing Hiland Partners Credit Facility
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registration Statement
Regulation Regulation Ferc Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines
Reimbursement Expenses General Partner Related Party Transactions
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Report Audit Committee 2006
Report Audit Committee 2007 Report Audit Committee 2008
Report Compensation Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Required Pay Taxes Income Even Not Receive Cash Resignation Harold Hamm
Resignation Ken Maples Resignation Randy Moeder
Restricted Units Restricted Units Phantom
Restrictions Credit Facility Limit Ability Make Distributions Unitholders Restrictions Hiland Partners Credit Facility Limits Ability Make
Restrictions Hlnds Credit Facility Limits Ability Make Distributions Restructuring Compression Facilities Lease
Results Operations Financial Condition Regulation Disclosure Retention Agreement
Retention Agreement Randy Moeder Revenue Recognition
Revenues Right Acquire Limited Partner Interests
Rights Limited Partners Rising Interest Rate Environment
Risk Factors Risks Inherent Hiland Partners Business
Risks Inherent Hlnds Business Risks Inherent Investment
Risks Related Conflicts Interest Sale Exchange Capital Profits Interests Hiland Partners Twelve-month
Sale Exchange Capital Profits Interests Twelve-month Period Result Sales Natural Gas
Schedule Sec Filings
Selected Asset Transactions Selected Comparable Transaction Analysis
Selected Comparable Transactions Multiples Selected Quarterly Financial Data-unaudited
Senior Financial Officers Services
Share Based Compensation Shelby Odell
Sig Signature Page Underwriting Agreement
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies Estimates
Significant Customers Suppliers Significant Decrease Natural Gas Production Hiland Partners Areas
Significant Decrease Natural Gas Production Hlnds Areas Operation Significant Trade Account Receivable
Site Remediation Special Meetings Time Date Place
Standards Conduct Liability Indemnification Strategic Alternatives Analysis
Subject Litigation Related Hiland Holdings Merger Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Substantial Portion Partnership Interests Hiland Partners Subordinated Common
Substantial Portion Partnership Interests Hlnd Subordinated Hlnds Common Summary Amendments Hiland Holdings Merger Agreement
Summary Amendments Hiland Partners Merger Agreement Summary Compensation Table
Supplement Proxy Statement Supplemental Information
Table Contents Tax Gain Loss Disposition Common Units Less Expected
Tax Matters Tax Risks Common Unitholders
Tax Treatment Publicly Traded Partnerships Investment Common Units Tax-exempt Entities Foreign Persons Face Unique Tax Issues
Tax-exempt Entities Non-us Persons Face Unique Tax Issues Taxes
Them Investment Within Meaning Such Term Act Rules Title Properties
Total Segment Margin Transfer Membership Interests Admission Substitute Members
Transportation Exchange Imbalances Treat Each Purchaser Common Units Having Same Tax
Underwriter Shall Discovered Disclosed Hiland Parties Prior Such Unit Option Grant Agreement
Unit Options Unitholder Whose Units Loaned Short Seller Cover Sale
Unitholders Not Elect General Partner Vote Partners Directors Units 94337 Class Such Limited Partner Interests Been
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Update Summary Term Sheet
Updated Projected Financial Information Updates Interests Certain Persons Mergers Financing
Valuation Analysis Discounted Cash Flow Sensitivity Volumes Fuel Consumption
Water Discharges Whereas
Withdrawal Removal Partners Woodford Shale
Woodford Shale Gathering System Woodford Shale Project
Worland Gathering System 
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