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Accelerate Business Structural Reforms Access Liquidity Long-term Financing
Acquiring Stock Plasma Technology Patents Fujitsu Acquisition
Acquisition Shares Acquisitions Joint Ventures Strategic Alliances
Additional Hitachi Press Contacts Address Principal Executive Offices
After Update Agenda
Agreement Between Hitachi Target Directors Agreement Between Tender Offeror Target Directors
Agreement Subject Regarding Tender Offer Air-conditioning Systems
Akihiko Nomiyama Akira Maeda Charge Energy Systems Business Currently Executive
Akira Maru Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Amendment Amendment Articles Incorporation
Amendment Public Notice Commencement Tender Offer Amount Compensation Directors Executive Officers
Amount Compensation Paid Directors Executive Officers 2005 Amount Paid Exercise Rights
Amount Reduction Capital Reserve Earned Surplus Analysis Revenues Operating Income Loss
Analysis Statement Operations Announced Amendment Public Notice Commencement Tender Offer
Appeal Lodged Regarding Gas-insulated Switchgear Gis Appropriation Retained Earnings
Articles Incorporation Hitachi Ltd Asia
Assets Liabilities Planned Transferred 2005 Assets Liabilities Stockholders Equity
Assets Liabilities Transferred Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy 2006 Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Fees
Audit Report Audit Report Consolidated Financial Statements
Automotive Systems Group Background Decision Regarding Tender Offer Price
Background Goals Business Integration Background Valuation
Balance Sheets Basic Management Policy
Basic Management Policy Strategy Basic Policy Distribution Earnings 2006 2007 Dividends
Basic Policy Distribution Earnings 2007 2008 Dividends Basic Policy Distribution Earnings 2008 2009 Dividends
Basis Calculating Planned Purchase Price Basis Calculating Purchase Price
Basis Calculation Basis Calculation Number Shares Allocated
Basis Process Calculation Integration Ratio Relationship Financial Advisors Before Update
Board Directors Board Practices
Bolster Group Management Bolster Project Management Capabilities
Bonds Stock Acquisition Rights Brief Description Operating Divisions Being Split
Business Activities Overseas Markets Business Environment
Business Environment 2007 Business Forecast Unconsolidated 2006
Business Forecast Unconsolidated 2006 2007 Business Integration
Business Operation Transferred Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Ltd Business Operations Transferred Hitachi Plant
Business Operations Transferred Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy Business Reorganization
Business Restructuring Relating Hitachi Group Business Restructuring Relating Mobile Phone
Business Results Business Results Financial Position
Business Results Geographic Segment Business Results Industry Segment
Business Risk Other Risks Business Strategy
Business Targets New Calculation Method Settlement Matters Pro Rata Basis
Calculation Results Methods Basis Used Parties Cancellation Rights
Canon Inc Capital Investment Consolidated Basis
Capital Investment Depreciation Expenditure Capital Investment Depreciation Expenditures
Capital Investment Hitachi Group Capital Raising Activity Hitachi Group
Capitalising Demand Sustainable Green Technologies Car Information Systems Business
Cash Equivalents Trade Receivables Short-term Debt Payables Cash Flow Hedge
Cash Flows Cash Payments Associated Stock-for-stock Exchange
Cautionary Matters Cautionary Statement
Certain Employees Etc Stock Acquisition Rights Allocated Largest Certifications
Chairman Board Nominating Committee Chairmen Emeritus
Change Accounting Policies Most Recent Consolidated Change Hitachis Shareholding Due Tender Offer
Change Hitachis Shareholding Due Tob Change Number Issued Shares Result Capital Increase Japanese
Change Responsibility Executive Officer Effective 2009 Change Responsibility Executive Officers
Change Responsibility Executive Officers Effective 2008 Change Senior Management
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Major Consolidated Subsidiaries
Changes Shareholding Ratio After Tender Offer Changes Shareholdings Due Tender Offer
Changes Significant Parent Major Stockholders Nec Electronics Subsidiaries Chapter Accounts
Chapter Beneficiaries Record Chapter General Provisions
Chapter Intention Holding Share Certificates Chapter Matters Indicated Reissuance Share Certificates
Chapter Registration Loss Share Certificates Chapter Registration Pledge Declaration Trust Property
Chapter Registration Record Shareholders Register Chapter Shares
Chapter Special Account Chapter Various Notifications
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd Clarion Ltd
Class Number Shares Issued Exercise Rights Class Shares Purchased
Cloud Computing-related Business Code Ethics Directors Executive Officers Hitachi Ltd
Collaboration Plasma Display Business Committee Member Composition
Common Stock 2005 Common Stock 2006
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compensation
Compensation Committee Competition
Completion Tender Offer Comprehensive Lcd Panel Business Alliance
Conditions Exercise Rights Conditions Reducing Tender Offer Price Details Thereof Method
Conditions Withdrawal Tender Offer Details Thereof Method Disclosing Conduct Sweeping Structural Reforms Businesses Establish Highly Profitable
Consolidated Consolidated Balance Sheets
Consolidated Basis Consolidated Business Forecast 2006
Consolidated Business Forecast 2007 Consolidated Capital Investment Completion Basis
Consolidated Capital Investment Industry Segment Completion Basis Including Consolidated Depreciation Industry Segment
Consolidated Expenditure Industry Segment Consolidated Expense
Consolidated Income Statements Consolidated Operating Income Loss Industry Segment
Consolidated Overseas Revenues Industry Segment Consolidated Revenues Industry Segment
Consolidated Statement Changes Stockholders Equity Half 2008 Consolidated Statement Operations
Consolidated Statements Cash Flows Consolidated Statements Change Net Assets
Consolidated Statements Income Consolidated Statements Operating Results Financial Non-financial Services
Consolidated Statements Operations Consolidated Statements Operations Financial Non-financial Services
Consumer Business Group Content Revision
Contracts Convertible Bond Type Bonds Stock Acquisition Rights
Convertible Bonds Due 2009 Cooperation Flat-panel Display Panel Businesses
Corporate Governance Practices Corporate Governance Structure
Corporate Split Schedule Corporate Strategy
Corporate Strategy Targeted Management Indicators Corporate Structure Following Integration
Corrections Supplementary Information Past Earnings Announcement Cost Overruns Overseas Thermal Power Plant Project
Critical Accounting Policies Cross License Joint Development
Csr Management Currency Exchange Rate Fluctuations
Current Chief Operating Officer Information Telecommunication Systems Group Current Hitachi Group Executive Officer Chief Headquarter Innovation
Current Position Chairman Board Chief Executive Officer Hitachi Current Position Chief Operating Officer Information Telecommunication Systems
Current Position Executive Vice President Consumer Business Group Current Position Executive Vice President Hitachi Global Storage
Current Position General Manager Corporate Planning Development Office Current Position General Manager Electric Powertrain Systems Division
Current Position General Manager Environmental Strategy Office Nobuyuki Current Position General Manager Finance Department Koji Tanaka
Current Position General Manager Legal Division Masao Hisada Current Position President Chief Executive Officer Hitachi Information
Current Position President Director Hitachi Building Systems Ltd Current Position President Director Hitachi Electric Railway Ltd
Current Position President Director Hitachi Ulsi Systems Ltd Current Position Representative Executive Officer Senior Vice President
Current Position Senior Vice President Executive Officer Charge Current Position Senior Vice President Executive Officer Chief
Current Position Vice President Executive Officer Chief Innovation Current Position Vice President Executive Officer Chief Technology
Current Position Vice President Executive Officer Deputy General Current Position Vice President Executive Officer General Manager
Current Position Vice President Executive Officer Power Systems Current Senior Vice President Executive Officer General Manager
Current Vice President Executive Officer Charge Hitachi Group Current Vice President Executive Officer Chief Automotive Systems
Current Vice President Executive Officer Chief Innovation China Current Vice President Executive Officer Chief Technology Information
Current Vice President Executive Officer Chief Urban Planning Current Vice President Executive Officer General Manager Research
Cut Costs Help Employees Cut Procurement Expenses
Data Center Business Data Per Share Yen
Date Public Notice Outcome Tender Offer Name Newspapers Dear Shareholders
Decision-making Process Tender Offer Management Policy After Decrease Capital Reserves Hitachi Owing Corporate Split
Deferred Tax Assets Dependence Specially Skilled Personnel
Derivatives Description Industry Segments
Details Divisions Split Determination Number New Shares Issued Way Third-party Allotment
Develop Bric Markets Developing New Plasma Panel Significantly Enhances Functionality Increase
Development High-earnings Global Business Digital Media
Digital Media Business Digital Media Consumer Products
Director Auditor Director Candidates New
Director Independence Directors
Directors Board Committees Directors Executive Officers Stock Acquisition Rights Allocated
Directors Senior Management Dismissal
Displays Displays Digital Media
Disposition Distribution Surplus
Diverse Partnerships Dividend Policy
Dividends Dividends Proceeds Sales
Documents Display Dollars
Due Daily Price Range Limitations Japanese Stock Exchange Due Unit Share System Available Japanese Law Holders
Duration Tender Offer Duration Tender Offer After Amendment
Duration Tender Offer Initially Notified Economic Environment
Economic Recession Economic Trends
Editors Education
Effect Business Results Effect Hitachis Business Results
Effect Performance Effective 2007
Effective Portion Derivatives Designated Hedging Instruments Effective Portion Derivatives Designated Hedging Instruments Related Hedged
Efficient Management Consolidated Subsidiaries Eiji Takeda
Election Directors Due Expiration Term Office Electronic Devices
Employees Employees Hitachi Group 2005
Employees Hitachi Group 2006 Employees Hitachi Group 2007
Employees Hitachi Group 2008 Employees Hitachi Group 2009
Energy Equity Price Risk
Equity-based Relationship Strengthen Cooperation Establishment Stable High Profit Structure
Etsuhiko Shoyama Etsuhiko Shoyama Currently Chairman Board
Etsuhiko Shoyama Currently President Chief Executive Officer Europe
European Strategy Inspire Life Event London Europes Role Making Hitachi Leading Global Infrastructure Provider
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exchange Controls
Executive Officer Left Office 2008 Executive Officer New Promotion
Executive Officer Remuneration Cuts Following Recent Deterioration Business Executive Officer Resigned End 2006
Executive Officers Executive Officers 2005
Executive Officers 2006 Executive Officers Effective 2006 149new
Executive Officers Effective 2006 New Executive Officers Effective 2007 Promotion Change Position
Executive Officers Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy Exercise Voting Rights Electromagnetic Method
Existence Agreements Between Offeror Subject Directors Details Such Existence Transactions Between Offeror Subject Directors Details Such
Explanatory Extraordinary Gain Sale Subsidiary Affiliated Shares
Extraordinary Loss Business Structural Reforms Extraordinary Loss Impairment Assets
Extraordinary Losses Gain Non-consolidated Basis Interim Period Extraordinary Non-consolidated Accounts Interim Dividend
Extraordinary Unconsolidated Basis Extraordinary Unconsolidated Basis Year-end Dividend
Extraordinary Write-down Deferred Tax Assets Unconsolidated Basis 2007 Fair Value Hedge
Fees Accounting Auditors 2004 Fees Accounting Auditors 2005
Financial Position Financial Services
Financial Statement Financial Statements
Financing Activity Hitachi Group Five-year Summary
Flexible Reappraisal Equity Relationships Improve Profitability Forecast Ending 2006
Forecast Ending 2007 Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk Interest Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk Management
Foreign Exchange Fluctuations Form 20-f
Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display Limited Full-year Business Forecasts 2009
Fumitaka Ito Fundamental Policy Conduct Persons Influencing Decision Financial Business
Funds Etc Required Tender Offer Further Strengthen Business
Future Goal Profitable Global Future Initiatives Core Businesses
Gaku Suzuki General Intent Limited Liability Agreement Outside Directors
General Meeting Shareholders Geographic Segment
Gist Agreement Make Hitachi Mobile Wholly-owned Subsidiary Through Global Business
Global Economic Recession Global Nuclear Energy Business Alliance
Globalization Capturing Synergies Goals Business Integration
Goodwill Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Government Regulations Governmental Regulations
Group Governance System Emphasizing Collaborative Creation Half 2005
Half 2006 Half 2007
Hideaki Takahashi High Functional Materials Components
Hiroaki Nakanishi Hiromichi Seya Currently Outside Director Senior Corporate Advisor
Hiroshi Koyama Currently Representative Executive Officer President Chief Hiroyuki Fukuyama
Hiroyuki Mizukami History
History Development Hitachi
Hitachi Announce Plan Joint Corporate Split Hitachi Announced Recognizing Extraordinary Unconsolidated Basis
Hitachi Announcement Tender Offer Japan Servo Nidec Hitachi Announces Business Structure Reforms Improve Performance
Hitachi Announces Changes Composition Board Directors Hitachi Announces Changes Top Managements
Hitachi Announces Commencement Tender Offer Hitachi Announces Consolidated Financial Results 2004
Hitachi Announces Consolidated Financial Results 2005 Hitachi Announces Consolidated Financial Results 2006
Hitachi Announces Consolidated Financial Results 2007 Hitachi Announces Consolidated Financial Results 2008
Hitachi Announces Corporate Strategy Hitachi Announces Decision Interim Dividend
Hitachi Announces Decision Year-end Dividend Hitachi Announces Establish Securities-based Employee Retirement Benefit Trust
Hitachi Announces Executive Changes Hitachi Announces Interim Dividend
Hitachi Announces Interim Dividend 2005 Hitachi Announces New Directors
Hitachi Announces New Executive Officer Hitachi Announces New Executive Officer Management Changes
Hitachi Announces New Executive Officers Hitachi Announces New Initiatives Strengthen Flat-panel Business
Hitachi Announces Outcome Tender Offer Hitachi Announces Performance Improvement Measures
Hitachi Announces Reduction Capital Reserve Earned Surplus Hitachi Announces Revision Business Forecast 2007
Hitachi Announces Revisions Consolidated Business Forecasts 2008 Hitachi Announces Revisions Consolidated Interim Business Forecasts 2008
Hitachi Announces Year-end Dividend 2004 Hitachi Announces Year-end Dividend 2005
Hitachi Canon Matsushita Reach Basic Agreement Lcd Panel Hitachi Comments Articles Equity-method Affiliate
Hitachi Comments Articles Financial Outlook 2008 Hitachi Comments Articles Hard Disk Drive Business
Hitachi Comments Articles Hitachis Financial Policy Hitachi Comments Articles Lcd Panel Business
Hitachi Comments Equity-method Affiliate Hitachi Comments Posted Today
Hitachi Completes Repurchase Own Shares Hitachi Depends Heavily Information Systems Inability Maintain Integrity
Hitachi Depends Specially Skilled Personnel Not Able Achieve Hitachi Engages Substantial Number Long-term Contracts Fluctuations Cost
Hitachi Establish Holding Hitachi Establish Shared Services Finance Human Resources
Hitachi Establishes Plasma Patent Licensing Ltd Hitachi Group Business Structure Reforms
Hitachi Group Networking Business Strategy Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Sign Corporate Split Agreement
Hitachi Industries Ltd Hitachi Information Systems
Hitachi Invests Marketable Securities Exposed Stock Market Risks Hitachi Kiden Kogyo Ltd
Hitachi Koki Shares Change Subsidiary Hitachi Kokusai Electric Shares Change Subsidiary
Hitachi Ltd Hitachi Ltd Subsidiaries
Hitachi Maintains Large Amount Sensitive Information Itself Well Hitachi Make Mobile Wholly-owned Subsidiary
Hitachi Maxell Hitachi Merge Subsidiary Strengthen Networking Business
Hitachi Mobile Ltd Hitachi Not Successfully Execute Overseas Growth Strategies
Hitachi Operates Global Scale Result Substantial Portions Hitachis Hitachi Plant Engineering Construction Ltd
Hitachi Plant Sign Corporate Split Agreement Hitachi Plant Technologies
Hitachi Plant Technologies Ltd- Hitachi Plasma Patent Licensing Ltd
Hitachi Post Extraordinary Unconsolidated Basis 2004 Hitachi Purchase Clarion Shares
Hitachi Realign Small Air Compressor Business Corporate Division Hitachi Relies Funding Banks Institutional Lenders Capital Markets
Hitachi Relies Parties Provide Materials Parts Components Services Hitachi Repurchase Own Shares
Hitachi Responds Specific Media Reports Hitachi Responsible Significant Amount Employee Retirement Benefit Costs
Hitachi Software Engineering Hitachi Sold Shares Subsidiaries
Hitachi Strengthen Expand Network Services Outsourcing Businesses Hitachi Strengthens Car Information Systems Operations
Hitachi Subject Intense Competition Markets Operates Adversely Affect Hitachi Subject Product Liability Claims Result Significant Direct
Hitachi Subject Regulatory Investigations Private Litigation Governmental Regulations Hitachi Submits Amendment Statement Tender Offer Registration Relating
Hitachi Systems Services Hitachi Transfer Semiconductor Singapore Shares Chartered
Hitachi Transfer Xanavi Shares Clarion Hitachi Triple Win Corp
Hitachi Unable Achieve Anticipated Benefits Strategy Strengthen Social Hitachi Unable Successfully Complete Realize Benefits Acquisitions Joint
Hitachi Unable Successfully Divest Otherwise Exit Businesses Underperforming Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy Ltd
Hitoshi Isa Home Appliance Business
Human-resource Capabilities Immediate Release
Impairment Long-lived Assets Improve Capital Structure Within Group
Improve Group Management Efficiency Generate Higher Earnings Inability Protect Hitachis Intellectual Property Rights Obtain Certain
Incentive Stock Option Plan Income Statements
Increase Capital Reserves Hitachi Plant Increasing Global Proposal Capabilities Brand Power
Independent Auditors Independent Auditors Report
Index Industrial Systems
Industry Segment Ineffective Portion Amount Excluded Effectiveness Test
Information Information Regarding Dilution
Information Reporting Backup Withholding Information Security
Information Telecommunication Systems Information Telecommunication Systems Business
Information Telecommunication Systems Hard Disk Drive Business Infrastructure Technology Products Business
Initial Period Tender Offer Registration Initiatives
Integrate Strengthen Social Industrial Infrastructure Systems Business Integrating
Integrating Management Resources Strengthening Sales Workforce Frameworks Merging Integration Related Business Divisions
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Licenses
Intense Competition Interest Rate Risk Management
Interim Dividend Interim Dividend Ending 2007
Interim Dividend Ending 2008 Internal Audits Audit Committee
Internal Control System Risk Management Investment Securities
Investment Unit Japanese Stock Exchanges Investments Debt Equity Securities
Investments Securities Ips Technology
Isao Ono Issuance 130 Call Option Attached Unsecured Convertible Bond
Issuance New Shares Way Third-party Allotment Issuance Offering New Shares
Issuance Stock Acquisition Rights Purpose Granting Options Issue Additional Shares Pre-emptive Rights
Issue Sell Additional Shares Future Result Dilution Existing Issue Stock Acquisition Rights Options
Issued Offering New Shares Issued Stock Acquisition Rights 2005
Issued Stock Acquisition Rights 2006 Iwao Hara
Japan Japanese Government Recently Underwent Regime Change Hitachi Not
Japanese Taxation Junshi Yamaguchi
Junzo Kawakami Junzo Nakajima
Kaichiro Sakuma Kazuhiro Mori
Kazuhiro Tachibana Kazuhiro Tachibana General Manager Consumer Business Group President
Kazumasa Kinguchi Kazumichi Fujimura
Kazuo Furukawa Kenichi Yoshitake
Kenji Miyahara Kenji Ohno
Kenji Tabuchi Kiyoshi Kozuka
Koichiro Nishikawa General Manager Business Development Koji Tanaka
Koji Yamanokawa Koushi Nagano
Kunihiko Ohnuma Largest Shareholders
Lcd Revenues Legal Division 81-3-3258-1111 81-3-4564-2148 6-6 Marunouchi 1-chome Chiyoda-ku
Legal Proceedings Level
Licensee Licenser
Licenses Etc Concerning Acquisition Stock Likelihood Delisting Shares Reasons Thereof
Link Personnel Expenses Performance Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Capital Resources Lithium-ion Batteries Business
Lithium-ion Battery Business Litigation Regulatory Investigations
Location Tender Offer Report Available Locations Copies Tender Offer Report Available
Locations Copy Tender Offer Registration Statement Available Locations Major Consolidated Subsidiaries
Locations Tender Offer Report Available Lock-up
Logistics Services Others Long-term Debt
Main Categories Products Services Main Products Services Hitachi Group 2004
Main Products Services Hitachi Group 2005 Main Products Services Hitachi Group 2007
Main Products Services Hitachi Group 2008 Main Products Services Hitachi Group 2009
Main Shareholders Main Sources Borrowings
Major Activities Outside Directors Major Borrowings 2007
Major Borrowings 2008 Major Consolidated Subsidiaries
Major Consolidated Subsidiaries Hitachi Ltd 2006 Major Facilities
Major Facilities Consolidated Subsidiaries Major Financing Activities
Major Restructuring Integration Bases Major Shareholders
Makoto Ebata Makoto Ebata General Manager Hitachi Group Corporate Strategy
Manabu Shinomoto Management Change
Management Policy After Tender Offer Management Policy Outlook After Completion Tender Offer
Management Policy Outlook After Tender Offer Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Marketable Securities Risks Masaaki Fujisawa
Masafumi Yuhara Masaharu Sumikawa
Masahiro Hayashi Masahiro Kitano
Masamitsu Hayashi Currently Director Senior Vice President Exective Masao Hisada
Masatoshi Kato Material Component Procurement
Matter Resolved Matters Concerning Accounting Auditor
Matters Concerning Exercise Voting Rights Matters Concerning Shares
Matters Concerning So-called Two-step Acquisition Matters Concerning Stock 2007
Matters Concerning Stock 2008 Matters Concerning Stock 2009
Matters Concerning Stock Acquisition Rights Etc 2007 Directors Matters Concerning Stock Acquisition Rights Etc 2008
Matters Concerning Stock Acquisition Rights Etc 2008 Directors Matters Concerning Stock Acquisition Rights Etc 2009
Matters Concerning Tendering Shareholders Rights Cancel Agreements Matters Resolved
Measures Ensure Fairness Tender Offer Including Price Avoid Measures Environment-related New Businesses
Measures Taken Measures Taken Medium-term Management Plan
Medium-and-long-term Management Strategy Merger Method
Method Commencement Date Settlement Method Corporate Split
Method Corporate Split Merger Method Determination Policy
Method Disclosing Tender Offer Results Method Disclosure Conditions Etc Tender Offer Changed
Method Disclosure Submitting Amendment Statement Method Exercising Rights Minority Shareholders Etc
Method Exercising Rights Shareholders Method Returning Share Certificates Etc
Method Returning Shares Method Settlement
Method Tendering Shares Tender Offer Cancellation Thereof Method Used Corporate Split Establishment New
Michiharu Nakamura Michihiro Honda
Miroru Tsukada Miscellaneous
Mitsubishi Electric Mitsuo Ohashi
Mitsuo Yamaguchi Monozukuri Technology Capabilities
Name Location Head Office Securities Companies Banks Etc Name Party Obtained Valuations
Naoya Takahashi Naoyoshi Murata Charge Global Business Sales Currently Director
Naoyoshi Murata Currently Director Senior Vice President Exective Nec Corporation
Nec Electronics New Executive Officer
New Executive Officer Effective 2008 New Executive Officer Effective 2009
New Executive Officers Effective 2009 Nihon Keizai Shimbun Dated 2006
Nobuyuki Ohno Nominating Committee
Non-management Directors Executive Sessions Non-retention
North America Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notice Notice 136th Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Notice 137th Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders Notice 138th Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Notice 139th Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders Notice 140th Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Notice Delisting Overseas Stock Exchanges Notice Partial Correction Past Supplementary Information
Nuclear Power Business Number Employees Industry Segment Consolidated Basis
Number Equity Method Affiliates Profits Losses Affect Hitachis Number Shares Allocated
Number Shares Allocated Corporate Split Merger Ratio Number Shares Per Unit
Number Shares Purchased Number Shares Purchased After Amendment
Number Shares Purchased Purchase Price Ratio Issued Share Number Shares Transferred Ownership Before After Transfer Price
Objective Merger Objects Purposes
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offerors Corporate Purpose Business Overview Amount Capital
Operating Income Loss Industry Segment Operating Income Loss Segment
Operating Income Segment Operating Results
Operating Results Yen Operational Synergies
Operations Geographic Segment Ordinary General Meeting Shareholders
Organization Organizational Structure
Osamu Ohno Other
Other Areas Other Cautionary Matters
Other Conditions Methods Purchase Etc Other Conditions Methods Tender Offer Etc
Other Contacts Other Information
Other Information Considered Necessary Helping Investors Decide Whether Other Material Information Concerning Directors Executive Officers
Other Material Information Concerning Stock Acquisition Rights Etc Others
Outcome Outcome Purchase
Outcome Tender Offer Outline Business Integration
Outline Business Results Outline Business Results Operating Segment Half 2008
Outline Corporate Split Outline Hitachi Data Systems Solutions Holding Corporation
Outline Hitachi Displays Outline Hitachi Management Partner Corp
Outline Hitachi Plant Technologies Ltd Outline Integrated
Outline Ips Alpha Technology Outline Japan Servo Ltd
Outline Matsushitas Ips Lcd Panel Business Tvs Outline Merging Companies
Outline New Outline Subsidiary
Outline Target Outline Tender Offer
Outline Tender Offer Other Information Outline Third-party Allotment New Shares After Business Integration
Outline Valuation Report Outlook
Outlook 2005 Outlook 2006
Outlook 2007 Outlook 2008
Outlook 2009 Outlook Fulfillment Financial Obligations
Outlook Future Business Performance After Tender Offer Outlook Half 2005
Overall Risk Profile Overseas Production Total Revenues Manufacturing Subsidiaries
Overseas Revenues Industry Segment Overseas Sales Industry Segment
Overview Overview Business Group Split-off
Overview Business Results Etc Overview Chartered
Overview Corporate Split Overview Financial Position Etc
Overview Hitachi Semiconductor Singapore Overview New Automotive Systems
Overview New Consumer Business Group Overview Subject
Overview Tender Offer Announced 2006 Overview Xanavi Informatics 2006
Ownership Percentage Shares After Tender Offer Panasonic
Part Passive Foreign Investment Rules
Payments Per Share Information
Percentage Total Revenues Industry Segment Percentage Total Revenues Operating Income Industry Segment
Performance Past Parties Corporate Split Performance Past Unconsolidated
Period Rights Exercised Personal Financial Trading Other Beneficial Relationships Between Hitachi
Planned Number Share Certificates Purchased Planned Year-end Dividend
Plans Wholly Own Publicly Listed Companies Plasma Technology Patents
Policy Determination Compensation Directors Executive Officers Policy Determination Distribution Surplus Etc
Policy Distribution Earnings Policy Matters Including Organizational Restructuring After Tender Offer
Policy Reasons Appropriation Retained Earnings Policy Reduction Number Shares Constituting Investment Unit
Position Networking Business Hitachi Group Possession 2005
Possession 2006 Possibility Extending Above Period Request Target
Post Stock-for-stock Exchange Status Power Industrial Systems
Power Systems Presentation Financial Information
Presentation Information Primary Market Risk Exposure
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principal Businesses
Problems Facing Hitachi Group Proceeds
Process Determining Tender Offer Price Based Valuation Report Product Quality Liability
Professional History Profile Hitachi Plant Technologies
Profile Parties Corporate Split Profit Loss Past
Profitability-focused Innovations Promote Shared Services
Promoting Earnings Recovery Through Structural Reform Automotive Systems Promoting Earnings Recovery Through Structural Reform Consumer Business
Promoting Localization Through Ties Major Partners Property Consolidated Basis
Public Notice Commencement Tender Offer Purchase Less-than-one-unit Shares
Purpose Corporate Split Purpose Financing
Purpose Reduction Capital Reserve Earned Surplus Purpose Tender Offer
Purpose Tob Purposes Tender Offer
Pursuing Efficiency Gains Raise Management Efficiency Reinforcing Group-wide
Rapid Technological Innovation Rapid Technological Innovation Defines Industries Hitachi Participates
Rationales Realignment Worldwide Bases Including Closing Design Manufacturing
Reason Method Change Reason Revision
Reasons Future Improvement Measures Reasons Revisions
Rebuild Business Framework Stay Step Difficult Market Conditions Recent Financial Credit Crises Recessionary Economies Around World
Recognizing Losses Write-downs Shares Unconsolidated Basis Recording Valuation Allowance Against Deferred Tax Assets
Reduce Number Consolidated Subsidiaries Reduce Operating Expenses
Reduce Working Capital Requirements Reduction Reserves
Reference Outline Tender Offer Reference Provisional Consolidated Results 2008
Registration Statement Relating Hitachi Maxell Shares Regulations Handling Shares Etc Hitachi Ltd
Related Party Transactions Relating Hitachi Information Systems Shares
Relating Hitachi Maxell Shares Relating Hitachi Plant Technologies Shares Etc
Relating Hitachi Software Engineering Shares Relating Hitachi Systems Services Shares
Relationship Subsidiaries Affiliates Relationship Third-party Appraiser
Renesas Technology Corp Renewable Energy-related Businesses
Repair Costs Turbine Damage Nuclear Power Stations Report Independent Auditors
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Substantial Shareholdings Financial Instruments Exchange Law Japan
Report Substantial Shareholdings Securities Exchange Law Japan Reporting Matter
Reporting Matters Reporting Substantial Shareholdings
Repurchase Repurchase Own Shares
Repurchase Own Shares Resolved After End 2005 Repurchase Shares
Research Development Expenditures Consolidated Basis Research Development Expense Consolidated Basis
Research Development Hitachi Group Research Development Patents Licenses Etc
Resignation Effective 2006 Resignation Effective 2007
Resignation Effective 2008 Resignation Effective 2009
Resigning Directors Resigning Executive Officers Effective 2005
Resource Recycling Businesses Restoring Reliability Reinforcing Manufacturing
Restriction Transfer Rights Restructuring
Restructuring Business Restructuring Reappraisal Area Sacrosanct
Retirement Benefits Retirement Executive Officers Effective 2009
Revenue Recognition Sales Long-term Construction Arrangements Revenues Industry Segment
Revenues Industry Segment Consolidated Basis Revenues Market
Revenues Operating Income Loss Revenues Operating Income Product Sector
Revenues Operating Loss Revenues Product Sector
Revenues Segment Revision Consolidated Business Forecast 2007
Revision Consolidated Interim Business Forecast 2007 Revision Forecast 2007
Revision Forecast Revenues Operating Income Loss Half 2007 Revision Forecast Shipments Plasma Tvs Lcd Half 2007
Revisions Consolidated Business Forecasts 2008 Revisions Consolidated Interim Business Forecast 2007
Revisions Consolidated Interim Business Forecasts 2008 Rights Ads Holders
Rights Obligations Transferred Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Rights Obligations Transferred Hitachi Plant
Rights Obligations Transferred New Rights Shareholders Japanese Law Limited Other Jurisdictions
Rigorously Fiv-based Business Management Risk Factors
Risk Management Policy Risks Natural Disasters Similar Events
Ryuichi Seguchi Ryuichi Seguchi Currently Director Chairman Emeritus Hitachi Construction
Sakae Suzuki Sale Less-than-one-unit Shares
Sale Other Disposition Shares Adss Sales Distribution
Sales Strategy Upgrades Focused Channels Specialize High-end Products San Nas Storage Solutions
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Schedule
Schedule 13g Schedule Corporate Split Establishment New
Schedule Corporate Split Merger Schedule Moving Forward
Schedule Reduction Capital Reserve Earned Surplus Seasonality
Secondary Offering Hitachis Shares Way Over-allotment Secure Generate Cash Flows
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Segment Information
Segment Information Consolidated Basis Seiichiro Kishino
Share Certificates Evidencing Less-than-one-unit Shares Share Exchange Ratio
Share Price Shareholders Composition
Shares Etc Subsidiary Hitachi Plant Technologies Shares Issued Common Stock
Shares Subsidiary Hitachi Information Systems Shares Subsidiary Hitachi Maxell
Shares Subsidiary Hitachi Software Engineering Shares Subsidiary Hitachi Systems Services
Shigeru Azuhata Shinichi Hiraoka
Shinjiro Kasai Shipments Main Products
Shozo Saito Shungo Dazai
Shutoku Watanabe Signatures
Significant Changes Single Strategic Vision
Social Infrastructure Systems Business Social Innovation Business
Sources Supply Stable Equity-based Relationship Strengthen Businesses Through Synergies
State Hitachis Consolidated Basis Financial Result Statement Relating Hitachi Koki Shares
Statement Relating Hitachi Kokusai Electric Shares Status Hitachi After Corporate Split
Status Hitachi After Merger Status Hitachi Following Corporate Split
Status Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy Following Corporate Split Status Holdings Stock Statement Submission Date
Stephen Gomersall Stepping Product Field Prioritization Automotive Systems Business
Stock Acquisition Rights Stock Acquisition Rights Directors Executive Officers Hold
Stock Acquisition Rights Issued Certain Employees Etc Stock Acquisition Rights Issued Persons Other Shareholders Special
Stock Allocation Stock Splits
Stock Splits Allotment Shares Without Consideration Storage Solutions Except Hard Disk Drives
Strengthen Development Sales High Value-added Products Like Ultra-thin Strengthen Highly Profitable Overseas Businesses Closely Tied Each
Strengthening Procurement Capabilities Strengthening Solution Provision
Subsidiary Information Substantial Portion Hitachis Operations Conducted Japan Earthquakes Other
Summary Summary 2004 Consolidated Business Results
Summary 2005 Consolidated Business Results Summary 2005 Half Consolidated Business Results
Summary 2006 Consolidated Business Results Summary 2006 Half Consolidated Business Results
Summary 2007 Consolidated Business Results Summary 2008 Consolidated Business Results
Summary 2009 Consolidated Business Results Summary Amendment Statement
Summary Business Results Etc Summary Consolidated Basis
Summary Financial Position Etc Summary Nine-month Three-month Consolidated Business Results 2007
Summary Policy Summary Resolution Board Directors Enhancing Structures Other Things
Summary Resolution Board Directors Performance Functions Audit Committee Supplementary Provisions
Supply Demand Balance Supply Demand Balance Particular Products Affects Hitachi
Synergies Between Businesses Systems Integration Business Japan
Table Contents Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations
Tadahiko Ishigaki Tadahiko Ishigaki Senior Vice President Executive Officer Chief
Tadamichi Sakiyama Tadamichi Sakiyama Currently Director
Taiji Hasegawa Takao Koyama
Takao Suzuki Takashi Hatchoji
Takashi Kawamura Takashi Kawamura Currently Director Chairman Board Representative Executive
Takashi Miyoshi Takashi Miyoshi Currently Director Executive Vice President Officer
Takashi Miyoshi Currently Director Senior Vice President Executive Takeo Ueno
Takeo Yamada Takuya Tajima
Target Operating Margin 2009 Targets Operating Income 2007 Positive Fiv 2008
Tatsuhiko Izumi Taxation Distributions
Teizo Fujii Telecommunication Systems Displays Digital Media
Tender Offer Agent Tender Offer Cost ¥10457
Tender Offer Cost ¥60627 Tender Offer Cost ¥78177
Tender Offer Hitachi Koki Shares Tender Offer Hitachi Kokusai Electric Shares
Tender Offer Period Tender Offer Period Initial Registration
Tender Offer Period Purchase Price Number Shares Purchased Tender Offer Price
Terada Masao Terms Conditions Tender Offer
Tetsuo Shigekuni Thoroughly Execute Business Structural Reforms
Thoroughly Reduce Investment Costs Including Freezing Capital Expenditures Tob Period
Tohru Motobayashi Tohru Motobayashi Currently Outside Director Lawyer Partner Ihara
Tokyo 100-8280 Japan Tokyo Japan
Toshiaki Higashihara Toshiaki Kuzuoka
Total Amount Compensation Number Directors Executive Officers 2008 Total Number Rights Issued
Toyoaki Nakamura Toyoaki Nakamura Currently Director Representative Executive Officer Senior
Toyoaki Nakamura Currently Representative Executive Officer Senior Vice Training Global Personnel
Transportation Systems Treatment Hitachi Stock Acquisition Rights Bonds
Treatment Stock Acquisition Rights Bonds Dissolved Trend Cash Flow Index
Trend Information Trends Capital Resources Liquidity
Trends Cash Flow Indexes Trends Operating Results
Unconsolidated Unconsolidated Balance Sheets
Unconsolidated Basis Unconsolidated Basis Ending 2007
Unconsolidated Forecast 2006 Unconsolidated Statement Changes Stockholders Equity Etc Half 2008
Unconsolidated Statements Operations Unconsolidated-basis Losses Write-downs Subsidiaries Shares
Unit Share System Unit Shares
United States Taxation Units
Unsecured Bonds Stock Acquisition Rights Convertible Upgrading Functions Chief Executives North America Europe China
Upper Row Shows Comparisons Previous Upper Rows Show Comparisons Previous Units
Upper Rows Show Comparisons Previous Yen Utilization Hitachi Mobiles Sales Services Network
Valuation Qualifying Accounts Violation Treaty Ban Restrictive Business Practices
Voting Right Card Voting Rights
Water Circulation Systems Yasuhiko Honda
Yasuo Sakuta Yasushi Fujita
Year-end Dividend Ending 2008 Yen
Yoshie Ota Yoshiharu Yamada Charge Sales Currently Vice President Executive
Yoshiki Yagi Currently Board Director Chair 
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