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Absence Certain Changes Undisclosed Liabilities Absence Injunction
Acceleration Vesting Accept
Acceptance Notice Accounting Principlesmdash
Accounts Notes Other Receivables Accrued Liabilities
Acquisitions Divestitures Action Consent Participation Telephone Similar Equipment
Actual Transferred Cash Additional Deferral Features
Additional Discussion Material Summary Compensation Table Additional Retirement Benefit
Additional Tax Expense Exposures Affect Future Profitability Adjustment
Adjustment Certain Changes Administration
Administration Executive Compensation Program Advance Notice Stockholder Business Nominations
Aerospace Aerospace Sales
Aerospace Sales Incentivesmdash Affiliate
Affirmative Vote Shareowners Holding Least Majority Shares Common Aggregate Share Limit
Agreement Agreement Assume
Alignment Key Ratios Compensation Performance Objectives Allen Honeywell Retirement Earnings Planmdash
Allocation Purchase Price Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Alternate Financing Amended Effective 1994
Amended Restated 2000 Amendment
Amendment 1993 Stock Plan Employees Honeywell International Affiliates Amendment 2003 Stock Incentive Plan Honeywell International Inc
Amendment 2006 Stock Incentive Plan Honeywell International Inc Amendment 2006 Stock Plan Non-employee Directors Honeywell International
Amendment Letter Agreement Between Honeywell International Inc David Amendment Letter Agreement Between Honeywell International Inc Larry
Amendment Pittway Corporation Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Amendment Salary Incentive Award Deferral Plan Selected Employees
Amendment Termination Amendment Waiver
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amount
Ancillary Agreements Annual Bonus Termination
Annual Compensation Annual Incentive Bonus
Annual Incentive Compensation Annual Meetings
Annual Option Grants Anti-dilution
Antitrust Agencies Antitrust Law Clearances Certain Litigation
Appendix Applicable Policies Procedures
Appointment Powers Audit Committee Areas Focus
Areas Focus 2007 Areas Focus 2008
Areas Focus 2009 Asbestos Matters
Asbestos Related Contingencies Insurance Recoveriesmdash Assets
Assumed Liabilities Assumed Real Property Leases
Attendance Annual Meeting Attraction Retention
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Audited Financial Statements Authority
Automation Control Solutions Available
Award8221 Backlog
Base Salary Base Salary Stock Awards Option Non-equity Incentive Plan
Baton Rouge Lamdash Beherrschungs- Und Gewinnabführungsvertrag
Beherrschungs-und Gewinnabführungsvertrag Benchmarking Peer Group
Beneficial Owners Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Plans Benefit Transition Date
Binding Effect Assignment Board Committees
Board Directors Board Directors Recommendation-the Recommends Shareowners Vote Against Proposal
Board Meetings Board Meetings-committees
Board Policy Non-employee Director Equity Awards Bonds Officers
Bonus Pool Performance Metrics Books Records
Breach Brunswick Gamdash
Bulk Sales Laws Business
Business Material Adverse Effect Business Overview
Cannot Predict Certainty Outcome Litigation Matters Government Proceedings Capital Stock
Cash Awards Cash Base Salary
Cash Consideration Cash Equivalentsmdash
Cash Flow Summary Cautionary Statement Forward-looking Statements
Ceo Employment Agreement Certain Definitions Interpretation
Certain Mergers Certain Other Transactions
Certain Perquisites Certain Prohibitions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certificate Amendment Restated Incorporation Honeywell International Inc
Certificates Sellers Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Chairman Board
Change Control Provisions Change Level Government Defense Space Funding Mix Programs
Changes Changes Committees Resignations Removals
Changes Legislation Government Regulations Policies Significant Impact Results Checks Etc
Chief Executive Officer Closing
Closing Deliveries Cobra
Code Code 409a
Code Elections Collateral Source
Commodity Price Risk Managementmdash Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compensation
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Directors
Competing Business Competition
Completed Acquisitions Not Perform Anticipated Integrated Planned Divestitures Compliance Laws
Compliance Laws Permits Conditions Obligations Purchaser
Conditions Obligations Sellers Conduct Business
Conduct Incidents Subject Parent Insurances Conduct Purchasers Business
Confidential Information Confidential Voting Policy
Confidentiality Access Information Confidentiality Agreement
Conflict Government Authorizations Party Approvals Conflict Required Filings
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Construction
Contingent Liabilitiesmdash Contract
Contracts Control
Controller Controls Procedures
Copyrights Corporate Governance Responsibility Committee
Corporate Status Correlation Between Objectives Performance
Cost Products Services Sold Counterparts
Credit Market Riskmdash Critical Accounting Policies
Currency Customers Suppliers
David Cote Deadline
Debt Commitment Letter Deferral Restricted Units
Deferred Compensation Deferred Compensation Agreement
Deferred Tax Assets Liabilities Deferred Tax Assets-valuation Allowance
Deferred Units Defined Benefit Pension Plansmdash
Defined Terms Used Definitions
Delegation Authority Delivery Financial Information
Delivery Restricted Stock Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Certain Deposits
Derivative Financial Instrumentsmdash Description Global Employee Stock Plan
Description Plan Based Awards Design Principles Executive Compensation Program
Digit Control Located Following Page Dilution
Directions Honeywells Headquarters 101 Columbia Road Morris Township Director Attendance Annual Meetings
Director Compensation Director Independence
Director Nominations Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Disclaimer Other Representations Warranties Disclosure Document
Disclosure Schedule Disparity Among Named Executive Officers
Dispute Dispute Resolution Mediation Jurisdiction
Dividend Equivalents Dividends Dividend Equivalents
Dividends Voting Rights Documents Incorporated Reference
Draft Due Organization
Dundalk Marine Terminal Baltimorendash Duration Stock Options
Earnings 054 Per Share Earnings 085 Per Share
Earnings Per Share 060 Earnings Per Sharemdash
Economic Other Factors Effect Termination
Effective Date Shareholder Approval Effectiveness
Effects Determination Elements Annual Direct Compensation Adc
Eligibility Eligibility Grants
Elimination Certain Liability Directors Emergency Board Directors
Emergency Corporate Headquarters Employee Matters Benefit Plans
Employee Savings Plans Employee Savings Plansmdash
Employees Employees Employee Benefit Plans
Employment Advisors Employment Agreements Severance Plan
Encumbrances Eneral Rovisions
Entire Agreement Third-party Beneficiaries Environment
Environmental Claims Environmental Expendituresmdash
Environmental Laws Environmental Matters
Environmental Matters Involving Potential Monetary Sanctions Excess 100000 Environmental Permit
Equipment Segment Expands Life Safety Business Equity Grant Practices
Equity Interest Erisa
Estimated Transferred Cash Estimatesmdash
Estricted Nit Greement Excise Tax Reimbursement
Excluded Business Excluded Environmental Matters
Excluded Intellectual Property Executive Compensation
Executive Officers Registrant Exercise Price
Exercise Stock Appreciation Rights Exhibits
Expenses Expenses Include Significant Costs Related Employee Health Retiree
Expenses Solicitation Explanation Benefits
Explanatory Facilitate Timely Delivery Please Make Request Instructed Below
Fair Market Value Fair Value Financial Instrumentsmdash
Financial Information Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financing
Finders Fee Fixing Record Date
Foreign Benefit Plans Foreign Currency Risk Managementmdash
Foreign Currency Translationmdash Foreign Transfer Agreements
Form Form 10-k
Form 8-k Form Email Message Plan Participants
Former Employees France
Funding Formulas Further Action
Future Growth Largely Dependent Ability Develop New Technologies Gaap
General General Counsel
Geographic Areas-financial Data Germany
Goodwill Impairment Testingmdash Goodwill Indefinite-lived Intangible Assetsmdash
Governing Law Government Sales
Governmental Authority Governmental Order
Grant Restricted Stock Grant Restricted Units
Grant Stock Options Grants
Gross Purchase Price Growth Plan
Growth Plan Payouts Growth Plan Performance Metrics
Growth Plan Unit Awards Guarantees
Hares Ubject Lan Djustments Hcs France
Hcs Germany Hereof Buyer Acknowledges Agrees Behalf Each Other Parties
Hmrc Honeywell
Honeywell International Inc Honeywell International Inc Affiliates
Honeywell International Inc Index Honeywell International Inc Subsidiaries
Honeywell Names Tim Mahoney President Ceo Aerospace Honeywell Reports 2007 Full Sales 10to 346 Earnings
Honeywell Reports Sales Earnings 080 Per Share Honeywell Salary Incentive Award Deferral Plan Selected Employees
Honeywell Sales Earnings 097 Per Share Honeywell Supplemental Retirement Plan
Honeywell Supplemental Savings Plan Householding
Hsr Act Icp Performance
Identification Evaluation Director Candidates Impact Equity-based Awards
Impact Outstanding Awards Implied Rights
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Shareholder Meeting Incentive Bonus Awards
Income Continuing Operations Income Continuing Operations Before Taxes
Income Taxesmdash Increase Decrease Issued Shares Without Consideration
Increasing Percentage Sales Operations Non-us Jurisdictions Subject Economic Indebtedness
Indemnification Indemnification Agents Corporation
Indemnification Committee Indemnification Limitations
Indemnified Party Indemnifying Party
Index Index Exhibits
Individual Share Limit Industry Economic Conditions Adversely Affect Market Operating Customers
Initiation Date Input Senior Management
Inspectors Insurance
Insurance Policies Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property License Agreement Intercompany Accounts
Interest Other Financial Charges Interest Rate Risk Managementmdash
Interests Interim Financial Statements
Interim Income Cash Flow Statements Internal Control-integrated Framework
Internal Controlmdashintegrated Framework Internal Controls
International Operations Inventories
Inventoriesmdash Inventory
Investment Banking Firm Investment Purpose
Investments Long-term Receivables Investmentsmdash
Iso Certification Issuance Price
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Judgment Discretion Committee
Key Corporate Governance Documents Key Customers
Key Metrics 2003 2007 Key Operating Performance Metrics
Key Ratios Fixed At-risk Short-term Long-term Cash Equity Key Ratios Short-term Long-term Cash Equity
Key Suppliers Knowledge
Labor Labor Laws
Law Lease Commitments
Leased Real Property Legal Proceedings
Letters Underwriters Certain Other Requesting Parties Liabilities Transferred Entities
Liability License Term
Life Insurance Limitation Liability
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources
List Stockholders Entitled Vote List Sub-plans 2007
Litigation Loans
Long Term Disability Ltd Long Term Incentive Award
Long-lived Assets Including Tangible Definite-lived Intangible Mdash Long-lived Assetsmdash
Long-term Incentive Awards Losses
Lost Certificates Major Businesses
Management Development Compensation Committee Management Development Compensation Committee Report
Management39s Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Marketing Interim Financial Statements
Marketing Period Material Contract
Material Contracts Materials Environmental Concern
Mdashaccounts Notes Other Receivables Mdashaccrued Liabilities
Mdashacquisitions Divestitures Mdashcapital Stock
Mdashgeographic Areasmdashfinancial Data Mdashinterest Other Financial Charges
Mdashinventories Mdashinvestments Long-term Receivables
Mdashlease Commitments Mdashother Income Expense
Mdashother Liabilities Mdashproperty Plant Equipment
Mdashstock-based Compensation Plans Mdashsupplemental Cash Flow Information
Mediation Request Medical Dental Plans
Membership Emergency Board Directors Mendment Ermination
Methods Voting Minimis
Minimis Loss Miscellaneous
Modified Duty Employees Named Executive Officer Retirement Benefits
National Laws Net Income
Net Income Attributable Honeywell Net Sales
New Jersey Chrome Sitesmdash Newark International Airport
News Release Non-competition
Non-employee Directors39 Planmdash Non-exclusivity Rights
Non-solicitation Employees Non-united States Business
Non-us Employee Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans
Nontransferability Awards Notice
Notice Access Notice Annual Meeting Shareowners
Notice Developments Notice Meetings
Notice Proxy Statement 2007 Annual Report Notices
Number Number 1-8974
Number Election Terms Number Qualifications
Nyse Hon Objectives
Obligation Exercise Awards Right Notice Expiration Date Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offer Period Officers Operating Companies Divisions
Onondaga Lake Syracuse Nymdash Operations Prior Predecessor Companies Expose Risk Material Environmental
Option Exercises Stock Vested-fiscal 2006 Option Exercises Stock Vested-fiscal 2007
Option Exercises Stock Vested-fiscal 2008 Option Grants
Order Business Organschaft
Orm 8-k Other Benefits
Other Business Other Change Control
Other Changes Other Committees
Other Compensation-life Insurance Cote Other Extent Expressly Provided
Other Income Expense Other Intangible Assets Determinable Livesmdash
Other Liabilities Other Offices
Other Payments Benefits Other Postretirement Benefits
Other Restrictions Other Rights
Other Stock-based Award8221 Overall Compensation Data
Overview Page
Parachute Tax Reimbursement Parent Insurances
Part Participant8221
Participants Honeywell Savings Plans Participants Signature
Patents Patents Trademarks Licenses Distribution Rights
Pay Performance Key Fundamentals Payment Shares
Payment Stock Option Exercise Price Payments Received
Payments Specified Employees Peer Group
Pension Pension Benefit Calculation Formulas
Pension Benefits Pension Benefits-general
Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Percent Owners Stock
Performance Assessments Performance Cycle
Performance Cycle Objectives Performance Graph
Performance Measures Targets Award Criteria Performance Objectives
Performance Shares Permit
Permitted Encumbrances Perquisites
Person Personal Property
Phone Internet Voting Cutoff Savings Plan Participants 500 Place Meetings
Please Date Sign Proxy Reverse Side Return Promptly Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Power Attorney Powers
Powers Emergency Board President
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principal Terms
Principles Consolidationmdash Procedure
Process Communicating Board Members Product Liability
Product Liability Claim Product Recall
Products Program Review
Properties Property Plant Equipment
Property Plant Equipmentmdash Proposal 2-approval Independent Accountants
Proposal 3-2007 Honeywell Global Employee Stock Plan Proposal 3-amendment Restated Certificate Incorporation-right Call Special Meeting
Proposal 4-pay-for-superior-performance Principle Proposal 4-recoup Unearned Management Bonuses
Proposal 5-performance Based Stock Options Proposal 6-special Shareholder Meetings
Proposal 7-six Sigma Proposal Approval Independent Accountants
Proposal Cumulative Voting Proposal Executive Compensation Advisory Vote
Proposal Principles Health Care Reform Proposal Special Shareowner Meetings
Proposal Tax Gross-up Payments Proposals Voted Boards Voting Recommendations
Provided Further Provided However
Proxy Proxy Honeywell Solicited Behalf Board Directors International Inc
Proxy Statement Publicity
Purchase Price Purchase Price Adjustment Treatment Cash Transferred Entities
Purchase Price Certificates Purchaser Purchased Assets
Purchaser Purchaser Closing Option
Purchaser Disclosure Schedule Purchaser Indemnified Parties
Purchaser Material Adverse Effect Purchaser Sec Reports
Purchasers Benefit Plans Purchasers Financing
Purchasers Foreign Benefit Plans Purchasers Fsas
Purchasers Savings Plans Purpose
Purpose Global Employee Stock Plan Purpose Plan
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quorum
Quorum Manner Acting Quorum Vote Required Abstentions Broker Non-votes
Raw Material Price Fluctuations Ability Key Suppliers Meet Raw Materials
Reaffirms 2009 Earnings Per Share Outlook Real Properties
Real Property Lease Assignments Receivables
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Accounting Pronouncementsmdash
Reclassificationsmdash Recoupment
Recoupment Incentive Compensation Redacted Fee Letter
Redemption Restricted Units Refractory Friction Productsmdash
Refractory Productsmdash Registered Intellectual Property
Registered Office Registered Owners
Registered Transferred Intellectual Property Regular Meetings
Regulation Disclosure Regulatory Compliance Listing
Related Parties Transactions Related Person Transaction
Release Reliance
Reload Options Remedial Action
Removal Directors Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reports Line Delivers Cash Flow Repositioning Other Charges
Representations Warranties Honeywell Representations Warranties Purchaser
Repricing Reputation Ability Business Impacted Improper Conduct Employees Agents
Required Approvals Consents Required Information
Required Recognize Impairment Charges Long-lived Assets Required Recognize Impairment Charges Long-lived Assets Available Sale
Required Segregation Assets Research Development
Research Developmentmdash Reserves Right Amend Modify Terminate Stock Plan Sole
Resignation Resignations
Restricted Share Grant Election Board Restricted Stock Unitsmdash
Restricted Unit Grant Election Board Restricted Units
Restricted Units Stock Results
Results Operations Results Vote
Retained Assets Retained Contracts
Retained Interest Retained Interests Factored Pools Trade Accounts Receivables
Retained Liabilities Retained Taxes
Retention Actions Retention Benefits
Retirement Plans Retirement Plans Committee
Review Business Segments Revoking Proxy
Right Indemnification Right Indemnitee Bring Suit
Rights Offset Rights Shareowners
Risk Compensation Risk Factors
Role Consultant Rte 287 North
Rte East West 287 South Rule 14a-101
Salary Incentive Compensation Deferrals Sales
Sales Recognition Long-term Contractsmdash Sales Recognitionmdash
Savings Plan Schedule Calculation Mandatory Cost
Schedule List Sub-plans 2006 Schedule Swing Line Commitments
Sec Filings Financial Statements Sec Filings Reports Key Corporate Governance Documents
Secretary Securities Act
Securities Matters Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Segment Highlights Seller Fundamental Representation Warranty
Seller Indemnified Parties Sellers
Sellers Assistance Financing Sellers Foreign Benefit Plans
Sellers Fsas Sellers Marks
Sellers Pension Plan Selling General Administrative Expenses
Senior Executives Severability
Severance Benefits Severance Plan
Share Limitation Share Limits
Shareowner Approval Shareowner Proposal
Shareowner Proposals Shareowner Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting
Shareowner Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Shareowner Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting
Shareowner Value Creation Through Effective Capital Allocation 2003-2007 Shareowner Value Creation Through Effective Capital Allocation 2004-2008
Shareowners Holding Shares Through Bank Broker Shareowners Record
Shares Shares Available Grants
Shares Outstanding Signature Page Follows
Signatures Software
Solvent Special Meetings
Specialty Materials Specific Performance
Specified Accounting Policies Stablishment Urpose
Statement William Steiner Status Shares Limitations Transfer Other Restrictions
Stock Certificates Uncertificated Shares Stock Ledger
Stock Options Stock Options Appreciation Rights
Stock Ownership Guidelines Stock Plan Non-employee Directors Alliedsignal Inc
Stockholder Agreement Stockholders Meeting
Straddle Period Sublease
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsidiaries Registrant
Subsidiary Succession Planning
Sufficiency Assets Sufficient Funds
Summary Information Summary Outstanding Award Values
Supplemental Cash Flow Information Supplemental Savings Retirement Plans
Supplier Military Other Equipment Government Subject Unusual Risks Supply Agreement
Supply Agreement Pricing Supporting Statement
Survival Period Survival Representations Warranties Agreements
Table Contents Target Levels
Tax Deductibility Executive Compensation Tax Expense
Tax Return Taxes
Taxing Authority Termination
Termination Amendment Plan Termination Directorship
Terms Conditions Set Forth Sub-plans Threshold Amount
Timing Exercise Title Personal Property Inventory
Total Total Mix Annual Direct Compensation
Trademarks Transaction Documents
Transaction Matters Transactional Overview Purchase Sale Assets
Transfer Taxes Transferability Awards
Transferred Employees Transferred Entities
Transferred Entities Retained Assets Transferred Entities Title Equity Interests
Transferred Foreign Benefit Plans Transferred Intellectual Property
Transferred Non-us Employee Transfers Capital Stock
Transfers Financial Instrumentsmdash Transition Services Agreement
Transportation Systems Treasurer
Unvested Dividend Equivalents Vacancies
Valid Issuance Shares Vat
Vice Chairman Board Vice Presidents
Volatility Credit Markets Macro-economic Factors Adversely Affect Business Volatility Credit Markets Macro-economic Factors Increase Cost Financing
Vote Required Vote Required Abstentions Broker Non-votes
Vote Very Important Voting
Voting Dividend Rights Vwap Measurement Period
Vwap Price Warranties
Warranties Guaranteesmdash Whereas
Whole Dollars Withholding Taxes
Year-end Financial Statements 
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