Absence Certain Transactions Access Information
Accession Agreement Accompanying Notes Integral Part Financial Statements
Accountants Comfort Letter Accounting Matters
Accounts Receivable Allowance Doubtful Acknowledgement
Acquired Debt Acquisition
Acquisition Corporations Acquisition Hotels Corporation
Acquisition Not Close Acquisition Partnership
Acquisition Policies Acquisition Terms Shall Apply Recovery Manager Connection Therewith
Acquisition Travelcenters America Inc Acquisitions Make Not Successful
Acquisitions Through 2008 Acquisitions Through 2009
Act Rule Regulation Promulgated Other State Federal Law Action Taken Pursuant Shall Relieve Defaulting Underwriter Liability
Actions Against Parties Notification Adam Portnoy Age
Additional Actions Additional Agreements
Additional Costs Capital Adequacy Additional Covenants
Additional Covenants Landlord Tenant Additional Documents
Additional Events Default Additional Financial Statements
Additional Rent 312 Lease Deleted Entirety Replaced Following Additional Rent Shall Meaning Given Such Term 312
Additional Returns Rent Additional Services
Address Changes Address Notices
Adjusted Ebitda Adjusted Eurodollar Rate
Adjusted Total Assets Administer Operations
Adr Average Daily Rate Revpar Revenue Per Available Advances Shall Requested After 2006
Adverse Change Financial Commitments Adverse Regulatory Event
Advisor Advisors Certificate
Advisory Agreement Affected Lenders
Affiliate Affiliate Agreements
Affiliates Insurance Affirmative Covenants
Affirmative Vote Holders Shares Entitled Cast Least Seventy-five Agent
Agents Reliance Etc Agreement
Agreement Been Cause Resulted Failure Closing Occur Prior Agreement Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered Such Selling
Agreement Deleted Entirety Replaced Following Agreement Plan Merger
Agreement Regarding Interest Charges Agreement Shall Mean Lease Including Exhibits Attached Hereto
Allocation Owners Fixed Priority Allocation Proceeds
Amended Modified Supplemented Waivers Consents Departures Such Provisions Amended Restated Management Agreement
Amendment Amendment Amended Restated Consolidated Guaranty Agreement
Amendment Amended Restated Purchase Sale Agreement Amendment Bylaws
Amendment Declaration Trust Amendment Interim Loan Agreement
Amendment Lease Agreement Amendment Management Agreement
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Bylaws Amerisuites
Amount Limitations Amounts Except Per Share Data
Analysis Grants Incentive Share Award Plan Ancillary Agreement
Annex Annex Schedule
Annual Debt Service Annual Distribution Requirements
Annual Performance Evaluation Board Appendix
Applicable Law Applicable Margin
Approvals Approvals Lenders
Approved Fund Arbitration
Arbitration Shall Mean Conducted Accordance Terms 2419 Arbitration Shall Mean Conducted Accordance Terms 2420
Arthur Koumantzelis Age Articles Amendment
Articles Supplementary Asset Development
Asset Retirement Obligations Asset Tests
Assign Fill Form Below Assignment
Assignment Acceptance Agreement Assigns Shall Not Sell Less Hotels Person Except
Assumption Termination Amendment Agreement Assumptions Concerning Funding Libor Loans
Assurance Make Distributions Future Audit Committee Report
Auditor Tested Managers Systems Internal Controls Auditor Verified Mathematical Accuracy Statement
Auditors Authorization
Authorization Action Authorization Agreement Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered
Authorization Underwriting Agreement Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered Automatic Shelf Registration Statement
Available Funds Award Shall Meaning Given Such Term Lease
Backup Withholding Information Reporting Baltimore Central Plant Shall Meaning Given Term Declaration
Baltimore Health Club Shall Meaning Given Term Declaration Baltimore Hotel
Baltimore Parking Garage Shall Meaning Given Term Declaration Baltimore Site Shall Mean Described A-13 Attached Hereto
Baltimore Valet License Fee Shall Meaning Given Such Bank Accounts
Bank National Association Barry Portnoy Age
Base Payments Base Priority Amount Shall Initially Mean Following Annual
Base Rate Base Such Hotel Shall Adjusted Full Operation After
Basis Presentation Before Vote
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefit Arrangement
Blackstone Group Board Committees
Board Composition Board Meetings Communications
Board Representation Board Trustees
Board Trustees Recommends Vote Against Proposal Board Trustees Recommends Vote Nominees Trustee Against Shareholder
Board Trustees Recommends Vote Proposal Books Records
Borrower Boston New York Washington
Brand Standards Managers Control Brand Standards Shall Mean Operation Amended Time Effect
Bring-down Comfort Letter Bring-down Ernst Young Llp Comfort Letter
Brokerage Fees Bruce Gans Age
Buckhead Hotel Following Terms Shall Apply Buckhead Termination Date Shall Mean 2004
Built-in-gains Corporations Business
Business Dealings Managing Trustees Affiliated Entities Create Conflicts Business Dealings Managing Trustees Related Persons Create Conflicts
Business Description Summary Operating Structure Business Now Being Conducted Own Operate Lease Properties
Calculation Ebitda Canadian Services Shall Meaning Given Such Term 211
Candlewood Suites Capital Replacements Budget Shall Meaning Given Such Term
Capital Replacements Hotels Regardless Hotel Such Funds Originate Capital Stock
Capitalization Capitalized Lease Obligation
Cash Amount Principal Return Equal Lesser Notes Surrendered Cash Equivalents
Casino New 199 Hereby Added Lease Follows Casualty
Centre Street Newton 02458 Centre Street Newton Massachusetts 02458
Certain Managers Tenants Failed Pay Full Amounts Due Certain Other Services
Certain Payments Certain Permitted Investments
Certain Provisions Declaration Trust Bylaws Maryland Law Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certification Pursuant Exchange Act Rules 13a
Certification Pursuant Exchange Act Rules 13a-14 15d-14 Certification Pursuant Exchange Act Rules A-14 15d-14
Certification Pursuant Usc Sec 1350 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Required Usc Sec 1350 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certifications Irs Form W-9 Change Accounting Principle
Change Lending Office Change Operational Investment Policies Without Shareholder Approval
Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosure Chief Accounting Officer
Citigroup Global Markets Inc Wachovia Capital Llc Classification Costs Expenses
Clause 901 Indenture Modified Amended Solely Entirety Purposes Closing
Closing Shall Mean Initial Hotels Purchase Agreement Closing Shall Mean Purchase Agreement
Collateral Account Collateral Agent Shall Meaning Given Such Term Guaranty
Commencement Date Shall Mean Hereof Comment Thereon Shall Not Registration Statement Prospectus Amendment
Commentary Hpt Management Commitment
Commitment Percentage Commitments Contingencies
Committees Common Dividend
Common Shares Beneficial Interest Common Stock
Common Stock Warrants Communication Audit Committees
Communication Intended Sole Person Provided Issuer Communications Trustees
Compensation Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Executive Officers
Compensation Overview Compensation Overview Objectives
Compensation Tables Competition
Compliance Applicable Law Material Contracts Compliance Certificate
Compliance Environmental Laws Costly Compliance Laws
Composition Comprehensive Income
Comprehensive Income Loss Computations
Concentration Concentration Credit Risk
Condemnation Condemnor Shall Mean Public Quasi-public Person Having Power
Condemnor Shall Meaning Given Such Term Lease Condition Hotels
Condition Property Conditions Covenants
Conditions Obligations Conditions Obligations Parent Merger Sub
Conditions Obligations Parties Conditions Obligations Purchaser
Conditions Obligations Sellers Conditions Precedent Loans Letters Credit
Conduct Business Conduct Business Except Failure Qualify Good Standing Not
Conduct Business Parent Merger Sub Pending Conduct Business Purchaser
Conference Call Conference Call Scheduled Tuesday 1000
Conference Call Slide Presentation Confidentiality
Conflicts Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Jurisdiction Jury Trial Consents Approvals
Consolidated Income Available Debt Service Consolidated Statement Income Funds Operations
Consolidation Construction
Construction Lien Act Consultation
Contact Information Continuation
Continuing Trustees Contracts
Contracts Loans Checks Deposits Control Other Partys Business
Controls Procedures Conversion
Conversion Notice Conversion Procedures Convert Notes Holder Satisfy Requirements
Conversion Rate Adjustments Shall Adjusted Time Follows Conversion Rights
Converted Convertible Senior Notes Due 2027
Cooperation Financin Corporate Information
Corporate Trust Office Cost Borrowed Money
Costs Expenses Counterparts
Counterparts Headings Agreement Executed Each Shall Country Inns Suites Carlson
Courtyard Marriott Covenants Each Underwriter Follows
Covenants Each Underwriters Follows Covenants Selling Shareholder
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off Balance Sheet Credit Event
Credit Rating Critical Accounting Policies
Crowne Plaza Hotels Resorts Crowne Plaza Hotels Shall Mean Operated Date Hereof
Currency Current Recession Adversely Impacting Tenants Operators Jeopardize Abilities
Current Report Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Damage Destruction Damage Destruction Hotel
Damages Shall Meaning Set Forth Hereof Majority Date Agreement Earlier Closing Termination Except Required Law
Date Change Control Purchase Notice Delivered Paying Agent Date Delivery Documentation
Debt Debt Covenants
Debt Research Coverage Debt Service
Default Default Shall Mean Event Condition Giving Notice Lapse
Defaulting Lenders Deferral Agreement
Deferred Financing Costs Defined Contribution Plan
Definitions Demand Registration
Demand Registration Period Denominations Registration
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements
Depend Limited Number Operators Properties High Concentration Brands Depend Rmr Manage Business Implement Growth Strategy
Dependant Limited Number Operators Hotels High Concentration Hotel Dependant Limited Number Operators Properties High Concentration Brands
Deposit Deposit Shall Meaning Given Such Term 175
Deposit Shall Meaning Given Such Term Agreement Depreciation Federal Income Tax Treatment Leases
Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging Activities Derivative Instruments
Derivatives Termination Value Description Travelcenters America
Descriptions Shares Conform Material Respects Statements Relating Thereto Developable Property
Developments Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Directors Officers Indemnification
Disbursements Disposition Policies
Dispositions 2007 Dispositions Through
Dispositions Through 2006 Disqualified Stock
Distribution Rate Distributions
Distributions Common Shareholders Dividends Other Distributions
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollars
Dollars Except Per Share Data Dtc
Due Diligence Reports Each Holder Hereby Agrees Suspend Prospectus Until Amended
Early Termination Manager Nature Relationship Etc Earnings Operations
Earnings Per Share Earnings Profits
Easements East
Ebitda Effect Headings Herein Convenience Only Shall Not Affect
Effect Merger Effect Merger Capital Stock Constituent Corporations
Effect Merger Stock Options Warrants Effect Termination
Effective Date Effective Date Shall Mean Hereof
Effectiveness Effectiveness Deadline
Effectiveness Registration Statement Election Independent Trustee
Electronic Delivery Future Shareholder Communications Eligible Assignee
Employee Labor Matters Plans Employees
Encumbrance Claim Equity Outstanding Capital Shares Subsidiary Was Encumbrance Shall Meaning Given Such Term 201
Enforcement Engagement Manager Subject Terms Agreement Owner Hereby Grants
Entire Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Laws Environmental Matters
Environmental Remediation Equity Interest
Equity Investment Equity Issuance
Equity Research Coverage Erisa
Erisa Exemptions Erisa Group
Erisa Plans Keogh Individual Retirement Accounts Ernst Young Llp Comfort Letter
Error Reference Source Not Found Escrow Agreement Fund
Estimates Estoppel Certificates Financial Statements
Ethan Bornstein Age Event Default
Event Default Shall Meaning Given Such Term 121 Events Default Occurrence Following Shall Constitute Event Hereunder
Events Default Waiver Past Defaults Except Disclosed 309 Disclosure Letter
Except Per Share Data Except Specified Date Referred Shall Not Business Prior
Exchange Act Exchange Listing
Exchange Notes Exchange Offer
Exchange Offer Registration Exchange Offer Registration Statement
Excluded Subsidiary Exclusive Remedy
Execution Copy Execution Version
Executive Compensation Exercise Remedies Indemnitees
Exhibits Exhibits A-1 Through A-40
Existing Credit Agreement Existing Management Agreement Shall Meaning Given Such Term
Expansion Hotels Effective Date Shall Mean 2003 Expected Net Proceeds
Expenses Expiration Date Shall Mean Term Expire
Expiration Maturity Date Letters Credit Past Termination Expiration Sooner Termination Agreement Remain Pass Become Property
Explanatory Extended Term Shall Meaning Given Such
Extension Termination Date Face Competition Acquisition Hotels
Face Competition Acquisition Properties Facility Fee
Fair Market Value Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fax Federal Express Federal Express
Federal Funds Rate Federal Income Tax Consequences Hospitality Properties Trust
Federal Income Tax Consequences Spin Off Common Shares Federal Income Tax Considerations
Federal Income Taxation Shareholders Fees
Fees Manager Ferris Baker Watts Incorporated Janney Montgomery Scott Llc
Ffe Reserve Ffe Reserves
Fifth Filing Deadline
Financial Covenants Financial Difficulties Adversely Effect
Financial Difficulties Continue Worsen Financial Information
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Supplementary Data Financial Statements Tenant Shall Furnish Cause Applicable Following
Financing Financing Activities
Financing Activities 2006 Financing Commitment Full Force Effect Not Been Amended
Financing Policies Fixed Charges
Fixed Term Initial Agreement Shall Commence Commencement Date Fixtures Shall Meaning Given Such Term
Floating Rate Debt Following Definitions Supplement Extent Inconsistent Replace 101 Indenture
Following Exhibits Been Omitted Supplementally Furnished Securities Exchange Force Majeure
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form 8-k Form Notes
Frank Bailey Age Front Certificate
Full Power Authority Execute Agreement Bound Perform Terms Fully Paid Nonassessable Series Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Shares
Funds Operations Further Assurances
Gaap Gaap Shall Mean Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Consistently
General General Fiduciary Obligations
General Provisions General Qualifications Standards Board
General References Times General Requirements
Geographic Diversification Gerard Martin Age
Giving Such Opinion Sidley Austin Llp Rely Matters Global Legend Each Shall Bear Following Face Thereof
Global Legend Each Shall Bear Following Face Thereto Goodwill Intangible Assets
Governance Guidelines Governing Documents
Governing Law Governing Law Agreement Shall Deemed Been Commonwealth Massachusetts
Governing Law Exclusive Jurisdiction Governing Law Supplemental Indenture Shall Governed Construed Accordance
Governmental Approvals Governmental Authority
Grants Plan Based Awards 2006 Ground Lease
Ground Leases Shall Mean Collectively Effect Respect Portion Guarantee
Guaranteed Form Satisfactory Owner Shall Promptly After Receipt Guarantees
Guarantor Guarantor Shall Mean Guaranty
Guaranty Agreement Guaranty Shall Meaning Given Such Term
Hand Underwriters Other Connection Statements Omissions Resulted Such Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Substances Shall Mean Substance Headings Agreement Convenience Reference Only Shall Not Limit
Headings Interpretation Held Friday 2009
Held Thursday 2008 Hereto They Amended Time Accordance Terms Hereof
Holder Holding Over
Holiday Inn Hotels Resorts Holiday Inn Hotels Shall Mean Operated Date Hereof
Homestead Studio Suites Hospitality Properties Trust
Hospitality Properties Trust 400 Centre Street Newton Massachusetts Hospitality Properties Trust Announces 2005 Annual Results
Hospitality Properties Trust Announces 2006 Annual Results Hospitality Properties Trust Announces 2007 Annual Results
Hospitality Properties Trust Announces 2007 Results Hospitality Properties Trust Announces 2008 Results
Hospitality Properties Trust Announces 2008 Results Rent Deferral Hospitality Properties Trust Announces 2009 Results
Hospitality Properties Trust Announces Annual Meeting Votes Hospitality Properties Trust Announces Results
Hospitality Properties Trust Annual Meeting Shareholders Thursday 2008 Hospitality Properties Trust Annual Meeting Shareholders Tuesday 2007
Hospitality Properties Trust Articles Supplementary Series Cumulative Redeemable Hospitality Properties Trust Computation Ratio Earnings Combined Fixed
Hospitality Properties Trust Computation Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Hospitality Properties Trust Declares Lightstone Group Lease Default
Hospitality Properties Trust Important Notice Hospitality Properties Trust Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Hospitality Properties Trust Notes Pro Forma Consolidated Statement Hotel
Hotel Industry Hotel Industry Conditions
Hotel Management Agreements Leases Hotel Net Cash Flow
Hotel Pool Hotel Portfolio Performance
Hotel Properties Hotel Tenants Managers
Hotels Each Shall Due Payable Fifth Following Hotels Resorts
Householding Annual Meeting Materials However
Hpt Group Shall Mean Hptshc Owner Affiliates Collectively Hpt Hospitality Properties Trust
Hpt Ihg Inc Hpt Trs Ihg-1 Inc
Hrpt Properties Trusts Sells Shares Hospitality Trust Hyatt Place
Ihg Maryland Shall Meaning Given Such Term Preamble Ihg Shall Mean Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Successors
Illegality Immediate Release
Impact Inflation Impairment Intangible Assets
Impairment Long Lived Assets Important
Important Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials Improvements
Improvements Etc Income Taxes
Income Tests Incorporated
Increase Commitments Increase Interest Rates Costs Variable Rate Debt Adversely
Increasing Interest Rates Adversely Affect Value Investment Shares Indebtedness
Indebtedness Tenant Shall Not Create Incur Assume Guarantee Indemnification
Indemnification Agent Indemnification Contribution
Indemnification Purchaser Indemnification Sellers
Indemnification Trustees Officers Indemnification Trustees Officers Selling Shareholder Shareholders
Indemnification Underwriters Indemnification Underwriters Selling Shareholder
Indemnification Waiver Subrogation Indenture
Indenture Modified Amended Solely Purposes Notes Add Indenture Modified Amended Solely Purposes Notes Add Following
Indenture Modified Amended Solely Purposes Notes Read Independence Discussions Audit Committees
Independent Accountants Report Applying Agreed-upon Procedures Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Index Index Financial Statements
Index Financial Statements Schedules Index Financial Statements Statement Schedules
Information Information Regarding Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Information Reporting Backup Withholding Inherent Risks Hotel Industry Affect Business
Initial Conditions Precedent Initial Hotels Effective Date Shall Mean 2003
Initial Sites Shall Mean Parcels Real Estate Particularly Initial Working Capital Shall Meaning Given Such Term
Initially Address Set Forth Purchase Agreement Thereafter Such Inquiries
Insert Assignees Soc Sec Tax Insurance
Insurance Indemnification Insurance Policies
Intangible Assets Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Shall Meaning Given Such Term 124 Inter Alia
Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Intercontinental Hotels Resorts
Interest Expense Interest Following Each Through Below Commencement Date Relates
Interest Payment Date Interest Period
Interest Rate Agreement Interim Operations
Internal Control-integrated Framework Internal-use Software Costs
Internet Website Interruption Tas Fuel Supplies Materially Adversely Affect Business
Introduction Introduction Pro Forma Consolidated Financial Statements
Introduction Pro Forma Consolidated Statement Income Inventories
Investing Activities Investment
Investment Financing Liquidity Capital Resources Investment Formation Licensing Expenses
Investment Grade Rating Investment Operating Policies
Investments Generally Investor Information
Investor Relations Isin Number
Issue Secured Debt Subsidiary Such Priority Claims Certain John Harrington Age
John Murray Age Kauai Marriott Resort Beach Club
Kleifges Age Lakewood 2007
Landlord Default Landlord Default Shall Meaning Given Such Term
Landlords Obligations Landlords Right Inspect
Lease Lease Agreement
Leased Improvements Shall Meaning Given Such Term Leased Property Shall Meaning Given Such Term
Leasing Transactions Legal Proceedings
Legend Required Applicable State Securities Laws Lender
Lender Credit Decision Etc Lending Office
Letter Credit Documents Letter Credit Liabilities
Letterhead Venable Llp Liability Trustees Etc
Libor Lien
Liens Liens Negative Pledges Other Matters
Lightstone Group Limitation Liability
Limitations Incurrence Debt Limitations Indemnification Payments Purchaser Indemnitees
Limitations Indemnification Payments Seller Indemnitees Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Capital Resources Dollar Amounts Except Per Share Listing Shall Reasonable Best Efforts Maintain Approval Common
Litigation Litigation Jurisdiction Other Matters Waivers
Llp Special Maryland Counsel Selling Shareholder Form Substance Loan Document
Loan Party Lock-up Agreements
Locked Managing Trustees Executive Officers Locked Trustees Executive Officers
Locked-up Trustees Executive Officers Long Term
Long Term Debt Long Terms
Longer Published Such Other Index Substitution Therefor Loses Ability Pay Fuel After Delivery Tas Working
Loss Tax Status Reit Authority Challenges Significant Adverse Loss Tax Status Reit Significant Adverse Consequences Reduce
Mail Each Holder Copy Prospectus Forming Part Exchange Maintenance Alterations
Maintenance Property Maintenance Repairs Subject Terms Hereof Manager Shall Promptly
Majority Majority Rents Returns Guaranteed Parent Companies Tenants Operators
Make-whole Amount Management
Management Advisor Evaluation Succession Management Agreement
Management Agreements Management Agreements Leases
Management Report Assessment Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Manager
Manager Event Default Shall Meaning Given Such Term Manager Events Default Each Following Shall Constitute Event
Manager Shall Meaning Given Such Term Preamble Agreement Manager Shall Only Party Entitled Withdraw Funds Reserve
Managers Certificate Managers Insurance Program
Managers Tenants Managing Trustee
Mandatorily Redeemable Stock Market Price Shares Expect Distribute Spin Off Low
Marriott Hotels Resorts Marriott Louis Airport
Marriott Nashville Airport Maryland
Maryland Real Estate Investment Trust Transferable Shares Beneficial Maryland Real Estate Trust Transferable Shares Beneficial Interest
Master Management Agreement Material Adverse Effect
Material Contract Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Material Plan Material Repairs
Material Subsidiary Maturity
Maximum Extent Permitted Applicable Law Each Parties Hereto Media Contact
Meetings Independent Trustees Merger
Merger Consideration Merger Consolidation Sale
Merger Consolidation Sales Assets Other Arrangements Merger Recapitalization
Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner Smith Incorporated Minimis
Minimum Amounts Minimum Rent
Minimum Returns Rent Miscellaneous
Modification Modifications Advisory Agreement Other Material Contracts
Multiemployer Plan Mutual Written Consent Purchaser Sellers Representative
Name Address Trustee Paying Agent Conversion Negative Covenants
Negative Pledge Net Proceeds
New Accounting Pronouncement New Accounting Pronouncements
New Management Agreement Shall Meaning Given Such Term New Subsidiaries Guarantors
Newton 02458 Newton Massachusetts 02458
Nominees Terms Expiring 2009 Non-domestic Property
Non-economic Hotels Non-liability Trustees
Non-survival Representations Warranties Nonliability Agent Lenders
Nonliability Trustees Nonrecourse Indebtedness
Not Cash Necessary Pay Principal Return Net Amount Not Independently Verified Managers Tenants Operating Data
Not Permitted Operate Hotels Dependent Managers Tenants Not Permitted Operate Properties Dependent Managers Tenants
Notes Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Dollars Except Per Share Notes Consolidated Statement Income
Notes Consolidated Statement Income Funds Operations Notes Consolidated Statements Income
Notes Permit Redemption Before Maturity Noteholders Unable Reinvest Notes Surrendered Paying Agent Collect Payment Change Control
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2006 Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2007
Notice Borrowing Notice Continuation
Notice Conversion Notice Defaults
Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Notice Shall Mean Given Accordance 2310
Notice Swingline Borrowing Notices
Notices Other Communications Hereunder Shall Writing Deemed Been Notification Certain Matters
Now Therefore Number 1-11527
Number 1-115272 Number Interest Periods
Objection Obligations
Obligations Respect Loan Parties Obtain Withdrawal Order Suspending Effectiveness Registration Statement Promptly
Obtain Withdrawal Order Suspending Effectiveness Shelf Registration Statement Ofac
Offering Memorandum Officers
Officers Certificate Officers Certificates
Offices Opening Date Shall Mean Each Initial Hotel Set
Operating Agreement Abstract Operating Agreements Portfolio Information
Operating Costs Operating Costs Undertake Capital Replacement Except Extent Manager
Operating Data Presented Based Results Provided Managers Tenants Operating Lease Expense
Operating Liquidity Capital Resources Operation Hotel
Operator Operator Deposits
Opinion Counsel Opinion Counsel Selling Shareholder
Opinion Counsel Underwriters Opinion Special Maryland Counsel
Opportunity Defend Party Claims Option Exercises Stock Vested 2006
Organization Organization Business
Original Management Agreement Shall Meaning Given Such Term Other
Other Acceptable Property Other Accrued Liabilities
Other Common Stock Issuances Other Comprehensive Loss
Other Covenants Agreements Other Events
Other Events Trustees Other Information
Other Matters Other Provisions
Other Representations Warranties Other Tax Consequences
Outstanding Equity Awards End 2006 Over-allotment Option
Overallotment Option Overview
Overview Dollar Amounts Except Per Share Owner
Owner Shall Meaning Given Such Term Preamble Agreement Ownership Interests
Ownership Limitations Anti-takeover Provisions Declaration Trust Bylaws Rights Ownership Limitations Anti-takeover Provisions Declaration Trust Maryland Law
Package Prospectus Not Singly Aggregate Material Adverse Effect Park Plaza
Parsippany Site Shall Mean Parcel Real Estate Particularly Participating Broker-dealer
Party Except Provided Sections Shall Survive Such Termination Party Rights Assignment
Patriot Act Payment
Payment Dates Payment Expenses
Payment Taxes Claims Payments
Pending Litigation Per Common Share Amounts
Percentage Rent Performance Agent
Performance Graph-comparison Cumulative Total Return Permits
Permitted Permitted Contests
Permitted Liens Person
Person Controls Each Underwriter Within Meaning 1933 Act Personal Property
Personal Property Taxes Insurance Statements Financing Documents Including Personnel
Petro Transactions Piggy-back Registration
Plan Plan Assets Considerations
Please Help Avoid Expense Further Solicitation Voting Today Pledge Loan Transfer Other Disposition Whatsoever Restricted Security
Plus Percent Maximum Rate Then Permitted Applicable Law Policies Procedures Concerning Conflicts Interest Related Person Transactions
Pooled Agreements Portfolio Activities
Portfolio Information Portfolio Performance
Post Termination Obligations Expiration Earlier Agreement Reason Owner Post-closing Audits
Post-default Rate Preferred
Preferred Dividends Preferred Stock
Preliminary Statements Prepayments
Preservation Existence Similar Matters Press Release Regarding Rights Plan Shareholders Meeting Results
Price Fuel Volatile Prime Hotels
Prime Rate Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Management Agreement Lease Features Principal Office
Private Letter Ruling 2022 Lease Deleted Entirety Replaced Pro Forma Ratios
Pro Rata Treatment Procedure
Procedures Proceeds
Proceeds Letters Credit Procure Operating Supplies Replacement Equipment
Profile Prohibited Transactions
Promptly Reasonably Practicable After Filing Thereof Event Prior Promptly Reasonably Practicable Notify Representative Each Holder Registrable
Property Property Equipment
Property Mortgages Proposes Enter Sublease Concession Manager Shall Provide Copy
Prospectus Provided Further
Provided However Proxy Properly Executed Voted Directed Direction Given Proposal
Proxy Properly Executed Voted Directed Direction Given Proposals Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Trustees Annual Meeting 2005
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Trustees Annual Meeting 2006 Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Trustees Hospitality Properties Trust
Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Public Market Notes Issue Not Develop
Public Offering Price Publicity
Purchase Agreement Purchase Price Shall Amount Equal
Purchase Tenants Personal Property Purchaser Been Provided Complete Correct Copies Currently Effective
Purchaser Shall Mean Collectively Landlords Lease Purchaser Shall Mean Landlord Lease
Purchaser Shall Paid Purchase Price Otherwise Performed Material Purpose
Purposes Supplemental Indenture Notes Addition Events Default Set Pursuant 301 Indenture Notes Shall Following Terms Conditions
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Dollar Amounts
Quarterly Financial Statements Radisson
Radisson Hotels Resorts Rates Payment Interest Loans
Rating Agencies Ratings
Rbc Capital Markets Corporation Real Estate Ownership Creates Risks Liabilities
Real Estate Properties Real Property Matters
Reasonably Assured Funds Pay Such Operating Costs Capital Reasons Among Others Not Place Undue Reliance Forward
Reasons Spin Off Receive Paper E-mail Copy Above Listed Documents Request
Recent Acquisition Recent Acquisitions
Recent Developments Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Recently Learned Litigation Against Recently Suspended Distributions Common Shares Assurance Make Future
Recital Recitals
Reclassifications Recording
Redeemable Equity References Form 10-q Hpt Include Hospitality Properties Trust
Registered Registered Holder
Registrable Notes Registrable Securities
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registration
Registration Expenses Registration Procedures
Registration Rights Registration Rights Agreement
Registration Securities Act Registration Shall Mean Effected Pursuant Hereof Shelf
Registration Statement Regular Record Date
Regulation Disclosure Regulatory Change
Regulatory Compliance Disclosure Regulatory Matters
Reimburse Underwriters Out-of-pocket Expenses Including Reasonable Fees Disbursements Reimbursement Obligation
Reinvestment Rate Reit
Reit Qualification Related Party Transactions
Related Person Transaction Related Person Transactions
Related Person Transactions Review Such Relationship
Relationship Authority Further Actions Relationship Taxable Reit Subsidiaries
Releases Purchaser Releases Sellers
Remain Full Force Effect Without Regard Such Sale Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remedies Default Remedies Event Default
Renewals Renewed Rights Agreement
Rent Rent Coverage Ratios Travelcenters America Llc Leases
Rent Deferral Rent Deferral Arrangement
Rent Lease Payment Equipment Used Hotels Operation Thereof Repairs Shall Meaning Given Such Term
Repayment Loans Repayment Outstanding Indebtedness
Repayment Repurchase Outstanding Indebtedness Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Borrower Represents Warrants Follows Representations Warranties Hpt Represents Warrants
Representations Warranties Represents Warrants Hpt Representations Warranties Sellers
Representations Warranties Selling Shareholder Required Funds
Requisite Lenders Research Coverage
Reserve Account Reserve Percentage Shall Mean Respect Each Initial Hotel
Reserved Reserved 913 Headings Interpretation
Residence Inn Marriott Responsibilities Duties
Responsible Officer Restoration
Restricted Area Shall Mean Hotel Around Such Depicted Restricted Cash
Restricted Payment Restricted Payments
Restricted Shares Restrictions Transfer
Results 2005 Results 2006
Results 2007 Results 2008
Results Operations Financial Condition Retail Sales Tax Act
Revenue Recognition Revolving Loan
Revolving Loans Rights Cumulative
Rights Shareholders Take Action Against Trustees Officers Limited Risk Factors
Rmr Sale Delivery Underwriters Closing
Sales Marketing Advertising Manager Shall Cause Affiliates Sanctioned Entity
Sanctioned Person Sara Shall Mean Superfund Amendments Reauthorization Act 1986
Schedule Schedule 108
Schedule 14a Schedule 14a Rule 14a-101 Information
Schedule Issuer Free Writing Prospectuses Included General Disclosure Schedules
Scope Agreement Seal
Seasonality Secured Debt
Secured Indebtedness Securities Act
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Deposits Not Provide Cash Flow Security Features
Security Interest Hotel Managers Therein Hereunder Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
See See Notes Consolidated Statement Income Page
See Notes Page Segment Information
Selection Candidates Trustees Shareholder Recommendations Nominations Proposals Sellers Representative
Sellers Representative Based Acts Omissions Taken Omitted His Sellers Subsidiaries Shall Performed Material Respects Obligations Hereunder
Selling Shareholders Certificate Selling Shareholders Officers Certificates
Senior Management Senior Unsecured Debt Ratings
Services Fees Services Fees Shall Mean Specified
Set Forth Below Proposed Changes Paragraph Declaration Trust Set Forth Below Proposed Changes Sections Declaration Trust
Set Forth Below Text Added New Clause Declaration Set Forth Below Text Added New Declaration Trust
Setoff Settlement Date
Settlement Without Consent Failure Reimburse Severability Provisions
Several Obligations Severance Date Shall Meaning Given Such Term Guaranty
Shall Mean Each Calendar Term Partial Share Based Employee Compensation
Shareholder Indemnified Party Shareholder Trustee Officer Personally Liable Act Obligation Trust
Shareholders Equity Shares
Shares Free Clear Claim Lien Encumbrance Security Interest Sharing Payments Etc
Shelf Registration Signature Page Follows
Signature Page Hpt Lease Notice Signature Page Purchase Agreement
Signature Page Supplemental Indenture Signatures
Signatures Appear Next Page Signatures Continue Next Page
Signatures Following Pages Significant Tenant
Signs Service Marks Simultaneous Subsequent Exercise Landlord Such Other Rights Powers
Sites Shall Mean Parcels Real Estate Particularly Described Size
Solicitation Negotiation Solicitation Proxies
Solvent Some Management Agreements Leases Limit Ability Sell Finance
Some Returns Rents Guaranteed Parent Entities Affiliates Tenants Special Shareholder Approval Requirements
Spin Out Transaction Lease Springhill Suites Marriott
Standard Poors Stated Amount
Statement Statement Concerning Limited Liability
Statement Opposition Proposal Statement Shall Meaning Given Such Term
Statements Account Statistical Release
Staybridge Suites Stock Option Plan
Stock-based Employee Compensation Stockholder Approval Notice
Stockholders Representative Strategy
Subject Risks Arising Litigation Sublease Limitations 154 Lease Hereby Deleted Entirety Replaced
Subletting Assignment Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordinated Creditor Shall Mean Tenant Party Subordination Agreement Subsequent Eevents
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Subsidiaries Investments Through Partnerships
Subsidiaries Registrant Subsidiary
Substantial Debt Obligations Incur Additional Substitute Tenant Shall Meaning Given Term
Successor Agent Successor Purchaser Shall Meaning Given Such Term
Successors Assigns Successors Assigns Such Individual Entity Context Admits
Such Not Case Specify Default Event Nature Occurred Such Notices Shall Addressed
Summary Audited Financial Information Travel Centers America Llc Summary Audited Financial Information Travelcenters America Llc
Summary Compensation Table 2006 Summary Financial Information Travelcenters America Llc
Supplemental Cash Flow Information Supplemental Data
Supplemental Federal Income Tax Considerations Supplemental Indenture
Supplemental Indenture Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws Supplemental Indenture Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws Commonwealth
Supplemental Operating Financial Data Supporting Statement California Public Employees Retirement System
Survival Survival Provisions Shall Survive Expiration Sooner Termination Agreement
Survival Representations Warranties Etc Suspension Libor Loans
Suspension Period Swingline
Swingline Commitment Swingline Lender
Swingline Loan Swingline Loans
System Litigation Table Contents
Take Other Steps Necessary Effect Registration Registrable Securities Tangible Net Worth
Tas Operating Margins Narrow Tax Cooperation
Tax Returns Tax Sharing Agreements
Tax Treatment Tax Withholding
Taxable Reit Subsidiaries Taxation Non-us Shareholders
Taxation Reit Taxation Shareholders
Taxation Tax-exempt Shareholders Taxes
Tca Closing Shall Occurred Same Tenant Elected Advance Deficiency Funds Pursuant 1023 Depositing
Tenant Shall Mean Lease Tenant Shall Meaning Given Such Term Preambles Agreement
Tenants General Obligations Tenants Managers
Term Term Renewals
Term Shall Mean Agreement Extended Terminated Pursuant Terms Termination
Termination Affiliate Contracts Termination Agreement
Termination Date Termination Survival
Terms Defined Indenture Capitalized Used Herein Not Meanings Terms Notes
Terms Provisions Agreement Remain Effect Stated Herein Renewal Time Shall Mean Closing Defined Purchase Agreement Depository
Time Shall Mean Closing Defined Purchase Agreement Effective Timely Document Required Pursuant 1934 Act Prior Termination
Timing Financing Title Hotel
Title Notes Shall Registered Securities Indenture Known 5625 Title Notes Shall Registered Securities Indenture Known 670
Title Notes Shall Registered Securities Indenture Known 7875 Title Property
Titled Agent Titled Agents
Titles Headings Sections Agreement Convenience Only Shall Not Total Asset Value
Total Assets Total Condemnation
Total Indebtedness Total Unencumbered Assets
Towneplace Suites Marriott Trade Area Restriction
Trading Symbol Transaction
Transaction Agreement Transaction Not Close
Transactions Affiliates Transfer Restrictions Preemptive Rights Call Options
Transfer Taxes Transfers Assets
Travel Center Properties Travelcenters America Inc Acquisition
Treatment Affected Loans Trs
Trustee Trustee Access Management Independent Advisors
Trustee Compensation Trustee Orientation Continuing Education
Trustee Responsibilities Trustees Executive Officers
Trustees Shareholders Trustees Shareholders Hospitality Properties Trust
Type Ultimate Parent Shall Mean Respect Person Each Such
Unable Access Capital Necessary Finance Acquisition Unable Access Capital Necessary Repay Debt Grow
Unable Access Capital Necessary Repay Debts Grow Unable Access Capital Necessary Repay Debts Otherwise Conduct
Unable Provide Funding Required Managers Tenants Refurbishment Hotels Unable Provide Funding Required Refurbishment Properties
Unconsolidated Affiliate Undepreciated Real Estate Assets
Underwriter Underwriting Agreement
Underwriting Distribution Unencumbered Asset
Unencumbered Asset Value Unencumbered Ebitda
Unencumbered Hotels Unencumbered Mortgage
Unfunded Liabilities Unless Boxes Checked Trustee Refuse Register Notes Evidenced
Unleveraged Non-domestic Subsidiary Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unresolved Staff Comments
Unsecured Debt Unsecured Debt Service
Unsecured Indebtedness Ures
Usury Utilize Services Depository Exchange Offer
Value Received Violation
Visits Inspections Voluntary Reductions Commitment
Vote Vote Against Proposal
Vote Important Vote Internet Wwwproxyvotecom
Vote Mail Vote Phone 1-800-690-6903
Voting Beneficial Interest Otherwise Right Power Whether Contract Wachovia
Wachovia Lender Waiver Notice
Waivers Amendments Warning
Warning Concerning Forward Looking Statements Warning Concerning Ward Looking Statements
Warning Regarding Forward Looking Statements West
Whereas Wholly Owned Subsidiary
Wholly-owned Wholly-owned Subsidiaries Investments Through Partnerships
William Lamkin Age Withholding
Without Limitation Contains Emits Radioactive Particles Waves Material Witness
Witness Whereof Witness Whereof Trust Caused Certificate Executed Behalf Duly
Words Crossed Out Deleted Declaration Trust Words Underlined Brackets Added Crossed Out Deleted Declaration
Working Capital Xvi Arbitration
Year-end Statements Yearly Budgets
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