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Acceleration Facility Collateral Account Acceleration Waivers Amendments Remedies
Account Account Resulting Differences Capitalized Labor Charges Between Jurisdictions
Accounting Accounting Rate Regulation
Accounting Standards Updates Asus Accuracy Information
Action Instructions Lenders Address Notices Administrative Agent
Address Notices Borrower Address Notices Credit Contact
Address Notices Issuer Credit Contact Adjustments Smith
Administration Administrative Agent
Administrative Agent Arranger Fees Administrative Agent Joint Lead Arranger Fees
Administrative Agents Reimbursement Indemnification Adopted Accounting Pronouncements
Adopted Accounting Pronouncements Sfas 157 Advanced Metering Infrastructure Ami
Advancement Expenses Advancements Determinations Payments
Adverse Results Income Tax Audits Reduce Earnings Cash Affiliates
After Change-in-control Agents Determined Joint Lead Arrangers
Agreement Serve Air Quality Issues
Allowance Funds Used Construction Allowance Funds Used Construction Afudc
Alternate Lending Installation Lender Statements Survival Indemnity Amended Restated 2008
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amendment Agreement Not Amended Modified Except Written Executed
Amendment Idaho Power Employee Savings Plan Final 415 Amendment Idaho Power Executive Deferred Compensation Plan
Amendment Modification Termination Amendment Sales Agency Agreement
Amendment Termination Amendment Termination Generally
Amendment Termination Plan Amendments
Amendments Termination American Recovery Reinvestment Act 2009
Analysis Earnings Analysis Earnings Per Diluted Share
Analysis Earnings Per Share Annex
Appeal Appointment Nature Relationship
Asset Impairment Available-for-sale Securities Asset Retirement Obligations
Asset Retirement Obligations Aro Assets
Assignment Agreement Personal Consultant Without Prior Written Consent Assignments
Assumes New Rates Effect 2008 Assumption Risk
Attorneys Fees Audit Services
Audit-related Services Authorization Validity
Availability Types Advances Awards
Background Background Information Safe Harbor Statement
Bank America Lender Bank National Association
Baseload Resource Baseload Resource Rfp
Basic Earnings Loss Per Share Basis Presentation
Before Change-in-control Before Public Utility Oregon
Beneficiaries Beneficiary Designation
Beneficiary Designation Participant Eligible Frozen Benefit Agreement Assignments Participations
Benefit Election Benefit Plans
Bnymcm Terminate Right Effect Issuances Agreement Trading Notice Board Directors
Boardman-hemingway Line Boardman-hemingway Transmission Project
Books Records Borrower
Borrower Furnished Administrative Agent Sufficient Copies Lenders Borrower Shall Pay Arranger Administrative Agent Own Respective
Bracketed Language Annex Deleted Burden Proof Presumptions
Business Strategy Business Strategy Overview 2004 Outlook 2005
Capital Requirements Capital Requirements Cash Flows
Capitalization Liabilities Cash Equivalents
Ceo Jan Packwood Retire Idacorp Board Names Lamont Ceps Table Method Calculation
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certification
Change Address Change Control
Change Estimate Depreciation Change Time Form Payment
Changes Capital Adequacy Regulations Changes Interest Rate Etc
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Temperature Precipitation Reduce Power Sales Revenues
Choice Law Choice Law Consent Jurisdiction Waiver Jury Trial
Choose Claim Relief
Claims Procedure Clean Air Interstate Rule Cair
Clean Air Mercury Rule Climate Change
Climate Change Affect Customer Demand Hydroelectric Generation Disrupt Combined Heat Power Chp Rfp
Combined Payout Percentage Determined Dividing Sum Ceps Tsr Commitment
Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Committee Commodity Price Risk
Commodity Price Risk Utility Common Stock
Common Stock Peer Group Ceases Traded Performance Period Common Stock Stock-based Compensation
Competition Retail Compliance Laws
Comprehensive Income Conclude Testimony Support Stipulation
Condensed Statements Cash Flows Condensed Statements Income
Conditions Delivery Issuance Notices Settlement Conditions Imposed Connection Hydroelectric License Renewals Require Large
Conditions Precedent Conduct Business
Confidentiality Conflict Government Consent
Conflict Interest Consent Jurisdiction
Consolidated Statements Retained Earnings Construction
Contents Appearance Report Copyrighted Factset Callstreet Llc 2007 Contingent Liabilities
Continuing Declines Stream Flows Over-appropriation Water Idaho Reduce Contractual Obligations
Controls Procedures Controls Procedures Disclosure
Conversion Continuation Outstanding Advances Cost Complying Environmental Laws Regulations Increase Capital Expenditures
Costs Complying State Federal Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Counterparts
Covenants Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Facilities Credit Ratings
Credit Risk Credit Risk Utility
Credit-contingent Features Credits
Critical Accounting Policies Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Cspp Purchases Customer Satisfaction
Customers D-1
D-2 Danskin Ct1 Power Plant Rate Case
Darrel Anderson Death
Death Disability Debt Covenants
Deemed Investment Options Default
Default Unmatured Exists Closing Date Defaults
Defense Deferral Arrangements
Deferral Elections Deferrals
Deferred Compensation Account Trust Deferred Compensation Agreement
Deferred Pension Expense Definition
Definitions Definitions Capitalized Terms Not Otherwise Defined Herein Shall
Delegation Affiliates Deloitte Touche Llp
Denial Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Depreciation Filings
Derivative Financial Instruments Description 409a Amendments
Description Amendments Description Bonds Mtn Series
Deterioration Ipcs Credit Ratings Resultant Increase Cost Capital Determination Annual Installment Amounts
Determination Awards Determination Disability
Determination Incentive Awards Determination Indemnification Appeal
Did Make Commitments Address Concerns Industrial Customers Did Make Commitments Respect Terms Conditions Service
Did Parties Arrive Agreement Regarding Rate Return Did Parties Arrive Stipulation
Did Parties Calculate Agreed-upon Revenue Requirement Increase Did Staff Conclude Stipulated Revenue Requirement Increase Was
Did Staff Other Parties Conduct Thorough Examination Filing Diluted Earnings Loss Per Share
Direct Link Launch Director Indemnification Agreement Idacorp Inc
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Disability Disclaimer
Disclaimers Beneficiaries Disclosure
Disclosure Controls Procedures Dissemination Information
District Court Fifth Judicial State Idaho County Twin Dividend Restrictions
Dividends Paid Per Share Dividends Paid Per Share Common
Dollars Downgrade Idacorp Incs Idaho Power Credit Ratings Negatively
Each Credit Extension Early Distribution
Earnings Guidance Earnings Loss Unconsolidated
Earnings Losses Unconsolidated Earnings Per Share
Earnings Per Share Common Stock Earnings Per Share Common Stock Diluted
Economic Environment Effect Lgar
Effect Other Plans Effect Sharing Formula
Effect Termination Employment Effective 2000
Effective 2005 Effective Date
Effects Power Supply Expense Variability Eitf Issue 06-11
Eligibility Eligibility Deferral Election
Eligibility Participation Employee Savings Plan
Employee Workforce Factors Increase Costs Reduce Earnings Employment Administrative Agents Counsel
Endangered Species Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Matters Energy Efficiency Programs
Energy Marketing Entire Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Issues
Environmental Matters Environmental Regulation
Environmental Regulation Costs Equity Compensation Plans Not Approved Idacorp Shareholders
Equity Issuances Equity Price Risk
Equity Price Risk Idacorp Ipcs Not Changed Materially Equity Price Risk Idacorps Ipcs Not Changed Materially
Equity-method Investments Erisa
Establishment Purpose Duration Establishment Trust
Events Default Definitive Credit Documentation Contain Substantially Consistent Ever Declining Hydro Base Flows
Executive Compensation Executive Deferred Compensation Plan
Executive Officers Registrant Executive Officers Registrants
Executive Overview Exhibits A-e
Existence Standing Existing Letters Credit
Expense Variability Expenses
Expenses Indemnification Explanatory
Explantory Facility Lcs
Facility Other Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fees Ferc Market-based Rate Authority
Fifth Claim Relief Fin
Final Decision Financial
Financial Reporting Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financing
Financing Activities Financing Cash Flows
Financing Cash Flows Debt Issuances Financing Programs
Fixed Cost Adjustment Mechanism Fca Fixed Rate Debt
Forecast Snow Pack Water Conditions Forecast Water Conditions
Form 8-k Amendment Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Form 8-k Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act
Forward-looking Information Fsp Eitf 03-6-1
Fsp Fin 39-1 Fuel
Fuel Expense Full Performance Summary
Funding Indemnification Funding Plan
Gain Sale Emission Allowances Gateway West Project
Gateway West Transmission Project General Effects Earnings
General Immunity General Indemnity Obligation
General Provisions General Rate Case
General Rate Case Filing General Rate Cases
Geothermal Rfps Governing Law
Governing Law New York Administrative Agents Governmental Regulation
Greenhouse Gases Guarantees
Hardship Withdrawals Hazardous Toxic Wastes Substances
Headings Hedging Policy Energy Crisis
Hells Canyon Complex Hemingway Station
Hemingway-hubbard Transmission Line Hereby Covenants Warrants Agrees
Highlights Hoku Materials Inc
Hoku Special Contract Holding Idacorp Inc Not Own Operating Income Rely
Ida-west Ida-west Energy
Ida-west Ipc Purchases Power Generated Ida-wests Hydroelectric Projects Idacomm
Idacorp Idacorp Announces 2005 Results
Idacorp Announces 2007 Results Idacorp Announces 2008 Results
Idacorp Announces Year-end 2007 Results Idacorp Announces Year-end 2008 Results
Idacorp Common Stock Idacorp Consolidated Net Income
Idacorp Energy Idaho Power Reach Settlement Agreement California Idacorp Financial Services Inc
Idacorp Idaho Power Board Fees Idacorp Idaho Power Incur Losses Investments Unable Sell
Idacorp Inc Idacorp Inc 2000 Long-term Incentive Compensation Plan Establishment
Idacorp Inc 2000 Long-term Incentive Compensation Plan Performance Idacorp Inc Announces 2009 Results
Idacorp Inc Common Stock Idacorp Inc Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets
Idacorp Inc Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets 2005 2004 Idacorp Inc Condensed Consolidated Statements Cash Flows 2005
Idacorp Inc Condensed Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income Idacorp Inc Consolidated Balance Sheets
Idacorp Inc Consolidated Balance Sheets 2005 2004 Summary Idacorp Inc Consolidated Statements Cash Flows 2004 2003
Idacorp Inc Consolidated Statements Cash Flows 2005 2004 Idacorp Inc Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income
Idacorp Inc Consolidated Statements Income Periods 2005 2004 Idacorp Inc Energy Idaho Power Subject Costs Other
Idacorp Inc Executive Incentive Plan Neo Award Opportunity Idacorp Inc Executive Incentive Plan Revised 2006 Purpose
Idacorp Inc Form 8-k 801 Other Events Idacorp Inc Idaho Power 2006 Neo Base Compensation
Idacorp Inc Idaho Power 2007 Compensation Non-employee Directors Idacorp Inc Idaho Power 2008 Compensation Non-employee Directors
Idacorp Inc Idaho Power Form 8-k Idacorp Inc Schedule Condensed Financial Information Registrant
Idaho Idaho 2007 General Rate Case
Idaho 2008 General Rate Case Idaho Depreciation Filing
Idaho Energy Efficiency Rider Idaho Energy Efficiency Rider Prudency Review
Idaho Oatt Shortfall Filing Idaho Pension Expense Order
Idaho Power Idaho Power 1994 Restricted Stock Plan Awards Time
Idaho Power Business Subject Substantial Governmental Regulation Adversely Idaho Power Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets
Idaho Power Condensed Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income Idaho Power Condensed Consolidated Statements Income
Idaho Power Consolidated Balance Sheets Idaho Power Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income
Idaho Power Consolidated Statements Income Idaho Power Consolidated Statements Retained Earnings
Idaho Power Executive Deferred Compensation Plan Idaho Power Files General Rate Case Increase Request
Idaho Power Files General Rate Increase Request Implementation Idaho Power Files Settle Pending General Rate Case
Idaho Power Files Stipulation Settle Pending General Rate Idaho Power Net Income
Idaho Power Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Idaho Power Opposes Recharge Legislation Bill Unfairly Burden
Idaho Power Page Idaho Power Reliance Coal Natural Gas Fuel Generation
Idaho Power Security Plan Senior Management Employees Amended Idaho Power Supplemental Operating Statistics
Idaho Rate Cases 2008 General Case Idaho Water Management Issues
Idatech Ifs
Immediate Release Important Information Opening New Account Entering Business Relationship
Income Taxes Income Taxes Status Audit Proceedings
Incompetence Increase
Increase Commitment Increased Capital Expenditures Significantly Affect Liquidity
Indebtedness Liens Indemnification Agreements
Indemnification Contribution Indemnification Expenses Incurred Enforcing Rights
Indemnification General Indemnity Obligation Index
Index Exhibits Index Financial Statements Statement Schedules
Industry Segment Information Inflation
Initial Claim Initial Credit Extension
Inspection Insurance
Integrated Resource Plan Integrated Resource Plan Irp
Interest Expense Interest Expense Preferred Dividends
Interest Payment Dates Fee Basis Interest Rate Risk
Introduction Investing Activities
Investing Cash Flows Investment Act
Investments Acquisitions Ipc
Ipc Common Stock Issue Bonds Mtn Series
Issuer Issuer Filed Registration Statement Including Prospectus Sec
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Iti
Jpmorgan Chase Bank Administrative Agent Lender Kbc Bank
Lamont Keen Langley Gulch 2012 Baseload Resource
Langley Gulch Power Plant 2012 Baseload Resource Legal Construction
Legal Environmental Issues Legal Issues
Legal Other Proceedings Legal Proceedings
Lender Credit Decision Lender Statements Survival Indemnity
Lenders Administrative Agent Shall Received Fees Required Paid Lending Installations
Less Letter Credit
Leverage Ratio Liabilities Shareholders Equity
Liability Liens
Limitations Indemnification Liquidity
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Pension Plan
Litigation Contingent Obligations Load Growth Idaho Power Service Territory Exposes Greater
Loans Closing Date Long-term Debt
Long-term Financing Long-term Incentive Compensation Plan Performance Share Award Agreement
Lori Smith Losses Unconsolidated
Maintenance Properties Major Projects
Major Projects Hemingway Station Management Discussion
Management Estimates Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Market Perspective Pca Market Prices
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Material Adverse Change
Material Agreements Material Impairments
Material Modification Rights Security Holders Maturity
Maximum Amount Obligations Secured Indenture Ments Commitment
Merger Sale Assets Method Payment
Method Selecting Types Interest Periods New Advances Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Motion Dismiss Complaint Petition Declaratory Injunctive Relief
Name Ref10002303155 Material Adverse Change Name Ref99973078212 Noteless Agreement Evidence Indebtedness
Name Ref99973342124 Dissemination Information Name Ref9997335623 Types Advances Minimum Amount Each Advance
Name Ref9997453031 Yield Protection Name Ref9997458633 Availability Types Advances
Name Ref99975460612 Leverage Ratio Name Ref99975481613 Investments Acquisitions
Name Ref99976801112 Ratable Payments Name Ref99976953213 Telephonic Notices
Name Ref99976984131 Notices Name Ref9997710258 Subsidiaries
Name Ref99977127512 Material Agreements Name Ref99977144514 Ownership Properties
National Ambient Air Quality Standards National Regional Economic Conditions Cause Increased Late Payments
Nature Business Neither Borrower Subsidiaries Sanctioned Person Business Country Violation
Neo 2009 Award Opportunity Chart Neo Award Opportunity Chart
Network Reliability New Accounting Pronouncements
New Accounting Pronouncements See Idacorps Ipcs Condensed Consolidated New Accounting Pronouncements Sfas 141
New Adopted Accounting Pronouncements New Source Review
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-receipt Funds Administrative Agent
Non-regulated Activity Non-utility Operations
Nonliability Lenders Nonpayment Principal Loan Due Interest Fee Payable Borrower
Nonqualified Stock Option Agreement Nonqualified Stock Option Award Agreement
Nonreliance Nontransferability Spendthrift Provisions
Normal Retirement Date Shall Mean Participant Terminates Employment Not Employment Contract
Noteless Agreement Evidence Indebtedness Notes Condensed Financial Statements
Notes Payable Notice Default
Notice Default Etc Notices
Notification Advances Interest Rates Prepayments Commitment Reductions Notifications Defense Claims
Number Description Numbers Documents
Oatt Ofac Patriot Act
Ofac Patriot Act Compliance Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Off-system Sales Officer Indemnification Agreement Idacorp Inc
Open Access Transmission Tariff Oatt Operating Activities
Operating Cash Flows Operating Expenses
Operating Financial Metrics Operating Income Loss
Operating Revenues Optional Principal Payments
Oral Amendments Oregon
Oregon Power Cost Recovery Mechanism Oregon Power Costs
Oregon Rate Cases Oregon Trail Heights Fire
Other Accounting Policies Other Agents
Other Awards Other Events
Other Information Other Interpretive Provisions
Other Issues Other Lands Improvements Buildings Substations
Other Legal Proceedings Other Litigation
Other Matters Other Operation Maintenance Expense
Other Operations Maintenance Expense Other Operations Maintenance Expenses
Other Retirement Provisions Outlook
Overriding Exclusion Overview
Overview 2005 Outlook Ownership Properties
Pacific Northwest Refund Page -security Plan Senior Management Employees
Page Intentionally Left Blank Parent Shall Cease Own Free Clear Liens 100
Part Part Other Information
Part Other Information Legal Proceedings Part Review Proposed Rate Base Did Staff Evaluate
Part-year Participation Participation
Participation Vesting Participations
Parties Parties Docket Joined Stipulation
Parties Evaluated Overall Fairness Stipulation Patriot Act Notice
Payment Payment Amount
Payment Amount Time Manner Payment Award
Pca Pca Forecast
Pca True-up Peaking Resource
Peer Group Companies Pension Asset Allocation Policy
Pension Expense Pension Other Postretirement Benefits
Pension Plan Performance Graph
Performance Share Award Agreement Goals Performance Share Awards Goals Neos Chart
Performance Stock Agreement Performance Summary
Performance Units Shares Performance Vesting
Plan Asset Allocations Plan Assets Prohibited Transactions
Plan Binding Successor Entities Plan Binding Successors
Plan Not Contract Plan Works
Please Describe Idaho Powers Original Revenue Requirement Increase Please Describe Parties Agreement Rate Design
Please Describe Parties Agreement Revenue Spread Please Describe Stipulations Terms Related Cost Capital
Please Explain Cub Believes Approve Stipulation Please Explain Idaho Power Believes Approve Stipulation
Please Explain Oicip Minerals Believes Approve Stipulation Please Explain Parties Agreed-upon Adjustment Respect Distribution Plant
Please Explain Parties Agreed-upon Adjustment Respect Net Power Please Explain Parties Agreed-upon Adjustment Respect Transmission Plant
Please Explain Parties Agreed-upon Adjustments Please Explain Parties Agreement Respect General Plant Adjustment
Please Explain Parties Agreement Respect Pension Expenses Please Explain Parties Agreement Respect Plant Held Future
Please Explain Staff Believes Approve Stipulation Please Read Carefully
Please State Names Policy Audit Committee Pre-approval
Pollution Control Revenue Refunding Bonds Postemployment Benefits
Power Power Cost Adjustment
Power Supply Expense Levels Expected Volatility Powers
Preferred Stock Idaho Power Preservation Rights
Pricing Grid Pricing Schedule
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principles Consolidation
Proceedings Relating Western Power Market Proceeds
Projected Key Operating Financial Metrics 2005 Projected Key Operating Financial Metrics 2006
Properties Property Plant Equipment Depreciation
Property Plant Equipment Jointly-owned Projects Prudency Review
Public Utility Holding Act Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act 1978
Purchase Obligations Purchased Power
Purpose Purpose Effective Date
Purpose Eligibility Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Financial Data
Ratable Payments Rates
Rates Applicable After Default Rates Recover Stipulated Revenue Requirement Increase New Tariff
Ratio Earnings Combined Fixed Charges Preferred Dividends Requirements Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges
Recitals Reclassifications
Reclassifications Certain Prior Amounts Been Reclassified Conform Current Reclassifications Revision
Record System Peaks Reduced Hydroelectric Generation Reduce Revenues Increase Costs
Reduction Termination Aggregate Commitment Regional Haze Best Available Retrofit Technology
Regulation Regulation Disclosure
Regulation Utility Operations Regulatory Issues Pending Before Idaho Public Utilities Ipuc
Regulatory Lag Analysis Regulatory Matters
Regulatory Matters Idaho 2008 General Rate Case Regulatory Review Public Comment
Regulatory Strategy Rejects Part Stipulation Parties Entitled Reconsider Participation
Related Party Transactions Related Party Transactions Ipc
Reliance Documents Counsel Relicensing Hydroelectric Projects
Renewable Energy Certificates Renewable Portfolio Standards
Renfro Dairy Replacement Lender
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Survive Delivery
Requesting Loans Required Lenders Expenses
Required Payments Termination Research Development
Resolved Responsibility Loans Recitals Etc
Restricted Stock Agreement Restricted Stock Award Agreement
Restricted Stock Award Agreement Performance Restricted Stock Units
Restrictions Dividends Restructuring Costs
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Retirement Benefits Revenues
Revised Statement Policy Code Conduct Rights Agreement
Rights Lender Rights Participants
Risk Factors Risk Management Policy Pca Power Supply Expense Recovery
Rule Modifications Rules Regulations
Safe Harbor Statement Sales Agency Agreement
Sales Forecast Probability Schedule 14a Information
Seasonality Power Supply Expenses Secured Medium-term Notes Series
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Security Plan Board Directors
Security Plan Retirement Benefits Security Plan Senior Management Employees
See Also Order Dismissing Claims Pertaining Water Availability Selected Financial Data
Setoff Setoff Ratable Payments
Seventh Claim Relief Severability Provisions
Several Obligations Benefits Agreement Sfas 159
Sfas 160 Sfas 161
Sfas 163 Shares Combined Payout Percentage Target Award
Shares Herein Contemplated Shall Satisfactory Form Substance Bnymcm Shares Subject Plan
Shelf Registrations Shoshone Falls Expansion
Sierra Club Lawsuit Boardman Sierra Club Lawsuit-bridger
Signature Signature Page Follows
Signatures Simplot
Sixth Claim Relief Snake River Basin Adjudication
Southwest Intertie Project Southwest Intertie Project Swip
Special Customer Electric Service Agreements Special Provisions
Special Rules Sponsoring Testimony
Staff Support Stipulated Adjustment Miscellaneous Rate Base Stipulation
Stipulation Address Oicips Concerns Regarding Schedule Service Quality Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Options Stock-based Compensation
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subrogation
Subsection Headings Agreement Convenience Reference Only They Form Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Subsidiaries Idacorp Inc
Subsidiary Board Fees Subsidiary Dividend Restrictions
Successor Administrative Agent Successors
Successors Assigns Such Losses Claims Damages Liabilities Actions Proceedings Respect
Summary Summary Earnings Net Income
Summary General Rate Case Components Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Supplemental Ratio Earnings Combined Fixed Charges Preferred Dividends Supplemental Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges
Survival Representations Surviving Spouse Installment Payments
Survivor Benefit Election Participants Prior 1994 Survivor Benefits
Sustained Drought Sustained System Load Growth Lgar
Swan Falls Project Syndicate
System Accounts Table Contents
Tax Services Tax Treatment
Taxes Telephonic Notices
Term Agreement Term Loan Credit Agreement
Termination Termination Employment Change Control
Termination Participation Termination Suspension Amendment
Termination Suspension Amendment Plan Terms Including Includes Include Shall Deemed Followed Phrase
Terms Stipulation Apply Other Cases Terrorist Threats Activities Result Reduced Revenues Increased Costs
Third-party Transmission Expenses Time
Time Except Disclosed Prospectus Before Applicable Representation Date Time Form Payments
Time Vesting Timing
Total Operation Maintenance Expense Transfer Restrictions Performance Shares Not Sold Transferred Pledged
Transfer Restrictions Restricted Stock Not Sold Transferred Pledged Transmission Projects
Transmission Services Trustees
Tsr Table Method Calculation Types Advances Minimum Amount Each Advance
Understood Agreed Award Performance Shares Evidenced Share Agreement Unless Otherwise Expressly Specified References Herein Particular Time
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unsecured General Creditor
Usage Utility Operations Operating Environment
Variable Rate Debt Volatility Decreased Lending Capacity Financial Markets Negatively Affect
Waiver Jury Trial Water
Water Rights Weather Adjusted Sales
Web Cast Conference Call Weighted Average Common Shares
Western Energy Proceedings Ferc Western Shoshone National Council
What Adjustment Agreed Parties Flowing Ror Stipulation What Commitment
What Cubs Position Rate Design Agreed Other Parties What Overall Percentage Increase Rates Resulting Stipulation
What Parties Agreed-upon Adjustment Respect Meter Depreciation What Parties Agreement Respect Functionalization Production Costs
What Parties Agreement Respect Incentives Expense What Parties Agreement Respect Marginal Cost Methodology
What Parties Recommend What Purpose Testimony
What Revenue Requirement Increase Parties Agree Whereas
Wholesale Wholesale Energy Market Activities
Withdrawals Withholding
Witness Whereof Borrower Lenders Issuers Administrative Agent Executed Year-end Highlights
Year-to-date Performance Summary Yield Protection
Yield Protection Taxes 
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