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Accounting Esop Trusts Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets
Accounting Income Taxes Accounting Pension Costs
Accounting Policies Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Interpretation Fasb Statement 109
Acquisitions Acquisitions Disposals
Actual Remuneration Address Principal Executive Offices
Adhesives Adjusted Earnings Per Ordinary Share Gaap
Adjusted Earnings Per Ordinary Share Ifrs Adoption Disclosure Corporate Governance Guidelines
Adr Depositary Adri Baan
Advisers Age Limit
Agreement 2004 Etween Alan Brown
Amended Tma Amendments Statement 133 Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Amortisation Expected Recognised Pension Cost Next Analyses Shareholdings
Analysis Shareholdings Andy Ransom
Annual General Meeting Annual General Meeting 2005
Annual General Meeting 2007 Annual Incentive Plan
Annual Report Accounts Annual Report Accounts 2005
Annual Report Form 20-f 2004 Annual Report Form 20-f 2006
Appointment Appointment Board Imperial Chemical Industries Plc
Areas Strategic Focus Associates
Assumptions Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Committee Report
Audit Internal Control Auditor
Auditors Report Baan
Back Contents Background
Balance Sheet Baroness Noakes
Baroness Noakes Dbe Base Salaries
Base Salary Basic Diluted Earnings Per Ordinary Share
Basic Earnings Per Ordinary Share Gaap Basic Earnings Per Ordinary Share Ifrs
Basis Audit Opinion Basis Consolidation
Basis Presentation Basis Presentation Financial Information
Behalf Imperial Chemical Industries Plc Between Full Valuations Interim Valuation Routinely Conducted 2005
Board Board Committees
Board Composition Board Directors Executive Management Team
Board Effectiveness Board Members Imperial Chemical Industries Plc
Borrowing Costs Borrowing Powers
Brief Description Activities Brown
Business Acquisition Divestment Strategy Planned Capital Expenditures Reflect Business Combinations
Business Combinations Goodwill Business Contracts
Business Partners Business Review
Business Review Financial Business Review Ici Group Businesses
Business Review Risk Factors Business Review Strategy
Business Segments Business Unit Strategy
Businesses Calculation Constant Currency Results
Called Ordinary Share Capital Parent Called-up Share Capital
Capital Expenditure Capital Gains Tax Information Shareholders
Capitalisation Interest Capitalization Interest Cost
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow
Cash Flow Before Acquisitions Divestments Cash Flow Hedges
Cash Flow Hedging Cash Flow Management Basis
Cash Flow Statements Cautions Forward-looking Statements Annual Report Accounts Often Vary
Certain Companies Group Defendants Various Lawsuits Successfully Asserted Certain Companies Group Subject Various Claims Proceedings Successfully
Certificate Incorporation Chairman
Chairman Non-executive Directors Change Control
Changes Presentation Changes Shareholders Rights
Charitable Political Donations Charles Knott
Chief Executive Chief Financial Officer
Closing Net Debt Statement Code Conduct
Code Ethics Commitments Contingencies
Commitments Contingent Liabilities Commodity Hedging
Communication Consultation Companies Act 2006
Comparative Data Restated Accordance Transition Ifrs Compensation
Competition Components Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
Components Net Periodic Benefit Cost Consent Independent Public Accounting Firm Board Members Imperial
Constant Currency Performance Contents
Contingent Liabilities Continuing Operations
Contracts Contractual Obligations
Controls Procedures Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Compliance Corporate Governance Rating
Corresponding Amounts Counterparty Credit Risk
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Critical Accounting Policies Judgements Estimates
Critical Accounting Policies Judgments Estimates Culture Sustainable Improvement
Currency Options Currency Swaps
Current Tax Liability Customer
David Hamill David Hamill John Mcadam William Powell Timothy Scott
Decision Rating Agencies Downgrade Icis Credit Reduce Funding Defaults Dividend Arrearages Delinquencies
Deferred Tax Definitions
Definitions Used Computation Group Financial Targets Depreciation
Depreciation Amortisation Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Determination Certification Working Capital Adjustment Determining Whether Arrangement Contains Lease
Developing Icis Strategy 2007 Onwards Development People
Developments 2004 Developments 2006
Differences Between Ifrs Accounting Principles Director
Director Been Granted Options Please Complete Following Boxes Directors
Directors Consider Resolutions Best Interests Shareholders Whole Unanimously Directors Interests Shares
Directors Officers Remuneration Interests Directors Remuneration Interests
Directors Report Directors Responsibilities
Directors Senior Management Employees Directors Service Agreements Letters Engagement
Disclosed Information Disclosure Information Auditors
Disclosure Shareholder Ownership Disclosures Pensions Other Post-retirement Benefits
Discontinuance Hedge Accounting Discounted Provisions
Disposal Adjustments Disposal Legacy Provisions
Disposal Provisions Diversity
Divestment Provisions Dividend
Dividend Mandate Dividend Payments
Dividend Policy Dividend Rights
Dividends Document Important Doubt What Action Take Recommended Consult
Documents Display Securities Exchange Documents Display Securities Exchange Sec
Documents Filed Securities Exchange Duties
Earnings Per Ordinary Share Earnings Per Ordinary Share Pence
Earnings Per Share Economic Social Political Conditions Developing Economies Adversely Affect
Effects Changes Foreign Exchange Rates Electronic Communications
Electronic Engineering Materials Electronic Materials
Ellwood Employee Benefits
Employee Employment Principles Employee Share Ownership Plan Esop
Employees Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Post-retirement Plans
Employers Accounting Settlements Curtailments Defined Benefit Pension Plans Employers Disclosures Pensions Other Post-retirement Benefits
Encumbrances Environmental Liabilities
Estimated Future Benefit Payments European Methacrylates Investigation
Evaluation Exceptional
Exceptional Continuing Operations Exchange Controls Other Limitations Affecting Security Holders
Exchange Non-monetary Assets Amendment Apb Opinion Exchange Rates
Execution Executive Directors
Executive Management Team Executive Management Team Comprises Directors Following
Executive Share Option Plan Executive Summary
Exemption Restate Comparative Information Ias Expected Contributions
Expenses Export Sales
External Directorships Failure Comply Corporate Governance Requirements Adverse Effect Groups
Fair Value Hedges Fair Values
Fees Financial Assets
Financial Data Financial Derivatives
Financial Derivatives Gaap 2004 Financial Highlights
Financial Information Financial Instruments
Financial Instruments Disclosure Presentation Financial Instruments Recognition Measurement
Financial Liabilities Financial Risk Policies
Financing Activities Financing Interest Rate Risk
First-time Adoption International Financial Reporting Standards Flavours
Following Commentaries Business Groupings Within National Starch Refer Following Commentaries Geographical Regions Decorative Paints Operates Packaging
Following Commentaries Quests Businesses Refer Performance Measured Comparable Foreign Currencies
Foreign Currency Derivative Instruments Foreign Currency Risk
Foreign Exchange Form 20-f
Forward Currency Contracts Forward-looking Statements
Fragrance Functional Strategies
Funds Gaap
Gaap Results General Information
Geographical Segments Going Concern
Goodwill Goodwill Balance Gaap
Gorman Governing Law
Group Group Accounting Policies
Group Cash Flow Group Cash Flow Net Debt
Group Derives Significant Percentage Revenue Some Businesses Sales Group Expenditure Property Plant Equipment Intangible Assets
Group Operating Performance Group Organisation
Group Overview Group Revenue Customer Location Continuing Operations
Group Treasury Share Transactions Group Undertakes Number Significant Projects Each Poor Execution
Groups Exposure Consumer Markets Exposes Legal Risks Regulation Groups Indebtedness Resulting Leverage Reduce Operational Competitive Flexibility
Groups Reliance Key Suppliers Some Businesses Result Adverse Guarantors Accounting Disclosure Requirements Guarantees
Hamill Haythornthwaite
Health Safety Employees Healthcare Uitf Abstract
Hedge Accounting Hedging
History History Activities
History Development History Experience Adjustments Other Post-retirement Plans
History Experience Adjustments Pension Plans Holding
Hon Lord Butler Brockwell Gcb Cvo Human Resources
Ias Effects Changes Foreign Exchange Rates Ias Employee Benefits
Ici Ici Acquire Emulsion Powders Business
Ici Acquire Shaw Mudge Fragrance Business Ici Articles Association
Ici Communities Ici Completed Acquisition Celanese Emulsion Powders Business Us255million
Ici Completes Sale Vinamul Polymers Business Us208m Ici Derives Significant Percentage Revenue Some Businesses Sales
Ici Disability Discrimination Policy Ici Employment Principles
Ici Environment Ici Given Undertakings Guarantees Relating Pension Funds Including
Ici Group Businesses Ici Operates Competitive Markets Group Not Continue Compete
Ici Paints Ici Pension Fund
Ici People Ici People Communities
Ici Safety Ici Strategic Matrix
Ici Worlds Major Specialty Chemicals Paints Businesses Products Icis Corporate Governance
Icis Exposure Consumer Markets Exposes Legal Risks Regulation Icis Indebtedness Resulting Leverage Reduce Operational Competitive Flexibility
Icis Strategic Matrix Icis Supply Chain
Icis Vision Ifrs
Ifrs Business Combinations Ifrs Non-gaap Financial Measures Generally
Ifrs Restated Accounting Policies Ifrs Share-based Payments
Ifrs Transition Exemptions Imperial Chemical Industries Plc
Imperial Chemical Industries Plc 8211 Annual Report Accounts Imperial Chemical Industries Plc 8211 Disposal Shares Employee
Imperial Chemical Industries Plc 8211 Notification Interests Directors Imperial Chemical Industries Plc Disposal Shares Employee Benefit
Imperial Chemical Industries Plc Notification Interests Directors Imperial Chemical Industries Plc Pdmr Shareholding
Improve Operational Effectiveness Including Indirect Guarantees Indebtedness Others
Income Taxes Incorporation
Indemnification Independent Auditors Report
Independent Auditors Report Members Imperial Chemical Industries Plc Independent Directors
Independent Review Report Imperial Chemical Industries Plc Index
Induction Induction Continuing Development
Information Information Technology
Inheritance Tax Inland Revenue Pensions Simplification Tax Regime
Insurance Intangible Assets
Intangible Assets Other Goodwill Intellectual Property
Interest Interest Income Expense Tax
Interest Joint Ventures Interest Rate Caps
Interest Rate Derivative Instruments Interest Rate Hedging
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Swaps Forward Agreements
Internal Control Audit International Financial Reporting Standards
Intrinsic Values Introduction
Inventories Inventory Costs Amendments Arb Chapter
Inventory Provisions Inventory Write-down
Investigation Investing Activities
Issues Arising Following Sale Quest Food Ingredients Business John Mcadam
John Mcadam Chief Executive Joint Ventures
Joseph Gorman Key Financial Assumptions Group
Key Management Personnel Key Performance Indicators
Knott Kpmg Audit Plc
Leadership Formulation Science Legacy Issues
Legal Arbitration Proceedings Leonard Berlik
Liabilities Arising Participating Specific Market Waste Electrical Electronic Liability Further Capital Calls
Limitation Security Ownership Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Investments Liquidity Risk
List Significant Subsidiaries Loans Guarantees Officers
Long-term Incentives Long-term Incentives Grant Policy
Lord Trotman Loss Significant Number Key Personnel Adversely Affect Groups
Major Business Portfolio Developments Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Management Format Manchester Square London W1u 3an England Address Principal
Market Risk Foreign Currency Sensitivity Market Risk Interest Rate Sensitivity
Market Trends Sensitivities Markets Distribution
Meetings Memorandum Articles Association
Methacrylates Update Methyl Methacrylate Class Actions
Michael Herlihy Michael Herlihy Retiring Ici End 2005 After Service
Michael Herlihy Secretary Behalf Imperial Chemical Industries Plc Morley Fund Management Limited
Mortality Assumptions Movement Net Debt
Movements Reimbursement Rights National Starch
Net Debt Net Interest Payable Taxation
Net Investment Foreign Operation Net Investment Hedging Currency
Net Profit Net Profit After Special
Net Profit Earnings Per Share New Accounting Policies Future Requirements
New Accounting Standards New Accounting Standards Implemented Period
New Accounting Standards Not Yet Implemented Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Nomination Committee Non-current Assets Disposal Groups Held Sale
Non-executive Director Non-gaap Financial Measures
Non-management Directors Meetings Notes Financial Statements
Notes Relating Accounts Notes Relating Differences Between Ifrs Accounting Principles
Notes Relating Group Accounts Notes Relating Group Selected Financial Data
Notes Relating Summary Financial Statement Notes Selected Consolidated Historical Financial Information
Notice Annual General Meeting 2005 Notice Annual General Meeting 2007
Notification Major Interests Shares Notification Transactions Directors Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility Connected
Number 2-52441 Occurrence Major Operational Problems Adverse Effect Groups Results
Off Balance Sheet Arrangements Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offer Listing Officers
Operating Activities Operating Financial Review
Operating Leases Operating Profit
Operating Profit Before Exceptional Goodwill Amortisation Operational Effectiveness
Opinion Ordinary Resolutions
Ordinary Shares Each 1191406484 Organisational Change
Other Benefits Other Comprehensive Income
Other Directorships Business Interests Other Disposals
Other Intangible Assets Other Matters
Other Provisions Outlook
Overview Overview Changes Application Policy 2007
Pages 123 125 Information Regarding Factors Cause Actual Paints
Parent Accounts Part
Part Defaults Dividend Arrearages Delinquencies Part Pro Forma Working Capital Statement
Part Repayment Net Debt Parties
Payment Suppliers Pension Costs
Pensions Ssap Group People
Performance Graph Performance Graphs
Performance Growth Plan Performance Growth Plan Pgp
Performance Reward Performance Share Plan
Person Discharging Managerial Responsibilities Been Granted Options Issuer Personal Shareholdings
Peter Ellwood Peter Ellwood Cbe
Peter Ellwood Cbe Chairman Plan Distribution
Policy Dividend Distributions Political Charitable Donations
Post Balance Sheet Events Post-retirement Benefits
Potential Customer Powell
Presentation Financial Statements Previously Disposed Businesses Expose Group Costs Adverse Effect
Price Volatility Some Raw Materials Group Uses Adversely Price Volatility Some Raw Materials Ici Uses Adversely
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Activities
Principal Shareholder Restrictions Principal Work Location
Principles Business Conduct Prior 2004
Pro Rata Procurement
Products Found Household Illustration Below Highlights Just Few Profit Before Exceptional Taxation Goodwill Amortisation
Profit Before Tax Profit Before Taxation
Profit Loss Disposal Property Plant Equipment
Provisions Liabilities Charges Provisions Relating Claims Agreement
Proxy Appointment Purchase Accounting Adjustments Including Amortisation Impairment Goodwill Intangibles
Purchase Own Shares Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Quantitative Disclosure Market Risk Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk
Quarterly Results Quest
Quest Ws3 Claims Japan Questions Annual General Meeting
Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Continuing Operations
Re-assessment Embedded Derivatives Re-election Directors Biographical Details
Read Risk Factors Pages 149 151 Information Regarding Read Risk Factors Pages Information Regarding Cause Actual
Reassessment Embedded Derivatives Recently Disposed Businesses Expose Ici Costs Adverse Effect
Reclassifications Reconciliation Movement Net Debt
Regional Industrial Registered Office
Registrar Transfer Office Registration Objects
Regulation Safety Health Environment Regulation Safety Security Health Environment
Regulatory Compliance Matter Related Key Performance Indicators
Related Party Disclosures Related Party Transactions
Remuneration Auditor Remuneration Auditor Set Out Accordance Sec Regulations
Remuneration Committee Remuneration Committee Role Membership
Remuneration Interests Remuneration Policy Chairman Non-executive Directors
Remuneration Policy Executive Directors Remuneration Structure
Reporting Comprehensive Income Research Development
Resolution Approval Remuneration Report Resolution Disapplication Pre-emption Rights
Resolution Purchase Own Shares Resolution Share Capital Authority Allot Shares
Resolutions Changes Performance Growth Plan Respect Individual
Respective Responsibilities Directors Auditor Respective Responsibilities Directors Auditors
Responsibilities Respect Financial Statements Restraint Activities Confidentiality
Restricted Share Plan Restrictions Voting
Restructuring Costs Restructuring Provisions
Retirement Retirement Benefits
Retirement Benefits Pensions Healthcare Frs Retirement Other Benefits
Return Capital Employed Roce Returns Capital Employed
Returns Capital Employed Net Assets Revenue
Review 2004 Business Results Review 2005 Business Results
Review Business Results Review Conclusion
Review Period Review Work Performed
Reward Components Richard Haythornthwaite
Rights Event Liquidation Rights Issue
Rights Preferences Restrictions Relating Shares Risk Factors
Risk Management Risks Associated Groups International Operations Adversely Affect Results
Role Membership Rolf Deusinger
Safety Security Sales International Businesses
Savings-related Share Option Scheme Sharesave Schedule
Schedule Acrylate Supply Business North America Schedule Blocklisting Monthly Return
Schedule Ici Share Appreciation Rights Plan 2004 Schedule Notification Interests Directors Connected Persons
Schedule Notification Major Interests Shares Schedule Warranties
Scott Seasonality
Seasonality Cyclicality Securitisation Receivables
Segment Information Senior Independent Director
Sensitivities Service Agreements Letters Engagement
Share Award Plans Share Capital
Share Capital Reserves Share Dealing Service
Share Option Scheme Share Option Schemes
Share Ownership Requirements Share Profits Less Losses Disposal Fixed Assets
Share-based Payment Share-based Payments
Shareholder Class Actions Shareholder Communications
Shareholder Information Shareholders Meetings
Shares Shares Vested Performance Growth Plan
Short-term Borrowings Signature
Simultaneous Attendance Sources Availability Raw Materials
Special Special Resolutions
Specialty Adhesives Specialty Polymers
Specialty Starch Specialty Starches
Specialty Synthetic Polymers Spread Balance Activities
Staff Numbers Costs Stamp Duty
Statement Directors Responsibilities Respect Annual Report Accounts Statement Group Cash Flow Basis Preparation
Statement Group Recognised Income Expense Statement Group Total Recognised Gains Losses
Statements Cash Flows Stock Exchange Listings Filings
Stock Valuation Strategic Alignment Icis Businesses
Strategic Focus Performance Improvement Strategic Plan Targets
Strategic Progress Strategic Progress 2005
Strategic Progress 2006 Strategy
Stronger Balance Sheet Subsidiary Undertakings
Substantial Shareholders Succession Planning
Summary Corporate Governance Report Summary Financial Statement
Summary Group Balance Sheet Summary Group Balance Sheets Ifrs
Summary Group Cash Flow Summary Group Cash Flow Statement
Summary Group Cash Flow Statement Gaap Summary Remuneration Report
Sustainability Sustainability Developments 2006
Sustainability Ici Good Progress Against Strategy 2006 Sustainability Sshe
Synetix Table Contents
Taxation Taxation Capital Gains
Taxation Capital Gains Resident Shareholders Taxation Dividends Paid Holders
Taxation Dividends Paid Resident Shareholders Taxation Dividends Paid Shareholders
Taxation Resident Shareholders Technology
Tim Scott Tim Scott Ici Chief Financial Officer
Time Adopting International Financial Reporting Standards Time Commitment
Total Group Total Shareholder Return
Trade Other Payables Trade Other Receivables
Trading Trading Operating Profit
Transaction Expected Completed Subject Regulatory Approval Employee Consultation Transaction Exposure Hedging
Transition International Financial Reporting Standards Treasury Policies
Turnaround Transformation Turnover
Uncertificated Shares Uniqema
Valuation Inventories Violations Environmental Health Safety Other Laws Regulations Standards
Voting Procedure Voting Rights
Warranties Website
William Powell Work Life Balance
Xvi Directors Remuneration Xviii Auditors Remuneration
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