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Acceleration Waivers Amendments Remedies Access Information
Access Records Accounting Policy Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Related Unconsolidated
Accounting Records Accounting Rules
Accrued Base Salary Accrued Benefits
Accrued Bonus Accrued Reimbursable Expenses
Accrued Vacation Payment Acknowledgments
Acquired Properties Expose Unknown Liability Acquires Algonquin Commons
Acquires Big Lake Town Square Acquires Honey Creek Commons
Acquires Northgate Shopping Center Acquires Shoppes Grayhawk
Acquisitions Acquisitions Dispositions
Acquisitions Persons Whose Primary Operations Consist Ownership Development Adjust Executives Base Salary Terms Conditions Agreed Parties
Adjustments Corporate Changes Administration
Administrative Agent Affiliates
Affiliates Obtained Advantage Over Competitors Characterized Relationships Clients After Mailing Sent Registered Certified Mail Return Receipt
After Unencumbered Trigger Date Agreement
Agreement Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New
Agreement Zalatoris Aibo
Algonquin Commons Allocations Taxes
Amend Sections 213 112 Amended Restated Credit Agreement
Amendment Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Certificate Agreement
Amendments Termination Ange Circumstances
Announces 121 Increase Ffo 2006 Announces Acquisition Apache Shoppes
Announces Acquisition Greentree Centre Announces Acquisition Orland Park Place
Announces Acquisition Ravinia Plaza Announces Closing Offering Exercise Over-allotment Option
Announces Common Stock Offering Announces Contribution Honey Creek
Announces Performance Results 2006 Announces Pricing 160 Shares Common Stock
Announces Tax Allocation 2005 Cash Distributions Announces Tax Allocations 2004 Dividend Distributions
Annual Cash Incentive Bonus Available Other Named Executive Annual Cash Incentive Bonus Available Zalatoris
Annual Incentive Bonus Annual Meetings Stockholders
Annual Stock Options Granted Hereunder Shall Vest Each Appointment New Chairman Board
Appointment President Chief Executive Officer Resignation Treasurer Appointment Treasurer
Approval Services Fees Asing Efficiencies
Asset Improvement Initiatives Income Growth Assets Held Sale
Assignments Audit Committee
Audit Committee Report Automatically Without Action Either Party Death Executive
Average Experience Awards
Balance Sheet Market Value Liquidity Base Salary
Base Salary Annual Cash Incentive Bonus Base Salary Employment Term Shall Pay Executive 175000
Base Salary Employment Term Shall Pay Executive 200000 Base Salary Employment Term Shall Pay Executive 210000
Base Salary Employment Term Shall Pay Executive 225000 Based Total Neighborhood Community Center Square Feet Reported
Based Total Retail Center Square Feet Chicago Reported Before Unencumbered Trigger Date
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefit Agreement Assignments Participations
Benefits Perquisites Best Efforts List Subject Notice Issuance Shares Nyse
Beth Sprecher Brooks Beth Sprecher Brooks Esq
Big Lake Town Square Bmo Capital Markets North American Real Estate Conference
Board Committee Meetings Board Committees
Board Composition Board Directors
Board Management Changes Books Records Accounting Tax Election
Borrower Borrower Member Affiliate
Borrowing Notice Breach Terms Provisions
Brett Brown Building Expansions
Business Business Expenses
Business General Business Transactions
Butterfield Road Oak Brook Illinois 60523 Annual Meeting Called Consider Matter Substantially Same Voted Special Meeting
Capital Markets Captive Insurance
Case Each Fixed Rate Advance Interest Period Applicable Cash Distribution Common Stockholders
Cash Equivalents Marketable Securities Cash Flow Hedges Interest Rate Risk
Ceo Performance Certain Agreements Agrees Several Purchasers
Certain Effects Proposed Amendment Certain Relationships Related Party Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certificates Stock Transfer
Certification Principal Executive Officer Certification Principal Financial Officer
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certifications
Change Circumstances Change Control Provision
Change Control Shall Mean Following Events Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosure
Changes Internal Controls Changes Market Conditions Adversely Affect Price Common Stock
Citi Global Property Ceo Conference Clusions Investment Highlights
Code Code Ethics
Code Excess Permissible Limits 856 Commitments Contingencies
Communicating Directors Compared 2002
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compensation Compensation Benefits
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Competition Acquisitions Result Increased Prices Properties
Compliance Failure Comply Americans Disabilities Act Other Safety Compliance Provisions Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Applicable
Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Amount 20000000 Per Occurrence Conditions Precedent
Conference Call Conference Call Webcast
Confidential Information Confidentiality Non-compete Agreement
Confined Specific Instances Foregoing Sentence Shall Way Deemed Conflicts Interest Policies
Congratulates Burris His Appointment Senate Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Conservative Capital Structure Consolidation Equity Accounting Policies
Contact Contracts Loans Checks Deposits
Contractual Obligations Contribution Highland Park Redevelopment Joint Venture
Contribution Joint Venture Inland Real Estate Exchange Corporation Contribution Sale Joint Venture New York State Teachers
Contributions Capital Accounts Contributions Distributions
Controls Procedures Conversion Transactions
Convertible Notes Copies Formation Documents Including Code Regulations Appropriate Borrower
Costs Proxies Counterparts
Covenant Period Covenants
Covenants Debt Agreements Adversely Affect Financial Condition Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Credit Suisse Real Estate Conference
Credit-risk-related Contingent Features Critical Accounting Policies
Cus Acquisitions Cused Cost Control
Cused Investment Strategy Portfolio Daniel Goodwin
Data Except Per Share 2005 Data Refers 3-mile Radius Around Each Respective Companies
David Kayner Declares Cash Distribution Common Stock
Declares Cash Distribution Common Stockholders Declares Dividend Common Stockholders
Defaults Defaults Senior Securities
Deferred Shares Deferred Stock Compensation
Definition Irr Definitions
Definitions Cause Total Disability Good Reason Change Control Degree Leverage Limit Ability Obtain Additional Financing Affect
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Determining Compensation Development Joint Venture Activity
Development Joint Ventures Development Parcel Sales
Development Property Acquisitions Director Access Senior Management
Director Compensation Director Nominations Reelection Changes Board Committees
Director Orientation Continuing Education Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Disposition Membership Interests Dispositions
Dissociation Dissolution
Dissolution Winding Distribution Assets Liquidation
Distribution Common Stockholders Distributions
Dividends Documentation Prescribed Applicable Law Permit Such Payments Without
Duly Executed Originals Loan Documents Including Notes Payable Dwest Retail Market Leader
Each Assignor Insert Standard Payment Provisions Lieu Terms Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization Ebitda
Earnings Per Share Earnings Release Conference Call Webcast
East Side Hwy Caledonia Wisconsin Effect Change Control
Effect Regulatory Requirements Executive Compensation Effective Date
Effective Date Agreement Election Directors
Electronic Access Available Information Elements Compensation
Eligibility Eligibility Participation
Employment Employment Agreement
Employment Agreements Employment Term
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Matters
Environmental Matters Borrower Subsidiaries Shall Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Price Risk Establishment Reserves Payment Minority Equity Interest Holders Amounts
Evaluation Board Performance Term Limits Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Except Per Share Data Except Per Share Data Square Footage Amounts
Execution Copy Execution Expertise
Executive Compensation Executive His Home Address
Executive Immediately Good Reason Hereinafter Defined Executive Officers
Executive Summary Exercise His Reasonable Commercial Efforts Employee Employment Term
Exhibits Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules
Exists Default Unmatured Expansion
Expenses Lower Peer Group Median Expiration Initial Term Again Each Renewal Shall Adjust
Explanatory Extension Facility Termination Date Borrower Shall Option Extend
Face Possible Adverse Changes Tax Laws Face Risks Associated Property Acquisitions
Fail Qualify Reit Fair Value Disclosures
Faithfully Serve Further Interests Every Lawful Way Giving Fees Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Ffo Ffo Per Share Growth Favorable Peer Average 1999
Fiduciary Duty Directors Shall Serve Capacity Stockholders Final Principal Payment Outstanding Advances Other Unpaid Obligations
Financial Results Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Pro Forma Information Exhibits Flexible Financing Options Further Enhance Cash Flow
Focus Core Strengths Fold Detach Here Returning Proxy Mail
Follows Triggering Event Footnotes
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form 8-k Current Report Form Timing Payment Awards Deferrals
Formation Formation New Joint Venture
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Formula Determining Annual Award Long Term Shares
Formula Determining Annual Incentive Bonus Formula Determining Annual Stock Option Award
Full Right Power Authority Enter Agreement Issue Shares Funds Operations Other Information
Further Issuances Equity Securities Dilutive Current Stockholders Gaap
General General Philosophy
General Philosophy Objectives General Provisions
Geographic Targets Gonquin Commons Algonquin
Good Reason Grant Plan-based Awards
Guidance Headings
Heidi Lawton Held Sale Properties
High Quality Diversified Tenant Base National Retail Tenants Highlights
Honey Creek Commons Host Analyst Investor
Http Wwwsecgov Https Proxyvotenowcom Irec
Illustration Impact Recent Accounting Principles
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Stockholder Meeting Incentive Stock Options
Includes Properties Unconsolidated Joint Ventures Income Taxes
Incorporator Increases Amount Annual Cash Distribution
Increases Annual Cash Dividend Indemnification
Indemnification Contribution Indemnification Insurance
Index Inflation
Information Attending Annual Meeting Information Contained Fact Sheet Accurate 2006
Information Regarding Tabulation Vote Information Votes Necessary Action Taken
Information Voting Inland Advantage
Inland Affiliates Inland American Real Estate Trust Inc Reit
Inland Commercial Property Management Fees Services Inland Financial Health Ratios
Inland Group Inc Letterhead Inland Midwest Marketplace Retail Space
Inland Real Estate Corporation Inland Real Estate Corporation 2005 2004 2003 2002
Inland Real Estate Corporation 2006 2005 2004 2003 Inland Real Estate Corporation Adds Mapleview Shopping Center
Inland Real Estate Corporation Announces 150 Offering Convertible Inland Real Estate Corporation Announces Closing 180 Convertible
Inland Real Estate Corporation Announces Debt Repurchase Program Inland Real Estate Corporation Announces Increase Ffo Per
Inland Real Estate Corporation Announces Pricing 170 Convertible Inland Real Estate Corporation Appoints Thomas Darcy Board
Inland Real Estate Corporation Closes 140 Term Loan Inland Real Estate Corporation Consolidated Statement Stockholders Equity
Inland Real Estate Corporation Consolidated Statements Cash Flows Inland Real Estate Corporation Consolidated Statements Operations 2005
Inland Real Estate Corporation Consolidated Statements Operations 2006 Inland Real Estate Corporation Consolidated Statements Operations 2007
Inland Real Estate Corporation Consolidated Statements Operations Other Inland Real Estate Corporation Forms Joint Venture Pine
Inland Real Estate Corporation Grants Waiver Stock Ownership Inland Real Estate Corporation Maryland Table Contents
Inland Real Estate Corporation Midwest Reit Inland Real Estate Corporation Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Inland Real Estates Assets Are133 Inland Retail Real Estate Trust Inc Eastern Reit
Inland Western Retail Real Estate Trust Inc Reit Insider Transactions
Inspectors Election Investment Area
Investment Guidelines Investment Restrictions
Investment Securities Irc Managing Member
Irc-irex Venture Llc Irec
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Joel Herter
Joel Simmons Joinder
Joint Venture Joint Venture Acquisition Bank America Office Buildings
Joint Venture Activity Joint Venture Nystrs Texas
Joint Ventures Judicially Enforceable Limitation Place Modified Covenant Shall Binding
Key Points Kristi Rankin
Largest Acquisition Date Largest Chicagoland Shopping Center Landlord
Last Page Only 2005 216 Leases 621000 Annual Rent
Leases Approximately Rentable Square Feet Expire 2005 Footage Leasing
Leasing Activity Leasing Activity Cash Basis
Legal Description Mortgage Legal Matters Incident Making Such Advance Shall Satisfactory
Legal Proceedings Lenders
Liens Arising Out Pledges Deposits Workers Compensation Laws Liens Other Described Subsections Through Above Arising Connection
Limit Cross-collateralized Pools Borrower Agrees Not Enter New Limitation Liability
Limitations Changes Existing Holder Ownership Limits Limits Plan Awards
Line Credit Line Credit Facility
Line Credit Financing Flexibility Liquidity Capital Resources
List Subsidiary Guarantors Loan Documents
Loan Participation Agreement Long Term Grant Restricted Shares
Mail Major Decisions
Management Certain Restrictions Members Rights Member Meetings Management Committee
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operation Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Market Information
Market Leadership Management Efficiencies Market Saturation Multiple Lease Signings
Markets Marks Slide Registered Trademarks Entities Unaffiliated Not Endorsement
Maryland Corporation Maturities
Mcdonald Investments Inc Measure Operating Results Those Other Reits Compare
Measure Operating Results Those Other Retail Real Estate Measuring Period
Meetings Board Directors Committees Stockholders Member Manager Duties Liabilities Indemnification Advancement Expenses
Membership Participation Agreement Midwest Marketplace Retail Space
Minnesota Market Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Mortgages Notes Receivable
Mortgages Payable Mortgages Receivable
Mpany Overview Nacncial Track Record
Name Purposes Powers Etc Nancial Track Record
Nancing Philosophy Nareit
Nareit Institutional Investor Forum Nareits Reitweek 2009 Investor Forum
Narrative Director Compensation Table Ndquarter 2008 Leasing Activity
News Release Ney Creek Commons Terre Haute
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Non-qualified Stock Options
Non-solicitation Covenant Not Compete Noncontrolling Interests
Nonpayment Principal Payment Due Northeast Corner 153rd Street Grange Road Orland Park
Northside Northwest Hwy West Rte Crystal Lake Illinois Not Able Quickly Vary Portfolio
Not Applicable Not Applicable Exhibits
Not Reviewed Ramco Gershenson Reit Assets Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Proxy Statement Notices
Now Therefore Nservative Capital Structure
Number 001-32185 Nunc Pro Tunc
Oak Property Casualty Llc Oak Real Estate Association
Objectives Conflict Those Joint Venture Partners Off Balance Sheet Arrangements
Officers Offices
Often Need Borrow Money Finance Business Ographies Board Directors
Ographies Senior Management Ompete Tenants
Ong Management Governance Operating Leases
Operations Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007
Order Maintain Reit Status Forced Borrow Funds Unfavorable Organization Basis Accounting
Orlando Sand Llc Other Awards
Other Events Other Matters
Other Share-based Awards Other Share-based Awards Interest Equivalents
Outstanding Equity Awards 2007 Year-end Oven Operating Track Record
Oven Results Overview
Owth Potential Minnesota Owth Rental Rates
Pace Page
Part Part Disclosure Dollar Amounts Presented Except Per Share
Part Other Information Participations
Parties Party Beneficiaries
Payment Fees Pays Dividend Common Stockholders
Peline Strength Pendix
Performance Graph Performance Services
Performance Value Subject Risks Associated Real State Assets Performance-based Annual Bonus
Periodic Review Permitted Investments
Person Substituted Purchaser Nothing Herein Relieve Defaulting Liability Pital Structure Financing Philosophy
Plan Administration Please Complete Date Sign Mail Instruction Card Promptly
Policies Procedures Respect Related Party Transactions Portfolio Performance
Positioning Balance Sheet Potential Investment Grade Rating Potential Liability Environmental Contamination Result Substantial Costs
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Office State Resident Agent
Profile Profit Loss Distributions
Profit Participation Property Acquisitions
Property Dispositions Property Taxes Increase
Proposal 1-election Directors Proposal 2-ratify Appointment Kpmg Llp
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Ratify Appointment Kpmg Llp
Proxy Inland Real Estate Corporation Proxy Inland Real Estate Corporation 2901 Butterfield Road
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Proxy Voting Instructions
Purchase Offering Shares Purchases Equity Securities
Purpose Purpose Agreement Cause Shall Mean
Purpose Definitions Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Quality Portfolio Generates Solid Performance Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Operating Results Quisition Criteria
Quisition Ryan Portfolio Quisition Strategy Maintain Market Dominance
Quisition Strategy Maintain Midwest Dominance Quorum Requirement
Ractive Monthly Dividend Reasons General Effect Proposed Amendment
Recent Accounting Principles Recent Highlights
Recitals Recitals Set Forth Above Hereby Incorporated Part Agreement
Recognition Lease Termination Income Recognition Rental Additional Income
Recommendation Board Recommendation Board Recommends Vote Election Nominees Independent Director
Reconciliation Non-gaap Financial Metrics Regulation Disclosure
Releasing Retenanting Opportunities Remainder Page Intentionally Blank
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remedies
Report Executive Compensation Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reports 037 Ffo Per Share 2007 Reports 2008 Results
Reports 2009 Results Reports Financial Results 2007
Reports Financial Results 2008 Reports Increase Ffo Per Share 2007
Reports Meetings Reports Performance Results 2006
Reports Stockholders Reports Strong Leasing Acquisition Activity
Representation Purchasers Representations Warranties
Requested Date Shall Business Such Conversion Continuation Resignation Directors
Resignation President Chief Executive Officer Director Not Standing Responds Carey Financial Probe
Restated Credit Agreement Restricted Shares
Restricted Stock Results Operations Financial Condition
Retail Fund Texas Llc Retail Targets
Rgen Plaza Oakdale Rights Duties Manager
Rights Duties Members Risk Factors
Risk Management Objective Using Derivatives Robert Parks
Roland Burris Roll-ups
Rong Results Rporate Governance
Rtnerships Retailers Rule 144 144a
Rward Looking Statements Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule 14a Sciplined Cost Control
Scott Carr Seal
Searchable Text Graphics Shown Above Sections
Secured Financing Philosophy Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Held Affiliates Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder See
See 519 See Sections 513 616
Segment Reporting Selected Financial Data
Selection Underwriters Set Forth Attached Hereto Part Hereof Percent Annual
Set Improvement Initiatives Set-based Joint Ventures
Setoff Ratable Payments Severability
Severability Provisions Shall Engage Maintain Expense Registrar Transfer Agent Common
Share Appreciation Rights Share Purchase Rights
Shareholder Approval Effective Date Plan Shares Subject Plan
Sible Growth Sible Growth Rental Rates
Signature Page Follows Signatures
Significant Retail Tenants Consolidated Significant Retail Tenants Total
Software Consulting Shared Services Agreement Solely
Solid Underlying Cash Flows Solvency
Some Potential Losses Not Covered Insurance Source Deals New Construction Repeat Sellers Off Market
Source Filings Source Nyse
Source Snl Datasource Source Snl Datasource Filings
Southside Belvidere State 120 Grayslake Illinois Southwest Corner I-694 10th Street Oakdale Minnesota
Specific Enforcement Specified Place Meeting Held List Shall Also Produced
State Department Assessments Taxation Maryland Statements Cash Flows
Stats Stock
Stock Awards Vesting 2008 Stock Option Grants
Stock Option Plan Stock Options
Stock Owned Certain Beneficial Owners Management Stock-based Incentive Compensation
Stockholder Proposals Stockholders
Strategies Objectives Study Aurora
Study Maple Park Place Bolingbrook Study Park Avenue Centre Highland
Study Regal Showplace Crystal Lake Study Street Plaza Oakbrook Terrace
Study Stuarts Crossing Charles Subjects Lender Applicable Lending Installation Taxes Changes Basis
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Guaranty Succession Planning
Successors Successors Assigns
Such Other Information Including Without Limitation Financial Statements Summary Compensation Table
Summary Corporate Governance Principles Superior Demographics
Survival Certain Representations Obligations Table Contents
Tax Treatment Awards Non-employee Directors Employees Outside United Taxes
Tenants Fail Pay Rent Declare Bankruptcy Seek Restructure Term
Term Agreement Term Amendment Termination
Term Loan Term Loan Agreement
Term Plan Term Termination
Term Withdrawal Termination Termination Cause Voluntarily Executive
Termination Death Total Disability Termination Members Participation
Termination Resignation Member Thomas Darcy
Thomas Mcauley Thomas Mcwilliams
Timing Awards Equity Award Grant Policy Tiregc
Tockholders Best Interests Top Retail Tenants Consolidated
Top Retail Tenants Total Top Retail Tenants Unconsolidated
Top Tenants Total Disability
Transactions Related Parties Transfer Membership Interests
Trapped Equity Properties Triggering Event
Triple-net Single-tenant Properties Types Plan Awards
Uity Line Credit Uity Line Credit Investment Grade Rating
Unconsolidated Joint Ventures Unconsolidated Real Estate Joint Ventures
Underwritten Registration Participation Therein Unencumbered Properties
Unfunded Status Plan Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unresolved Staff Comments Used Investment Strategy Portfolio
Valuation Allocation Investment Properties Versified Portfolio
Vestment Grade Rating Via Telephone
Village Hardwood Creek Vote Important
Vote Proxy Ways Vote Ways
Voting Proxies William Anderson
Witness Whereof Written Opinion Borrowers Subsidiary Guarantors Counsel Addressed Lenders
Wwwinlandrealestatecom Zalatoris
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