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Accounting Policies Accounting Policy Differences Between Gaap International Financial Reporting
Acquired Through Business Combination Acquisition Subsidiary
Acquisitions Dispositions Additional Return Funds Announced
Address Principal Executive Offices Adrs
Age Americas
Americas Managed Operations Americas Strong Performance Across Business
Andrew Cosslett Andrew Cosslett Chief Executive
Andrew Cosslett Ndash Chief Executive Andrew Cosslett Richard Solomons
Annual Bonus Plan Annual Report Form 20-f
Appendix Asset Disposal Programme Appendix Asset Disposal Programme Detail
Appendix Asset Isposal Programme Detail Appendix Assets Sold Since Previous Quarterly Announcement Not
Appendix Constant Currency Continuing Operating Profit Growth Before Appendix Constant Currency Continuing Operating Profits Before Exceptional
Appendix Constant Currency Continuing Operating Profits Before Other Appendix Constant Currency Continuing Operating Profits Before Special
Appendix Constant Currency Operating Profit Movement Before Exceptional Appendix Constant Currency Operating Profits Before Special Period
Appendix Continuing Operations Appendix Definition Total Gross Revenue
Appendix Disposal Detail Appendix Disposal Programme Detail
Appendix Increase 2007 Continuing Operating Profits Before Exceptional Appendix Investor Information 2004 Final Dividend
Appendix Investor Information 2005 Final Dividend Appendix Investor Information 2005 Interim Dividend
Appendix Investor Information 2006 Final Dividend Appendix Investor Information 2006 Interim Dividend
Appendix Investor Information 2007 Final Dividend Appendix Investor Information 2007 Interim Dividend
Appendix Investor Information 2008 Final Dividend Appendix Investor Information 2008 Interim Dividend
Appendix Investor Information 2009 Interim Dividend Appendix Return Funds Programme
Appendix Return Funds Programme 2006 Appendix Return Funds Programme 2007
Appendix Revpar Performance 2005 Appendix Rooms
Appendix Selected Revpar Performance Comparable Change Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific Pipeline Asset Disposal Programme
Asset Disposals Asset Sales
Assets Assets Held Sale
Associates Attributable
Audit Committee Auditors Remuneration Paid Ernst Young Llp
Auditors Review Australasian Hotels Disposals
Background Bank Other Borrowings
Basis Accounting Basis Consolidation
Basis Preparation Basis Regulation
Beneficial Block Listing Monthly Return
Board Appointment Brand Highlights
Brands Overview Britvic
Britvic Half Trading Britvic Initial Public Offering
Britvic Intention Float Announced Britvic Shares Not Been Registered Securities Act 1933
Britvic Turnover Market Share Gains Profits Affected Investment Britvic Underwriting Agreement
Business Combinations Business Overview
Business Relationships Business Transformation
Call Candlewood Suites
Capital Expenditure Cash Flow Capital Other Commitments
Capital Risk Management Capital Structure Liquidity Management
Cash Equivalents Cash Equivalents End Period
Cash Financing Activities Cash Flow
Cash Flows Investing Activities Cash Investing Activities
Cash Operating Activities Cash Operations
Cash Used Financing Activities Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Central Central Results
Chain Controlled Undertakings Through Voting Rights Chain Controlled Undertakings Through Voting Rights Financial Instruments
Chairman Chief Executive Change Presentational Currency
Class Commenting Results Andrew Cosslett Chief Executive Intercontinental Hotels
Commenting Results Trading Andrew Cosslett Chief Executive Intercontinental Committees
Compared 2006 Compared 2007
Compensation Competition
Compliance Certification Conference Call
Conference Call Analysts Shareholders Connected
Connected Person Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information Contact Name
Contact Telephone Number Contingencies
Continuing Asia Pacific Results Continuing Emea Results
Continuing Hotel Portfolio Continuing Hotels Results
Contracts Service Contractual Obligations
Corporate Information Corporate Responsibility Committee
Credit Risk Credit Risk Exposure
Creditors Due After Creditors Due Within
Critical Accounting Policies Crowne Plaza
Currency Risk Current Assets
Current Tax Current Trading
Date Date Informed
Date Issuer Informed Transaction Date Notification
Date Transactions David Kappler
David Kappler Senior Independent Non-executive Director David Webster
David Webster Chairman Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Commented David Webster Director
David Webster Non-executive Chairman Deferred Tax
Deferred Taxation Defined Benefit Plans
Defined Contribution Plans Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging
Director Directors
Directors Contracts Directors Pensions
Directors Responsibilities Directors Responsibility Statement
Directors Shareholdings Disclosure Committee
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disposal
Disposal Dabicam Sas Disposal Hospitality Properties Trust
Disposal Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds Disposal Non-current Assets
Disposal Westbridge Disposals
Disposals Returns Funds Dividends
Dividends Paid Proposed Documents Display
Documents Filed Securities Exchange Documents Published Sent Shareholders
Dtr Earnings
Earnings Dividend Earnings Per Ordinary Share
Earnings Per Share Editors
Emea Emea Maintained Outperformance Market
Emea Pipeline Employee Benefits
Employee Numbers Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employees Environment
Estimates Europe Middle East Africa
Exceptional Exceptional Operating
Exchange Controls Exchange Interest Rate Risk Financial Instruments
Exchange Rates Exchange Risk Sensitivity
Executive Committee Executive Share Option Plan
Exercise Option Purchase Retention Shares Intercontinental Hotels Group Expected Timetable
Expenses Issue Facilities Provided Banks
Fair Values Felcor Relationship
Figure Finance Costs
Finance Leases Financial Assets
Financial Instruments Financial Liabilities
Financial Risk Management Policies Fixed Assets
Foreign Currencies Foreign Currency Risk
Forgone Form 20-f
Form 6-k Form American Depositary Receipts
Former Directors Officers Franchised
Full Name Shareholder Further Information Please Contact
Further Information Please Contact Intercontinental Hotels Group Gain Disposal Assets
General Information General Purposes Committee
George Turner Executive Vice President General Counsel Secretary Global System
Goodwill Goodwill Intangible Assets Property Plant Equipment
Grant Exercise Options Group Dependent Recruiting Retaining Key Personnel Developing Skills
Group Experience Lack Selected Development Opportunities Group Exposed Certain Risks Relation Technology Systems
Group Exposed Funding Risks Relation Defined Benefits Pension Group Exposed Risk Events Adversely Impact Domestic International
Group Exposed Risk Litigation Group Exposed Risks Hotel Industry Supply Demand Cycle
Group Exposed Risks Political Economic Developments Group Exposed Risks Related Corporate Responsibility
Group Exposed Risks Related Information Security Group Exposed Variety Risks Associated Ability Borrow Satisfy
Group Exposed Variety Risks Related Identifying Securing Retaining Group Face Difficulties Insuring Business
Group Financials Group History Recent Developments
Group Overview Group Reliant Proprietary Reservation System Exposed Risk Failures
Group Reliant Proprietary Reservations System Exposed Risk Failures Group Reliant Reputation Brands Protection Intellectual Property Rights
Group Required Comply Data Privacy Regulations Group Requires Organizational Capability Manage Changes Key Personnel
Group Results Group Strategy
Headlines Hedge Net Investment Foreign Operations
High Resolution Images Accompany Announcement Available Media Download High Resolution Images Accompany Story Available Media Download
Highlights Highlights 2006
Highlights 2007 Highlights 2008
Holiday Inn Holiday Inn Express
Hotel Disposals Hotel Disposals Continue
Hotel Indigo Hotels
Hotels Current Trading Hotels Disposal
Identity Issuer Underlying Existing Shares Ifrs Call
Ihg Facility Agreement Impairment
Income Taxes Increase Development Pipeline Rooms Open
Increase Development Pipeline Size Increase Development Pipeline Size Rooms Open
Increase Pipeline Signed Deals Rooms Open Increase Pipeline Size Room Count
Increase System Pipeline Size Increased Revenue Delivery Ihgs Hotel Owners
Independent Directors Intangible Assets
Intercontinental Intercontinental Hotels Group
Intercontinental Hotels Group Announces Disposal 100 Interest Britvic Intercontinental Hotels Group Announces Results Annual General Meeting
Intercontinental Hotels Group Announces Sale Crowne Plaza American Intercontinental Hotels Group Announces Sale Crowne Plaza Birmingham
Intercontinental Hotels Group Announces Sale Crowne Plaza United Intercontinental Hotels Group Announces Sale George Edinburgh
Intercontinental Hotels Group Announces Sale Holiday Inn Dublin Intercontinental Hotels Group Appointment Chief Executive
Intercontinental Hotels Group Continues Growth New Franchise Agreement Intercontinental Hotels Group Hotel Joint Venture Nippon Airways
Intercontinental Hotels Group Launch Staybridge Suites Intercontinental Hotels Group Legal Completion Disposals
Intercontinental Hotels Group Places Further Market Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Adjustment Ifrs Announcement Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Announces Results Court Meeting
Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Annual Information Update Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Annual Report 2007
Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Directors Interests Shares Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Ihg Directors Interests Shares
Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Legal Completion Sale Americas Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Ndash Voting Rights Capital
Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Registrants Name Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Sale Shares Felcor Lodging
Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Transparency Directive Announcement Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc Voting Rights Capital
Intercontinental Hotels Group Posting Document Intercontinental Hotels Group Signs 4500 Rooms China
Interest Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Sensitivity Interest Risk Profile Gross Debt Major Currencies
Interim Management Review International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs
Introduction Inventories
Investment Associates Investment Nippon Airways Ana
Investments Isposal Programme
Isposal Programme Detail Issuer
Jennifer Laing Jennifer Laing Non-executive Director
Jim Abrahamson President Americas Jonathan Linen
Jonathan Linen Non-executive Director Key Developments
Key Highlights Key Indicators
Key Owned Leased Assets Key Relationships
Kirk Kinsell Kirk Kinsell Pdmr
Kirk Kinsell President Emea Leases
Legal Proceedings Liabilities
Limitations Voting Shareholding Liquidity Risk Exposure
London Long Term Incentive Plan
Loyalty Program Loyalty Programme
Main Components Major Shareholders
Managed Management Contracts
Management Organisation Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managerial Responsibility Pdmr Connected Persons Market Competitive Environment
Market Risk Exposure Material Contracts
Minority Equity Interest Minority Equity Interests
Name Director Name Signature Authorised Official Responsible Making Notification
Negligible Net Assets
Net Debt Net Financial Expenses
Net Financing Costs Net Movement Cash Equivalents Period
New Accounting Policies New Ihg
New Ordinary Shares £2475 Cash New Standards Interpretations
Nomination Committee Non-executive Director Meetings
Not Applicable Notes
Notes Editors Notes Financial Statements
Notes Interim Financial Statements Notes Quarterly Financial Statements
Notification Transactions Directors Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility Connected Notification Transactions Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibilities Connected
Notified Details Number Shares Debentures Financial Instruments Relating Acquired
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Officers
Operating Financial Review Operating Leases
Operating Profit Operating Profit Performance
Operating Review Operational Performance
Operations Options Ordinary Shares Held Directors
Ordinary Dividend Ordinary Shares Pence Each
Organizational Structure Other Financial Assets
Other Intangible Assets Other Operating Income Expenses
Other Segmental Information Over Members Worldwide
Overheads Overheads Interest Tax
Overheads Tax Overview
Owned Leased Owner Relationships Brand Development
Part Payments Termination
Pence Per Share Pension Costs
Pension Plan Commitments Pensions
Pensions Other Post-employment Benefit Plans Per 30020
Per 35112 Performance
Person Person Discharging Managerial Responsibilities
Personal Interest Peter Gowers
Peter Gowers President Asia Pacific Pfic Rules
Please Consult Own Tax Advisor Concerning Application Federal Please State Nature Transaction Pep Transactions Indicate Whether
Please State Whether Notification Indicates Respect Holding Shareholder Policy External Appointments
Policy Regarding Pensions Policy Remuneration Executive Directors Senior Executives
Policy Remuneration Non-executive Directors Post Balance Sheet Event
Presentation Analysts Shareholders Presentation Media
Principal Objects Principal Operating Subsidiary Undertakings
Pro Forma Profit After Tax
Profit Available Shareholders Profit Before Tax
Profit Period Profit Period Gaap
Profit Period Ifrs Property Plant Equipment
Provisions Provisions Liabilities Charges
Proxy Voting Publication Prospectus
Purchase Purchase Shares 2008 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
Purchase Shares 2009 Dividend Reinvestment Plan Ralph Kugler
Ralph Kugler Non-executive Director Reason Notification
Reconciliation Basic Eps Adjusted Reconciliation Gaap Balance Sheet Ifrs 2004
Refinancing Group Debt Regulation
Related Party Disclosures Related Party Transactions
Release Shares Awarded 2005 Short Term Deferred Incentive Remuneration Committee
Reorganisation Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Internal Control Reservation Systems Loyalty Programme
Reservation Systems Priority Club Rewards Resulting Situation After Triggering Transaction
Resulting Situation After Triggering Transaction Change Resulting Situation After Triggering Transaction Disposal
Return Approximately Shareholders Way Capital Reorganisation Return Capital
Return Funds Return Funds Programme
Returns Shareholders Revenue
Revenue Delivery Ihgs Hotel Owners Revenue Performance
Revenue Recognition Review Conclusion
Review Work Performed Richard Solomons
Richard Solomons Director Richard Solomons Finance Director
Richard Winter Rights Attaching Shares
Rights Winding-up Ris
Risks Uncertainties Robert Larson
Room Count Development Pipeline Size Room Count Pipeline
Sale Shares Beneficially Held Sales Marketing
Scale Schedule Blocklisting Monthly Return
Schedule Notification Interests Directors Connected Persons Schedule Notification Major Interests Shares
Seasonality Secured Bank Loans
Securities Reporting Obligation Pursuant Act Segmental Information
Self Insurance Share
Share Buyback Programme Share Capital
Share Ownership Share Plans
Share Price Market Capitalisation Share Repurchase Programme
Share-based Payments Shareholder Approval Equity Compensation Plans
Shares Sharesave Plan
Sharper Focus Short Term Deferred Incentive Plan
Signatures Sir David Prosser
Soft Drinks Software
Sources Liquidity Special Dividend
Staff Statement Compliance
Staybridge Suites Sterling Equivalent
Stevan Porter Still Returned
Stocks Strategy
Strengthening Operating System Strong Date Performance
Strong Results 2004 Further Strategic Progress Towards Managed Summary
System Funds System Pipeline Size
Tax Paid Tax Risks Policies Governance
Taxation Teleconference Analysts
Time Adoption Ifrs Tom Conophy
Tom Conophy Executive Vice President Chief Information Officer Tom Conophy Ndash Executive Vice President Chief Information
Tom Seddon Tom Seddon Executive Vice President Chief Marketing Officer
Tom Seddon Mrs Becki Wife Tom Seddon Ndash Executive Committee Member
Total Total Amount Paid Grant Option
Total Current Assets Total Gross Revenues
Total Level Remuneration Tracy Robbins
Tracy Robbins Executive Vice President Global Human Resources Tracy Robbins Ndash Executive Vice President Global Human
Trade Creditors Trade Debtors
Trade Other Payables Trade Receivables
Trademarks Treasury
Treasury Management Treasury Risk Management
Treasury Shares United Kingdom
United Kingdom Inheritance Tax United Kingdom Stamp Duty Reserve Tax Sdrt
United Kingdom Taxation United States Backup Withholding Information Reporting
United States Federal Income Taxation Unsecured Bank Loans
Usa Valuation Qualifying Accounts
Value Variation Rights
Vesting Date Voting Rights
Voting Rights Attached Shares Voting Rights Capital
Webcast Website
Wwwihgcom Media Wwwvismediacouk Includes Profile Shots Key Executives
Yes Ying Yeh
Ying Yeh Non-executive Director 
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