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Abstentions Broker Non-votes Withheld Votes Counted Cast Accelerated Share Repurchase
Accompanying Notes Pages Through Integral Part Financial Statements Account
Accounting Changes Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Accounts Business Combinations Using Purchase Method Accounting Accordingly Accounts Shall Mean Account Deferral
Accumulated Derivative Gains Losses Achieved Record Earnings Per Share
Acquired Intangible Asset Amortization Acquisitions
Acquisitions Divestitures Actively Employed
Actual Contribution Percentage Test Actual Deferral Percentage Test
Additional Contributions Additional Discrimination Testing Provisions
Additional Information Find Adjustments Primarily Comprised Previously Unrecognized Gains Losses Prior
Adjustments Primarily Relate Acquisition Costs Deferred Taxes Other Administration
Administrative Agent Advertising Promotional Expense
Affirmative Covenants Aggregate Contribution Limitation
Aggregate Incremental Cost Calculation Aggregate Number Option Awards Outstanding Exercisable Unexercisable Each
Agreements Agrees Nothing Herein Shall Affect Right Effect Service
Alain Belda Alain Belda Elected Ibm Board Directors
Amendment Limited Specified Shall Not Constitute Modification Acceptance Amendment Plan
Amendment Termination American Jobs Creation Act 2004 Permitted Repatriation Non-us
Amount Deferral Contributions Amount Elective Deferrals
Amount Terms Facility Annual Executive Physical
Annual Incentive Annual Incentive Plan Aip
Annual Incentive Program Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting Admission Ticket Annual Pension Benefits
Annual Retainer Annual Retainer Ibm Deferred Compensation Equity Award Plan
Annual Retention Plan Benefit Anticipated Commodity Purchase Transactions
Anticipated Royalties Cost Transactions Appendix Special Provisions Micrus
Appendix Special Provisions Technology Service Solutions Tss Applicability
Applicable Law Application After 2007
Application Management Services Appointment Plan Administrator
Approval Long-term Incentive Performance Terms Certain Executives Pursuant Approximately 1325 Currency Impact
Approximately 158 Currency Impact Armonk New York 10504
Armonk Ottawa 2007- Arrangement Includes General Right Return Relative Delivered Delivery
Ascential Asset Retirement Obligations
Asset Retirement Obligations Aro Legal Associated Long-lived Assets Assets Liabilities Non-us Subsidiaries Local Functional Currency Translated
Assets Other Goodwill Tested Impairment Based Undiscounted Cash Assuming Proper Quorum Shares Represented Meeting Required Approve
Attached Hereto Complete Correct Copy By-laws Guarantor Effect Attachment
Attend Annual Meeting What Procedures Follow Audit Committee
Audit Fees Audit Non-audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Authority Board Directors
Authorized Capital Stock Ibm Consists 4687500000 Shares Common Automatic Contributions
Available Forms Payment B-1
Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Summary
Base Pay Basis Presentation
Became Globally Integrated Enterprise Order Capture Best Growth Become Premier Globally Integrated Enterprise
Been Advised Counsel Negotiation Execution Delivery Agreement Been Advised Counsel Negotiation Execution Delivery Guaranty
Beginning After Employee Receives Hardship Withdrawal 401 Plan Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Benefits Payable Disability Protection Program
Board Committee Human Rights Board Directors
Board Shall Mean Directors Ibm Board Shall Responsible Only Approval Resolution Accordance 901
Board Shall Responsible Only Designating Those Persons Serve Bonus Column
Borrower Private Limited Liability Duly Organized Validly Existing Borrower Shall Cease Subsidiary Guarantor
Business Combinations Intangible Assets Including Goodwill Business Model
Business Process Delivery Business Segments Capabilities
Business Transformation Outsourcing Cancellation Deferral Election 401 Plan Hardship Distribution Notwithstanding
Cancellation Rescission Candle
Capabilities Create Value Customers Capital Allocation Model Contributes 2010 Earnings Per Share
Cash Equivalents Cash Equivalents Marketable Securities Derivative Financial Instruments Recognized
Cash Flow Cash Flow Analysis
Cathleen Black Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Certain Information Insurance Indemnification Certain Transactions Relationships
Certification Pursuant Rule 13a-14 15d-14 Securities Exchange Act Cfo Comments
Chairman Ceo Compensation Decisions 2007 2008 Change Investment Election
Change Investment Selection Existing Deferral Accounts Change Investment Selection Future Deferrals
Change Pension Value Column Change Retention Plan Value Column
Change Revoke Proxy Changes Contribution Rates
Changing Payment Options Changing Payment Options Participant Elect Form Manner Prescribed
Claims Procedure Claims Procedure Incorporation Disability Insurance Policy
Client Financing Closed Retention Plan
Closing Closing Date
Code Cognos
Cognos Leader Business Intelligence Performance Management Combined Base Pay Election
Commencement Deferral Payments Commencement Payments
Commercial Financing Commitments
Committee Common Stock
Common Stock Refers Par Value Capital Designated Certificate Companies Seeking Integrate Advanced Technology
Comparison One- Five- Ten-year Cumulative Total Return Ibm Compensation Bonding
Compensation Committee Consultant Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Decisions Compensation Elements Included Calculation
Compensation Elements Included Calculations Compensation Elements Senior Leaders
Compensation Eligible Deferral Edcp Basic Account Compensation Eligible Deferral Edcp Deferred Ibm Shares
Compensation Eligible Deferral Excess 401 Competition
Conditions Employment Not Affected Plan Conditions Precedent
Conference Call Webcast Confidential Only Permitted Rule 14a-6
Conformed Copy Connection Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement Modernization Act 2003
Connection Purchase Electricity Anticipated Manufacturing Requirements Selectively Employs Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Financial Statements Include Accounts Ibm Controlled Subsidiaries Consolidated Statement Cash Flows
Construction Consulting Systems Integration
Contact Ibms Transfer Agent Contingencies
Continuing Operations Contract Employment
Contributions Contributions Defined Contribution Plans
Contributions Periods Military Leave Controls Procedures
Corporate Offices Corporation
Cost Internal Environmental Protection Programs Preventative Nature Expensed Costs Complete Service Contracts
Costs Related Conceptual Formulation Design Licensed Programs Expensed Credit Ratings
Crediting Accounts Critical Accounting Estimates
Currency Rate Fluctuations Current Performance Salary Annual Incentives
Current Report Pursuant Date
Date Earliest Event Reported International Business Machines Corporation Death Disability
Death Participant After 409a Separation Service Debt
Debt Risk Management Debt Securities Included Current Assets Represent Expected Realized
Deemed Investment Accounts Deemed Investment Options Available
Deemed Savings Plan Investments Participant Control Default Event Occurred Continuing Date Hereof After Giving
Default Underwriter Deferral Election
Deferral Period Deferral Rsus Performance Share Units
Deferred Ibm Shares Deferred Tax Liabilities
Defined Benefit Pension Nonpension Postretirement Plans Defined Benefit Pension Plans
Defined Contribution Plans Definition Terms
Definitions Delay 409a Key Employees
Delayed Delivery Contract Deliver Integration Innovation Clients
Delivery Delivered Element Represents Culmination Earnings Process Delivery Payment
Demonstration Ibms Transformation Depreciation Amortization
Derivatives Derivatives Hedging Transactions
Derivatives Recognized Consolidated Statement Financial Position Fair Value Description Business
Description Plans Description Retention Plan
Description Services Designation Beneficiary
Determining Chairman Ceo Compensation-research Recommendations Review Determining Executive Vice President Evp Senior Svp Compensation
Determining Fair Value Financial Instruments Uses Variety Methods Determining Senior Vice Presidents Svps Compensation
Did Ibm Utilize Secs E-proxy Rules Delivery Proxy Did Ibm Utilize Secs New E-proxy Rules Delivery
Did Not Receive Copy Annual Report Get Direct Rollover Certain Distributions
Director Compensation Narrative Director Nominees
Directors Corporate Governance Committee Discount Rate
Discretionary Awards Distribution Account Death
Distribution Accounts Sale Assets Subsidiary Prior 2001 Distribution Limitation
Distributions Age 70½ Distributions Specified Employees
Divestitures Dividend Equivalents
Dividends Other Rights Document
Dollar Joint Venture Poised Growth Investments Professional Services Drivers Revenue Synergies
Due Increased Investments Long-term Marketable Securities Dynamics
Each Abr Loan Shall Bear Interest Rate Per Earnings Measures
Earnings Per Share Common Stock Earnings Per Share Common Stock-basic Computed Dividing Net
Earnings Per Share Road Map Economic Environment Corporate Spending Budgets
Economies Developing Nations Growing Rapidly Edcp
Edcp Funding Effect Reemployment
Effect Rehire Non-grandfathered Payments Effect Rehire Payment Deferred Shares
Effective 2006 Adopted Provisions Sfas 158 Employers Accounting Effective Cash Not Share Repurchase
Effective Date Shall Mean 1995 Electing Changing Payment Options Non-grandfathered Amounts
Election Directors Term Election Payment Option
Elections Deemed Investment Options Elections Notifications
Elective Deferrals Elective Distribution Dividends Payable Stock Held Ibm Fund
Eligibility Eligibility 415 Excess Credits
Eligibility Automatic Contributions Transition Credits Eligibility Discretionary Awards
Eligibility Elective Deferrals Employee Shall Eligible Make Deferral Eligibility Matching Match Maximizer Contributions
Eligible Employee Emerge Even Stronger Thanks Long-term Fundamentals Agenda Smarter
Employee Employees Related Workforce
Engineering Technology Services Enrollment Procedures
Ensuring Competitive Pay-approach Benchmarking Entered New Five-year Credit Agreement Jpmorgan
Environmental Eps Analysis
Eps Bridge Eps Bridge 1q08 1q09
Eps Bridge 2q08 2q09 Eps Bridge 3q08 3q09
Equity Equity Award Practices
Equity Awards Practices Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Incentive Plan Awards Market Payout Value Unearned Equity Incentive Plan Awards Number Unearned Shares Units
Equity Rights Equity Risk Management
Erisa Erisa 404 Compliance
Estimated Residual Values Lease Assets Estimates
Ethical Conduct European Economic Area
Evaluation Results Chairman Ceo Evaluation Results Compensation Committee
Events Default Excess 401 Eligible Pay
Excess 401 Funding Excess Credits
Excess Plan Funding Excludes Non-material Non-us Defined Benefit Pension Plans See
Exclusive Benefit Rule Executive
Executive Committee Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Management Resources Committee Exercises Employee Stock Options
Exhibits Expected Long-term Returns Plan Assets
Expense Analysis Expense Investment Summary
Expense Summary Expenses
Extended Lines Credit Third-party Entities Include Unused Amounts Extended Warranty Liability
Facility Payment Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Hierarchy Fair Value Measurement
Family Travel Attendance Company-related Events Fasb Finalized Sfas 157 Fair Value Measurements
Federal Income Tax Consequences Fees Earned Paid Cash Column
Filenet Corporation Fin
Final Voting Submission Financial Flexibility Thrive Conditions
Financial Implications Financial Instruments
Financial Position Financial Results Attached
Financial Results Below Financial Services Perspective
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Summary
Financial Summary Selected Financing
Financing Receivables Reserves Financing Risks
Find Voting Results Annual Meeting Five-year
Fixed Variable Rate Borrowings Focus Open Technologies High-value Solutions
Following Persons Groups Shall Severally Authority Control Manage Following Table Summarizes Marketable Securities Considered Available-for-sale Alliance
Forecasted Debt Issuance Foreign Currency Denominated Borrowings
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk Foreign Exchange Risk
Form 10-k Annual Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act Form Closing Certificate Borrower
Form Extension Request Form Lender Addendum
Form Payment Amounts Paid 409a Separation Service Form Payment Non-grandfathered Amounts Paid 409a Separation Service
Form Term Loan Promissory Forms Distribution
Forward Looking Cautionary Statements Forward-looking Cautionary Statements
Free Cash Flow Balance 125 Full Career Performance Retention Pension Savings
Full-year 2007 Results Full-year 2008
Full-year 2008 Results Fund
Funding Gbs Capabilities
General Description General Description Contributions
General Information General Provisions
General Terms Geographic Information
Geographic Mix 2008 Geographic Revenue
Gives Confidence Entering Current Economic Environment Position Strength Global Business Services
Global Business Services Gbs Global Financing
Global Financing Capabilities Global Financing Described Pages Ibms 2007 Annual Report
Global Financing Described Pages Through Ibms 2008 Annual Global Financing Receivables Allowances
Global Reach Scale Global Services
Global Services Segments Global Services Signings
Global Technology Services Global Technology Services Assets Primarily Accounts Receivable Plant
Global Technology Services Gts Global Technology Services Gts Primarily Provides Infrastructure Business
Global Technology Services Gts Segment Primarily Reflects Infrastructure Grandfathered Amounts
Grandfathered Treatment Amounts Gts Capabilities
Guarantor Been Duly Incorporated Subsisting Good Standing Laws Guarantor Shall Default Observance Performance Agreement Contained
Guaranty Guaranty Shall Cease Reason Full Force Effect Guarantor
Hardware Healthcare Cost Trend Rate
Hedging Practices Highlights
Highlights Loughridges Closing Remarks Holder Street Name Obtain Separate Set Proxy Materials
Holders Street Name Holds Warrants Connection Certain Investments Deemed Derivatives Because
Hong Kong Ibm
Ibm 1997 Long-term Performance Plan Federal Income Tax Ibm 401 Plus Plan
Ibm 409a Umbrella Document Ibm Acquire Cognos
Ibm Announces Authorization Share Repurchase Ibm Announces Execution Accelerated Share Repurchases
Ibm Australia Limited Superannuation Fund Ibm Board Approves Percent Increase Quarterly Cash Dividend
Ibm Board Directors Opposes Following Proposals Reasons Stated Ibm Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal
Ibm Business Model Annuity Content Provides Solid Base Ibm Difference
Ibm Employees Stock Purchase Plan Ibm Excess 401 Plus Plan
Ibm Executes 125 Accelerated Share Repurchases Ibm Executive Deferred Compensation Plan
Ibm Executive Deferred Compensation Plan Edcp Ibm Financial Performance History
Ibm Future Health Account Ibm Group Life Insurance
Ibm Internet Ibm Investor Services Program
Ibm Issues Preliminary 2007 Full-year Results Ibm Long-term Performance Plans Ltpp
Ibm Make Changes Presentation Global Services Signings 2009 Ibm Meeting Market Standards Executive Compensation
Ibm Notice 2008 Annual Meeting Proxy Statement Ibm Personal Pension Plan
Ibm Provides Historical Data Preparation 2009 Accounting Reporting Ibm Reaches Settlement Agreement Sec 2005 Earnings Equity
Ibm Reaches Settlement Sec Ibm Reports 2007 Full-year Results
Ibm Reports 2007 Results Ibm Reports 2008 Results
Ibm Reports 2009 Results Ibm Results
Ibm Retiree Benefits Plan Ibm Savings Plan
Ibm Shares Entitled Vote Annual Meeting Ibm Shares Included Proxy Card Received
Ibm Sponsors Defined Benefit Pension Plans Contribution Cover Ibm Stock
Ibm Stockholder Services Ibm Supplemental Executive Retention Plan
Ibm Transformation Ibm Well Positioned Entering 2008
Ibm Well-positioned Current Environment Ibm Worldwide Organizations
Ibms Business Model Ibms Chief Human Resources Officer Shall Discretionary Power
Ibms Directors Recommend Vote Against Proposal Ibms Directors Recommend Vote Proposal
Ibms Eligibility Federal Government Procurement Contracts Reinstated Ibms Matching Grants Programs
Ibms Strategy Impairment
Incentive Awards Includes 304 318 Debt Collateralized Financing Receivables 2006
Includes 6616 2006 7811 2005 Notional Long-term Interest Includes 9606 2007 6616 2006 Notional Interest Rate
Includes Reversals Previously Recorded Charges 2007 2006 Respectively Includes Write Downs 2006 2005 Respectively
Income Tax Expense Based Reported Before Taxes Income Taxes
Increase Capitalized Software Development Expenditures Indemnification Contribution
Index Individual Accounts
Individual Arrangement Infoprint Solutions
Information Information Contained Shall Sufficient Good Faith Opinion Each
Information Management Information Management Software
Information Transaction Innovation Initiatives
Integrated Managed Business Process Delivery Integrated Operations
Integrated Supply Chain Integrated Technology Delivery
Integrated Technology Services Intellectual Property Custom Development Income
Interest Crediting Rate Interest Debt
Interest Expense Interest Rate Risk
Internal Business Transformation Global Integration Initiatives International Business Machines Corporation
International Business Machines Corporation Ibm Changes Management System Internet Security Systems Inc
Introduction Introduction Purpose
Inventories Investing Growth Opportunities
Investment Accounts Investment Contributions Participants Accounts
Investment Equity Alliances Gains Losses Investment Funds
Investment Premiums Disability Insurance Policy Assessment Administrative Fee Involuntary Cash-out
Irrevocability Default Payment Option Issues Debt Global Capital Markets Principally Fund Financing
James Owens Japan
Joan Spero Joint Venture Created Hereby Otherwise Exists Virtue Transactions
Jurisdiction Governing Law Expenses Taxes Kenneth Chenault
Key Employee Key Performance Metrics
Larger Recent Acquisitions Change Strategy Leave Absence
Leave Absence Other Buy-first Executive Equity Program Legal Proceedings
Legal Status Legal Status Plan Consists Separate Plans
Lesser Levels Coverage Disability Protection Program
Life Insurance Premiums Limitation Liability
Limitations Investment Elections Reallocations Imposed Contract Plan Administrator Lines Credit
Liquidity Capital Resources Literature Ibm Stockholders
Loan Amounts Available Interest Rate Loans Financing Receivables
Loans Long-term Receivables Loans Participants
Long Term Performance Plan Long-term Debt
Long-term Investments Foreign Subsidiaries Net Investment Long-term Supplemental Employee
Longer-term Performance Long Term Incentive Plan Longer-term Performance Long-term Incentive Plan
Looking Forward Lorenzo Zambrano
Loss Contingencies Lotus
Lotus Software Loughridge Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer
Lucio Noto Lump Sum Payment Last Business Calendar Immediately Following
Maersk Data Dmdata Maintains Employees Stock Purchase Plan Espp
Maintenance Make General Assignment Benefit Creditors Take Action Purpose
Making Commitments Making Proxy Solicitation Approximately Much Activities Cost
Management Funds Management Responsibility Financial Information
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandatory Distribution Small Accounts
Margin Opportunity Margin Trends
Margins Margins Segment
Market Priced Options Market Risk
Market Value Shares Units Stock Not Vested Column Marketable Securities
Martin Schroeter Times Since 2006 Been Duly Qualified Match Executives Contributions
Match Participant Contributions Matching Contribution Eligible Employees Sum Following
Matching Contributions Material Terms Conditions 1999 Retention Plan
Material Terms Conditions Nonqualified Excess Plan Material Terms Conditions Nonqualified Plan
Material Terms Conditions Pension Credit Material Terms Conditions Pension Credit Formula Qualified Plan
Material Terms Conditions Personal Pension Maximum Annual Additions
Maximum Number Measured Fair Value Nonrecurring Basis
Measurement Fair Value Medicare Prescription Drug Act
Members Household Own Ibm Shares Through Number Different Method Payment
Michael Daniels Senior Vice President Global Technology Services Michael Eskew
Microelectronics Micromuse Inc
Mike Daniels Senior Vice President Global Technology Services Minus
Mro Software Inc Multiple-element Arrangements
Multiplied Mutual Fund Window Program
Name Plan Effective Date Name Plan Purpose
Named Fiduciaries Negative Covenants
Net Change Unrealized Gains Marketable Securities Tax Net Plant Property Equipment
New Business Federal Government New Computing Architecture
New Standards Implemented Non-equity Incentive Plan Compensation Column
Non-exempt Employee Non-grandfathered Amounts
Non-matching Employer Contributions Non-retirement-eligible Benefit Less 25000
Non-solicitation Non-us Plans
Nonalienation Nonalienation Payment Pursuant Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
Noncurrent Assets Liabilities Nonforfeitability Accounts
Nonpension Postretirement Benefit Plan Nonpension Postretirement Benefit Plans
Nonpension Postretirement Plan Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Earnings Column
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans Nonqualified Plan Funding
Notice Meeting Notices
Number Number Shares Units Stock Not Vested Column
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offers Warranties Hardware Products Range Majority Being Either
One-year One-year Period Service
Open Market Transactions Addition Open Market Transactions Addition 125 Accelerated Share Repurchases
Open Standards Operates Multiple Functional Currencies Significant Lender Borrower Global
Operating Systems Option Awards Column
Option Awards Columns Options Payment Grandfathered Amounts Termination Employment
Organization Information Originations
Other Compensation Other Events
Other Fees Other Income Expense
Other Information Other Personal Expenses
Other Plan Information Other Proxy Statement What Business Addressed Annual Meeting
Other Risks Other Stock-based Grants
Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end Narrative Page
Parent Guarantee Agreement Participants Ibm Stock Fund Investment Alternative 401 Plus
Participants Solicitation Participating Employers
Participation Past Said Out Market Until After Accelerated Share
Pay Limit Payment Death
Payment Deferred Shares 409a Separation Service Payment Dividend Equivalents Deferred Shares
Payment Grandfathered Amounts Death Payment Grandfathered Amounts Termination Employment
Payment Non-grandfathered Amounts 409a Separation Service Payment Non-grandfathered Amounts Death
Payout Dceap Payout Range
Payouts Distribtuions Withdrawals Payouts Withdrawals Other Distributions
Pcf Participant Pension
Pension Assumptions Pension Benefits Narrative
Pension Program Participant Performance Metrics Ytd
Performance Pay Performance Period Payout Range
Performance Share Unit Program Performance Share Unit Psu Grants
Performance Share Units Performance Share Units Psus
Periodically Sells Receivables Through Securitization Trade Loans Leases Perquisites
Personal Autos Personal Financial Planning
Personal Security Personal Travel Aircraft
Plan Plan Actual Allocations
Plan Administrator Plan Assets
Plan Description Plans Actual Allocations
Plant Rental Machines Other Property Carried Cost Depreciated Policy Regarding Extra Credited Service
Portfolios Ibm Cognos Complementary Post-2004 Account
Post-2004 Accounts Post-2004 Elective Deferral Account
Ppa Participant Pre-2005 Account
Pre-2005 Accounts Pre-2005 Elective Deferral Account
Pre-tax Income Margin 183 Percent Points Largest Increase Preamble
Predecessor Employment Premium Priced Options
Preparation Consolidated Financial Statements Conformity Gaap Requires Management Present Value Accumulated Benefit
Presentation Information Press Release Prevention Escheat
Previously Consented Receive Electronic Delivery Proxy Materials Send Pricewaterhouse Coopers Llp
Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Primarily Represents Translation Adjustments
Principles Consolidation Printing Systems Divestiture
Procedures Form Payment Procedures Restrictions
Product Warranties Program Eligibility Date
Proof Death Right Beneficiary Other Person Provisions Apply Award Types Countries
Provisions Apply Award Types Not Countries Provisions Apply Specific Award Types Countries
Provisions Statement Financial Accounting Standards Sfas Classification Short-term Proxies Vote Using Directions Provided Below Also Authorized
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting Stockholders 2007 Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting Stockholders 2008
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting Stockholders 2009 Proxy Statement Annual Report Security Holders Available Wwwibmcom
Purchase Sale Purpose
Purpose Edcp Purpose Excess 401
Purpose Nonqualified Excess Plan Purpose Nonqualified Plan
Purpose Qualified Plan Pwcc Acquisition Long Term Performance Plan
Q07 Financial Summary Q07 Growth Dynamics
Q2008 Eps Bridge Qualified Hurricane Katrina Distributions
Qualified Plan Funding Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Rate Compensation Increases Mortality Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Rational Rational Software
Raw Materials Work Process Finished Goods Stated Lower Rde Expense Was 6107 2006 5842 2005 5874
Reallocation Accounts Among Funds Reasons
Received Proxy Materials Hard Copy Arrange Receive Them Reclassified Conform 2006 Presentation
Reclassified Conform 2007 Presentation Reclassified Conform 2007 Presentation Deleting 2006 Categories Restructuring
Reclassified Conform 2007 Presentation Restructuring Category 2006 Was Recognizes Revenue Realized Realizable Earned
Reconciliations Ibm Reported Record Cash Performance
Recorded Current Liability Accounts Payable Accruals 155 Noncurrent Recorded Current Liability Accounts Payable Accruals Noncurrent Other
Recorded Residual Values Lease Assets Estimated Inception Expected Recorded Sga Expense 236 Other Income Consolidated Statement
Recorded Sga Expense Other Income Consolidated Statement Earnings Recurring Operating Costs Outsourcing Contracts Including Related Bid
Reflects Implementation Fasb Interpretation Accounting Conditional Asset Retirement Reflects Implementation Fasb Interpretation See Accounting Changes Page
Reflects One-time Effects Divestiture Personal Computing Business 2005 Reflects One-time Effects Stock-based Compensation Expense Result Divestiture
Registrants Telephone Number Securities Registered Pursuant Act Rehire Pay
Reimbursement Underwriters8217 Expenses Remarketing
Remittance Foreign Exchange Remixed Businesses Order Move Emerging Higher-value Spaces
Report Audit Committee Board Directors Report Executive Compensation Management Resources Committee Board Directors
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations Indemnities Survive
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Expressly Relate Earlier Date Default Event
Republic Italy Required Distributions Age 70½
Requirements Commencement Coverage Disability Protection Program Research Development Engineering
Research Development Intellectual Property Residual Value
Resolved Responsibilities
Responsibilities Committee Responsibilities Plan Administrator Effect Decisions
Responsibility Investments Restatement
Restricted Securities Restricted Stock Units Rsus
Restructuring Actions Result Ibm Higher-performing Enterprise Today Was Decade Ago
Results Operations Financial Condition Retail Store Solutions
Retention Pension Savings Retention Professional Advisors
Retention Restricted Stock Units Rrsus Retention Stock-based Grants Cash Awards
Retiree Medical Life Insurance Retirement-eligible Participant
Retirement-eligible Valid Payment Election Retirement-eligible Without Valid Payment Election
Retirement-related Benefits Return Contributions
Return Equity Revenue
Revenue Geography Revenue Gross Margin Segment
Revenue Key Industry Sales Unit Revenue Key Industry Sales Units
Revenue Recognition Revenue Segment
Ricoh Announced Agreement Form Joint Venture Infoprint Road Map
Roadmap Consistent 2010 Roll-forward Financing Receivables Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Rollover Contributions Roth After-tax Salary
Salary Column Sales Distribution
Sales Distribution Organization Samuel Palmisano
Savings Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule Free Writing Prospectuses Included Disclosure Package
Sector Revenue See Page Details After-tax Income Return Equity Calculations
Segment Assets Other Segment Information
Segment Pre-tax Income Mix Segment Revenue
Segment Revenue Gross Margin Segment Revenue Pre-tax Margin
Segments Selling General Administrative
Senior Leaders-personal Stake Ibms Future Separation Service
Servers Service Fiduciary Capacity
Services Services Costs
Services Segments Setting Performance Targets Incentive Compensation
Settlement Award Settlement Awards
Several Ago Saw Change Coming Share Repurchase Authorization
Shares Ibm Stock Outstanding Shares Repurchased
Shifting Business Mix Shipping Handling
Shirley Ann Jackson Short-term Debt
Sidney Taurel Signature
Significant Portion Foreign Currency Denominated Debt Portfolio Designated Simon Beaumont Undersigned Director Borrower Hereby Certifies Behalf
Software Software Capabilites
Software Capabilities Software Costs
Software Revenue Software Segment
Sole Discretion Plan Administrator Shall Full Power Authority Sources Uses Funds
Special Rules Payment 2008 Special Rules Payment Non-grandfathered Amounts 409a Separation Service
Specific Specific Restrictions Attending Annual Meeting What Bring
Specific- Standard Base Pay Election
Standard Warranty Liability Standards Implemented
Statement Support Statements Participant Accounts
Status Accounts Pending Distribution Steve Mills Senior Vice President Group Executive Software
Steven Mills Senior Vice President Software Group Still Planning Wait Until Additional Board Authorization
Stock Awards Stock Awards Total Column
Stock Prices Reflect High Low Ibms Common New Stock Repurchases
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Compensation Represents Cost Related Stockbased Awards Granted
Stock-based Incentive Awards Provided Employees Terms Plans Stockholder Communications
Stockholder Proposal Advisory Vote Stockholder Proposal Advisory Vote Executive Compensation
Stockholder Proposal Cumulative Voting Stockholder Proposal Executive Compensation Pension Income
Stockholder Proposals Stockholders Board Directors International Business Machines Corporation
Stockholders Equity Stockholders Equity Activity
Stockholders Participants Ibm Stock Fund Investment Alternative 401 Stockholders Record
Storage Strategic Outsourcing Services
Strategy Strong Geographic Revenue Mix
Submit Proposal Inclusion Ibms 2009 Proxy Material Submit Proposal Inclusion Ibms 2010 Proxy Material
Subsequent Events Subsidiary Cash Foreign Currency Asset Liability Management
Successors Summary
Summary Compensation Table Narrative Supplemental Employee
Supplemental Executive Retention Plan Supplemental Retention Plan
Supporting Statement Suspension Resumption Contributions
System System Storage
Systems Technology Systems Technology Capabilities
Systems Technology Segment Tabulates Votes
Taizo Nishimuro Taizo Nishimuro Elected Ibm Board Directors
Target Number Tax Considerations
Tax Fees Tax Reimbursements
Tax Withholding Team Incentive
Technology Leadership Termination
Termination Coverage Disability Protection Program Termination Employment
Termination Employment Case Death Disability Leave Absence Termination Employment Cause
Termination Employment Including Death Disability Leave Absence Termination Employment Leave Absence
Termination Employment Other Death Disability Cause Termination Employment Other Death Disability Leave Absence Cause
Termination Ibm Non-employee Directors Stock Option Plan Dsop Termination Participating Employers
Termination Participation Termination Plan
Terms Terms Conditions Equity Award Effective 2008
Terms Conditions Equity Award Effective 2009 Terms Vesting Payout
Threshold Number Time Board Directors Authorizes Repurchase Ibm Common Stock
Time Filing Claims Court Timing Deferral Elections Eligible Employees Subsection Above Shall
Tivoli Tivoli Software
Total Expense Other Income Trade
Transaction Details Financial Implications Transaction Financing
Transferability Transformation Impact Segment Pre-tax Profit Mix
Transition Credits Transition Rules
Translation Non-us Currency Amounts Trust Agreement
Unallocated Unallocated-
Understand Quorum Stockholders Required Order Transact Business Annual Unison Inc 401 Savings Investment Plan
United Kingdom Units Participation
Urge Vote Shares Uses Business Insight Broad Range Capabilities Create Client-
Valuation Assets Reporting Units Valuation Deferred Shares
Valuation Goodwill Valuation Non-grandfathered Accounts
Valuation Units Vested Status Accounts
Vesting Accounts Vesting Payout
Vesting Payout Calculations Vote Important Please Read Sides Attached 2008 Ibm
Vote Important Please Read Sides Attached 2009 Ibm Vote Shares Person Annual Meeting
Vote Shares Without Attending Annual Meeting Votes Confidential
Voting Ibm Shares Voting Ibm Shares 2008 Annual Meeting
Voting Ibm Shares 2009 Annual Meeting Voting Mail Date Sign Return Card
Voting Requirement Electing Ibms Directors Changed Waiver Notice Period
Websphere Software Weighted Average Remaining Contractual Life Less
Well Positioned Current Environment What Broker Discretionary Voting
What Eps Impact 4q07 2008 What Householding Ibm
What Stockholder Record Whereas
William Brody Withdrawal After Age 59½
Withdrawal After-tax Account Withdrawals Account After Termination Employment
Withholding Taxes Witness Whereof
Working Capital Wrap
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